No sleep and back at it

Lori and I both were awake at 4, maybe a little earlier, mostly due to me not being able to sleep. My head is so plugged up it pounds with every breath. It’s mostly on the right side and feels like my sinus just won’t clear up. I’ve taken just about everything I can and it doesn’t seem to work. I hope it clears up soon as it’s hard to function like this. Of course Lori lives with this and worse, like every day.

I’m supposed to go to Aspen tomorrow but unless I have a huge recovery, I won’t be going. The boys have three weeks of school left so lots to do. They did go skiing yesterday from about 11 until 3:30. The snow was good and most of the people from opening day didn’t go back out due to the storm.

I have to run as I can’t write anymore. Have a good week, GB

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