A fun day

I made it down to the warehouse around 10am and met up with my buddy Toby about 30 minutes later. After that I headed to Tommy’s to drop off Jagger’s drivers license as I didn’t have time to drive up to Boulder. We hung out for a bit and then I headed down to pick up Ty for lunch. We sat at the sushi bar and ordered up way too much food. All good though as Ty took it all home with him and feasted on it for the rest of the day.

I stopped in Frisco on the way home for a coffee and was home around 4:30. The house was clean and shiny from the cleaners and Lori was working away. I was then on the phone until about 7:30 working to get ready for my 2023 planning call this morning at 10.

Today we’ll head to the gym first and be back sometime around 9. Cold weather and possibly a little snow is headed our way, so they say. Denver is going to get the brunt of it. Not sure where all the global warming is this year. Sure doesn’t seem to be playing out that way.

Time to get moving and get the misses up. She’s still sleeping, must need it. Make it a great day, God Bless.

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I’m headed to the warehouse to pick up some samples and then am having lunch with Ty at Sushi Sasa. Not sure if Jag can make it down or not. Lori is staying home as the cleaners are coming and she has some work to do. Not much snow yesterday, just enough of an icy snow mix to mess up the roads. It’s all dry now.

Not much else going on. Just the usual. Dixie is doing fine. She had a good day. Lori worked late and was home about 7pm. Ty had a 3.5 GPA in his first semester! All A’s and B’s! That is fantastic news! He really worked hard and we’re super proud of him. Jag had all A’s which is pretty much the norm for him, super proud of him as well. Time to get moving, enjoy the day, GB.

Check out this pic, kind of grainy but it’s Grandma’s old cabin at the lake in Wisconsin, probably the late 60’s. What fun times.

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Lunch anyone?

Might be going to lunch tomorrow with Ty. Not sure yet, I’ll know later today. I asked Jag if he wanted to go but he might not have time with his schedule. He calls us every morning now about 6:30 on his way home from the gym. He’s been getting up and going at 5 which is new for him as he usually would go in the afternoons. He says the days are a lot longer, ha.

Lori works in Frisco today. I’ll be doing a lot of work finalizing the 2023 forecast for the Company today. Only about a week left until February. We had a dusting of snow last night but nothing significant.

I was talking to Dixie yesterday and she fell off the edge of the couch while we were talking. She was fine and was laughing and said she’s just fine on the floor. I had to text Lori to text the caretakers to go help her up. She had a good day.

Cold weather headed to Denver by the weekend. 6 below zero is the low on Monday. Looks like a 4 or 5 day span of low temps. Looks like the low up here on Monday will be 17 or about 23 degrees warmer. That’s happened a lot this year as the weather patterns have been pushing down from the north and hitting Denver and not us. We’ll take it!

We’re still deciding what to do for vacation this year. Nothing is off the table. The only criteria is wherever we go, there has to be a beach. Spain, Greece, Italy, St. Barts, Hawaii are all on the table. We’ll see. We might do a multi country trip. I think we’re going to try to go for 20 days or so. More to come.

That’s it, time to go. Have a great day and God Bless. Here’s a fun picture of the sunrise.

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I’m off to Denver at 6 and Lori has a Zoom meeting at 6:30. I’m getting my windshield replaced and then have a stop to meet my buddy Toby before heading up to North Valley Bank to drop off some signed papers. Might see Ty after that before heading home.

Cold weather coming this weekend. The weeks are going fast which is ok with us as long as Spring arrives faster. I had some really good meetings yesterday and am off to a good start in 2023. Knock on wood.

The boys are well. Lot’s of scary crap going on in the World but I think the tide is turning and the people are waking up. Let’s hope so. Time to go as I need to shower and load up the truck. God Bless.

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Visiting the boys

We decided to go to Denver after all. We left around 9:30 and were in Denver about 11:30. We stopped at a store where we needed to return something and then headed to Cherry Creek Grill to meet Jeff and Tina for lunch. Jag decided to join us and showed up about 15 minutes after us. After lunch we stopped at Whole Foods to buy the boys some groceries and then Jag headed home while we stopped to drop a coat and some food to Ty. After that, Lori and I headed home.

We made it home by 4 and settled in to watch the San Francisco Dallas game. The 49rs’ won which was great. All our other teams lost. It’s 6am now and we’re off to the gym in 30 minutes as I have a call at 9 and 11:30. Lori has to go into the office for a little bit today too. No snow up here which is good news.

Lori is making coffee so time to go. Enjoy the day and week and God Bless.

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Clear blue skies outside, and it’s in the single digits outside. Right now they say it’s 3. We were thinking of going to Denver early this morning for lunch with the boys, but Ty is busy. I’m getting my windshield replaced Tuesday so I’ll see Jagger then. Hard to believe it’s so cold with the way the sun is shinning.

Yesterday we went to the gym and then were around the house for most of the day. Football was so so with the first game being ok, but again, horrible officiating. The second game was a blowout from the beginning and I turned it off in the first quarter. Hope we have better games today.

Dixie slept most of the day. She wanted to just stay home so we didn’t bring her up. Maybe today. She seems fine physically but is getting worse mentally as each day passes. Apparently it’s all part of getting old, ugh.

That’s it, be well, stay safe and God Bless.

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Should be a good weekend for football. Two games today and two tomorrow. Hope the Chiefs lose, ha.

All went as scheduled yesterday in Denver. I was down by 8:50am and leaving by 12:30pm. The sales meeting went great and I made all 5 of my other stops as planned within the 3 hour and 40 minutes in town. Ty is doing well and went to another Nuggets game last night. Fun for him, especially with our winning streak.

We had a little less than an inch of snow last night, nothing major. Think we great a break for a while now. It is pretty outside. I’ve been taking some black and white photos as winter somehow seems better suited for black and white pictures.

Not sure what’s going on other than football. We thought about going to Denver to watch the games with friends but I think we’ll just hang out. I told Lori she should try to get a massage today.

That’s about it, time to get moving. Off to the gym as usual, make it a great day and God Bless.

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One more trip. I’m off in an hour to meet Ty, then I have a quick stop and then will pick up my co-worker from California at 10:30 and head over to the 11:30am sales meeting. Once done at 12:15, I’ll head up the hill. Hope there’s no traffic coming home. Lori was going to tag along to see Ty but I think she is staying home.

Last night we had fun hanging out at James. He just made it back from his daughters birthday dinner in New York. She went to school with Jagger. It was a quick trip, he left on Tuesday and was back Wednesday.

No new snow. I think we’re going to dodge the storm coming in tonight as it looks like it’ll be south of us. It has been cold. We’re ready for Spring. So much for global warming. In Denver it’ll be about 20 degrees below the normal temperature.

That’s about it, time to go. Be well, stay safe and God Bless.

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Sitting here this morning I can’t help but notice how beautiful it is outside. That got me thinking, how many beautiful things we have in life. Not just the ones we see but the unseen things that all center around freedom. You have the choice how to live, where to live, what to do, who to associate with, and on and on. As much as the elites want to take this away and control our lives even more, freedom reigns. If you watch what’s going on in the World, you’re aware of the gathering of the supposedly ones who know what’s best for all of us in Davos Switzerland this week. These are the very wealthy that think they are smarter than the rest of us in the World. They no longer even try to hide their agenda. It started with things like electric cars but now has risen to things like installing a Worldwide digital currency so they can control everything everyone buys and more importantly, stop you from buying things they deem are no good for you. They want to control our food. Many great leaders throughout history have said, control the food and you control the people. I could go on and on but you get it. So in closing here, think for yourself. You have the right to freedom. I’ve said before, it’s easy to lose rights but almost impossible to get them back. Think before you support or vote for anyone trying to tell you that they know what’s best for you! They don’t! Think about it.

Moving on, last night Ty and his buddies bought $10 tickets to go to the Nuggets game. We trailed for most of the game but pulled it out in dramatic fashion in the end. We have a great unselfish team that has a chance of winning it all this year. Glad he goes to the games, sports are great.

Lori made it home around 6pm. Today we’ll work from home and hang around the house. Tomorrow I’m in Denver for a sales meeting. We do have cigar night tonight at 5. Lori will probably go see her mom.

Well head to the gym this morning and then get to it around here. Make it a great day and God Bless.

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Just an inch

While in Denver it seems to be Snowmageddon, up here, we have about an inch. I was down to Denver by 9 and back by 1. I met up with Ty and dropped him a bunch of clothes, some groceries and some birthday stuff. He along with Maddy and Vinnie went to the Nuggets game last night which we won. They ended up sitting right behind the team and Ty bought a Nuggets jersey with some of his birthday money. They kept face timing us during the game.

On the way up, our friend Rollie called asking if the canyon was closed. She was an hour ahead of me on the way to her house in Aspen. Turns out 4 semis crashed and it was closed all day. She ended up hanging out at our house waiting for it to open and eventually just decided to spend the night. She had to cancel her chemo appointment in Aspen (her cancer came back) and will drive over to Aspen this morning. Lucky we were around or she would have been in a World of hurt. We were happy we could help her out. That’s what friends do.

Today Lori works in Edwards and I’ll head to the gym after Rollie gets on the road. The local news pre-empted the network shows for the snow storm but it doesn’t look all that bad. Maybe Denver got a bunch.

Time to get moving, make it a great day and God Bless.

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