Global warming?

The news just said last year by this date we had 15 days of 90 degrees or above yet this year the number is zero. Where have the 90’s gone? I was telling Lori the weather this year has been almost biblical. Nonstop rain in parts of the Country, swarms of earthquakes in California, tons of snow here and intense heat in the southeast and more. It’s not a normal weather pattern and in most parts of the World, not warmer than usual. Hmmm.

Yesterday I made it down and up by 2 pm. Today around 9 I’m off for Carbondale and Aspen. Tomorrow back in Denver and then back again Friday for the concert. We had a good rain storm last night and it was still going strong as of 4:30 am. Now they say sun until Friday night, of course.

Lori is off today, yea! I think we’re going to try to go see Dixie at the end of the month. She thinks it’s been 2 months since Lori was there but it was actually May 10th so only about 6 weeks. Jag is having a blast riding horses, mountain bikes and fly fishing in Steamboat. Ty and Jack meanwhile are doing the town.

I’m headed to the gym before I go to Aspen so that’s it. I called Tom and Robi yesterday to check in and both are doing well. Hope the rest of you are too, GB.

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This morning I have a quick turn down and up to Denver. First stop is the box office at the Pepsi Center to swap out some tickets for some others with better views. Then I have to drop off about 3 sets in various places before heading back up.

Lori came home early yesterday with food poisoning or something as she was doubled over and didn’t eat all night. Jag is having a blast in Steamboat with Emma and Jack and Ty were in town all day. I finally told them to turn off their lights at 12:09 am.

This morning Ty has Deb, his tutor, at 8. Then they’ll need to take Uber home unless Deb can give them a ride. Time to go as I need to be out the door in 35 minutes. Have a great day, God Bless.

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Aspen Pictures

Here’s the pictures from yesterday. First up some bbq from Chacon, then a pic from the Mine Party with Lori and I, Jody from Florida, Jeremy from New York (the no sock look, stylish) and Eric from Texas. Three great guys who work for me. Next up the beautiful sunset, Lori and I, a picture of Jody from the Mine with Bocelli wine and one of the party tents, and the stars above some ranch land, fun times.

We left Aspen around 10 and were in Basalt for lunch by 10:30. A few hours later we were home. Jack (Ty’s friend) is still with us until tomorrow and Jag leaves for a ranch in Steamboat today with Emma and her family until Thursday.

Lori and I of course are back to work. I’m in Denver tomorrow and back in Aspen Wednesday. The dogs come home today and we also have a A/C guy coming at 8 this morning so time to go. Hope all’s well. It’s a busy week with the Bocelli concert this Friday. Take care and God Bless.

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Thank God Aspen Food and Wine is over today as I don’t know how much more ‘food” we could take. I don’t drink so I can only imagine how we’d feel if we had half the wine as we did food.

The day started off like another day in Aspen. I nice hike and a little sun before heading into town. Around noon we made it to town and found parking pretty quick. The farmers market is every Saturday so that added to the Food and Wine crowd. We made it to Clark’s, the seafood restaurant on time for a great meal. Afterwards I returned a money clip Lori and the boys had bought me as a Father’s Day present as it was too big. She decided to show me yesterday in case it didn’t work out. It’s the thought that counts anyhow. Then I stopped by to see these guys at Aspen Hatter. I have a few cowboy hats but am always on the look out for that special hat and had found these guys who have a shop in Austin and Aspen. I walked in and immediately hit it off with Ward, this sort of hippy kid hat maker. To be fair he was probably in his 30’s. Orlando Bloom from Pirates in the Caribbean was just leaving and Katy Perry was showing up in 10 minutes, ha. Anyhow Ward is making me this cool flat brim hat that’s a cross between cowboy hat and fedora sort of. They have this old Japanese loom from the 1800’s in the back to make hat bands and he also makes stuff out of things like deer sinew (guts). I’m thrilled I found these guys as I have a hard time finding hats that fit me right. In fact my best two cowboy hats were both custom made.

Then it was back to Snowmass to walk up the hill to Heritage Fire. This is an event they have in certain parts of the country that’s part of Chacon which is a national competition of guys that cook meat over open fires. The saying is meat, salt and fire. They had all these booths serving everything from goat to goose, duck, lamb, beef, octopus and more. The theme is they’d cook whole animals over open fires. The winner is chosen September 15th at the finals in Chicago. See pictures below.

After an hour and a bit, we headed back to our place to get ready for Wine and the Mine. We headed into town and parked and walked to the bus station where lots of people were waiting for the shuttles. Apparently they weren’t too smart as I recognized the black luxury vans across the street waiting for everyone and walked our group over. There were us four and the three amigos (my guys) in our group. The van took us up to Smugglers Mine where we passed through security and had wrist bands put on. Then you’re in the party. It was three levels of food and booze under tents with DJ’s and tons of people. I saw lots of people I knew including one guy who raved about me to Lori saying what a good guy I was and how I would always do anything to help anyone, awh. So after two hours a group of us headed down the hill to our awaiting limo to take us back to town.

We went to a new club in a place downstairs on Cooper Mall. It was set up like a New York or L.A. exclusive club with a restaurant and then a roped off disco like area with giant bottles of vodka sitting on each table. It was like a $2000 minimum for a table there but we knew the manager from the Four Seasons in Denver and secured a table. As the night went on, soon the DJ started and out came two scantly clad dancing girls like go go girls that danced on tables with the crowd. It was like something out of a movie where Russian mobsters would hang out. We don’t think it’ll last long in Aspen but you never know.

Now Jeff and especially Tina were falling over drunk. I hope Tina wakes up this morning! It was that bad. I told Lori we need to have an intervention and frankly I’m serious. I drove home hoping they wouldn’t throw up in our car and Tina passed out, clothed and all as soon as we walked in. Sure am glad I don’t drink anymore.

The kids had walked into Snowmass for dinner and had fun. Today we’ll go for our morning hike, pack up and head down valley. We’re stopping in Basalt at El Korita for Mexican food for Father’s Day lunch. It was a great trip and super productive work wise. We’ll for sure be back next year.

A quick Happy Father’s Day to all those dad’s no longer with us. My dad, Don, Bob, Jim and anyone I forgot. I saw a thing that said on Mother’s Day you always go out to dinner but on Father’s Day we’re expected to bbq, what’s up with that? God Bless. For some reason it won’t let me upload picture’s so I’ll try later!

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Crushing it

Our product that we’re showcasing here in Aspen, Sprizzeri, is crushing it! We’re the talk of the town and have everyone from the Amazon national buyers to Costco and lots of national media are on board with the product. This is great news as it’s why we’re here.

Yesterday we hit the pool after a hike and then headed to town. After a quick stop at Ralph Lauren to pick up a jean shirt my buddy had altered for me, we headed to the Bubbles Party at the Limelight. This was packed as usual and fun. Before we left the Polo Shop, Lori did find a gorgeous shirt and jacket that they marked down 70% that morning. Tina our friend wanted to buy it but Lori had already asked to have it taken off the mannequin as we looked at it (she was drooling) a week before. it was way too expensive a week ago but now almost affordable.

After seeing lots of friends from around the Country at the party we headed back to rest before dinner. 2 hours later we were back in town at Steakhouse 316. This is the kind of place Mom and Dad would have gone as it’s very New York inside and is sort of like an old speakeasy. Red velvet curtains hung from ceiling to floor with luxurious black leather booths and chairs and a huge staff all adorned in black and white tuxedo like outfits. Service and food was great and while we were there Jody had texted me a picture of his and our boys eating there four years ago! How funny.

After dinner we were headed back over to our home base, Kemo Sabe where we met Jeremy, Jody and Eric. Jeremy who is from New York walked in and said, “this place is so fucking cool” as there’s nothing like this in New York City. He found a green fedora he loves but it’s $800 and he’s sort of on the fence. I told him we’d kick in if the wants it. By “we” I mean the Company! Jeff, Tina, Ty and Jack had gone back to the condo so Jag, Emma, Lori and I then left and headed back too.

At dinner we were talking as Ty, Jack and Sonny have about 4000 followers on Instagram and actually make money and get paid into a PayPal account when people click on their links and we learned that Jack had posted, WITH his sister’s phone number, “for a good time, call” and his sister received over 800 calls! She or his parents still don’t know why she got all the calls! How funny is that? The boys though we’re just thinking of how to get more ‘likes” on social media to make money. Pretty clever as it worked, ha.

We also stopped by to see our friends Billie and Greg. We’ve known them forever and Billie, after hugging the boys and getting pictures asked about school as she made a deal with them years ago where she’d give them $10 for every A. Jag pocketed $70 and Ty $30 which was much appreciated. They’re great to the boys and us and love them very much. Earlier in the day they had flushed their upstairs toilet and water came down through their ceiling, yuck, and this is in their $35 Million dollar home! So Roto Rooter was there too, ick. Billie took me aside for some advice as when they went to Portugal someone took a $100,000 ring from her safe that they might have left open, they can’t remember. Long story short is I told her to file a police report asap and also to call her insurance company now on the toilet issue. She leans on me now and then when she’s not sure what to do. Remember Greg has Parkinson’s pretty bad but does really well as he had the brain stem implants years ago at UCLA. Bernie Sanders says a lot of crap but the other day he did say the wealthy live longer than the poor and this is 100% true.

Today we have lunch at a killer Nantucket seafood like restaurant that we’re starting to do business with in Austin Texas and Aspen. Then it’s a VIP Party at of course, Kemo Sabe, then we have a private dinner thing from 5 to 7 with a bunch of celebrity chefs in Snowmass before we head to the toughest ticket in town, Wine at the Mine. This is the best party of the event that’s tough to get in to that we’re partially hosting. The main host is Infinite Monkey Theorem which is a canned wine company out of Denver. To get there you go to a certain spot in town and the “Monkey Shuttle” takes you up to the old Red Mountain Mine. There’s lots of liquor and wine, tons of great food, music and all kinds of other stuff. It’s the party of the year every year at Food and Wine. Lots of people have been asking me if I could get them in. The cutoff for the guest list was noon yesterday and we’re still trying to get Tim, who runs the celebrity chefs and the dinner he got us in to tonight, in to the event. We’ll see if we can make it happen or not. Hold your horses, I just received and email that I got him in! He’s thrilled and texted me “love your work mate!” He’s an Aussie.Time for my morning hike with Lori. Beautiful here as always. Lori is determined to get some family pictures today one way or another. Here’s a picture of Sprizzeri and Bocelli at Ralph Lauren and a view from our lot! God Bless.

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There’s a reason

Wonder why 5% of the World’s billionaires live in Aspen? Well it’s because it has about anything you could think of.

Yesterday am we woke early as Lori had a 7 am meeting, Ty had his thing and so on. Finally around noon we headed out with our mini caravan of three cars. Two hours later after a grocery stop in Basalt at Whole Foods, we made it to Aspen. Our unit is nice with beautiful views. When we checked in the gave us a warning about bears as they had a sighting earlier in the day. There are a lot of bears in Aspen, especially this time of year.

A few hours later we headed into town to the benefit party at the John Denver Sanctuary. In true Aspen form they had some fun cars like a Lamborghini and others you could play around in. Jeff said, “well you could have that or a small house”. That particular car was $360,000. Our host and my buddy Kiko meet us and thanked me for coming and being part of the event. I had one of my guys from New York manning a table and pouring Sprizzeri. More on this but in the end that turned out to be the hit of the event. After a bit he said for us to come with him where we went around the back of the building into the sanctuary to a table where they had a Louis X111 tasting! Not sure if you know what this is but I’m sure you seen the bottles. It’s the most famous exclusive cognac in the World. Well over 100 years old in hand made baccarat crystal it sells for around $4000 a bottle. We were thrilled to get to taste this and just as special as the cognac were the baccarat glasses specially made for Louis X111 that you can only buy at Harrod’s in London for about $700 a pair. These glasses were cut so you could see all the colors of the golden elixir and when you toasted with another person it was like bells chiming each making a different sound depending how much you had in your glass. The cognac itself was something that you can’t put into words. Everyone at some point in their life should taste it. Anyhow long story short, they had 4 decanters of this and we walked out with two! One for Lori and I and one for Jeff and Tina! We couldn’t believe it!

We thanked Kiko our host and headed out to meet the kids at L’Hosteria for dinner. This is one of my better accounts I’ve known for years. Our food was great and 90 minutes later we were out the door. To our surprise it was raining. Now our friends Jeff and Tina like their whisky and we had told Ty and Jack to meet us at Kemo Sabe. This is the great western store that we’re friends with that have places in Aspen, Vail and Las Vegas. If you want a $2000 belt or a $4000 buckle or expensive boots and a custom hat, this is the place in town to go. Last year Tina bought a beautiful belt and buckle from them. They are also pouring Sprizzeri and our Prosecco for the event. We dropped it off last week and the girls are so sweet that they’d already sent me a thank you card. We walked in and the staff yelled “Tina” as she walked through the door first. She was surprised they remembered her name and I told her “honey you’re fun and you bought a $4000 belt and buckle last year”! 45 minutes later Jeff had ordered some new boots and Tina had ordered a new belt. I found a great blue alligator belt to go with my buckle. Now I didn’t buy a $2000 belt but it is really nice.

Soon we left with me driving Jeff and Tina in their car and Lori and the kids following in ours. As I said they like their whisky. It was raining hard and by 10 we were home.

Today we have a Bubbles Party from 1:30 to 3:30 which is all champagne. It’s an annual event put on by my distributor in a dozen States and we always see people from all over the Country we know. Meanwhile Jeremy, Jody and Eric, my three guys from New York, Florida and Texas will be pouring Sprizzeri in the tents for Food and Wine. The we have an early dinner at 5 at the top steak house in town. So more fun on the way!

Time to get going as there’s bears in those their woods! God Bless.

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Here we go

This morning Lori has a 7 am meeting, Ty has a summer tutor appointment at 8, Mojo goes to daycare, I have a call at 9 and we need to leave by noon. There’s more but that’s a start. The news just said I-70 is closed at Eagle Vail due to a car fire. Need to know which direction asap!

We’ll be going strong until 10 tonight when dinner in Aspen at L’Hosteria wraps up. Yesterday was full of laundry, a Costco trip and numerous calls. This morning we also need to get everyone packed. The boys say they’re all done but we’d better check to make sure. I guess we could just trust or hope they have all they need. I think we’ll take a little horseback ride tomorrow into the high country. Otherwise we’ll go for a hike or maybe go fly fishing. Then again we might just sleep in, ha!

Let’s see, what’s on the news. Well parents might get fined if their kid is a bully, illegals from Ebola countries are being dropped off in cities, including Denver, without being screened or tested, (that’s smart!), the Dems are up in arms cause Trump said he’d listen to dirt on candidates from other countries which is pretty hypocritical when they funded the dossier during the election to get dirt on Trump from foreign countries, and not to be outdone by California, our idiot Governor is signing illegal laws that make zero sense giving more rights to illegals than citizens. Hopefully he’ll be recalled as there’s a big effort to get him gone which can legally start July 8th. Oh well, just another crazy day in our new PC World.

Time to hit the shower so I can drop Lori and pick up a package. I found a case of wooden strike anywhere matches on line and snatched them up as they’ve been “outlawed” for years. Just another casualty of our overreactive society. Luckily I saw this coming 10 years ago and bought a bunch when Home Depot still sold them but you can never have enough. They’re good to have. Have a great day, watch your top knot, lock and load and God Bless.

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No sleep

Jag was gone yesterday from 8:30 in the morning until about 1 am. Oh to be 17, ha. Meanwhile Ty was busy himself but home most of the day. He did go to a movie, Godzilla, at 4. These kids have the life.

Lori and I were working away. I have calls today at 9, 10 and then 11. I’m going to try to go to the gym at 7 but that only gives me 15 minutes to get ready. We’ll see if I make it. I might have to wait until this afternoon.

Tomorrow we’re off to Aspen. It’ll be fun but we do have three parties to go to, 2 dinners and one lunch. Throw in some visits with a bunch of friends and we’ll be busy. The dogs go to daycare today as Mojo has a salon appointment and Harley will be playing away. We’re lucky as they both have fun at their homes away from home.

I guess Tom and Ali’s yard is almost done, can’t wait to see it. Lots of shootings in Denver, nice. How about the U.S. Women’s Soccer team running up the score in a 13-0 game against Thailand. Guess they were pretty classless. You know what they say, act like you’ve been there before, hmm. Lots going on with politics but no point in memorializing the Dems stupidity. They still just can’t accept that Trump won. Of course he doesn’t help with his constant tweeting and comments. What a time we live in. Get ready as it’s only going to get crazier. God Bless.

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Summer of Fall

It’s cool this morning and if you didn’t know the date, you’d wonder if we’re coming into summer or into fall. Good news is there’s not any bugs or mosquitos out.

This morning I’m off for a quick turn to Denver, Ty has Deb (his tutor) and Jag is going to play basketball with some guys and one girl. To be fair, Lexi, the girl, is pretty tall. My right eye lid is all puffy as something bit me a few days ago. I’ve been taking Benedryl trying to get the swelling down, ugh.

Lori is off to work as usual and yesterday she had a girl quit who found a job managing a dental practice. At least she gave 5 weeks notice.

Ty and I need to leave in an hour so time to get moving. Won’t be long until we’re headed to Aspen. Hope everyone is well, GB.

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Busy busy

Here we go, it’s going to be a busy two weeks. Starting today we’ll be getting ready for leaving on Thursday. Today Jag has a trainer at the gym from some workouts we never used up 2 years ago, Ty has some homework for his tutor tomorrow and I need to prepare for Thursday. Lori of course has three busy days before we leave too.

I need to try to get the air conditioner fixed today. Not sure if it’s a breaker or what as the fan in the house works but not on the unit. We’ll know more today. It’s 7 now as we slept in a bit.

It was cool last night, just right. I think it’s going to be a good week with a few afternoon showers which are normal. After this week we have Andrea in concert here next week. Then Jag has an internship at the clinic which is a cool thing. I think there’s like 12 kids that were chosen. They had to write an essay and then be chosen by their science teacher. There will be kids from all over.

Here’s a funny thing. Jag came home from Emma’s last night with a giant hickey on his neck. He tried to cover it up with makeup but that didn’t work. Lori first said something when she picked him up and Emma heard her and laughed. When he was home I said, what’s that and he said “I burned myself with a curling iron” which of course made no sense and he instantly laughed too when we did realizing that wasn’t believable. He said to put it in the blog so he can read it years down the road and get a laugh, ha.

Time to go. We’re cutting down on the gym and Harley’s daycare to save money. I’d like to cancel cable too as it’s too expensive but we’ll see. Have a great day and God Bless.

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