Big win!

Yesterday the girls went for massages while I watched football. Around 5 James came over to watch the Bronco game. Lori went and picked up Dixie and brought her up for dinner. She made us all a great dinner before the game. Jag and his buddies were at the game and had a blast. Turned out after a shaky start, to be a good win. People need to understand we have a new qb, new coach and a new system and it takes a bit to get on the same page. Our defense played great and in the end we prevailed. It wasn’t the prettiest, but in the end, no one remembers how you win but everyone remembers how you lose!

Michelle’s flight back home to California is at 7:51 so we need to take her to the airport around 7. It’s 6:10 now. Nice Fall weather this week with some rain Friday and Saturday. Cooler next week then as we’re heading into October.

I was headed to Denver today but will postpone the trip until tomorrow. Everything else is good. make it a great day and week and God Bless.

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A big hike

Yesterday the girls took off for their hike a little before 9. Unknown to them, the hike would take 8 hours! Probably should have called it an expedition. Luckily, I sent them with some water. Lori said they were going to Booth Falls which is a little over an hour each way. I had no idea they were going all the way to the lake which was another 3 hours past the Falls and climbed to 14,000 feet in elevation. They should have taken food, extra clothes and other supplies if going that far but just took off with a little water and light jackets. Thankfully the weather was nice all day. They ran out of water before making it down and made it back to the car probably around 4;30. They were both sore and tired by the time they made it home. Today they’re getting much needed massages at 1.

Meanwhile I went to the gym, watched a bunch of college football and grilled up some bbq chicken. It was a nice relaxing, enjoyable day. I have a bit of a neck ache from lifting heavy weights at the gym but will be fine. Jag is going to the Bronco game tonight with some buddies, should be fun and hope we win.

The silly season is in full swing. Just about every ad that attacks someone running for congress, is a lie. Look for ads from the candidate telling you in their own words what they stand for, not what the other person is against. There is little to no integrity in politics anymore as they all try to manipulate the truth and spin the facts. Think for yourself!

Time to get moving. I’m headed back to the gym. Make it a great day and God Bless.

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Michelle arrived around 12:45 and it didn’t take long for her and Lori to start flashing back to their high school escapades. It’s like they didn’t miss a beat even though it was a little over 40 years ago. They both have pretty good memories. Around 4 we headed into Vail where we walked around a bit before going to sushi at Matsu. We were home a little after 7 and about an hour later Michelle was falling asleep as she was up at 2am to make her 5am flight from California.

Today the girls are going for a hike. I’ll watch football after I go to the gym. I think we’ll cook here at home tonight. Tomorrow the girls have massages at the 4 Seasons and I’ll probably go watch football at James house. He has a show in Central Park in New York tonight and then will grab a plane and fly home right after the show putting him in somewhere around 4am. He’s like me when’s he done with that horse headed to the barn attitude the minute the show is over. He has a driver waiting to take him straight to a plane where the pilot is waiting and is in the air before most people are out of the parking lot from the concert.

Nice and cool up here. We sleep with the windows open. Looks like highs in the low 70’s today. Big Bronco game tomorrow. Ty went to some concert at Red Rocks last night which I’m sure was fun for him.

The lighted road signs over the highway say winter is coming and time to get ready! Won’t be long now. Fall usually comes and goes pretty quick up here. Enjoy the weekend, God Bless.

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Lori time

Today Michelle, Lori’s childhood friend who recently lost her husband to cancer, arrives for a 3 day weekend. Tomorrow the girls are going hiking, Sunday getting a massage at the 4 Seasons and I think we have a few dinners thrown in too. We’ve been cleaning up around here getting ready for her visit. Lori and Michelle are both excited.

Day before yesterday, Marty’s dad, who we called Old Man Frank, passed away in Montana at his assisted living place. He was in his 90’s with on and off dementia, like Dixie. Marty and his sister and brother were by his side and in the afternoon, Marty’s sister Robin was holding her dads hand saying, “It’s ok dad, you can let go and go to heaven” when Old Man Frank turned and looked at her and said, and I quote, “shut the fuck up!”. She said what? And he repeated himself! They all burst out in laughter as that epitomizes Marty’s dad. I never met him but have heard tons of stories over the years. Marty said that was the last thing he ever said.

Dixie had a rough morning. She was convinced she was in someone else’s house and even tried to leave. When I stood in front of her walker, she stomped on my foot! She was better later in the day but is more confused each day.

Haven’t heard much about Shelly. We all told Tasha via text to take her to the hospital but not sure that’s happened. Lesson of the story is, be careful who you give power of attorney to concerning your medical care!

I’m off to the farm. It’s 5:45 am now and I need to leave in 45 minutes. Michelle arrives at 12:30. Boys are fine. Hope to have them come up next weekend.

Time to move and groove. Make it a great day and weekend, God Bless.

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Not too bad

For all the rain we were supposed to get, it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, the big storm was kind of a no show

Yes we had some rain but nothing like the 2 inches with flooding that was forecasted. Tomorrow it’s sun and 70’s into next week. Nice fall weather.

Dix was confused again thinking she was first in Katie’s house and then in some lady’s house. She had her oxygen on meaning she’s just slipping more each day.

We need to finish getting the house ready and clean as Michelle arrives tomorrow at noon. I think we’re going to the gym this morning. I sure love my clean garage. Looks like we caught all the mice and the gnats are gone too. Must have been a big hatch that night.

The Fall Equinox starts at 7:03 tonight. It’s also known as Mabon which is a pagan holiday. It’s the day when day and night are equal amounts of time. Starting tomorrow the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Don’t want to catch any of you in face paint, naked, dancing around a fire tonight!

Lori worked in Frisco yesterday and I picked her up in Avon where Dr. B dropped her around 6pm. Tasha just texted and Shelly is not doing well. Today could be the day, so sad.

Time to get moving, hope everyone is well, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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Got him

Well, we caught the mouse. Not sure if we have any more but we’re ready for them. In the morning I headed out and the truck dashboard said, “service fuel filter”. This was odd as I just had the truck serviced a week before. Turns out they forgot to change the fuel filter which will actually slow the truck down if not replaced. So off to Denver I went. I made it down by 10 and they had it done a little after 11. They were super apologetic and paid for my gas but still, ugh. I grabbed a loaner car while they did the work and dropped Ty off some cash as his debit card was hacked and we’re waiting on a new one. I also hit Whole Foods in Cherry Creek for some fresh fish. By 1:30 I was home. Next up I finished cleaning up outside. I went to the cardboard recycle center and dropped all the cardboard from when the movers brought Dixie’s stuff that I took to the dump the day before. Then it was off to the hardware store to buy some weather stripping to fix the door between the dog run and the garage. With the cold temps coming, all the critters from mice to bugs are trying to find shelter.

Good to have all that done as today and tomorrow we could get two inches of rain. Of course Lori’s windshield didn’t arrive so now we’re two weeks out on that. I’m driving her to Frisco today for work and hopefully she’ll get a ride home. If not, I’ll go get her.

My back has been sore and sort of out, but I’ll hit the gym on the way home. Lori’s friend Michelle arrives Friday and leaves Monday.

Lots of crime these days. You have to be aware people. The latest outage at the grocery store is corn starch, can’t find it anywhere. We’re in pretty good shape but there’s always something you don’t think of like vacuum cleaner bags or Lori’s favorite go to hair spray. The way I look at it is we’re going to use all these things anyhow so why not buy extra now. It’ll just save me money down the road. The trick is to only buy what you use.

Ok, that’s it, we need to leave around 6:30 as Lori has a patient at 8. I think Marty’s dad passed away last night in Montana as he was unconscious and had a DNR and hadn’t had any water in 3 days. He’s in his 90’s with dementia. They’ve been up there since last Thursday. We feel bad for him. He and Melanie are flying home tonight. James has a concert in Central Park this Friday, so he’s headed out for a few days.

Fall starts in a few days, get ready! God Bless.

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Sparkling clean

Yesterday after finding one mouse, we tore the garage apart from head to toe. We took every single thing on the floor out of the garage. I filled up the truck and around 2 in the afternoon, made a trip to the dump. Finally just before the sunset, we moved the last of the things we are keeping back inside. With the moisture we’ve had, there are tons of gnats around the lights outside at night. If you open the door with the lights on, some will fly inside. I did order up a few traps from Amazon just in case. For now we have the old traditional traps set but have caught nothing. Hopefully we caught things early enough. Lori thinks we brought one here in her trunk from storage where we do have mice. It’s still outside and I’ll transplant the contents to a plastic storage container today. Lori just said she found gnats in the boys bathrooms, ugh. She put out plates with honey on it as they’ll fly onto that and get stuck. We still have to find out where the little suckers are coming from.

The boys are well. Ty’s debit card was hacked so we had to shut it down. Lori is in Vail today and Frisco tomorrow and I’m taking her car to Denver for a new windshield as she came out from work Thursday and it was smashed. Not sure when it happened but that’s when she noticed it.

Time to get moving, hope all’s well, be safe, take care and stock up! Food prices were up 13.5% in August alone! God Bless.

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A win

Ok, it was ugly but it was a win. Crazy day in football with lots of upsets and some wild comebacks. That’s what make it fun.

We’re up early and we found a mouse and some tiny flies in the garage, great. We can’t find the source yet but we will!

Instead of the gym, we’ll be hauling everything out of the garage as soon as the sun comes up in 20 minutes or so. Always something. Guess I’ll be making that dump run earlier than I thought.

Dixie was totally lost yesterday. Like there was nobody home inside her head, poor girl. It makes Lori really sad. I think it’s because she didn’t wear her oxygen the entire night before.

We’re both working from home today but I have calls from about 9 until noon. The Queens’ funeral is on right now. Quite the production. Glad it’s a nice day in London.

Time to get moving, hope everyone is well, God Bless and Go Bronco’s!

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Have to love Costco. They have just about everything in large sizes. We decided to leave here around 8:15 and head down to see both boys. Jag met us at Costco in Superior and we took two carts and went to work. Jag picked up a bunch of much needed stuff and we had Ty text us a list. After Costco we stopped at Whole Foods for things Costco didn’t have. Then it was off to Jagger’s to help him unload and put things away. After that, we headed to Denver to meet Ty and drop off his supplies. We tried to find a couch for Jagger and then was going to give Ty the futon at Jag’s but couldn’t find one this trip. After all this, we decided to head up the hill for home.

We slept in until a little after 7 and I think are either taking a long walk or heading to the gym. It’s super nice outside, like a great Fall day. The colors are starting to turn and should be in full swing by next weekend. Ty is going to the game and Jag is going next week. Should be fun.

Guess I’ll go. Hope everyone is well. Soon it’ll be October and then things will start moving fast. We already have snow on the tops of the higher peaks. Get ready! God Bless.

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Fingers crossed

Yesterday Lori had her neck injections and was done by 11. We went to the gym before heading over to get one last workout in for her for a few days. I told her she can’t go this morning as she needs to rest.

After that we headed home and tried to take it easy for the day. We did go to Costco on the way home. At 5:30 we left for dinner with Gerry and Marcy. It was a nice time and we were home by 11. Restaurant food is so hit and miss these days, even at good places.

Lori texted the young kid from Ukraine that was driving cross country in the moving truck who left all his paperwork here. She asked if he wanted us to mail it somewhere. He must have thought it was me texting as he asked her to just take a picture with a phone and then email him. We thought he thought it was me as he closed his email by saying, and I quote, “thanks much, you real man”. This is funny as yesterday morning a young girl asked me how heavy she could fill the bag of groceries at Whole Foods. I looked at her and said as heavy as you want. She shrugged and filled it all the way up and then couldn’t lift it as it had 24 cans of green tea plus everything else in it. I picked it up with one hand and strolled out of the store. I asked Lori if I look weak as I thought the girl thought I was too old to carry a heavy bag of groceries. Lori said I misunderstood but I don’t know. So, I was glad when the moving van kid said, “you real man”, ha. I had helped him unload and he kept saying, “wait I’ll help” and I’d say no and just lift all the furniture or heavy rug by myself. Apparently, I need to bulk up, ha. My arms are bigger than most people legs though and my shirts are getting tight in the arms, so I’ve been slowing down on the super heavy weights, like above 150 pounds for curls, hmmm. Guess when you get old, people just think you’re weak. Not going to let that happen at this house, ha!

We were thinking of driving down to Boulder and Denver to get the boys some stuff but I’m not sure the drive would be good for Lori’s neck. We might just take it easy around here today. Lori took a bunch of stuff of Dixie’s down to her and she was thrilled. She recognized some stuff like photos but not all. We’ll take more today.

Time to warm up my coffee. Have a great weekend, God Bless and if you need someone to lift anything super heavy, that no one else can lift, give me a call!

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