Happy Birthday Robi!!!

Today all of us but Jag are back at it. He has the day off until basketball at 6:30 tonight. Lori, Ty and I though, have lots of work. But none of that matters as today is my little sister Robin’s birthday, whoo hoo!

Not sure what she has going but hope it’s fun. I’m sure Robert has some good things lined up! Being a gentleman I won’t mention her age but let’s just say she looks great. Happy Birthday and we hope you have a great day!

Yesterday our football team just flat out sucked! it was the first time I can ever remember turning off a Bronco game, and I’m a die hard fan. Most of it to me, was on the coaches. Some changes definitely need to be made, probably at quarterback, but we’ll have to wait and see what they do. In any case, it was a waste of a game and they stunk it up.

It’s a bit warmer today and will be nice until Thursday. It’s been windy but that’s ok. Mojo is out of dog food so he’s been eating chicken which he prefers, ha.

Tom, Lori, Jag and I went through some more boxes in the attic yesterday mainly focusing on all the Christmas stuff. There is so much stuff we don’t know what to do with it. Literally there are 70 plus boxes of just Christmas decorations. We have a huge pile of ornaments, decorations, wreaths, and more we just don’t know what to do with. We don’t want to throw anything out but it’s just too much. We’ll figure something out,

The pictures are from yesterday’s sunset, pretty nice place to live. Both boys went to the same movie (Kingsmen 2) at different times just so Mom and I could drive a bit more! Guess it was a good movie, GB.


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Warming up

Today it’s supposed to warm back up but that’s after a nasty bout of snow and ice yesterday morning that saw temps in the teens. We were up and out by 7 for Ty’s basketball tournament which started at 7. His teams first game was at 8:40 so we had to be there by 8:15. The tournament was held in Frisco with teams from all over within about 120 miles.

Ty’s team is pretty darn good as they finished 2nd out of 12 teams after playing 5 games. It was a double elimination tournament meaning you played until you lost 2 games. The team from Craig won it all and those farm/ranch boys were huge! Ty’s team only has 8 players so everyone had a lot of playing time. He’s the least experienced but getting better every day as this is really his first real time playing real organized basketball with a coach who is actually a basketball coach and not a soccer coach filling in. His next game is in Leadville Tuesday at 5 pm.

Between games Lori and I went to Whole Foods and bought a dozen Halloween cupcakes for the boys for after their last game. They were very appreciative.

Upon arrival at 8 am, Lori stepped out of the car and went down flat on the ice! Her feet went right out from under her. I ran around and picked her up but today she is really sore. She might have broke her tailbone and the back of her head is sore where she hit it. We’re lucky I guess as she could be in the hospital. Once we walked in we saw a few other ladies who also slipped and fell on the ice, not good.

We made it home around 4 and pretty much took it easy for the rest of the day. This morning we’re headed to Denver for some more cleaning and to get some new basketball gear, mainly workout clothes. It’s warming up so they say. Time to get moving so we’re back home by the Bronco game around 2 or so. Not sure we can get back by then but we’ll at least be home by the second half. Have a great day and GB.

Here’s the afternoon¬† and then the morning in pictures! Quite the change…

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Insanely Impressive!

Those were the words Jagger’s professor used when describing his performance in AP World History and in particular, his mid term exam, where Jag was the only one to score 100%!

Yesterday the day started with his teacher conference. It’s a bit different from what we were used to when we were younger as all the teachers come to one room to meet with Jag and us. First he did most of the talking telling each teacher what he liked and how he felt about their class and then they provided input as well. Of course, the worst thing anyone could say was things like, “your handwriting could be a bit neater”¬† and “don’t stress out on school so much” and ” it’s ok to get a lower score if it means not staying up all night”. To sum it up, the kid is on top of his game and excelling like nothing we, or I think them, expected. Jagger though, absolutely expects it and you can tell. The Director of the Upper School said her number one thing was that Jag gets good sleep and takes some more time for fun things like basketball and doesn’t make his life all about school. So, there you have it. By the way, Jag dressed in a black shirt, black jeans and red tie on his own.

Next up I went to workout and had maybe the toughest workout of my entire life. I thought I was going to throw up several times, but alas, didn’t. I came home, jumped in the shower and when I was getting out, I hit my right big toe on the edge of the shower door which instantly resulted in me screaming a profanity. I didn’t think much of it until I looked down and saw a little blood on my toe thinking I scraped it. Upon closer inspection, I had sheared off a chunk of my toenail as it was gone! After looking around, I found it sitting in the shower! Now this wasn’t good, but I bandaged it up and moved on cursing myself for being so stupid and lazy not to lift my foot all the way over the door. I won’t do that again!

Ty had a good day at school and brought up a grade 3 grades that was low as he didn’t understand a key assignment. He did this all on his own and we were really proud of him for handling it. Next up Jag and I went to the orthodontist where we were for an hour. He needs a few more Invisalign trays but is making good progress. After that we went to pick up Lori as Ty was staying for the school dance after basketball. Jag and I picked him up TY at 8 and he had thrown on his basketball uniform and went as a basketball player as it was a costume party. He has number 1 for a jersey which is pretty cool.

This morning we’re off at 7:15 am for Summit where he and his team has a tournament that goes until his team either wins out or loses two games. We had planned on going to Denver which we still might, but need to see how the games go. It snowed up here and we have about 3 or 4 inches of good wet snow outside which is a good base for the slopes. We’re ready but the 70 degree Fall days sure were nice. I think they’ll be back next week but one of these days, it’ll snow and then keep on snowing until about April. Time to book our February Hawaii trip, ha!

Oh, Jag and I did take a couch down to the consignment store to sell it as we had brought two chairs up from Mom’s house that are much better for our backs. We bought the couch there a year ago and our friend owns the store so she said bring it back and they’d sell it for us. That one move helped de-clutter the house a bunch which gives us a much better feeling. Of course we have three chairs and there’s four of us so if we all want to watch a movie together, someone is doubling up!

I’ve been staying away from politics but I cannot believe a member of Congress would listen in on a condolence call from the President and then twist his words to somehow attack him. Say what you will about Trump but does anyone really think he’d deliberately call the wife of a fallen soldier and chastise or insult her? Good God, as the 4 Star Marine General said the other day, is nothing sacred anymore? It saddens me when I think of the World some are creating for our boys to grow up in. Jagger said yesterday he’s going to write an essay on PC running wild. Should be interesting, as yesterday his English teacher commented on his piece on Voltaire where his opinions challenged the writer and did so in a convincing fashion.

Have a great day, watch your top knot (remember that? If not, look it up) and God Bless.

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4 Day Weekend

Jagger is off today, after his parent teacher conference at 7:45 am. I think Ty has a school dance tonight and Lori of course has another fun filled day at the hospital. Tomorrow Ty has basketball at 8 am in Frisco and then I think we’re headed to Big D. Ty’s game is a tournament though so we’ll have to see how long it goes. Jag had basketball last night and is really playing well. The first official practice is November 10th so he’s getting some good work in ahead of the season. His new coaches are REAL coaches which he didn’t have last year. We’re really looking forward to a great season.

Yesterday I made it to my three appointments in Denver and left town about noon to head back up the hill. I’m finally headed to the gym this morning for a workout as our trainer has been in Europe for what seems like a month. Jag does have an orthodontist appointment later this afternoon. So, we’re busy busy as usual.

Guess I’ll go so we can start getting ready for the day. Hope everyone is doing well, take care and God Bless.

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On the mend

This morning I’m 80 or 90% better, thankfully. I’m not sure what I ate, (I think it was a chicken pot pie) but it was no fun. Luckily the human body is an amazing thing.

This morning we all need to leave early as Jag has a big test and Ty has a big assignment. I then will head off to Denver for a 9:30 appointment. Lori of course has clinic with it being Thursday and then one more day of work before her doctor leaves for Hawaii for a week. Jag has tomorrow and Monday off for conferences. It’ll be nice for him to have a 4 day weekend as he’s been working hard.

It was in the mid 70’s yesterday which is unbelievable for up here in mid October. Today and tomorrow will also be nice before winter creeps in on Saturday.

Guess I’ll run as it’s 5:37 and time to make sure everyone is moving. It’s so hard to get up in the morning, especially if you’re a teenager! Take care, be safe, love the one you’re with (that a song title, ha) and God Bless.

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From yesterday morning on, I either have the flu or food poisoning. So not much of a blog today.

Tomorrow I’m back in Denver as we have an antique appraiser coming over to look at some things to see if anything is really valuable. Today though I need to try to lick this, whatever it is.

Lori’s off to the gym and the boys need to get up and get moving. That’s it for today as I just don’t have the energy to write anymore. Have a great day, GB

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Non stop

Sometimes we have so much to do, we just don’t know where to start. Last night Lori had a board meeting for Canine Companions, which is where they give free service dogs to disabled people for life, and at the same time I had an Upper School basketball meeting at school. Both were at 6 so we were both gone until about 7 pm.

Today we all need to be out the door by about 7:15 at the latest. The boys have school but first Jag has basketball and Ty needs to meet with a teacher. Lori has an early meeting and I have a couple things on outside projects. First up is an app we’re developing with a buddy and his son and second is a meeting with an account in Denver.

So time to run as both boys are still in bed. Every morning they answer us but don’t get out of bed! It’s so frustrating as we need to ask them 4, 5, or 6 times to get out of bed. Guess it’s a teenager thing. Have a great day and here’s a great picture of Mom, God Bless.

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We knew it!

Anytime a team is supposed to lose by a whole bunch, has zero wins and is supposed to just lay an egg, you know you’re in trouble. That’s exactly what we knew would happen last night and sure enough, that’s just what happened! We left around 4 for Denver and made it to our seats a little after 6 pm. From the opening kick off until we left at the start of the 4th Quarter, nothing went right. We did have fun but the game was a bummer. Oh well, as my buddy pointed out, it’s just a game. You see at halftime they had cancer survivors on the field including one guy who works for the Broncos who has colon cancer and is in hospice, so considering that, watching your team lose a football game isn’t even in the same league as what some peoples are dealing with.

Today another week starts. Lori and I both have meetings tonight at 6 on opposite ends of the valley. Ty’s basketball practice ends at 6 so one of us will have to get him somehow. It’s beautiful up here with temps in the 50’s and 60’s and no snow. It’s 7 now and we all need to get moving.

Watching the morning news, the fires in California are so tragic and devastating. Not sure if you’ve been watching but between the hurricanes and fires, it’s been quite a year so far. So again, be thankful for what you have and live each day to the fullest. Remember family and health are your greatest assets. Not trying to preach here, just a putting things in perspective. Closer to home, one of Lori’s nurses husband is not doing well at all after having most of his colon removed and replaced. He’s 40 years old, they have a little 3 year old girl and he’s a police officer here in Vail. Please pray for Craig as we’re really worried about him.

That’s it for today. Time to get started on the week, take care, be safe, be kind to others and God Bless.

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That’s right, ten minutes after 8 am this morning! That’s the latest we’ve slept in for as long as we can remember! It seems like we’ve wasted half the day, ha.

Yesterday we headed down to Denver to the dry cleaners and then Mom’s house. We have lots of cleaning to do in rooms like the basement where there is so much stuff, it’s almost overwhelming. We worked for a few hours with Tom and Ali and then Lori, the boys and I headed back up the hill. As soon as we arrived home we had to start getting ready for the Gala. About 5:45 Lori and I walked out the door for the Marriott.

We arrived at 6 with Lori looking stunning as usual. In fact one of the Hall of Fame members wives came up to her later in the night and told her so. When we walked in, it was packed. We knew a few people but not many. We found our table and said hi to Hart who was sitting there with his mountain cap on which had like 100 buttons from ski events all over the World on it. Turns out our (Hart’s table) had four Hall of Fame members! There was Hart, a fellow named Dick who was a member of the famous 10th Mountain Division which was the U.S. Army troops that were on skis in WWII and founded Vail, Francine Peterson and her husband and another fellow. I sat next to a guy named Mo who was probably in his 80’s yet still had a grey pony tail in his hair. It was a really fun and special evening. It was basically the Academy Awards of U.S. skiing.

There were five honorees or people being inducted. They had a video of each highlighting their contributions over their lives to skiing. There was a guy from Aspen, one from Wyoming, an extreme skier from New Hampshire, a guy who was most recently the head of Steamboat after running resorts for 43 years and a woman who started as a free style skier in the 70’s and now owns a ski apparel company. There were probably 30 Hall of Fame members in attendance.

Of course our new friend Hart, opened the ceremonies with a song and closed it with the same. One song was the third verse of the Star Spangled Banner. Now we, along with a lot of people didn’t know there even was a third verse. So they had the words on the video screen and everyone stood and sang along, most with their hands over their hearts. No one was taking a knee here, ha!

At one point in the evening Lori’s cell phone rang in her purse. Turns out there was a mountain lion under our deck and Mojo was trying to get to. The boys were trying to warn us for when we came home. Ty had his BB gun out in case it jumped up on the deck. I laughed and told him that’d just piss it off unless he hit it square in the eye!

We made it home around 10 and it really was a special event. You can learn so much from people older than you. It’s a shame that nowadays most people ignore them as they have such a different, and in many ways, better understanding and perspective on life. We enjoyed the evening very much.

This afternoon Jag and I are headed to the Bronco game, whoo hoo! Sure hope we win. We’re supposed to which is always a scary thing. It’s a beautiful morning with the blue sky creating a sharp contrast against the fall colors of the trees and scrub oak on the mountains. There’s no snow right now but we know it’s coming. This week though, it’s supposed to be in the 70’s all week long which is hard to beat anywhere. Guess I’ll get moving, hope you all are well, take care and be thankful for the day and all you have in your life, mostly your family and health as when you get older, that’s real wealth! God Bless.

Here’s a picture of one of the inductees skiing a 14,000 foot peak in Colorado. He skied all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks in one year and what’s even more impressive to me, is he had to climb them all to ski down!

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U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame Gala

Tonight Lori and I are joining Hart Axley for dinner at a gala to honor and induct five people in to the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. You may remember the old man that was at Mom’s service and spoke at the end and then sang a song in tribute to her. Well, that was Hart Axley. Turns out he was a pioneer in the ski industry, a former inductee and a World renowned attorney who first came to Colorado in 1956. Now here’s the twist, he went to the University of Wisconsin and was in the marching band with Mom and in school at the same time, what a coincidence. Anyhow, he invited us earlier this week as it’s here in Vail tonight and we were honored that he’d ask us and look forward to hearing more about Mom’s college years.

I made it to Boulder and Longmont yesterday for my appointments and then was home a bit before 4 in the afternoon. Tomorrow Jag and his buddy and dad and I are going to the Bronco Giants games which is a night game that starts at 6:30. It should be a fun one. Looks like it’s also going to get cooler up here soon and down there tomorrow for the game.

Funny as I was talking to Tom the other day saying when something would happen during the day, I’d find myself wanting to call Mom only to realize that that wasn’t possible. Tom told me he’d dialed her number a time or two without thinking. It’s hard but getting a little better. Last night Jag and Ty were hanging out downstairs and I went down to do some laundry and they had the picture of Grandma from the service (the 20″ X 24″ photograph) sitting there on the bed with them. I asked where that came from and Jagger said he got it from the other room and brought it in so Grandma could be with them and so she wasn’t lonely. That was heartbreaking but great. Sometimes we forget to think about how others are dealing with loss, especially the kids, so I’m making sure that we talk a bit about it and include Grandma in our daily prayers and thoughts. Each and every day we think of her as something reminds us of her. It’s funny as in many ways, Grandma is influencing us all more even though she’s not here. We in our family are very conscious as to our daily actions and are trying to live up to Grandma’s expectations of us as people. She’s a hard act to follow but we’ll try. So, it’s all good. Do we wish she was still here, of course we do, but that’s not real life. We’ll soldier on and all try to live our lives the way that she would live hers. Not sure that’s possible, but we’re determined to give it the old college try!

God Bless you all, here’s one of my all time favorites I posted before that deserves another day!

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