Getting ready

Tomorrow both boys leave on their trips. Jag is kayaking and Ty is canoeing. Both are gone until Wednesday. Then school starts Thursday, here we go.

Mojo has an upset stomach as he was eating grass and threw up a little this morning, super. Not sure what he got in to yesterday. I’m headed to the gym before I get to work around here and there’s a lot to do. Lori made it t the airport on time and is having a blast in Sacramento. As I said, she’s gone until Tuesday night.

It’s a lot cooler up here this morning and we had some rain last night so there’s not much smoke outside, at least from our deck. Both boys are finishing up their school work while I’m told most kids haven’t even started. Of course we don’t care about the other kids, just ours so we’re glad they’re on it. The way to do well in school is to get out of the gate fast and don’t fall behind. It’s tough enough without having to do the regular homework week one plus what you were supposed to do over the summer. Oh well that’s it, have a great day, GB.

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Going to California, via Denver

This morning we’re off to Denver so Lori can catch a plane to California. Sadly the fires there are worse than here! It’s probably much hotter there too. Our A/C froze up yesterday but will hopefully be ok today. I left it on all day by accident. I have the windows open now.

Ty has a lot of work to do in his room and both boys need to pack their gear for their trips on Monday. They’ll get back Wednesday and then the first day of school is Thursday. Soon the snow will be here. Right now we’re booked every single weekend through the middle of October, wow.

I’m going to purge the house as much as possible while Lori’s gone. There’s just too much stuff and I’ve decided I’m throwing a lot of it away. Seeing all the stuff in Moms was an eye opener. We’ll see how much progress I can make in a few days. We need to leave in an hour so I’d better get moving. With luck I’ll be home by noon. GB

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I have a sales meeting in Denver today while Jag has soccer and Ty works. Both boys also have some school work to finish and they need to pack for their trips on Monday. Lori of course leaves tomorrow for California. Not the best timing but it is what it is. I’ll be driving her to the airport tomorrow while Jag has his first soccer game. Hate to miss it. Lori said she’d drive herself but that’d mean around $150 in parking. Oh well.

I need to get moving and shower so I can take Harley and Jag and drop both. The smoke up here sucks. We need to sleep with the window open but then you get a headache from the smoke. I closed it during the middle of the night but then we woke up with it being 75 degrees inside. Bring on the snow! Have a good day and weekend, take care and God Bless.

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Game on!

The bike race starts today and the town will be packed. The road closures are everywhere and it’s not going to be easy getting around town. Both boys have Orientation Trip meetings at school at 1:30 and it’ll be a challenge to even get to the school. With all this going on I’m dropping Lori at work and it’s one of her girls birthdays meaning we need to stop and get a cake, card and balloons, so time to get moving. That’s it, have a great day, take care and God Bless.

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School shopping

Yesterday Jag, Ty and his friend Sonny and I went to Denver to go school shopping. Sonny had asked Ty for some help picking things out. Jag, in case you didn’t know, is sort of the fashion king at school as everyone looks up to him and mimics the way he dresses, too funny. The boys picked up some new clothes that mostly included, sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants, and socks. We stopped at the lawyers first to drop off the signed document from Wyoming which it looks like satisfies the other sides concerns. Today I’m back down in town and should be back by 3 at the latest.

Lori and I are headed to the gym although she’s pretty sick with a sore throat. Hopefully it’s nothing serious but she is on a Z Pak and I made her some Alka Seltzer last night as well. She needs to get over this before going to California as she can’t get her Mom sick.

Tomorrow and Friday we have the U.S. Challenge which is the pro bicycle race here in town. Teams from all over the World come here for this and it causes all kinds of problems. Roads are closed and even the bank is closed! Lori and the physician’s need police escorts to get to the hospital. It’s a real mess but I guess good for business.

Both pups are hanging out with me right now. It’s almost 6 am so I’d better get moving. My morning routine includes getting up, taking both dogs out, then feeding them, then taking both dogs out, again, and then I can get some coffee and settle in to write the blog. Anyhow that’s it, lots going on this week but you do what you have to do, right?

God Bless.

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Long day

As I said yesterday, I went to Wyoming and arrived around 7:40 am. About 80 minutes later I was headed home. I stopped at the ranch just to stop and take it all in. It was like a movie, pretty surreal. I just stood there on County Road 2 looking around. Reminded me of the movie Patton where George C Scott was standing in a battlefield just looking out over the vista. Not much going on except a few antelope and a large Golden Eagle that were curious as to what I was doing. 3 hours later I was home. Ty was in town and Jag and I went in to get him and stopped by La Bottega. Later that night the boys and Lori headed to the store while I relaxed from the long drive.

Today we’re off to Denver. The trial scheduled for tomorrow settled so Lori and I are off the hook, whoo hoo. The week is still super busy though but at least we don’t have to sit in a courtroom. It’s still smokey outside and will probably be that way until the snow falls. I need to get moving to get down to the lawyers. We received notice of some objections to the Title by the other side so we’re not out of the woods yet but this is one big step towards getting things wrapped up.

Time to get the boys up so have a great day and God Bless.


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Here we (or I) go again

By the time most of you read this, I’ll be in Wyoming and hopefully soon on my way back to Colorado. This ranch deal is a cluster, mostly because of lawyers. Somehow though it looks like I’ll have it wrapped up today, God willing. I left at 4:30 in the morning meaning I was up a little before 4. This was the only time I could get the guy who needs to sign a document to sign the document. Thankfully he likes me as he’s been really nice and accommodating about the whole thing. Personally I think the lawyers should have had their end together more as they did not tell me or anyone that the last time I drove up, to get the document which they prepared signed, that it would not be good enough. All they had to do was check with the other lawyers, BEFORE I went up, and ask if the document THEY prepared would satisfy the other lawyers concerns. Apparently though then they wouldn’t get to make a half dozen more phone calls (which they charge us for) and prepare another document, which again they charge us for. And don’t forget, then I wouldn’t be able to drive 7 hours round trip to Wyoming for the second time in six days. By the way, I make $2500 a day plus expenses which turn out to be at least $100 per trip in gas!

As Mom always said, you do what you have to do.

Ty worked last night and with me getting up at 3:45 Lori had to stay up until 11:30 to go get him. This of course screws up her day too as she then gets no sleep on a work night.

Yesterday Lori, Jag and Ty and Harley went for a hike after Lori and I went to the gym. I stayed back and did laundry and cleaned the kitchen. This week is a busy one as I’ll need to drive down to Denver (again) on Tuesday to take the document to the lawyers. ThenĀ  Wednesday Lori and I are witnesses in a personal injury trial from a few years ago, also in Denver. We were subpoenaed otherwise we wouldn’t go. All we will be doing is saying, “yes we saw them bounce up in the bus when it hit a bump”. Then Thursday there’s something but I can’t remember it right now. Friday I have a sales meeting in Denver at 11 am and then Saturday Lori goes to California meaning another trip to Denver to the airport. So I’ll be driving every day this week. Oh and next Monday both boys go on orientation trips (canoeing and kayaking) until Wednesday and then school starts Thursday. And on that Thursday I have a chain meeting with my guy from Florida down in Niwot outside of Boulder. Looks like Lori will have to take the boys on the first day of school.

So that’s what we have coming up, how about you? Anyone going anywhere? Let us know, God Bless.

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Not today

Today we had hoped to go to the ranch but now will head up two weeks from yesterday. This is mainly because I have to go back up there tomorrow to get some papers signed and I just don’t feel like making that drive two days in a row. On top of that, Ty finished work at 11:30 pm last night and has to work at 2 this afternoon. Next weekend Lori is in Sacramento so that’s out. Looking at our schedule we’re booked right now through September 17th. By then I’m afraid we’ll be in Fall.

Lori and I made it to Big D yesterday by 9:15 and were home by about 4. There was a car on fire on I-70 on the east side of the tunnel so that slowed us down a bunch. Thankfully I jumped off and took the frontage road saving us about 45 minutes. Today I think we’re going on a hike after we hit the gym. I should clean the garage which I didn’t get to but we’ll see.

So tomorrow I’ll be out of here by 6:30 am if I hear from the person I need to meet today. The boys have soccer at 8 and then again at 4:30 tomorrow. Lori will have to take them in the morning. It’s a bit after 8 now so time to get moving. Have a great Sunday and God Bless.

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Cooler air

Last night I had the windows open and the cool mountain air flowed in lowering the temperatures. It’s been hot but this was a nice break. Yesterday Jag and I were at the orthodontist and they’re going to put braces on his top teeth in about a month. Thankfully they’re not charging us any more money. The dentist and his wife, who is also a dentist, live a few blocks away from our lot where we plan to build. They just finished their house a year ago. They’re from Texas and he loves to hunt so it seems we have some things in common. Should make good neighbors.

Lori and I are off to Denver to get her hair done in about an hour. Mojo stayed at the vet last night to have his kidneys checked as he had an accident yesterday. We’ll get him today. Ty worked until about 10:30 and does so again tonight and the Bronco’s have their first preseason game tonight, whoo hoo.

Time for me to get moving as we have a lot to do. Hope everyone has a great weekend, GB.


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The best thing about today is I don’t have to go to Denver, or Aspen or anywhere except maybe Eagle. Yesterday I was down in the city and back up by about 3:30. Lori worked as usual and Ty cleaned his room from top to bottom. Jag and Nicole went to dinner and then hung out at her house until about 9.

It’s still smokey but doesn’t seem as bad. I think we’re all headed to the ranch to spread Mom and Dad’s ashes on Sunday. I need to check with Tom and see if he wants to go. I know Robi can’t make it but would if she could. Not sure what Shelly is doing but she’d need to ride up with Tom as I don’t have time to drive to Denver to get her and then make the 2 and a half hour drive up there. I’ll know for sure tomorrow.

School starts a week from Monday with both boys going on orientation trips. Ty is going on a canoe trip and Jag is going kayaking. They are gone from Monday until Wednesday and Lori will be in Sacramento so it’ll be me and the dogs for a few days. We have lots to do to get ready for all of this, school supplies, trip supplies and more. On top of it all, Lori and I are witnesses in a trial in Denver next Wednesday and then I have a sales meeting also in Denver next Friday. I think Lori leaves on Saturday. It’s hard to get a break these days. Everybody wants or needs something from us.

Today I’ll clean the garage again. It is sort of clean but after a few months with people throwing stuff in it, I need to clean it again. That’s it for the day, hope everyone is well, take care and God Bless.

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