If all goes as planned, looks like 2022 is the year we’ll be heading to Alaska! The plan is to go in June to go fishing and sightseeing at a lodge and then I’m trying to go back in September to the Wrangell Mountains for a moose hunt. We’ll see if we can get the hunt together. We’d pack in and hunt on horseback.

The big news of the day was Ty and I drove to Glenwood where he got his drivers license! We called Tommy to share the big news and he said something like, ‘Uh oh, look out, stay off the road”. That made Ty laugh. Now we need to find him a car pretty quick.

Ty has an interview today at 4:30 at E Town which is a popular restaurant in Edwards. Hope he gets the job. Jag and Katie are done. This is good news as she was a little crazy if you ask me and sort of brought him down. There are so many girls that love Jag and he has tons of friends so driving 100 miles or more round trip in a relationship just wasn’t working. Long distance relationships are hard.

Lori works in Edwards today and needs to get in for botox for her headache. Hope that works. Time to get moving so that is it. Hope everyone is well, God Bless.

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DL Day

This afternoon at 3 we have an appointment for Ty to get his drivers license in Glenwood. I’ll pick him up from school and we’ll head straight there. Big day for him. We have to find him a car but it’s the worst time to do so as prices are at an all time high.

Marty and I went to James house and grilled burgers, watched football and hung out for the afternoon. Ty had 4 friends come over to carve pumpkins and to hang out. Lori grilled up some brats and burgers for them. They were still here when I made it home a little after 6.

Jag and his entire frat are going to Telluride November 14th for Winter Formal. Not sure what all they do but I know it’s $460 a kid.

Last Monday of October. Snow has to be arriving soon. Harley was great all weekend with all the kids. She’s come a long way but will still bark if she doesn’t recognize them.

That’s it, no politics. 60 days until Christmas! Check out today’s sunrise and all the pumpkins for the weekend, creative kids! Have a great week and God Bless.

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Fun time

Yesterday while Ty was at his ACT test, Jagger and his friends went for a hike down near Minturn. Lori and I went to the gym after dropping Ty. Late in the afternoon Jag and his crew came home. We picked Ty up around 1 and then he and a couple friends went to Woodward in Copper. That’s the indoor trampoline place where skiers workout in the off season.

We brought Dixie up on our way home from our Costco stop and she hung out with us until around 7. All the kids carved pumpkins and Dixie was mesmerized and wanted to be part of the fun. She had a blast and the girls in particular spent a lot of time talking with her. They’re a good group of kids. Finally after dinner they went into the garage and played some drinking game. Ty showed up around 9:30 or so. They’re all sleeping now.

I was going coyote hunting with my two neighbors this morning but with Jag and the kids leaving sometime before noon, so I passed on this trip. I am going to James house for the Raider game at 2.

Lori loves having a house full and doesn’t mind doing all the work. The girls helped out with dishes and clean up. But like I said, Lori enjoys it when we have people over.

A little cloudy this morning with a little mist or a few sprinkles. Fall is in the air. Time for another hunting trip next week sometime after we get through the end of the month and the Bocelli concert a week from today. Today Ty has 4 or 5 friends coming over today to carve pumpkins! Round 2 here we come.

Make it a great day, God Bless.

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In 45 minutes we’re off to drop Ty for his ACT test at school. Last night we had 8 college kids show up around 8pm for the weekend. Should be a busy weekend.

Not sure what’s going on this afternoon. Lori spent the day cleaning the house and was at work with a ski racer who is a senior at CU. He’ll be having surgery Monday morning. I went over to Frisco to go grocery shopping for the kids. We’ll be having hamburgers and brats on the grill today. Think they’re all going for a hike today once they get up. Jag’s roommate Lexi came up too which is nice as I’m not sure how much of a social life she has. She’s pretty reserved.

Time to get moving. The big news of the day is, are you ready, hold on,


Bet you thought I forgot. We sent her the best pecan pie in the World from south Texas. At our age it’s tough to find something that will actually be used so I went with the pie. It really is that good. Robi said it was just like Grandma’s which is saying something. We ordered one to check it out first. She and Robert are in Las Vegas for the Rod Stewart concert. Hope they have fun!

Time to roll, God Bless.

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A House Full

Sometime today Jag and six friends are coming up for the weekend. I think Ty is having a friend over too. Ty turned in three college apps yesterday. He’ll turn in more over the next few weeks. Dixie came up last night for the game and we had elk for dinner. The Broncos lost but maybe some good will come of it if they fire our coaches.

Ty has basketball this morning so we’re leaving around 6:50. We wrapped up his conferences yesterday afternoon. Almost a week away from Halloween. We’re in Denver for the Bocelli concert. Lots of friends going with us.

One of our long time close friends, Rollie, won’t make it as she had a chest x-ray last week as she wasn’t recovering from covid like she should and sadly they found uterine cancer! We’re all devastated and she’ll start chemo next Friday. We feel so sorry for her. She was remarried a year ago and has two new houses, one in Cherry Hills and one in Aspen. Hopefully God will work his magic and watch over her. We feel so bad for her and are praying it’s curable.

One of our ski areas, Keystone, opens today. They’ve been making snow for a while. I need to go to the grocery store after working out. Think we’ll get hot dogs and hamburgers for all the kids.

So again, live each day. Things can change in a moment. Be kind, love your family, friends and yourself and may God watch over and bless you!

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Life’s short

A lot going on these days. As they say, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Things move quickly these days. Mom always said the older you get the faster time goes. Again she was right. With Ty finishing high school next Spring, I’m planning a trip or two for all of us. Hard to believe how fast life has gone. No way I’m spending my golden years, ha, sitting around watching the time go by.

We had most of Ty’s parent Teacher conferences yesterday. He’s doing well and of course all his teachers like him. What’s not to like.

Dixie packed up all her clothes to move to Oklahoma. When Lori told her the farm isn’t there anymore, Dixie said “but my mom and dad are”. Poor thing. She’s having good days or moments and the some not so good. Guess that’s 90 for ya.

I have a conference call at 10 and I think we’re working out after dropping Ty before my call. I worked out really hard yesterday though so I’m pretty sore. A lot of stretching and cardio will be on the menu today.

The Broncos play tonight, the Nuggets won last night, so all is good in sports as of this moment. Of course that could change by 9 tonight when the Bronco game is over, ha.

Time to go. Thankfully most of Biden’s, or should I say Obama’s, plans are falling apart. Hope they do as the things they want to do will destroy what’s left of our Country. Get involved before it’s too late. God Bless.

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Plugging away

Wednesday, lots going on. Ty needs to be at school around 8 and Lori is in Frisco today. I have a lot to do around the house. Jag is finally getting his windshield fixed. It’s been broken for a while but I just called in and made an appointment on Monday.

We’re looking into planning a trip to Alaska. Need to get it done before the kids are both gone and we’re too old, ha. I’d like to go fishing in June and then go back in September for moose or bear. Fun.

No snow but temps are cooler. Nice outside. Fall is the best time of the year.

Vax mandates everywhere. Lots of workers quitting. The dems said yesterday that we need to lower our expectations when it comes to shortages of things and gas prices, WTF?

Biden is also saying all the shortages and inflation are due to the economy doing so well. These people are freakin nuts. I don’t even know what to say. Good God help us,

God Bless.

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Yesterday morning after a stop at the distributor and a quick meeting with Toby to drop of his binos, I met up with Jag and Tommy at Tom’s house. Jag then drove us all to Sushi Sasa where we had a kings feast of sushi. You always order more than you can eat at sushi restaurants for some reason. Jag took the leftovers home.

We had a call with Ty’s college counselor at 5:30 as there are a bunch of essays to write for different schools. It’s a lot different from when Lori and I went to school. Lori went to work for a bit and is working today too. Ty has school and then is working out. He’s still trying to kick his cold.

Hard to believe it’s October 19th. Two months to Tom’s birthday, two months and ten days until mine two days short of two months to Jag’s and four days to Robi’s! Not to be forgotten, two days short of three months to Ty’s! Throw in Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and it’s going to be busy.

Lori is making coffee. No snow here as of yet. I think a little is coming later today. Temps are dropping. Big apartment fire in Boulder. Luckily not Jag’s place. Hopefully no one is hurt. I think Jag and six friends are coming up for a night this weekend. Think they’re all going for a hike or something. Anyhow, we’re happy to have them.

Time to go. The democrats are still out of control. Thank God for a few smart people reigning in their reckless agenda. God Bless.

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I’m off to Denver today for lunch with Tommy and Jagger. Hope to be on the road in 75 minutes as I need to go to the distributor first. Yesterday was fun. Marty and James came over for the game and dinner which of course was great. To be clear, dinner was great, not the game! We need to fire our coaches today. Won’t happen as we play again on Thursday but time for a change.

Colorado Free Application Day for college is tomorrow through Thursday night at midnight. We’re close to being ready. Think Ty needs one more short essay and a couple letters of recommendation from former teachers. Lori is working clinic today and Ty is at school. I should be back by 3.

Time to get moving. Lots to do today. Snow tomorrow. God Bless.

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back to school

What a trip, what a day. We made it to Boulder around 10:15 and after parking near Jag’s place were in an Uber headed toward one of the frat houses. The house was a broken down, 15 room Victorian that Jag said was worth something like $13 million dollars. Inside it was disgusting. None of the moms would use the bathrooms, ha. As soon as we arrived Jag seemed to know everyone. In the backyard there was a banner which was a bed sheet that was painted welcoming parents to the weekend. Soon the place filled up. Loud music, hung over students and parents filled the area and slowly woke up from their overindulgence the night before. Scantly clad girls, or I guess young women, were everywhere. Lori said it’s like they all were dressing up as hookers for Halloween. In reality, that’s just how college girls dress these days.

We met lots of good kids that Jag introduced us to and some parents. After a couple hours we walked over to the game. The game was so so for the first half and then the Buffs pulled away for a victory. The best part of the whole game was the atmosphere in the beginning with the band and Ralphie the Buffalo running on the field to start the game. I told Lori it was like an old Fred Mc Murray Disney movie we used to watch on Sunday nights when we were kids. We left the game early and walked to the car weaving between intoxicated kids, and some parents and headed to Pearl Street to go to Pizza Locale which is a top Italian place owned by a long time friend and client of mine. We had a nice lunch and it gave us a chance to talk which you couldn’t do at the game. Jag is so well adjusted and on top of his game. After lunch at 4:30 we headed to Whole Foods to get some food for us for today and we turned Jag loose with his own cart to get what ever groceries he wanted. $600 later we headed to his place.

When we walked in it looked almost as bad as the frat house. It needed a deep cleaning and I guess Jag’s roommate is pretty messy according to him. And that’s saying a lot! So he began to put his food away while Lori went into Mama Bear cleaning mode. I took bags of trash and cardboard boxes to the trash chute by the elevator. In no time at all Lori had the place looking like it was when they moved in. I moved the car from the basement and bought 3 orders of Mac and Cheese from a food truck outside. I brought two home and left Jag one. Mine was jalapeno and really good. There was another party at the frat house at 9 last night but Jagger was clearly tired from the night before and decided not to go. I think most people skipped it. We had a really nice day and finally pulled in around 9 pm at home. It was a long day. Ty was emptying the dishwashers and had been riding horses earlier in the day and then was at the climbing gym.

Today James and Marty are coming over to watch the game. Lori of course is making us some fantastic meal. James texted from his plane yesterday if we knew where he could get a covid PCR test and get the results back by Tuesday as he’s flying to Canada for a deer hunt. Lucky he texted when he did as it took Lori some work to get it done. She had to call in a few favors for this one. She’s already made a cheesecake and has it in the oven this morning. Think we’re having bison tenderloins.

Tomorrow Jag and I are headed down to Tommy’s to go to sushi! Can’t wait as Tom and I had fun last time and Jag is excited to join us. Lori wants to go to but has to work clinic. Ty will be back in school. Fun day, we miss Jag and he misses us and it was great to hang with him. Oh to be back in college. I told Tommy it was like a Will Ferrell movie. God Bless.

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