Birthday Week!

Next Sunday is Jag’s birthday! He’s going to go out for sushi we think on Friday with 3 buddies for dinner. Before that though, he has a bunch of schoolwork, basketball and studying. Tonight Ty has his basketball banquet, and he too has a bunch of studying.

Yesterday we went to Aspen for the day. We first stopped in Basalt at our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. It’s a great place we’ve gone to for years. Then it was off to Aspen for some Christmas shopping. We have a friend who moved up from Denver when they closed the Polo shop and he now runs the Aspen store. He pulls things for us that are like 80-90% off until we can check them out. Luckily we found a few things like $495 sweaters marked down to $74! The boys are getting to the age where they like nice clothes. Of course they picked out some things not on sale too but on those, we had to pass, ha. We ended up getting home around 5 pm.

Jag leaves today at noon for a couple games somewhere near Ft. Collins. I’m sure he’ll get home around 11 or 12 at night again. That’s about it, time to start the day and the week. Only a couple weeks left until Christmas, whoo hoo! Take care and God Bless.

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A quick visit

We made it to Lori’s party by about 7 pm and stayed for just over an hour. It was really packed and the lines for food were really long. We didn’t eat anything and visited with a few people and then decided to duck out. Both of us left our wallets at home, on purpose as we didn’t need them. We decided to drive home, grab my wallet and head back to town to our favorite French restaurant named Vintage. We ordered some food to go for the boys and had a few appetizers and made reservations for Christmas Eve before heading back home. We both then fell asleep around 10:30.

This morning we’re heading to the gym and then I think we’re off to Aspen for the day. We, or I should say Lori, wrapped some presents for the boys last night. Today we need to get some others ready to go. In 15 minutes we’re off to the gym for 30 minutes before rushing home to shower and get moving.

Still no snow here which is unusual as normally by now the whole mountain is open. This is not good for the hotels, shops and restaurants as the town is really slow. We’re ok with it though as we know winter will come, and when it does, it’ll be here until April. I’d better get moving so have a good Sunday. It’s December 10th, only 3 weeks left in the year, Wow! Take care and GB.

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Not so fast

Normally on Saturday you get a break from the week, but for us, it’s just another day. Jag has basketball at 7:30, Lori has a Christmas Tea from 10 to 11:30, I have to run down the hill to the city and then we have the Steadman Party tonight at 6:30. Ty has a big assignment and then has to study Newton’s Law for a test on Monday. So as the title says, even though we all would like to sleep in, it’s not going to happen.

Yesterday I picked up Lorenzo around 9 am and we spent the morning together working until I dropped him around 1 at the airport. We did go to Red Rocks for a visit to kill some time and it was fun for him as he’d been there years ago with me for a concert but never been down inside the museum. It was good to spend some time with him and he had a successful 3 days here.

Tomorrow we were going to go to the Bronco game but gave away our tickets to a friend whose birthday is Monday. Not sure what we’re doing but we have to wrap some presents as we’re running out of time. Lori and I also need to shop a bit for the boys. Hopefully we’ll get to sleep in a bit.

Time to go so I can get ready to hit the road and get Jag to basketball. Today is Dad’s birthday and 3 months since Mom passed away. It’s gone fast but also seems a bit longer to me. I never connected on the date back in September that today we’d remember both Mom and Dad. I’m sure they’re celebrating together, we sure miss them both. Still hard to believe they’re gone. Have a good weekend, be safe and may God Bless you and your family.

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5:25 am and running late

Jag has practice this morning at 6:30 and I need to get to Denver to get Lorenzo. On top of that, Jag left his computer in the locker room at school after basketball which meant he didn’t get much homework done. Lori thought she set her alarm for 5 but set it for 6, so we’re running late!

I have about 6 minutes to drink my coffee, get Jag up and moving and wrap up today’s post. At least we don’t live in Southern California! It’s horrible to see the devastation on the news.

Tomorrow Lori has a Christmas Tea at church and then we have her company Christmas Party tomorrow night. We just can’t get a break meaning any time to rest. Oh yea, Jag has practice at 8 am and I need to run down to Denver one more time tomorrow morning.

That’s it, have to go, have a great day, God Bless.

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Another day closer to Christmas! For Lori and I, the day is almost anti-climatic. It’s the build up and festivities of the season that are the most fun. I stopped by Tom’s yesterday and his house looks like something out of a magazine. Everything is perfect with decorations everywhere. He sent me home with a tin of homemade cookies for the family, yum.

Today we’re getting our windshield replaced between 8 and 12, if it’s not too cold. It’s 9 outside but feels like 1, according to the Weather Channel. It’s about 12 in Denver so not much difference.

Jag made it home around 9 pm. Basketball is a real commitment. Ty wishes his season is still going on as he loves to play. Lorenzo is having a good visit here and selling a bunch of wine. I might get him tonight and drive him up but will probably just see him tomorrow and then take him to the airport for his 4 pm flight home to New York.

Lori put a few more touches on our country tree. She added some bows which look nice. We still haven’t wrapped any presents. Wish Tommy lived up here so he could wrap some! Maybe I should take all the boxes down to him, ha.

It’s 6:40 so time to roust the kids from bed. Here’s our tree again, have a great day and God Bless.

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December 6th!

Less than 20 days, ho ho ho! Get your holiday spirit on!

I made it to Denver to get Lorenzo but had to make a few stops on the way. His plane was 2 hours late so I had plenty of time. Finally around 12:30 I picked him up and drove him to Park Meadows where I handed him off to a sales rep who drove him down to Colorado Springs. Next stop was the distributor and then the dry cleaner (for Lori), the bank and then up the hill. I dropped some pizza for Jag at school before practice and then headed over to get Ty. Jag was at practice until 7 so I was back out the door then. Tonight they go until 8:30.

Lori has a health insurance meeting this morning as it looks like we’re going to switch from my Company’s plan to hers. It was cool yesterday with a deep chill in the air that you could feel in your bones. Today I’m home so I’ll try to get the house cleaned up a bit. We also need to wrap some presents and box up some wine to send out. Hope everyone is well, time to run. Have a great day and GB!

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Lorenzo in town!

Lorenzo, our good friend, partner and part time family member arrives from New York this morning in Denver. I’m off in about an hour to pick him up and drive him half way to Colorado Springs where he’ll meet up with one of our salespeople. He has a wine dinner tonight and will work the market in Denver for the next 3 days before hooking up with me again on Friday and flying home to New York.

Thankfully Jag has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the league and its Commissioner. Nothing was his fault in the first place but you know politics. Lucky for them as if not, I was going to fly my little sister up here which would have been bad news for them. Here’s her comment from yesterday,

robi says:

Love the tree! And that coach at Jag’s old school is a real dick! That’s ridiculous, glad it wasn’t my kid cause you know me with my big filthy mouth HAHA!

Jag had a long day getting home about 9 pm from practice. There are no games this week but one next Monday in Denver. Ty came home about 2 in the afternoon with an upset stomach. He had one the night before so it must have been lingering. Lori and I are both back at work doing our thing. We need to get moving on Christmas. Life is so busy you need to make yourself stop and enjoy the season or it’ll fly right by you.

I might get a new phone today as Jagger’s and mine have been acting up. I emailed myself 16 voice mails I have from Mom to my computer so I don’t lose them so I don’t lose them. It’s surreal to hear her voice as it sometimes feels like she’s right next to me talking to me. This is usually when I’m alone or driving. Guess I’m going a little bit crazy as I get older, or maybe my Mom is really there, ha. I often look up and think she’s watching us and will say something under my breath to her. So in case you’re wondering, she’s doing fine.

20 days until the big guy in the red suit arrives. Lots to do so I’d better get moving. Here’s another picture of our tree (ha ha) in case you missed it yesterday as I posted it after I published the blog. Have a great day and Merry Christmas!

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Home safe

I headed out yesterday to get Lori from the airport. On the way I stopped at Target for a few things and then was at DIA by about 11. After a stop at Five Guys for some lunch, we headed home. A few hours later we all headed out to find the perfect Christmas tree. As soon as we walked out the door, it started to lightly snow. After trudging through the snow up the side of a hill on the way to Leadville, we found what we think is the best tree we’ve had in years, or possibly the best ever!  By the way, the picture doesn’t do it justice, ha! We arrived home, trimmed up the trunk and put it in the stand and then began to string the lights. Of course we didn’t have enough so Jag and I were soon on the way to Walmart. I didn’t know this but they’re open 24 hours, wow, glad I don’t work there. Lori still has some work to do as lots of our ornaments are packed in storage but we did put on a few from Mom’s house. I think Lori is also going to put some ribbon on or something.

Luckily we got our tree yesterday as it was snowing and blowing all night long. It looks like Denver has more snow than we do here but the wind was blowing up here all night long. Lori and I were both really tired yesterday. She was up at 4 and I was up at 5 which means we were up at the same time with the time difference. This week is a little easier for me but I am in Denver tomorrow and Friday and Lori is back at work at the hospital.

I need to be at VMS at 8 to fill out some form for the school to turn in to CHASSA to try to straighten this whole mess out. I’m still pissed that the other coach made this such a big deal. Ty’s season is over and he needs to turn in his uniform today. I’m sure they’ll have a banquet coming up.

The house looks pretty good but the garage is full! I’d better get moving as we need to leave in less than an hour. We (Tom) probably needs to turn the heat way up at Mom’s house as it’s supposed to get colder this afternoon and evening. There’s one broken window upstairs that’s probably dropping the temperature inside the house. I hope the pipes don’t freeze.

That’s it! December 4th, enjoy each and every day as it’ll come and go fast. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, let the spirit within you come out! God Bless.

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Poor Sportsmanship

As you know, yesterday was full of basketball. It was a long day but the big highlight, or low light, was that we found out at noon, that the head coach of Battle Mountain, the 4A school we were playing in the championship, initiated a formal protest against Jagger playing under the grounds that he illegally transferred from Battle Mountain to VMS. Of course this was a shock to our school, team, coach and most of all, Jagger. Our AD (athletic director) months ago, after we transferred back, had cleared everything with CHASSA (the Colorado High School Sports Association) which is like the NCAA of high school sports. But in today’s political correctness, Jag had to sit out the game until there’s a formal ruling on Monday. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Our AD, once she found out about this, did get a hold of the League President in the valley who said, along with other people including Battle Mountains own AD, that Jag should be fine as he never set foot on Battle Mountains basketball court or played a sport while there for a short 3 weeks. In any case, their coach who is apparently bitter Jag left his program, turned in the protest preventing Jag from playing. The worst thing about it is that these games don’t even count towards either teams league record. All games are “out of conference” games until the first of January. Everyone was stunned and bummed for Jagger. To top it off, our coach, who is still a teacher at Battle Mountain and used to be the Assistant Coach there, says it’s clear the coach was trying to get back at him and used a 15 year old kid, (Jag), who just wants to play basketball, to get him. The whole team went to dinner after the game, (which we lost by about 15 points) and there was a note on the windshield of our coaches car when they came out, that said “traitor”. Wow! So hopefully CHASSA will rule in Jag’s favor on Monday but if they’re anything like the NCAA, you never know, stay tuned.

Meanwhile across the valley, Ty’s team won their first game but then lost to Leadville who was the number one seed, in the next round. I picked him up at 3:30 and we went back to watch Jag’s game as the coach still wanted Jag to suit up, warm up and sit on the bench, to be part of the team. All in all, I drove up and down the valley six times yesterday before finishing up and getting home around 6:30. Coach Chris (Jag’s coach) drove Jag home after the team dinner in town.

It’s 5:52 and I talked to Lori 20 minutes ago to make sure she was up. I’ll leave about 8 but still have a few things to pick up around here. Believe it or not, I somehow managed to get things pretty well de-cluttered around here. I basically just boxed up anything I don’t think we’ll use in the next 6 months, upstairs and down. It feels good as it’s much less crowded in here. After I pick up Lori, we’ll drive up the hill, get the boys, who will probably still be sleeping (ha), and go get our tree. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow so it’s good timing. We have to get a tall thin tree to fit in our small space.

That’s it for the today, hope everyone is well, have a great December 3rd and Happy Holidays, Take care and God Bless.

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And on it goes

Yesterday I somehow managed to get Jag’s room clean, take him to lunch and then get to his basketball game. Jag had some good playing time and we won and are now in the championship game at 3:30 today. Meanwhile Ty is working hard at school and raised a couple grades and had practice as he’s in a tournament today at noon. So, Ty needs to be dropped off at 11, and Jag has a shoot around practice at noon, Ty’s games starts at noon, and if they win, plays another one at 2:30. If they win that one, they play another at 4:30. This means we could have 4 games today with 3 of them overlapping. I’ll drop Ty at 11,  then I’ll drop Jag at practice early (like 11:30), run back to watch Ty, then run back to get Jag and take him to his game, then run back for Ty’s second game, watch the first half of that, then run back to Jag’s, watch that and then run back to watch the end of Ty’s championship game. Luckily the two gyms are only about 10 miles apart. I think I have that right.

Of course, somehow in between all of this I need to clean the house. It’s 6:48 now (I sort of slept in) so when I’m done writing, I’ll get on Ty’s room. He came in like 1 am and crawled in my bed so at least he’s not in his room.

Lori comes home tomorrow, yea! I think she’s going to some lunch today with Dixie. Looks like Dixie is coming out December 21st until December 28th. Glad she’s able to spend the holiday with us as it’ll be nice to have her here.

I’m skipping my Dallas trip on Monday. Lorenzo arrives Tuesday and I’ll be in Denver at least twice next week. Time to get cleaning I guess. I think I’ll take the boys to breakfast somewhere. I did workout yesterday for about 35 minutes and am pretty sore today.

Wish both boys luck today. Ty’s team is like the number 2 seed and could win the whole thing as they’re pretty darn good, while Jag’s team is probably playing Battle Mountain which is a 5A school. His school is 2A so they’ll have quite a challenge ahead of them, but you never know.

Have a great day and we hope to be sending Tasha and family’s presents out next week. Tasha, if you’re reading, you’ll need to text me your address. Go Falcons (Ty’s team) and Go Rangers (Jag’s team), God Bless.

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