Pink Eye or a Stye?

Lori has either pink eye or a stye on her right eye that she just can’t get rid of. We think it started on the weekend from lack of sleep and eye strain from driving down and up to Denver. It’s painful and bothersome.

I’m going to stop by the house today to see how the framing is coming along as I have to go to Aspen and will be driving right by. As I said, things will start moving a bit quicker now that the foundation and plumbing are in. Everything now is from the ground up.

My foot is still a bit sore but I’m trying to power through it. The boys are fine and so is school. The dogs too. We had a mountain lion outside last night hissing and growling and keeping Lori up. Not sure when that ended as I fell asleep.

Guess that’s it, time to go. Have a great day, GB.

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Tuesdays and Thursdays are clinic meaning we’re always up early. To top it off, I need to have the truck to the dealer a little after 8, then head to the warehouse and then up to Longmont and then back to Denver for an 11:45 appointment before picking up the truck hopefully a bit before 1 and then heading home. So a busy day awaits.

My left foot is sore like maybe I fractured it. Hope not. I’ll give it a few days before overacting, ha. Both boys have lots of work at school and so do I. They start framing the house today which means things are going to start moving fast. Tom our builder says we’ll be meeting almost weekly starting soon.

Lori says it feels like Fall outside and she’s not wrong. Time to get moving. This upcoming weekend is the first weekend in months we don’t have to go anywhere. Ty does want to drive over to Winter Park to see his teammates in the next mountain bike race but I’d sure love to just stay home. We’ll see. I have a couple of books I’ve been trying to start. Time to go, 6 am and I should be out the door in 45 minutes at the latest. God Bless.

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It’s the half way mark of September, hard to believe. Soon it’ll be October, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas. In fact it’s just about 100 days until Christmas, wow.

Today we’re busy again as usual. School, soccer, work and cleaning. Yesterday Jag and Lori were in Denver while I had to sit in stopped traffic going up the pass to get dog food. Then I watched as the refs stole a Bronco victory from us. There’s no excuse for that in the NFL Not one but two bad calls in the closing minutes were blown. It makes me want to stop going to the games and watching football.

That’s it, the house is coming along. They start framing tomorrow as the foundation is all in and backfilled. Pictures to come. The dogs think Lori is taking them up the hill as she’s headed to the gym so I’d better take them. Have a great day, God Bless.

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Last night we went to Don and Kim’s for a sushi party that they bought at the school auction last year. It was a really fun time. A couple of parents from school (Patrick and Marcie) who we know as Patrick did our construction loan, made the sushi and homemade ice cream for dessert. We didn’t know this, but they really knew what they were doing. The food was incredible. The ice cream was so simple yet so over the top good, that we’re seriously thinking of starting a Company with them. Yes it was that good!

There were mostly people from Lori’s office including Dr. Huard and Dr. Evans and their wives who we really like a bunch. The Headmaster of the school, Mike was also there helping make the sushi. In fact everyone made rolls. The fish was from Seattle Fish Company which is where every top sushi restaurant in the State gets their fish from too. It was fun seeing Mike outside of school. He’s a pretty good guy (70 now but you’d think 50) who raised his kids in Singapore and most recently ran the top private school in Vegas with kids from parents like Andre Agassi and the other celebrities in Vegas.

Ty came along and hung out with Sammie and two other girls from his class. We stayed until about 9:30. Jag spent the night at Ethan’s after going to the girls volleyball game. He thinks he did well on his ACT test which was from about 8 until 1.

Today Lori and Jag head to Denver for a 2 to 5 fitting for Denver Fashion Week. Ty and I will stay home with the dogs. The Bronco’s play the Bears. I gave my tickets to my Chicago distributor but get to expense them for market value to the Company. They say tickets are going for 2 to 3 times face value, ha. That’s it, time to head to the gym. God Bless everyone and God Bless the Denver Bronco’s!

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Up early

Today Jag has the ACT test at school this morning so even though it’s a Saturday, we’re up early. Last night he made some vanilla pancakes or something and must have used every pan in the house. Of course they’re all sitting in the sink or on the counter dirty. Ty is sore but sleeping through the night which is good news. After we get Jag fed and out the door we’ll head to the gym.

Mojo stayed at the vet last night as he might have a bad kidney or something as he was not feeling well and had a few accidents in the house, ugh. It’s cool outside but not like the other morning. Yesterday I ran down to Denver to get Ty his last part for his computer. I didn’t want to make the trip but he’s been working hard at school and I didn’t want him to wait until Tuesday.

Tomorrow Jag and Lori have a fitting for Fashion Week in November in Denver. I’m going to watch the Bronco game and our friends Jeff and Tina are coming up as he had a problem with some Luchesse Boots he had made that don’t fit. That’s about it, hope you all are well, God Bless.

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Ugh, 6:53 and I need to be out the door in 37 minutes. So this is going to be a short one. Last night was back to School night. It’s pretty painful as you don’t really learn anything new. After that we went to Melanie and Marty’s for dinner as it’s his birthday today. His son and parents are flying in and it’s a surprise. Not sure what the temperature is outside but it’s cold. Speaking of cold, as I drove to Aspen yesterday I saw snow on top of the peaks so the first snow of the season was officially September 12th.

It’s 7 now so time to go. Friday the 13th and a full moon, woo hoo. Have a great day and GB

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Fall is here

Ok, this morning you can feel Fall temperatures in the air. Lori was cold at 5 am and woke me up. Ty sleeps with his window open so it’s cool in his room too. Not much of a summer around here but that’s ok. As you should remember, Fall is my favorite season anyhow. Football, hunting, lots of fresh produce like apples, good holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving and more. Embrace the cold!

Lots going on at Lori’s work. Ty is building his computer at school and Jag is working away. Lori and Jag had a college meeting with the counselor yesterday and the good news is he’s open to CU now. Between us, he really needs to go in State as it’s cheaper and he’ll be closer to home meaning he’ll have a lot more support than if he’s thousands of miles away. He has another ACT test Saturday as kids can take those as many times as they want. Tonight we have back to school night at 5. From 5 to 6 we go with all the senior parents and kids and then from 6 on it’s everyone. It never stops.

Our friends from Texas that are hunting this week had a terrible week. As of yesterday afternoon with only last nights hunt left, they had only one bull among the four of them. Like I said last week, everything is delayed and the elk still aren’t in the rut. They think it’s the middle of summer. When I’m back up there hunting October 4th hopefully the timing will be perfect.

Lori had her hair done in Denver yesterday and while the city has some things we don’t, I hate the traffic and endless crowds of people. It’s just too crowded. That’s about it, I’m off to Aspen today. Hope you all are well, God Bless.

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18 years ago 3000 people were killed by some people who hate us and our way of life. Sadly there are still people that feel the same. To make matters worse, some of these people are even in Congress! Unbelievable.

Today Ty is heading back to school. He stayed home yesterday as he was in a lot of pain. Jag had soccer and then stayed for the girls volleyball game. He had some homework or studying last night so we didn’t see him much.

Lori is off to Denver this morning to get her hair done. Ty’s computer parts arrived so he’ll be building his computer over the next few days. Mojo is limping a bit from walking up the hill last night. Hopefully he’ll be better in a few days. That’s it, hope everyone is well, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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Yup, broken

We had Ty to the clinic by 7:45 and in x-ray about 10 minutes later. 15 minutes after that Dr. Provencher came in and examined Ty and confirmed a fracture of the distal clavicle which basically means a broken collarbone. He ordered up a CT Scan to get a closer look and determine whether or not Ty needed surgery. A few hours later he texted Lori that no surgery was needed, whew. So lots of PT and 8 weeks or so in a sling is the plan. He’s in pain but is only on Tylenol. We could have had some opioids but opted not to. Around 10 I dropped him at school and then was off to the grocery store.

Jag switched from AP Bio to Physiology and Anatomy yesterday as kids can drop and add classes until this week just like in college. We’re glad as he takes such a heavy load and he doesn’t need to. With Jag we want him to relax a bit and enjoy his senior year.

I went on a cleaning binge between work calls and am off to the distributor at about 6:30 this morning. I hope to be back before 11. Then more work and more cleaning. I had to open an electric account yesterday for the new house so things are moving along. Thursday I’ll be down valley and stop and see the progress. Time to go as it’s 6:06 and I want to be on the road in 20 minutes. If anyone wants to send Ty an email you can do so at God Bless.

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Broken collarbone?

The day started out as usual with all four of us running here and there. Lori and Jag were off to Denver for 8 hours of grueling auditions with 500 wanna be models and Ty and I headed to Steamboat for his race. Getting right to the good stuff, Ty had a great first lap at 37 minutes but then was late on the second. I waited and watched but after 5 more minutes I knew something was wrong. I then saw one of his coaches and found out he had crashed. They said he had a broken collarbone or something. It seemed like it took forever for the medical evac to get him down. They had to drive a 4 wheel car up the course and he said he walked a half a mile to the car. Apparently a kid was next to him and caught his handle bar and took him down. He went over the handle bars and then was dragged a bit by the other riders rear wheel. When he made it down he was smiling in the car which was good news. After having the paramedics check him out and talking to Lori, we decided to just take him home to Vail. As we were leaving Dr. Dorf (from Vail and one of our kids dad’s) came up to the truck and asked if I wanted him to look at him and I said “of course”. He said it’s probably a distal clavicle or AC joint and to get him home and wait until this morning for an x-ray to save $2,000 at ER. He offered to get Ty in first thing this morning but Lori had already called Dr. Provencher who will see him at 8. You might remember he was the New England Patriots and Tom Brady’s doctor so Ty will be in good hands. It could be a broken collarbone (worst case) and we should know more by 9 am this morning. So that’s it. Most of the team and coaches and parents showed up to wait with me for Ty when he was hurt. He has so many friends and is so universally loved as he’s such a good kid who is kind to everyone. People I didn’t know were offering help not only on the spot but all week at school too. There’s something to say for living in a small town as people pull together and help each other.

I knew he’d be ok when he said as soon as we got in the car, “dad, this sure is going to rope in the ladies”! I laughed so hard until I couldn’t anymore. Sure enough as soon as he posted his crash and situation on Instagram, 30 or 40 responses came in within a minute offering help and sympathy, mostly from the ladies!

Meanwhile Jag was selected to walk in Denver Fashion Week and some other event. We just found out the first one conflicts with Homecoming, super. Jag and Lori were home about 3 hours after us. Ty had a rough night which was to be expected and we need to get moving now to get him to the hospital in about an hour. More to come, God Bless and Go Broncos! Here’s a pic of Ty coming through his first lap!

I believe today is the two-year passing of Mom, we all miss her very much! Miss you Mom!

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