Still fighting

Ok, I have officially turned the corner but am still not 100%. I’m now at the coughing up crap stage which is 100 times better than the stuffed up head and nose stage. My voice is all deep and raspy too. No gym yet but I think I’ll take a walk today. I did make it to Costco yesterday before the game but that was about it. They are rationing toilet paper, even up here with customers only able to buy one large pack. I also picked up a few packs of cold medicine, Advil and Bayer Aspirin. The lady just rung me up twice on the TP so it was two transactions. Cooler weather is headed our way and today Lori works from home. I haven’t seen Dixie in a few days as I didn’t want to get her sick. So far Lori has avoided whatever I have but Ty wasn’t feeling well last night. Hope he’s ok this morning. He was a little shit yesterday with a bad attitude.

We did find a couple new fun shows on Apple TV. The Morning Show and Ted Lasso are both great. I am going to see Jag tomorrow or Wednesday to drop off some stuff he needs. He’s super busy with two mid-terms this week.

Hard to believe Friday is October 1st. The Broncos won but good thing we didn’t go. No way I should have made the trip. I’d probably be headed in the other direction with my cold if we had gone. Lori slept in Jagger’s room again last night so she didn’t get sick and so she could get some sleep. Time to get moving. Make it a great week and take care. I can’t overemphasize how there are shortages on just about everything from car parts to cleaning supplies to food. The average person hasn’t really experienced it yet but it’s coming. In the U.K. they called out the Army over the weekend as there is a huge gas shortage and people are fighting over petrol. Please believe that shortages are coming to you and get ready. Once you can’t find what you need, it’s too late. God Bless.

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Turning the corner

This morning I think I’m getting better. It’s hard to tell when you’re up all night on and off blowing your nose. I think Tom had something like this 3 weeks ago or so. It’s all a head cold with a stuffed up and runny nose and a sinus headache. Nothing else. Nothing covid related so they say (but who knows right?) as I don’t have a temperature or shortness of breath or loss or taste or smell. Just a good old fashioned head cold. Now for Lori, yesterday Harley was playing with her and she jumped up, Harley that is, and bonked her in the head tweaking her (Lori’s) neck! Of course, right? So we were quite the pair yesterday. Lori went to sleep in Jagger’s room as I was blowing my nose every 15, 30 or 60 minutes, who knows. I’m starting to cough stuff up so hopefully I’ve turned the corner.

Sadly we’re not headed to the Bronco game today. We were taking Jeff and Tina so we gave our other two tickets to them to take someone else. So bummed. Hope we win. Jag is busy with lots of work. I’ll go see him this week, probably Tuesday.

Over the weekend Costco and other stores said to expect a toilet paper shortage, hmm. Just a word of caution, by the time they tell you there’s a shortage, there’s already a shortage. We have a couple of hundred rolls but will top off our supplies next time there. Maybe we’ll make a quick run this morning. Lori has two new friends in the backyard, two little bunnies! She’s super excited and she really likes them. This means she throws carrots out for them daily.

Hard to believe in less than a week it’ll be October. We’re going to the Broncos game next week with Jeff and Tina in their seats. They have half a season in Club Level which is a whole different experience. Better be all better by then!

My new debit card arrived yesterday. Took about a week, thanks hackers. Losers. What a pain. Ty went to the mountain bike race yesterday which his buddy Will was riding in and then was out until about 12:30am. Lori keeps reminding me he is 17. Guess that’s it, time to get moving, I hear Lori blowing her nose, uh oh. I probably gave her my cold. Figures. I’ll be hearing about that one for a while! God Bless.

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Last night we had a nice dinner but in hindsight, I should have postponed it. It set me back in kicking my cold and now the game tomorrow is in jeopardy. I feel pretty crappy today with a stuffed head and on and off sore throat. I’ll decide later today.

Ty has a photo session this morning at 10:30. Lori will take him while I rest. I ran around yesterday shopping while Lori got Kristin to the airport and had a crazy work day. Ty made it home around 9 last night.

Think I’ll lay low today. We had to have our oven fixed yesterday and Lori cooked a chicken in the crock pot which today will magically turn into chicken soup. Hopefully that’ll kick my cold. Take care, God Bless.

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Staying home

Was headed to Denver but a sore throat yesterday derailed my trip. I don’t have a fever and feel better this morning but my throat was sore on the right side last night big time.

Kristin heads home today and leaves around noon. Myrna and her daughter came by yesterday and visited with Dixie as they were staying in Breckenridge. Dix had a rough morning and evening but the middle of the day was ok. Ty worked out at 5 and today at school he orders up his cap and gown. Lori will be home.

Gerry and Marci are coming over for dinner tonight. Tomorrow we’ll hang close and Sunday we’re headed down for the Bronco home opener. I’ll head over to the grocery store after I drop Ty this morning. That’s it, time to go, God Bless.

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Fall is here

Yesterday was the first day of Fall and it’s so nice up here, especially at night. Today Myrna is coming over for lunch and Lori works from home. I think they’ll all go out somewhere. I have a lot to do too with a conference call at 10 and then getting Ty at 12:45. Kristin leaves tomorrow and Ty and I are headed to Denver. We did get our front drain pipe buried yesterday and it now runs out to the street and drains there so no more ice rink this winter on the front patio.

Ty needs to leave in an hour and I’ll take him so I can go to the gym. He works out at 5 today. We’re going to the game this weekend so Ty might go stay with Jagger from Friday until Sunday.

Loving the cool nights. We always sleep with the window open so it’s really refreshing. Time to get Ty moving so gotta go. Be well, stay safe and stock up on essentials. The news was saying yesterday it’s time to start Christmas shopping as nothing is going to be available. Hmm. God Bless.

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New Car

Yesterday Tom bought a new 2020 Corvette! So happy for him! Can’t wait to see it. He so deserves it and apparently reads the blog as the one thing you should all know is life’s too short, live each day! Congrats, pictures to come in a few days.

Kristin spent the day with Dixie while Lori and I worked. It was a nice break for us and I’m sure her. Lori picked Kristin up after dinner and she spent the night here. She’ll hang with Dix today while Lori is in Frisco. I’m off to Denver in 45 minutes as I need to be down there by 9. Hope to be back by noon. Jag is working away. We sure miss him and hope he comes and visits soon.

Time to run, hope all’s well, take care and God Bless.

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Full Moon

Clear outside with a bright full moon shinning high in the morning sky. At 6:25 am you’d think the sun would be up but as the days get shorter, the nights get longer.

Dixie, Lori and Kristin went to Vail yesterday to go to lunch. Then while Dixie took a nap Lori and Kristin and Harley took a walk. After that they went to Costco and then picked up Dixie on the way back for dinner. Poor girl is still confused as to who is alive, where she is and what’s going on in her life. She’s really lucky Lori brought her out here to live as she’d be lost in California.

Ty is all healed and was cleared by his doctor yesterday for his knee. Today he starts a six week training program for basketball with weights and a nutrition program. He needs to gain some weight for basketball and gain muscle back in his left leg. I’ll meet him at the gym at 2.

Now to the Country, the supposed elites that think they’re better than all of us and are making rules for us but not them. Well they are finally losing their grip on their power and are freaking out. Expect more lies, mandates and rules for us but not them. That’s what they do when the people revolt. They’ll try to scare us into submission. Recent events like the Emmy’s and the Met Gala where the rich and entitled flaunt not wearing masks while the workers serving them are required to do so is finally backfiring. People are waking up and finally realizing that these rules are not about keeping them safe at all but rather about control. Thank God people are finally waking up! Soon the system will all come crashing down. Just look at all the shortages of things, runaway price increases, worker shortages everywhere, the crime and on and on. How about the Presidents spokesman telling us yesterday that even though there is a vaccine mandate for all of us and anyone coming into the Country, illegals coming over the border are different. When pressed the spokesman said, and I quote, “it’s different as they aren’t staying for a long time”, What? Unbelievable. Illegals coming over the border are assimilating (disappearing) into our communities and not leaving at all. These people have a vaccine rate of about 1%! But the govt. is sure none of them are spreading covid to any Americans. And they wonder why we no longer believe their crap. The latest surge is made up of mostly people from Haiti. But don’t as Haiti has a high vaccine rate, right? Give me a break.

More and more people I know will now not get the shot. We did but don’t look to us when it comes to boosters. Sadly we can no longer trust or believe the govt. For years any sane person questioned their motives and words but now they no longer have ANY credibility. And that’s why people are waking up. So again, think for yourself, get prepared, keep your cars gas tank always at least halfway full and stock up on essentials. Yesterday after having to go to three stores to find Windex, I bought $300 worth of supplies at the hardware store. Better safe than sorry. Worst case is we don’t have to buy any cleaners for six months. God Bless.

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A good day

Well let’s see, the Bronco’s won, Ty had fun at the car show, Kristin arrived safely and Dixie had one of her best days in a long time as far as knowing what was going on and where she was. It didn’t start out that way but I think having Kristin and Lori both together helped center her.

This morning Ty leaves for school at 7:30 and I’ll take him. House cleaners are coming at 8:30 and I have a call at 9. Kristin and Lori will hang out with Dixie and Lori will also work as usual.

The Bronco’s looked great. Hope they keep it up. There were a lot of good games on so Tom and I had fun watching and texting back and forth most of the day. Time to get moving, lots going on today and this week. October is right around the corner. God Bless.

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Today the Broncos play at 11am, exciting. Kristin arrives around 3, Ty spent the night at Will’s and is going to the car show and will be home around noon and Lori was up shushing the coyotes in the middle of the night. We went and saw Dixie yesterday and took her some groceries. A little rain tomorrow and Tuesday with some snow up high, love it. Could freeze tomorrow.

We’re cooking a pork roast in the crock pot today which is perfect timing. I took it out of the freezer a few days ago and stuck it in the fridge. We traded Lori’s Rolex in yesterday for a new one. We had bought hers in 2017 and it was getting a little old plus our friend at the jewelry store finally had a smaller one come in that Lori liked. With the shortages everywhere, we ended up getting more for her old watch than we paid for it and with our discount on the new one (Rolex only discounts women’s models) it was a no brainer. Octoberfest was going on in Vail and the town was packed so we ended up parking in the hospital using Lori’s parking pass.

As I said, Kristin gets here around 3. She’ll stay until next Friday. It’ll be good for Dixie to have another familiar face here. Then next weekend Myrna, Dixie’s 80 year old niece is coming to visit.

Time to get moving. Really trying hard to avoid Bozo Biden and his posse that are delusional and out of control. I think (hope) the rest of the Country sees what an idiot he is too. If you believe poll numbers, they do. They (the administration) are desperately trying to change the conversation from immigration and Afghanistan and the economy to anything else. That’s why they’re pushing booster shots even though the FDA said no to them except for those over 65 with or those with issues. Even our Gov is trying to push them, wtf? Anyone seen the protests Worldwide? Countries, especially ours, try to suppress World news so the people don’t unite. They want a one World government but don’t want people of the World to unite against them. The days of the elites are coming to an end. In Australia they are fighting in the streets against the police who are trying to enforce the some of the strictest lockdowns there are. People are wising up that it’s about the government trying to control you and not your health or safety. Numerous studies have proven without a doubt, lockdowns don’t work. Thank God people are waking up. As John Lennon, said Power to the People. So much for no politics, ha.

Make it a great day and Go Broncos! God Bless.

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In the middle of the night something woke up Harley. Could have been a deer, a bear or just a small bunny. In any case we were treated to the full blown alarm of her deep loud fog horn bark. Lori jumped out of bed to see what was going on but we couldn’t find anything. The moon is almost full so it’s easy to see all going on outside. It’s almost like it’s daylight.

Lori took Dixie to get her nails done yesterday and then brought her home. She does much better when she gets out of her room. Earlier in the day we went to Costco and bought her a new refrigerator and took it to her apartment. She seemed confused in the morning.

Ty went to the football game last night and I think Jag is going to his today. Kristin gets here tomorrow for 4 or 5 days. Today we have a call at 11 with Ty’s college counselor. Time for him to start applying to schools.

Hope everyone is well, be safe, take care and God Bless.

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