Lots of snow!

Ok, last night, it really snowed. Must be about a foot of new snow outside right now and it’s still coming down lightly. We have a big herd of elk up the street bedded down and hanging out.

Yesterday afternoon we had a break in the snow. Ty and Maddi drove down for a concert they bought tickets to a while ago. We knew it wouldn’t be good last night, so Lori called the Marriott at Colorado Mills and booked them a room. They’ll try to get up today. Lori is working from home (good thing) as Dr. B is at a conference in Aspen and will be skiing today.

The little birds are hanging out loving the full bird feeders. We’d like to try to go to the gym, but not sure how the roads are. That’s about it, time to get moving. Have a great Monday and God Bless.

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So far, we only have 4 inches or so, but it’s supposed to keep snowing for the entire day. We’ll see. Ty was hoping to go to Denver this afternoon for a concert, but that almost certainly looks like a no go. We’ll take the moisture and water though, so as Mom used to say, it is what it is.

Yesterday afternoon Marty and I met up with Shultz for an afternoon cigar with him and some of his friends. Lori was home all day with a sore back so even though I was invited to dinner, I came home.

Kellie brought over 3 freshly butchered chickens from her flock along with a loaf of homemade bread and English muffins, and another couple dozen fresh eggs. She’s giving us 10 chickens in about a week or so. I’ll need to make some room in the freezer. We barter so as we just give her wine and I’ve also given them Bronco tickets. So, we get fresh chickens, that are 100% free range, with no antibiotics and fresh eggs and homemade bread made from four ingredients, (water, flour, salt and yeast) on a regular basis. There’s a big difference between a happy, drug free chicken and those you buy in the store. It’s not even close. We always take all we can get and throw them in the freezer. Same with our beef, which comes from a rancher in Montrose.

Ty stayed at Maddie’s last night, so I let him take the bread and he took some cheese to make grilled cheese. We’re making enchiladas, or beef ribs today and will be hanging at home. The snow looks wet and heavy. Guess I’ll go take a shot at shoveling. Have a great day, God Bless.

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Up early, Ty works at 7. I’m working out at 8. Glad it’s Saturday.

Last night I met up with Shultz and his five buddies who are up for a long weekend. Tonight I’ll join them all again for dinner and cigars. Jack, who owns a huge home here, is having a chef brought in to cook and they invited me. Snow is headed our way. Could be a big one. Over a foot or more up here. Five feet or more in Tahoe. We’ll see. Lori’s back is still sore. I’m trying to get her to stay home from the gym.

The Check Engine light came on in my truck yesterday, but then mysteriously went off. My app shows all is well so there ya go. Sometimes when you wash the truck and spray water underneath, I think something gets tripped to set off the light.

Not much else going on. Trying to get rid of my sore neck from working out too. That’s why today is leg day. Have a great Saturday and GB.

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Looks like a warm, dry summer. Not good that it was 94 degrees in Dallas earlier this week. The panhandle fire in Texas has burned over 1 million acres! Hope it’s not a summer full of smoke. Ty’s out the door for work as he opens today meaning he needs to be at work at 7.

Last night six of us got together for cigar night. It was our first one in a few weeks. Shultz and five buddies are coming up today for a long weekend, so I’m sure I’ll see them too. Lori and I were going to run down to Denver today but decided to stay put. I’ll be going down Monday.

Lori’s back is still sort of out. Hope she gets better today.

So tired of the government and how they waste our tax money. The Founders must be watching thinking WTF. If there was ever a time we needed term limits, it’s now. We need a huge shift in the people in government. The only way things will get better is to get rid of the career politicians. What a mess.

Don’t become complacent. Continue to stock up on things you use. Keep your guard up and do what you can do to stay healthy. Public filings show Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet sold a combined 11 Billion dollars worth of stock last month! Hmm, do they know something the rest of us don’t?

Nice morning outside. Blue sky and just a few clouds. Should be nice until tomorrow night when a little snow comes in for 24 hours. Enjoy the first weekend of March! God Bless.

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Leap Year

February 29th. Doesn’t come around too often. Property taxes are due today and tomorrow March is here. Yesterday after the gym, I made my quick run to Denver. I was going today, but after talking to Toby around 11 in the morning, ran down to get it out of the way.

Ty works and I have a call at 9:45. Lori will work from home. I think the cleaners are coming at 12:30. All of us guys are back in town, so at 5, we’ll have cigar night. We haven’t had one since before the Super Bowl. I haven’t had a cigar since then either.

7am and Ty’s music is blasting. That’s how we know he’s up. Warmer up here. They say it’s 15 out, but I was just out in shorts, and it seems much warmer.

Biden had a physical yesterday but no cognitive test, ha. They say he’s in tip top shape! Let that sink in. Good God. Nothing else to say, God Bless.

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Winding down

Two days left in the month. Today and tomorrow. First half of property taxes are due tomorrow, Bronco’s season tickets in a few days, and a couple other assorted bills, plus the regular monthly stuff. Lots of migrants, (that what the news calls them), or to be correct, illegal immigrants, in Denver, with more arriving daily. It’s unbelievable how the Dems have normalized letting illegals enter our Country and what’s worse, is then having us pay for them. We’re even to the point, where if you’re against paying for them, (housing, medical expenses, schools, cell phones, debit cards, and other free stuff), you’re labeled anti-immigration or even a racist! No matter what you think of Trump, or anyone else, no way our Country can stand four more years of Biden and the Democrats. If you do not see this, you are part of the problem. What a mess.

Lori works in Vail today and Ty is in Edwards. I picked up some eggs from Kellie, our egg girl, yesterday. She made a bunch of homemade bread and sent me home with a loaf of that too. You might remember, her seven-year-old died last year, flipping an ATV with another girl. Good to see her and her husband Mitch. Then I washed the truck, went to Costco for a few things, and was home the rest of the day.

Nice outside but cold, somewhere in the single digits. I’m in Denver for a quick trip tomorrow.

That’s it, time to get moving, have a great day and God Bless.

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Home safe

We landed in Boulder at 10:18 and were on the road home by 10:30. Quick, uneventful flight. We had a fun time and got a little sun. Ty cleaned the house well and Harley was excited to see us. Lori works in Edwards today and I’ll be working around the house.

Ty stayed at Madi’s last night and works tomorrow. Looks like snow is coming in but none so far at 6:45am. You can see it coming in, moving fast. Wow, by the time I wrote that last sentence, it showed up. It’s now blowing and snowing, and you can’t see 20 feet out the back window. Strong winds too. Was hoping we might miss this one, but no.

Only three days left in February, then it’s on to March. Was thinking of going to see Pearl Jam in Vegas in May but tickets are way too expensive, over $800 for the upper level. Still need to decide what we’re doing for vacation.

That’s it, guess I’ll get moving. We’re back on salads and eating well. But I am making short ribs for dinner. Have a great Tuesday and God Bless.

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Great trip

This morning we’re headed home. It was a great trip. Lots of sun and warm weather and a good relaxing break from the day-to-day grind. Last night Angie and Steve drove up to Scottsdale to meet us for dinner. We had a really fun time, as we hadn’t seen them since the concert last September. Steve is my Group 19 (Green Beret) buddy, if you don’t remember. I think they’ll be back up in Colorado in a few months for a visit.

Earlier in the day we went to Old Town and walked around. It sure has changed. All the art galleries are gone and, in their place, are mostly cheap tourist shops. Lots of people in town for Spring Training.

We’ll be in Boulder by 10:30 in the morning. Should be home by 1 at the latest. We looked at a lot of houses, but they’re all still way overpriced. Great weather, 80 degrees and sun every day. I think we’ll be back down right after the town thins out from Spring Training which is after April 4th.

Lori and I are going to start taking more four-day weekend trips here and there. It was fun, relatively easy travel and not too expensive for what we got. Fun time.

That’s it, have a great last week of February and God Bless.

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Sunday funday

Lots of sun yesterday, as we hung out from 10 to 1 at the spa pool. Lori’s facial and my pedicure were great. I switched mine from hands to feet as my hands look so good as it is. Gotta say, it was pretty amazing. Never had one before. Kind of been missing out.

Afterwards, as I said, we hit the pool. Then we cleaned up and headed out on the town. Of course, before everything, we hit the gym. After the gym today, I think we’ll have breakfast and then go walk around Old Town. Not sure how much we’ll be at the pool today as we don’t want to get sunburned. At 5, we’re going to Fleming’s Steak House with Steve and Angie. Our flight tomorrow is at 8:50 and 90 minutes later, we’ll land in Boulder, nice.

7am now. Another 80-degree day. Beautiful but I can’t imagine it in July. Guess we’ll get going. Have a great Sunday, God Bless.

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Seems like we’ve been here for days! Yesterday Lori had her massage, and I had a hydro facial. Today Lori is having a facial and I have a manicure. Who would have thought? This is the top spa in the valley, so lots of locals come here too. Later in the day, after a couple hours at the pool in the sun, we went to the mall to get Lori some tank tops. The Neiman Marcus down here has way better stuff than ours in Denver. Debbie, our salesperson who we know from previous trips, is pulling some stuff going on sale from downstairs that we’ll go see this afternoon for Lori.

Brian, my partner, was sick. Didn’t want to chance getting anything, so we skipped getting together. My friend Steve, who moved here when the gun laws in Colorado changed and he was forced to close his store, and Angie, are coming up later today and we’ll all go to dinner.

We also dropped by Mom’s favorite jewelry store to drop of one of her old tennis bracelets to be rebuilt, as they wear out and it broke between a couple of the links. We’re having them rebuild the entire bracelet as it has sentimental value to Lori. Larry who is the jeweler, still raves about how great Mom and Dad were. He really loved her. Of course, they probably spent a million dollars there over the years, so there’s that too. But that’s not why he liked her so much, it was because of who she was. A kind, caring, genuine person.

Not sure where we’ll go to dinner. The boys are fine, and Ty is doing a great job taking care of Harley and the house. We’re going to the gym this morning before the spa. so time to get going.

Oh, we were getting coffee yesterday and it turned out, the GM of the hotel was in line in front of us. We thought he was just an employee and asked where the lawn and orange groves were, mentioning we were married here 24 years ago. Later in the day, when we returned to our room, there was champagne and designer chocolates and a nice card, welcoming us back and thanking us, nice. Have to say, every employee here is so nice and polite. They’re all so polite, you can’t help but notice. I told him that which was good for him to hear. Makes a big difference. Makes you want to stay here again.

That’s it, have a great Saturday and God Bless.

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