Ten Days!

In ten days, Jagger turns 21 years old, wow. What a special birthday. Not sure what to get him. We need to find him something that means something. Thought about a watch but he has one. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. Ty’s birthday is 40 days from today! He’ll be 19. Not quite the same as 21 but still another milestone. Both boys are in the throws of finals. I think Jag is done on the 14th and Ty at the end of next week.

Lori is working in Vail today and I have a conference call at 10. We’re on a mission to find a beach to go to. We need it bad, really bad. Harley had a slight limp last night and we couldn’t figure out what it was. This morning she’s almost all well. I’ll keep an eye on her today.

My meeting tomorrow in Denver is postponed as my rep is ill. I’ll probably still go down as I have some other things to do that I scheduled around that appointment. I have a 7:20am PT appointment and then will head down. I feel a lot better today. Last night I took some melatonin to help me sleep. I still had vivid dreams but think I slept better. I think I’m on the mend as everyday I feel better.

Ty went to the Nuggets game last night and we lost by 1 point. I didn’t stay up to watch it due to the aforementioned melatonin. It’s 6:11 right now so time to get going. Hope everyone is well. 18 days until Christmas! The countdown is on, God Bless.

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New Car!

Relax, it’s not me, although I wish it was. Instead it’s Tom. Yesterday he came home with a 2021 BMW M3 Competition. This car is bad ass! He fits well in it and now has a truck for winter driving and the BMW for the rest of the time. I hope to be in Denver Thursday, weather permitting, and will see it then. Congrats to him, super cool.

I’m back at PT this morning although I’m pretty much fixed. I think I tend to get out of whack when I sleep as I move around too much and just don’t sleep well. Seems like I’m always thinking rather than sleeping. As long as I’m getting better, I can’t complain. I’m not going to Aspen today and with the snow, that’s a good thing. Not sure if I’ll do Vail tomorrow, we’ll see.

I need to shovel a bit so I’d better get moving. Lots going on. We also need to get on Christmas. Of course it’s not about presents, but I do like giving them. It’s fun to surprise people with things they’d never buy for themselves or give someone something when they’re not expecting anything! As you get older, giving is better than getting.

Time to move and groove, make it a great day and God Bless.

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20 Days

That’s right, less than 3 weeks until Christmas, unbelievable. Soon it’ll be 2023 and we’ll all be driving flying cars!

Yesterday we just hung out. Kind of a good nothing day. Still trying to recoup. I feel better today and have another PT appointment at 8 this morning. They say snow tonight, we’ll see. I think Steamboat is going to get hammered. Right now there’s a bunch of avalanche warnings all around. Looks like we’re in the 40’s all week long.

Boys are well and busy. Only a couple weeks of school left this semester. Jag’s 21st birthday is in 12 days, Tommy’s in 2 weeks and mine 10 days after that.

I’m supposed to go to Aspen tomorrow but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. They’re going to get snow too which would make things more difficult.

Lori is still sleeping and it’s 6:25. Harley has had her breakfast and I had a cup of coffee. Time to get moving, make it a great week and enjoy the holidays, remember what it’s all about! If you’re not sure, Google is your friend, ha, God Bless! (That’s a clue) Go CU!

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Where do I start

Yesterday was busy, Ty went back to school, our heater control board needed a reset, the U.S. soccer team lost and Prime Time, Deion Sanders is the new football coach at CU! So ups and downs were the theme of the day. I went to the gym with Lori and thought I was all better but I’m a little foggy this morning. Has to be from lifting weights. Can’t figure anything else out. So no more weights for a while.

We had an inch, maybe two, of snow yesterday and last night. We’re getting a break until tomorrow night. Luckily we haven’t been hit too hard yet. I’m sure we will. Looks like it’s coming in waves over the next 3 or 4 days.

I think Lori is taking Dixie to get her nails done today. She thought she was in a motorhome the past few days. Lucky that she has Lori. None of the other kids, or anybody for that matter, come and see her or even call her at all. There is one of her former students in Sacramento that sends Dixie a card every week, never fail. We have to remind Dixie each week who the card is from but she likes opening them and laughs at each one. Lori took Dixie down some of Tom’s cookies yesterday which she enjoyed a bunch.

Jag has a cold and wasn’t feeling well yesterday. We told him to go get some Alka Seltzer Plus but he didn’t feel like going out. Ty’s hand is still hurting and he’s on Tylenol and Advil every six hours.

It’s pretty outside with the blanket of white snow everywhere. Birds are all over the bird feeders and Harley is outside with her yellow ball. Even with all the crap going on, life is good. We’re luckier than most and don’t take anything for granted. Football and basketball are on today. We have no expectations for the Broncos to win so if we do, it’ll be amazing. Go Bronco’s! Maybe today will be our coming out or get it together game.

Enjoy the day, December 5th tomorrow, God Bless.

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This morning is the big soccer game but first, here’s an update on Mr. Ty. His surgery went well. They actually kept him awake which was unusual. He was out around 11am and then he and Lori were stuck behind a jackknifed semi that blocked I-70 when coming home. Thankfully they were the second car behind it with the giant tow truck right behind them. This made it so they had to move first so the tow truck could get to the two semis, as a second one tried to get by and got tangled with the original one. Everyone else sat on the highway for another hour.

I had another appointment for my vertigo and happily, it seems to be 99% gone. It’s so weird. I was a little foggy but it turns out that was the nasal spray I’m taking for my clogged ear which is a steroid and can make you loopy or foggy. Ty wanted to go home last night but that wasn’t happening with the snow and I don’t think he anticipated how bad his hand was going to hurt. It’s going to be real sore for a few days as he has pins sticking out under his cast. This makes it easier to remove them down the road as it doesn’t require another surgery for hardware removal. I’m sure he’ll heal quick and I doubt he’ll ever punch a floor again! I know he’s hurting, poor kid, but a good life lesson.

Not sure what else is going on today. Lori went to the gym yesterday while Ty was in surgery and I’m cleared to go back now so we’ll probably go there and then get some breakfast. First up though we’re hoping to watch our soccer team beat the Dutch. We’re supposed to lose but you never know.

Guess that’s it, make it a great weekend. Monday will already be December 5th, hold on and God Bless.

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Ty made it up around 8:30 along with a big bag of cookies from Uncle Tommy. He sure can bake. It’s 6:30 now and Lori is taking Ty to the Surgery Center for his 7am check in. He should be done I’d guess by 9 and hopefully home by 10 or 10:30. No snow up here as of right now.

I had three doctor appointments yesterday. First up was an MRI on my neck which is, in doctor terms, unremarkable, which is what you want to hear. I do have a slight bulge on C5 and C6. Dr. Braxton said I could get an injection, (ah, no!) and if that doesn’t help, he’d put in an artificial disc, another big no! I’m not in any pain so no need to do anything there. It’s just a normal, unremarkable 65 year old neck. Next up was Jerilu, my doctor, who said I have BBPV or Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, meaning the crystals in my inner ear have moved from where they’re supposed to hang out. So next up was Shayna, my miracle PT girl. She quickly identified where my crystals were and positioned me to help guide them back into the right ear canal. She makes you get dizzy while wearing googles as she looks for eye movement on a computer. I’m back today and again Monday. I didn’t get dizzy sleeping last night but had to sleep sitting up or on my left side. Tonight I can sleep normal she said.

We did have cigar night last night at James even though he’s out of town until today. Marty brought back some Cuban cigars from St. Thomas. His trip was horrible as the boat wasn’t fixed and they were caught in a bad storm. Melanie was really scared and it was enough for her. It’s a sailboat and is now up for sale! He wants us to both get an Axopar 37 which is a cool 37 foot motor boat we can trailer and put on lakes like Coeur d’Alene or in the ocean. Looks fun, check it out, wouldn’t that be fun. Just like a motorhome, the IRS treats these like second homes so they’re deductible and you can get 30 year mortgages and surprisingly they’re not as expensive as you’d think, about $100K. Just a dream but it would be fun, you never know! Gotta do something different in retirement!

That’s it, time to get moving, 22 days until Christmas, wow! Make it a great weekend, God Bless.

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December 1st

WOW, hard to believe it’s December 1st. 31 days until 2023. Almost seems surreal. I still remember being on a beach with Lori on December 31st, 1999. What a journey.

Ty comes up tonight for his surgery tomorrow and I have a MRI on my neck this morning. I also have an ear ache which could be causing my problems as I’ve been stuffed up for months. Mom used to say, getting old is hell, and she was right.

I was in and out of Denver in a couple hours. Lori is home today and will be working from here. Dixie is fine and so are the boys except for Ty’s hand.

We have a lot going on this month, 3 birthdays, Christmas and New Years. I have a couple trips and 4 events too. Not sure if Lori’s work has a Christmas party or not. Need to get some shopping done too, and need to start another Company! These days, one is not enough, God Bless.

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They say it’s zero degrees outside but it doesn’t seem all that cold. I did plug the truck in just to keep it warm. Lori is in Frisco today, Tom is making cookies, or was yesterday, (not sure if he finished), Ty is coming up tomorrow night for his Friday am surgery, (there goes $2K!) and I have today to close out the month strong needing about $400K in orders before the sun goes down. So, just another day.

We only had maybe an inch of snow yesterday. It was cool and windy most of the day. I have an MRI on my neck tomorrow am just to make sure I don’t have a pinched nerve.

I’m working on a new business idea which I think has legs and a huge upside. It’s in a different industry but promising. More on that later if it progresses.

Other than that, we’re well. December 1st tomorrow, wow. Here we go, hold on and God Bless.

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Snow is here, not much, but it’s here. We have probably an inch at the house. It’s stopped now and I think is all done. Tonight it will be cold, in the single digits.

Ty has surgery scheduled Friday morning up here in Edwards. I think he’ll come up Thursday night.

Lori is working in Vail today and I might go in for a workup as my neck has been sore since before Thanksgiving when I did overhead presses with too much weight. So tired of it, ugh. The longer this goes on, the more it feels like my neck. I think I need new pillows. We did do a little shopping yesterday after Lori’s team building lunch in town. I found a nice light weight leather travel blazer for myself and we found a coat and two sweaters for Lori. They’re all under the tree now. At our age, we shop together for ourselves a lot as money is too hard to come by.

Today is Annette’s birthday! Happy Birthday to Annette! Hope it’s a great day!

Time to get moving, make it a great day and Go USA! We have a big soccer game today that if we win, we move on, if we lose, we go home. God Bless.

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Here we go

Only 3 days left in the month. December is coming like a freight train. This morning we’ll know if Ty needs surgery. Lori and Ty are both heading to Frisco around 7:30 in their own cars to see Dr. Dorf. Ty will then head down the hill back to school as he has class at noon.

Snow comes tonight and keeps on coming until tomorrow afternoon. Hope it’s in and out quick. Yesterday I took the air bed out of my office and put my chairs back. Lori did probably six loads of laundry for Ty so he has clean clothes to take back to school. Both boys have like three weeks until the semester is over.

Things are crazy out there. Stores are out of essentials, businesses are short staffed and the govt. is beginning to push boosters again. I read that schools in Washington D.C. are going to mandate vaccines for all kids! This is crazy, even government doctors said this is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated as now the majority of the people getting sick are vaccinated. Plus little kids virtually never die from covid. You’d think they’d mandate the flu shot before covid. San Francisco is set to approve police using robots to use lethal force against criminals. This is George Orwell 1984! Robots killing people, wow. This is a slippery slope people. Hard to believe we’ve come so far, or gone so far backwards, in only two short years, thanks Joe!

Time to go before I go down the rabbit hole. Have a great week and God Bless.

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