Out early

It’s 5;19 and I need to be on the road by 6 so not a lot of time to waste this morning. The basketball lunch went great and Ty was dropped off by Sonny’s Mom at noon to meet us at school. While he likes his new school, he’s thinking he’d get a better education back at VMS, so it looks like we need to start saving as he’ll probably go back there next year. He said he might like to come back after winter break but I just don’t think we can swing it money wise. I guess there’s a lot more questionable characters and bad activity going on at his new school. We told him bad stuff goes on everywhere but VMS is a better environment for sure. Plus I’d love to only drive to one school each day!

I think Lori is taking off at noon today. I was going to take Jag with me this morning but he slept most of the day yesterday with a cold and I think he should sleep in today too. I managed to clean the house pretty well yesterday so it’s not so overwhelming. Not sure what you all are doing for the big day tomorrow. Hopefully staying close to home. Time for me to run, have a great day, take care and GB.

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This morning I’m volunteering with a few moms to help set up for the Thanksgiving lunch for the boys after basketball practice. I think there’s like 30 people in all. There’s only about 15 boys on the team but when you add coaches and some parents, you get to 30 people. The coach came up with this idea and a bunch of parents are bringing different dishes (we’re bringing a ham) to feed the team. It’s a great idea to further bring these guys together as a team. Not sure what I’m doing but when I saw they only had two ladies who offered to help, I decided to step up.

Lori is supposed to come over at 11:30 for the lunch but she too has her Thanksgiving lunch at the clinic. She’ll be pretty full by tonight! Ty spent the night at Sonny’s and we’ll get him after lunch.

Tomorrow Jag and I, and maybe Ty, are rushing down to Denver for haircuts and a few errands before trying to beat the traffic back up the hill. Jag and I picked up some cool Christmas presents for Tom and Ali yesterday and today are on to Tasha, Derek and the girls. We also have our friends Eddie, Lisa and their two girls we want to get something small for. They live down in Fowler outside of Pueblo. You might remember they’re the hard working ranch kids that run cattle down there that we’ve known for years. They don’t have much money so we decided to send them a few little things.

There’s a dusting of snow outside, maybe a couple of inches. The doctor said Jag can practice today at about 90%. He can do everything except full blown scrimmages. If he feels ok after practice today, he’ll be cleared for competition.

Today is the anniversary of Lori’s dad passing away. It’s still tough for her as it is for any of us when we think of family that’s gone. For me, I try to tell myself that they’re not really gone, but just in a different place, like out of town or living in a different Country, knowing that someday, I’ll see them again.

Every day more and more people are accused of sexual harassment. Wow, lots of creeps out there from Al Franken to Charlie Rose. Of course they’re all apologetic and contrite but refusing to quit or resign. Losers. Looks like I’m a pretty darn good guy compared to what all these losers have done over the years. Worst I’ve done, that I can remember, is tell my wife what a great ass she has, which is true. I told her, I’m going to sexually harass you every day, ha! Seriously though, funny that it’s these people in power that think they can abuse other people. Lots of democrats though, just saying. Oh, and also, our government has paid out over $15 million in settlements for Senators who were accused of sexual harassment. The latest is the powerful outspoken democrat from Michigan, John Conyers, nice. What a bunch of jerks.

Time to run, we slept in as it’s a bit after 7. I need to get Jag to practice by 9 and then rush home to get the ham out of the oven and head back to school. When it snows, I’m also on car cleaning and car warm up duty. Lori just asked if I’m driving her to and from work today, so looks like that’s happening too! Have a great day and get some exercise today as you’ll probably be eating a lot of turkey in 48 hours! God Bless.

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Up early again

Well, Lori and I are up at 5:45 once again. Jag needs to be at the clinic for his second round of his Brain Impact Test and then at basketball right after that. I have a conference call at 9 and Lori is back at work. Jag has practice again tomorrow morning from 9 to 11 while all the parents bring food for a team Thanksgiving meal which happens right after practice. We think it’s great that the whole team (except for those out of town) are getting together for a meal. Then, thankfully, he’s off Wednesday and Thursday. Ty is off all week long. Both boys, if they do nothing else this week, have to clean their rooms.

Ty went to a movie yesterday with 3 buddies and we picked him up around 6 pm. I managed to get some Christmas shopping done on line so I’m slowly crossing you all, one by one, off our list. Hope you’ve been nice rather than naughty! When you get older, it’s much more fun to buy presents for people than get presents. Sure we all like to get things but when you reach a certain age, if there’s something you really want, you probably already have it. That’s why it’s always so hard to buy your parents stuff. Lori and I decided we’re not really getting each other much, or anything expensive. We’d rather spend our money on plane tickets to Hawaii or someplace warm. We still have Robi’s birthday present here as I sent it to the wrong address as I usually would call Mom to get it and had to guess this year, and never sent it back out, sorry, ugh. Good news is that it’ll be coming with your Christmas presents!

Lot’s of bad news on the news. They should change the name of the news to bad news, like instead of the CBS Evening News, CBS Evening Bad News. That’s about all they show anymore, bad stuff.

Just about two weeks left in November. With the holiday this week, it’ll go fast. Then December will fly by, trust me. Guess it’s that time again, time to make sure Jag’s up and moving and hit the shower. A bunch of buddies are going pheasant hunting tomorrow and I’d like to go but that’s not going to happen. Maybe in December Jag and I can make it. Have a great day, take care, please be safe and God Bless.

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Christmas in Denver

Yesterday morning we, or I, was up early to get Jag moving so he could head out to basketball practice at 7. He’s so excited to be working his way back into practice. We picked him up at 11:15 and then headed home where he sort of quickly cleaned up so we could all go to Denver. We decided to go down and try to get some Christmas shopping done. About two hours later (we had to stop and wash the car in Evergreen) we pulled into Cherry Creek Mall.

Unbeknownst to us, they had all kinds of festivities going on to kick off the holiday season. There were these 4 girls on electric violins and a cello playing rock tunes like Guns and Roses and Led Zepplin through amplifiers that were amazing. Lori and I had seen them at various events around town before and they’re great. There were Victorian dressed people on stilts, a woman who was some sort of gymnast who scaled ribbons hanging from the ceiling doing acrobatics and more. It was really festive and fun. We managed to get Robin and Robert done as well as found a few things for ourselves, well, at least for Lori, Jag and Ty, (poor me).

Around 5 when we were thinking of heading up the hill we decided to eat first. We walked into one of our favorite restaurants and luckily got a booth for dinner. Outside were carolers singing away as they were minutes from lighting the 100 foot tall tree. We splurged on lobster, crab, mac and cheese, escargot and other delicacies before finishing up around 6:30. By 8:15 we were home. It was a really fun family day.

Today we’re off to the gym and then need to try to clean some stuff up around here once again. It’s a futile exercise as we just don’t have any room. Oh well, we’ll figure something out. It’s clear up here with a beautiful blue sky against the crisp white snow covering the ground. It sure looks like Christmas! So, that’s it, the holiday week is here, except for Lori and I that still have to work.

Jag has practice Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and then games a week from Monday and Wednesday, both out of town in Denver which we’ll miss, and then Friday and Saturday, December 1st and 2nd up here. December 4th I’m off to Dallas and then I think Vegas and New York the week after before I’m done. Lots going on as usual. Have a great day and God Bless and Happy Thanskgiving.

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After a day or drizzle and rain, finally later in the afternoon, it all turned to snow. We only have 3 or 4 inches outside at the house but the pass was closed from about 5 pm on. Not sure if it’s open yet or still closed. It was a blizzard with lots of sideways snow and poor visibility. Jag and I did go to practice at 6:30 but then left as he had finished his 15 minutes with the Athletic Trainer at 4 in the afternoon, which was all he was allowed to do. Today he can participate in some non-contact shooting drills at practice which is from 8 to 11. He’s doing much better, thankfully.

I heard from Tom around 3 or so that the movers were all done. Hopefully Derek’s flight is not delayed this morning. Maybe there’s no snow in Denver, we’re not sure. I went to sleep around 7:30 and only woke up once before getting up at 5:30 this morning. I needed a good nights sleep as it seems like I haven’t had one in months.

Today and tomorrow we’re going to take it easy. We do have the Bronco game tomorrow we might go to just for fun. I bought the boys Chinese food for dinner last night even though I made a big pot of chicken soup. Oh well, the soup will be good today.

The kids are now off until a week from Monday. It’ll be Christmas soon and then 2018. Hard to believe. I still vividly remember spending December 31st, 1999 with Lori on a beach with a huge bonfire in Seattle. Luckily, a few months later, she married me! Hard to believe that was like 17 years ago.

Robins moving van showed up yesterday so I’m sure she’s having fun going through all the boxes and rearranging the furniture in her house. Not sure when the moving van will get to Georgia. Tommy said Derek took a ton of the Christmas stuff which will take them weeks to go through on its own. That’ll be fun for the girls! I’m glad everyone is getting some things, not so much furniture, but photos and memorabilia of past generations in our family. I know Tasha will enjoy and cherish the things from her grandmother (Mom) and great grandparents. As I said a month or so ago, I wish we would have gone through this stuff earlier so I could have asked Mom some questions and reminisced about the good old days with her. Oh well, now we’ll have to piece it together on our own.

Deb Rubin, Mom’s close friend, and I texted back and forth yesterday as she was having a bad day, missing Mom. She’s driving up the east coast today to family for the holiday. I understand how she feels as I, and I’m sure all of us, have those days. Mom always told me the holidays were the toughest without Dad. While I understood this, I’m sure it will be hard for us this Christmas. At least after Dad passed, Mom was still here. Everyone says life goes on, which it does, but that doesn’t really console you much when you’ve lost your Mom. But as she’d say, you do what you have to do, so time to cowboy up and move on. All we can do is live our lives like Mom would want us to. I’m personally trying to make sure that I treat everyone in the family the way she’d want me to. Her biggest fear was that “things” or disagreements would tear us apart, meaning we’d fight over this piece of furniture or lamp or antique. Thankfully, that hasn’t really happened. For me, there’s no “thing” I care about as much as anyone in our family. Life’s too short.

So, have a great weekend, take care and send us your Christmas list! Tasha, we especially need to know what the girls want as we want to send some gifts. Take care, be safe and God Bless.


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Derek in the house!

Derek made it to town Wednesday night and we all met at Mom’s yesterday morning. I sure hope they have a big house as there’s a lot of stuff that will be loaded into a moving van today headed to Georgia! I’m glad that he and Tasha can use the furniture and have an interest in the family history as there’s not a lot of us left to carry on the family name and traditions. I tried to find everything I could that would have some sort of meaning and put it in a big pile. Even after scouring the attic and basement, I still found a box of old pictures of Grandma Holmes and others that I set aside for them. It’s also great that things like Mom’s bedroom set will get used and not thrown away or sold in some second hand store. Hopefully everything will go well today and the movers will do a good job packing things up.

Last night at 5 pm, through Lori’s connections at work, we managed to get Jagger in with Dr. Feeney who is a World renowned neurologist to see if he can be cleared from his concussion. Turns out this is a much bigger deal than I thought. Dr. Feeney put Jag through a battery of exhaustive tests and in the end cleared him to Stage 2 of 6 stages. Today he has a brain impact test and then can start light exercise tonight. Tomorrow, if he passes the impact test, he can then start non contact drills and by Monday should be back to full practice. He will go to practice tonight and tomorrow but only participate in non contact activities.

Meanwhile Ty was home with a stomach bug. Lori was at work until 7:45 pm in a meeting and I was working away trying to coach up all my people on how to get their scheduled revenue by the end of the year.

Yesterday Robin posted a really profound comment that is a reminder of just what should be important to all of us as we live our lives. Here it is,

Robi says:

I too notice things Auntie Dee says or a way she looks that reminds me of mom. When mom was in the hospital mom said “what will be, will be” and Auntie Dee says that all the time. I had never heard mom say that before. With mom gone it makes me realize that life doesn’t get any better than this, this is it! I think most of us live life thinking, oh when I’m skinny or when I have more money or when my hair is longer etc. things will be great. The fact is this is life and we better start living it for each day – for being able to go outside and see a bird or the rain. It’s kinda corny sounding but something happened inside me when mom died. I really look at life in such a different way. I find myself to be more forgiving and more thankful for everyone and everything I have.

She began be referring to our Mom’s sister who I mentioned I talked to the other day. The important thing here is the realization of just how special every single moment of every single day is. There truly is beauty in everything about being alive and sadly we tend to often get caught up in meaningless things that cloud our minds. Well said little sis, I’m so proud of you and 100% agree with what you said.

I was going to try to get down to Denver this morning to help Derek but there’s a huge snowstorm kicking up in a few hours and I might not get back up the hill! Tom has a doctors appointment at 9 but will then help out as he’s been doing just about everyday for the past 2 months. I hope everything arrives in Georgia ok as there’s some really delicate items that are way over a hundred years old. Next week the boys are off for the Thanksgiving holiday break and I think Wednesday the ski area opens. I’m determined to get their rooms clean. Again though subscribing to the above thoughts, a dirty room for a teenage boy is not that big of deal, but don’t tell the boys!

God Bless.


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And on and on and on it goes

Yesterday I was in Denver but had to abruptly leave early as Jag needed some rest from his concussion and Ty had bruised a bone in his wrist from having it bent backwards in gym. Thankfully his x-rays were negative.

I think Derek arrived last night. I tried to get the big hutch cleaned out yesterday and James and I removed about 5 bags of trash from the basement. Mom had saved things like dried flowers from “Spring 1968” along with enough plastic flowers to fill two large trash bags she must have used in displays. There is still so much stuff.

I called Auntie Dee last night as I thought I found some bibles and prayer books in German with her name on it. Turned out to be her grandmothers. She and I had a nice 45 minute talk. For those of you who don’t know, she is our Mom’s older sister who is 93. She’s still sharp as a tack mentally and going strong physically too. We’re going to stay in touch and talk more often. She helped me with some answers to questions I had on things I found. It was funny and eerie as she sounded a lot like Mom from time to time when we were talking. I told her so and she said she often finds herself saying something thinking, “oh I sound like Lois”. I still can’t believe Mom’s gone and while I know it’s part of life, and know that she’s in heaven, I sure miss her. I found myself watching the video from the service last night, ha.

Life is so fragile, precious and such a gift from God, we all need to make sure we don’t waste a moment of it. There’s no time for things like hate, ego, selflessness, and all the other things that tempt us on a daily basis. I now find myself thinking, what would Mom want or what would Mom do, or would this make Mom happy or proud of me, when I do just about anything. So, as you can see, she’s still a big, (maybe even bigger now) influence on my life. We all deal with things in our own way and as for me, I’m prepping myself to deal with Mom being gone over the holidays. Oh well, time to get on with the day.

Hope everyone is doing well, please take a moment and think about what’s really important in your life. I’m sure if you really think about it you’ll realize it’s not money, or jewelry, or a big house or fancy clothes, but family, health and happiness. So go out today and be happy, love your family and be healthy! God Bless you all.

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Lots going on, Jag has a concussion, yet still needs to go watch basketball practice at 6:30 this morning, Lori needs to be at work again by 7ish, Ty has late start at school and I need to take Lori’s workout at 7 am. Then I’m supposed to be off to Denver again but we’ll see.

Jagger was hit in the head at practice last night and the ATC (athletic trainer) who is at all practices, said he tested positive for a concussion. He needs to sit out this morning and will be tested this afternoon and then needs to be cleared by a doctor before practicing again, probably tomorrow. He has a few tests in school today but can skip them as he couldn’t study last night. He was a bit woozy when we came home.

Yesterday I found some stuff for Shelly including a life size portrait of her, one of Grandma Miller, a set of silver from Dad’s dad with a note from the 1920’s (that I thought Shelly should have) and some other fun things. There are some old picture albums and some larger pictures of Dad’s grandparents. Derek is going to have a lot of packing to do. Hope these things make the trip as some are very very fragile. I also found some old things of my grandparents from 1911. There’s old tobacco tins and fun things from the early 1900’s that you’d see in a museum. To me, these are the most interesting things, but the highlight of the day was 3 Duncan Yoyo’s still in their original packages, whoo hoo!

There’s lots of stuff in the basement to go through and throw out. I can’t believe some of the things Mom saved. There must be 100 empty boxes from one thing or another. Tons of old kitchen bowls like mixing bowls and others are everywhere. Lots of old pictures, not of anyone in the family, but things that we hung on the wall 50 years ago are in boxes upon boxes, and this is all in the basement or attic. There’s old silver serving platters (silver over copper before anyone gets excited, not expensive) from parties long gone. Then there’s the 50 or so assorted boxes of Christmas stuff. Not sure what we’re going to do with it all. Closets are still full but I do have a lady from a store in an upscale part of town that will come take them. So, you can see we still have lots and lots to do.

Right now though, it’s time to run as Jag needs to be at practice (to watch) in 30 minutes. Have a great day, November 15th, 40 days until Christmas! God Bless and enjoy the season.

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40 Days and 40 Nights

The number 40 has a lot of significance, especially in the Bible but it also is the length of time until Christmas! When I think of it, it’s easy to get overwhelmed as there’s so much to do before the end of the year.

Yesterday was another busy day. Lori’s procedure went well and she’s good to go for another 5 years. Ty is making great progress at school and Jag was at school for over 12 hours including basketball from about 4 until 8 pm! We think he’s the only sophomore that is going to be on the varsity basketball team. We should know for sure in a few days. He’s sure worked hard and deserves it but we’ll have to wait and see.

Today I’m headed down the hill and Lori, who is in the shower right now at 5:10, has to be at work at 7 am. I’ll drop her off and then come back to get the boys for school.

Time to run, do something nice for someone you don’t know today! Hold open a door, or my favorite, buy the person behind you in line at Starbucks, their coffee. I do this from time to time when in the car hoping that maybe they’ll do the same for someone else. Anyhow, enjoy the day, it’ll be over soon and never be back! May God Bless everyone.

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Today, 11/13/17, also signifies a passage from Deuteronomy which is as follows,

13 So if you faithfully obey the commands I am giving you today—to love the Lord your God and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul— 14 then I will send rain on your land in its season, both autumn and spring rains, so that you may gather in your grain, new wine and olive oil. 15 I will provide grass in the fields for your cattle, and you will eat and be satisfied.

16 Be careful, or you will be enticed to turn away and worship other gods and bow down to them. 17 Then the Lord’s anger will burn against you, and he will shut up the heavens so that it will not rain and the ground will yield no produce, and you will soon perish from the good land the Lord is giving you.

Now you can interpret this as you want but it basically means there’s only one true God. I won’t go into this but if you’re interested, it’s easy to read more, just pick up a bible!

Today we also have air pollution so bad in New Delhi that flights have been cancelled, an outbreak of Legionaries disease in California and a school in Florida that is selling bullet proof panels for kids to put in to their backpacks. What a World. I’m sure there’s some good news but the news rarely shows that, ha. I can’t get away from the thoughts of a simpler life as I keep finding old photographs and memorabilia in Mom’s house that seem to indicate a much happier time. I do know that even 50 or 100 years ago, they had their own challenges but most of those were due to the times and not self induced as they are these days. Recently, every night I end up dreaming about when I was a kid or when my parents or grandparents were kids after spending hours looking through old stuff from the family. Guess that’s what happens when you conjure up old memories from things you find that you haven’t seen or thought of for 40 or 50 years. I did find my Lowa hiking boots I had resoled 4 times and basically lived in during high school. They still look like they have a few years left in them but they’re size 11 1/2 and I’m now a 12!

Today Lori has a colonoscopy, not really fun but something everyone should do. Both boys have lots of work and so do I. Later in the week I’ll be in Denver helping Tom get ready for Derek and the movers. Looks like rain, snow and wind on Friday when they’re supposed to come, figures, ha.

It’s 11 days until Thanksgiving and then the holiday season will be here in full force. Around here both boys have been playing Christmas music for a good month as they can’t get enough of it. I have a few trips to take and am out of town the 2 or 3 weeks after Thanksgiving before being done for the year. I hate traveling this time of year as it’s so crowded, but you do what you have to do.

Time to run and get the boys up. Have a great week, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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