Tech Week

All week long the boys stay at school until 8pm getting ready for the production of 12 Angry Jurors this Thursday. This really makes for a tough week as they both still have homework and little to no time to do it. Wish they would have passed on this show but it is what it is. Ty said a lot of kids still don’t know their lines.

Our car is sitting idle until they get a new tire up here tomorrow as this one too is not repairable. Unbelievable. I’m turning in the receipts to the Homeowners Association to get reimbursed.

Lori has an early meeting and I need to take her so we need to get moving early. Hope all’s well, I think Tom is putting his tree up this weekend, about time! Take care and God Bless.

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We awoke early and were on the road to Eagle by 9. Both boys were out the door right behind us on the way to theater. About 2 miles from the Eagle exit I had that “oh shit” light show up on my dash again. I had another flat tire! This time it was the left front. I made it to the exit, put some air in it at the gas station and drove up to the house. This time it took me about 12 minutes to jack up the car and change the tire. I’m getting fast at this. There’s a nail in the tire from the roofers, super. Hopefully (I think so) they can just patch it this time. We’ll drop it off at 8 this morning at the tire place.

Lori and I hung out after getting home around 1. She made chili which took over an hour and then the boys made it home around 6:15. Jag is skipping the first two periods so he can get his 500 word essay in for some scholarships at Baylor. The notified us on Friday which seems like pretty short notice.

No snow up here, just a few flakes here and there that look like ash they’re so light. The driveway isn’t covered or anything. I have some work to do around here today and then Aspen tomorrow and Denver Wednesday. Then Thursday is the show (theater) which runs through Saturday and then Sunday the Denver Fashion Show and then we have something Monday the 18th and two events Tuesday the 19th. I can’t think any farther ahead than that.

Have a great day, God Bless.

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The morning after

Ok, the gala was fun. Had to get that out front. Now to the nitty gritty, the food sucked, was literally inedible, the band was worse than they were a few years ago, the auction items were not very good and it was so hot before they let us in for dinner that we had to keep walking outside for some fresh air. Now for the fun part. We really do have a good community up here and everyone pretty much knows everyone even if not well. You recognize every person from some place you’ve been or something. As an example a nice couple came up to us and reminded us that she showed us a house 3 years ago or so. So we do have that small town togetherness which is nice. The school community is even smaller as we all have a common goal of creating and maintaining the coolest place in the World a kid can go to school. I complain about the money a lot, as it is a lot of money, but there’s no other place where a senior and a 3rd grader walk down the hall together talking about their day or just life. By the way, for Intraterm in February, Ty is on the Chicago trip which was his first choice and Jag is on a open deck sailboat in the Keys off the coast of Florida for a week with Outward Bound, tough life huh.

Our table was right up front! I think it’s because I complained about being right in the back last year. Melanie and Lori got to dance a bit with a dozen other women when the so called band started but as I said the band was sooooo bad I just couldn’t. At the end when we were leaving Marty saw his bill on his phone of $921 and was not happy. He thought Melanie bid on a bunch of useless junk. Lori looked at his phone and said “no, she only spent $371”. It came to me when we got in our car that the other $550 was for the tickets to the gala. We called them from our car driving home and told them and then Melanie said on speaker phone said, “aha, see, you mother fucker” to Marty. She said it in jest but said it like 5 times in a row making us laugh nonstop. Mel had a few cocktails so it was really funny.

Today we’re hanging out as the boys have theater from 10 until 6. Yesterday Marty and I put the new dryer in around 10 am and Jag went to basketball and Ty to the skate park. We’ll head back down to the house today to check some things out. So time to go and get everyone up and moving. Looks like Jag and Emma are “hanging out” together again. We (Lori and I and Emma’s parents) found this out from some other parents last night who found out from their kids, ha, small town advantage! Oh well, that’s fine, Emma’s a good girl. God Bless.

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Tonight is the school fundraiser but today I need to finish installing our new dryer. I took off early for Lowes in Frisco as their web site said they had 7 in stock. When I arrived though I was told I couldn’t buy one until 3 in the afternoon? It seems they were unloading a semi and couldn’t get to them or something. So home I went. I bought one at Home Depot instead. I managed to get the old one up the stairs and outside by myself. I bought one of those strap things that looks like a giant Baby Bjorn and muscled it up the stairs one by one. Our new one spent the night in the back of my truck and Marty and I will take it down at 9 this morning. Then I should be done.

James is coming up at 11 to pick up some things like our broken dryer, some old mattresses, some chairs and other stuff we’ve had in storage or the basement for 3 years. The good thing about the dryer breaking is it forced me to clean out a bunch of crap so I could get it out of the house, ha.

The party tonight should be fun as we’re sitting with Marty and Melanie and Jennifer and Tom who are all fun friends. We all went to the Rolling Stones together. Jennifer and Tom’s new house is supposed to be done in February. Sadly I’m thinking March or April for us as you can’t pour the concrete for the driveway and patios until the ground is not frozen anymore. We could do it while it’s cold but that would cost more, ugh.

Time to get moving so we can get to the gym before Marty shows up. Have a great day, God Bless.

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Fix of the day

So yesterday I got the car back but last night our clothes dryer stopped working. It still spins but doesn’t heat up. Are you kidding me? I can either try to repair it today or just replace it. Looks like I can buy a basic one for $350 after rebates and since the one we have is about 13 years old, I’ll probably go that route. Just another pain in my ass. In our new house the laundry room is easy to get to right off the garage so no going up and down stairs like I’ll have to do later today!

Tomorrow is the school Gala. It should be fun. Today Ty has a big mid-term in Science. Not sure what all Jag has going on. They finally finished our roof and gutters yesterday. I swept the entire driveway to make sure there were no nails or anything that could puncture a tire.

I went to the appliance store yesterday and also the fireplace store. We had to switch a fireplace in my office. Things are moving fast, thankfully. That’s about it, time to get moving. I was going to Aspen today but now with the dryer debacle that’ll have to wait.

Have a great day, God Bless.

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Getting the tyre fixed today!

We’re dropping the car off at 8 am as hopefully the tire (tyre is English) arrives today. Yesterday was spent sorting through samples of tile and floors at a shop for the house. We also spent a good hour with our builder tweaking things in the house. This involved adding a window or two, moving a wall, adding a wall, moving the shower and changing its size. I’m sure there was more but I can’t remember right now. The roof and protective layer is going on and it’s getting more and more exciting every day.

Today Ty has a makeup test this morning. Not sure what all Jag has going on. Lori has clinic and I have a few problems to handle. I also have a call with an estate in Italy at 8:30. Harley has been home all week long saving us money. My knee is surprisingly better considering it’s only been about 36 hours since my shot. It was warm up here yesterday, 65, when I guess it was kind of crappy and trying to snow in Denver. Blue skies are outside right now.

Time to go so have a good day and God Bless. Here’s a few pics of the house! Closest is our bedroom waiting on the roof, next up is a view from the dinning room up the stairs and last is Ty’s room and his great views! Enjoy!

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What a day

The day started out with us all getting ready for work and school. Lori had clinic so I said I’d drive her. As soon as we pulled down the driveway a sensor on the dash of the Range Rover came on saying check tyre pressure. That’s how they spell tire in England where Range Rover’s are built. Lori said it’s just because it’s cold out but I didn’t think so. I scrolled through the menu which is as complicated as a 777 airplane and found that the right rear tire only had 3 pounds of pressure. I stopped and jumped out to see as I thought, a flat tire.

I pulled the car back up by the house and went to get the keys to the truck to take Lori to work. As soon as I made it home I had to change the tire and find a place to hopefully fix it. I just bought new tires 2 weeks ago and thankfully bought the Road Hazard Warranty. I called them, gave them my zip code and they found a tire shop a few miles away. So back to changing the tire. 15 minutes later I had it switched and had Trent our neighbor follow me to the tire shop. Before we left I found the nail in the tire and we pulled it out with a pair of vice grips. We started to pull out the nail and it kept coming and coming. Turns out it wasn’t a nail at all but a Jule vape pen that somehow punctured the tire. Anyhow I dropped the car at the tire shop and headed home.

My knee had been bugging me since last Thursday when I worked out apparently too hard. I slipped a bit on some ice which I think aggravated it a bit more. Later in the day I told Lori who said “give me a few minutes” and then texted me to come right over. I walked right in bypassing all the patients who had been waiting for months for their appointment. A few minutes later Dr. Hackett came in and pulled up my MRI from a little over a year ago. He bent my knee left and right and finally said I just have some arthritis and am missing most of the cartilage between my bones in my right knee meaning I pretty much have bone on bone. He said he tries to save joints but down the road, maybe, I might need to see Dr. Kim for a knee replacement! Now this isn’t what it sounds like, they don’t replace your knee. They just shave off a bit here and there and then add some material. Dr. Hackett said not to worry as he thinks a shot in my knee will calm things down. You see when I work out legs in particular, I do lunges that apparently are not good at all for me or specifically for my knee. So no more lunges. Can’t wait to tell my trainer as I hate lunges! Tom (Dr. Hackett) said they could give me a shot right away while I was there so I said go for it. 10 minutes later and a big syringe full of lidocaine and steroids was in my knee. The lidocaine numbs it and over the next 7 days the steroids will hopefully heal it. So I was in and out within 30 minutes without filling out any paperwork or anything, what a perk.

Meanwhile the tire shop called and the hole in the tire was too big to fix so they had to order a new tire from Denver which won’t be here until Thursday, ugh. That means we’re driving the truck for the next 48 hours.

We were supposed to go to a benefit for Ski Club Vail last night but decided to skip it. My knee is a little sore but I’ll be ok. Lori and I are headed to the gym where I’ll just workout my upper body which I prefer anyhow. Then it’s to the tile shop and the house to keep working on things. Boys are well, they have a half day today. It’s warmer than it’s been for a week which is nice. It was 57 yesterday. So not the best day but you do what you have to do. Pop Quiz! Who always said that?

Have a great day and God Bless.

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Election Day

Today we’re voting on some local issues but one year from today it’s the big one. As a person who just lives their life, it’s hard to know what or who to vote for as they lie left and right on tv. One example here is there’s tons of ads running to vote for a proposition called CC. They have grandmother type looking women saying “isn’t it time we start fixing things around here” when what the actual bill does is overturns a bill we passed a few years ago called the Taxpayers Bill of Rights. It forces the govt. to give back money they don’t spend which happens when voters don’t approve specific expenditures. But the govt. is making it sound like it’s for the children, schools and roads when in reality if it passes our Governor can spend our extra tax money on anything he wants like the recent program that has transvestites’ putting on fashion shows for kindergarten classes, I kid you not. So the point is you have to read the bill yourself! Stop believing everything you see on tv!

Today we all have more of the same. Harley’s doggie daycare texted yesterday wondering if she was ok as we didn’t bring her in. I texted back she’s fine. We’ve just decided to save some money by keeping her home more. With them being closed for three weeks we’ve all sort of gotten into a routine that works. She’s getting lots of exercise and is doing well and Mojo likes having her home.

We’re also cutting back on other expenses trying to save money as school is so expensive and we have college coming up next year.

We’re hoping they put on our new gutters today as snow melts all day and then freezes at night creating an ice rink outside every morning. I should sue. Time to take the dogs up the hill so that’s it. Hope all’s well, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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Winner winner chicken dinner!

The Bronco’s won! Whoo hoo! We had a blast enjoying the game at Jeff and Tina’s hanging out and eating homemade steak fajita’s. When the game was over it was off to home. We arrived by 7 pm.

Before I forget, Ali asked if she could buy tickets to Denver Fashion Week where Jag is modeling and the answer is yes. It’s the 17th at 4 pm, more to come as we’ll be there!

Today I need to get some license plates, clean the boys rooms, do a ton of laundry, go down to the house, stop by a tile store, meet Ty and his tutor, and shop for dinner. Oh wait, 2 or 3 times up the hill with the dogs too!

Sorry I’m late today, thanks to Tom for the reminder, take care and God Bless.

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Warming up?

It seems to be warming up! We have a 50/50 chance of having a mild winter with less than normal precipitation. Let’s hope so. October was one of the coldest and snowiest on record they say. We’ll see. So hard to believe it but I was wrong, Tom doesn’t put his tree up for another week. It’s always the week before Thanksgiving he told me. Sure seems like everything is early this year.

Jag and Lori stopped by Tom and Ali’s to visit on the way back up from Denver yesterday. Jag was being fitted for his outfit for the big fashion show in 2 weeks in Denver. The theme is pretty out there and is sort of a futuristic theme. We get 3 tickets. On the way home they stopped at Whole Foods and spent $400 on food and stuff! You have to watch Jag when you take him shopping with you as he throws all kinds of crap in the cart from toiletries to specialty foods and sauces, ouch.

Today we’re off to Denver for the game. We’re not actually going to the stadium but going to Jeff and Tina’s to grill hamburgers after we hit a few tile and hardware stores for the house as we’re running out of time. Even if it’s April when we move in, that’s less than 150 days away! Eric, one of Lori’s PA’s is going to the game in our place. The boys have theater practice from 12 to 4 and then will head home as Ty needs to study some more for a history test tomorrow. Not sure what all Jag has going as we pretty much just let him do his thing.

Daylight Savings time is over. Hope you set your clocks back. That means it’ll start getting dark between 4:30 and 5 pm. That is it for today. Take care, be safe (can’t emphasize that enough!) and God Bless.

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