66 days until Christmas?

That’s right, not very long until Santa Claus arrives. Jag is pretty good at reminding me as he really likes Christmas. It’s not so much presents but the tradition and season he likes so much. Yesterday both boys hung out around the house most of the day. Around 6 when Lori made it home from work he had me take him to Emma’s where he hung out until around 9:45. Today the boys and I are running down to the mall before Lori and I go to a pizza party tonight.

Although neither of us eat pizza, the host is some Italian designer who has been wanting to meet us. We’re picking up Francesca (James’s wife) so she doesn’t have to drink and drive as James is still on tour. The other two couples are Melanie and Marty and Lindsi and her husband Paul. Should be fun.

It was nice up here yesterday with temps in the 60’s. It felt much warmer and today is more of the same. It’s 6;45 now and I’m headed to the gym before we go down. I think Lori will go later this morning as she wanted to sleep in. Have a great day, be safe and God Bless.

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Today the boys are off school. Harley and I are supposed to go to Castle Rock for training and Lori has her last day with her doc as he returns Monday. Tomorrow we have a dinner party and that’s about it for the weekend. No soccer as Jag is off with his concussion.

Last night the Broncos smashed the the Arizona Cardinals. It was a blowout from the beginning to the end. I still wish they’d fire out coach though. That’s about it, time for me to get moving, have a good day and God Bless.

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Robi’s off to Hawaii

Robin commented yesterday she’s off to Hawaii this morning. What fun. Not sure if she’s ever been there or not. Today is the last day of school of the quarter for the boys and they’re off school tomorrow. Jag has some make up work to do with his concussion and Ty has a bunch that is supposed to be in this morning. Hope he gets it in.

Lots going on at work as there’s not much time left in the year. We might go to Hawaii for Thanksgiving but will know more tonight. Not much else going on. The Broncos play tonight and while we always want them to win, if we lose, our coach gets fired so I kind of want us to lose, ha.

Have a great day, take acre and God Bless.

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2 weeks to Halloween

Hard to believe in 2 weeks it’ll be October 31st. That means November is right around the corner. Both boys need to get moving and are once again slow to get up. Harley and I went to Denver yesterday to run some errands for work and were home by about 2. I then to Jag to the concussion specialist for a follow up appointment.

I reconnected with our cousin Lee Christian yesterday who it turns out, lives here in Eagle. He was Aunt Rose and Uncle Ted’s middle child. I found out Aunt Rose passed away last March. We had seen her at Mom’s funeral and she seemed to be doing well for 94. Anyhow Lee is doing well while his little sister Barb lives in Denver and is still recovering from a stroke 8 years ago. His older brother Scott, who has had some challenges in life, moved back to Indiana. Lori and I are going to go out to dinner with Lee and his wife Margaret in a couple of weeks. Funny that they live a few blocks from where we hope to move next year.

Back to Jag, he’s probably done with soccer for the year and will hopefully be cleared for sports right around the time basketball officially starts. Ty did go to basketball practice (optional) yesterday morning at 7. I guess the locker room smelled like weed after practice and before school but Ty had already left and it turned out to be a senior who was smoking before school. Apparently not a real smart senior!

Harley had a stomach ache yesterday and didn’t eat her dinner but seems to be doing better this morning. Mojo went to the groomer and looks handsome as he’s all white and fluffy. Lori’s doc is still in Africa and returns next week. That’s about it, time to get moving, hope everyone’s well, take care and God Bless.

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Ty off to basketball

We woke up at 6:25 and Ty was getting picked up at 6:45 for basketball! Remarkably he made it on time which is unusual for him to move that quick! Jag had a pretty good day with his concussion but stayed off his computer as directed. I guess he’s out of sports for 2 weeks!

I’m off to Denver today and Mojo is going to the groomer. I think I’ll take Harley with me as I don’t want to leave her locked up in her crate all day long. It’s much warmer this morning and is supposed to warm up more as the week goes on.

Yesterday was tax day. This is never a good day as all the money you save all year long, and then some, goes to the govt. Jag commented it wouldn’t be so bad if the govt. actually spent the money properly. He’s pretty smart for 16.

Time to go as we need to leave in 45 minutes. Have a great day and God Bless.

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A little chilly

Not sure what the temperature is up here but it’s a little cold outside. Nothing we can’t handle though. The Broncos lost yesterday so good call on us staying home. Robi’s going to Hawaii sometime this week I think as she has dinner at one of our favorite places on the 20th. Her birthday is coming up on the 23rd. Not sure if she’ll be in Arizona or Hawaii, for her, hopefully she’s in Hawaii!

Harley and I have training twice this week and I’m taking her to town today to keep socializing her. We have a dinner this Saturday with a bunch of friends at this italian designers home who everyone says we need to meet. Tomorrow I’m in Denver but that’s it for the week, I hope.

Lots of devastation in Florida from the hurricane. Sadly they’re mostly on their own as the govt. as we know, just can’t really help all those in need when something like this happens. Just another reason or warning that you need to be prepared to take care of yourself.

Time to shower and get the cars warmed up. Jag is moving slow with his concussion but then again, he always moves slow in the morning. Hope all’s well, take care and GB.

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Snowy Sunday

We woke at 8 am this morning to a light snow outside with a few inches on the ground. I think it started around 4 am or so. Harley had never seen snow like this and is playing like the puppy she is. It’s like she’s saying, “where’s this been all my life”? It’s not all that bad but we gave our tickets to the Bronco game away to a girl at the bank who’s a big fan. With all the trips we’ve made to Denver this week and us playing the 5 and 0 Rmas, we thought we’d pass.

Now on to the day. Yesterday in Jag’s soccer game, he bonked heads with a player from the opposing team. It stunned him and he had to sit down on the field and then he was taken out for the remainder of the game. When he made it home we could tell he wasn’t doing well so Lori took him over to Urgent Care and it turns out he has a concussion. So no electronics or studying or stimulation for a while and just rest. He went to bed early and is still sleeping here at 8:30. Hope he recovers quickly.

We picked up Lori’s new Suburban yesterday as the day before our radiator sprung a leak and we also had some transmission lines that were leaking. Her old car had 100,700 miles on it and it was a 2016! We had ordered the new one back in March and it just arrived so it was good timing. It looks just like our old car but has a much larger engine. Cars are like tools to us and I always drive big cars to make sure the family is as safe as we can be.

The snow is picking up and is now really coming down. The dogs are covered so I’d better go get them in. Looks like they’ll be messing up our clean floor. Hope everyone is well, have a good day and God Bless.

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Off to Big D

Yesterday was the anniversary of our Uncle Clarence Bunch Fugate’s death. Many of you might not know who he is or what he was all about but the Jefferson County Colorado Sheriff’s Department does and they never forget. Here’s an email I received yesterday from one of my friends who is a deputy sheriff in the department.

On this day, October 12, we remember Jefferson County Undersheriff Clarence Fugate. Gone, but never forgotten.

Undersheriff Fugate was killed in the line of duty on October 12, 1940, when he went to Lee’s Tavern in Arvada with the intention of arresting the bartender who had shot a man earlier that evening. After the undersheriff arrived, he was misdirected by the bartender to the kitchen to search for the weapon. Then the suspect opened fire and killed him. Deputies shot the bartender but he later recovered and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Today we ask everyone to pause and take a moment to remember Undersheriff Fugate and all he accomplished during his service at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Every deputy signs up for this challenging job knowing that one day he or she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice for our community. Therefore, it is imperative we take the time to reflect on those individuals who have died in the line of duty, to ensure they are never forgotten.

At 8:00 a.m. today we will take a special moment to remember Undersheriff Clarence Fugate over the radio and over the speakers in Headquarters.

Undersheriff Fugate may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

Nice! Uncle CB was the first Sheriff killed in the line of duty. It’s remarkable how much dad looked like him. The Department is always nice to remember him and whenever I go down there, I (and all Fugates) are revered as one of them. All officers have a special bond. They also just finished their annual auction where they raised $10,000 for fallen or injured officers. I always try to help and this year secured them some auction items that apparently raised the bulk of the money. One of the items I came up with were a pair of Metallica tickets to the November show in Las Vegas through my buddy James and Deputy Swanson emailed me yesterday that they have a gift for both of us. Of course we didn’t expect anything but it’ll be fun to see what they have for us! They also invited us down to some private fishing place in Southern Colorado where a number of the Colorado Rockies fish, what fun! In the end we’re just happy they raised so much money for families that put their lives on the line for all of us.

So, remember Uncle CB. He was also instrumental in the homesteading of the ranch. Tommy has his badge that we found when cleaning out Mom’s house. We also found a bunch of pictures of him that I have somewhere in a box.

Today Jag has a soccer game by Winter Park. He needs to be at school at 9 and we’re off at 7:30 so we’re not sure how he’s getting to school. Meanwhile Ty needs to clean his room. Lori and I should be back by 2 or so and tomorrow they say cold and snow temperatures will arrive.

Harley did great at training yesterday! After an hour at the park we (Harley, Marc our trainer and I) went to the mall in Castle Rock and walked all around with lots of people, kids and other dogs and she was perfect. I have two days scheduled next week but she is on it. Marc told me that it’s the other end of the leash, meaning the handler or me, that usually needs training more than the dog. The dog will pick things up pretty quick. He’s been training for over 40 years and his wife is the International Schutzhund Judge so they know what they’re doing.

That’s about it, hope all’s well, take care, be safe and God Bless.


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Sleet all day long

Yesterday we had a rain snow mix all day long. Everytime you’d get out of the car or step outside, you’d get wet. Turns out Ty and his classmates were in cabins luckily. He had fun but has school today along with his brother.

I’m off to Denver and need to drop the car off to have it checked out. Yesterday it seemed like steam was coming from the radiator but when I popped the hood it looked fine. Hope I make it to the dealer as Harley will be with me as we have training in Castle Rock at 10:15. We’ll drop the car around 8:30 or 8:45 if all goes well.

Tonight we have a thing at some peoples home for a Republican candidate. We’ll go support her and then cut out after an hour to go to dinner with Melanie and Marty. Taxes are due Monday, ugh. Sure wish we would get what we pay for but with the government sadly that never happens.

Time to run, hope all’s well, God Bless.

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Camping and snow

Ty’s in a tent somewhere and the snow is coming down. We said he probably had every stitch of clothing on last night when he went to sleep. Jag thinks his PSAT went well and I picked him up around 3:30. Today he has soccer in Basalt but I think he’s skipping it.

Lori and I went down the hill a few blocks to the benefit for Ski Club Vail last night. We stayed for only a little over an hour but it was fun and we knew a lot of people. I’m supposed to take Harley to training in Denver today but am trying to move it to tomorrow or Saturday when Lori gets her hair done. If Marc our trainer can’t reschedule, I’ll try to get down today.

We’re moving along on our house but are still a year out. We have the plans almost finalized and are in the middle of the review board approval. We’ll know more in a couple weeks. Hope everyone is well, have a good day, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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