Here we go

Another week, let’s go! Today is Service Day at school. I think in honor of Martin Luther King Day. All the kids go somewhere in the valley and do some kind of public service. Lori and I have work as usual and tonight we’re supposed to get another blast of snow. Today, hopefully, the property management company is coming to remove ice from our roof and outside the front door then on Wednesday I think we get heat tape on the roof and new gutters. This is only about 10 years overdue and is happening due to me threatening legal action, sheesh.

Both road teams won yesterday. I felt bad for the Saints as Ty wanted them to win and they were flat out ripped off but I really don’t like the Chiefs at all and that’s saying something as I’ve always hated the Patriots. Oh well, my team’s not in it so I really wasn’t all that upset about the second game either way.

Yesterday Lori had her spa party with the girls and then we all went to lunch. It was fun and was just the four girls and Marty and I as James was on tour doing a show in Nashville or Little Rock and Luca was stuck on the mountain with his kid. He texted saying it snowed in Nashville, wow! The girls had a great time and Lori’s headache was all gone by the end of her massage. I told her I guess what we learned is that all she needs is a spa day every few weeks. I’m not a big spa guy but so glad it helped her and she likes it.

Don’t blink as Spring will be here soon. I think I’m in Denver Wednesday and the boys now leave a week from this Friday and Saturday for their trips. Lots to do to get ready for that. Time to run. Have a great day and GB.

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We Survived

The school dance required a lot of driving around. First I dropped Ty at Sonny’s so he and Will could hang out and then go to the dance. Then I dropped Jag at Joy Sushi to meet Emma, Samantha and Amanda as the four of them were having dinner before the dance. When I was dropping him I asked how they were getting to school and he said the bus. Well with three girls or young ladies in short dresses and high heels in the snow and Jag dressed up to the nines, I said I’d come back and get them and drive them to the dance. He was very apprecative. Then at 10 when it was over, I picked up Will, Sonny and Ty and put them in the back seat and Jag and Emma who had to sit on Jag’s lap in the front and brought them all to our house. Emma and Jag hung out until who knows when, (must have been after midnight when her Mom picked her up) and the three boys hung out doing whatever as Will and Sonny spent the night.

Earlier in the day Lori and I went to Denver and then made it back around 3. Traffic was horrible coming back up even at 2 in the afternoon. Must be the three day holiday weekend.

This morning, now, we’re making food for Will, Sonny and Ty as Sonny’s Mom is picking him up at 8:30 as he has an appointment in town. Lori and I will head to the gym and then come back and take Will and Ty to the mountain. Oh yea, we dropped and picked Ty up at the mountain during our drives yesterday too.

After the gym I’ll drop Lori at the Westin for the girls surprise birthday party spa day for Melanie. They have like 3 hours of spa stuff and then Marty, James, Luca and I will meet the four girls for lunch. So as you can see, we are busy busy. Throw in football and lots going on. On top of that it’s now 7:45 as we slept in until 15 minutes ago. Lori also cleaned a lot yesterday focusing on Ty’s room with the guys coming over. So you can see there really are no days off up here. I also have a lot of computer work I need to squeeze in sometime today, ugh. Have a great day, January 20th, wow. God Bless.

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Winter Formal

Tonight is the Winter Formal at school. Then I think Sonny and Will are headed over to spend the night. Last night Jag went to Ethan’s with a bunch of friends and spent the night. Ethan (who is Jewish) leaves for a semester in Israel on Monday. Ty was at the mountain boarding all day while Jag went to Beaver Creek for the ski races. After Ty was done we went to our locker and put away his board and then had to get him a new helmet and googles as his were cracked from sort of hitting a tree. I don’t know how you “sort of” hit a tree but once a helmet is in a crash, you throw it away and get a new one.

Oh, Ty was on page 2 of the Vail Daily newspaper yesterday! It was about the schools gaming club. I’ll try to get pictures up tomorrow. Pretty cool as he was featured in three pictures.

Harley spent the night with a few friends. I know, even our dog has sleepovers. It was a cold snowy day and I didn’t make it down to Denver due to the weather and traffic. This morning after dropping Ty at the mountain, we’re headed down the hill so Lori can get her hair done.

Time to get moving. Lori is already out of the shower and I hear Ty moving too. Lots of fresh snow which is good for the summer and skiing. I think I’ll go with Ty tomorrow unless he’s too wiped out from his sleepover tonight. Tomorrow we have a surprise party lunch thing for Melanie as tomorrow is her birthday. The girls are going for massages at the Westin and then we’re all having lunch. Obviously Marty is not a football guy! I told him it has to be at a place with tv’s.

Brief political update! Yesterday a known left leaning news orginization published a story saying Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. Then without any proof the dem channels including CNN and MSNBC called for Trump’s impeachment over 200 times on the air yesterday. Then last night, the Special Counsel who has been investigating Trump for 2 years and who the dems keep praising, came out and said it was absolutely false and not true. Where are the dems now? Not hearing much from you today are we? What a bunch of losers as this just further proves how biased the media is against the guy. Whether you like him or not, 90% of the coverage is against him and it now turns out, not all true. Those of you who hate Trump apparently believe everything you see on tv without question. You’re just a pawn being manipulated by the media. How does it feel to know you no longer think for yourself, hmmm. What a sad day for our Country.

That’s it, hope all’s well, be safe and may God Bless and watch over you!

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Blowing snow

Yesterday after school and work we all met up for dinner at The Four Seasons. We had a nice time and sat at a huge booth that made us all feel like we were in some sort of movie where we all shrunk.

I’m supposed to go to Denver today but it’s supposedly blowing and snowing on the pass. It’s not too bad here at the house. They said we’d get like 8 to 12 inches but we have only a trace right now, maybe an inch or two.

I guess I’ll give it a try as it’s the first sales meeting of the year. Ty has Ski Friday today and Jag is going to watch the VMS Ski Race at Beaver Creek since he’s not skiing due to his hand. Lori has a usual work day and then we’ll be headed into the weekend.

That’s it. Not sure if you’re following politics but the democrats are just crazy. The extreme left is trying to get rid of the current democrats so they can have a larger group of progressives in office. Most of them are socialists or actual communists. Never thought I’d see the day where an elected official would openly confess to being a socialist or a communist. I’m afraid it’s too late to turn this movement around. All you can do now is prepare. If you have money, they will be coming for it. Just look at Venezuela. The have nots want what you and I (the haves) have. People that don’t work now think they’re entitled to the same income and lifestyle as those that have worked hard to get where they are. If you don’t believe me, just look at where we’ve come from in the past 10 years. Get ready people, it’s going to get ugly.

And with that, have a great day, GB.

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Happy Birthday Ty!

Today Ty turns 15. He was born at 12:28 pm at Luthern Hopsital in Wheat Ridge Colorado on this day in 2004. He’s grown up in to a great young man and we’re so proud of him.

This morning he’ll open a few presents and then is going with some friends after school for pizza and beers. Just kidding about the beers, ha! Then I think the family is going to Flame at The Four Seasons for dinner. He’ll be full for sure.

I’m off to Denver to pick up one of his presents that came in late and have to run a few other errands. I worked last night while Lori and the boys went to dinner. I’m getting close to putting down the numbers for the 2019 financial model. The preperation is the toughest part, filling in the numbers is pretty easy. I should be done by Monday which was my self imposed deeadline.

More snow tomorrow so time to get moving. We have the Winter Formal at school Saturday so I might need to get some clothes today for the boys as well. Two weeks from today Ty leaves for Costa Rica at 5 am and two weeks from tomorrow Jag leaves for an island of the coast of Baja. Lots to do to get ready for those trips too, ugh.

That’s it, time to go, have a great day and Ty’s email is if you want to send him some birthday wishes. Robi, of course we did get your card as you’re the best at getting bday presents out on time. We’re laughing as we’re looking at your present sitting on our table, ha. God Bless.

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Ah, snow

Jag had a great time at the game last night. He strolled in around 11 or so and woke us up to tell us he was home, what a good guy, ha. It’s snowing outside right now, but lightly. I think we’re supposed to get a few inches and then more on Friday night. Have to love living in the mountains!

On one of my calls yesterday I found out that the appointment on the 25th in San Francisco is only for distributors and that this time they didn’t want to see suppliers. So I don’t have to go on that trip either, whoo hoo. Someone is looking out for me as I’d rather not travel, especially to California.

We’re letting Jag sleep in a bit and go in a few hours late. Ty needs to go at normal time and Lori is off to the gym in about 5 minutes. We were going to split the workout but she also has a dentist appointment so that would mean two cars and too much driving. So she’s going for the whole hour and then to the dentist and I’ll get Ty to school and Harley to her play day.

I still have lots of work to do and a few more calls today. It’s now 6:15 so time to go. Have a great day people, be safe and GB.

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Today Jag is going to the Nuggets game in Denver with Emma and her family in Denver. This was his birthday present from her back in December. I think they’re playing the Warriors which is one of the best teams in the league. Should be fun but I’ll bet it’s midnight before they get home.

Today I have calls at 10, 11, 1 and 2. Then we have two Intraterm Trip meetings at school at 4. One for Ty’s Costa Rica trip and one for Jag’s Baja trip. Lori will take one and I’ll take the other. These trips are coming up fast.

This weekend is the Winter Formal which is a school dance on Saturday. Of course both boys need some clothes. I have a sales meeting Friday morning so I’ll be headed down then. Ty thinks his PSAT went well. We’ll know in a few weeks or so.

Harley barked this morning and Lori said time to get up as it’s after 6. After we came down and fed the dogs and made our coffee, I opened the computer to start the blog and noticed is was 5:24, not 6:24. Lori said “whoops” as she thought her clock said 6:24. Oh well, we should be on time this morning, we’ll see.

Guess that’s it. No snow today up here, maybe some tomorrow and on the weekend. I have so much work to do I’m not sure where to start. Actually I do know where to start but you get the point, lots of work. We’re half way through January, Spring is coming soon! Have a great day, take care and God Bless.

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Lori’s home!

I made it to Denver around 10:30 but had to stop to wash the car and hit the grocery store so she had to wait 10 minutes or so for me. We made it home a bit after 2. Emma and Jag were hanging out and she stayed for dinner and left around 7. Ty was upstairs for most of the day on electronics, cleaning and studying. The house was really clean as like I said, Emma was coming over! We need her to stop by every day just for a couple minutes so Jag will clean every day, ha.

Today I have a bunch of computer work, quarterly taxes are due and I need to get on the garage. So lots going on. Also Ty and the entire 9th grade has PSAT testing. This is a practice test they give to 9th graders to prep them for the college tests coming up in the next year or two. Better get him moving although he’s usually more on time than Jag.

Lori’s back at it with her surgeon in surgery every day this week. That’s a bunch as usually it’s only Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She must be backed up.

We’re getting ready for Spring up here. We have a snowstorm coming in a day or so but you can feel things starting to change a bit. Hope it’s an early Spring.

Time to go, have a great week. Robi said she was having a hard time commenting. If anyone has a comment, just email me and I’ll post it. Some of you have to have some New Year plans or have started a new hobby or are planning a trip, or maybe buying a new muscle car (Tom?), so let us know! Be safe and God Bless.

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Up early

I woke up at 6 am from Harley barking to get up. She usually doesn’t bark so I thought I’d better check it out. I guess she was just ready to get up as all was fine. Earlier, probably around 4 from my best guess, my phone rang. By the time I got up and made it to the phone, they had hung up. I think it was Lori as it came up Restricted which is what her number shows as it has a block as it’s her hospital phone. I just called her and yup, it was her but she says it was more like 10. I’m not buying it, I think it was more like the middle of the night, ha.

Last night I went to watch the first half of the Dallas L.A. game with a bunch of friends at one of the few chinese restaurants here in town. We don’t really have any good chinese food up here but it was more about seeing a bunch of people. I left a bit after half time with food for the boys. Marty said earlier in the day, “I like shitty chinese food”, ha.

I’ll take off around 9 to go get Lori. She should get in around 11. The house is pretty clean as like I said yesterday, Emma is coming over. I’m starting to look at used cars as Jag will need one in a few months. There’s a lot of good cares out there for $20,000. We did make a offer on a storage unit yesterday down at the Jet Center. You actually buy them and own them like real estate. With us paying $500 a month now (have been for 3 years) for the two we rent, and my Company paying $320 of that, it just made sense. We’ll see if they accept our offer as we offered $7K less than their listing price. If not we’ll just continue to rent.

No snow yesterday and it was nice out. More of the same today. I think Lori had fun with her Mom. Hope Dixie is doing well. That’s about it, time to get moving, have a great day, GB.

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Another morning, another day. The week went well considering it was the first real work and school week of the year. We all managed to make it through unscathed. Lori is home tomorrow and by divine intervention, I don’t have to go to Texas on Monday afterall! Today Ty wants to hit the mountain, Jag is getting a haircut at 1 and cleaning his room (as Emma is coming back from being gone for a week and coming over tomorrow) and I’m going to look at a storage unit with Marty down at the Jet Center later this morning. Tonight at 6 pm I’m headed to May Palace to watch the Dallas / LA game with a bunch of buddies.

First up though is, you guessed it, the gym. That’s of course after I take the dogs up the hill. Yesterday after Jag’s PT and my endless stream of conference calls, we picked up Ty and went to the Four Seasons for apps in the bar. Then we hung out at home for the rest of the day.

Lori and her Mom were busy doing stuff and I think watched a movie last night. I did talk with Antonio last night who found a house on the beach on the island of Elba in Italy in June for $130 a night! This is a really good deal as it sleeps 10 and we love Elba so we might plan a trip there. We also have an invitation to go stay in the south of France so we’ll see. We’ll be going somewhere as we love to travel and are trying to find something fun for when the kids get out of school. I think we’re all going to New York in April for Spring Break. In February we’ll be going to see some colleges somewhere too so lots going on.

Time to get moving to so that’s it for the day. Hope everyone is well, take care and GB.

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