Getting ready

Temps will soon be plummeting. Cold weather is on the way. Time to get the dogs crates in the garage set up and make sure all else is ready for some snow. We had the sprinklers blown out the other day and I bought two large bags of bird seed for our flock. Ty has a dentist appointment today and Jag is working hard in Boulder.

I would like to clean some more stuff out of the storage unit and organize the garage a bit if I have time. Lori is in Vail today and we overslept a bit so she’s in a rush.

Same old crap on tv. No point in going there. Robi’s birthday is in two days! Keep an eye out for a package. Time to get moving as our builder is coming over to fix a few small things. May God Bless and watch over you all.

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Need a break

Ever feel like you could use a break? Man, we could. Between the sale of the house falling through and everything else going on, times are tough. Not complaining as a lot of people are far worse off than us but man, we could use a break. All during this pandemic there’s been one constant, the bills keep coming. It’s amazing the whole World hasn’t shut down. If you think about it, things could be much much worse. Still, it’s not normal, there is no “new normal” and sooner or later we have to get back to living our lives. Oh well, I must have not got enough sleep right?

Ty was tired yesterday after school and went to bed early. Lori and I worked all day and Jag is studying away. I have a haircut today and a bunch of calls. I think Lori is in Vail. I made short ribs yesterday. Guess no one really likes them but me but they sure were good.

The ads on tv are getting downright comical. We have this one old wacko hard core democrat congresswoman who is basically mimicking Trump word for word in her ads and even putting the words INDEPENDENT, in all caps under her name at the end of the ad. Of course she’s a democrat but strategically using the word independent so people will think she’s an independent. What bullshit. Flat out trying to mislead voters as she knows her record and party affiliation in this part of the State is a negative. Sadly I don’t think people are smart enough to see through it and probably think she is an independent. What crap. Throw them all out.

Not sure what November will bring. Lori is supposed to go get her mom a couple days after the election. We’ll see how that goes. Guess I should feed the dogs. Ty can sleep in today. Hope everyone is well. Here’s last nights sunset, God Bless.

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Times a changing

Ok, it’s getting colder, the holidays are close and Robi’s birthday is this Friday! Check out this picture Ali sent of Ty and his buddy Matthew in 2008, priceless.

Ty asked “who’s the creepy dude behind us”? This was at Charlie Chalker’s house. They always had amazing kid parties. Matthew is on his way to being a top draft pick in the NFL as he’s way over 300 lbs now in high school and literally built like a brick house. Ty was Anniken Skywalker and Matthew was Obi wan kenobi for Halloween, fun times.

Last night Lee and Margaret and Robert and Lindsey along with their little boy who is 4 years old, Theodore, (named after Uncle Ted) came over for dinner. It was nice but poor Lori was stuck cooking. She’s amazing though. It’s like a restaurant when she has people over for dinner.

We countered on our latest offer on the townhome. Our relator is confident we’ll get a ton of action and offers. Hope he’s right. Ty is driving a lot and bugs us multiple times each day and night to go drive. He’ll want to drive to school this morning for sure.

There are a bunch of fires burning across the State. Denver and Boulder are really smoky. Luckily none up here. James is bow hunting in Wisconsin this week and Marty should get his appraisal this week so he can start moving in over in Silverthorne. We’re going to go vote in person this week. You can start voting in person as of today.

They say we have a big increase in covid cases but we don’t see that up here. Not sure where it is as Boulder is now dropping too. Hope this goes away soon as it’s getting old, really old.

Time to go, start working on your Halloween costume! We’ll have kids for sure up here. Lori put up a big scary spider web yesterday. Boo! Did I scare ya? God Bless.

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Back on the market

Yesterday showings started again and we have a new offer. I think it’s a guy that made an offer before but he came up $20K. We haven’t seen it yet but if it’s what the relator said, he still needs to come up another $20K. Good news is we’re getting action.

Smoke in Denver and Boulder looks bad. It’s nice up here as we’re west and south of the fires. North Boulder even had some evacuations. We had our smoke a few months ago so no more for us. Time for snow, we need it bad.

Tonight Rick and Devon and their two kids are coming over for dinner. Cooper and Ty were on the same mountain bike team. We’ve known Rick and Devon forever and they’re really good people. Today I’d like to get over to the storage units and clean a bit more out. We need to go get a twin bed for Dixie to use when she comes for a visit. We’re figuring out when that is.

The news just had a segment saying truth and advertising laws don’t apply to political ads. Well surprise surprise. They says it’s all opinion and hyperbole, again, surprise surprise. Anyone who doesn’t know political ads are not true shouldn’t be able to vote. Good God.

What is surprising is our sitting Governor is doing political ads for another democratic candidate. I can’t remember seeing a current Governor in Colorado doing ads in an election. Way to be fair and represent all the people of Colorado. Wyoming is looking better and better every day.

Guess I’ll go before I get sucked in. Hope everyone is well, God Bless.

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Yesterday at 4:30 we received a call asking if we could close on the sale of our townhome on Tuesday. 15 minutes later we received another call and learned the deal was off. Apparently our buyer had some credit card debt they didn’t disclose to the lender. Ugh. So back on the market we go with Minturn. Lucky we didn’t spend the money before we had it! Mom always said, don’t count your chickens before they hatch!

Ty and I went to Denver to service the truck and while it was getting worked on, we drove up to Boulder to take Jag some groceries. Ty helped him carry them into his dorm and then helped Jag carry some trash out. I guess Jag’s room was pretty messy. No surprise there. Good that he has to either live with it or clean it. He must have hit the breaking point to clean it a bit. Girls don’t like messy rooms.

Lori made lasagna last night. We’ll probably freeze a good chunk of it. I’m headed to the gym at 7:30 and will meet Marty at the gas station on the way as he has some clients from Miami looking to fill up their wine cellar. Then we’ll take it easy around here. We were going to look for a coffee table but with Minturn falling apart, we’ll need to wait.

No politics today, they wear me out. So does the covid talk. We’ll just keep to ourselves and wash our hands and wear our masks. God Bless.

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One more trip

I have a 9:30 oil change in Denver and while they do it I’m running up to Boulder to get Jag some groceries. Yesterday Ty and I went to Glenwood to get his official drivers license permit! They wouldn’t let me go in due to covid until the end to sign a liability paper. So we now have four drivers in the family!

Last night I was at James’s while Lori went to get her nails done. We met at home around 7. Ty spent the night at Sonny’s and I’ll get him at 7:15 this morning to go with me to Denver. We’ll do a little shopping to top off our supplies around the house. We’ll get some things like office supplies and cleaning supplies while they’re still easily available.

It’s cool up here and nice. Politics is a shit show still. Last night Trump was grilled while Biden was at a family gathering. The big news of the day was Biden’s kids laptop shows Joe lied about relationships with foreign governments while VP but worse is Facebook and Twitter not only censored people like you and me but also the 4th largest paper in the Country, the New York Post! I can’t believe this, wow. Good news is big tech will now be broken up. Their days of being an arm of the Democratic Party are coming to an end, thank God.

That is it, be well and God Bless.

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Headed to the gym

In an hour Lori and I are headed to the gym. After that Ty and I are off to Glenwood to get his official permit. Most places are booked up for months but I found an appointment in Glenwood at 1:40 this afternoon. Jag had a big math test last night at 7:30 and did well. He has all A’s and a few B’s of course. He’s one smart and dedicated kid. At 3pm we have our new bed being delivered. Lori is having them pick up the one we bought a few months ago and is replacing it with a new one.

I think it dropped into the 20’s last night. We sleep with the window open so I am pretty good at guessing the temperature these days. Still little to know rain though. We hope to close on Minturn by the end of next week.

One more day of Senate grandstanding before they hopefully confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the court. I say grandstanding as it’s really not much of debate but rather democratic politicians giving speeches and saying things that at best are not true to try to score points for the election. At worst case, they’re just lies. Take the most popular one from the democrats which is that Judge Barrett will eliminate pre existing from health care. In fact, for years every single republican health care proposal protects ALL pre existing conditions. Right now the republicans have presented a law in Congress that protects ALL pre existing conditions in ANY health care law in the Country but EVERY democrat voted no! Wow. Same thing with the covid relief package. Nancy Pelosi is holding up $1.8 Billion in funding for her pet projects. Even some in her own party are slamming her but this senile old lady won’t budge. So you can see things are not all they appear to be. Democrats are lying and obstructing day and night. Again, think for yourself, don’t believe something on tv just because it’s on tv.

I’m out, God Bless.

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Hump Day

Half way through the week and almost half way through the month. Soon it’ll be November and then December. The best news about that is all the political ads will be over. Also Judge Amy Coney Barrett will be our newest Supreme Court Justice. She is one smart woman. In fact, she was by far the smartest one in the room the other day when being questioned by the Senate.

Lori is working from home today and I’m going to get Ty and take him to the DMV to get his picture taken. He spent the night at Sonny’s. We had our new Toto toilet installed yesterday which is great. It was an upcharge of $600 but worth it. Jag is doing ok. It’s weird at CU as the students are basically confined to their dorms and that’s it. We did get an email yesterday saying they’re loosening things up as cases have dropped dramatically but supposedly they’re going up in the State. With the WHO now saying lockdowns are no good (nice 180 there right?) cases will go up. I told him he should just come home.

Lori made pork green chili yesterday in the crock pot for like 10 hours. It was good. I think we’re eating leftovers for the next two days.

I’m headed to Minturn today to move a few more things out of the garage. We hope to close in the next 10 days. That’s it, be well, safe and God Bless.

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Up in the air

Talked with Jag yesterday, he’s not sure what’s going on at school as even though some classes are supposed to be in person, the teachers keep changing their minds and moving them to on-line. If this continues he might as well come home.

Yesterday I was in Grand Junction and Jess, Marty and Mel’s oldest sons girlfriend, cleaned our house. She did an amazing job and hung out with Lori all day. She’s from South Africa and I guess doesn’t have any family and is like 20. She’s a good girl. Ty hung out with Sonny and Jack until 7. Today he’s home as our toilet in the master is getting replaced.

Last night I learned of two guys I know who died. The first being the kid in Minnesota who went hunting with us a year ago and had brain cancer, JD. RIP. The second, and utterly senseless, was Lee Keltner. He was the guy shot at a pro police rally in Denver by an unlicensed security guard. This made the national news. He was a good guy who made custom cowboy hats and a few years ago, made me two. So sad, RIP Lee.

Now, when is this crap going to stop! Just because you don’t agree with someone politically, it doesn’t give you the right to destroy property or harm another human being. Just stop, fucking stop! Good God.

Time to go, God Bless.

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Back at it

So it was cool but no snow. Still nice with some rain. Today and this week it is going to be a nice Fall week. Leaves are dropping en masse and you can feel a change in the air. We need to get out bird hunting soon.

Ty is doing fine. Sonny and Jack spent the night and the boys have the entire week off from school. Lori and I of course are working away. October seems like it’s moving slow with today being the 12th.

We (Lori) made chili yesterday, yum. The WHO (World Health Org.) came out and told World leaders that lockdowns are not effective and shouldn’t be used to battle the virus. Hmm.

I’m in Grand Junction today and will stock up on some medical supplies, a new socket set and my buddy found me some hard to find rifle ammo. I’ll grab anything else I see that we might need if I see it.

Time to go, make it a great week and God Bless.

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