Desk, lamps, and a few chairs

Another great night at the ranch. Lori’s friend and former surgery scheduler Luz came by and will apply this morning at Lori’s work. She’s still with Dr. C. but wants to leave and join Lori. Meanwhile I’m trying to determine what my Company will look like in 2021. Lot’s of decisions.

At 8am an inspector comes by to do a final inspection on the house. Then it’s off to Minturn and then Denver one more time. I think both boys are going with me this time.

Ty has been invited to go with Preston and his family this weekend to go to Lake Conaughy in Nebraska. They just bought some $300K ski boat and are buying a house on the lake. We have to get Minturn 100% empty by the end of the weekend. I’ll put some more stuff out today for the trash.

We have voles outside in the grass and brush, they’re like little hedgehogs. They live outside in the yard under rocks and under the sage brush. I’ll need to make sure they don’t get near the house.

Kristin is with Grandma Dixie for one more day. Nice she could go up and stay. Lori is in Frisco today so we all need to get moving. The dogs just had their morning hike so time for coffee. God Bless.

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Off to Denver

This morning Ty and I are off to Denver. I have a few stops and he needs some new school clothes. Lori is in Vail today after being in Frisco yesterday. Jag and the Brew Crew hung out and spent the night last night. That’s my new name for Jag, Zach, Ethan and Matt. Jag wanted me to pick up some beer but I made Lori call their parents first. My how times have changed since I was a kid.

I made a couple more trips to Minturn yesterday and am getting down to brass tacks. I have some old paintings from Mom’s that I’m not quite sure what to do with. I guess they’ll come home with us. I did come across the prized Santa Claus mugs from when we were kids and a box that Mom wrote the following on. “These were my children’s books when I was a little girl. Please do not destroy.” So as a good son who obeys his Mom, I’m not throwing them away.

Jag’s roommate is from Rifle which is about an hour west of here. He’s been talking via email and says he seems nice. I think he and whoever moves him in (Lori or I as only one parent can go in) has to have a Covid test. My buddy James had to have one two days ago as he has two weeks of practice in California and was nervous but tested negative. I knew he would be negative.

We had two nightstands delivered about 8:20 last night. They’re nice and match our bed. Lori still doesn’t think she likes our mattress so it might go back. They sent us a mattress pad yesterday which was supposed to make it softer but I think it made it a bit more firm.

Good news is cases of the virus are trending down in Colorado with about a 3% positivity rate which is well below the targeted 5% for the Country. Looks like social distancing does work as everywhere it spikes, it quickly goes down after the party stops. I told everyone on my weekly call that this too will pass. We’ve had things like this before and we will again and we will prevail. Just stop watching the news. They sensationalize and blow up every little thing they can for ratings.

We have a few coyotes and some elk you hear at night and early in the morning. I was on a Houseparty call last night with a guy in New York, one in Chicago and a woman in San Mateo California and they all were envious of our space and room to roam. Our location is hard to beat.

That’s it, time to roust Ty so he can go with me. Have a great day and God Bless you all.

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Hard to believe it’s August 3rd. In less than 90 days it’ll be November, wow. The colors will start changing soon.

This morning I’m off to Copper to take Ty snowboarding. We’ll see how that goes. Wish he had his license. Lori is working in Frisco today but I’ll drive him to meet the coach. He’s done at 3 this afternoon.

My legs cramped up about 5:30 this morning. Must have done too much at the gym yesterday. Lori and I just walked the dogs. Sunrises are maybe more beautiful than sunsets. We sleep with our window open and you can feel Fall in the air.

I made another trip to Minturn yesterday. Funny when you move as you find things you forgot you had. Yesterday it was some boots of Lori’s and mom’s old cookie cutters. They had to be grandma’s before that. Wish I ate cookies! Maybe we’ll make them this Christmas.

Ty slept 16 hours straight after his trip. They sure were tired. Jag has 2 weeks to get packed for school. I think he finds out who his roommate is today. Our flock of about 30 blue jays are outside right now. They show up every morning for breakfast.

That’s it, time to get moving. One more thing, Kristin drove up from L.A. to stay with Dixie as Michelle , (her caregiver) is on vacation this week. What a good girl! God Bless.

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Fun times

After a long day of driving and getting my bow tuned for hunting season by Gabe and Reuben in Grand Junction, I made it home around 3. Gabe and Reuben are brothers who are indians from New Mexico that opened an archery shop here in Colorado in 1980! When you walk in, you think what a dump but people drive over 500 miles from all over to come see these two brothers as they’re magicians with a bow. Lori and Jag were about 90 minutes behind me. At 6:30 the Linefelters showed up for dinner. We had a fun evening until about 10. The only miss was Lori way under cooked the salmon in her new oven. To be fair, she’d never used it before but we all had a good laugh. Stephanie and Lexi and Grace were being so kind saying, no it’s fine but it was so obvious is was basically raw. We filled up on desserts instead.

Ty and his crew made it to Grand Junction last night. Amy, Preston’s mom, sent a video of Ty saying “What a great kid!!”. Ty has a sunburn and had a blast from his text. He should be home in a few hours.

Lori and I are headed to the gym this morning as it’s been well over a week since we’ve gone. We have been lifting, carrying, moving and all other forms of movement moving all our crap. Still going to the gym.

I need to scout out the property to find a spot to set up a few targets as I need to start shooting 50 arrows a day. I might use my bow for elk at the end of September if I can get to the point where I feel comfortable enough. I also need to find a desk so I can start organizing my office. I do plan on getting into the vault today to try to put some stuff away.

Time to go. be well and safe and God Bless.

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East and West

This morning Lori’s heading 100 miles or so east and I’m heading 100 miles or so west. She and Jag are off to Denver after meeting James and Larry in Minturn so we can donate our three beds to them to give to some needy people and I’m off to Grand Junction to meet up with a sales rep and drop some samples. So at some point we’ll be about 250 miles apart.

Lori had a great first week of school. Her doctor told her she hit 10 home runs! She said she had one strike but what player wouldn’t take 10 home runs and one strike in a week!

Ty comes home tomorrow and then goes snowboarding all day at Copper on Monday with the VSSA Team. We’ll see how he does and if he joins the team. If so, that means he’ll go to VSSA (Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy) for school next year. It’s a public school for skiers and borders. He has no idea he’s going Monday as the Director of Admissions and the coach just called yesterday. I need to have him at Copper at 8am Monday.

Another beautiful morning up here. Wish Mom and Dad were around to see and enjoy it. Dad would have especially loved it. Tonight Lexi and her family are coming over for dinner. I think we’re doing salmon. Lori and Jag are stopping at Whole Foods in Cherry Creek as they have the best fish.

Time to get moving. Lori and Jag need to leave in 20 minutes and I’ll leave in about 45. Enjoy the day and God Bless.

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Boys Night

Last night the 4 Amigos, (Jag, Zach, Ethan and Matt) hung out all night long. The night started off with some burgers on the cauldron and then some cigars while watching the Lakers and Clippers basketball game on our outside tv. After that they headed downstairs to play games or something. Not sure when they all crashed. Zach is headed to Cal Poly, Matt to the University of Indiana and Ethan is taking a gap year and heading to Israel. These four buddies have been “the crew” of the school for most of high school. Lori was thrilled to have kids in the house. I had to remind her she had four men in the house as they’re all 18! They could go to war, vote, get married, all kinds of stuff. She still thinks of them though as kids and in a way, so do I.

Lori and I ran over to Frisco yesterday and picked up two Adirondack chairs. Our buddy who owns a store gave me a great discount and they’re made of recycled plastic that looks just like wood. Best thing is they can stay out year round. We opted for black and grey as they looked the best.

Today I’m off to Denver for a quick turn and then will grab another load from Minturn. Lori will wrap up her first week of work. She’s done an amazing job and they’re lucky to have her.

I’m sure Ty is having fun. He’s missing a fun week of work. Be well and safe and God Bless.

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More stuff out of the house. About 50 bags in all. I tracked down my trash men and tipped them for the mess and extra work. Lori had another great day at work. She and Dr. B. made some new video they’ll be blasting all over social media soon. Jag carried a bunch of wine downstairs for me while I was cleaning out Minturn. I had a pallet and some cardboard fly out of my truck on the way to the recycling place on the way, fun. After a quick trip home to unload some stuff, JJ and Luis, our painters, met me back in Minturn to take a look at the house so they can paint it. Since I was there I loaded up one more load and then went to James for our weekly hang until heading home at 7. Jag went to a friends for a graduation party and was home at 8.

This morning I’m off to Silverthorne and then to Minturn before heading back home. Lori is in Edwards today. Tomorrow I’m in Denver and I think Jag is coming along. My right knee is swollen due to all the moving. Need to calm it down.

Here’s last nights sunset, beautiful. God Bless.

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Our first fire

Yesterday we accomplished a lot. Here at home and in Minturn. Every day we’re getting a few more things moved and a few more things fixed. As soon as I left, figures, they called and were delivering our cauldron. Jag managed to set it all up except for the 132 pound cauldron itself. When I made it home we carried it back to where we decided to set it up. It wasn’t too heavy for us, just awkward as there are no places to really grab it.

We bbq’d some burgers on it before Jag, Lexi and Emile had a bonfire and made s’mores later in the evening. This morning I cleaned it out as we went to sleep before the kids were done. It’s really cool and the smell of the fire brought back memories of when we were kids. One of the best purchases we’ve made.

Lori’s work was great! Everyone is thrilled she’s there and she sees all kinds of room for improvement and is already changing things for the better. I’m off to Minturn this morning as it’s trash day and I want to get as much of the remaining crap out as I can.

Time to go, Ty is still at Lake Powell and having fun as no news is good news. Happy Wednesday, be well, be safe and God Bless.

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No sleep

Yesterday JJ and and his son Luis, our painters, were here doing touch up all day long. I’m using them in Minturn too. Lori had her first day of work which was a lot of Hippa and OSHA training which means you watch a lot of videos. Lori knew everything but she had to watch it again anyhow. I brought a load of stuff weighing probably 5000 pounds down to the house. I still have more to do today but first we have the plumber coming and some guys picking up a rug. Also finally today, our Cowboy Cauldron is going to arrive. Jag and I can’t wait. Ty left about 1 in the afternoon for Lake Powell with Preston and his family and will be home next Sunday. Harley barked non-stop from 1 am until 3:30 wanting water, ugh.

The house looks great with everything fixed up. Jag is going to carry wine downstairs to the vault for us today. He chose all his classes yesterday and is taking Japanese as a language as he couldn’t get into the Chinese class he wanted. He’ll keep trying. He also gets his own room or suite as they call it which is connected to another suite by a shared bathroom. This is the best of both worlds. He gets his own room and still basically has a roommate.

Lots going on work wise too. I’m sick and tired of this virus and everything being shut down. Time to get back to normal. God Bless.

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A New Beginning

This morning Lori starts her new job! She’s so excited and can’t wait. She’s in Edwards most of the week which is 15 minutes away. We also have the painters coming to repaint or touch up every where that there’s a spot or ding from moving in. Ty leaves for Lake Powell for a week around noon and I have a lot of revenue to get in this week before the month ends. Jag enrolls in his classes on line this morning. So there you have it, we’re busy!

Sunsets here at the ranch are beautiful but so are the sunrises. Check it out,

That was from 15 minutes ago at 5:45 am. Lori and I managed to get a ton more done at Minturn and Trent and I put in a new microwave. The one we sent the boys to buy was a tad too big. It’ll have to go back. I think (hope) my Cowboy Cauldron arrives today.

We have about 100 spots marked around the house with blue painters tape. Speaking of blue, there’s about a dozen mountain blue jays outside at our feeders now. Lori just came in with both dogs and is doing her best to train Harley. Jennifer was over last night with one of her Dobermans named Ivan to work with Harley. Great name, right! That’s the first Ivan I’ve run into in years.

Time to get moving so we’re ready for Carlos our painter. Make it a great day, stay safe and be well, God Bless.

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