Back to Denver

One more trip this week. Lori has a doctor appointment and I need to return something at the mall. Think I also need to swing by the bank and sign some papers so Jagger can get a credit card to build his credit. Extreme drought in Denver. Moderate up here. Think we’re getting snow Tuesday. Not much but some.

Ty works tonight. He’s been tired so he went to sleep at 9 last night and hopefully will be better after 10 hours of sleep. He has an AP Stats test today he needs to do well on.

We should be home by 5 and Ty should be home by 9:30 or 10. He’ll come home after school to let Harley out. Jag is doing well, working hard. I need to find a new car before the end of the year for tax purposes. Since I drive so much for business I get to depreciate 93% of the vehicles cost this year if it’s over 6000 pounds which all my cars are. Problem is there are not many to be found and if you find one they want $10K or more over retail. No way. I’ll keep looking and if not, I’ll just pass.

Lori has been up since 5 as her head was hurting. She had been doing well but somehow triggered it yesterday. Hope it gets better asap. That’s it, December 3rd, wow. God Bless.

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freaky warm

Ok, now it’s kind of weird. Wonder when the snow will come. Glad we didn’t buy ski passes although we did buy the student pass for Ty. Today Lori has a call at 9 and one at 4 and Dixie has a dentist appointment at 11. She’s thoroughly confused these days. It’s funny now when we talk to her as some of the things she thinks are happening you just have to laugh at. No other way to deal with it.

Was in Denver again. They have a mask mandate but most people aren’t wearing them. The mall was about 50/50 for compliance. Same with the bank. Up in the mountains, no masks. Saw a survey that says 82% of people are not concerned at all with 14% somewhat and only 4% very concerned with the new variant. I can’t believe they have internment camps in places like Australia. They’re basically locking people up for even being in contact with people who tested positive even though they test negative. People are trying to escape by scaling fences. Not good, not good at all. What the hell is happening? Unbelievable, Good God, help us.

Trying to decide what to do over the holidays, specifically New Years. Would like to go somewhere warm. We’ll have to find someone to watch Harley. No big, we’ll find someone or some place for her to go if we go somewhere.

Time to move. Make it a great day. Remember all of us deserve nothing so live with thanks and gratitude for everything you have! You’ll be amazed how much more you appreciate life if you look at things this way. God Bless.

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December 1st

Still no snow! This is the latest I can ever remember that we haven’t had any of the white stuff. Warm outside too, about 70 in Denver today. We might get some next week but Denver looks dry. I made it to my appointment yesterday and then met up with Jag in Boulder. I also stopped by and had a quick bite of lunch with Tommy.

Lori is in Frisco today and Ty has school but no work. He’s off now for the rest of the school until break so he can study and get caught up. He has some work to do. 6:45 so time to get moving. Make it a great day, 31 days until 2022, wow! God Bless.

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Up early. Need to be on the road by 6. Have a distributor presentation I need to show up at around 9. Then I need to drop some stuff off for Jagger, drop some wine to a friend and head home. Ty worked last night, Lori was in Vail yesterday and is back there today.

Still no snow, nice weather for the last day of November. Annette’s birthday was yesterday! Happy belated bday. I knew but just forgot, sorry! Busy day.

Marty made it back from Mexico but had a cold for 4 or 5 days. Robi and Robert made it home safe. Great to see her. Time for me to get moving, 5;12 now. Be well, stay safe and God Bless.

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Cyber Monday

The Bronco’s won! Great game! Tom and I text back and forth through most games but this one was particularly fun. Good win. Ty worked from 12:30 until about 7. Back to school today for him, same with Jag. Lori works in Vail and I’m closing November here at the house. Tomorrow I’m in Denver.

Most of our shopping is done. A few odds and ends and that’s it. Lori spent a couple hours at her mom’s yesterday. Same story there. Still no snow. We told Annette to come for Christmas but she doesn’t like the snow. Looks like this is the year to come visit.

My neighbor Brian made it home yesterday with his elk. He needs to butcher it today and I told him I’d help him. That’s it for the day, time to go, God Bless.

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Lori and I were out of here around 9am and in Aspen by 10:30ish. The town was buzzing. Lots of out of towners there for the holiday. You can easily tell the tourists all decked out from head to toe in designer clothing with some carrying tiny little dogs, some in little designer doggie coats. The dogs, not the people, ha. We knocked out a lot of Christmas shopping and had a quick bite to eat at one of our favorite places, Clarks. Lori had a wedge salad with shrimp and I had the Crab Louie.

We made it home by 4 as Andrea was coming up to visit. She stayed the night and is leaving this morning for Denver. Jag made it home safe and Ty worked and then went out with friends until around midnight. I was asleep by the time he made it home. Robi, Robert and Tom went to the Buckhorn Restaurant in Denver. It’s one of the oldest restaurants in Denver with quite the history. We used to go there a lot when kids.

The girls are up and going for a walk and I’m headed to the gym. Time to get moving, Make it a great day and God Bless.

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Yesterday was a whirlwind. We woke around 7 or so and immediately got busy. Robi texted at 9 that they were leaving Denver. A little before 11 am, Tom, Robi and Robert arrived. It didn’t take long for Harley to warm up to them. A few pieces of cheese and they were all best friends. Lori was busy making lunch and I was doing my honey do list of errands and cleaning before they arrived. We all hung out until just about 3 or so when they took off for home. It was a nice lunch, good visit and fun time. We wish Robi and Robert lived closer. Family is all we have these days so it was great to see them all two days in a row.

Ty went to see a bunch of friends around 5:30 and Lori, Jag and I hung out all night. Lori did bring Dixie up from about 3 until 6. She called later confused but Lori talked her back to reality. Today Jag is heading back to Boulder and Lori and I are off to Aspen. Ty works tonight and Andrea who is Ty’s friend Jack’s mom, is coming up tonight. I think she just wants to get out of town.

Guess I’ll get moving. Nice outside. It’s shaping up to be the Fall of no snow. Still think it’ll get here sometime. The news says we’re about a week away from a chance, we’ll see. Enjoy the weekend, God Bless.

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Black Friday

Big shopping day. I’m a little surprised that people haven’t tried to change the name claiming it is somehow racist, ha. Oh the times we live in.

Yesterday was fantastic! Being with Robin, Robert, Tom, Lori, the boys and Dixie was perfect. It’s the first time Tom, Robi and I have been together since Mom’s service. I didn’t mention it as I didn’t want to dwell on that but it was really nice to be together with them and everyone else. It was also sad as of course we all missed Ali, especially Tom. I can’t imagine what he’s going through but he’s a pretty strong individual and everyone grieves in their own way. Robert and Tom cooked and everyone ate well. Dixie did really well on the long car ride and at Tom’s. Robi was great with her and Dixie really enjoyed her company. On the way home, she asked how long that man had been working for Tom not realizing that and Robi were married, ha. Jag and I both drove Tommy’s corvette while there, that car flies.

We made it home around 6:30 and the boys showed up 5 minutes later. Tom, Robi and Robert are driving up today for lunch! Lori is making her famous Basque Cheesecake right now and I need to get cleaning. Lori loves entertaining and is so happy they’re coming. Nice weather up here. Good day for a drive as the roads are dry and the mountains are beautiful. We slept with the door open for half the night as it was a little hot.

Not sure what’s going on tomorrow. We might go to Aspen. For now, time to get cleaning for our company. Take care, be well, stay safe and God Bless.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, today came fast. Christmas will too. This morning we’re taking two cars and headed down to Tom’s. Should be there around noon. Will probably be home around 6. We’re taking Dixie so that adds to the adventure.

Last night we went to E Town where Ty works. The owner came over and said what a great worker Ty is. We knew this but it was nice to hear. We ate too much food and I’m still paying for it this morning with a full stomach. I don’t feel like eating much today, ha. Bad day for that, right!

I’m planning out some trips to Alaska next year and beyond. Fishing and hunting are on the menu. Nice to have a four day weekend. Hope Tom, Robi and Robert make the drive up tomorrow to see the house and get out of the city. We’re cooking a turkey then as it was still a little frozen yesterday.

Meanwhile Biden says to save money on Thanksgiving, think about skipping the turkey! Are you kidding me? That’s their solution? Or how about this, they released two and a half days’ worth of gas from the National Reserves and are touting it as some grand gesture to save us all. When asked by a reporter how long that’ll last the American people, the Energy Secretary was dumbfounded and had no idea it was only a few days of gas. Biden of course made some statement and then walked away again with reporters yelling, “why don’t you answer any questions”? I think we all know why, the guy isn’t all there. And of course Biden and his family are at a $30 Million estate on Nantucket. Man are these people out of touch and delusional. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Oh well, it’ll change. That’s the one constant, things always change, sooner or later. Let’s all pray for sooner. Have a great day and God Bless.

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Ok, not much, maybe a half an inch but we have snow. The patio is wet but there’s a dusting on the grass and trees. What a year with no snow so far. We’re not worried though as it always seems to come. Have to admit though, we thought it was going to be a big year.

Lexi, Jag’s best friend, came over last night to visit and spent the night. They’ve been best friends since we moved up here in 2015. She goes to Middlebury in Vermont and just got home for break until Sunday. They talk every day though and have ever since they met in 8th grade. Great to see her as she’s like one of the family. Ty worked until 10:30 or 11. Man that kid has a good work ethic. I think he works tonight too.

Lori is going in for a few hours today and I’m picking up our turkey around 10. We’re cooking one just so we have some turkey for sandwiches. Dixie called and woke us up at 1 am. She was confused and Lori had to talk her back to reality. Not fun and so sad.

I read an interesting quote from Matthew McConaughey saying the key to happiness is gratitude! If you think about it, this pretty much is what I’ve been saying when I say be thankful for every day but it does take it to another level. It means be thankful for everything, your life, the planet, friends, family, health. It’s all encompassing and seems like a good plan. Oh well, take it for what it is. Having gratitude for what you have does give you a different outlook on life though. Remember as Rip said in Yellowstone, you don’t deserve it! Meaning you don’t deserve anything, no matter what the democrats tell you!

Time to get moving as we slept in with Dixie waking us up. Robi and Robert arrive in Denver today! Yea! Can’t wait to see them. Hope all’s well. Annette, you should come out for Christmas! Take care, stay safe and God Bless everyone.

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