Ty had his first day at work and it went really well. Everyone helped him out and some of the guys even tipped him on their own. He worked 7 hours and 45 minutes finishing up at 10:45 pm! We picked him up and he was thrilled. He not only enjoyed it but said the time went fast. He clears tables, pours water for guests, asks if they want still or sparkling water and then gets them their choice. Of course to throw a wrinkle in the whole thing, he came home sick as a dog! Lori gave him some codeine cough syrup around 4 this morning. Not sure if he can make it to work today or not. He’s supposed to be back there at 3 this afternoon and wants to go as it’s his second day. He must have picked something up at camp.

We just woke up at 6:45 and Harley and I are leaving for training in 45 minutes. Jag might go with me or else he will be at the hospital running some tests on a human leg and hip joint, wow.

Mojo we think is doing a little better but still not back all the way. Work is crazy and we had some ants in the garage yesterday afternoon. I had cleaned the garage a few days ago and thought I had found all the small pieces of dog food that were attracting them but still had to move some stuff to get a few more pieces. It’s always something.

I guess Shelly is moving to Georgia. That’s great for her to be able to be close to Tasha and the girls. As you get older you realize family is the most important thing there is. I’m sure Mom is happy. Time to run, hope all’s well, stay safe out there, as my buddy says, it’s crazy out there, God Bless.

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Working Man!

Ty got a job! Today he starts at La Bottega, a top Italian restaurant in the village. He works from 3 this afternoon until close which is 11 or 12 tonight! He asked me to take him down there yesterday afternoon and then asked for a job. Looks like he’ll start out busing tables. I think he makes $10 an hour plus something like 3% of all tips! This could work out to about $150 a day for an 8 hour day. Here we go, looking forward to seeing how it goes. Jagger upon hearing how much money Ty will make wants to go down to and see if he too can maybe get a job. We’ll see. Jag is observing a surgery today in the OR with Dr. P.

I’m off to Denver again. I managed to get a chair and a dresser and an old wedding dress Mom gave Lori years ago, out of the house yesterday. I was planning on being there all day today but right now have no more room in the house, or garage, and have an appointment in Longmont that came up yesterday afternoon. We’ll see how the day goes.

Lori had an event at the Four Seasons until about 8:30 last night. Mojo has an upset stomach and hasn’t really gone to the bathroom much since yesterday and didn’t finish his food this morning, ugh, hope he’s ok. Harley will go to daycare and then tomorrow hasĀ  training in Parker. It’s 5:41 am now and I woke up early in case Mojo needed to go out. I didn’t get a crate yesterday as the day got away from me. I’ll pick one up today.

We’re struggling to get it together to get our house going. We found out yesterday we can get in on the next DRB meeting (Development Review Board) which has to review your plans and then approve them, but need to pay $10K within about a week. This is for the DRB fee and architect to finish up what he needs to do to get things ready to submit everything. Our water heater going out didn’t help things. It’s always something. If we miss the meeting coming up at the first of August, then we have to wait another month or so which just moves back when our house will be finished, ugh. We’ll keep you posted.

Time to run, hope all’s well, have a great day and God Bless, we’ll let you know how Ty’s first day of work goes tomorrow!

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A BIG Crate

Today we’re getting a big crate for Mojo to start sleeping in. We brought him home last night and walked him a bunch before bed but at 1:30 in the morning, he peed in the living room. Thankfully I woke up and cleaned it up right away but this has to stop. So today he gets a crate to sleep in like Harley. No other option we can think of.

Yesterday I went with Lori for a pedicure. First (and probably) last one I’ve ever had. It was ok but nothing you can’t do at home for free. Of course I didn’t get my nails painted or anything. Today I’m in Denver loading out a few last pieces from the house that I can’t bear to throw away. There are two dressers in Robi’s room and one in my old room upstairs. Not sure where we’ll put them but I can’t let them go to the dump. Same thing tomorrow as it’ll take me two trips. Wednesday Harley has training in Parker and Thursday I have a meeting with the distributor. So lots of driving this week. I think Tom plans to list the house on Wednesday. Hope it sells quick.

Lori and I are both super tired from being up at 1:30. We couldn’t get back to sleep for at least 90 minutes. Both our heads are pounding right now. That’s it, can’t think of much else as we’re too tired. Have a good week, GB.

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A long trip

We managed to make it out the door around 7:20 but were still like 10-15 minutes late arriving at camp. After 45 minutes of festivities, we left with Ty and his three bags full of dirty clothes and gear. We headed down to Denver as we couldn’t afford to waste another Saturday without getting some things done. We made it to town around 11:30 and headed straight for lunch. After eating it was off to the mall for some shopping. Finally a few hours later around 4, we headed up the hill. By 6 we were home.

Ty had a great time and made lots of new friends from as far away as China. He stays in touch with the kids he meets each year round which is nice. His counselors had high praise for him as did his fellow campers. He’s quite the leader who takes charge and is always concerned for others, according to his counselors. That’s nice to hear.

I had a headache all day and again all night. I figured out it’s allergies as I woke up stuffed up around 1:30. Lori’s had a headache too but her’s could be her neck.

Today is National Ice Cream Day according to the news. It was so hot yesterday in Denver it was unbearable. When we left at 4, it was 101. Thankfully it was 82 when we made it home. Today will be spent doing lots and lots of laundry and cleaning around here. We need to go to the vet and see how Mojo is doing as they didn’t call yesterday. Hope he’s ok. Have a great day, take care and GB.

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Ty’s coming home

We need to be on the road in about an hour for the two hour drive to Windy Peak to pick up Ty. It’s been two weeks and we’re ready for him to come home and I’ll bet he’s ready to come home! I don’t think they shower more than once, if that. We should be back around 12:30 or 1.

Jag and Nicole went to dinner last night and then hung out at her house before he came home a little after 10. Mojo is at the vet as he had chronic diarrhea yesterday throughout the early morning and day. He picked something up and they’re trying to figure out what it is.

My sales meeting in Denver went well and I was back up by 2. Lori was home around 5 and then we hung out and watched a movie. We could have cleaned something but that didn’t sound as fun. Time to run so we can get moving. Have a great day, GB.

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Friday the 13th

Most people think today has to do with horror movies or something but it really comes from a day in 1307 when King Philip IV had scores of French Templers and de Molay arrested on trumped up charges. So don’t worry, a scary masked dude is not going to jump out of your closet today.

We had our new faucet installed yesterday and then Jag and I made it to Aspen a bit after noon. We made our stops and then hit Ralph Lauren as our buddy Chris had ordered in some pants for Jag. He also had a pair of dress shoes he put aside that went from $895 to $295. Lori says it’s good to be my kid, ha. I’ve always been a guy who’d rather buy quality once that cheap stuff 4 or 5 times. It’s the old saying, “buy once, cry once”. We made it back to Edwards by 3 for Jag’s dentist appointment. He drove from Basalt to Edwards to get some more drive time in. He’s a good driver but Glenwood Canyon can be a challenge.

Today I have a sales meeting at 11:25 in Denver and then will head back up the hill. Mojo had an accident downstairs again but Lori heard him and cleaned most of it up. He pooped a little more sometime between 1:30 am and 6 am but at least didn’t crap on the carpet. We think it’s because we gave him a few treats. He just can’t have anything except his food. On top of that, Lori and I both fed him breakfast yesterday as we each thought the other one didn’t.

Ty comes home tomorrow, yea! Jag and Nicole are going out to dinner tonight and Lori and I will be home with the dogs. Time to run, looks like a bunch of other countries caved to Trump’s demands and are now paying their fair share for Nato. Say what you will about his tactics but the guy gets results. Still, he’s pretty darn uncouth from time to time. Oh well, as long as things get done. God Bless.

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Off to Aspen

Today, after the plumbers show up to fix our kitchen faucet, Jag and I are off to Aspen. I have a couple stops there and then we’ll head back for a dentist appointment to get Jag some impressions of his teeth. He needs these for whitening. Now that he has a girlfriend, he’s taken hygiene to a new level, ha!

We made it down to Denver and picked up our loaner car around 9:45. Then it was off to Mom’s to go through some stuff upstairs. Tom’s done a great job getting the rest of the stuff out of the living room. There’s a few odds and ends left and the dressers we’re taking from upstairs. James is supposed to get his two cars out of there today, we’ll see. We then headed to Cherry Creek for a few errands before I dropped Lori to get her hair colored. 2 1/2 hours later I picked her up and we headed up the hill. We needed to stop at Lowes for our new faucet and other cleaning supplies.

The Sheriff’s Department called yesterday to let Lori and I know we can pick up our

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

concealed weapon permit renewals. Thank God for that as a few times in the last month I felt naked, ha. Ty’s doing well, he has today and tomorrow and then we pick him up Saturday. He’s doing a lot of stuff. Here’s some more pictures. Looks like some pretty aggressive rock climbing and high mountain trekking. Take care, have a great day and God Bless.

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Let’s go to Vegas, 7/11! Just kidding of course, we’re not big Vegas fans, but it has changed a lot. The best thing about Vegas these days is the food.

Today Lori and I are off to Denver. I have some work to do today while driving, mostly all on the phone. Tom and I are continuing to work on Mom’s estate, me mostly on the ranch and Tom on everything else. We are stopping by the house today to make one last pass through the stuff remaining to see what we want, if anything. James finally got the ditch running and is supposed to have all three of his cars out of there by tomorrow at the latest. It looked like a used car lot with his junky cars all there. Hopefully then we can get the place listed and sold. It’s been a huge job. Mom’s remaining clothes will go to Cherry Creek this week too. We still miss her as I know everyone does. So sad.

We’re feeling better, all three of us, Lori, Harley and I. Jag worked at the hospital yesterday and was drilling on a human hip for something, wow. I guess they have a new specimen flying in Friday which is a whole leg from the hip to the toes that they’re doing something with. Quite the job at 16, working with human cadavers. They’re doing a bunch of tests and procedures to come up with new ways to make things better for people. That’s why they’re the best in the Country.

Lori is going to the gym. I told her she looks great and doesn’t need to go but she goes for her head and her spine. Looks like cooler weather is coming. We had good rain yesterday and it’s nice and cool this morning outside. We have the door open now and there’s a nice breeze coming in from the deck. I talked with Dixie yesterday who is doing fine. She’d been tired for a few days but is now feeling better which is good news. Looks like we got all the ants in the garage we found the other day. Not sure where they came from but knock on wood that they’re gone for good.

Time to run, we’re leaving a bit after 8 so Lori can get her hair colored. Have a great day, God Bless.

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Harley home

Jag and I went to Denver yesterday and made it back up in time to pick Harley up around 3 or so. She was excited to say the least. You can’t tell she had surgery as she’s bouncing around like her usual self. We still need to try to keep her calm and not jumping (good luck with that) so her internal stitches don’t tear. Everyone is glad she’s home.

Ty is having fun at camp, so we think, from the pictures. Lori is working away and Jagger is back at the research institute today where I think they’re testing a knee joint in some way. I’m feeling a little better and so is Lori. They both need to leave at 7:30.

Lori’s car is getting some work done tomorrow and I think she’s taking the day off so we’ll be in Denver. That’s about it. The President did announce his pick for Supreme Court Justice. The dems have vowed to stop it no matter what but if I were their leader, I’d think twice as Judge Kavanaugh is about the most liberal of the four he was picking from. If they somehow (which is very unlikely) stop the confirmation, the next man, or woman up, is much more conservative. So game on, get ready for the mudslinging by the dems. By the way, this guy feeds the homeless weekly, coaches his girls basketball team for the past 7 years, was appointed as a professor at Harvard by Elena Keagen (Obama’s pick to the court), written over 300 opinions of which many have become law of the land and more. Hard to find something wrong with him other than he’s not an activist liberal judge. No matter, the dems will make something up, my my words. To put it in perspective, they opposed him before they knew who he was, nice.

Have a great day, God Bless

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

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Doing better

This morning Lori and I are both doing better, a bit. I stuck to bananas, rice and toast yesterday and skipped my daily caffeine intake. Our stomachs are churning a bit but nothing like yesterday. To top it off, we found some ants in the garage this morning. Thankfully I had just cleaned it as there was dog food all over the floor from the boys spilling it when they’d feed the dogs. I think I got them all but there’s a lot of stuff in the garage.

Harley comes home today, yea! Jag wants to go to Denver but I have some work to do on some things, so we’ll see. Today we find out who the next Supreme Court Justice will be. It’s great that Trump gets to nominate him or her. After all, Obama put in the last two. Right now you have the dems saying no one is acceptable when they don’t even know the nominee. How’s that for obstructing? Oh well, as Obama said, “elections have consequences”, how ironic.

Time to get moving, hope everyone is well, have a great day and week, GB.

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