Jag coming up!

Tonight, Jagger and Eva are coming up. We’ve never met Eva so that’ll be fun. They’ll be here until Sunday. Ty works at 7 today, tomorrow and Sunday, and I guess from now on going into the off season. We pretty much get up between 5 and 5:30 these days anyhow, so no big deal.

Yesterday, Lori, Addy, James and I went to the range for 3 hours shooting. Lori did really well and after a few minutes all her muscle memory came back to her. I have a new carry piece that shot really well. I’m super happy with it. You need to run at least 500 rounds through any new gun with zero FTF’s, (failures), before you can trust the firearm. After that, Lori went to pick up Ty and I ran up to cigar night with James and the guys. I think we’re going to the range again Sunday after the Bronco game. We’re all going to watch the game first and have chili dogs and stuff at Addy’s before shooting.

The house is clean and sparkling. I found out it’ll be 8 to 12 weeks to get the new garage panels so I’m going to move all my crap from one side of the garage to the other so Lori can park her car inside, as it could be mid-December before it’s fixed.

Watch closely as they’ll be taking Biden out soon. He’s messing up even more than usual daily. The guys in charge, (Obama, Susan Rice, etc.) should be ashamed for using him the way they are. It is elder abuse. Even the New York Times used those exact words yesterday. Hard to believe this can happen in 2023 and even harder to believe the American public continues to fall for it. We are a hot mess as a Country.

5:40am now, time to get Ty up. We almost turned on the fireplace this morning. It was cool in our room last night as we sleep with the window open. Trash day today so time to clean out the fridge. CU is supposed to lose big time to Oregon tomorrow. We probably will but there’s always a chance! That’s the great thing about sports, you never know. Jag and I were talking and said this would be a good game to bet on as we’re something like 21-point underdogs. We don’t gamble, thank God, but this would be one game I’d throw a few bucks at, ha.

Have a great day and weekend. Take care, stay safe and God Bless.

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Last night a winter squall, (that’s what Lori called it), came through during the middle of the night. Lori, Adriana, James and I are supposed to go to the range today so hope it’s ending. Fall arrives Saturday so this isn’t surprising. Ty made it home around 7 last night and grilled up his flank steak that Lori marinated for him a few hours earlier. He works at 8 this morning and we’ll drop him on the way to the gym.

I made cookies for the kids down the street yesterday. They were so so, ha. I bought some premade cookie dough from Whole Foods. They were not that bad but were not homemade like Tommy’s. But being kids, they ate them up.

On the way to work in Frisco yesterday, a truck sped by Lori and kicked up an orange construction cone that flew into the side of her car! I told her about the paving operation and to be careful as I drove through it the day before. She was super upset but when she got home, and I checked it out and was relieved as there’s no real damage. A few little scrapes that will buff out and are not really noticeable.

An Iraqi refugee was killed in a carjacking in Aurora. How ironic that the guy gets out of Iraq, which is arguably one of the most dangerous countries in the World, makes it to Colorado, and then dies here in a carjacking, nice. It’s getting old seeing crap like this happen every day. Take the millions of illegals entering the Country and pair them up with the degenerate youth that have no hope, and you have tens of millions of people that will commit crimes of opportunity if given the chance. When did human life become so worthless? And what’s our govt. doing? They’re creating a new climate emergency office and another to focus on taking away 2nd Amendment rights from its law-abiding citizens, nice. Did you see the one-year-old that died in day care as the woman running it was making fentanyl while running a daycare? The place failed its inspection yet was allowed to keep watching kids. WTF is wrong with people. Hold on as we haven’t hit rock bottom yet, believe it or not. Sadly, it’s going to take new leadership to turn this ship around. So, think before you vote and do all you can to make sure everyone you know does not vote for any democrat. They just don’t care and seem to be intentionally trying to burn the Country down. I’ll stop now but everyone needs to pull their heads out of the sand and say enough is enough.

And with that, have a great day, stay safe, get ready for the changing season and may God bless and watch over you.

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Last night was the first night in a while Lori and I were home alone. Ty is coming up today (instead of yesterday) and Steve is now housesitting his partner’s house. We crashed out pretty early trying to catch up on sleep. This morning I have an MRI on my neck and Lori is off to Frisco. I was going to cancel the MRI as I’m feeling better but I hate to cancel on them, and we get it for virtually free so I might as well go.

Cleaners come tomorrow and Jag and Eva come up Friday for the weekend. Ty was having his friend Tony drive him up yesterday but Tony was sick. We told Ty to take the bus if Tony is sick as we don’t want him around here spreading germs.

Another shooting in Denver last night. This time a carjacking gone bad. Seems like a daily occurrence down there. Bad things used to happen only late at night but now things are happening at all hours. My Partner Brian just came back from a week in Tokyo and said he’d never seen a cleaner city. He said crime is almost non-existent, and that everyone was so nice and respectful. He said the city at night is super quiet and even the subways are too. I told him welcome home to the shit show. I used to think the news is just reporting things more but now I’m convinced, after looking at some statistics, that it’s just way more dangerous out there. What a fucked up society we are these days. Lucky we live where we live. If it was up to me, I could go even further out.

Almost time to start turning the heat on. We stopped using the A/C last week and are in that middle ground where we use neither right now.

Everyone is cancelling Russell Brand after he was accused of sexual assault from years ago. TV networks, Youtube and others have cut him off. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Apparently that no longer applies here in the U.S. if the left cancels you. Whether he’s guilty or not, no one should be ruined, financially and reputation wise, until they have their day in court. No surprise though as we’ve seen this over and over again in the past few years. It’s almost like the days of the Puritans and the witch hunts from 300 years ago. Unbelievable. Steve Martin, the comedian, was accused by some lady from something from decades ago last week! Come on, stuff from 30 or 40 years ago should not even be relevant today. Everyone, and I mean everyone, did stuff way back then that is considered not acceptable today. Lori and I were talking that she should go back and sue United Airlines and for sure should sue the Steadman Clinic as there was clearly sexual harassment there, just from the inappropriate jokes alone! Maybe we should, but then of course, we’d need to leave the Valley. None of this is cool as it could happen to anyone, even you! What a mess.

Oh well, time to go. 6:12 am now and that’s it for the day. Be well, stay safe, get ready for winter and God Bless.

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Could have been worse

I dropped Lori at work and drove to Glenwood to see Sean at the collision center. Looks like the car is not damaged too bad. Hopefully we can get the parts we need fairly quick. Could be a couple months though. We also managed to get the garage door panel on order. Melissa at the garage door place was so nice and told Lori not to be upset as this happens all the time. She said one guy called and said he needs a whole new garage door and when Melissa said, maybe not, why do you think that? The man said, because the door is in the backyard! Apparently his wife drove through the garage door, into the garage wall and into the backyard all in one swoop! So there, could have been worse.

Ty is headed up today and his friend Tony is driving him up. He’ll stay the night and go back tomorrow. Lori works in Vail again today. I didn’t make it shooting yesterday as I got caught up at work. Maybe later this week we’ll get some more range time in.

Another shooting in Denver last night, that’s 3 days in a row. Cities are just not safe anymore. No where is totally safe but we’re much safer up here in the bubble. Nice outside now with Fall on the way. I have some work to do so time to go. Have a great day, God Bless.

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Ok, before the news of the day, some sad news that put things in perspective. The day before yesterday we found out that a friend of ours little 7-year-old girl passed away in an ATV wreck. It’s so sad as she was best friends with Hanna, our neighbor girl next door. Her parents were the people we get our eggs from, devastating. Then yesterday we found out that one of Adriana’s best friends died the night before in Colorado Springs! Horrible. It seems nowadays that more people are passing away than normal. Maybe it’s just because we’re older, not sure.

Now to the crunch. During the Bronco game, Lori was going to go pick up Ty and give him a ride to the bus to Denver that was in Vail. I moved my truck and as I was walking back from the street, and there it was, crunch. Somehow Lori had backed her new car into the garage door! We’re not exactly sure what happened as she opened the door with the remote. We think as she set the remote down in her car, something hit the button and it began to close as she was backing out. Anyhow, the top of her new car, in the rear, has some damage and of course, the garage door needs to be replaced. Steve and I managed to get it somewhat fixed and closed but who knows how long it’ll take to get it fixed. Garage doors are notoriously hard to get right now. Lori was very upset, but I reminded her of what I just shared earlier in the post. Point is, no one was hurt or died, yes, it’s a pain but it’s just a crunch and we’ll get it fixed and many people in this World are going through much worse daily. At least we’re not in the middle of winter! So there you have it.

Today I have a really big day at work as I’m pretty much changing the entire structure of who does what and how we do things. I’m sure I’ll get some resistance, but I don’t care, some things need to change. Lori is working in Vail today and later in the day, Steve and I will go do some more shooting.

The Bronco’s blew it again yesterday, ugh. Tough loss but you can’t really expect to change things overnight, unless you’re Coach Prime and CU! The weather is nice, and it was warm yesterday. We went to the gym for the second day in a row but I’m taking a break today as I don’t want to push it and I have a tinge of a tension headache. Looks like the 70’s all week up here with maybe the low 80’s.

Just about two weeks left in September. Ty is in Denver but coaching some kid’s basketball team in Ft. Collins today with his friend Tony, that are in the State tournament. Not sure what’s going on there. Think it’s Tony’s little brothers’ team. I’ll pick him up tomorrow when I’m in town. Have a great day, be well, stay safe and God Bless.

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No sleep

We’re tired, but happy. Last night after a late start (8:20pm), we won the big game in double overtime! We trailed most of the game and it wasn’t our best showing, especially in the first half, but in the end, we tied it up to go to overtime and won. It was a chippy game and the other team from Ft. Collins, took tons of cheap shots the entire game. I think they had 10 personal fouls. It almost seemed like they planned to knock one of our top guys out of the game on purpose. Some of their guys should be suspended.

Before the game, Marty and Dr. B came over to join Lori, Ty, Steve and I for dinner. We had a blast and Dr. B was happy to be invited as Molly, his wife, was in Nashville. Lori and I didn’t do a whole lot during the day. We were going shooting today but after being up to 12:30am and getting up a 5:30 am, not sure we’ll go today, maybe tomorrow instead.

That’s about it, 3-0, we’ll take it. I always say, no one remembers how you win, only how you lose! Have a great Sunday and God Bless.

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Big game

Tonight at 8, CU plays CSU. Yesterday the The Rock, and other celebrities were in Boulder getting ready for the big game tonight. We also have Fox Sports and ESPN both doing their national broadcasts from here today. We’ve become the talk of college football for now.

Ty works at 7 and we’re heading to the gym. Time to get back after it but I need to make sure I don’t go at it too hard. Steve spent the night again and is probably with us a few more nights. We hardly notice he’s here as he’s at the shop all day closing things down and heads out when we do to go to his gym.

Nice and cool up here which we’ll take. Snow way up high above 12,000 feet. Lori made chili yesterday and it was really good. Perfect for a cooler day. We’ll eat the rest today.

Time to get moving as we need to be on the road in 30 minutes. Enjoy your day and Go Buffs and God Bless.

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Getting better

Went to the doctor yesterday and am getting better. Turns out I have a lot of wax in my ears, hmm, that I’m getting sucked out by the ENT doc hopefully today. Guess it builds up and can then cause equilibrium issues. Cancelled my MRI at Lori’s work as my muscle pull is feeling better too.

Steve, my Group 19 (Green Beret) buddy, spent the night here and I think is staying a few more days as he was sleeping in his van at the range. We have plenty of room downstairs and he’s an easy guest. Think we’re hitting the range tomorrow for some practice too.

After the doc yesterday, I stopped for a quick cigar with the guys. Good to see everyone. Lori took Ty to work this morning as they asked if he could open today at 7. She then went to the gym. I laid off one more day just to make sure I don’t tweak anything and am 100% healed up.

I’m breaking crap at work and resetting everything for 2024. Lots of stuff needs to be adjusted (that’s a nice description) as we need to adapt to the changing market and times. Change is never easy but if done right, is effective. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting the results to be different, is just stupid.

Time to get moving, Steve headed down to his gym here in Eagle. He’ll be back later. Have a great day and weekend, GB.

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Cool down

It’s here! Fall! Today and tomorrow’s temperatures should have the trees start changing colors, as early as today. Last night we met Marty and Melanie for dinner. Made it home around 8:30 and headed to bed.

This morning I’m dropping my truck off to have my topper that I bought over two years ago from South Africa, put on. It took me over a year to get it and then I had to wait for my new truck. Just in time for winter.

My voice is hoarse from so much talking yesterday on the phone at work. My buddy Steve who moved to Arizona but is back up here closing down the gun store, will stay with us for the next few nights as he’s been sleeping in his van at the range and showering at the gym. They sold their house a month ago and moved to Arizona at the end of August. We told him to stay here, so he doesn’t need to sleep in his van. He’s a good guy.

Ten to seven now and we need to leave in 40 minutes so no time to waste. Ty woke up early which is good as the cleaners come today and he needs to clean so they can clean. He at least needs to put his bong away, ha.

That’s it. I think Biden is about done. I predict the Dems will take him out before Halloween. No one wants him or Trump to run. I think the news keeps saying Trumps in the lead and is uncatchable as that’s who the Dems want to run. Seems the only thing they can agree on is that they all hate Trump. Time for new people on both sides. Make it a great day, God Bless.

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Marty’s Birthday

Tonight we’re going out to dinner for Marty’s birthday. Thankfully, knock on wood, I’m finally feeling better. Ty stayed an extra day in Denver and will be back today. I have calls at 8, 9:30 and 11. Lori works in Vail, and I’ll pick her up at 5:30 on the way to dinner, which means I’ll drop her at work this morning.

Yesterday, in a big win for all of us, the Democratic Attorney General of New Mexico declined to defend the Governor who suspended citizens’ rights to lawful carry. Even a uber liberal California congressman came out and said she’s violating the Constitution. Maybe there’s hope for us after all. I only mention this as it’s a really big deal, even though it might not seem like it.

Looks like some weather coming in, a little rain and cold temperatures. There’s a major flood in Libya that wiped out about 40,000 people’s homes. There have been 8 major floods Worldwide this year. A lot of it has to do with the ground being so dry. Another lesson (warning) to be prepared to take care of yourself. Sorry if I’m beating a dead horse here but if something happens, you are on your own. ok, I’ll stop now.

Fall is in the air. You can tell from the temps in the morning and the trees look like they’re on the verge of changing colors. My favorite season of the year. The sky is pink and blue right now, hovering over the tan mountains outside at 6:40 in the morning. Sometimes we take for granted just how lucky we are to live where we live. Then we look outside on mornings like this as we drink our coffee and realize how great it is. We’re truly blessed.

Time to go, make it a great day and God Bless.

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