Off Day

Ty has theater practice from 12 until 5 today but the rest of us are off until Lori and I head to dinner with Emma’s parents at 5:45. They’ve been wanting to take us out for a while and tonight’s the night. Ty went to Zoe’s soccer game at school yesterday afternoon and then they all went to a movie before Ty spent the night at his buddy Will’s house. We’ll get him this morning at 9 on our way home from the gym. Jag hung out all day with us as we cleaned a bit around the house.

It’s going to be a much warmer week, whoo hoo. Hopefully the snow is almost over. We didn’t have any yesterday even though they said we would. I can see blue sky outside right now.

Tom says Ali is doing well. Hope it works for her. Our neighbor’s Mom leaves on Wednesday to go back east from being here all winter which is good as she kind of bugs us. They had four freakin cars here for the last week or so and we just don’t have that many parking spots with all the snow. Then they’re going to put their unit up for sale next month. I guess Nancy is moving to Salt Lake for a job.

We bought Lori’s plane ticket to Sacramento yesterday. You don’t even want to know what it costs but let’s just say you could go to Hawaii or even Europe for less money. They really get you when you go to cities that aren’t major hubs. Lot’s going on the next few weeks.

That’s it, have a great Sunday and God Bless.

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We made it to Breckenridge around 6:15 and man was it cold. We had every coat, hat and pair of gloves on that we had with us and Lori also had a down blanket. The boys on the field were freezing as you could see them bouncing around trying to stay warm. Some had bare legs with their shorts but our boys at least had tights on. About 5 minutes after we arrived Jag chased down the ball behind the net and after a few spin moves made an incredible behind the back goal. You would have thought we won an Olympic Gold Medal as the sidelines erupted with everyone running on to the field including the coaches who met Jag about halfway between the goal and the bench and simultaneously jumped in the air with him to celebrate. The entire team was congratulating him as well. It was our first goal of the game. Ty almost had one 30 minutes later but his celebration will have to wait until next week.

This weekend we’re off, thankfully. Next week we have games Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I found out yesterday that when we get to Hawaii I’ll need to leave for 48 hours for a quick trip to Seattle for a bbq. We have the CEO and a couple of other guys from Germany coming over that are important partners and I need to be there. So we’ll land Friday and I’ll fly out Saturday returning Monday morning. Not looking forward to it but it is what it is. I’ll fly First Class and it is only a 5 hour flight which isn’t too bad. Lori and the kids will hang out Saturday afternoon and Sunday by themselves.

We’re moving along on our house. The structural engineer is done and the builder and architect will meet this weekend to incorporate our final changes. Next week we should start getting permits and then break ground soon after. We can’t wait. We’re looking for a place to rent until December so we can get out of here and sell this place, more to come.

Ali had her injections yesterday and I guess all went well. Hopefully it works. We’ve been through our share of injections, probably a dozen or so procedures. Time to go to the gym, have a great day, GB.

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Friday, thank God. We need the break even though we have lacrosse tonight in Summit County. Not sure what we’re doing tomorrow as I think we have no sports, whoo hoo.

Lori and I made it to Denver and back just in time to pick up Jag from school. Ty was done at 5 as he stayed for practice while Jag came home early to study.

Ali has her spine surgery today, hope it goes well. That’s it, not much else to say, have a great day and be safe, GB.

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Warm and cold

By the time I made it to Aspen the varsity game was on. I had a few stops on the way for work. It was nice and warm and Aspen has as much snow as us or maybe even a little bit more. Around the start of the second half the sun went down behind the mountain and the temperature dropped probably 30 degrees. Then the wind picked up and it was even colder. The boys game ended in a 3-3 tie after two overtime periods of 4 minutes each. Then the boys and I jumped in the car and headed home. After a quick stop at Whole Foods for a snack, we arrived home around 9:30.

Today Lori and I are off to Denver. I need to get some samples at the distributor and she’s getting her hair done. The boys have practice after school and then a game tomorrow in Summit. I need to take Harley to daycare in 45 minutes so time to get going. Have a great day and GB.

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Today the boys leave school at 12:45 for lacrosse in Aspen. They have two games, one at 4 and one around 5:30 meaning they’ll be done around 7 or 7:30. Then, if I don’t go, they’ll take the bus home which after a stop for food, will put them here around 10:30, ugh. Nothing is close up here.

I made it down to Denver and back up by 2. I had a stop or two but was done pretty early. Tomorrow Lori and I both need to be back down there again. Luckily it’s closer than most of our lacrosse games!

Both dogs have had breakfast and are resting now, what a life. The snow is melting fast but there’s a lot of it so it’ll take a while. Hopefully it’s wound up for the year. Guess that’s it. We need to get Lori’s plane ticket to Sacramento today. Tons of stuff going on that weekend here from lacrosse to Ty’s play to Jagger’s college essay seminar and more. I’ll be busy but 3 weeks and two days until we go to Hawaii, we can’t wait. GB.

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Sleeping in is such a pleasure, too bad we can’t do it everyday. Turns out we’re not going to Arizona for Garth as there’s too much going on and we couldn’t find a place for the boys. Thankfully we sold our tickets on-line. Robi also said it’s going to rain down there Thursday which would have been no fun.

Today I’m in Boulder and then will head back up to get the boys after practice. Jag skipped it last night as he has a couple tests today. Not a whole lot else going on that would interest you. With us sleeping in time to go. have a great day, GB.

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A little headache

Last night I had a little headache which is usually from it being too hot in the house. I did open the window at 12:53 in the morning though. Ty has a big paper due today so he and Lori were working on that last night. Jag went to dinner with Emma’s family as it was her little brothers birthday yesterday. He made it home around 7:30 and then dove into homework too.

Ty wants to be at school at 7:15 to review his work with his teacher and is getting up now at 6 to work on it some more. I woke up at 5:30 as someone called from Europe on my cell phone. Damn time difference.

We survived St. Patrick’s Day but then we don’t drink or party much. It was just another day for us. I’m down to 199 pounds in my never ending quest to get in the best shape I can. Food is such a drug. You don’t realize that when you’re young. Also as you get older your skin gets looser and I find myself having to work out harder which is no fun. I could always just gain a bunch of weight and then fill out any loose skin, hmmmm, decisions decisions.

I’m going to start riding a road bike (bicycle) again as that should lean me out. For anyone getting up there in age, you should take a look at Elysium. This is a Company with a bunch of leading older scientists and Nobel Prize winners that developed a product called Basis. It’s all about regenerating your cells like when you were much younger. Lori and I have been taking it for years. Google it, you can thank me later. P.s. no side effects. My mom used to always say, “getting old is hell”. Most of the things she said were pretty spot on.

We have two lacrosse games this week, one in Aspen Wednesday and the other in Summit on Friday. On the off days of course there’s practice. 24 days until Hawaii, whoo hoo. Time to get moving, have a great day and week. GB

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St. Patrick’s Day

Today everybody wants to be Irish! We’d like to go to Ireland as we have lots of friends who have gone and really enjoyed it. Someday.

Yesterday Ty and I went to Denver for a Ty Day. We hit MW Reynolds for some cool denim and then headed to Neiman Marcus where he found a bunch of good things on sale. He’s really happy with his new stuff.

Lori spent the day cleaning the basement, the laundry room and the kitchen and living room and part of our closet! I wasn’t excited about another drive to Denver but after seeing what she did, I made the right choice. Today Ty has theater practice from 11 until 3. His performance is April 5th, 6th and 7th. Lori will get to see only one of his performances as she’s going to her Mom’s. We didn’t know when the play was but it is what it is. She’s bummed as usually she goes to every performance meaning every show when he’s in a play but is excited to see her Mom. Guess this year I’ll be going to all three shows as usually I’m the one that goes to only one show.

Jag went to Emma’s after she was done skiing from about 2 until 10. Courtney, Emma’s mom, drove him both ways which was great so we didn’t have to stay up and go get him. Earlier in the morning, after the gym, we met with Tom our architect. Looks like we have all finalized now as we picked out locations for the remaining few little things like faucets on the outside of the house and other little stuff like the concrete pad in the outside dog run. It’s finally coming together after two years of preparing and planning. We’re really excited!

We’re still not sure if we can go to Arizona next week for Garth Brooks. If not we’ll be giving Robi and Robert our Club Level tickets which are supposedly really good seats. Hope we can go, we still have our flights but need to decide in the next few days.

Have a good day! Who’s having corn beef? I love it but it’s too salty for me and Lori thinks it’s too fatty. (of course she does, ha) God Bless.

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Boys Day

In the morning we dropped Ty for the Ski Day and Jag and I headed to Denver. After hitting Tom and Ali’s, the bank and the car wash, we headed downtown to get him some new clothes. We went to one of my favorite stores that has vintage motorcycles, fly rods and fine European rifles and shotguns, a true gentlemen’s store much like one you’d find in London. Although the motorcycles are not for sale, Mark (the owner) carries great gear and great clothes that you don’t find anywhere else. 2 hours and 6 shopping bags later we left and had a couple more stops before heading up the hill for lacrosse practice at 4. Jag brought home some really cool new much needed clothes from jeans to shirts to a new suede jacket. I found a couple fun pieces too.

After practice Ty went with Zoe to Dana’s to swim and hang out. I picked him up at 10. Jag and Lori and I came home and hung out. This morning the boys have haircuts at 10:30 and Lori and I are meeting Tom our architect to finalize the last few changes on the house. Not sure what we’re doing then as our lacrosse game was cancelled. We might go to Denver for a “Ty Day”, we’ll see how much homework he has.

Lori woke up early and beat me downstairs which is unusual. She’s excited to go see Dixie on her birthday which is 3 weeks from this weekend. We’re trying to find the best time for us all to go out and see her. Looks like right after school is out will be the best time. Speaking of time, time to go to the gym! Hope everyone is well. I’ll skip politics today even though yesterday some democrats were even blaming Chelsea Clinton for the shooting in New Zealand, ha! Others of course were blaming the NRA and even though I didn’t hear anyone blame Trump or the Russians, I’m sure some did or that’s coming. Nothing much surprises me anymore. Take care, God Bless.

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Fun Day!

Today is the All School Ski Day where the entire school pairs up with kids from other grades and skis. Jag and I are going to Denver as he’s not skiing this year as you know. Ty will be on the mountain with his class. Then there’s lacrosse practice from 4 until 5:30.

Yesterday around 6 the boys game started. It was only 24 degrees which isn’t that cold but the wind chill was 10 below. I had on two coats including my Canada Goose Expedition coat and was still cold. The wind up here cuts through you no matter what you’re wearing. The boys were really cold, almost frozen around 7:30 when the game was over. Hopefully tomorrow in Glenwood it’ll be warmer.

The Dems are continuing to trot out the Stupid Parade with Beto (real name Robert) now joining the race for President. These candidates are so detached from reality that Trump will probably be elected again. All he needs to do is sit back and watch them do their thing. Pelosi now wants 16 year old’s to vote so as she says, “we can capture them in high school”, while others want socialism to come to America. I guess none of them have ever heard of Chairman Mao, Joseph Stalin, Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro, wow. They should have paid attention in history class when in school. Well have to wait and see what happens as a lot of Americans are just plain flat out ignorant and think that socialism means they don’t have to work and they’ll get a bunch of free stuff. All great empires come to an end from the Roman Empire on and we’re getting close to imploding ourselves. Hold on.

Here’s Ty in the black shoes who had a great shot last night and almost scored!

Guess I’ll go so I can get moving. The house is coming along. Good news is with our loan we pay interest only on the amount the contractor draws meaning we shouldn’t ever have two house payments. Our interest rate is even lower than what we’re paying now so we’ll actually save money too! One loan will just replace the other so our cost is about the same, yea! I think we get our permits going next week as the structural engineer is almost done and then we should break ground around the first week of April! Some people couldn’t handle the process of building a house but I’m actually enjoying it. Lots to learn but lots of fun and a great experience. I’m involving the boys as we get going so they understand how it works. It’ll be a good experience for them too.

Have a great day, GB.

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