Whatcha doing this summer?

Ok, let’s have it, what are you all doing this summer? Anxiously waiting to hear from each of you. Might hear from one or two but a guy can hope.

Glenwood was fine. Then I met up with the family at the storage units. I had a call so they took a trip to the dump. After my calls Lori and I went back down to the house to meet the landscaper. We have to put in a minimum number of trees and shrubs so we walked the property and went through that.

Not sure if Lori is getting her job back anytime soon. Might be October if she chooses to wait for the new spine doc to arrive. Her doc decided to resign now and is leaving next year. She could go work for another doctor now but I told her this is her chance to do something new. She can reinvent herself if she wants! How cool is that! Our ice cream maker still isn’t here, maybe today.

I’m off to the distributor and a couple of stores at 7 so not time to waste. I guess some of you didn’t get Jag’s graduation announcement. We think we didn’t put enough postage on them so we’re resending them today. 6:12 now so time to go, God Bless.

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Off to Glenwood

Headed to Glenwood Springs this morning to have Lori’s windshield replaced. Hope to be done by 9am. Then I’ll meet Lori and the boys at the storage units around 10 before two pricing calls for work starting at noon.

We’re packing and purging daily as things are moving along fast. I found a Cowboy Cauldron on line I really want but it’s about $1600. It allows you to have a wood burning fireplace outside and you can even grill over it. Looks like our hot tub will have to wait, ugh. $1600 may not seem like a lot but it all adds up, especially with college coming in a couple months. We’re still deciding where Ty will go to school. It’s a tough choice as it’s difficult to upend his social group when he’s going in to 11th grade. If it just came down to the education, we’d move him for sure. There’s a Zoom call today for families with the school to see what will happen in the Fall. I don’t need to be on it to have them tell us they’ll be back to normal as if they said anything different they’d lose a lot of people. Big decision.

Jag took a math test for CU yesterday and thinks he did well. I’m sure he did. Ty and his girlfriend might be breaking up, too bad. Ty’s sort of staying away from a number of his friends as they’re just getting stoned everyday. In fact, most all kids get stoned everyday. That’s what happens when you make weed legal, ha.

Our ice cream maker didn’t arrive yesterday. Hopefully today. Time to get moving as it’s 6:08 and I’d like to be out the door in exactly 37 minutes. Enjoy the day. Tomorrow I’d really appreciate it if you all could share your thoughts as to what you’re doing this summer. I’m planning to learn how to do a bunch of cooking in cast iron like they did 150 years ago and really learn how to play the guitar. I’ve played on and off for 30 years but am now going to get serious. I’m also committed to taking the boys fly fishing and do more shooting. Think we’re doing that Saturday. Of course we also to move, there’s that, ha. God Bless.

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Happy Anniversary!

Today is my Mom and Dad’s anniversary. Hope they’re having a good day. Down here it’s sunny and nice and we’re in cleaning mode. Lori and the boys went down to the storage units and house yesterday. I guess they found some mouse droppings at one of the storage units. We need to get down there today and clean out some crap like old mattresses and take them to the dump. I’m going to try to find someone I can hire to help. There has to be a couple guys with a truck who need some work.

In town today some people are having a small protest at the covered bridge so I’m told. I’m sure it’ll be peaceful but didn’t think we’d have one up here. Guess no place is immune. We’ll be working though and the village isn’t packed at all so I don’t expect any thing like we see in big city’s.

Today our ice cream make from Italy is supposed to arrive. As you might remember Lori is starting her own ice cream company. More on this but she and all of us are pretty excited. Should be fun as long as we can all keep from gaining weight.

The stereo came on at 3:32 this morning on its own so we were up early. I thought Mojo did it but he didn’t have the remote this time. Not sure how it happened but we slept in after waking in the middle of the night. Time to get going to the gym so time to go. Make it a great day, be well, be safe and God Bless.

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Cleaning it out

Today Lori is headed to the storage units while I run down to Denver. She’ll be taking pictures of some things we want to get rid of. Jag and Ty will be helping her. I hope to be back by 1:30 or 2 at the latest as I have a bbq at James’s house as he has his PT (physical therapy) guy Bobby visiting. Bobby has been with him for 20 years and goes on every tour with him to work on his back. James wanted us all to meet him as he leaves tomorrow.

Jag went to the movies last night. Our theater is back open with seating spread out and the whole place disinfected between shows. The health department gave it the ok so we went with that. I think Ty, Zoe and Sonny are going over to Frisco as Ty has some Converse High Tops he ordered with his own money.

We as a family are trying to come up with some new money making ideas. We decided we’re going all Elon Musk meaning thinking out of the box. Too many of us live our lives stuck in the mold society puts us in. If you take anything away from all the crap going on it should be that the status quo is gone. This means there are really no rules. Try bringing a little of that into your own life in a good way. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again as there has to be something you want to do that you don’t think you can do. I call bullshit on thinking you can’t do anything, just do it. Do you want to take a road trip to Yellowstone, just go. Want to learn to play the drums, bang away. Want to build a wooden canoe, get on it. You get my point. I know everyone has something they’ve always thought about doing but just never did. We all dream, time to make some dreams come true. That’d be a good takeaway from all this crap.

George Floyd’s brother was on tv yesterday condemning all the looting and violence. Good for him. In short he said “what are ya all doing? None of this helps bring my brother back or honor’s his memory”. Good for him. Sadly the people destroying America won’t listen as to them it was never about George, they were using his death to try to tear us all apart. Don’t fall for it.

That’s it, time to get moving. I have a few stops including the dry cleaners where we haven’t been for months. Be well, be safe and God Bless.

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June 1st

Looks like it’ll be a long hot summer. Put together the pandemic, everyone being forcibly locked down for months and now the senseless killing of a man in Minnesota plus billionaires like George Soros who funds terrorist organizations like Antifa and want to destroy America and what do you get, a long hot summer. As I said the other day, the media is also to blame. Every channel is broadcasting non-stop with headlines like the one on The Today Show this morning, Crisis in America. It’s funny to watch Savanah wearing a mask with no one within a half a mile of her. Good God.

Up here in Vail, thankfully we’re isolated from this so far. All it takes is one person though to do something stupid so you never know. The worst thing about all of this is that it does absolutely nothing. Looting and destroying businesses and property are not helping anyone. In some cases you have minority business and their owners having their life work destroyed for what? Antifa staged pile of bricks in cities across the Country, tell me that’s not planned. One thing this does prove beyond a doubt is that the police cannot in any way protect you. This is a clear example of how mob rule can take over and overwhelm any city anywhere. What now will happen though, (just wait and see) is after this is all done the powers that be will try to create some new laws that restrict you and me or those of us who were at home and had nothing to do with this all in the name of it being good for us, ha. It’s like the mandatory vaccine law that’s being pushed behind the scenes right now from some politicians. Get ready for that one and whatever you do, refuse!

Up here we had a nice day. Ty and Jag hung out together all day long talking, watching some tv and just being brothers. We bbq’d some hamburgers for dinner which were really good and then watched a little tv too. I have calls all day and then am in Denver tomorrow. I won’t be anywhere near downtown though. No point in going near the stupid people who are high jacking the senseless death of George Floyd and using it as an excuse to vandalize, steal and cause mayhem where they live. That’s what’s so ironic, they’re destroying the neighborhoods where THEY live, not yours or mine for the most part. Smart.

It’s nice and sunny outside. Should be a big week at the house with lots of stuff getting done. I need to order my bbq today. Hope you all are well. Be well and be safe and this too will pass but let it be a lesson to you. You have to take responsibility for your own safety, health, food, shelter, etc. You really are on your own. Just imagine if a mob of a few hundred came to your neighborhood intent on destruction, there would be nothing you or I could do. Now’s the time to prepare, we live in a new World and age, get ready for it. God Bless.

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The Day After

Graduation was a success! Jagger is now officially headed to college. The ceremony was of course different but in the end, successful. We all had to sit in our cars until your name was called and then we walked as a family around the soccer field to get his diploma, have a few pictures taken and then walked back across the field to our cars. We were 9th out of 30 families as they went in alphabetical order. Once it was done we headed home.

Around 6:30 we went to town to go to dinner. We had appetizers and desserts as we were all too full to eat much more. Of course on the way home Jag was hungry so we ordered some wings. Madi, Ty and Jag hung out and Madi spent the night.

It was a good day of celebration after years of hard work. Nobody anticipated things turning out like they did but we made the best of it. Today Lori and I are headed to the gym and then we’ll do some work around here.

In Denver, thugs brought in from out of State, once again tried to create chaos and do damage to the city. They used the recent events in Minnesota as their reason for being out there but before dark the real protestors, who were peaceful, went home and then the looters and losers came out. Thankfully the Mayor of Denver decided he wasn’t going to put up with it so after a few dumpster fires I think things were pretty much under control. I didn’t watch the news though as they treat it like it’s World War III or something. Our friends who live a few miles from downtown though were ready, armed and locked down in their house. crazy shit. By the way it was determined that many of the looters and thugs were from out of State from when they were arrested it was discovered they were not from Colorado.

It looks sunny this morning and we’re in for a hot day. The afternoon rains cools things down just enough to make it a great day. That’s it. Seems like everyone has forgotten about the virus with the protests going on. Funny how quick the media pivots to the disaster of the day. Didn’t see many people social distancing in Denver did you. Also no one was wearing masks in town last night up here except the servers. You could tell people are craving to get out and back to normal. God Bless.

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Graduation Day

This morning I was thinking back to when I graduated. That was a long time ago, about 46 years. Hard to believe how far we’ve come as a society in that short amount of time. The advances made in the 45 or 50 years before I graduated were remarkable. If you compare those years to the time period between 1974 and now, it’s hard to say we’ve advanced as a people. It seems we’ve actually digressed as people in how we live together and how we treat each other. Thankfully we now live in the mountains.

No one I know of anywhere agrees or is happy about the cop in Minnesota murdering George Floyd. But how does destroying our cities buildings and businesses relate to this in any way? If you look at the majority of the protestors many of them are using this poor mans death to flat out steal things. They don’t care about this guy, they just want to loot and destroy things. The policeman who allegedly committed the horrible act has been charged with murder. Before anyone goes off, I say allegedly as in our Country you’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, right? What a shit show. If you live in the city, I’d stay away from downtown for a few days, especially at night.

Now to our life. Jagger graduates today around noon! Quite the accomplishment. Lori mailed our graduation announcements so hopefully everyone has one. He went out to dinner last with Madi’s family while Lori, Ty and I went to Marty and Melanie’s. Ty and Max hung out while we visited and grilled truffle hamburgers. They were good.

They say rain today but we’re hoping it holds off until after noon when we’ll be done. It looks nice outside now.

And now to the virus. Today I’ll lay off my opinions on the whole thing. No matter how many die, one death is too many. I’m just so sick and disappointed in the news and society pushing the non-stop end of the World scenarios as they’re doing. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a news channel that just showed good things? Last night all our local news channels were showing the so called riots in Denver with non-stop live coverage and best I could see there were about 20-30 people, mostly homeless that live there at the Capitol raising hell. Yet the news would have you believe there were thousands of people from all walks of life protesting. That too is just not true. What we had was a bunch of thugs and looters taking advantage of a mans death to steal everything from sunglasses to phones to suitcases. How does looting the Sunglass Hut in any way relate to the injustice in Minnesota? Think about it, it doesn’t.

That’s it, be well, be safe and God Bless.

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Well well well

Turns out the CDC now admits the death rate for Covid is less than the flu! On top of that the antibody tests are wrong half the time! What, the media is lying to you? No way, everything they say on tv is true, it must be or it wouldn’t be on, right? Read on,


May 28th, 2020

The mainstream media is ignoring the fact that the CDC has admitted the death rate for COVID-19 is actually lower than the flu. This is happening as the media admits that the antibody tests are wrong 50% of the time!

The scamdemic fear-mongering is ongoing and the propaganda is getting worse daily, even as their OWN DATA shows otherwise. Instead of giving the public the facts, the media continues to push for an extended lockdown, freedom trampling regulations, mass surveillance, and our permanent enslavement for their political overlords.

The CDC just came out with a report that should be earth-shattering to the narrative of the political class, yet it will go into the thick pile of vital data and information about the virus that is not getting out to the public. For the first time, the CDC has attempted to offer a real estimate of the overall death rate for COVID-19, and under its most likely scenario, the number is 0.26 percent.

Until now, we have been ridiculed for thinking the death rate was that low, as opposed to the 3.4 percent estimate of the World Health Organization, which helped drive the panic and the lockdowns. Now the CDC is agreeing to the lower rate in plain ink.

Plus, ultimately we might find out that the IFR is even lower because numerous studies and hard counts of confined populations have shown a much higher percentage of asymptomatic cases. Simply adjusting for a 50 percent asymptomatic rate would drop their fatality rate to 0.2 percent – exactly the rate of fatality Dr. John Ionnidis of Stanford University projected.

More importantly, as I mentioned before, the overall death rate is meaningless because the numbers are so lopsided. Given that at least half of the deaths were in nursing homes, a back-of-the-envelope estimate would show that the infection fatality rate for non-nursing home residents would only be 0.1 percent or 1 in 1,000. And that includes people of all ages and all health statuses outside of nursing homes. Since nearly all of the deaths are those with comorbidities.  -The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

This is something most people have known relatively early on, as the government continued to inflate the numbers and call every death a COVID-19 casualty so they could commit economic terrorism on the entire planet. And those antibody tests the ruling class wants us all to take before can even think about coming off house arrest? Those are only right half the time.  How did CNN spin this into more fear porn and propaganda? Check it out:

“Serologic test results should not be used to make decisions about returning persons to the workplace.”

Health officials or health care providers who are using antibody tests need to use the most accurate test they can find and might need to test people twice, the CDC said in the new guidance. –CNN

So, you can’t be free, which is your birthright, because their tests are inaccurate. It’s actually quite shocking people are even agreeing to these tests in the first place, all to pad the numbers for this scamdemic that has been little more than a hoax since day one. This has become so blatantly ridiculous that it’s actually hard to believe there’s anyone out there still supporting the government and their puppets in the mainstream media. They want you to still be afraid.  They need you in fear.  Do not comply.

WOW, what an article. Now some of you are so brainwashed that you’ll ignore the facts and keep on thinking all the media has been feeding you is true which is exactly what they want you to believe. I mean think about it. As I said a few weeks ago, how come not one single member of Congress has been sick? Do you actually know anyone in good health who has been sick or even worse, died? Up here, we don’t. Every person here who sadly passed away was a person with other health issues. Even those we know who were sick had other issues and have since recovered. To be fair, for some of those it did take a while but then some people take a month to get over the flu, especially as they get older.

If the CDC is right and the death rate is lower than the flu, that would explain a lot. What it doesn’t tell us is why the govt. and media pushed this narrative for so long. The media is easier to understand as catastrophe’s get ratings and this has been a non-stop ratings bonanza for them. It’s in their interest to make this and any tragedy as bad as possible. They sensationalize everything. Think back to Hurricane Katrina or the fires in California. Bad news and fear sells and they know it. Now for the government, what do they have to gain. Well it could be a number of things. Maybe some want to damage Trump so they kept pushing the doomsday scenario. Every democrat has accused Trump of bungling this whole thing as they see it as a way to get rid of him. Don’t forget about Cuomo in New York, the darling of the news a few short weeks ago with daily press conferences. He is now dropping in the polls faster than a snowman melting in Hawaii after it was learned he sent old people to quarantine in nursing homes. Uh oh, he’s in trouble.

So, are you one of those that will now ignore the CDC even though you’ve been believing them for months? Or will you finally start thinking for yourself. I pray people are not too far gone to fall for the propaganda that we’ve been fed for the past 3 or 4 months. It’s up to each of us to decide for our self.

Now for us. We’re doing well. I think (hope) school is all in. I think I’ve pulled the month out work wise. Tomorrow we’re going to friends for dinner and Saturday is graduation. I’ll stop now since the post is already long. Be well, be safe and God Bless.

WAIT, One more thing, this just in, the World Health Organization now says healthy people should only wear masks when taking care of a person with the virus, WOW! Who could have ever predicted that! Read for yourself, here’s the link straight from the WHO.


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Two days to go

School is almost over. Jag has a cap and gown school picture this morning while Ty has to wrap up a history paper, then we’re done. Meanwhile I’m trying to close the month by getting in about $400K in the last few days.

I was in Denver by 8:30 and picked up the car by 9. I actually prefer the Audi to the Porsche. I was home by 11. Then I worked the phones all day until around 4:30 when I went to the gym. I just needed a break. I was going to go shooting with James and Marty but was too busy.

It’s nice and cool this morning as Spring should be with sun in the forecast. Ali posted an article from the Denver Post saying old people should stay home. To each their own but that article is exactly my point. Why do you believe everything you see in the newspaper or on tv? Weeks ago they told us you could catch this thing from surfaces, now they say you can’t. Months ago they told us not to wear masks and now they say wear them. I can see them saying in a month, don’t stay home, get outside as much as you can as we just found out that natural vitamin D from the sun builds up your immunity to the virus. Good God, wake up and realize nobody really knows much about this at all. What we do know for sure is this so far isn’t as bad as the flu. This is straight from actual number which are facts. If you’re “older” (what is older?) and it’s flu season, you shouldn’t go out around sick people. If you’re sick, you need to stay home. For some of you, your bodies might biologically be much older than your age while others might be younger than your age. The best thing about living in America is you have the freedom to do what YOU want. Some are trying to change this even now but as of today, you can still do what you want to do. So if you want to never leave your home, don’t. Just don’t tell others what to do. Lori’s friend in Wheat Ridge says people are posting neighbors on social media and chastising them for not wearing a mask. How sad, get a life and stop imposing your will on others. They said yesterday over 50% of Americans would refuse to get a Coronavirus vaccine. So get ready as herd immunity is what it’s going to take to get rid of this meaning you will sooner or later be exposed to it, unless you go into 100% total lockdown. Like I said a few days ago, maybe they should open quarantine homes for people that never want to go out again. Last, I’m not saying go to a concert or pool party with hundreds of people crammed into a small space. But if you need your hair done, need to go to the dentist, or want to go to a park or restaurant, be smart, be safe and go! Otherwise stay home as that’s your right but understand others feel different. Lori’s friend is actually considering selling their house and moving over their neighbors Nazi type shaming.

What we should be talking about is the issue of the day which is the poor black man who was murdered by police in Minnesota. What the fuck is going on? This guy did nothing to deserve this. The cops were fired but need to be charged. Sadly this further fuels racial division among us all which shouldn’t be happening in 2020. We pray for this man and his family. This is something to protest, not people not wearing masks!

May God Bless George Floyd and May God Bless you all.

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Down and up

One more trip this morning. I need to drive a Porsche Panamera (my loaner car) down to Lakewood to swap it out for Lori’s Audi. Her car needed a software update so that’s why the quick trip.

I’ll take Jack (Ty’s friend) with me and drop him at his house. Then I have a few calls for work while driving. This afternoon I’m headed to the range for some shooting. I think Jag is coming along. Lori was at the dentist yesterday having a tooth prepped for a crown as her temp fell off over the weekend.

Thank God school is over in a couple of days. We are not happy at all with their performance during this mess. In fact, we’re very unhappy. So are many other parents we know. The teachers were basically MIA and didn’t teach the kids anything. They just loaded them up with videos and homework with no supporting instruction. Many schools have a policy where kids grades could not go down from when distance learning began. Ours though had no such policy. Guess they think they knew better than everyone else.

It’s now 6:30 and I’d like to be on the road by 7 so time to get moving. Make it a great day! Most of Colorado is opening today from restaurants to stores. About time. As I said yesterday, get out there and live you life. God Bless.

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