It’s over

School, prom, homework, finals, it’s all over, thank God. Today the kids have indoor Field day (due to yesterday’s snow) in the gym from 9 until 12. Then it’s summer, game on.

Lori and I were rushing around from place to place to take pictures of different grades, 9th, 10th and 11th before Prom. Then after getting all the kids into Prom, we headed to Matsuhisa for dinner with Emma’s parents. We had a fun dinner until almost 10 and then headed home. At 11 I headed back out to The Hyatt to get the kids. Courtney had had a few drinks so we had Emma spend the night with us so she didn’t have to drive. All the kids looked great. Below are pictures of Jag and Emma but I have to get pics of Ty from Lori’s phone.

They say 80 degrees this weekend meaning the rivers and lakes will be filling up fast. You need to be careful this time of year as up here we have what we call “big water”.

I’m waiting for the pictures to come through from my phone to my computer but they’re not here yet so maybe I’ll post them tomorrow. That’s it, have a great day, GB.

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last day of school

It’s been a long year and today is the last day of school. The boys go from about 10 until 12 today for their foreign language finals and then tonight we have prom. With Emma in 10th grade and Ty in 9th and Jag in 11th, we have 3 different pre-parties and photo sessions to go to. Not sure how we’ll handle that. Lori and I and Matt and Courtney (Emma’s parents) are going to dinner while the kids are partying it up at The Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek. Should be fun as we’re going for sushi. Prom is over at 11 and the Junior class has to clean up so it’ll be 11:30 before we pick up Jag, ugh.

Lori was off yesterday and I was slammed. She cleaned a bit in Ty’s room but only managed to clean under the bed. It’s a big challenge. So lot’s going on today, it’s 6 minutes after 6 right now so I’d better get moving. Have a great day, GB.

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Ok, no more snow

That’s it, no more, we’ve had enough, stop it already. Time for summer.

Yesterday it snowed, and it snowed hard! It was a wet sloppy snow (not dry as I said yesterday, thanks Tom for the correction) and made a mess of things. The boys finals went pretty well although there were some things on Ty’s math test that the teacher had never taught them? All the kids were stumped. This teacher has been challenging to say the least. Today is History and Science.

I need to get to Denver so time to go. Lori is off today so she’ll hopefully get some rest although I suspect she’ll clean a bunch. That’s it, time to go, have a good day, GB.

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Snow and Finals

Well we have at least 6 inches of fluffy white snow outside and it’s May 21st! Today the boys also have finals at school. I think they both have math and English today and history and science tomorrow. I was headed to Denver but now that’s a no go. I have some shoveling and cleaning off of cars to get to.

I talked with Tom yesterday and he was telling me about having some landscaping done. He was sort of on the fence and I told him absolutely do it. He and Al aren’t moving, they really don’t go on vacation and they spend a lot of time in their backyard so I said go for it. Can’t wait to see what it looks like, if it ever stops snowing.

Looks like snow in Denver too on the news. The upside is this is good news for the water supply. I had a bunch of calls yesterday and have more today so that’s about it. Hope summer arrives soon, as we’ve written off spring! God Bless.

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3 days

School is out this week but there’s really like only 3 days left. Both boys have finals tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. Then prom Thursday night and Field Day Friday with early release at noon. Summer is almost here although you wouldn’t know it by looking outside. it’s not raining here yet but will later today. I guess up high and in Denver they’re expecting a little snow.

Jag went to Emma’s all day yesterday and Ty studied and went to the skate park for a couple hours. Dr. C. is back today and I have about 10 days to get in $750K in orders. So we’re all busy. The dogs ate and I already took them up the hill. Time for coffee and then to wake the boys. have a good week, God Bless.

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Jag and I made it to Denver and back by about 2. His suit looks great on him as does Ty’s as both boys are tall and slim. Around 4 I left with Marty and James for the NRA banquet. We arrived about 5 and headed in. It was full of ranchers, cowboys and local people who all support the 2nd Amendment. From probably 8 to 100 all ages were there. The Cub Scouts from Jackson County presented the colors (our flag) and assisted during the auction. We all stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance and then there was an opening prayer. The food was also really good, prime rib! Just the way things should be but as mostly ignored, especially in the city.

Our host was pretty lubricated (almost drunk) when he arrived and it didn’t take long for him and the other fella at our table to be in that stage where everything they did made us laugh. Marty, James and I don’t drink so it was quite the contrast. Soon some people recognized James which always happens wherever we go somewhere and most were respectful. James doesn’t do pictures which everyone asks for. The second guy at our table (there were only 5 of us) halfway through the event said to James, “someone just told me you’re the guitar player for Metallica?” to which James said I’m the lead singer and then Brett with a buzzed look said, “well no shit”. It was pretty funny. We managed to get out right before things got weird as I could tell our host was at the tipping point. It’d be great I guess to be a mega star like James (he’s as famous as one of the Beatles or maybe more) but there is a downside. I told him on the way home how well he handles people which he does.

Anyhow the three of us had lots of fun and laughs. Marty kept saying he didn’t really know his client that well and kept apologizing but it was ok. Meanwhile Lori, Melanie and Jen went to Matsu for sushi. They too had fun. The only bummer of the night was none of us won a gun?? I thought for sure we’d win something. We think it was rigged as one guy named Dexter won three, ha. Oh well it was for a good cause. That’s it, have a great day, God Bless.

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This morning Jag and I are headed down to pick up his suit at Nordstroms. Yesterday we had a fun day and night with Emma hanging out with us and Ty having Sonny stay over. Earlier in the day I found a permission slip on the kitchen counter that Ty filled out to invite a girl to prom that goes to another school. Turns out she’s in 11th grade and goes to Battle Mountain! When we asked him about it he told us he filled it out for Sonny and she was coming with him. However when Sonny came over and we were hanging out, we asked Ty and Sonny about it and Sonny said he invited another girl. Ah ha! Turns out Ty IS taking her to prom! I asked if we had to pick her up and Sonny quipped, “don’t worry, she drives!” Lori then said “this day just keeps getting better and better”. We all laughed for a bit as this was really funny. I guess she’s a friend of theirs that they play video games and hang out with. I asked Sonny if she is cute and he said yes! So Ty’s taking an 11th grader to prom!

Tonight Marty, James and I are going to the Friends of the NRA Banquet in Silverthorne as Marty bought a table. Should be a fun time. Lori, Melanie and Jen are going to Matsu while we’re gone. Ty has a study session at 10 this morning and then is going skateboarding until 1 and then has some theater thing from 1 to 4. Not sure what Jag is doing this afternoon or evening.

Jag and I hope to be back by 1 or so from Denver. We had snow in the afternoon but it’s all gone now. Lot’s going on as school is out next Thursday. That’s it, be safe out there and God Bless.

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The Rolling Stones

Yesterday the Stones released the dates of their make up concerts. You might recall Mick had to cancel the previously scheduled dates for a heart procedure. August 10th is our new date, whoo hoo. Robi commented yesterday on this too.

We had a little rain last night but the sky is blue this morning. Looks like rain coming on and off for the next 4 days or so around here and in Denver.

Emma is coming over after school and Jag went to her house last night. They’re inseparable for the most part as I’m sure you know by now. Ty has to keep studying for finals but would rather be skate boarding. We’re talking about starting a skate board company as it’s his passion. You all might want to invest in this as he has some pretty good ideas. I told him the trick to creating a successful product is to either find an existing product and make it better or develop a new one that no one has. More to come here but pretty exciting.

I need to get moving so I can take Harley, then the boys, then get to Denver to swap trucks and then rush back up the hill. Tomorrow we’re back down to get Jag’s suit. Dr. C is back next week so today is her last day without him in the office. Have a great day and weekend, God Bless.

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Changing time

Ok, I’ve decided night time needs to be longer. We just can’t seem to get enough sleep so night time should start at 6 and go until about 6 in the morning. This way we might get enough sleep.

Tomorrow I have to go to Denver to drop off a truck I’ve been driving for 3 months as a demo from my dealer. I’ll be back into a diesel tomorrow which we’ll keep for years. It’s getting leveled today and I changed out the running boards from chrome to black. We also have a Truckvault coming to put in the bed which is a secure drawer system for transporting anything. I ended up getting this thrown in along with a topper. When you get year end models and know the General Manager (he’s taking his daughter to Bocelli with us) you can get about $15,000 off! With the model change coming this Fall we’ll probably end up with this as our family truck forever.

Saturday we’re off to Denver to pick up Jagger’s suit and then at 5 pm Marty is taking James and I to the Friends of the NRA Banquet. It’s in Silverthorne and should be fun. It’s going to be a little cooler this weekend but no snow, yea!

We overslept until 6. It was hot last night so we had the window wide open. Looks nice outside right now. Lori made some halibut I picked up in Denver yesterday with some artichokes I threw in a pot of water before she came home. She’s cooking chicken breasts right now so we have them. That’s it, have a good day, take care and God Bless.

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It’s May 15th. One of the greatest songs of all time is a song by the band The Who called 5:15. Most of you probably don’t know it but I’ll bet Tom and Robi do! Probably Robert too!

So it’s the middle of May. Summer is on the way. School will be out soon and the mountains will turn green. Looks like we’re skipping Spring this year.

Lori is busy and so am I and the boys. We’re still recuperating from Lori being gone for the long weekend. Lori and I had a meeting until about 7:30 last night so not much free time.

The Governor of New Mexico paid for a bus and sent a bunch of illegal immigrants to Colorado yesterday. Our idiot Governor didn’t even know about it. Seems all these democrat Gov’s are for illegal immigration, just not in their State. Typical democrats, will say anything for votes.

I need to get moving. Time to finish my coffee and get the dogs up the hill, then shower and get the boys up, and the take Harley to daycare all in the next 45 minutes. Lori is headed to the gym to try to clam down her headache. Have a great day, God Bless.

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