Doing better

Yesterday when we made it to Denver, we weren’t sure how my Mom would look, but she looked better than we expected, especially since it was only 12 hours post op. I received a text about 6am and I guess she’s doing even better today and has more of her color back. Lori and I are headed down in about an hour and will be there about 9:30.

Mojo threw up on the stairs last night so I guess we need the cleaners out her again. Not sure what he got in to.

Ty spent the night at Sonny’s and Jag is sleeping in. I bought the boys some new mattress pads like ours and the jersey knit sheets too and they both love them. I managed to get about 4 loads of laundry done but have about another 4 or 5 to go. It was hot in Denver, like 100 but is in the 30’s in Leadville, which is up the road, this morning. I think it’s in the low 40’s here. Time to run, hope everyone is well, have a great day and God Bless.

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Well, where do I begin. Let’s start with another weekend and no sleeping in. Stay with me now as this post will be short but filled with a bunch of drama as we’re off to Denver within the hour.

First up, Jag scored 100% on his Advanced Placement History test, WOW! Next up, my ass is killing me from probably the hardest glute workout I’ve had in years, Lori had acupuncture on her neck, again, and it was sore all night but better today, Dixie finally received her oxygen machine late last night, or so we think, and last, my Mom had emergency surgery last night around midnight, and thankfully is in ICU doing fine.

Yesterday morning she fell and by late in the afternoon, her stomach was bothering her. James made the decision to take her in and thank God he did. Turns out she had something along the lines of a perforated bowel. Now the odd thing is apparently this had nothing to do with the fall but the CAT scan revealed the problem. Tommy and I both spoke to the doctor around 11 pm last night and he recommended she go in right away. I talked with Mom as did Tom and everyone agreed she needed to have surgery. Thank God that she made it through this ok. We’re on the way to see her in about an hour and I’ll know more once we get to the hospital. Again, James did a remarkable job identifying a problem and getting her there and hanging out for 7 freakin hours making sure she received the care she did. This all overshadows Dixie getting her oxygen machine but that was just as much of a cluster with Lori calling no less than 10 times, finally resorting to acting as a representative of her office, calling on the doctors line to get things done. You absolutely have to be your own advocate in the health care world today. Otherwise you’re just another number.

My Mom should be in, from what I know, for a couple of days before heading home. We’ll probably need to have James stay there and explore some type of more full time care. I told her yesterday am that she can’t live alone if she’s going to continue to fall. Tom and I will talk today with James, and her, to see what our options are.  I tired to call Robin last night around 11 pm but couldn’t reach her. Again, thank God my Mom made it through the surgery as at her age, being put under is always a risk. Luckily she has a strong heart.

So there you have it, a few other things happened yesterday but we’ll save those until tomorrow, God Bless you all.


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Yesterday was Jag’s first day of school and overall he likes it. His counselor didn’t do him any favors though as he dropped the ball on letting Jag know about a number of books he needs. Jag is freaking out a bit but we’ll get it worked out. I am ordering about $300 worth of books on Amazon right now, ugh. After school we picked up Ty and headed straight to tennis. Lori ended up working until 8 last night and after my quick run to Denver, I made it home just in time to get the boys. This morning we’re leaving around 6:45 as Jag wants to get there early and so does Ty.

This eclipse thing is crazy. People are driving to different States to watch it and lining up at 5 in the morning to get the glasses so they can look at it. Both boys schools have things planned so they can see it. Again, DO NOT look at the sun during the eclipse!

Looks like Lori and I will go to Denver tomorrow. I picked up some new bedding and a really comfy fiber mattress pad yesterday and might have finally figured out the perfect bed set up. Both boys want the same jersey knit sheets I found at Nordstrom which were actually really reasonable price wise, cheaper than Bed Bath and Beyond. I called and had them set aside for the boys and if we go down, will grab them tomorrow. Lori will hopefully be getting her hair colored while I run around town.

We need to leave in 30 minutes so I’d better run. The kids always need some extra help getting up in the morning, ha. Have a great day and a great weekend, take care, be safe, (another horrific attack in Barcelona, ugh) and God Bless. And oh yea, now some left leaning magazine wants to blow up Mt. Rushmore? Good God, don’t get me started, but no matter how hard anyone tries, you can’t rewrite history.

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Jag’s first day

I just wrote the post and accidentally deleted the whole thing so here we go again. Ty had a great first day as he said the kids are a lot nicer as they are not all rich! A friend of his told him which kids to avoid as they vape (smoke) and are slackers (lazy). His teachers are nice and he had fun. I guess the food was good too.

Jag read a book all day as he realized he had been reading the book for the senior AP class. I had headed out to buy Lori a mattress pad for her neck but realized I forgot my wallet at the top of Vail Pass. I’ll try again today.

Lori and I are both working hard and we’re all looking forward to the weekend. We’ll try to cram some more stuff into one of our two storage units on Saturday. Time to run as we leave at 7:45. Hope all’s well, God Bless.

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Ty’s first day of school

This morning at 9:30, Ty has his first day of school. Both boys are a little nervous as they’re both going to new schools, but Ty is more apprehensive than Jag. He’ll do fine but I can sympathize with him as he really doesn’t know anyone. So, it’s a big day and we’ll let you know how it turns out tomorrow. Jag starts tomorrow by the way.

I was in Denver yesterday and spent some time with my Mom. I brought her a few blouses and a sweater from the store along with some Mexican food for lunch. She said yesterday how much more I see her than when we lived across the street. This is true as I try to make a point to see her 3 times a week or so. We decided we should pick a night and go to The Buckhorn which is an old restaurant we used to go to years ago when we were kids.

Dixie is home and found out yesterday she needs to be on her oxygen 24 hours a day. We’re going to check into the new assisted living home in Eagle and see if we can get her out here so she’s close to all of us. We already miss her and she’s only been gone a few days. Lori needs to talk to her doctor today to get the low down.

The solar eclipse is coming Monday which will turn the sky dark at 11:30 in the morning. Whatever you do, DO NOT look up at the sun without the approved glasses or you will damage your eyes. I guess the glasses are in short supply so if you don’t have them by now, you’re probably not going to find them. Animals are said to act strangely also during a full eclipse so be prepared for your pets and wild animals to be acting out of the norm.

It rained on and off last night and is cool up here today. It’s supposed to warm up later this week but you never know. Time to get moving so we’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great day and God Bless.

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Home in California

Dixie made it home with the help of Jae, her nephews wife, who decided to fly home with her at the last minute. At 86, it was a big trip going to Oklahoma for 2 1/2 months. glad she’s home ok.

Turns out Ty starts school tomorrow! We thought it was Thursday when Jag starts but learned that it’s tomorrow yesterday when we were at the ice cream social. He’ll need to get some good sleep tonight! Jag had tennis last night from 4 until 6 and he has it again tonight and every day we learned last night.

Lori has a big meeting this morning at 7 at work with Dr. C, his wife and the CEO to review year to date numbers.

It’s almost 6 am so I’d better get moving. It was so nice and cool last night, almost chilly which was great with the windows open. It’s supposed to warm up later this week.

We’re excited for school tomorrow and Ty’s particularly excited to take the bus. We’ll let you all know how it goes. The teachers seem really nice and everyone was really welcoming. Time to run, hope everyone is well, time to start thinking about winter and getting ready. That’s more relevant when you live in the mountains as you need to think about things like snow tires and closing up the airconditioner. God Bless.


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Doing well

We picked Dixie up around noon and took her back to Greg’s where we hung out for a few hours. She’s doing well and today will fly home at 12:30 to California. It’ll be good for her to get back home to her own house.

We have a big week with lots going on and it all starts in about an hour. Lori and I are up here at 5:30 and need to get moving. Ty has his school open house at 3 and Jagger starts tennis at 4 at his old school. That’s it for today as I need to get moving. Have a great week and GB.

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In the hospital

Yesterday morning just before we left for Denver we received a call from Greg (Dixie’s nephew) letting us know she was in the hospital. Apparently her oxygen was messed up and her levels were low. I guess this started around 3 am and around 5 or so they called the paramedics. By the time we showed up she was doing well and her oxygen levels were 100%. She did have edema or swelling and fluid in her legs so they kept her overnight to make sure that goes down. This morning she’s supposed to be released and then will go back to Greg’s until tomorrow when she’ll fly home to Sacramento around noon. Lori and I will drive down soon to pick her up and then hang out with her until mid-afternoon. It’s always something.

Jag starts tennis tomorrow so we had to go get him a racket and shoes yesterday while in town, and Ty has his ice cream social at his new school tomorrow. So that’s what’s going on in our little corner of the World. On the larger stage, things are a bit crazier than usual. We have North Korea and us in a war of words about war, you have white supremacists holding a rally to prevent a city removing a statue of Robert E. Lee and then some 20 year old nut driving a car into the crowd, and our politicians on both sides spewing garbage that you would have never heard 30 years ago. The World these days is a mess and people are losing hope which then makes them desperate and causes them to do irrational things. So, keep to yourself and watch your back and sadly, do not trust anyone you do not know really really well.

Time to get moving, hope all’s well, if anything changes with Dixie, we’ll call you all, GB.

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Back to Denver

Today we’re going down to see Grandma Dixie before she fly’s home to California on Monday. Lori had acupuncture yesterday morning and it seemed to help a bit. We think she needs a few more treatments before we’ll know for sure but if it works, it’s a better option than surgery.

We have lots of work to do this weekend as Lori’s Doc comes back on Monday. On top of that, both boys start school this coming Thursday and Ty has sort of an open house Monday afternoon. I have a big week with a lot of important meetings next week and need to get a bunch of orders in for August.

We’re both feeling a little worn out and need a break. Sometimes no matter how you try, you can get worn out. We decided what we really need is to win the lottery tonight, that’d help. Time to run so we can get moving. Have a great day and God Bless.

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The Broncos played last night and the first team looked pretty good. We ended up winning the game which was nice for our first year head coach. I made it down to Boulder and Lafayette and back up in good time. I was going to stop at my Mom’s but when I called at 12:15 there was no answer. Then the day got away from me and before you knew it, it was 9 pm.

Ty had Sonny spend the night and they were up until about 1:15 which is late but beat staying up all night which is what happened a few weeks ago. Jag hung out with them and they all played most of the night.

It’s 5:30 am now and I’ve been up for about 30 minutes and I’m heading out to the gym at 6. Dixie made it back to Colorado and is down in Denver at her nephew Greg’s house. We’ll go down Saturday to see her. Sunday though, we’re planning on sleeping in which will be a first for us as far back as we can remember. It seems as if something has been going on every weekend. Sleep is not overrated! I might see if we can get Lori a massage early tomorrow morning before going to see her Mom. This morning at 8:30 we’re trying acupuncture for her neck as it’s a never ending battle but we have to keep trying. She was a little bit better yesterday and we’re convinced it’s some way she’s sitting at work or the way she reaches for something. We’ll figure it out.

That’s it, hope to make a Costco run today to stock up on some bottled water and other items. Have a good weekend, be safe and God Bless.

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