Go time

Last night at about 10 pm Jag pulled in. He’ll be here for at least two weeks unless they shut things down for good. Lori said he brought a lot of stuff. I was in bed but did get up to see him for a minute. Ty was anxiously waiting for him. They missed each other.

I’m leaving in about an hour so I don’t have a lot of time. My cousin Lee and his wife Margaret came over yesterday and I gave them some stuff from storage we didn’t want. We’re a lot alike in many ways. They too would like to find a place in Wyoming.

Lori made it to Denver and back while I ran errands and packed. Should take us about 8 hours to get to Jackson if all goes well. Looks cooler up there which will be nice. There was a small fire out Highway 131 which is on our route but it’s out now. Time to get moving. Should be home next Wednesday or Thursday with a couple coolers full of elk God willing.

Be safe and God Bless.

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Time to pack

In 23 hours and 45 minutes I should be on the road to Wyoming. Can’t wait. The colors are changing, the elk are bugling and the mornings are cool. It’s definitely the best time of year.

I think Marty will come pick me up at 6 and then we’ll go grab James and then we’re off. Lori will have to do the blog for the next week or so. Jag is coming home today for two weeks since they’ve essentially shut down all of Boulder, especially to anyone between 18 and 23. He wanted to bring six friends! Ah this is a big no. We’re even making him get a covid test before he comes home. No telling where six 18 somethings have been, right?

We have a meeting at school this morning with Ty’s counselor and then Lori is off to Denver to get her hair done. I have a lot to do to get ready to go. Mostly stuff around here to make sure all is good for the family. Packing is easy for me as I have all my stuff pretty much ready to go.

Work is going fine. Things are getting better every day but they’re threatening a lockdown again. Supposedly cases are rising, mostly at colleges. Maybe they’ll shut down all the schools and go to all on line learning. Jag has the option but we’ll wait until this two week period is over to see what’s going on.

The birds are enjoying their breakfast. All 100 of them. Bird seed is expensive. They need to go on a diet. Cool weather is coming. That is it for today. Be well, be safe and God Bless.

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Was looking out the window yesterday and saw what looked like smoke. In a Nano second I knew I was right. I called Ty down and had him run over closer to the fire to verify it was not some neighbor burning trash. It wasn’t. I dialed 911 and let them know and about 5 minutes later the firefighters started to show up. It was a long 5 minutes. The fire burned only about an acre but could have been much worse. Lucky I was home. It was a tractor from the county with a mower attachment that created a spark and caused the fire. I saw it all happen. It took about 3 hours for it to be cleaned up. They cut down every sage brush bush there was until nothing was left but a lot of black dirt. Scary.

Today Ty has in person school. Lori is home and I’m home too. The colors are changing here with yellows and golds spreading fast. Should be peaking this weekend or next week for sure. We leave Saturday and will be in Jackson Wyoming Saturday might before rolling into Idaho Sunday. Sure would be nice to have a place up there. We’re scouring the internet daily and I have a buddy who is a real estate broker out of Jackson watching for great deals. Unfourtanetly it seems the entire Country wants to buy property in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana or Colorado. Can’t blame them.

Here’s 20 acres for under $160K about 45 minutes from Jackson Hole in Idaho. Idaho is also the lowest in the nation for taxes! Be great to have a small cabin or something there. We’d like something with water but that’s much more expensive. Just looking. I’d like to have a small piece of land somewhere for the boys. The Teton’s sure are beautiful too. Fishing and hunting is good and the soil is fertile and best of all, the people all get along.

This is the path we walk the dogs on a few times a day. You can see where the mower cut the grass along the edge and that’s where the fire started. Fire moves quick!

Time to go. Leave it to Beaver is on! I also just watched My Three Sons. They should make all these protestors watch these kind of shows. God Bless.

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Staying home

No driving today except maybe to the range. I was back up by 1 yesterday but still had to make the drive. I actually get a lot done driving as I’m usually on the phone the entire time. But it still wears you down. After the drive I hit the gym for a bit to decompress.

Today we’re having our ice maker fixed for the 3rd or 4th time meaning it really wasn’t “fixed” those other times. I’ll also start pulling together my hunting gear as I leave in about 72 hours. Can’t wait.

Fires, floods, disease and social unrest are everywhere. Anyone here read the Book of Revelations? Might not want to start with that part of the bible as it’ll shake you up. Lots of people I know are preparing for the worst. And it’s not just people like me that have always tried to be ahead of the game, it’s people that never before have thought of preparing for anything. Just look at gun sales nationwide. Turns out that most people buying guns these days are registered democrats. Guess the republicans already had purchased theirs.

Looks like Trump will get to nominate another Supreme Court Justice. The dems are going nuts but he’s perfectly within his right to do so. They seem to think the President somehow stops being President when it suits them. I’d remind them Obama was conducting an illegal investigation into Trump even on his last day in office after he lost the election. Ruth Ginsberg said in 2016 a President has the absolute right to install a new justice anytime he’s in office including in an election year. The dems don’t care though and even are calling for violence to stop it. They’re also saying let’s change the Constitution and add more judges to dilute the court. Wow. How can anyone in their right mind support this? Oh well, as I said before, get ready, shit’s going down. So glad we live in the mountains.

Marty and Mel’s appliances for their new house are running late. Surprise surprise. Hope they get here on time. Time to go, hope you all are well. Jag is fine. So is Ty. Be safe and God Bless.

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One more time

Lori has to be in Vail by 7:30 and I have one more trip to Denver for samples. Then I’m done driving down there for a while. I should e back by 11. I was going back to the range this morning but will go this afternoon instead.

Lori is having the windows washed inside and out and the guy comes back today to finish so Ty will have to get up early. Jag is doing well and goes to remote learning for the next 2 weeks.

The news is talking about 5G phones. Do not get one! It’s terrible for you, the birds and just about anything else that’s alive. Thank God we live in the mountains. Just another example of money trumping the health and safety of people.

Time to go. Be well, safe and God Bless.

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I’m making a quick turn to Boulder this morning to drop Jag some stuff. Should be back by noon if I’m lucky. Then it’s shooting at 4 at the range.

One week to go to wrap the month and change up some things. Dog gate goes on today and hopefully a few other small things. Lori is working from home. Ty has school and I’ll drop him on my way. Cooler last night as we always sleep with the window open and you can feel Fall in the air.

Time to move and groove, GB.

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Looks like we sold Minturn yesterday. We had two offers and countered on one and then they came back and we accepted the offer. It’s a woman from Boulder who is buying the townhome. We hope to close by the end of October. This is good news as it’s no fun paying two mortgages. Pray all goes smooth.

Marty and Mel came over for enchilada’s. Ty had his buddy Jaron spend the night and Jag is well. Today Laura is coming by and I’m dropping some enchilada’s for James as he’s in a marathon song writing zoom session with the guys. He was going to join us last night but couldn’t break away.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg died as I’m sure you all know. This is going to create more unrest and riots surrounding the election. Get ready and stock up on staples.

Lori’s sister Serena is kicking Stage 0-1 breast cancer. This has been going on for a month or so but we were waiting to find out just what’s going on. Everyone needs to say a prayer for her as prayer works! She’s a fighter though so she should win the war. May God help and watch over her in this fight!

Robi commented yesterday that it would have been the day we were going to the Eagles. I miss concerts. We’re supposed to get refunded by the end of October. There as bad as the IRS. Hope so. I miss movies too. This whole covid thing is sure messing life up in general. Thankfully we don’t live in the city as things are much worse down there.

Time to head to the gym. Hope everyone is well. I’d like to get to the range today too but will probably go Tuesday morning. Keep training Robi and go out and buy another gun while you still can. Arizona could turn Blue with John Kelly running against McSally. Vote Republican or the World as you know it will change forever and not for the better! Honestly ask yourself, when have the democrats ever done anything for the good of you or the Country. Right now they’re supporting destruction, riots, higher taxes, more regulation, socialism and more. They are not looking out for you, the working middle class American, no matter what they tell you in their false campaign ads. You do know they founded the KKK right? I could go on but I think most of you are smart enough to think for yourself and know the truth. If not, remember they moved the election day to November 11th. God Bless.

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One week to go!

A week from today James, Marty and I are headed for Idaho to go elk hunting! Whoo hoo! Hope the smoke dissipates a bit by then. In the meantime I have a bunch of work to do and need to get to the range at least once to make sure my scopes are zeroed in. I’ll take my 300 Win Mag and 280 Remington. By the way Robi, reloading is where we take our used brass (the leftover part from shooting a bullet) and reload it with a new primer, powder and bullet and then shoot it again. When you load your own you can tweak the amount of powder you use to get more powerful rounds meaning they travel at a faster speed and have higher energy when they hit something. Factory ammo is really good these days but as they say there’s nothing like rolling your own! It’s pretty involved though as you need to have a press, a scale, and a bunch of other tools. In the end though it’s much cheaper than buying factory ammo once you have all the stuff.

Lori made prime rib last night with her famous potato’s from Vincent’s cookbook. Tom and Robi will remember this restaurant in Scottsdale as Mom and Dad would take us there often.

Jag is doing well but they have moved a bunch of covid kids into the building next to his. I think they’re up to something like 800 cases. Tom keeps us up to date as he somehow has an inside source as to what’s going on at CU.

We’re getting lots of showings at the townhome. I think we’re close to getting an offer. Hope so. All the blue jays are outside for breakfast. They can go through 3 feeders full of seed in a day. That’s about $10 a day which is too much to spend so I’m spreading out their food.

The Nuggets lost but it’s only game one. Hopefully they’ll get one tomorrow night. Ty is fine and so is Jag. He thinks he’ll be home soon. Guess I should ask Tom, ha. God Bless.

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Hard to believe, time is flying. A word of caution, don’t be lulled into covid sleep. Supplies of items like toilet paper and medicine and certain food items are beginning to dry up will be hard to find soon. Some things have been hard to locate for months. You probably don’t notice it but try finding a chest freezer. For those of us that support the 2nd Amendment, try finding ammo! Then the things you can find have most certainly gone up in price. So, get ready for some shortages on things you normally are able to pick up on a daily basis.

Now to the day. Lori went to Denver to see Libby while I took Ty to the doctor where he had a strep and covid test since he had a fever and stuffy nose for three days. Happy to report both were negative. Still he needs to stay home until he has no fever for 24 hours.

I worked around the house and today after my 10 am call will hit Costco for some supplies of things I mentioned above that will soon be in short supply or gone. Can’t have enough TP right? Marty and I are getting into reloading. It’ll be a fun thing to do this winter. James now wants to too. Jag is doing fine. There are about 500 cases of covid at CU right now. Thankfully he’s ok.

Lori is working from home today. It’s nice as she gets to do that 2 or 3 times a week. We’re cooking a prime rib tonight for the Nuggets game. Hope we win! Time to get moving, God Bless.

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Cool nights

Smokey up here but I think it’s worse in Denver. Cool last night. Lori’s off to the dermatologist in Denver this morning and then headed back up. Ty will stay home again today. He’s had a fever for a couple days and is down to 98.9 this morning. He was 99.8 last night. He’ll stay home one more day and probably get tested today. Lori and I are fine.

Our bbq is almost done. We need the electrician to come out and hook up the power and are waiting on the hood. Next up is the firepit. We still have a number of little things to get done in the house. It’s frustrating that builders move so slow to finish things. We’ll hopefully have everything done by 2021, ha.

Jag and the rest of CU are in pseudo quarantine. He says nothing is different. The school sent out a list of things the kids can do like go to class, go shopping for food, exercise, etc. What they should have done is sent out a list of the one thing they can’t do, party.

Crime is up everywhere, duh. That’s what happens when you treat the police like crap and want to defund them. They quit. I would too. Watch your back. You’re basically on your own out there.

Be well, safe and stay healthy. God Bless us all.

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