Up and getting ready to go hunting. I was getting up at 4:40 but Harley woke us at 3:30 throwing up, ugh. Couldn’t go back to sleep.

I did get Ty’s truck back yesterday. Looks brand new. Jag is doing well. He has midterms next week already as CU is on some weird schedule. Lori worked at the office and I worked from home. Two workdays left in the month.

I’m picking up James around 6 and then we’ll get Marty around 6:45 in Silverthorne. My friend and his dad are taking us to The Bluffs. This is a super exclusive bird hunting club in Eastern Colorado that’s like $35K a year to belong to and there are only a handful of members. Jim and his dad Peter are from England and this place does hunts like they do in the UK. We’ll start with a driven hunt where we are at the bottom of a bluff and the birds will be driven off the bluff or cliff and be flying overhead at us. Then we’ll be out with dogs which is how we normally hunt here in America. Should be fun.

I’m getting a little tired of all the lawlessness. Three more police officers were shot in Houston yesterday. Why the war on cops? It seems a little too organized as it’s almost every day we read about another shooting. It’s as though you can’t go anywhere these days unarmed. Be safe out there.

Time to get going. Need to hit the shower and be on the road by 5:30. Should be home by 3 or 4. Last weekend of January and Mom’s birthday is Monday! God Bless.

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All good

Big weekend coming up. We have football with all the guys coming over Sunday and Lori cooking up a feast, Saturday I’m going to go take Jag to Costco and lunch and I think Ty is snowboarding on the mountain. Lori is going on a hike with Francesca, James’s wife. It’s her birthday today!

Snow today in Denver but I think it’ll miss us. Then tomorrow bird hunting. On top of it all, I still need about $400K in orders by end of day Monday.

Broncos are hiring the offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers as our new head coach. Should be a good hire. Hard to tell these days as you just never know. At least he’s an offensive guy. Interested to see who we get as our defensive coach. Maybe Aaron Rodgers will follow him as we need a new quarterback more than anything.

Our poor President is off his rocker. Nothing new to see there. Old and delusional as always. Still working on our re-fi. Think we have our appraisal next week. Need to get this done. Ty has school around 10 today so I might get to the gym before he goes.

Make it a great day and God Bless.

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Off for a quick turnaround to see Libby our dermatologist in Denver. Lori is a few hours behind me getting her hair done. I hope to be back by noon. She’ll probably be home around 5.

Ty is working out twice a day. Once at school and once after school. He’s on the program too. I went shooting yesterday for an hour. I then took Steve to lunch and we ran into James so we all had lunch together.

Lori worked late as usual. Ty made it home around 8 and the Nuggets won! Our herd of deer are hanging out every afternoon between our neighbors house and ours. We had a little snow yesterday but not too much. Maybe another inch tomorrow. Denver is supposed to be cold Thursday so we’ve moved our hunting trip to Friday.

Time to get going. 5:57 am and I should be on the road in 30 minutes. God Bless.

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A little snow

Not much up here, looks like a solid inch. Denver looks like it was hit pretty good. Ty came home last night from his second workout with weights not feeling well. He might stay home today. Looks like a cold with a runny and stuffed up nose.

Lori is working in Vail today and I’m here most of the day but am at the range at noon. I’m going to try to do some cleaning around here too. Wish it’d warm up a bit so I could get on the garage.

Jag is a week or so away from finishing his workout program. He’s all in and getting stronger. He sent a couple more pictures from yesterday and looks good. Ty is inspired and working out a couple times a day. Eating a ton of food is half of it.

In closing, one more great Presidential moment from Joe. Remember when he came into office, and he said if there’s anyone who disrespects anyone, he’d fire them on the spot? Well yesterday he was caught on calling a reporter a “stupid son of a bitch”. Nice. Enough said.

God Bless.

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Almost February

One week to go. A week from today is the 31st which is Mom’s birthday. Tomorrow more snow, mostly in Denver, and Thursday we’re going bird hunting. I need to run down to the bank this morning to put in a check that should be at the post office. Dixie came up for a bit yesterday and then we hung out watching football and basketball until we went to sleep.

Sleepy Joe is probably going to get us into a war. At this point he’ll do anything to try to raise his poll numbers. Hope not. It won’t help.

The boys are fine. Another ten days or so until we get Ty’s truck back. Sure getting old driving him around. Time to move, be well, stay safe and God Bless.

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Hard to believe both football teams ranked number one lost. Tennesse and Green Bay are both done. Jag texted last night maybe it’ll be easier to get Aaron Rodgers now. I was thinking the same thing.

We made it to the restaurant in Frisco by 6:30 for Melanie’s birthday and thankfully they had a tv for the game. We had a blast with Marty and Mel but the food was absolutely awful. Two of us sent back our entrees and everything else from the cocktails to the appitizers and even the desserts were horrible. Worst thing is their neighbor who they’ve known forever and who has 10 other restaurants owns the place. They have only been open five days but still, not a good first impression. Oh well, we still had fun. We rolled into home around 10.

Think Lori and I are going shooting today. Just need to see what time. Yesterday Reed, Ty and some other friends went under the ropes on the mountain for some deep powder. This is a big no as that’s how avalanches start. They’re both in trouble big time. Not a good choice. Lucky no one was hurt.

Jag’s doing fine. He went to someone’s birthday party last night and was texting me after the game. My neck is sore from working out. I’m taking a few days off from the gym. Melanie wants us all to go to Hawaii in April but if they require a booster, we’re out. Not messing with our bodies for a trip. Plus just when everyone is ending mandates, Hawaii wants to put them in next week? Of course, the State is run by a democrat. Oh well, is what it is.

Time to go, hopefully the games are better today. God Bless.

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Sort of gloomy outside. No snow, just cloudy and overcast. We’ve had snow on the ground for a good month which is longer than normal.

Talking with the neighbors yesterday, they said they just sold their house. Only took 10 minutes and they sold for $550 a square foot meaning $2.2 Million. The shocker is they’ve only been there six months. They walked through our house and then used our builder and there house was just completed. This means we’re worth $2.5 million, wow. The problem is there is nowhere to go. They’re moving to Prescott Arizona, 100 miles north of Phoenix. Much warmer and very conservative. Nice houses down there for $1 million.

Tonight we’re going to dinner for Melanie’s birthday. We’re driving over to Frisco to go to some new restaurant. She’s 51.

Ty spent the night in Vail and is hitting first tracks this morning meaning he’s the first one on the chair lift. He’ll stay home tonight with Harley. Jag is working away. He’s a couple weeks into his 2 month or so workout program to gain weight and muscle. So far, he’s doing well.

Think Lori and I are going to the gym. Then we’ll clean the house as we have some messy areas like the mud room and pantry that we need to reorganize.

Time to get moving, Go Packers! God Bless.

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Yes, Friday!

Lori is working her butt off! Most days until 9 at night here at home as she’s now scheduling surgeries on top of her regular job. She’s frustrated as she didn’t really get any training so she’s figuring it out on her own. Most companies and people don’t properly train people these days.

We have just enough snow to cover the windshield on the car and that’s it. We’re over snow. I think in two weeks after Ty gets his car back, Lori and I are going to go to Arizona for a weekend. Just need some sun.

We had a good night last night at James. He’s off today for a weekend in California, back Sunday. Lori and I are going to dinner tomorrow with Marty and Melanie for Melanie’s birthday.

I’m working away on our refi. We might actually get it done. We’ll see. We have the appraiser coming out I think February 2nd.

Biden and the dems continue their socialist push against the will of the people. 80% plus of Americans think you should have to have an id to vote but Biden and the dems don’t. In places like Washington D.C., you now have to show your vaccine card and an id to go to a restaurant or the gym but not to vote, wow. Keep up the good fight.

Time to get moving. We’re headed to the gym this morning after we drop Ty at school. Have a great weekend, God Bless.

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Today is January 20th! Seems like it was just the 1st. Soon it’ll be Valentine’s Day and then St. Patrick’s Day, April Fool’s Day, Tax Day, ugh, and May Day. Time never stops. In fact, as I’ve said before, the older you get, the faster it goes.

Looks like snow and ice down in Denver. Nice up here. I worked yesterday until about 2:30 and then headed over to Aspen to return a pair of boots. After a quick stop at the grocery store in Basalt, I was home about 6:30. Whole Foods in Basalt was almost empty. My buddy at the meat counter said a truck never showed up. Shelves from the dairy section to produce to the meat department were so bare it was like the store was ransacked. All this from just one truck not showing up. Imagine if they stopped running for just a couple days.

Then you have Biden getting on tv saying how proud he was of the economy, his handling of covid, and everything else in his first year. Even CNN has abandoned him. He talked endlessly about the Ukraine border but never once mentioned our Southern border or the runaway crime across the Country. People are fed up. We’re told to ignore what we see, or don’t see, on the store shelves, ignore the prices at the gas pump, we’re told crime isn’t real and that the Country has never been more united. This guy and the govt. are like misinformed kids, not only wrong, but loud and wrong. They believe just because the say it, it’s true. Well people aren’t buying it. Over half the Country think Biden has dementia and when asked why, he said, “I don’t know”. That pretty much sums him up, he just doesn’t know, about anything. He was arrogant and incompetent at best as he read from a script of pre-determined answers to predetermined softball questions from handpicked reporters. Pretty easy to see as he was fumbling through his papers looking for the scripted answer to every question. Oh and get this, Biden is spending your money sending out masks to 400 million households that can only be used once! Good news is companies from Starbucks to GM reversed their mandate that all employees get vaccinated. Great Britian yesterday announced, no more masks, no vaccine passports, and zero restrictions anywhere in the Country. The whole thing is falling apart on the powers that be, yet the media who is in the back pocket of the administration, keeps pushing this as the apocalypse. People are fed up and no longer buying it.

In Wheat Ridge a couple days ago at the teriyaki restaurant, I saw a guy, his wife and kid eating and his loaded holster was clearly visible under his coat. People are arming themselves and through with this crap. We’re quickly becoming a second or third World country which is by democrat design. Thankfully people are waking up. The other day Pelosi tried to stick in a digital wallet provision into some unrelated obscure bill. This would have all your money eventually be digital and then let’s say you were deemed by the government to be overweight, well your digital wallet wouldn’t let you buy certain foods. Think this is farfetched? Think again. And by the way, Sherrod Brown, a useless democratic senator from Rhode Island reintroduced it yesterday. It’s all about control and the govt. thinking they know better than you how you should live your life. Stand up now before it’s too late.

Jag might come up tonight, we’ll see. Hope he does. Ty is fine. He went to the basketball game last night. He strained his back weightlifting the other day. He’s deadlifting about 250 pounds! Jag is on a 75 day workout regimen trying to gain weight. Glad both are into working out.

Time to get up and moving and to see what crazy shit is going on today. Take care, stock up, be safe and God Bless.

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Up early

This morning the alarm went off at 5:30 as Lori has a new patient coming in at 8am. Ty doesn’t have school today until noon so I’ll head to the gym and then come home for my 10am call and take him at 11, before my 1pm call. Busy busy.

Warmer up here yesterday. I was in Denver and back by 2. Really warm down there. Snowing a bit in Denver today but not up here. Guess we’re both due for a small blast on Friday.

Have lots of work to do on the farm. Timing looks good as now even vegetables and fruits are going up in price and becoming scarce. Even if you do find what you’re looking for at the store, the veggies look old and not very fresh due to longer transit times due to a truck driver shortage. Food and water are going to become even a hotter commodity than they are now.

Time to get moving. Good meeting yesterday and I managed to get a haircut from Phoebe while in town. I stopped at Tom’s too to pick up Ty’s birthday present. They’re still working on fixing his basement but he’s doing fine.

Make it a great day, and watch your back, especially in the city, God Bless.

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