Well I’m up here in Seattle sitting in our Air BNB overlooking the ocean at 5:54 am. I always wake up early here due to the time difference plus I’m just an early riser.

Today I’ll continue my meeting with my three partners mapping out the future of our new company or as we call it, Newco. We’re changing and evolving as we have come to an agreement with the largest sparkling wine company in the World on a strategic investment that has them contributing millions over the next three years. Then they can have the first chance to buy us but we can say no. Anyhow this move infuses a lot of cash which allows us to expand into an entire new segment and provides capital to basically double in size. So lot’s going on.

Today we’ll meet until about 1:30 when my driver will take me back to the airport for my 3;30 flight. I should land in Denver a little after 7 and be home a little after 9. Lori is staying with her Mom so I probably won’t see her until tomorrow. Ty had mountain bike practice yesterday and has a race today. He’s doing really well. Last night, Lori, Dixie, the boys and Emma went to Splendido, the great restaurant in Beaver Creek. I talked to her while they were there and I guess the service was horrible. I told her to find the manager and say something which she did. She was very upset but I guess they took care of them, finally, ugh.

September is right around the corner. Hard to believe. I’ll be in New York middle of the month and then probably have a trip up here again soon. I might go to Germany for Octoberfest on October 2nd for a big meeting but am not sure yet. So that is it. Lot’s going on. It’s Kristin’s birthday today, whoo hoo! She doesn’t read the blog but Happy Birthday!

God Bless

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Off to Seattle

4:30 am and getting ready for the drive to Denver for my flight to Seattle. I’m back 33 hours later around 7 tomorrow night. Yesterday I picked up Dixie around 10:30 in the morning and had her in Vail by 12:15. Lori gave her a tour of the clinic and then we checked her into her suite (they upgraded us) at the Sonnenalp. The boys, Emma and Lori and I had lunch with her before she took a rest until evening. Lori spent the night there and will do so again tonight.

Today is Auntie Dee’s 95th birthday. She’s mom’s older sister. We spoke yesterday and she’s sharp as a tack and doing well. She says she’s in a wheel chair but getting around just fine. Robin and Robert went over to see her as she had a small party on Sunday and they’re going back today.

Ty has mountain bike practice tonight and Jag has soccer this morning and afternoon. He has a scrimmage on Saturday and Ty has a race on Sunday. So lots still going on this week.

That’s about it, time to get moving. I still need to pack a bit for my overnight trip. Hope everyone is well, take care and God Bless.

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Sun, water and fun

We woke around 7 and were gone by 9:30. A few hours later we, and about 200 other people were on the river. Marty, Melanie, Lori and I along with their 12 year old son and his friend floated the Colorado River for about 8 miles. It was a lot of fun and sun. At a couple spots boats were stopped and people were jumping off rocks probably 30 feet high into the water. With the water level getting low, it didn’t look like such a good idea. There were rafts, kayaks, inflatable canoe’s and other types of water craft. The rapids weren’t bad but water is water and you need to be safe no matter how low it is.

The best thing about the whole day was you were totally 100% detached from normal day to day life. No phones (no service) no tv, no buildings or telephone poles, no cars, no clue of society anywhere, just the outdoors and nature were all you could see in any direction. I don’t think an airplane even flew over us. It was like living 100 years ago, peaceful and not a care in the World. What fun.

We were home by 5 and decided to get sushi for dinner. Lori’s head was killing her. We woke at 1:15 to the sound of our trash can being turned over. I jumped up and looked out the window as I knew it was a bear. I couldn’t see him but yelled ‘get out of here” out the window and then saw him leisurely walk down the driveway. Lori wanted to see so she too got out of bed to see him. It was almost a full moon so he was easy to see. I just looked outside at 5 am and sure enough our trash can is tipped over. They’re bear proof so he couldn’t get in to it.

This morning I’m off to get Dixie in Denver around 10. We have a room through one of Lori’s connections at the Sonnenalp. It’s a busy day with Ty working with Deb at 8, then mountain biking at 3 and Jag having soccer at 8 and 4. We also need to get the dogs home.

I’m off at 4:45 am tomorrow morning for the airport and will be gone for 36 hours. I too have some work to squeeze in today plus we have to keep Dixie company during the day. So that’s it, time to go, have a good day and GB.

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Landed safely

Lori and Dix made it here with no issues. We picked them up at 10am and loaded both along with a huge suitcase and walker into the car. Then it was off to Dicks Sporting Goods for some soccer cleats and shin guards for Jag. Next up was lunch at Elway’s before heading over to 240 Union for Al’s mom’s reception. Lunch was nice and so was the reception. Earl (Ali’s dad) seemed really sharp. He recognized all of us right away and asked how we like Vail and asked Lori how her job at the hospital was. He seemed to be taking everything well although we know from experience that losing a loved one usually hits you when you’re alone later. At one moment I saw him alone holding a picture of his wife looking at it. As Robin said the day before, can’t imagine being with someone for decades and then poof, they’re gone and you’re alone. Ali and Tom were hosting everyone best they could. Tom did a lot organizing everything and Ali was going through the motions of talking with everyone. May God Bless them all. Al’s back is killing her. Not sure what she can do about that.

We stayed an hour and then took Dixie to Greg and Jae’s. We made it there just in time as she was getting tired. Lori was really tired as she had like two hours sleep the night before.

Today Marty and Melanie are taking us on a float trip down the Colorado River. Should be fun. The boys will hang out as for the next week they’ll be hanging with Grandma. I’ll go get Dixie tomorrow morning and bring her up here for a couple days.

School starts soon, Lori goes back to California next Saturday, to take her mom home, and I leave elk hunting a week from Friday. Oh a week from Monday Ty goes whitewater kayaking for 3 days. Throw in a bunch of mountain bike and soccer practices and a few races and games and there you have it.

Time to get moving. Enjoy the day and God Bless.

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Here we go

Today Lori and Dixie arrive at DIA around 10 am. Then we have Ali’s moms service and reception. I guess the service is real small in a room in a church so we’re just going to the reception. I spoke to Ali and her back has flared up again and is giving her issues. Hope it’s better soon.

Yesterday was 9 years since Dad passed away. Time flies. Here’s Robi’s comment,

Robi says: August 16, 2019 at 4:13 pm

Sadly it’s been 9 years since dad died! I think with mom passing too, the focus has mainly been on her, but not a day goes by that I don’t think and pray about both of them, as I’m sure we all do. Wishing Ali’s mom service brings closure to her and her brothers and Earl. I was telling my friend this morning that I think the one hit the hardest is the surviving spouse. Think about it, being with the same person everyday for 40, 50, 60 years and one day they are gone, can’t imagine!

Couldn’t agree with her more. Again hard to believe it’s been 9 years.

Ty had practice in Eagle so I took some pictures of the house. It’s coming along. I need to get a large gun safe and ship it to the house so they can lift it in before the put the roof on the vault.

Ty rode 30 miles in 90 minutes which was 5 six mile loops on the Haymaker Trail. Then around 7 or so Harry made it here for a visit and dinner. He’s driving back to Colfax California and will be back mid-October. Jag had practice too and was home a few minutes before Ty and I.

Hope Dixie and Lori have a good flight. They are in First Class as it was essentially the same price as coach. I’m sure the flight will be fine it’s the getting to the airport that’s difficult. Lori just called and they’re at the airport, yea! Here’s a few more pictures of the house, not much to see but it’s coming along. It’s exciting to see our dream coming together. Hard to believe we’ve been living in this closet for 4 years now. It will be more like February at the earliest before it’s done though, ugh. Oh well, that’ll be here soon! God Bless

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Another day

Yesterday was more of the same, Jag had soccer and then hung out with his friends, Ty had a long bike ride up Highway 24 towards Leadville, I worked my butt off and had two workouts at the gym, one in the morning and one late in the afternoon. I was 199.6 pounds this morning though so that’s good, ha.

Both dogs go to daycare today as we have Aunt Ali’s moms service tomorrow and have to pick up Grandma Dixie and Lori at the airport around 10 am. It’ll be a busy week with Dixie here and me in Seattle on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ty and I are going to Aspen today as I have to stop in Carbondale and drop some samples.

Lori is doing ok. It’s tough for her to work remotely and be gone. She’s critical to the Practice and there’s always an emergency, day and night. In California she’s been running errands with her Mom going to doctor appointments, lunches, dinners and more. Even though I’m off to Seattle for 36 hours Lori’s booked solid until a week from Monday, either flying here, taking care of her Mom or flying her Mom back to Sacramento a week from tomorrow. So we’re all busy busy.

By the way, Ty goes white water kayaking two weeks from Monday and I go hunting on the 30th and school starts two weeks from Thursday so we’re all really slammed until a day or two after Labor Day or about September 4th, ugh. At least we’re keeping busy!

That’s it, time to run, have a great day and God Bless.

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Chill in the air

When you live in the mountains, you can feel the changes in the seasons pretty easy in the morning. Well let me tell you, Fall is coming. There’s that small bite of cold around 6 am that wasn’t there last week. Not sure what kind of Winter they say is coming up but as I said, the season is beginning to change.

We managed to get Lori to the airport on time and after a stop or two I was back home around 2. Ty had his first mountain bike race at 6:51. Different groups go off at different times and that’s when his group started.

He’s such a good kid and just went out and joined the team on his own without having any experience or knowing many kids at all. He ended up just a few minutes behind the leader in his group and is getting stronger every day. Good for him. Meanwhile Jag was at soccer and home right before Ty was finished.

This morning Ty has Deb and Jag has soccer. I have lots of computer work to do. We had a bear roaming around outside last night as the neighbor’s trash can is turned over and the dogs were sniffing around this morning. You can also see tracks from his dirty paws. Luckily we don’t keep any food in our cars or they’d be a mess. There are lots of bears this year.

Time to get moving, I need to clean the garage today if I can find the time. Have a great day and God Bless.

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Off to California

We’re leaving in an hour for the airport for Lori’s flight to California. I hate it when she goes there as the State is a freaking mess. She’ll be there until Saturday am when she and Dixie will fly back. They’re both in First Class as it was the same price as coach, go figure.

Ty has his first mountain bike race this afternoon while Jag is practicing away at soccer. His leg is still sore and healing which makes it difficult to run. School starts in Denver today but up here the kids have a few more weeks.

I almost don’t want to say it out loud but there’s a chill in the air that’s reminiscent of the changing season. In other words, it feels like Fall is on the way. I can’t remember a year with no Spring and such a short summer. Hope winter is not as strong as last year.

That’s it, time to get moving as the dogs need to go out before we leave and I still have to shower. Be safe people and God Bless.

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Clean sheets

Nothing like clean sheets. We’d like them everyday but that’s not going to happen. I did clean a bunch yesterday though and one of the things I did was wash the sheets. Ty rearranged his room and cleaned pretty well. Jag did some cleaning too in between soccer practices. I focused on the kitchen, laundry and our bedroom.

The dogs are happy and home. Ty went bowling in Eagle to a sort of going away party for a friend going off to CU tomorrow. He has Deb (his tutor) this morning and then mountain bike practice tonight. I’m off to Denver for a couple meetings and need to pick up some wine for Al’s mom’s service this Saturday.

The big news of the day is grandma Dixie is coming to visit. Lori leaves tomorrow for California and will fly back with her on Saturday. Dixie will then be here for a week and Lori will then fly her back to California on the 24th. I’m gone the 20th and 21st in Seattle.

It’s suppose to be drier this week but has been a wet year. Wonder what kind of winter it’ll be. Time to get the boys moving and myself too. Lori is already in the shower. It’ll be September before we know it. Then it’s all downhill to 2020. Sounds weird huh, 2020!

Have a great day, be safe, watch your back and God Bless.

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A Rough Day

Yesterday we were dragging a bit. Getting home at 1 and to bed at 2 the night before just takes it right out of you. Lori joked thank God we don’t drink! She’s right!

We have a busy week coming up. Jag has soccer this morning, Ty has mountain biking tomorrow and Lori goes to Sacramento Wednesday. I have lots of work and am in Seattle a week from tomorrow for two days. The dogs come home today from doggie daycare and I have lots of cleaning to do around here.

We did go to dinner last night with Melanie and Marty for Mexican food. Then we settled in for a good nights sleep which we really needed.

We’re still in awe of the concert. Lots of people from Vail went, well over 50! It was so good and so much fun that like I said before, everyone will remember it forever. I’ll find some more pictures to put up soon. That’s about it for today. Hope everyone is well, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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