The days are going fast. Hard to believe it’s almost August. Each day we seem to run out of time to get everything done. Same with the nights. We usually somehow wake up during the night from a dog or Dixie or a kid. Sometimes we just wake up on our own!

Ty had his MRI, should know more today. Dixie had a good day, Jag made it back from Katie’s and Lori and I worked. Not sure if you notice but food is becoming short in supply in most places. Every time you go to the store, something you’re looking for is unavailable. Gas stations are periodically out of gas too. It’s usually half the pumps that have gas. Moral of the story is to make sure you have food and always, I mean always, fill your tank before it gets below half a tank. Throw in that they want everyone to start wearing masks again, even if you’ve been vaccinated and the impending heat wave, and things are pretty messed up. Of course the Dems say none of this has anything to do with them, ha ha ha. Here’s hoping they lose in a landslide in November 2022. Not sure how any sane person could vote for them. Hell, we’re just hoping we survive as a Country until then!

Dixie is moving in to her new apartment on Monday! She can’t remember her house in California but does remember the house from when Lori was a little girl. When you get older you can remember things from decades ago but have a hard time remembering things from yesterday.

Time to get moving, Lori and I are headed to the gym. Time to prepare, take note of the above and don’t brush it off. Even if you can find what you want, prices are going up daily! Anyone bought coffee lately? Wow, God Bless.

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Moving out and moving in!

After a long day Lori and Dixie went down to Castle Peak to check out the apartments and Dixie liked it! Looks like she’s moving in next Monday. That means we have a lot to do between now and then. Towels, a coffee maker, an alarm clock, some dishes, toiletries and all the other things she’ll need are on our list to get. A week after that Lori will go to California to ship out some more things for her. We want to make sure she likes it. It’s like we have two kids going to college! Last night she did wake up around 1 as she had a bad dream that Jagger was in a car accident. Not too far from reality given his driving history, ha.

We had a good afternoon while Lori was at work. I ran down to Denver in the morning but was back by 12:15. Ty is doing well, we need to get him an MRI today. Lori and I are going to the gym this morning before we get the day started. Dr. B. is off to San Diego for a conference so she’s home today, good timing.

Time to get moving, lot’s to do. Make it a great day and God Bless.

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Here we go

Ok, today I’m off to Denver, Lori and Jag have work and we need to get Ty and MRI. After work Lori and Dixie are taking a tour of Castle Peak. Jag will go in an hour late so Ty is only alone with Dixie for an hour or so. Yesterday I drove him to Frisco and we confirmed that he’ll be on crutches for at least 6 weeks. He asked if he could go to the concert in Utah next week, (his Golden Birthday present) but the doc said no. Four of his friends are going and they all rented a house and everything. It’s a 2 day festival. We feel really bad for him.

I hope to be leaving Lakewood by 10 am this morning which should put me home by noon. Dixie is having some good moments mixed in with a few bad ones. Hard to remember just where she is and what’s going on sometimes. Harley and Dixie have now become friends! Harley still doesn’t like the walker at all though.

Lori and I had a big workout yesterday morning. I’m using 75 pound dumb bells in each arm these days for incline chest press which is a good amount of weight. I don’t think I’ve ever been this strong my entire life. Amazing what the body can do. Use it or lose it, right? Lori came with me and worked out with my trainer too who is an ex-hockey player that made her almost puke from him pushing her so hard. Think she’s switching to Brent (my guy) from Brian, our old guy. You need to switch it up all the time to keep fooling your body and hitting different muscles to keep progressing. Oh well, enough of that, time to run, 5:43 am and I need to leave by 6:30, God Bless.

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Dover sole and Lee Ann Rimes

Another busy day. It’s different having five of us here, especially with one incapacitated, meaning Ty. Around 5:30 last night we headed out to meet Marci and Gerry for dinner and the concert. We all had the Dover Sole which was good and then jumped in Gerry’s car and drove the two minutes to the Vilar. When we arrived everyone had already been in the show watching the opening act. We don’t know, or care, who it was. It took us two minutes to get our tickets and walk to our seats which were Box #1. We were as close as you could get to Le Ann. It was like she was in your living room. It was a great show with just her and her acoustic guitar player. She said it was her 4th show in a year and a half. She played about 70 minutes which was perfect. What a voice she has.

By 10:15 we were home making Ty some food. Jag had texted that Grandma stayed up and he couldn’t get her to go to bed, funny. He asked “how do I get her to go to bed? Ha.

Today Lori and I are off to the gym at 6:30 and then Greg and Jae, Dixie’s nephew and his wife from Lakewood are coming over at 10 am. They were up here this weekend in Vail. Next up is lunch at 12:30 and then that’ll do it for the days activities for her. I have my 8 am call and Lori will need to go to work this afternoon. We also have to get Ty to the doctor after lunch. Tomorrow is super busy as I have a doctor appointment at 9:10 in Denver and Lori and Jag work. We’re trying to find someone to come over for a couple hours. Time to get moving as we leave in 30 minutes. Take care, hard to believe it’s almost August! God Bless.

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The smoke finally made its way to us. It should blow out soon according to the news but they’re rarely ever correct. Yesterday Lori went to get her nails done and Ty had a friend come over. He was hurting a bit last night but is hanging in there. Poor guy. Jag and Katie went to lunch and then to the Eagle County Fair last night.

Tonight at 6:30 Lori and I are going to dinner with Gerry and Marci who are then taking us to the Vilar Center of Performing Arts to see Leann Rimes in concert. They have season tickets and of course their seats are the best in the house. It’s an acoustic show that should be great. We sit about ten feet from whoever is performing.

Dixie is doing ok. Seems a bit tougher for her when she first wakes up. Hopefully she’ll have a good day today. Lori made cheesecake yesterday along with grilled steak and baked potato’s. Great as always. That’s it, time to go, coffee has arrived. Hang in there and God Bless.

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Oh boy

The day started out fine, busy but fine. Then all hell broke lose. The head partner and surgeon at Lori’s Practice hurt his back and needed surgery asap. So as usual, Lori pulled in favors and had everything set up within a couple hours. This meant rescheduling some patients, securing OR (operating room) time, making sure there was staff, and most important, getting something called the O-arm at the hospital which is some mechanical tool for surgery. It also takes a specialized staff. I was taking Ty to the skate park when she found all this out and that she needed to go to the office so I turned around with Ty and had her take him on her way instead.

Dixie and I hung out for the next 3 hours watching the Dennis the Menace movie and visiting. About the time Lori made it home at 4, Ty called asking if I’d come and get him at the skate park. We thought he was staying out with Sonny and his friends but Sonny unbeknownst to Ty was heading to a family wedding in California. Ty casually told me he fell at the skate park and was hurt a bit and needed a ride home. On the way he called me back asking me to bring crutches which was odd. I told him I was already on the way. When I arrived I called him to tell him I was there and he said he was sitting over by the big bowl and needed help getting up. I jumped out of the car and walked over to him to find him sitting there on the edge of the bowl. I tried to help him up but after a few minutes it was clear he was in real pain and his knee was really swollen and this was more than just a little bump. After deliberation and phone calls to Lori, I called 911 to get an ambulance. They showed up pretty quick and Kayla, one of the paramedics (there were two girls) and I helped Ty up and got him to the stretcher. I followed the ambulance to the hospital in Vail, ugh.

Once in the ER we had x-rays within minutes and soon found out Ty had fractured his patella which is commonly known as your kneecap. They said he must have banged it really hard to have broken it the way he did. Good God, I couldn’t believe it. We did get great treatment with Lori working there and everyone knowing it even though it was just Ty and I. I made sure to let everyone know who his mom was, ha. Meanwhile Lori was home with Dixie as she couldn’t leave her alone. We had a friend coming over but things were moving so fast I told her to just sit tight. I was taking photos of the x-rays and texting them to Lori who was texting them to Dr. Dorf from her office who then told us what to do. In the end Ty was put in an immobilizing brace and I took him home. It wasn’t easy getting him up and in the car as we have to keep his leg totally straight at all times but we managed. We made it home and got Ty upstairs. Monday morning we’ll follow up by going and seeing Dr. Dorf at Lori’s office. Looks like about 8 weeks on crutches but we think he’ll avoid surgery which is a big deal. Surgery could have meant months and months of recovery.

Obviously the knee on the right is the swollen one!

In the world of fractured knees, that’s one big break! Luckily he didn’t fracture his femur which is the bone above the break or it would have been surgery for sure. They tried to give Ty some pain medication when they showed up at the skate park as he was in tears when we moved him and I authorized it but then asked what they use and when they told me fentanyl I asked if they had anything less potent. They didn’t and Ty quickly spoke up and said he’d be fine. They asked him again at the hospital and he passed once again. I found out later one of his favorite musicians had over dosed on it and he wanted nothing to do with it. He’s a tough kid and has a high tolerance for pain but had to be in big time pain. All he had last night for pain was Tylenol even though they sent us home with Hydrocodone. He must have slept through the night as he’s still sleeping now. Poor guy, he has a concert in Salt Lake in two weeks that might be out now plus will be starting his senior year on crutches and was going elk hunting with me and James and his son at the first of September which now is out for sure. More to come in the next few days.

This morning Lori, Dixie and I are up. Jag and Katie made it home around 9. We bought them each a pair of cowboy boots that they stopped and got in Denver on the way back up the hill. I called my girl at my western store and they hooked them up at a 30% discount. They’re going to the county fair tonight and of course needed boots! Pictures tomorrow!

Lots of road closures and flooding up here from mudslides. It’ll be the norm for a while this summer and probably the next few years until the vegetation grows back.

That’s it, time to get moving. hope everyone is well, take care, be well, stay safe and God Bless. Shoot Ty a text or give him a call later today if you can. His number is 303-960-6078.

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The weekend

Lots of road closures up here as we’re in a pattern of afternoon thunderstorms. When you have burn scars, which are areas where wildfires burned off all the vegetation, you have mudslides when you get a good rain. This is what’s been happening. In fact yesterday we had a brief road closure that Jag was stuck in when mud flowed over I-70 near Avon. He was on his way home from work in Vail.

Yesterday we had a nice day with Dixie. Lori had the nurse from the senior home come over and they all visited for a while so Dixie could learn more about Castle Peak. She also had a virtual appointment with her primary care doctor in Sacramento via Zoom. Later in the day Katie came up. She and Jag are going to Denver today to get Jag a haircut. I think they’re going to the Eagle County Fair tonight. Ty has been there the last two days or should I say nights. He came home last night around midnight as there was a party at Molly’s down the street.

I went to the hardware store and picked up some bird feed yesterday for our feeders. We’ve been out for a month or so. Now to the big resurge in covid. Turns out 249 people have died from the, as the news calls it, fast spreading Delta variant. According to my math that’s about 5 people per State. Not sure about you but is that really a lot of people? I get that if anyone you know passes away it’s tragic but come on, more than 5 people die every day per State just from old age! Don’t know about you but we’re not wearing a mask anymore. That’s why we got the stupid shot! Any place that requires a mask won’t get our business. They need to stop the politics when it comes to this mess. The reason lots of people don’t want the vaccine, besides it not being an actual vaccine, is from all the politics. You had Biden and Harris telling us they wouldn’t get the shot if Trump made it and now that they’re in office, they’re telling you TO get it. And they wonder why there is so called vaccine hesitancy. Look, some people get the flu shot, some people don’t. If you don’t want it, don’t get it, if you do, go ahead. Just stop the politics, and by the way, get rid of Fauci, nobody trusts or believes him anymore.

Ugh, that’s it, time to go, Dixie is up already. Lori and I’d like to go to the gym. Beautiful outside, no smoke anywhere. That’s it, make it a great day, God Bless.

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Busy busy

Today we have Carlos and JJ coming by to paint all the drywall repairs from a few weeks ago. Walt our plumber is also coming over to fix a relief valve in the mechanical room on one of our water heaters. Dixie is touring Castle Peak right down the road to see if she likes it. It’s our senior living home that has only 20 residents. It’s a lot nicer than what you’d think so we’ll see.

Yesterday Ty and I hung out with Dixie for the day. I let Ty go at 2 and Jag was home about 5 and Lori about 6. It’s been nice up here and not really smoky at all.

They’re pushing the Delta variant all over the news. They’re also pushing to get all kids the shot. We know doctors for it and doctors against. Hard to know who to believe. I do know my ear has been ringing ever since I got the shot! So has Lori’s. Many say don’t over react here. Problem is the govt. changes their story daily. Around 80% of people don’t trust or believe them anymore. Easy to understand why. Think about it, do you really think the likes of Pelosi, Biden and Schumer are qualified to make decisions for 330 million of us? These people are almost as close in age as Dixie! One thing I do know, inflation is real! Gas is $4.69 a gallon up here and food is skyrocketing if you can find it and places like Taco Bell and Starbucks are running out of food and supplies. Expect things to get much worse as the year goes on. In fact, until Biden is gone, or at least the Dems don’t have control, prepare for issues. Enough said.

Lori just brought me coffee, sweet girl, so I’m going to go. Mom use to say, getting old is hell, Dixie agrees. God Bless.

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Doing well

All considering, things are going pretty well. On Dixie’s first day we hung out and had a nice day. She took a few naps as they had a big day the day before. I ran to the store during the day and Ty stayed with Grandma. Today more of the same and then tomorrow Lori is home.

It rained last night a little here but the lightening was incredible. The highway is closed again in Glenwood Canyon due to mud slides. This causes a four hour detour for anyone going west on I-70. Jag is working again today and I’m working out at 8. Lori is working out tomorrow. We’re switching off with Dix here.

Time to go, I need to leave in about an hour and need to wake up! Be well, stay safe and God Bless.

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Last night at 8:15 Lori walked out of the airport with Dixie after a long day of traveling. Five minutes later we were home and it was time to get Dixie used to the new surroundings. We all hung out for a couple hours before going to bed. Everyone slept through the night.

Today Ty and I and Grandma will hang out while Lori and Jag head off to work. The dogs and the rest of us were happy to see Lori. She was happy to be home too. It’s smoky in Denver but pretty nice up here. We might get a few showers up here today. Lot’s going on the next few weeks. We need to get Jag furniture for his apartment for school, Dixie needs to get settled, I need to call Ty’s school and get him registered and lots going on at work.

That’s it for now, time to get moving. More to come, God Bless.

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