This morning I’m off to meet Matt in Rifle to get some veggies from the farm. He’s meeting me halfway, so I don’t have to drive all the way to Grand Junction. Much easier drive, only about 45 minutes.

Jag drove up last night arriving after we went to sleep. Ty’s last day of work was yesterday down at Color, which is the coffee shop he worked at. Still no word on school. What a shit show as he’s supposed to move in next Wednesday if he goes. If he doesn’t get a dorm, he might end up at Colorado Mountain College for a semester. News flash, that’s where I went for a year!

Lori is working away here at home. It was nice and cool last night. The full moon was bright in the sky and still sitting over the mountains to the east at 6 this morning. Hard to think of a better place to live.

Dixie was really confused yesterday. No need to go into it but she’s not in touch with reality these days. I saw a large coyote cross the road between my neighbor’s and our house. I yelled at him and he scurried off a little faster than he was moving. You can hear the pack of them howling at night from time to time.

Get ready for higher prices this Fall. They say inflation dropped last month which if you look at the numbers in a certain way, it did, by half a point. Problem is why? Gas prices dropped as less people can afford to drive, same with airline fares and rental cars but necessities like food and energy are way up. Don’t be fooled, but I am happy gas prices dropped a little.

The political season is heating up. Here we have a Senator who is running an ad of him fishing trying to look like a regular guy. He bought a one day fishing license to film the ad so I guess he really isn’t the big fly fisherman he professes to be in the ad. He also votes with Biden 98 to 100% of the time. No surprise though as Republicans do the same with their leadership. That’s the problem, no one votes against their party these days. Term limits now!

God Bless.

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Still waiting…..

No news on college, hopefully today, ugh.

Yesterday Lori was in Frisco, and I ended up there too mid-morning grocery shopping. We both met up at the gym later in the afternoon. I did an hour on the treadmill and Lori lifted some weights when she arrived. I left for home before she finished up. Earlier in the morning I took Harley for a 45-minute walk so it was a big cardio day.

Ty works today, I think from 2 until closing. Then he’s done with work. Dixie, we think, fell the other day. She said she did, but the caretakers weren’t so sure. Lori thinks she did as she said her mom had a bump on her head. Dix had a stomachache yesterday. Earl, Ali’s dad, passed away a couple of days ago. Not sure how old he was, I think in his 90’s too. Tom was probably closer to him than his kids as he was the only one who would go see him on a regular basis. Too bad.

Time to go, hope everyone is well, make it a great day, God Bless.

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Up in the air

Still not sure what we’re doing for college. Worst case, Ty starts in January if we can’t figure out housing. Unbelievable that housing isn’t available. Should know more this morning.

Yesterday Ty was over by Aspen with some friends at a spot where all the kids jump off rocks into the river. They then went to dinner before heading home. Today we were headed to Denver but the check engine light on my truck magically disappeared, so I think we’ll postpone until Friday and try to get this housing thing straightened out.

Ty’s last day of work is tomorrow and Jag comes back up tomorrow too. Lori is in Frisco today and has to be there early.

Looks like the IRS will add 87,000 agents to audit people, great. There’s also a gas tax in the new bill, that’ll help. God help us. Can’t believe every single democrat voted to pass this bill and they’re actually trying to tell us it’s a good thing! Wow, can’t make this stuff up.

God Bless.

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Hopefully today we can secure housing at one of the two dorms on campus at CU Denver. Without it, we’re in trouble. Can’t really live in Denver and go to school with no place to live! Ty works at 6:30 this morning but will need to take his computer with him to try to log on once his email is activated. Lori has an early patient at 8 so she’s up moving too.

Nice up here, no rain yesterday. I did six loads of laundry yesterday and have a few more today. James leaves this morning for a show in Buffalo New York on the 11th and I think Pittsburg PA on the 14th. Then he’s done for a while.

Time to get moving, make it a great day, GB.

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Last full week

Well, this is the last full week we’ll have Ty home before college. First up though is we have to get him into a dorm this morning. Jag went down to Boulder yesterday afternoon and will be back up Thursday. If all goes as planned, Ty will move in a week from Wednesday.

Time is flying by. Football starts this week and in 3 weeks I’ll be on the road to Idaho for hunting. 3 weeks from this weekend is Labor Day Weekend. Then it’s all downhill until the end of the year.

We were going shooting yesterday but when we arrived at the range, it was closed for some event. We’ll go in a few days when Jag is back up.

The Dems did it. They passed a useless, expensive new bill so Sleepy Joe has something to try to claim as a good thing that is only going to increase all of our taxes and make inflation worse. 230 economists blasted the bill as a horrible thing for the economy and America, yet every single Democrat voted for it, unbelievable.

I talked with Robin yesterday who is doing well. They had a blast in Cheyenne and will soon be going to Connecticut for Robert’s 50th high school reunion. Then they’re going up to New Hampshire to see his brother, fun.

That’s it, time to get moving, be well, stay safe and enjoy the day, God Bless.

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Fun Party

Last night about a dozen of us had a bbq at James. It was a blast. Our boys were the only kids, if you can still call them kids, but they had a blast too and knew most of the people. The food was great as James had some private chef that cooks for 3 families up here come over and do dinner. He started as Ross Perot’s chef years ago. Anyhow, great weather, great food, great friends and lots of fun.

We might go shooting today. I think Jag is headed to Boulder today but the news just said that the front range is supposed to get up to 2 inches of rain in an hour sometime today. Ty has a lot of packing and stuff to get done quickly as he’ll move in a week from Wednesday. He’s super excited to be going to CU Denver instead of Western. He really didn’t want to go to Gunnison.

Beautiful morning out. Dixie called twice 15 minutes ago as she thinks she’s on a train. So strange that she can think her apartment is actually a train car. Time to get moving so we can get to the gym, then the range. God Bless.

Some fun pics, James, Ty and I, then Ty and our friend Eleni, then a view into the backyard with New York Peak off in the distance. Love Ty’s expression! Then Jag and I later in the evening. Couldn’t get Lori to smoke one, ha!

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CU Denver

Yesterday Ty was accepted to CU Denver, and he decided he wants to go to school there instead of Western State in Gunnison. After discussing, we agreed. Personally, I would have chosen Gunnison over Denver, but Ty was never a fan of going from small town to small town. At this point, he’s 18 and has to figure it out on his own.

Ty and I made it to Aspen by 9:45 for our haircuts. We were home by 1:30 or so. Lori was working away. Finally, around 5, she and I went to the gym. Tonight, we have the bbq at James. Jag hung out with us while Ty went to the lake. He works at 8 this morning.

Jag is done with school and work. He has another 12 credits under his belt. He has a master plan and sticks to it. He’s meeting with a couple private equity guys this week that are parents of kids the boys went to school with up here at Vail Mountain School.

That’s it. Time to go, enjoy the weekend, God Bless.

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This morning Ty and I are off to Aspen for haircuts. Jag was coming but has his last final at 7:30. Lori is scheduling surgeries from home. I made it back from the farm by noon and then went to workout after dropping off some vegetables at Cut (the butcher) in Edwards. At 5pm I went to James to hang out for a couple hours.

I think Lori and I are going to the new Brad Pitt movie tonight. Tomorrow we have a bbq at James house at 6.

Been a long week of driving. I’m not going anywhere for a while. Looks like the Dems have enough votes to rip us off for another $740 Billion dollars, nice. And they’re calling it the Inflation Reduction Act. They’re funding it by giving the IRS $80 Billion dollars and say the money they’ll get from auditing Americans will pay for it, wow. You can’t make this stuff up.

Time to get moving, God Bless.

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This morning I’m off to the farm, at least it’s not Denver. Last night we had a great dinner and fun time. Just Lori, James, Melissa, Anthony the boys and me. It was perfect. Ty was schooled in the art of tattoos as Melissa is covered in some amazing images that she just had finished on Tuesday. She started about 25 years ago! She explained how you need to really take time and have a theme and make sure you don’t do anything trendy. Every one of hers has some meaning and they’re beautiful. Years ago she was on the cover of Tattoo Magazine.

Denver was fun, I had lunch with Tina and Rob. Then I hurried to get out of town to get home to clean up and get ready for dinner. Today I should be back by noon. Then we have cigar night tonight and we’re off to Aspen tomorrow. Saturday a bbq at James. 6:18 now so time to get moving so I’m on the road by 7. August 4th! WOW! God Bless.

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One more time

I have a lunch today in Denver at 11:30 and then am done driving to the big city for a while. I think tomorrow I’m at the farm and Friday the boys and I are getting haircuts in Aspen. Ty has a dental appointment tomorrow morning as we’re trying to squeeze everything in before school starts. We do need to get him a mini fridge for his dorm room. Probably a microwave too.

Today is James birthday and we’re having a little dinner party tonight here at the house for him. Saturday we’re having a bbq at his house with a bunch of people to celebrate his and Melissa’s birthday but tonight it’s just us, James, Melissa and her husband Anthony. Melissa’s birthday is the 14th. On the way back from Denver yesterday we stopped at our favorite Mexican market and picked up fresh mole, salsa’s, rice, tomatillo and a few other things. Lori then made about 4 large pans of enchilada’s that are in the fridge ready to go in the oven. Should be fun.

Jag has one or two more days of work and then is done for the summer, same with school. Ty works at 8 this morning and Lori is in Vail. We had good rain last night. It’s been a stormy summer which has kept everything pretty green.

That’s about it if I don’t wade into politics and the mess the Dems have made of things. I don’t know how anyone in their right mind could vote to keep any of them in office. I’ll leave it at that. Have a great day, God Bless.

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