2 a days

It’s a busy week with the Quarter ending tomorrow. I’ve done about all I can do at work so in order to stay sane and on top of things, I’ve been going to the gym twice a day. That’s called “2 a-days” in the football world.

Lori works in Frisco today, Ty works at 7 and Jag has class at 9 before working at 12. Yesterday after work, Ty went golfing. He’s been going a few times a week as he and his buddies have a friend who works at the golf course, and they get tee times for free. He also gets in to all the movies free at the theater as another buddy works there. Guess it IS who you know, not what you know, after all.

Jag and I took a virtual tour of an apartment yesterday. It looks nice but, in the end, all in, would be about $30K a year! Housing isn’t cheap right now. Not sure what we’ll end up doing. Hopefully we’ll find a deal somewhere.

Here’s our kid in his Gucci tennis shoes and his (used to be mine, ha) Arturo Fuente hat (famous cigar maker), warming up at Vail Golf Course. What a life, God Bless.

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Poker night

Last night Ty had some friends over to play cards. Not sure when they left but he’s still sleeping downstairs on the couch looking a little hungover. He works at 9 so I let him sleep. It’s 5:45am now. Jag was downstairs with them but made his way up to his room.

Pretty sunrise outside. Pink and blue hues fill the sky. Looks like a fine like a painting. Only a few days left in the month. Hard to believe we’re entering the back half of yet another year. I’m off to the gym this morning while Lori is heading to work. I’m fortunate I’ve created a job for myself where I pretty much do what I want, when I want. It’s not easy but the tradeoff is I set my own schedule. When you’re self-employed though, you work 24/7. No one forces you to show up at a certain time each day. It’s an art form in itself. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Going to warm up for the rest of the week. Should get some rain by the weekend. No real sports for six weeks or so until football starts. It’ll be here before we know it. Make it a great day and don’t get sucked into all the division being pushed by the media. Things aren’t as bad as they’d have you believe. God Bless.

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Last night the Colorado Avalanche beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 2 to 1 to win the Stanley Cup in hockey. What a great game. It was a pure game that was a blast to be a part of. Congrats to Colorado and all involved with the team.

Marty and Melanie came over and Ty had some friends show up too. Lori was her usual hostess with the mostess cooking up a great feast for everyone. For a couple hours there was zero concern over all the crap we’re having to deal with as a society right now. That’s the great thing about sports. The outcome is always uncertain which is a rarity these days. Can’t wait for next November. What a sport.

Today Ty is off but Jag, Lori and I are working. Four days left in the month and a lot to do. Going to warm up this week. We dodged the rain for the most part the past few days as it was a pretty nice weekend.

Time to get at it. I’m hitting the gym before my 9am conference call. Make it a great week and God Bless.

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Bad food

Yesterday Jag, Lori and I went to dinner up in Beaver Creek at a seafood restaurant called Hooked. We heard it was good, but noooo. $450 later we walked out disappointed. Not only was the food so so, (some was ok) but the service was horrible. Live and learn. The worst part of going out and getting a bad meal is that you also gain a few pounds from eating out and you paid for it! Never going back there.

Tonight we have another chance to win the Stanley Cup. Hope we wrap it up tonight as anything can happen in a Game 7. Ty had some friends over last night to hang out and watch movies. They left around 11 or 12.

Marty and Melanie are coming back over for the game tonight. Think Lori is doing burgers and steak just to keep things simple. Only about 11 hours to go. That’s it, time to get to the gym, God Bless.

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Lots of anticipation for the game last night. Unfortunately we lost 3 to 2. Tomorrow we have another chance and if we lose then, it’s on to Tuesday back here in Denver. Go Av’s.

Marty and Melanie came over and Ty had about 5 girls and I think one guy come over. Marty started the questioning with “which one of you is Ty’s girlfriend”? Next up was “any kissing going on around here”? They all laughed while we cringed but that’s just Marty. Jag scored something like a 95 on his 165 page accounting final, wow. That kid amazes us every day. Ty works this morning while Lori and I are headed to the gym. 6:30 now and Ty works at 7:30.

Nice and sunny out up here. The news is showing a Denver based company that has kids dress up in drag so they can explore who they want to be. I might be old, but what the hell? Having kids as young as 4 years old dress up in drag doesn’t sound like a good idea. Sounds more to me like they’re trying to influence or mold them. Unbelievable how far we’ve come, and not in a good way, in my opinion.

Guess I’ll go. Make it a great day and do something fun, GB.

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Game 5 tonight! We’re having friends over for what we hope is a series ending victory. Mark, my buddy who was the manager at the 4 Seasons for years, gave me 3 t-shirts yesterday from the Finals that he bought me in Denver about a week ago. We’ll all be wearing our Av’s shirts tonight!

Ty works today, Jag has a test this morning then works, and Lori and I are working from home. We’re headed to the gym now so time to get moving. Lots to do to get ready for tonight, Go Av’s!

God Bless.

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What a game! If you’re not into hockey, you’re missing out. Last night was one of the most exciting sports events I’ve seen in my life. It was so great. In the end of course, we won. 3 to 2 was the final score in overtime. On to Game 5 and hopefully a series ending win, tomorrow.

In 3o minutes I’m off to the gym and then at 11 I have a management call that should last a couple hours. Jag has a ton of work. Wish he hadn’t taken on so much schoolwork and his job at the same time. Not much of a summer for him, if any. Lori is home today. She’s had a headache for a while and hopefully can kick it today.

The government is still out of control. Everyone knows it and is against it, yet they continue to push forward with rules and regulations and laws the majority of the Country does not want. They’re so misguided and now even are coming out saying things like high gas prices are a necessary pain and good for us. They treat us all like young children, and that they know what’s best for us. Problem is the majority of the Country doesn’t want what their pushing. Yet they still march ahead. Hopefully in November they’ll get a big stop sign as we vote out every democrat up for election in Congress. God willing.

Time to go so I can watch some hockey highlights. My buddy has 3 Avalanche t-shirts for me that I need to pick up this afternoon. Go Av’s! God Bless.

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Cool morning

Looks like the high temperature will be somewhere in the 70’s today, nice. Might get some rain over the next few days which is good news too, as long as it’s not accompanied by lightening. Last thing we want are fires. Lori worked in Edwards yesterday and Jag worked in the afternoon. She’s in Vail today. Also today Ty is back at work and his friend will be leaving for Denver this morning. Tonight we have Game 4 of the Stanley Cup. Sure hope we win.

I’m going to the dentist at 9:20 as they called yesterday and had a cancellation. They’re so hard to get into these days, I jumped at it. I’ll likely be on the phone and computer the rest of the day. Not much else going on. Might go to Phoenix for a couple days to do some work with one of my Partners. Won’t be until July. Also will head out to California for a quick meeting sometime next month too.

Have a great day, live in the moment. God Bless.

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New phones

Yesterday we switched from Verizon to AT&T. It’s not that our phones were bad, it’s that the network kept dropping calls on Lori and I or all of a sudden, people could not hear us on the other end of the call. Apparently, lots of people have been switching from Verizon up here. It took about 90 minutes or so but could have been worse. Lori and Jag bot got new phones while Ty and I both kept ours as they were fine.

We rushed home as Lori was picking up Dixie to go get their nails done. Dixie had a hard morning as she often doesn’t wear her oxygen which causes issues. She is supposed to wear it 24/7 but forgets often. We pay for an “oxygen check” 3 times a day but she somehow gets it off and then forgets to put it back on. Today is another day so all we can do is try to make sure she has it on as much as possible.

Ty and his friend from China who he knows from summer camp years ago, went camping. Luca drove up from Denver for a couple days. His family moved there years ago for his dad’s work. It was one of the colder nights up here in a few weeks. It’s cool this morning too.

Now to hockey, we lost 6 to 2 but it was closer than the score indicates. Tampa is the defending champs so it’s not like it was going to be a sweep. although after the 2nd game, I had my hopes. Tomorrow is Game 4. That’s one we want to win. Marty had to run over to his storage unit here in Eagle, so he came by, and we watched the game. Yesterday he picked up his license plates for his new truck and made the mistake of not looking at them before her left the DMV. When he got home to put them on, he noticed what they said, ASY ZOO. We’re not sure what that means but couldn’t stop laughing. If you saw it on a car, you’d think it was a vanity plate. In any case, it’s pretty funny. Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode years ago where Kramer accidently was given plates at the DMV that said ASS MAN. Could only happen to Marty.

Time to go, Lori’s in the shower and it’s almost 7. First day of summer today, enjoy, God Bless and Go Av’s.

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Yesterday afternoon, we decided to go to Matsuhisa for sushi as Lori had a gift certificate from Dr. B. That helped but it’s still so expensive. We went early at 5 when they opened, but the place was packed. It was a fun dinner. These days, any time we get to spend with the boys is a good time.

Today we’re back at it. June 20th, ten days to go in the month. We’re also switching phone carriers today from Verizon to AT&T. The latter works better up here in the mountains.

This week, preferably today, we also need to find a new place for Jagger to live next year in college. He has to be out August 1st so time to get moving. It’s almost 6am and I want to get in 30 minutes of cardio before the day starts so time to go. Hope everyone is well, be safe and God Bless.

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