Hunter’s Moon

Did you see the moon last night? It was big and orange and one thing about living in the mountains is that you can really see it. They call it the Hunter’s Moon. Not sure why but I could guess. The Bronco’s won yesterday, whoo hoo. Now we have the Chiefs this Thursday night and Lori leaves early Friday. More great timing.

Lori’s conference was a huge success. She put this all together while doing her regular job and normally there are companies you hire to set up these sort of things. Lori wrapped up around 4:30 or 5 and Jag went and picked her up so I could watch the football game.

Tomorrow is tax day and the end of the Quarter at school. It’s a big day for the boys as they have some tests and things to turn in. They’re both doing very well in school so hopefully they wrap it up the same way.

Hope you all saw the article or post on Uncle C.B. It was sent out on the 12th which was the day he was killed. It’s eerie how much he looks like dad. I sure miss mom and dad. I know it’s cliché but what I’d give for one more day or even a few hours with both of them, just to talk. Oh well, they live on in our thoughts and spirit.

Did you see now some want to change Columbus Day to indigenous people day? I guess I’m old as I just don’t get people trying to change history, even if it’s bad. It’s part of who we are as a Country from slavery to any and everything that now people are offended by. Not saying you need to support things like slavery but trying to rewrite history doesn’t work. You can tear down all the statues you want and edit books and such but it doesn’t change a thing. What a fucking joke. Not sure when this all started but it does somehow coincide with all the problems we have which not coincidently all seem to have started when social media became the norm. Imagine life without the internet. Sure we’d miss some things like communicating via email and researching some things but not having faceless people and ideas driving our kids and peoples thoughts and ideology would be a good trade off. Maybe Jag can do a senior project on life without the internet.

That’s it, time to go. Have a great day, and for God Sakes people, think for yourself! God Bless.

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Man I love Wyoming. Just for fun I was surfing the internet last night for cheap property near Jackson which is about 5 or 6 hours away. Surprisingly there’s lots of options out there that are really inexpensive. Lots of good fishing and property for sale all within 45 minutes of Jackson Hole. Just a pipe dream right now but if our wacko politicians keep going the way they’re going, I’m calling Tom and getting him to go in on a mini gentleman’s ranch with me, ha! Of course it’d be better to just get rid of our California style politicians. These guys think they’re our leaders when in fact they’re supposed to be our representatives. They work for us but of course if your a democrat, you’ve forgotten that as all you want to do is pass more and more laws thinking that that’ll somehow fix everything.

Before I get off politics, I cannot believe all the backlash Ellen DeGeneres is getting for sitting next to former President George Bush at a football game. What the fuck is wrong with these democrats. They’re all so angry and hate anyone who doesn’t agree with them and now have even turned on Ellen, the poster girl for LGBQT rights. This shows they’ll turn on anyone, wow.

I left for Denver around 7:20 am after helping Lori set up for her conference. I was down and up by 11 am. Then it was time to clean around here while Jag was in Denver at soccer and Ty was cleaning. I also made a black cherry pie and then a prime rib roast to make the boys French dip sandwiches for dinner. Finally I picked Lori up around 5. Her conference so far is a big success. Day two today and she’s getting ready now.

I’ll drop her and then go to the gym. I’m still sore from my workout with Stacey last Thursday. More to come tomorrow. It warmed up yesterday and most of the snow is gone but they say more next weekend. Of course this is the weekend Lori is traveling.

Before I go, here’s an email I received from a buddy of mine who is a Sherriff in Jeffco about Uncle CB. Yesterday was 79 years since he was the first Sherriff killed in the line of duty. He sure looks a lot like dad! Here’s the email sent out to all Jefferson County Sherriff’s. Dad would be happy and proud they still honor him. We donate to their foundations every year to help them out.

Here ya go.

On this day, October 12, we remember the life of JeffCo Undersheriff Clarence Fugate. Gone, but never forgotten.Undersheriff Fugate was killed in the line of duty on October 12, 1940, in Arvada.

Undersheriff Fugate went to Lee’s Tavern with the intention of arresting the bartender who had shot a man earlier that evening. After the undersheriff arrived and was misdirected by the bartender to the kitchen to search for the weapon, the suspect opened fire and killed him.

Deputies then shot the suspect who later recovered and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Today we ask everyone to pause and take a moment to remember Undersheriff Fugate and all that he accomplished during his service at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Every deputy signs up for this challenging job knowing that one day he or she might have to make the ultimate sacrifice for our community. That’s why it’s imperative we take the time to reflect on those individuals who have died in the line of duty, to ensure they are never forgotten.

At 8:00 a.m. today we will take a special moment to remember him over the radio and over the speakers in Headquarters.

Undersheriff Fugate may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

Time to get moving, have a great day and Go Bronco’s, God Bless.

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Warming up

Today the conference starts. Last night after work we headed over to drop off some stuff at the hotel. The boys went out to parties or so they told us, ha. Ty made it home around 12:30 and not sure when Jag walked through the door. He’s supposed to leave for a soccer game in Denver around 9 am. We’ll see if he makes it.

It’s 5;30 am now and Lori is in the shower. I’ll jump in after her and go help her set up at the conference and then leave around 7:30 when registration starts. Poor girl has to work all weekend and she (and I) didn’t get much sleep.

Time to go get coffee so I can get moving. That’s it, have a great day, GB>

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Lori’s spine conference starts tomorrow. She’s been working hard for months to get this all together. Dr. C. finally gave her the agenda at 11pm night before last. Registration starts at the Arrabelle at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Hope it goes well.

Ty has a few tests today and was up until 12:40 am last night as he couldn’t sleep. That’s what happens when you drink coffee late in the afternoon unless you’re a pro like me.

I talked to Jonny yesterday as Harry had a CAT scan the day before on his birthday and then a bone marrow test I guess yesterday. We both hope he’s ok. Lori said this morning he probably has melanoma and doesn’t know it as being a carpenter he’s seen a lot of sun in his life. That’s what happened to her dad and they didn’t find it in his hair until it was too late. Ugh, prayers for Harry.

I worked out with a new trainer yesterday who is about the buffest, shortest, girl you’ll ever meet. She had some sort of heart scare a few months ago and was short on clients so I thought I’d giver her a try. She kicked my ass! From my shoulders to my glutes (ass) to my calves, I’m sore. It’s a good feeling to workout and be sore.

Ty and I might go to Denver tomorrow while Lori has her conference. I have a guy who works for me coming in from New York for the game Sunday. He has a buddy who has a few restaurants and he’s re-writing the wine list for him with a bunch of our stuff. I’m expensing my tickets and letting them go.

It’s 7:20 now and Ty still needs to shower and Jag is still in bed so time to get them both moving. Hope everyone is well. Lori goes to her mom’s next weekend and the boys have a 3 day weekend. We didn’t plan that very well. Dixie needs to either move out here or move into a place where she can get some help and have some friends. We know she’ll make friends wherever she is as she’s a friendly person! That’s it, God Bless.

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And it’s here!

Snow that it, not too much but a good 3 inches. It’s more on the dry side which makes it lighter and easier to shovel but that also means it’s colder outside. Not that big of a deal though, it’s just snow. I’m sure the ski areas love it.

Jag skipped his soccer game as he and Lori had a college meeting scheduled at school. Both boys have lots of work to do as the Quarter ends next Tuesday. That’s hard to believe, we’re already 25% through the school year, wow!

They just said Vail Pass is closed eastbound meaning the boys will have to take the frontage road to school. Jag has never driven in the snow so that’ll be a new experience this morning. He’s responsible for breakfast this morning so Lori made like 40 crepes last night for him.

Time to run, as I need to clean off cars and other things associated with the white stuff. I’ve already shoveled the deck, fed the dogs and taken them both out. Luckily we don’t have a bunch of horses and cows huh. God Bless.

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Here it comes

Tomorrow we’re getting snow, not sure how much but it’ll be cold. Should be back in the 60’s by Saturday. I need to get tires on Lori’s car but that’ll have to wait until next week. Jag’s sleeping in for an extra hour or so, so I’ll take Ty this morning. Lori is heading to the gym so I’ll take Harley too. Our roof is almost done and will hopefully have all the shingles on by the end of the day.

We have Lori’s spine conference this weekend and then she goes to see her Mom next weekend and then it’s almost Halloween. Soon we’ll be in the throws of winter. Maybe we’ll get lucky and get a month off after this little storm. Guess I’ll try to get Ty up. Jag had a soccer game last night and I think has another one today. Time to get moving, God Bless.

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Yesterday am I was out early again. After a long hike we finally spotted an elk high up on a hill between some trees. I set up for a shot and slowly squeezed the trigger and click, nothing happened. The rifle didn’t fire. I quickly tried to cycle another round and of course it was jammed., finally I got a shot off but with him moving it hit a tree. Then I cycled another round and again, click! Two misfires in 3 shots. Apparently I have a defective trigger and the rifle is going back to Texas today. Of course this does nothing for me now so this year, no elk. That’s ok though, I’ll go again next year.

Last night I was up at midnight. The hole in my ear was hurting a bit and I’ll need to get to a doctor today. Hopefully it’ll heal on its own but it’s like having a blown speaker in my head. Lots to do today, they say snow tomorrow night. Ty stayed home sick yesterday. He had a fever but hopefully he’s better today. That’s it, time to go, have a great day, and GB. Here’s a couple of pictures of where the elk live!

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Morning hunt

One more hunt this morning. Last night I passed on a cow (elk that is for those of you that thought I’d actually shoot a cow!) and a couple of spikes which are male elk with only one horn on each side. They’ll grow up to be nice bulls someday. If I don’t find one I want to shoot this morning, I’ll head home empty handed this year. I’m ok with that as no point in just killing to kill.

They say snow later this week, what? Lori’s conference is this weekend so hope it’s not too bad. Hope the kids and Lori are doing well. I’m excited to see them all. It’s been fun, lot’s of action which is what it’s all about. Hope everyone is well, GB.

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Sorry we’re late this morning. I asked Lori to write the blog but she must be too busy. I hunted this morning and danced with a couple bulls for 2 hours. I was on top of a mountain bugling (talking) with a couple elk from 6:30 am to 8:30 or so but couldn’t get him out of the trees. After an hour and all the talking back and forth, we decided to head into the trees and try to find him. After a few hundred yards I could not only hear the bull but smell him too. This too went on for another hour and I had him within 30 yards or so but couldn’t get a shot on him. Then the wind messed with us and gave us away and it was over. That’s why they call it hunting but as I said the other day, the thrill of the hunt or chase is the most exhilarating part of hunting. Sometimes the hunter wins and sometimes the elk wins. So far it’s elk 3, me zero.

I’ll hunt again tonight and probably tomorrow morning before heading home. I just had breakfast and was wondering why the eggs were so damn good. I asked Vicky what she cooked them in thinking it was butter but it was bacon grease! No wonder, right?

So time to watch some football and rest up for tonight’s hunt. Have a great day, GB.

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Here we go

Saturday at 5 am I’ll be heading out into the mountains full of color hunting bull elk. I’m hunting elk again because I passed on 2 smaller bulls about a month ago. I could have, and probably should have shot a nice cow elk that ran five feet in front of me and stopped back on Labor Day weekend. But I decided to wait. It’s not about shooting the elk, in fact that’s kind of anti-climatic in some ways. It’s about the hunt. Being in the mountains, especially now with the colors changing, and then bugling a 1000 pound bull elk within feet of you is what it’s all about. The meat is great and even though we as a family don’t eat a lot of it, everyone I know loves to have some.

Back home Lori is taking care of the boys and the dogs. Jag has a soccer game tomorrow and I’m not sure what Ty has going on. I think Lori and Ty are going to try to get his room cleaned up. That’ll be mostly Lori!

It’s cool outside. We’re at 8000 feet and the wind has been blowing all day. The wind chill has to be in the teens. There are about a dozen hunters here. People from Texas, two women who are hunting while their husbands watch (what’s up with that?), and other hunters from Minnesota, South Carolina and some other place. Most everyone has gone to bed. It’s 8pm Friday night and I’m writing this now as I won’t have time in the morning. That’s it, hope everyone is well, have a great day and God Bless.

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