Spring Break Round 2

This week Jag is back in school and now Ty is off. We’re lucky it worked out this way as now Ty is home this week to help with Harley. He does have basketball for an hour each day during the day and then practice tonight from 6:30 until 8. Tomorrow Jag has b ball at 6:30 until 8 and then Wednesday both boys from 6 to 8. Harley has her first doctor appointment today at 1:30 but first Jag is taking her to school to introduce her to his Home Base. Next week it’ll be just Harley and I which will be a bit more of a challenge. She’s pretty attached to Jag and wants to go downstairs whenever he’s not up here with us. I need to nip that in the bud, like now.

We had fun yesterday and this dog runs like a shot out of a cannon. Her front legs are straight out in front of her like she’s flying. A few trips around the park and she’s ready for a nap. 

Today Lori and I have some work and I have one week to finish off the month. Lots of other stuff going on but I’ll leave it at that so I can get moving. Have a good day and week, God Bless.

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Snow……in Denver?

We woke to mostly blue sky and headed out to the gym. Harley is a pretty darn good dog who sleeps through the night, does her business outside, for the most part, and is all puppy. She and Mojo are getting along well. They are now playing and she licks and kisses his face non stop.

After the gym Lori and I headed out to Denver. When we made it down the hill we were greeted by a rain snow mix that was just dreary and miserable. We met up with Michael and Jeannie and then Mike and I went to our favorite men’s store to hang out and have a coffee while the girls went to some beauty supply store. Our men’s store is like the local barbershop where we all know each other, staff and customers. We’ve both been going there for years. Anyhow the girls soon showed up and then we all went to lunch. Michael and Jeannie insisted on buying lunch as Lori squeezed Mike in for his knee surgery about a month ago and they wanted to thank us. Totally not necessary. After that, we split up and she and I hit the mall and then headed up the hill.

Jag, Harley and Mojo were hanging out all day while Ty headed into town with some friends. We picked Ty up at 5 as we were driving through town on the way home. Then we all decided to play Monopoly. That lasted until about 9 with us finally calling it a draw. There was a lot of side negotiations going on and it was really fun.

This morning I went to get Harley from Jag’s room to try to get him some extra sleep and took both dogs up the hill with Lori after breakfast. We’re heading to the gym and then might go to Aspen and take the pup to give Jag a break. Harley definitely knows who she likes as she pushed her way through the barricade to get down to Jagger and tried to jump up on his bed. As my Mom would always say, she’s full of piss and vinegar, which most puppies are. with that said though, she is a really good dog. Maybe it’s because she was 13 weeks when she arrived and we missed a lot of the younger rambunctious puppy days, or maybe we’re just biased.

Time to head out to the gym. Hope everyone is well, have a great day and GB.

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Doing great!

First off, we have a name change. Our pups name is now Harley! This was Lori’s choice all along and after a few hours it just seemed to fit better. It was a really good day with both dogs having a blast. Mojo seems really happy to have a little sister but every now and then he acts like the only child he’s been for a few years since Lacey passed away. But overall they’re having a great time. She sleeps through the night from about 9 or 10 until 7:30 or 8 or so when Jag gets up. She’s at the end of Jag’s bed in her crate where she’ll sleep for about a year. Harley is very regal and you can tell comes from strong German blood lines. Her official name on her papers is Baroness Harley von Schmidthausen. Her dad and mom are National Champions in Schutzhund which is the sport of tracking, obedience and personal protection. She’s essentially a K9 German Shepherd.  We ended up with her as most puppies are adopted at 8 weeks and there were two left that needed a home. As I said yesterday we weren’t planning on getting a new dog right now but things just worked out that way. A big thanks to Mark for the connection to the breeder in Alabama.

Jag and Ty have been great with her and Mojo. Mojo had so much exercise and so many walks yesterday, (with Harley) that he’s sore and needs to rest today. We’re going out of our way to pay just as much attention, if not more, to Mojo so he still feels like the top dog around here. He makes sure Harley knows this too with a little growl here and there when needed. Mojo even decided he’d take over Harley’s new bed, which is way too small for him just so she knows who’s boss. Lori and I are off to Denver after the gym to get her hair fixed so I’d better get moving.

5 days until the NFL Draft, whoo hoo. We had some snow but nothing major and it’ll all be melted by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Take care, have a great weekend and God Bless.

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Our rescue is here

Yesterday we had a new addition to the family as we rescued a 13 week old pup. Ali guessed it the day before. Of course timing wasn’t perfect as we had planned on getting a new dog this Fall but things just happened to work out this way. Our new dog, Kona or Koda, (we haven’t decided yet) , arrived via airplane from Alabama. She took a flight from there to Atlanta to Denver. Her siblings were adopted when they were younger as she is 13/14 weeks old. She does come from a strong line of German German Shepherds and is actually an AKC dog. I found the Director of the Schutzhund Club for the Rocky Mountains and she’ll start training with them shortly. He’s the one that let us know of this dog needing a home. She has some training and already sits and listens pretty well. The breeder with some unexpected health reasons needed to get rid of her and her sister fast. Not sure what all happened.

Jag and I were off to Denver early and finally made it to the airport around 3 pm. Then we had the two hour ride home. We stopped at the hospital for all the girls to meet her and then headed home to introduce Mojo to his new little sister hoping that would go well. After following instructions on how to introduce them, they became friends within minutes. Both dogs had 4 or 5 walks and then went to bed. The pup is sleeping in her crate down in Jagger’s room as Mojo sleeps with us. She’s still sleeping and so is Jag.

Ty had his track meet after school and won the hurdles and was second in the 800! He did all of this with a cold too! He’s pretty darn fast. Today Jag will be working with our puppy teaching her about her new home like the mountain behind us. It’s supposed to snow a little tonight and we figured out she’s never seen snow! Ty is off next week so he’ll be spending a lot of time with her then but they both did a lot last night.

We’re close to signing up for a lot and starting the process of designing and building a house. We wish the perfect house would come on the market at the perfect price so we could just move now but that hasn’t seemed to happen. Maybe today is the day.

Wish us luck as we all adjust to our new addition. We’ll all be fine and I think it’ll actually be good for the boys as it’ll cut down on electronics! The deal was that they take the lead in taking care of her and it’s only been one day but they did all they said they would from cleaning up after her to walking her to watching her every waking minute. I remember our two Shepherds as a kid, Tiki and Sadie which were both great dogs. More to come, have a great day and God Bless.

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More snow coming

Looks like another round, and hopefully the last, of snow is coming. It’s supposed to hit tomorrow night and last through Saturday morning. Ty has a track meet tonight where I think he’s running the 800 and 1600. He’s pretty fast and we hope does well. Lori had a half day off yesterday but had to wait until Jag was done observing surgeries so they made it home like 1 or 1:30.

I cleaned a lot of the basement out yesterday and “dewintered” by taking the insulation off the sliding door to let some light in. It’s funny as I threw away some things I just thought I had to have from my Moms. A couple things that went bye were old brass ashtrays, an old briefcase and some more odds and ends like that that I’m not quite sure why I brought home in the first place. Oh well, maybe I needed to get them here to go through them. I have a dozen or so more boxes in the garage ready to go to storage. We’re getting closer to getting this place all cleaned out.

Jag is sore from basketball and his back seized up from the night before. I went to work out yesterday and am pretty sore myself as my regular trainer is in Spain on a bike trip and I worked out with a different guy who had a different program that worked a whole bunch of different muscles. Oh well, that’s a good thing.

Next week Ty has break and Jag will be back at school. His basketball starts Monday. That means between the two boys we’ll have basketball Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Program alert! A week from today is the NFL Draft! I know no one cares except Tom and I but since I’m writing I can say whatever I want. That’s it, have a great day and God Bless.


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In the OR

This morning Jag has to be at the hospital by 8 am for a couple surgeries. I think one is a hardware removal in the hand or elbow and I’m not sure what the other one is. He’s super lucky to sit in with these top surgeons and getting first hand experience in orthopedics. Ty and I have a workout appointment at 7 and then school starts at 9:30. Lori has a half day today as she’s now taking half a day off each Wednesday. We’ll see how that works as last week she didn’t get out until 3!

We had a snowstorm come out of nowhere yesterday afternoon and the pass ended up being closed around 4 or 5. Jag had basketball last night and had a good time. They work the boys hard. It’s a good group of kids and coaches.

I’m finally recouped from my Monday turn to Chicago and back. It takes a couple days to recover from no sleep as you get older.

Here’s a little teaser for you, tomorrow it looks like we have a surprise coming but you’ll have to wait to wait until then or Friday to learn about it. More to come on that but it’s a big one that’s been in the works for a while.

Have a great day, God Bless.

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A quick turn

I made it to the airport by 5:30 and was in Chicago by 9 am Colorado time. As I walked outside the airport you could feel the bone chilling cold with the wind coming off the lake as it penetrated your bones. Even though it gets much colder in Vail, the humidity there makes it a different type of cold.

Larry, my employee who looks like a cross between Ron Perlman and Will Ferrell, picked me up and off to our meeting we went. 3 hours later I was back at the airport and boarding my plane. I arrived in Denver at 5 and was home by 7:15. Lori calls this a quick turn which is flight attendant lingo. Thankfully I was in First Class both ways so it was a pretty painless flight both ways.

Jag cleaned part of his room yesterday. He did manage to get his desk cleaned off which was a major deal as it was really cluttered. Ty received 95% on his assessment tests which are some kind of finals or year end tests, great job!

Tomorrow Jag will be in the OR with Dr. Viola observing some hand surgeries. Tonight though, basketball starts at 6:30. Ty starts next week.

Lori has clinic and I’m cleaning out some more of the basement as well as knocking out some more computer work. That’s about it, lot’s going on. Have a great day and God Bless.

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2:49 am

Not a lot of time this morning, or night depending on how you look at things. I’m off to the airport in Denver in 45 minutes or so. Apparently I was snoring for the past few hours as Lori was awake even though I woke up without the alarm. Sorry honey!

I should be home by 7 tonight in Vail. Ty has school and Jag will be cleaning, we hope. That’s about it, tax day tomorrow, ugh. You don’t even want to know what’s due. You just can’t stay ahead of the govt. God Bless.

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New clothes!

Yesterday Ty’s track meet was cancelled due to the weather so he decided to stay home while we headed down to Denver. He met up with his buddy Damon who ended up spending the night. While Lori was getting her hair done, which didn’t turn out well, we ran to Boulder to drop a sample bottle of wine. Next up was the mall where Jag got 4 new pair of pants and 3 shirts for what one pair of pants would have cost at Nordstrom! We also hit the basketball shoe store though and that was a different story as both boys needed shoes for Eagles which is the team in the valley they start with in the next week. When Lori made it home and saw her hair in the mirror she was not happy! Apparently there’s some orange or copper colored strands that are supposed to be blonde! Now I don’t see them but then again I don’t pay much attention to that stuff.

It’s snowing lightly but you can see blue sky through the light flakes coming down. This time tomorrow I’ll be on a plane to Chicago as my flight leaves at 6:57. That means I’ll be getting up around 3 am to drive down to the airport. I have a quick 90 minute meeting and should be back in Denver by 5 pm.

Today I think both boys are going to play some b ball while Lori and I clean around here. I have to get the garage cleaned out, again, ugh. Jag’s off all week and we’re planning on getting a lot done. Time to get moving so we can get to the gym. Hope all’s well and that everyone is having a great weekend. We have one more round of snow coming next weekend which is pretty much the normal pattern in the mountains in April. It can snow as late as June but it should be winding down soon. It’ll be in the high 70’s in Denver tomorrow. Have a good day, GB.

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Spring Break, for Jag

Jag wrapped up a week of tests and I picked him up at 2:10 yesterday. He had a free period from 2:10 to 3 so no need to hang out. He now has 9 days off! Ty stayed late at school for track and was due to run the 800 today and the 400 Relay but with the dusting of snow we received last night, I think the meet is postponed.

Lori and I and Jag and maybe Ty are headed to Big D today (Denver, not Dallas) for Lori to get her hair colored. We’ll run a few errands while she’s doing her thing. I worked out hard yesterday and am back down to 208 lbs which is close to my fighting weight of 205. It’s funny as it’s all about diet and not working out to lose weight. Working out is just for balance and strength but has little to do with trying to lose weight.

Mojo is doing well and is sleeping by Lori’s feet after eating his breakfast. We’re still working on our real estate deal as there’s lots to do like surveys and soil reports and more.

On the World stage, there were airstrikes against Syria in the middle of the night. Lots going on but countries are no longer pushing us around as they did in the past. In some way, Trump’s unpredictability has some rethinking how they treat us. China just lowered tariffs on U.S. car imports which no one thought they would do. They were charging us 25% and only getting charged 2% for sending cars to us! Say what you will but Trump’s bluster now has us and the automotive industry on an even playing field. Changing long established policies between countries isn’t easy, even if they are wrong, so hold on to your hats, ha.

That’s about it, hopefully the snow is about over for the year. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you all tomorrow! God Bless.

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