Too many people down there!

After I wrote yesterday mornings post, we packed up and went downstairs and met our friends Eddie and Lisa and their two girls, Dally and Eadie. After having some breakfast, we all loaded into our cars (or truck with a long horse trailer in their case) and headed out to their ranch in Fowler. They lease some acreage and run about 1600 head of cattle for Whole Foods. This means they have a feed lot and pasture where they graze and fatten up cows. We’ve known them for almost 10 years as Dally is now 8 and we knew them before she was born. They’re really good, hard working kids that we sort of adopted and have been helping out for years. We met years ago when they were working at our friends guest ranch in Saratoga Wyoming. They’re good cowboys and the kind of people this country was made on.

We arrived at their ranch which is basically a house in the middle of nowhere with a feedlot, a few sheds and a bunch of pick up trucks and trailers. We took them a ton of our old clothes as I said before, and a case of wine. Eddie and I were talking about ranching and grazing cows for an hour while the boys played with the 6 week old puppies and Lori played with Eadie, the 2 year old. They both took a real liking to each other. Lisa said they call her Eadie Monster as she’s at the terrible two’s. The boys were lobbying for a puppy but these are cattle dogs and need room to run. Lori was lobbying for a little girl! Ha.

Ty was going to ride a horse Eddie found for him but it had cut his leg and was really too small. Eddie didn’t realize how tall Ty was these days so he’s on the lookout for another one. Soon our visit was over and we decided to take off for Denver where we needed to stop for some school shopping. Thankfully Nordstrom had their half yearly sale going on. We did our best to help keep them in business and stopped at a few other stores as well. We splurged on a new coffee machine as ours broke down about a month ago. After that, we stopped by my Mom’s for a visit before heading up the hill for home. The traffic between Colorado Springs and Denver was unbelievable, moving no faster than 10 miles and hour for no reason, except a ton of people. The highlight of the trip was passing a lime green Lamborghini which Ty snapped a picture of out of the car window. Finally at 7, we pulled in to home.

Today we need to get Mojo at 9 am. Lori had a bad chest cold and cough all day yesterday and hopefully she’s better this morning. Other than that, we’ll take it easy today. We did talk to Dix who is doing really well in Oklahoma. That was welcome news. That’s it, take care and God Bless.

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Night in Pueblo

We left Vail yesterday around 1 in the afternoon and finally arrived in Pueblo at 7. Of course this involved a stop in Denver but going from Vail to Pueblo is about as much of a 180 as possible in Colorado. I suppose Aspen to Pueblo might be a little worse but you get my point.

Now Pueblo, besides being the locale where Ali grew up, was the saddle making capital of the country in the early 1900’s. The old buildings are amazing but sadly nowadays, it’s a sad version of a once great Colorado town. It was so bad, we opted to get some food from the natural grocery store and head back to our hotel. I wouldn’t let the family walk down the street. To top it off, there was some festival going on which meant drunks and shady characters ¬†on every street corner with police and their lights flashing everywhere. We knew it was bad when we checked into the Marriott and the girl at the front desk told me to park out front under a light so our car wouldn’t be broken in to. To top it off, Lori’s cold has moved to her chest and she wasn’t feeling well at all. Thankfully I’m pretty much better. We also had a thunderstorm that resulted in flash flood warnings and a lot of rain. Good news about that was it dispersed the drunks and potential car thieves. We haven’t been outside yet but hopefully our car is ok.

I told Tommy who warned me to make sure I was packing (carrying a gun) that Lori decided next time we head south of Denver, our last stop going south was the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs and then no stops until Santa Fe New Mexico, nothing in between. Probably a good plan!

Eddie and Lisa and the girls were two exits down the highway at the rodeo as Eddie agreed to join the roping team with his buddies. Lisa kept texting me as it went on and on. Finally around 10:30 it was over but they did win first prize! This means a little cash to them which is a big deal. I bought them a hotel room and they checked in sometime around midnight when we were asleep. We’ll see them soon downstairs for breakfast.

Then this morning we’ll drive to Fowler where they live, which is about 30 minutes east to ride some horses and visit with them. Then around noon, we’ll head home via Denver and stop for some more school shopping there before heading back to our little town that’s a world away from Pueblo. We brought them bags of clothes that they’ll share with friends in town as my old jeans are too big for either of them. More to come, hope you all are well. Our suite has only one bathroom and shower so I need to get moving before waking the boys. God Bless.

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Finally feeling better

Here’s Lori and Ty hiking yesterday after work. We had to post it as Ty usually doesn’t smile for the camera! As the title says, I’m finally better! This is good news as today we head out to Pueblo and then Fowler tomorrow for some horse riding. Eddie and Lisa have a horse for Ty to bring home for a few months but I’m sure we’ll just ride down there and come back and visit often.

Lori’s neck or trap is killing her. No headache but a sore neck with shooting pains when she moves a certain way. Just another challenge in the saga of Lori’s spine, ugh. Jag went to Zach’s house to watch a couple movies that are still in the theaters as one of their friends Mom’s works for Sony Pictures and gets the new movies on dvd’s to watch.

We booked the Presidential Suite at the Marriott in Pueblo. It has to be the least expensive Presidential Suite in the Country at $200, ha. Eddie is on a roping team at a rodeo around 5pm and then he, Lisa and the girls will join us and stay overnight at the hotel. They’re good people we kind of adopted 7 or 8 years ago when they first were married and worked at a ranch up near our family’s in Walden. We’re taking them a bunch of our old clothes which they put to good use. They run thousands of head of cattle on a leased ranch in Fowler. We’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

We’ll leave around 1 for Denver as Lori has a quick doctor appointment at 3 and then we’ll drive down to Pueblo. It’s 6 am now, time to get the good looking one moving, take care and God Bless.

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Up all night

It’s 4:34 am and I’ve been up about 30 minutes. I literally woke up every hour on the hour all night long with a head ache from being so stuffed up. I decided to get up at 4 so Lori could get a little bit of sleep. I think I’m getting better but man does my head hurt. Jag is definitely better as he and his brother were messing around last night driving us up a wall. It’s ok though as it’s life, kids doing this and that, getting a cold, waking up early, all part of being alive, which beats the alternative.

Yesterday I picked up 30 cases of wine at Fed Ex and then Ty and I unpacked them all and consolidated them into smaller boxes, (without the plastic shipping inserts) to take up less space in the garage. I was thankful for his help as I was feeling like crap. Lori and I ran an errand at 4 pm yesterday and then picked up some food before heading home.

I’d like to go to sleep but don’t think I can so here I sit. Mojo, my buddy, is lying on the floor right next to me. The boys want to go to Denver today for some school shopping but I don’t think I’m up for it. I need to get better as we’re supposed to go to Fowler tomorrow until Saturday night to see Eddie and Lisa, more on that if we go.

Guess I’ll run as I’m rambling and have run out of interesting things to say. Hope everyone is well, wash your hands a lot as you don’t want this bug! God Bless.

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Arrggh, sick

Last night, the cold I picked up from Lori or one of the boys, kicked in in full force. I didn’t sleep much and Lori was snoring on and off a bit due to her being stuffed up too. It was hard to swallow and still is only it’s a little better after a hot cup of coffee. I had a good meeting in Denver at 9 am and then after exchanging a pair of jeans, picked up a couple sandwiches and headed over to my Mom’s. We had lunch and visited for about an hour. She’s doing well but talks a little slower now and then. She’s still sharp as a tack though, if she hears what you’re talking about. She probably needs a hearing aid but then she’d have to listen to us all the time! Tommy stopped by and it was good to see him. He’s losing some weight and looking good.

I made it home by about 2 and then had to clean the garage as I need to go to Fed Ex today and pick up 24 boxes of wine. Hope I can do it in one trip but it might take two. Jag is really sick like me but Ty seems to be over it. He rode his bike to town and back yesterday afternoon. It’s been in the mid to high 80’s up here but it’s 10 degrees hotter in Denver.

Lori is going to start working 9 to 5;30 and not staying until all hours of the night. This gives her 40 hours a week which will be a welcome change. She’s also going to stop working on the weekends but I think while this sounds good in theory, it won’t happen in practice. There’s always a patient that has a last minute question or needs some comfort before their Monday morning surgery, we’ll see.

It’s 7:18 and Lori’s at the gym. I think I’ll shower and see if I feel better. Both boys are sleeping still. Have a great day, watch you’re back, tons of crazy people out there, and have a great day, God Bless.

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Ugh, sick

Ty cam home from camp with a cold and it didn’t take long for Jag to pick it up, then Lori and now me, ugh. Sore throats all around with Jag seeing to have the worst of it right now. Oh well, life goes on. This morning Lori has an IRB (Internal Review Board) meeting at 7, I have a 9:30 meeting in Denver and I think Jag wants to go with me. Yesterday Ty and I shopped for school clothes and after about $700, have him mostly set up. Jag wants to get a few things today.

Tomorrow I have a load of wine arriving so I need to clean out the garage a bit. We were going to go fly fishing but we’ll see how the day goes. Hard to believe July is almost over, it’ll be fall soon. We’d better start eating more elk in the freezer so we can fill it up again!

Cherish each day, live, love life and have a great day, GB.


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Is fall coming?

It’ll be hot down in Denver this week, somewhere near 100 degrees. Up here, the mid 80’s, which is just about perfect. Most days now we have a good thunder storm in the afternoon and yesterday was no exception. At 4, we all headed over to Jag’s friends parents house for the party. There were about 4 couples and all the kids. One extra couple stopped in on their way back to Denver but the rest of us all live here and our kids are all good friends. As soon as we arrived, Jag, Zach, Ty, Lexi, Charlotte, Marcella, and Grace took off with giant inner tubes and floated down the river. it was cold and the kids kept bumping rocks in the river with their butts, but they had fun. They jumped in the hot tub to warm up as soon as they walked back to the house, and then had a water balloon fight for an hour or so running around outside. All us parents sat around and visited and then they bbq’d up some brats and hamburgers. Before we knew it, it was 9:30 and time to go home. Ty was falling asleep as he’s still tired from camp.

It was a fun group and the kids are a good group of kids. Even though we’re leaving VMS, I’m sure the kids will all stay friends. Today Lori and I both have a ton to do so we’d better get after it. Hope everyone is well, take care and GB.

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Home at last

We made it to camp about 9:15 and pulled into the parking lot, or should I say grass field. Ty was with his group but saw us pull in and waved. He ran over and jumped into my arms almost knocking me down, then the same with Lori but he didn’t jump into her arms as he knew he’d knock her down. He is taller than Mom now by about an inch.

He made lots of new friends and was glad to go home but sad to leave his friends. He had a great two weeks and his counselor said he is a great kid, an All Star who was the kindest kid they had and looked out for everyone else. Before we all left, his group of about 12, sat around the fire pit in the tepee frame and everyone talked about what they learned and enjoyed most. We were surprised as camp was much more than we expected. Every day and night they had something going on that was fun but also a teaching moment in life. Ty had a unicorn pony tail on top of his head from some skit they did and he kept rockin it, being the individual that he is.

We didn’t know it but their expedition was over in the Medicine Bow Forest by Steamboat and they went sailing down in Chatfield Reservoir so they were all over the State. He showered twice in two weeks but was in lakes and rivers a lot. His clothes and gear needed a thorough cleaning which we started as soon as we arrived home. Once home he and his brother rode their bikes into Vail to go to the grocery store. Then they dug out all of Ty’s Pokemon cards which number over a 1000, to sell on Ebay or somewhere as he’s moved on from those. He grew quite a bit, physically and mentally, which is great.

Today we have a party at one of Jag’s classmates at their house around 4pm. The kids will go tubing down the river and then they’ll grill hamburgers and brats around 5. It was Lexi’s (Jags friend) birthday a while ago but they stressed this is not a birthday party. Should be fun. Ty is up with us at 6 as he’s been getting up at 6 for the last two weeks. I think we’re going to the gym and then for a mountain bike ride. It’s great to have us all back together again as a family. Hope everyone is well, take care, have a good day and GB.

p.s. Game of Thrones starts tonight!

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Ty’s coming home!

This morning at 7 am we’re heading out to pick up Ty from camp. It seems like he’s been gone for months! We’re all excited to have him come home as it’s just not the same without him.

Yesterday was a blur, Lori worked all day as did I. I’m not sure what Jag did. It’s nice and cool up here and we did get some rain yesterday. The house is still pretty clean and Ty’s room is all made over waiting for his arrival. When we pick him up there’s a ceremony and then the family’s of campers can do stuff at camp for a while or just take off. We’ll leave it up to Ty to decide what to do.

No comments lately from any of you, but we just passed the 100,000 comment mark with comments from other people. I never post them unless they’re from the family. That’s it as we need to leave in about 20 minutes and I need to hit the shower. have a good day, GB

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Almost Fall

Ok, it’s still summer and the heat will be back but the last two days have almost felt like fall. We’ve had intermittent rain showers and cool mornings that remind me of hunting season, my favorite time of the year. Tomorrow Ty comes home, yea! We’re all excited to have him back with the family.

Lori and I just returned from the gym where we had a good hour long morning workout. Her surgeon leaves around 2 or 3 today to fly to California for a big concert with a bunch of old bands from our era, should be fun.

Jag was working on some AP History yesterday which is good. Amazingly the house is still pretty clean. Throw in the dozen cases of wine I took out of the garage yesterday and I’m even making progress out there.

It’s 7 now and I have calls starting at 8 so I’d better get moving. I think I’ll fast today as I had some bad fish a few days ago or maybe it’s the half a jar of peanut butter I’ve been eating almost every day. I might have a peanut allergy. Funny I never had any allergies until I met Lori, at least that’s what I tell her. Have a good day! GB

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