Back to Denver

Today we’re off to Denver to see G’ma Dix. We’re rushing around to get moving so we can get to her by noon. Mojo is in daycare until tomorrow as we couldn’t leave him alone all day. We had to take him yesterday and will pick him up tomorrow as you can only pick your dog up at 9am or 5pm on weekends and we need to leave before that and won’t be home until after that tonight. Getting out of town for even a full day as a family takes some work.

Finally the basement is dry. We don’t have the bill yet and will get it sometime next week. We are going on a full spending moratorium until August 15th which will allow us to get back on track expense wise. It’s only about 50 days but it’ll be 50 days without spending a cent on anything but absolute necessities. Wish us luck.

Time to get moving so have a good day. GB

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Almost dry

Well, we’re down to two large fans running 24 hours a day as most of the basement is now dry. We have one stubborn spot that was still showing 60% moisture (they use an electronic meter) that needs to come down. The day before we had places that were 100%! In Colorado, you need to be below 16% for mold not to grow so that’s our goal. Everything else in the basement is 0% except for a few spots that are around 8-10% that will dry out on their own.

Today we’re taking Mojo to doggie daycare and will head down to Big D late tonight after work. Tomorrow, and maybe tonight, we’ll see G’ma Dix and have dinner with her, Greg and J (Dixie’s cousins or nephew or something) and then drive back home late tomorrow night. We have a big week next week and I have to go to Seattle so lots going on.

Here we are below on our last day in Hawaii and even though it looks like Jag is taller than me, I’m leaning on one hip doing my “picture pose” so he’s really not! Lori says he definitely is, but I keep telling myself he’s not, ha. One things for sure, Lori is now officially the shortest one in the family as Ty is taller than her even if this photo doesn’t quite show it, so ha!

I guess it’s raining in Denver but it’s nice up here, a bit cooler today, but still blue sky and nice. I’ve been on the phone all morning and Tommy reminded me to write the blog. I need to run though as I have a doctor appointment in about 45 minutes. I might not go though as Lori called and asked if she could take my appointment for a patient who needs cardio clearance before surgery on Monday. I was going in just for an annual check up so no big. Not sure if she still needs it or not.

That’s about it for the day, hope everyone is well, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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Fans still blowing

Yesterday after a quick trip to Denver (the boys stayed home and slept) I took Jag to the orthodontist. While he was there, I went across the parking lot and worked out with our trainer. Man am I sore! It was one of the tougher workouts I’ve ever had in my life, no exaggeration. Next up was a drive down to Eagle to FedEx and then home. After I pulled in, the Flood Manager showed up to take readings on our walls and carpets with some electronic meter. We’re making progress but still had some wet spots. He brought in two more fans (at $27 a day each) and set them up. He’ll be back today around 5 to check the progress. I think we’re going to get away without ripping walls apart, if we’re lucky. Same with the carpet.

Today Lori has clinic, she has 33 hours in so far this week with 2 days to go! Tasha my niece arrives in Denver Saturday and Tommy is having a bbq Sunday but I don’t think we’ll make it as we’re going down Friday to see G’ma Dixie and staying until Saturday. It’s cool up here again this morning which is nice. I’d like to just hang out with Lori for the day and rest but that’s not going to happen. No break in sight for us until at least a week from this weekend. Life is busy. Time to go! GB

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Time to bring in the pros

Yesterday after Jag and I made it home from Denver we called a company to come in and handle our flood. They brought in extractors to suck up water, meters to measure the moisture levels in various places and 4 big fans that they left running overnight to try to dry things out. Good news is they think we won’t have to tear out any walls. Bad news is this isn’t going to be cheap! Today after lunch someone ( a flood manager) will come back and check on it. Oh well, like I always say, if you’re not going to remember it in six months, it’s not that big of a deal. Not sure if I’ll remember this one in six months or not, I’ll wait until I get the final bill, ha.

Today Jag goes to the orthodontist at 2, Lori works out this morning at 7, I work out at 2:30 and Ty has to start getting things gathered up for camp. He and Sonny were going to skateboard into town yesterday but called me from the Ranger Station to pick them up as it was too hot. I guess in Denver, or even worse, California or Arizona, it’s really hot, like above 110 degrees! With it only being June 21st, (the first day of summer) look out as we’re probably in for a long hot summer.

We just finished paying off some more of Lori’s medical bills from her shoulder operation last December. We’re down to two bills left, ugh. Jag, Ty and I will run down to Denver today to put a check in the bank at 9am when they open. Then we’ll head right back up the hill but might stop at grandma’s to say hi. Time to run, hope all’s well and stay cool, wherever you are, and drink lots of water! GB


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The Great Flood

Yesterday afternoon I asked Jag to clean his bathroom which turned out to be a big mistake. He started to clean and filled his bathtub with water and some cleaner and then went into the other room where he was playing on a game. I’m sure you can guess what happened next. I went down to check on my 5th load of laundry and found the bathtub overflowing and about 2 inches of water on the bathroom floor. The water had seeped under the wall into the furnace room and under the carpet out into the main room too. We cleaned up what we could but the carpet is still really wet. I think we’re going to have to replace it all but will wait a few days to see if by some small chance, it’ll dry out. Other than that, it was a pretty normal day.

Lori worked until 8pm and I had the phone glued to my ear for most of the day. I have to run to Denver at 6:30 this morning and hope to be back up here before 11am. Ty had Sonny spend the night and I told them to go to sleep at 2 but when I woke up at 5:30, they were still up. I don’t think they slept at all and if they did, it wasn’t much.

That’s about it up here, not much else to say, what a mess. Oh, I did get Ty some new hiking boots for his upcoming trip. There’s a big list of stuff he needs that we’ll have to work through over the next 10 days before he goes. Time to run, GB

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Happy Father’s Day Old Man

Yesterday after the gym, we all headed out to Aspen and had a nice visit with some friends. The only thing that was bad, really bad, was our lunch. It was so bad, the new restaurant took the entrees off the bill. I won’t go into it anymore but we’ll never go there again!

The boys picked out a couple Father’s Day cards for me and Ty’s was pretty funny. It had Scooby Doo on the front of the card and it said “Sniffing, Snooping and Searching for the perfect Grandpa”. Inside it said “Hey, looks like I found him”, and then Ty signed it, “Happy Fathers Day Old Man”! Too funny. I asked him if there was something he wanted to tell me as if I was a grandpa, I must have a grandkid. He just laughed. Jags card was really nice and thoughtful. Overall, except for the food at lunch, we had a great day.

Lori and I are both back at it today. Dixie leaves this Thursday for Oklahoma for 3 months! She’s coming through Denver and staying for the weekend so we’ll head down probably Friday night and go to dinner with her and then do something on Saturday with her too. I guess she has an open ended ticket so she can come home whenever she wants. We hope it’s all she wants it to be in Oklahoma.

This week the boys are cleaning out their closets as we’re in the middle of spring/summer cleaning around here. We have so much stuff we just don’t use. In two weeks Ty goes to camp and Jag goes to Washington D.C.

Lori and I are going to Aspen for the 4th as she has a gift certificate for a nice hotel and it’s close. We like Aspen more than Vail and could retire somewhere close to town, like Basalt, in 3 to 5 years. Living in Aspen proper is just too expensive but it has that town feeling more than Vail. Who knows where we’ll end up but time to start thinking about it I guess since I’m such an old man!

Time to run, have a good week and be safe. GB

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Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day and while just another day, as a father, or dad, I can say it’s one, if not the most important and rewarding jobs I have. The thing about being a father is even when you’re not parenting or being a dad, your actions, or who you are, and what you do, are being watched by your kids. It’s the old story, if you’re a bad dad or bad parent, chances are your kids will end up the same. We all know the line about, the guy who abused his wife or kids had a dad who did the same. Hence, I know in some sense, I’m always being watched as kids, just like animals, learn from their parents 24 hours a day. Hopefully I’m doing a good job and setting a good example for my boys. Before I had kids, other people with kids would say things like “I’d die for my kids”. Being one who questions almost everything, I always thought about this and wondered if it came down to it, would I really “die” for my kids? Well, the instant each of my sons was born, that became a stupid question as of course I would do anything for my boys, including taking a bullet for them, so to speak. I’m sure every parent here reading this understands what I’m talking about. So, one of my greatest joys in life is being a dad and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the World. Luckily I have a great wife who helps make my job easier and I think, we have two great boys.

Yesterday Lori and I took off for Denver around 9:30 for her mini spa day. I dropped her off at our friends spa after we made a quick stop and then I headed to Neiman Marcus to return two shirts. I then rushed back to pick her up and we headed over to the hair salon where she had her eye lashes tinted. While there, our friend who owns the salon, threw me in the chair and trimmed me up too! Next up it was off to our friends house who own the spa and went to Italy with us last year, Jeff and Tina’s. We hung out for a few hours as we’re pretty close friends. At one point Tina choked up and told us, one of the reasons she loves me so much is for how much I love my wife! This was unexpected and caught me off guard. We think Tina is struggling with a few things in her her life or relationship. Jeff’s a great guy but it sometimes seems like he’s not as supportive of her as he should be. I think he’s threatened by her success as a spa owner and an attractive woman and is worried she might not be totally happy with him so he kind of subconsciously tries to keep her down or “in her place”, if you know what I mean. I’m the opposite as I always try to build Lori up, oh well, every relationship has things to deal with from time to time. We all grow as we age but the great thing about a relationship, or actually what a real relationship is, is the memories you build over time. Every one of us will see things different at some point over a long period of time, but you have to support each other, no matter what. Luckily for us, the good has always outweighed the bad. Tina then said she is heading to Canyon Ranch in Tucson for a week of R&R or basically rehab. We were very happy for her as they flat out are hard core party people. Lori and I are always amazed at how some people our age can still drink and party like they were in their 20’s. Well Tina finally recognized it was time for her to stop too. We’re thrilled for her as you just cannot do things when you’re 50 that you could get away with when you were 20! As I said, we’ve been really close friends for well over 10 years so we’re pretty real and open with each other, and we could tell she was dying to open up and tell us.

Next up we stopped by my Mom’s. The highlight there was she’s had this great old wood box that’s been locked and sitting on a chair in the corner forever that she couldn’t open. I guess they even took it to a locksmith and he couldn’t open it. I told her let’s break it open and see what’s in it but she didn’t want to break the box and then of course, my amazing wife said, “give it to me, I’ll pick the lock”. Well less than 10 minutes later, Lori had it open. Apparently it has been sealed since 1971 as that’s when most things inside were dated, 1971 or earlier. There were anniversary cards from my mom to my dad and vice versa. Also there were letters from my Grandma to my mom, programs from various high school reunions, pictures from when us kids were really young, like under 10, and best of all, a letter to me from my Grandma when I was 14 in 1971. i’m going to try to write the whole thing out one day in the blog as it’s pretty insightful. We left my mom with her time capsule full of stuff from 46 years ago for her to sift through. What fun to find all that stuff.

Today it looks like we’re headed to Aspen for lunch. We’ll head out round 10 and be back around 4 or so. We wanted to get some new outdoor chairs but think we’ll hold off a bit to save the money. Time to get moving so Lori and I can get to the gym. Hope everyone is well, it’s cool up here with the river running strong outside with all the runoff from the winter snow. It’s really nice and therapeutic hearing the sound of rushing water outside your window. One thing though before I go, I would be remiss if I didn’t say, it’s a lot easier to be a better or good father when your kids have a great mother. In other words, it’s a two person full time job to raise kids and I and the boys are lucky Lori is such a good Mom! GB

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Off to Denver

Today, as a Father’s Day present to myself, I’m taking Lori down to Denver for a microderm facial at our friends spa. You might ask why Denver? ┬áIt’s because our close friends give us gift cards (they own the spa) so we don’t pay. You also might ask why get Lori a facial when it’s “Father’s Day”? Well, it’s because, as they say, if Mom’s not happy, nobody’s happy. Ok, that’s not it either, Lori’s always pretty happy. It’s just because I thought she’d enjoy it and I have a couple of shirts to return to Neiman Marcus so we could do both. Right now our tv, internet and phones are out due to a power failure, so it’s pretty quiet around here.

Yesterday I took off for Aspen at 10am and was in town by 11:40. I stopped by our friends house before hooking up with Jody and Eric and heading over to the party. We saw lots of people we do business with and made some new connections as well. I left around 3 and was home by 4:30. I then grabbed Ty and took him to Lori’s office so Eric (the PA) could check him out as he needed a physical for camp coming up in two weeks. We then all came home and hung out before hitting the hay.

Tomorrow I think we’re all going to Aspen for lunch and some fun for Father’s Day. More to come on that. Time to run now so Lori and I can get out the door. It was 87 degrees yesterday but one of the great things about living in the mountains is that it cools off at night. In the mornings, we open the doors and let all the cool fresh air in which then cools down the house for the day. Have a good weekend, GB

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Altitude, dehydration, Aspen and a presentation

Lori and I have both had headaches from what we think is the altitude (from being at sea level for 10 days) and dehydration from going from 80% humidity to about zero! Today we’ll drink lots of water and turn on the humidifier.

This morning she has a mini presentation at 7:20 and I’m off to Aspen to meet Jody and Eric (who work for me) at Aspen Food and Wine. We’re going to the Champagne Party from 1 until 3 that one of our distributors we work with in 16 States, puts on every year. It’s basically a shake hands and kiss babies event meaning just a lot of schmoozing. Nothing gets done business wise but you have to show up to say hi to everyone. I go every year but had Jody from Florida, and Eric from Texas, who both work with these guys closely, come in for the 2 hour event.

Yesterday I went to Lowes and picked up a bunch of cleaning supplies and other household items. I found two great chairs for the deck but they were sold as a pair and $250 each so I don’t know if we’ll spring for $500 for chairs. They sure were nice though.

Lori’s going to try to leave work early and I hope to be home by 4:30 and then we’ll get some much needed rest. We both need a vacation from our vacation! Time to run, GB

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What day is it?

We’re still in a fog, a little confused as to what day it is and what’s going on. We both accomplished a lot yesterday but have more to do today. Lori and I did manage to squeeze in workouts to get back on the program, as we call it. Lots of laundry, the boys and I cleaning the house and a dentist appointment along with a trip to Fed Ex, and our day was pretty much gone.

Today we both have lots to do and need to get moving as it’s already 7am. Hope everyone is well, have a good day, GB

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