All home

Jag and Katie made it up around 5:30 last night. She’s a sweet girl even though she’s a Ram as she goes to CSU, CU’s arch rival. Apparently her older sister who is a Junior at CU met Jag and when she found out he was a freshman, she gave him her sisters Snapchat. That’s how they met. Guess they (Jag and Katie) have been trying to hook her little sister Emily, up with Ty. Social media at it’s best.

Lori and I worked out and then she went to the office while I had a call with our bankers. Then we, or mostly Lori, cleaned up around here.

This morning we slept in until after 7 and will head to the gym. Not sure what all the kids are doing today. Lori and I are going to do something fun today. We need a break from all the work, travel and stress we’ve been dealing with. We could just watch movies all day but there are no good movies on. Besides that wouldn’t be very fun. So, we’ll let you know tomorrow what we did. Make it a great day and God Bless.

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Spring Snow

Last night after we went to sleep we had 2 or 3 inches of snow. It was so bad near Denver that Jag and Katy had to go to her parents house to spend the night as the highway was closed. They should get here sometime around noon depending on the roads and traffic.

Ty made it home around 8:30 with his backpack full of Corona Seltzer. He put them in the fridge. He and his buddies must have been having a few pops in Beaver Creek at Sonny’s Grandpa’s new place and he didn’t want to throw them out, ha. Oh to be 17 again.

We’re off to the gym so time to get moving. Harley looks like she’s doing great as we received some pictures showing her walking down a street in Utah with a normal leash on. She was looking all happy!

Now they say we might need another shot for Covid. Don’t know about you but we’re done. With me getting the J&J shot and them now stopping it due to adverse reactions, no matter how small, do they really think people would get another shot? Give me a break. Fauci is changing his mind daily and talking out of both sides of his mouth. I’m done listening to any of them.

Another shooting this morning at a Fed Ex facility last night in Indianapolis. What the hell is wrong with people? It has to be related to the past year and all this crap. This will give the Dems more fuel in their quest to ban all guns. Again though, it’s not the gun that’s the problem, it’s people. Whoever did this obviously was seriously fucked up, excuse my language but no other way to put it.

I have one call today at 11 for 30 minutes and then am done for the day. I need a nice 3 day weekend. Lori just said Ty is working out at 11. Be well, stay safe and enjoy the day, GB!

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Tax Day

Ugh, taxes. The system needs to change as we pay and pay and get little to nothing in return. We have little to no say in how the money is spent either. Time for an overhaul.

It’s a little cloudy outside but no rain or snow. I was in Aspen and Glenwood yesterday and it was 65 degrees and nice. They say we have a few days of colder weather before warming up.

Jagger and his new girlfriend Katy are coming up tonight for the weekend. He backed into a parked car near her house a couple nights ago. We had him leave a note and the guy called me yesterday. He thanked us for leaving a note saying most people wouldn’t have done that. He’s got a buddy who has a shop and will see how cheap he can get things fixed. Not a lot of damage and an older car but sill will cost some cash. We told Jag he needs to get a summer job as we’re through paying for fender benders. Ty is well and so is Lori.

I have a few calls today and more tomorrow. Harley is doing well from what we can tell from the texts we receive. Excited for her to come home next week.

Grocery shopping trends have changed. People are stocking up. Smart. I picked up six boxes of beef broth yesterday along with some seasoning packets and peanut butter. Also grabbed some bbq sauces. We’re pretty well stocked as you can imagine.

Time to get moving so we can get to the gym. You know the drill, stay safe, be well, stock up and God Bless.

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Off to Glenwood

Ty thinks he did pretty well on his SAT, Lori had a good day at work and I had a good meeting in Denver. Today I’m having the windshield on the Suburban replaced. Seems like we replace a windshield at least three times a year. Mojo’s legs give out on him a few times a day. He just sort of falls down but then gets right back up and keeps on going. Harley is doing well from what we hear. We also get pictures via text. One more week until she comes home.

Ty is off tomorrow and all of next week for Spring Break. The J&J shot has been pulled due to some women having reactions. Of course Robi and Robert got theirs two weeks ago. Mine was over a month ago so supposedly I’m in the clear but as Robi said, the govt. is full of shit and doesn’t have a clue.

There was some snow and ice on the road on the east side of the tunnel yesterday but all dry up here. It’s sunny this morning and beautiful outside. Guess we have a few days of unsettled weather until it starts getting nice.

It’s 7 am now so time to get moving. Enjoy the day. I did order up some more food and essentials off of Amazon yesterday as things are just going up and up in cost. Things are going to get worse, trust me and get ready, God Bless.

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Busy busy

We picked Mojo up yesterday afternoon and he was ready to come home. He wasn’t very nice to Danny at the Pet Center as he wouldn’t let him cut his nails, ha. Today I’m off to Denver for an 8:30 am meeting, Ty has his SAT test and Lori is working in Edwards. The weather is fine up here but I think rainy in Denver.

Good to be home. There’s nothing like your own bed, right? Ty stayed home yesterday with a fever but was negative for Covid as we had a rapid test yesterday afternoon just in case. I should be home a little after 2, maybe 3 at the latest. Taxes are due Thursday, ugh. We owe about $55K between now and September 15th and then should be done for the year. I hate paying taxes as I never see the benefit and on top of that, they just seem to keep going up. The system just doesn’t work very well. We should go to a flat tax but the politicians won’t let than happen as then they would lose control over OUR money.

Time to move as I need to be on the road by 6:15 which is about 45 minutes from now. Be well, stay safe and God Bless.

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Home safe

It took us until 4:30 in the afternoon but we made it home. We landed around noon but had a few stops in Denver. Ty has school today and we have work. Tomorrow I have a 9am meeting in Denver and should be back by 3. Harley is doing really well from the text messages we’re getting. Mojo will come home today.

On and off rain and snow mix all week they say in Denver. Not sure about up here. Jag is doing well too. We’re ready for Spring. Hope the snow ends soon. Ski resorts are closing if they haven’t already. That’s it for the day, time to get moving. Ty has lacrosse after school too. Be well, God Bless.

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All good

Fun times, couldn’t have gone better. A few no shows which was ok but overall the party was spectacular. Hope I’m around at 90 to have my own. Ty was a big help but the star of the show was Lori. Her and Kristin did everything but as usual, Lori took the lead and did most all of the work. We started off with a guest arriving early around noon as Dixie had told her that’s when the party started instead of 2:30. We brought her up via the elevator and half way up it just died. So we had this 85 year old woman stuck in the elevator. Luckily George who services the elevator made it over in about 20 minutes and we got it running. He then ran to the store as it turned out the batteries were old and wouldn’t hold a charge. Soon after more guests arrived. A few showed up with masks (not many) and they were immediately relived to see they didn’t have to wear them. Most all here were vaccinated and really everyone is just tired of the whole mask thing as we pretty much all are.

The party was fun. Dixie had a great time and everyone treated her like a queen. Around 5:15 the last guests left. All in all, perfect timing. We’re up at 5 California time this morning which is 6 back home for our 9am flight. Oh, I almost forgot, Ty and Lori took Kristin’s Porsche out with her blessing to learn how to drive a stick. He’s really into cars and cousin Jeff and Ty talked a bunch. Jeff has quite the collection from a real Ford GT500, a Porsche, a Jag XKE, to the black Ferrari which he and Debbie drove over to the house. They’re great people and we always like seeing them a lot.

With luck we’ll be home by 2:30ish today. Harley started her first day of leash training without a muzzle in Utah. She’s at the place founded by Caesar the Dog Whisperer guy on tv. Hope it works out well. Hope Mojo is well too. So, a great party for Dixie. She enjoyed herself a lot which at 90 one should.

That’s it. Can’t wait to get home. Ty and I liked the weather but hate California. We can’t believe people can live here. Make it a great day and God Bless.

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Big Party

Today’s the day, the big party starts at 2:30 and lasts until 4:30. 2 hours! Lots to do to still get ready.

Yesterday morning started with me noticing a leak in the basement wall where there is a hole surrounded by black mold. Apparently there’s been a water leak from the kitchen sink for some time. We finally got a trusted plumber to show up around 4. He’ll be back Wednesday to start work. Before that Annette and Jean came over which was nice. Next up was Donna, Dixie’s niece who was J.J. Cale’s girlfriend back when Lori was young. She’s now 74. J.J. wrote Crazy Mama and Cocaine about her.

Ty and I ran some errands and finally met Lori at Whole Foods. We bought them out of our wine for the party. Ty did get a new pair of Nike high tops at the store. Lori and Kristin said we went to the hood as we went to this one mall a ways away that is kind of sketchy. Who knew as all of Sacramento seems sketchy to us.

Dixie is doing well for 90 years old. Hope we all do as well. Should be a fun day. She was up at 3 as I woke up to some noise and opened the bedroom door to find all the lights on and her in the kitchen. Guess she was getting some eye drops.

Hope Harley and Mojo are doing well. Looking forward to getting on a plane in about 24 hours. Should be in Denver by noon and home a little after 2. Dixie is going to come back to Colorado and stay down the street from us for a month and see how she likes it. I’m sure she’ll love being near the boys and Lori and what’s not to love about Colorado in the summer time!

That’s it. Hope all’s well with everyone, be well, stay safe and God Bless.

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Yesterday we had a fun day. Lots of running around and cooking by Lori but a fun day, especially for Dixie. Today is the “off” day as not much going on except getting ready for the party tomorrow. Ty has been a huge help and Dix has really enjoyed his company. He usually doesn’t get to talk as much as he has as it’s usually both boys but with it just being Ty, he has the whole floor. He’s been quite engaging and talkative. More so than even when we’re home as then he’s always in his room on his computer. He’s surprised Lori and I with some of the conversations and his insight on certain things.

We bought Dixie her new tv and hooked it up but need a new cord which we’ll get today. Ty and I hit a skateboard shop and the guy running it ended up letting Ty buy his board from a blind drop in February 2020 from Santa Cruz. This means they released some skate boards in black bags and you bought one not knowing which one was inside. All were a special editions and rereleases from the 80’s which sold out nationwide in less than an hour. The kid who runs the shop is a semi-pro scooter rider and doesn’t skate board as much as he rides scooters so he let it go. They do back flips and all kinds of things in big bowls which are like huge empty swimming pools. Anyhow Ty was over the moon to get this thing. He was going to pay with his own money but I bought it for him. Then we went to In and Out Burger as they’re all the rage. We have one in Denver where people sit in line for hours to get a hamburger. It took us like 15 or 20 minutes but in the end, I don’t see what the big deal is. We like 5 Guys back home much better. Oh well, now we know.

Dr. Warren, Dixies’ friend who still a teacher in Ancient Humanities at the college came over. He reminded me of Grandma Miller as he’s traveled the World and is involved with Sons of The American Revolution similar to Daughter of The American Revolution which Grandma was the National President of for many years. He’ll be 91 in a month and still drives. He was at The Vatican for a while and almost became a Bishop, has 3 PhD’s, and is very well educated. Ty was quite impressed. He was here with us for dinner and will be here tomorrow for the party too.

I have a couple calls this morning for work and then not sure what we’ll do. Lots happening tomorrow with about 30 people coming so we’ll need to be ready. Kristin made gift boxes with a mask, hand sanitizer, and chocolates for each guest. More on the party Sunday am.

Make it a great day. The weather is nice but Ty and I both agreed, no way we could live here. Too many people and most of the place is a dump with old broken down businesses everywhere and lots of homeless. No wonder so many Californians are moving to Colorado. Don’t tell anyone from California how nice Colorado is as we don’t need any more of them! God Bless.

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Social distancing?

We made it to California around 5;30 local time. One thing’s for sure, no social distancing in the airports or on the plane. The terminals were packed and we were like sardines in a can on the train and at security. When convenient, I guess people follow the rules, when not, oh well.

We made it to Dixie’s by 7. I booked some Charger SRS or something for our rental car that Ty’s dying to drive. It’s pretty sporty. Kristin arrived around 10 as she drove up from Los Angeles but I was already asleep. That’s 11 pm Colorado time!

Well, today Dixie is 90 years old! Quite the feat. Means she was born in 1931, wow! Wish Mom and Dad lived that long as then Mom would still be here. We’re getting her a new tv for her birthday. Our bedroom has a bed that’s harder than the ground and Ty slept on the couch which was much softer.

We have a lot to do today from shopping and decorating to making her cake and then making the birthday dinner. Ty and I will probably hit a skate shop or two. He brought his board so we might try to find a skate park as well. He said there are two or three close. Sure is humid here, nice for your skin.

7:30 here now and time to get moving. Have a great day and God Bless and Happy Birthday Dixie!!

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