Almost October!

I left Vail around 8:30 as I needed to drop Jag at school for his ACT test. He thinks it went well. I made it down a little after 10 and stopped at Target. Then I headed to Tom’s to watch the Bronco game until I had to leave to go get Lori at the airport. Once I had her we headed home and made it back around 4:30. The rest of the day was uneventful but we have a busy morning.

Jag has an orthodontist appointment at 8:30 in Eagle and I need to drop Ty at school by 7:30 and head to the distributor in Denver. A week from today it’s October, wow! Get it together people.

Time to run, take care, GB.

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Lori’s coming home!

Around 5:45 am I was in my truck headed to pick up Marty and a few more coolers. We left his house around 6:10 and headed west. We decided to go over McClure Pass which was beautiful. Finally around 9:15 we pulled in to Montrose. About 40 minutes later, we were loaded down with elk and headed home. This time we decided to go through Grand Junction so we could stop at Cabela’s. Western Colorado in some spots looks like Mars. It’s all barren with weird dirt foothills with absolutely zero vegetation on it anywhere. It’s the one part of the State you wouldn’t want to live in.

We made it to Grand Junction around 11 and went to Cabela’s. Marty bought a spotting scope and some other stuff while I bought a few soft gun cases I needed. While driving there we saw this truck with all kinds of writing on the back. One of the sayings was something like, Suck on it Snowflakes and after seeing this, Marty didn’t know what a “snowflake” was! I told him he needs to get educated and then asked if he was hungry. He said yes and so I said let’s hit Chick Filet. He then said, “what’s that?”. Wow what a sheltered life, he didn’t know what a snowflake was and had never been to Chick Filet! After hitting the drive through we headed home for Vail. A couple hours later we were unloading his elk and I was headed home with mine.

Jag was at soccer all day and I picked him up at 3. Ty was doing homework and then we all ate some leftovers and hung out. I took both dogs up the hill for a walk which is our usual evening routine.

This morning I’ll drop Jag at 8:45 for an ACT Test at school. Then I’m headed down to Denver and will go watch the Bronco game with Tommy until I pick up Lori around 2:30. We’re all excited she’s coming home. As I said yesterday we know she needs to go see her Mom, but we always miss her. That’s about it, the dogs just finished breakfast so time for a walk before I go to the gym. God Bless and Go Broncos!

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Road Trip!

As I said yesterday, we’re off early to go get us some elk! Marty and I have a lot of fun so the drive won’t be too bad. Jag has a soccer game today and Ty has a lot of school work to do. Both boys need to clean their rooms. Wonder if it’ll get done, hmmm.

We hope to be back by 3 at the latest as we might stop at Cabela’s in Grand Junction as we’re both Professional Hunters and we have an appearance scheduled. Hope there aren’t too many fans. Maybe it’ll be like a Neil Diamond concert where women throw their underwear at us! You never know. Only problem is most women that hunt wear pretty big underwear!

Hope Lori is having fun. We all miss her very much. We understand though that she needs to go visit her Mom but we always miss her. That’s about it, time to get on the road, have a great weekend and God Bless.

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Another rushed day

If you’re reading this Saturday morning, this is really Friday’s post. Saturday’s will follow.

I was up at 4 am as I couldn’t sleep. The temperatures had to be in the 20’s last night as I left Ty’s window open and when I woke him, it was cold in his room. By the time we were headed to school, it was 36 degrees out. I dropped the boys at 7:50 and headed down to Denver to meet Tom for some work we had to do. We were done around 10 or so and then I headed back up the hill for home. The rest of the day was spent working on my computer and around the house.

Lori is partying away with her Mom in California. I think she’s having fun, I know Dixie is by just having her there. I’m getting up early to meet Marty Saturday morning at 6 to go to Montrose to pick up our elk. We need to drive about 3 and 1/2 hours each way but you do what you have to do. Have a great day, GB.


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Off to California

Ok, turns out Tommy got me sick! Not sure how he did that being 100 miles away but he’s a clever one. I should have known when he told me a week ago we got him sick! Reverse psychology. Oh well, trying to ride it out.

I have a long day of driving today taking Lori to the airport and running a few other errands in town. She comes back Sunday and with me sick, this trip is not the best timing but it is what it is. We had good rain yesterday which was a nice change.

Football is tonight and hopefully I’ll be feeling better. Hope everyone is well, time to get moving, GB.

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Yesterday I took my last antibiotic and last night it seemed I had a big relapse. My nose is so stuffed that I woke up at 3 and didn’t sleep much after that. I’m not going to Montrose today thankfully as Marty had to cancel. Looks like we’ll go Saturday. Lori now is going to California tomorrow, ugh. I guess Dixie needs her this weekend instead of next. So tomorrow we’ll drop the kids early and head down to the airport. My dad is being honored at a lunch in Vail tomorrow that I was going to go to as Tommy is too sick to go, but I can’t get back up here in time so I’ll do a few things down in town. Nice of the Colorado Bankers Association to give dad an honor though.

It’s nice outside right now and the cool temps feel good on my head that’s pounding a little bit. Lori is going to workout this morning hoping it’ll help her back. Man are we a pair. Boys are doing well with both of them having mostly all A’s and a couple B’s. This is normal for Jag but Ty has really stepped up his game which is great. We always knew he could do the work but last year he prefered to play instead. So far so good. Jag has all A’s and a B+ while taking 3 AP classes! This is amazing as he has a really advanced heavy workload.

I’ve been staying away from politics but this last minute delay tactic by the Dems is shameful. You have an accuser whose parents were ruled against by the Judge’s mom, she can’t remember where or when the supposed assault took place and now she won’t testify next Monday even though she previously agreed to, hmmm. I’m embarrassed at what our Country has come to. The Dems will do anything, including lie, to get what they want. I suspect in the end we’ll find out this lady is lying and then the Dems will say we had to give her a fair hearing or whatever to cover their tracks. On top of this, they (the Dems) had this supposed information months ago. Of course they all believe her even though she now won’t testify, can’t remember where or when this supposedly happened and by the way, is a raging liberal whose posts on Facebook encourage everyone to do anything to stop the confirmation. What a fucking joke. Last, this all supposedly happened 36 years ago in high school! High School??? Are you kidding me??? What did you do in high school? I’m sure every single one of us did one thing that in today’s political, # me too climate would disqualify us, right? God Help Us, Please! God Bless.

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Fall in the air

It’s getting cool outside. Even though, there are still fires here in Colorado including one up at the ranch. Hope they get them out soon. We went to Jagger’s college admission meeting last night from 6 to 7. It was informative but a little painful. This morning basketball starts but we’re not making it today. I have to go to Denver, Lori has clinic and both boys have a lot of work to do.

Tomorrow Marty and I are off to Montrose around 5 or 6 am to pick up our elk. I have a lot in the freezer I need to give away as I have a bunch left over from previous years. Our new neighbor cooked some up for his kids last night and they loved it. Lori’s nurse took some hamburger too. I have to stop right now as I need to get in the shower before Lori. So have a great day and God Bless.

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What a game

Yesterday I was still dragging from my cold, and am still today, but I headed out at 9:30 in the morning to go meet Josh and go to the game. I arrived in Denver around 11 and made a few stops to pick up dog food, some sunscreen and a few other items. Around 12:30 I hooked up with Josh near the stadium and we headed in to our parking lot. Our friends Jeff and Tina were tailgating so we headed over there before going in. I was not feeling well and would not have gone but Josh flew in from Seattle for the game. I had 2 bananas, some Gatorade and some white rice yesterday and that was it.

We made it to our seats about 45 minutes before the game started to take in the pregame festivities. Soon the game started and for the first half we didn’t play well at all. In fact, the Raiders led the whole game until there was only 6 seconds remaining when we took the lead on a field goal. It was a great victory against the hated Raiders.

I dropped Josh at his rental car which we parked outside the stadium a few blocks away and he headed to the airport for his 10 pm flight home to Seattle. I then headed up the mountain. I was still dragging but thought I’d be home by 7. Of course that didn’t happen due to some truck fire at the tunnel detouring all traffic over Loveland Pass. The pass goes up to 12,000 feet over the Continental Divide and adds at least 45 minutes to the trip, nice. Anyhow I pulled in by 8. Jag was at a movie with some girl and Lori had been cleaning all day long. Ty made it home from his rafting/camping trip where he had a blast. Soon we all went to bed.

I woke this morning around 4 am and couldn’t fall back to sleep so here I am at 5:18 having already fed the dogs and had coffee. Tonight at 6 we have a college seminar meeting for Jag at school at 6 so it’ll be a late night. Here’s a picture of the Continental Divide at about 14,000 feet high out my car window as I was going over the pass. It’s also 99 days until Christmas, wow! Hope everyone has a great week, take care, be safe and God Bless.


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Broncos Raiders

I’m off to the game today with my buddy Josh who flew in from Seattle. Ty is on an overnight camping float trip on the Colorado River, Lori has a bridal shower at 11 and not sure what Jag is up to, hopefully cleaning his room! On top of it all, I’m trying to kick a bad cold with a sore throat and other fun stuff that comes with being sick. Still though I’m going to the game.

I started an antibiotic 2 days ago as there’s a lot of strep going around. I need to leave in about 90 minutes as the traffic is always bad going to Denver on Sundays. It’ll be hot, in the 90’s but a cool down is coming next weekend. Time to get some Gatorade and get moving. Hope all’s well with everyone, take care and God Bless.

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Early Saturday

Ok, the one day we get to sleep in, our new neighbor who is remodeling the unit next door so he can move in, started working at 6:45 am! I know him but had to get out of bed and tell him to knock it off. He’s a nice guy and said he’d try to be as quiet as possible and I told him, “you’re not hearing me, lay off for an hour”. He got the message. I suppose it doesn’t really matter as by then we were already up! Ugh.

Ty is going camping today on the Upper Colorado River and I’m trying to kick his cold which came on full force last night. I have the Broncos game tomorrow so I pulled out a Z-Pak and started it last night. Hopefully I’ll be better by tomorrow as my throat is pretty sore today.  Tom and Ali have the crud too. Hope they’re kicking it.

Thanks for the comment Robi, I can’t put into words how much hunting means to me. It’s more just being out in the woods as it’s an escape from the crazy World we live in. No news on tv, traffic, stupid people, etc.  I’ll only hunt animals we’ll eat. Last night we had a ruckus outside as a bear was throwing our trash can around. I had to drag it up from down the hill where it had drug it. Thankfully the trash cans are all bear proof. I still need to post Ty’s picture of the bear he saw last week. They’ll be settling down soon as Fall is here in 5 or 6 days and then Winter is close behind.

Time to get Ty moving as he has to finish cleaning his room if he’s going camping. Have a great day and God Bless.

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