One more day!

Rolling Stones tomorrow! Looking forward to it. Hoping the forecasted showers are all wrapped up by the time the show starts.

I was in Aspen and Basalt yesterday but home before 1. This morning I’m headed to the gym while Lori works in Vail. Then I have some computer work I have to get done.

It’s cooler up here this morning, nice. Looks like about 70 in Denver. Should be the same or so up here. Most of the haze from fires in California have moved out. Hard to believe we’re 2/3rd’s of the way through June. In less than a month, we’ll be back from Spain and that’ll be the halfway point of summer, wow!

6:30 now, time to go. Have a great day, God Bless.

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Oh to be 20

Yesterday, carefree Ty, went tubing in Sylvan Lake, did some fishing, and hung out with friends. He lives a full life and doesn’t waste much daylight. Yet he’s up at 5:45 am to get ready for work.

Two more days until the Rolling Stones, going to be fun. Lori is in Edwards today and Vail tomorrow. I have a few calls today and later this week, plus some computer work to get done.

Looks a little cooler outside today, what June is supposed to be. No big fires anywhere yet, knock on wood.

Lori is making us salads for lunch and just made Ty’s breakfast. I’m headed to Glenwood today to get some dog food and other stuff. Jag is doing well, working away at his job and at school.

Time to get moving, have a great day, hang in there and God Bless.

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Back at it

Fun day, great to have the whole family together. Ty’s concert was fun, and he made it home early afternoon. Jag apparently didn’t sleep well but did get some good relaxing family time this weekend. He works hard and is always under pressure. I’m sure it doesn’t help with Ava gone. She’s now coming back here the weekend of the 4th instead of him going to New York, good decision.

I hope to be in Denver by 8:30 or so and back home by 11 or 12. Ty is here today, and we might go golfing this afternoon. Lori has to run over to Frisco for her new employee that starts today. She has a team lunch to welcome her.

Lori made a great blueberry pie, and we had more food than we knew what to do with. Almost 6am now and time to get moving. June 17th! Six months until Jagger is 23 years old! God Bless.

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Happy Father’s Day!

The single greatest, most rewarding and challenging thing I’ve ever done in my life is being a dad. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the World. One of our biggest problems in the World today is all the men who create children but are not dads. I know the World will be a better place with my boys in it and that’s all the I can ask for. Enough said.

We slept in until around 7! Ty made it back to his hotel in Golden around 2 or 3 from the concert and will be home a little after noon. Jag had a good day and has been getting some much-needed rest.

It’s gorgeous outside, like a painting. Couldn’t ask for a better morning. Lori made me coffee and I’m sitting on the couch watching the birds outside. Should be in the mid 80’s today, perfect.

I’ll put some ribs on around 9 or 10 this morning and then we’ll throw some other stuff together later today. I think Lori is making me a blueberry pie, yum.

In closing, Happy Father’s Day to all those dads no longer with us. I think about dad often and miss him dearly. He was a great man. God Bless.

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We woke up this morning to calm, sunny skies. Must be 30 or 40 birds and chipmunks outside feasting on the bird feeders and these cool blocks of compressed seed I picked up at Murdochs, our local farm and ranch store. Beautiful morning. Makes you forget about all the shit going on in the World, as it’s so peaceful.

Jag rolled in around 11pm last night. I think he took a test on-line after he made it home! Ty is at a concert today in Denver but will be back late tonight or in the morning. I went grocery shopping yesterday and picked up a bunch of good stuff for the weekend, including elk and duck brats, some ribs, marinated Asian flank steak, and some Copper River salmon. Lori and I ate the salmon last night.

The town is packed with visitors, so is Aspen with Food and Wine going on. We normally go, but with the concert last Tuesday and the Rolling Stones next Thursday, we passed this year. I think today, Lori, Jag and I will go hit some golf balls at the range. Monday, I get my custom clubs that my guy in Denver measured me for a couple months ago. I’m excited!

Lori is looking as pretty this morning as the sky outside. She has that innate ability to look good, even when she just wakes up. She’s sitting right to the right of me on the couch oblivious to me writing this.

Jag and I are going to set up our Garmin In Reach Mini’s which are satellite communicators that operate off satellites. Both boys have one Lori and I have one so if the cell phone grid goes down, we can still communicate with each other. It’s also great if you’re in the back country, or travelling anywhere, like Spain! I have a new compact Sony camera to figure out how to use too. I bought it for our upcoming trip as it’s really small yet takes professional photos.

Almost 7am, time to get moving. Super happy for Tom and his new girlfriend Holly. Turns out, she and I have tons of mutual friends in common, as she was in the event planning business. It didn’t click with me until I heard her last name. We’re really happy Tom has found someone to do things with and enjoy life, as he deserves it. I told Tom, sorry for meddling, but I needed to check her out, ha. One of the last things Mom said to me was, “promise me you’ll watch over Tommy and Robin”. Plus, that’s just what I do. I’m sort of suspicious in general anyhow, as you all know. Anyhow, again, we’re really happy for Tommy. We hope to formally meet her briefly at the concert on Thursday.

Have a great weekend, stay safe, have fun and God Bless.

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The Weekend

The weekend is here, thankfully. We count Friday as the weekend these days. The second half of property taxes are due today, but after that, it will be a good weekend. Jag is coming up sometime tomorrow. His internship has him working 12 to 15 hours a day, but of course, they only pay for 40 hours a week. We talked for about a half hour yesterday, and he’ll talk with them next week. His buddy Sam who works there, said if you push the overtime issue, they’ll probably fire you, nice. Guess Ava isn’t having much fun in New York. She really didn’t want to go.

It’s a little smokey outside from a fire over at Twin Lakes which is south of us. Could be worse, but it’s early for a fire. It’s going to be a hot summer. Thankfully we have a good A/C unit.

Tom has been out hanging with Holly who he’s known for about six months. Seems like they’re getting a little more serious. We’re super happy for him that he has someone to do stuff with and spend time with, but I did tell him, I’m looking out for you, ha. That’s what big brothers are supposed to do, right! They’re going to the Stones together next week. We hope to meet her soon.

We’ll go to the gym this morning and then will stop by and see Ty for a coffee. He has a concert in Denver tomorrow night. Father’s Day should be fun. We’re going to just hang out.

We had cigars last night for a few hours. Good to see the guys as always. It’s nice up here, mid 80’s and no rain.

Another day, another Biden screw up. It’s become normal these days. I don’t know how he’s even in the race. Crazy times.

Enjoy the day and weekend, God Bless.

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It’s getting hot in places like Arizona (duh), and Vegas (double duh, both are in the desert) and places like our own Denver. Up here, it’s just about perfect. Soon every tv pundit will be preaching Global Warming. Whether or not you believe in it, we are in a pattern of unsettled weather. The problem is things happen on Earth sometimes in cycles that are hundreds of years apart. This means it’s sometimes hard to tell, as if this happened in the year 1524, there’s not a lot of records of that time. Anyhow, get ready for a hot summer.

Lori and I were both tired yesterday. I felt bad for her as she had to work in Frisco until about 6:15. Today she gets to work from home.

Father’s Day this weekend. Jag is coming up so we’ll all be together. Not sure what we’re doing. Hopefully something low maintenance. Maybe we’ll bbq and hang out. Just happy to hang with the boys.

Time to get moving, have a nice Thursday, stay hydrated and God Bless

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Back to the 80’s

After a busy day, Lori and I were out of here a little after 3. We made it to Jeff and Tina’s around 5:30 or so. Tina was going to go with us to the concert but was too tired from gardening all day. We visited for about an hour and then took off for the show.

We made it in around 7. The first band was super loud, and frankly, hard to listen to. It was almost comical. After about an hour, around 8:30, Tesla went on. It was a great show, and the band was great. For Lori, it was a flashback seeing them again and hearing all the songs live. Fun time and the Mission Ballroom is a great venue.

We were out of there a little after 10pm. We decided to try to make it through the highway closures and get home. Looking on our phones, we went up Clear Creek canyon to try to avoid the closure on I-70. We almost made it to Idaho Springs but at the last turn off, it too was closed. So up to Central City we went. We cruised through town and headed down the back way to Idaho Springs where we could get on I-70 west. There was roadwork on and off all the way to the tunnel, but we whizzed through most of it, avoiding the 20-minute traffic holds at the tunnel. In the end, I had us home by 12:15 which was 2 hours and 10 minutes.

We went right to bed as Lori is in Frisco today. It’s almost 7am now. Super nice up here. It’s going to be sunny and warm today. Probably close to 90 degrees. Phoenix is looking at 110!

Lastly, Lori has a doctor at the hospital who has Parkinson’s and is the head of hospice. Yesterday he wrote down the five things his patients in hospice say. I don’t remember them all, but the first one was, I wish I didn’t work so long, then, I wish I stayed in touch with my friends. Next was I wish I did more things I always wanted to do, and there were a couple others. Makes you think. Any day could be your last. Are you really living your life the way you want to? For us, with us both now in our 60’s, we’re going to do more things we want to. That includes travel, working less, and more things with the kids. You always hear hindsight is 20/20. Well, here’s your chance to see into the future. Just make it happen. You’ll be surprised at what you can do if you really want to do it!

God Bless.

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Off to Denver

Tonight we’re off to the concert. We have an extra ticket and Jag was going to go, but he has too much work. So, Tina is going with us in his place. We’ll stay at their house after the show and then I’ll drop Lori at work in Frisco tomorrow morning. Should be fun. We’ll need to leave here by 3:30 this afternoon at the latest.

Nice up here, no storms like in Denver. Hopefully there will be none tonight. Looks like if there are any, they’ll be down south. Super green up here with everything growing. Lori has tons of birds, almost too many.

Biden has lost it, it’s in full view every day on tv. Almost like it’s normal now to see him screw up. Really crazy that this guy is even a figure head as the President. I think Trump is going to win in a landslide. The sham trial seems to have helped him. What a time in history.

That’s it, time to get moving, have a great Tuesday and God Bless.

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Nice outside. Looks like Denver was hit pretty hard yesterday. Big time rain and hail down south of town. Sort of muggy and hazy outside right now. Not sure if it’s humidity or smoke from a fire somewhere. The Southwest part of the Country is under an excessive heat warning. Triple digit temps down in Arizona. Robi said it was 108 degrees the other day. That’s too hot, and it’s only early June.

Ty went golfing yesterday. Not sure what Jag did. We had a call with him and Ava and her parents to meet them. We might all take a trip after graduation next year. We’ll see. They seem nice and fun. Ava’s mom remarried so Andre is her stepdad.

Time to get moving. We have the Tesla concert tomorrow night at the Mission Ballroom in Denver. Lori grew up with them in Sacramento. Should be fun.

Have a great day and week, God Bless.

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