Headed home

New York, truly a great city. My Mom loved it and had some great times here. I remember stories about her trips to the theater and Sardi’s after the show that she would tell us when we were kids. Sadly like everything else, the city has changed. In some ways it’s better but in others, it’s much worse. First the good, the restaurant options are like no other in the World and the cultural mix of people is unmatched. Along with this comes increased crime and everything that happens everywhere these days is magnified here. It’s all part of the evolution of society and the World we live in.

I arrived around 1:30 and found my driver and headed in to the city. After checking in and taking a quick shower I headed a few blocks away to meet my good buddy Eric. We hung out for a few hours until I grabbed a cab to head up to 55th and 6th to meet Marco, Brian and Jeremy for dinner. Marco Fantinel is the owner of our new iconic brand, Fantinel. It’s World famous and a real coup for us as a Company. Brian brought him on board and Jeremy is our new hire who is killing it. I picked Milos for dinner and it didn’t disappoint. When you order your fish you actually get up from your table and walk over to a hill of ice with fish fish laying out for you to chose from. We picked out some fresh black sea bass and red snapper along with some giant stone crab claws which we all shared. Dinner was great and the meeting better. We all want the same thing and are all now headed towards the same goal. Sometimes you can’t replace a face to face get together to get on the same page.

It’s 5:30 am now (3:30 in Colorado) and my driver picks me up at 6:30 as I have an 8:30 flight. I should be in Denver by 11 this morning and then head up the hill. Snow is arriving her at noon so I’m getting out just in time. Hope everyone is well, take care and have a great day, GB.

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Off to New York

By the time most of you read this (except maybe Tommy), I’ll almost be in New York or will have landed. It’s a quick trip as I’ll see a guy around 3 or 4 and then have dinner at Milos (best seafood restaurant in the World!) at 7 before heading to my hotel in Mid-town. By 6:30 am Denver time on Wednesday I’ll be on my way home. So in and out, just the way I like to do New York.

Yesterday the boys had a good first day back. I did a bunch of laundry and aired out the house in 20 degree temperatures. It still has a little paint smell to it but I don’t really notice it. Lori’s head is killing her, the altitude doesn’t help. That’s it for the day, time to get on the road as I board at 7:19 am. Thank God for First Class! God Bless.

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Lots of driving

When I left Sunday morning to get Lori, there was an accident on I-70 heading to Denver going up Vail Pass. This meant I had to go up to Leadville and then down to Copper Mountain adding a good hour to the trip. I made it to the airport on time though to get Lori. Finally around 3:30 we made it home.

Tomorrow morning at this time I’ll be driving to Denver for my 8 am flight to New York. Today though is the boys first day back to school after having two weeks off. Harley and Mojo are playing with each other right now and it’s 5:47 am. No fresh snow up here and I think we’re ok until the weekend.

Not much else to say this morning, glad Lori is home, have a great week and God Bless.

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Going to get Lori

This morning around 9 am I’ll take off to go get Lori at DIA. Her flight gets in around 12:30. I think Ty wants to go to the mountain and Jag will probably do some work. We didn’t make it to Steamboat as it was snowing and blowing most of the day.

I made chili and surprisingly both boys ate it and liked it. Not sure what I did different this time but I’ll take it. It’s 7:56 and I just got back from the gym so time to shower and take off for Big D.

Did anyone see Joe Biden in Munich apologizing for America? What’s wrong with these people? Do they really think we’ll vote for them? I give up. I’ll tell you what’s an embarrassment, it’s our media and the Dems. I know several people who were supposed to get jobs with Amazon in New York until the new socialist congresswoman chased Amazon and their 3 Billion dollars out of town. One guy even bought a new town home near where he thought he had a new job but now is in big trouble as he has no job and can’t pay for his new mortgage, nice.

Anyhow Ty just came downstairs and I need to shower so I can hit the road. Hope everyone is well. Have a great day and GB.

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Clean and pretty

After a little pill to relax her, Harley had her bath. She was pretty wound up when we arrived not wanting to stay so the vet gave her a little something to calm her down. Then she was fine. Now she’s all pretty and fluffy compared to what she was pre-bath.

The rest of the day was spent working on the computer while Ty and Jag hung out around the house. For dinner we decided to try the new Udon place that one of our favorite sushi places took over. We went and sat down there and had a nice dinner.

This morning Jag and I are planning on driving over to Steamboat to see Emma’s race at 9:30 but it’s snowing outside right now so we’ll see. Lori comes home tomorrow, whoo hoo! We miss her a bunch. Yesterday she and Dix went down to see Annette in Stockton. I’m not big on California and for good reason. A poll came out yesterday that said half of the people in the State want to leave, wow. Hope they don’t come to Colorado as too many of them and their liberal ideas already have.

Looks like a guy in Chicago, with the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, again, the most restrictive laws out there, shot up his former work place. I’m sure the Dems will blame the gun and not the shooter, mark my words. Wonder why we don’t blame the car when a drunk driver kills someone. Doesn’t make much sense does it.

Time to go and see if we’re going to give it a try or not.

UPDATE 6:45 am, too much snow and wind to go right now. We’ll see how it looks in a few hours as her second race is around 1 pm. Have a great day, GB.

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Bath day

Today Ms. Harley goes in for her first formal bath at the groomer. She’s had a couple at home and has her nails cut on a regular basis but this will be her first official grooming appointment. Hope she has fun.

We almost missed Lori’s flight yesterday as a semi blew up and burned to the ground by Red Rocks. She obviously made her flight and then I guess was at a party from 3 until 10 with Dixie at some senior home. Not sure what she’s doing today, I have a lot of work to do.

Ty went to town with friends and I picked him up around 2:30 on my way back up from Denver and Jag hung out at home. We made cheese fondue for dinner last night and I think I’ll make chili today. There’s a dusting of snow outside but nothing like the 12 inches they said we were going to get. Jag wants to go to Steamboat to see Emma race tomorrow so we might take a day trip over there, we’ll see.

Time to go, have a great day and GB.

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To the airport

Happy Valentines Day! Here we go. It’s 5:01 am and we’re leaving in about an hour to take Lori to the airport. She’ll be gone until Sunday. This was about the only time she could go see her Mom so it is what it is even though we should be going out to dinner or something. She’s been going about once a month for as long as I can remember.

The house still looks great, white and bright. We’re supposed to get some good snow over the next 24 hours and picked up a fair amount yesterday afternoon. Thankfully there seems to be a lull from now until this afternoon which gives me a window to get down and up.

I have an appointment at noon and will drop Lori around 8 so I’ll have a little time to hang out. Guess I’ll get moving so that’s it. It’s getting crazy out there. It’s so crazy politically I can’t even go into it. Suffice it to say, everyone is out of their mind. Social media is the main weapon of choice these days and needs to just go away. Man I miss the days before computers and the internet. God Bless.

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Looks Great!

WOW, it’s hard to describe how good the house looks. The new paint has literally changed everything. The wood floors look better, the kitchen is brighter and the few pieces of art we put back on the wall look like they’re in a museum. We should have done this a long time ago.

Today we’ll redo Jag’s room as all his stuff is still in the center of the room with a plastic cover over it. Jag slept on the couch last night. Ramiro and his 3 guys arrived from Denver at 7:15 and left about 12 hours later. We used 15 1/2 gallons of paint as we needed to put 3 coats on. It’s really a great feeling.

Lori is off today and is supposed to go to her Mom’s tomorrow. We’re supposed to get 10 to 20 inches of snow which could change her travel plans but I think we’ll be ok. We’re off to the gym so time to go. I will get pictures up, promise. Have a great day, I think we’ll have the carpets cleaned next. GB

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Painting day

No time to waste as this morning we have our painters coming up from Denver to paint the inside of the house. With everything off the walls, the house seems so much larger. We decided to put a whole lot less paintings and stuff back on the walls when through. We’re also going with Polar White instead of the baby poop brown we have now. I managed to get everything moved and repaired all the walls except for in Jag’s room which he needs to do this morning. I’m sure we’ll need to help him.

There’s more from yesterday but no time so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Have a great day, pictures to come tomorrow! GB

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This morning I’m off to Denver for a meeting and then will rush back up to prep the house for Ramiro to paint tomorrow. Ramiro is the brother of Elvia, our cleaning lady from when we lived in Denver. They’re coming up for the day to do most of the interior. Everything but Ty’s room, our spare room (that’s filled with stuff from Mom’s house) and our room will get painted. This means we need to take all the pictures off the walls and move a little bit of furniture. We don’t have a lot so even though it’ll be some work I don’t think it’ll be that bad. Lori and I do need to go to Home Depot this afternoon and pick out which color of white we’re going with.

Jag went to Emma’s until 9:30 last night and Ty spent the night at Sonny’s. Both boys are off this week for Winter Break. I’ll be in Denver by 9:30 and back here by 1 or 2. We had a unit down the driveway sell but aren’t sure for how much. It was listed for $820K but is larger than ours. Regardless it’ll help our value which is great.

It’s 6:14 now so I guess I’ll go. We’re looking at going to Hawaii for the kids break in April instead of New York as the weather there could be iffy still. We need to decide in the next few days as I have a $3800 ticket I have to re-book by the 16th or I’ll lose it. Lori goes to her Moms again this Thursday until Sunday. Too bad Dixie doesn’t live here. That’s it, have a great day and week and be safe. God Bless you all.

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