Now I’m not the most knowledgeable guy when it comes to volleyball, but it sure was fun! Each game night consists of three teams that play like a round robin or best 2 out of 3 until they all play each other. This means 9 games total! The first three Jag and his team played Valor Christian from Denver. Then there was like a 75 minute break while Valor played Heritage so Lori, James, Melanie, Marty and I went for sushi! We made it back in time to watch our boys play Heritage. Unfortunately we lost 2 out of 3 but man was it fun. It’s like watching a Will Ferrel movie with the boys dancing around and being as silly as possible. They have little routines they do and are just having a blast. We laughed more than anytime in months watching them. Can’t wait for the next game!

Yesterday afternoon the snow started. It kept snowing until late last night and the pass was closed when we left the game meaning the teams from Denver we played couldn’t get home. Today Jag’s staying home but Ty has a big website project to turn in. I was in Denver helping Tommy clean out more crap in the basement, nothing of note or special was found. Then Tom, Ali and I went to lunch before I headed up the hill to stop and get a pizza for Jag and his buddies before volleyball. We left a pile of trash bags that was huge, probably 30 bags and a bunch of larger items that needed to go to the dump. I don’t think I can get down today but tomorrow Lori and I will spend most of the day there cleaning.

It’s 7:14 now so time to go. Hope all’s well with everyone, have a great day and great weekend, GB.

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Well we must have needed it but we woke up this morning at 7! Usually we leave at 7:45 so this means we’re late. (7:28 now) Tonight Jag has three volleyball games at 6,7 and 8. Lori has clinic and my truck is supposed to be in the shop by 10 in Denver for some sort of recall on the seat belt torsion bar.

Yesterday I had a haircut and then James and I cleaned out most of the closets, drawers and cubbies upstairs at Moms. We ended up with about 20 large black trash bags and stacks of things like old stereo speakers, chairs, old briefcases and more. James takes a lot of stuff we don’t want like soap that’s 40 years old and old towels, etc. to give to people in need. Today I hope to get through most of the basement. There’s still a lot of work to do but I’m trying to get all the small stuff out and then the big stuff remaining will go quick. Every now and then I find a gem like yesterday when I found Grandpa’s Baby Book from 1928 with all his baby information like his weight and height, when he sat up, when he walked, what nurses and doctors were there when he was born, the time he was born and more. It’s really fun to come across this kind of stuff. I also found a few old books like Tom Sawyer, Rider of the Purple Sage and another Zane Grey novel, with most inscribed to Ivan Dee for some holiday like Christmas 1934 or a birthday. In Dad’s office closet were some fun pictures of when he was a kid in high school or college all dressed up in a double breasted suit and yes, smoking a pipe! Those are the highlights mixed in among tons of useless junk like 10,000 paper clips, old calculators, used legal pads, old boots (from us kids, ski and hiking) and more. There are a ton of old papers going all the way back to Grandma Miller and Holmes that I need to read through to make sure there’s nothing important. Mom saved everything but if Dad saved something, there was usually a reason behind it.

That’s it, more to come as there’s still lots to go through. Have a great day, more snow tomorrow, ugh, take care and God Bless.

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A late night

Jag left at 2:45 yesterday and was home at midnight. Good news is they won their volleyball game! They played Heritage which is a big school down in Denver near Park Meadows. For us never having had a men’s volleyball team and having only a handful of practices, this was a big deal! I guess Jag had some great blocks and spikes. One parent who drove down was texting Lori and I the highlights. I guess he blocked one shot with his face, but hey, he blocked it!

Today I’ll get to Denver about noon to clean out some more stuff from Mom’s house. I finally heard from Robi (glad you’re ok) who said she doesn’t want the old stuff I found but I’m going to go through it and save some stuff for her anyhow as there’s some neat “keepsakes” (as Mom wrote on the box) from grade school and junior high. She was a cutie in junior high from the pictures I found, (and you still are, ha). The way I look at it is if Mom thought enough of it to save it, I’d better too.

Today kids across the country are walking out over gun control which, excuse me if I offend anyone, is a bunch of crap. First of all, mass shootings are way down from 20-30 years ago but seem more frequent as the media sensationalizes any and every bad thing that happens. More importantly, banning guns are not the answer, n’or are they the problem. The problem is parents who don’t take responsibility for raising kids that they bring into the World. Some people who are parents, don’t think about bringing a child into the World when their 16, 17 or 18 and drunk and drop their pants and make a kid. Then they don’t take the responsibility of raising the kid they brought into the World. In the recent shooting the govt. failed time and time again over and over. The shooter was reported to the police and FBI over 45 times! He was posting on social media what he was going to do with graphic pics of guns, he was reported by school officials numerous times, yet no one did anything, and now today’s misguided youth (can’t blame them as they mean well but don’t understand) want to ban something that our founders thought enough of to put into our Constitution. Why don’t we ban cars when drunk drivers kill someone? Same logic.

So today some kids will walk out. In Jag’s school he had a choice as the teachers asked yesterday and he said he’s not walking out. He told me a lot of boys in his class are not participating either. In Ty’s class I guess everyone is so he wants to too which I understand. We have to sign a permission slip and I asked him why he wanted to and he said that he’s in favor of raising the age limit of when a kid can buy a gun. I told him, “ok and by the way, I agree, raise it to 21”, as that might help. I do have a problem though with us having people put their lives in danger for the Country by letting them join the military but then not letting them buy a gun. But as I said earlier, with so many misguided youth who have had no good parenting, it might help. Kids today are not as “grown up” and definitely not as responsible as when we were raised. Too many “safe spaces”, poor little children.  No one talks mental health much which is the real problem here. Many kids these days are drugged with pills anytime they have any issue growing up. Our kids have issues too, as do all kids, and they’re real issues that are tough to deal with but we’re not drugging our kids and moving on with life. Instead we chose to face the issue, talk about and deal with it and work through it as a family and cope as best we can. Kids growing up these days with social media and our “connected World” of video games and all the other crap like cell phones and more, makes it way different than when we grew up. Instead of banning guns, ban smartphones for anyone under 18 or 21! That’d have more impact for sure.

Ok I’ll stop now. Society is a mess. Things are getting worse, not better yet we ignore the obvious issues like technology. Can you imagine a lawmaker saying take phones away from kids until they’re 18? You want to see a nationwide walkout, try that, ha! How would that go? Probably not well. I’m sure if you told kids they have a choice of giving everyone a gun or taking away all cell phones, every kid would say give everyone a gun! Oh well, have a great day, God Bless.

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Off to Las Vegas

5 am and Lori and I are having coffee. Today Jag leaves at 2:45 for Denver for three volleyball games. My flight is like 11:20 or so to Las Vegas. I fly back at 8:45 tomorrow morning but if my meeting goes quick enough, maybe I can grab the 4:15 this afternoon. I doubt I’ll make it but you never know!

Yesterday was a big day in that I took a large load down to the storage unit from the garage. On the way back I had to pick up 12 boxes of wine from the Fed Ex office inside Walmart. I had an old deer mount in the back of the truck that hung in our house for years as we all grew up. Sadly the years have taken their toll and it’s pretty matted and old. I didn’t have enough room in the truck to load all the wine with the deer head in there so I took it out and set it in a shopping cart while I made 3 trips in and out of Walmart to get the wine. I didn’t know if anyone would take it but if they did, that would be ok as he was headed for the dump anyhow. To my surprise, when I came out with the first load there were about a dozen people taking pictures of him. I laughed it off, threw 4 boxes in the back of the truck and went back for more. On my next trip out there must have been 20 people taking pictures, and on my last load, a bunch more! So I loaded all the wine and took the deer out of his shopping cart and put him on top of the wine in the back of the truck. I texted Lori who showed a few people and by now our deer is all over Facebook! He’s now outside our front door guarding the entrance to the house, too funny. I think I’ll let him hang out for a while or maybe take him to a few other places for some selfies!

Ty came home about an hour early from school and Jag had volleyball until 6:30. I picked Lori up around 5:30 so I was driving for a lot of the day. Guess I’ll get moving and pack a bag in case I end up spending the night. Our friends will gladly take me to dinner but if I can get done early enough, I’ll grab the afternoon flight. Have a great day, GB

p.s. it’s 80 degrees in Vegas!

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Mom’s home!

Yea! Mom’s home! I picked up Lori around 2:30 yesterday afternoon and we were home 2 hours later. Earlier in the day I was back at Moms house cleaning with Tommy and James. You wouldn’t believe the dust and dirt and water damage in the basement. I did find a bunch of boxes marked “Robins Keepsakes”. We texted her numerous times over the weekend to see if she wanted them but no response. Lots of it was from grade school and junior high. I set it aside for one more day in case her phone was broke. Robi, if you want any of the stuff, you need to call me today as there’s a bunch and I’m sure you don’t want it all. She doesn’t have internet at home so I thought I’d wait until this morning.

Some of the stuff we found was old toys from Mom’s doll house that were made of steel and even plugged in! I think the actual doll house is in the attic. Not sure what we’ll do with this stuff, (some was water damaged from the flood) but some must be valuable. Maybe Tom will just set it in his basement with the other antiques he has. Other stuff included a dozen metal popcorn cans with old blankets that just had to be thrown out. We found a bunch of fun old pictures and old lace doilies and tablecloths. Other than that there was the odd old tin or old whisky bottle or antique thingy, but most of what we found was junk. We still have a lot to do but made good progress this weekend.

Tomorrow I’m off to Las Vegas for a night and Lori will be on kid duty. There’s so much driving around associated with the boys these days. This morning Jag wants to go to school early as he’s making up some stuff and Ty will go a bit after that. I have a conference call at 9 and then lots of computer work to do plus need to pick up 12 boxes of wine from Fed Ex.

It’s nice out and about 50 degrees during the day. We might get some more snow but winter is pretty much over. Now comes the mud season which is between the first of April and Memorial Day when no one is here and it’s basically muddy as the snow melts. Hard to believe we’re almost a third of the way through the year. Time to run, hope all’s well, God Bless.

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I want my hour back!

Last night Daylight Savings time started and you wouldn’t think it’s a big deal but losing an hour of sleep, really is. Normally we get up at 5 or 5:30 so it shouldn’t be but I’m more tired this morning than usual. I think it’s because we ended up going to bed around midnight. Oh well, time to move on.

Yesterday Jag and I made it down to Mom’s house around 11. There was a semi off the road that slowed us down by Copper. Once there, Tom and I and Jag and James went through most of the cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen and living room. The dust under the window seat along the living room wall was unbelievable. It was like a movie where you were opening a cabinet that hadn’t been touched in 50 years! 3 hours later is didn’t look like we made a lot of progress but in reality, we did. I’ll head out in an hour or so and get a few more hours in today. We found some fun things like a Christmas book dated 1967 where Mom had written “Tom” and the date inside. I also found a book about Mom’s that Robin had inscribed and gave to Mom on her 70th birthday and more stuff like that. If we can get through all the cabinets and closets, then things will start to go much faster. It’s the little things we have to look through that take time. Maybe we’ll hit the basement today, now that’s a big job! Who knows what we’ll find today!

Around 2 Jag and I headed to Cherry Creek to get him some new clothes. 90 minutes later we walked out with a bunch of bags in hand that had a bunch of new shirts, pants and a hoodie in it for him. We forgot one shirt at Nordstrom and Neimans so I’ll stop by there today to pick them up on the way to get Lori. Our guy forgot to put them in our bag. Jag and I then picked up some food to go from the Cherry Creek Grill and headed up the hill.

Meanwhile Ty was at the big snowboard event. He was lobbying hard to spend the night at Sonny’s but I wouldn’t let him as he’s always wiped out for at least two days as they stay up all night. I did let him go to the free concert outside in town with the Marley Brothers (Ziggy and somebody) but he called me around 7:30 saying he couldn’t handle all the weed smell and could I come get him. So Jag and I jumped in the car and headed to town and we were all home a bit after 8. We then made a pizza and the boys watched a movie. That’s about it, time to get moving and get on the road. Lori lands around 2 this afternoon and had a good time at her Mom’s I guess. We should be home around 4 this afternoon. The boys are sleeping in and will hopefully clean up the house while I’m gone. Have a great day and God Bless. If we find anything else fun, we’re keeping it separate and will let you know.

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Back at it

Yesterday Tom and I mostly packed up a bunch of books. I found 4 or 5 on Indians and North Park I took and a few others to donate to the school but most were nothing but novels. There were a bunch of Dad’s old law books that Tommy suggested we give to the lawyers that are helping us out. I told Tom not to call them and tell them though, as every call we make to those guys, we get charged at like $600 an hour! We did find some birth records of Robins across from the washing machine along with one of mine. These were just things like how much did I weigh at 6 months, when I first sat up , etc. Also of note was a bible or book that went back into the 1800’s on Dad’s side and a military history of Uncle CB’s showing generations of Fugate’s including who they were and where they served. Tom suggested we send the bible to Tasha which we probably will and I might take a stab at the military history or maybe we’ll just send both. I found a few things of Mom’s like her Prayer Book from her confirmation and stuff thrown in amongst a bunch of books on birds and various novels. One set of bird books I gave to Dad in 1976 (it was written inside) as he really liked birds. It’s still surreal just being in the house going through stuff. Today at 10 we have James showing up to start hauling crap to the dump or Goodwill. We hate to get rid of the stuff but neither of us have any room to put all this stuff. I smashed my thumb somehow as it’s a little swollen, what fun. I still brought home 3 small boxes of kitchen stuff, (old ladels, funnels, tools, etc.) and some cloth napkins.

Around 1 yesterday Jag went over to the mountain to watch part of the Open and then I picked him up and took him back to school where he was until 6:45 when volleyball was over. I picked Ty up at 4 and then he and I did some work around the house. This was mostly me working and Ty playing.

It looks cloudy outside but no snow. I guess it’s really dry in Denver and other parts of the State and winter is almost over which means it’ll be a bad fire season. Good news is the mosquitos won’t be so bad though. Time to go as it’s 7:30 and we slept in. Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead an hour tonight before you go to bed. Today is National Unplugged Day. As you can see, I’m not doing too well. Lori and Dixie are doing fine and Annette is coming up today and spending the night. Sounds like a slumber party! Have a great day and God Bless.

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Yea! Friday!

We made it to DIA on time for Lori to catch her flight. I talked with her around 9:30 pm just before we were going to bed here. She made it to the grocery store and then she and Dixie went out to dinner. Glad she’s getting to see her Mom.

Meanwhile the boys and I had La Bottega for dinner. I did stop and get them some “guy” food, like pizza’s, on my way back up from Denver. Today I’m back down in the city with Tom and James cleaning out the basement. James will take a bunch of stuff to the dump after we go through it one more time. We’ll donate things like clothes or dishes that can be of use to someone.

Volleyball was fun for Jag! I caught the last 15 minutes of practice and they all were having a blast. Today Jag has class until mid-morning and then will go to the U.S. Open at the mountain to watch the snowboarders. Ty has school all day but wants to go tomorrow. I have a dozen boxes of wine arriving via Fed Ex today that I’ll need to go pick up when I get back up.

As I said yesterday, I think we’re going to skip Hawaii in June. I’m also changing my Italy trip from the 29th of this month to the 20th of next month. I’ll only be gone 5 days so I’m back for the last four days of Spring Break. I was supposed to be gone over Easter but am sending someone else in my place. We’re deciding where to go once school is out, maybe Moab Utah!

Time to get the boys moving. Hope everyone has a great day and weekend. Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead an hour this Saturday night! GB

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Yesterday Ty’s school went into lockdown as apparently a student brought what turned out to be a toy gun to school. Of course no one knew it was a “toy” at first so they all followed procedure. Police came in force, teachers were freaking out and the kids all huddled in the corners of their classrooms with the lights off and doors locked, out of sight from outside the room. Ty said he wasn’t really scared as they practice this drill often. He did say of course different things were going through his head but he seems ok. The student was “detained” and we’re not sure if he or she is expelled but I would think so. I guess they were in lockdown mode for about 20 or 30 minutes before the school was cleared and everyone was given the ok. This is a reminder that danger can be anywhere and you need to be aware and prepared. Thank God it was a toy gun.

Lori leaves this morning for California so we’ll be dropping the boys early and then heading to the airport in Denver to drop her for her flight. Then I have about 3 stops in town before heading up the hill to get the boys. Mojo will be hanging out alone for the day and I’d like to take him but it just won’t work out today.

Jag has his first volleyball practice today after school and Ty is staying until 5 getting caught up on a science project so I’ll grab them both around dinner time. The trash guy must wonder what’s up as we had about a dozen bags and boxes out yesterday for him. Tomorrow Tom and I are going to try to box up some more nick knacks laying around Mom’s house that no one wanted. I have a sleeve (25) of wine boxes I’m taking down as cardboard boxes are so expensive. I get a deal when I buy them through our Company as I buy them wholesale, but they’re still expensive for what they are. He and I decided we need to get busy on the house so we’re ready to go once the lawyers give the go ahead to list it. We have lots and lots of work to do. The basement alone is a huge project, ugh.

We have 50 Olympians from all over the World in town for the Burton U.S. Open which is a huge snowboard event. Both boys will go watch some this weekend. Jag gets to go tomorrow and Ty will go on Saturday. It’s an annual event and is a big deal for Vail. Looks like they’ll have great weather too. Guess I’ll run and get the boys moving as it’s 6:05 am right now. Have a great day, hope you all are well, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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Early release

Jag had a good visit to DU and said he liked the school a lot. It’d be a great place for him to go to school. Tuition is $56,000 a year but they offer scholarships up to $26,000. Anyhow he had a great time and enjoyed it a bunch. I think he tours CU (University of Colorado) sometime soon too.

Today he has early release meaning he’s out at 12:20. Ty has late start at 9:30 so my day is up in the air. The trash guy comes today so I can get rid of a bunch of bags in the garage and keep cleaning it out. I talked with Robi briefly yesterday and she and Robert are doing well. I guess they’re headed back east in June and looking forward to going to Hawaii this fall. It sure is nice there and we’re supposed to go back in June but we were talking last night about going to Yellowstone or My. Rushmore or someplace around here instead. I guess you can rent motorhomes by the week and it’d sure be a whole lot cheaper and something new and fun for us. We’d need to get Grandma Dixie to go with us as she’s quite the experienced “motorhomer”  or whatever you call someone who spent years in one, from her and Don’s years of crisscrossing the Country in their motorhome!

Ty was working all night long on his schoolwork getting caught up from missing three days last week. I went to meet him at school and meet which each of his teachers. His two concussions made him miss some work about a month ago so I wanted to make sure that didn’t affect his grades. I’ll go by again this afternoon to make sure we’re on track.

Jag starts volleyball today and is still undecided on baseball. The baseball coach, who works at the hospital, is lobbying Lori hard every day as he really wants Jag on the team. We’re leaving it up to him but he does need to make a decision one way or another.

That’s it, it’s warming up up here. Lori leaves tomorrow and we have lots going on while she’s gone. Hope everyone is doing well, take care, have a great day and God Bless.

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