Happy Memorial Day Weekend

3 days off, whoo hoo! Jag and for all practical purposes, Ty too, are both out of school. Hard to believe we have a freshman and junior in high school.

Today Lori and I are headed to Denver for lunch with Jeff and Tina. We need to make a few other stops so we’re getting together with them while in town. They’re going to Aspen with us for Food and Wine so we’ll plan that out, mostly what the girls will wear, ha.

My knee, after and MRI, looks to be ok. Ibuprofen and ice are the directions. I did workout with our trainer yesterday and even though we focused on core and arms, my knee was ok. Thank God I don’t need surgery. Our trainer told me I wouldn’t be able to shampoo my hair this morning as my arms would be too sore. I do feel them but so far I’m ok. He does have this new machine from Sweden that works off of your own force by moving some sort of flywheel. It’s hard to explain but it’s super cool. I’d love to have one at home but it’s like $3400! Anyhow it works your muscles in both directions which is what you need to effectively build muscle. Oh well, I know no one cares but it’s interesting to me and after all, this blog is to document our lives, ha.

Ty had his reenactment yesterday which they made a movie or documentary out of which we will hopefully see next week. Jag had Field Day and was done by noon and Lori cut out around 4pm. The boys are supposed to start their deep cleaning today on their rooms while we’re gone. We’re not sure what they’ll get done as we can easily see them watch tv and play basketball all day instead of working but we’re hoping for the best. One way or another, we have to get their rooms purged. At least Jag cleaned out his 50 pound backpack of all his school stuff which is a start

Time to get moving so have a great weekend. Time to bbq! GB

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Wrapping it up

Yesterday Jag had his last final and then Prom at night. All the kids met up first at the Gondola Club for pictures before walking over to The Four Seasons for the party. They make the kids take a breathalyzer when they go in and when they leave. I guess they think some kids will smuggle in some alcohol somehow. Kids these days look a lot more grown up than I remember from when I was in high school. We’ll post pictures in the next few days of the group but the one below is of Jag and one of the girls from his class. Jag of course is 6’5″ and Charlotte is 5’11”. It was hard to stay up until 11 to pick him up.

Today Jag has Field Day which is an all school annual tradition full of silly games and teams dressed up in different costumes. Meanwhile Ty has the Civil War Reenactment down at Malloy Park. I guess they’re making a movie of it. All the kids dress up in Civil War period dress. Ty is a Sergeant Major I think on the Confederate side.

We’re trying to close on our lot today but need a cashiers check and I think I need to go to our bank in Denver to get one. I was going to just wire the $1100 but apparently I also need to go into the branch to do this, who knew, probably Tommy the banker!

It’s going to be a warm weekend. I think Lori and I are going to Denver tomorrow for lunch with friends, we’ll see. That’s it, time to get moving as it’s already 7 am. Have a great weekend and God Bless.

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Jag’s last day

This morning Jag has his English final and then he’s all done for the year. Ty goes through next Wednesday and then he’s done too! Then it’s summer which is more basketball, camp, work and more. I’m off to Denver this morning after getting everyone where they need to go. I’ll be back in time to pick up Jag at school.

It’s one of Lori’s PA’s birthday today so she wants to leave early today too as she needs to get some stuff for the office. My knee is getting a little better, I think. Hopefully by tomorrow it’ll be closer to normal.

Time to get moving, lots to do before we head out the door in 45 minutes. Have a good day, GB.

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Almost June

Only about a week left in May. There’s also only 2 days left in school for Jag and about 5 for Ty. Then the work around here will get serious. Both boys have a pass on their rooms until school is out and then there are no more excuses. I’d post pictures but it’s too embarrassing.

Lori has a half day today and Ty has late start and Jag has two more finals, math and Mandarin. I guess he did well, or so he thinks, on his science test yesterday. Finals are in the gym with desks set up everywhere evenly spaced out. There’s a lot more pressure in high school these days than I ever remember. Not sure I could do it.

My knee passed x-rays but is still a bit swollen. We’re giving it a day or two before having an MRI. Hopefully it’ll get better on its own. Not sure what’s going on for the holiday weekend. We might go to Denver for a party on Sunday, we’ll see.

Lori is off to the gym but I’ve been told to lay off for now with my knee, ugh. Have a great day, God Bless.

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Tweaked knee

Last night we were up until 11 trying to get Ty’s 4 essays finished for his ELO Class today. We think he has them all done. Jag has a science final today and then two finals tomorrow and his last one on Thursday. Harley will go to daycare again today as Lori’s car needs some work and I’ll run down the hill around 7:30 this morning. I hope to be back up by noon.

Yesterday while cleaning out my closet I was carrying a heavy bag downstairs and it swung awkwardly into the inside of my right knee sorting of bending it out. I felt it right away but didn’t think much of it but this morning it’s swollen. It was uncomfortable yesterday and I knew I did something but it was nothing I couldn’t walk on. Hopefully it’s just a contusion but even that can take a few months to heal. Worst case is something torn and surgery as soon as this week. More to come, I can’t believe it.

Time to go as we all need to be out the door early this morning. It’ll be warm this week with temps down in Denver in the 90’s meaning at least 80 up here. Summer will be here soon and it does get hot up here too. Have a good day, GB.

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Long day

I left around 9 and made it down to Ty’s games a bit after noon. They had played the first game by the time I arrived but I was there the rest of the afternoon. We finally were done around 6:15 and home a little before 9 pm. He played well but they keep getting paired up with teams above them. The last game was against 9th grade kids going into 10th. One year may not seem like a lot, but at this age it is. They played tough and no matter the score, never give up or hang their heads. It’s great for building character. Sports are so important in young boys lives at this age. You don’t really see many kids in sports shooting up schools, do you.

Lori and Jag were home with him studying all day and her playing short order cook. I guess she waited on him all day and catered to his needs, ha. By Thursday his finals will be over thankfully.

Ty has the Civil War reenactment today. I think it’s the practice so some time this week they’ll all dress up and do the real thing. I’m here today but in Denver tomorrow to get the car worked on and then in Parker Wednesday for Harley’s training.

I am planning on cleaning out my closet today and have finally got to the point where I’m finally ok with getting rid of things I don’t use or wear anymore. Anyone need any cowboy boots in size 12? That’s about it, time to get the boys moving. Have a great day and week, soon both boys will be in high school, hard to believe. GB



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Off to basketball

In 15 minutes Ty is off to basketball in Windsor up by Ft. Collins. He’s getting a ride with a mom and some other kids. They have games at 11:45, 2:20 and 4:2o. I’ll head down around 11 and make it for the last two games. We just have too much to do around here today and Jagger has finals over the next few days so Heather (one of the kids mom’s) is driving him down since it’s such an early start.

It was nice up here yesterday for most of the day with a small rain shower in the afternoon. Today if you look outside, we have blue sky and tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 80’s. Harley just escaped from her leash outside but ran up the side of the house to the front door, good girl!

We did make it to the gym yesterday which is always good. Lori had lunch with Laura Parker yesterday and then we went to meet our builder and architect at Pony Up Ranch. They’ve been working on this for years remodeling it as it’s probably 20,000 square feet in all with the pool house and guest house. A guy from Florida owns it and we met there to go over some things. The barn is another 40,000 square feet! Lots to do as we need to make sure this whole thing costs no more than buying a house. It should be fun and take about 8 months or so.

Time to get moving as we need to get down to the storage unit before I go to try and find a mask for Prom later this coming week as it’s a masquerade theme I think. Hope all is well with everyone, have a great day and GB.

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All fired up!

That’s what Lori says about Harley about this time every morning. She gets up, goes outside, eats breakfast and then, look out, she transforms herself from Harley the puppy into Harley the Hurricane! She jumps, pounces, bounces and flies across the living room biting any and everything in her path, including your toes if you don’t watch out. She starts her formal Schutzhund training next Wednesday and we were told to let her jump until then, ha.

Jag and Ty went to play basketball after school and Lori and I tried to watch the Black Panther but just couldn’t get through it. We can’t believe that was the number 1 movie in the Country! It wasn’t even watchable. Of course in today’s PC World, I’m probably a racist for saying that, ha.

Today we’re tackling more of the house and meeting with our builder and architect. We held off on closing on the lot until we sign off on the plans and convince ourselves we are for sure into this. The problem is up here you just cannot buy anything for a million dollars. Yup, you read that right, there are no houses worth anything for less than 1 million, (probably more like $1.2) up here. That’s why we’re willing to move 30 minutes down valley to Eagle and then if we look at any existing houses, we might as well build as then we get new construction and exactly what we want for the same price. Plus, we’re hoping it’ll be a fun thing to do, picking out finishes and designing things and stuff. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a situation like that old movie The Money Pit. More to come but to put things into perspective, Tommy’s house up here would be $1.2 to $1.4 Million, ugh.

Another shooting yesterday by a bullied kid. I’m sure the Dems are already all over gun control but I’m sure they’re disappointed the kid didn’t use an assault rifle. Instead he had a family shotgun and a 38 revolver. I hope people finally understand that guns are just a tool and the real problem here is mental health and social media and how we are raising our kids these days. We willingly expose them to non stop violence in video games and movies and desensitise them to violence and then throw in social media where it says “my life is perfect, and if yours isn’t, you’re a loser”. Tackle that and you’ll see these senseless tragedies go down or stop. Oh well, the World is consumed by Prince Harry’s wedding so there’s nary a mention of the shooting anywhere on the news today. I’m sure they’ll be all over it next week but not as much as like I said, there was no evil assault rifle used.

Lori and I are headed to the gym. It’s supposed to rain in Denver all day but is nice up here. My buddy took me to the Winchester Collectors Show yesterday. Today it’s open to the public but yesterday was only open to dealers. They had some really nice guns upwards of $25,000 and more from 100 plus years ago. Of course I didn’t buy anything but they were cool to see. It was also good to see my buddy.

Off to the gym, lot’s to do, Jag has 4 more days of school and Ty has 8. hard to believe summer is almost here. Have a great weekend, God Bless.

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45 minutes

This morning we need to be out the door at 6:45 as the boys have a shoot around at school at 7 and I need to get to Denver by 9. I hope to leave before noon to head back up the hill. I guess there will be bad rain storms in Denver today starting in the early afternoon.

Harley is back to daycare where she’s doing well and has lots of new friends. Jag did well on his history final, he thinks, and Ty had the All School Sports Banquet last night from 6 until 8 at his school which we went to. He lettered in basketball and track.

Tomorrow with the storms in Denver we’ll be staying up here working on the house. Lori will need to take Harley this morning and we’ll pick her up this afternoon. That’s it as I need to get moving, have a great day and God Bless.

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Off to college

This morning Jag heads to Colorado Mountain College for his AP World History exam. He needs to be there at 7:45 am and should be done around noon. I’ll be in Denver so Lori will pick him up. Hope he does well, we’re sure he will.

I’m off to Denver and Boulder this morning and then have a call this afternoon. Ty had basketball last night and was going to ride his bike to school today but I think I’ll drive him. Lori is just as busy at work even though her doc is gone until June 4th on some European cruise. It’s going to be around 80 degrees today, nice.

I haven’t been to the gym since Sunday which I hate but I’m just too busy. We need to make some plans for Memorial Day but most of the fun places are probably already sold out. Oh well, Jag said let’s go fishing so maybe we’ll just stay local but Lori wants to go somewhere, anywhere. Harley is lobbying for some attention so time to go. My morning routine with her and Mojo takes a good 15 minutes so. Have a great day and God Bless.

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