Headed home

Lori will be boarding her flight in a few hours and then land in Denver a little after 11 this morning. Jag and Ty both arrived within 30 minutes of each other at school last night from their tournaments. Jag’s team won a few and lost a few and ended up 4th out of 8 teams in the tournament. Ty did well and we think one of his teammates won the overall comptetion. After we made it home we all watched a funny movie before heading to bed.

Today is also Dad’s birthday. I’m sure he and Mom are going to dinner or something. Wish we could celebrate with them.

I cleaned a bunch and will finish it up by washing the sheets this morning. Then tomorrow I’m on a plane and again on Tuesday and then we’re all done, I hope, for the year. It warmed up around her and the snow was melting a bunch yesterday. More warm weather to come but snow is back on Wednesday. That’s it, time to run, hope all’s well. God Bless.

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Today Ty has a climbing tournament in Grand Junction. For those of you not up to speed, that’s indoor rock climbing. He’s on the VMS Team, Go Gore Rangers! Speaking of the Gore Range, check out this picture, I was driving so it’s a little blurry. 

I’m staying home cleaning before both boys arrive sometime this afternoon. Jag and the team won yesterday and play again today, hope they do well. Lori is still hanging out with her Mom and comes home tomorrow. Then on Monday I’m off to California, Napa, for one night.

No snow last night, just a slight dusting. Ty and I had sushi and hung out and watched a movie. I might wrap some presents today, we’ll see, ho ho ho! God Bless.

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Ty and I

Lori’s in California, Jag’s somewhere in northeast Colorado and Ty and I are here keeping an eye on the dogs and house. He cleaned his room a bit and then we tuned up the guitars and messed around for a bit between homework and laundry. Today he has climbing club practice before the tournament in Grand Junction tomorrow. His climbing shoes are a little small as he’s now an 11 1/2 so I nee to exchange them at REI today. I also bought him 2 pair of tennis shoes for Christmas (don’t tell him!) that’ll need to go back as well. I ordered him some Nikes last night in the correct size.

More snow last night but I think the next 4 or 5 days are supposed to be clear. Lori and Dixie hung out and I think are going to the doctor today. Hope they have fun the next few days. That’s it, time to get moving, dogs are fed, car is warming up and I need to wake Ty in 15 minutes as he wants to stop at Westside (the boys favorite place) for a bagel and cream cheese. Jag and the team lost their first game last night but have more today and tomorrow so they’re not out of it yet. Be safe, take care and God Bless.

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4 minutes

That’s how long I have to write the blog this morning. You see Lori is going to Sacramento, Harley to daycare, Jag to school (and then he leaves at 2:30 for a basketball tournament in Keensburg north of Brighton until Saturday) and Ty to school. Mojo needs a walk up the hill, I need to shower and get my stuff together like some elk from the freezer for a couple buddy’s in town.

We had a dusting last night which doesn’t need to be shoveled. I cooked a prime rib that actually turned out ok and some presents for Ali finally made it after 2 failed attempts. Hard to believe it’s the 6th, time is flying.

President Bush’s funeral was really nice. I heard a lot of it on the radio while driving. It brought us back to a time of compromise and working together rather than the “resist” culture of the democrats these days. Senator Alan Simpson, who dad knew well, was great at the ceremony. President Bush was probably the last great President of the 20th century. He was a war hero, a Vice Presidnet, the Director of the CIA and more. Most of all he was a kind man of faith and a great father. It doesn’t seem we have leaders ( what politicans are supposed to be) like that any more. I was talking to a buddy and wondering if those days are gone forever. Hope not.

Time to run, its 6:34 so I ran over 4 minutes. Hope all’s well, enjoy the season. Stop to think what it’s all about, peace on earth and love for your fellow man. Be kind, generous, humble and honest. Take care and God Bless.

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Light snow

It’s snowing again, what a start to winter. We love it! It’s not as bad (or good) as yesterday but nice and light. Lori had a long day and made it home around 6:45 and then had an emergency with some motocross racer that broke his back. Today Jag has practice after school and I’m off to Denver for a quick meeting.

Ty has lots of studying for finals and Lori has lots of work as she leaves tomorrow. She’s gone until Sunday, ugh. Two trips to Denver. Looks like Dixie isn’t going to make it for Christmas so that’s why the rushed trip out to CA.

Time to get moving as we all slept in and it’s now about 7. I had pretty good sleep the past two nights which I needed a lot. Hope everyone is well. If you haven’t sent us a Christmas list, you’re getting a gift card, ho ho ho! God Bless.

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Morning practice, again

Today Jag has another morning practice. I was so tired I went to bed around 8 and I think slept until a little after 5. That’s a lot for me. I made it to Denver yesterday and stopped at Tom and Ali’s on the way home to get some Christmas cookies. Big mistake as I ate a bunch on the drive even though I put them in the back seat. My long arms let me easily grab them, ha.

Lori took Jag about 15 minutes ago as she has a 7 am meeting. I’ll take Ty in about an hour. Our little tree now has some ornaments on it but I had to take the star off the top this morning as it was leaning over due to the weight. More snow last night but it’s a light fluffy powder that you can literally blow off the car if you used a leaf blower.

The news just said that water on planes is full of bacteria, wow! I guess they never clean their water tanks. This shouldn’t be a surprise as most everything on a plane is disgusting.

Let’s see, what else. Oh some radio stations want to outlaw the song Baby it’s Cold Outside (I mentioned this the other day and it still has traction!) good God, and a Harvard Professor wants to outlaw french fries as he says more than 6 cause diabetes. Soon you won’t be able to do anything without the government approving it. What a World we now live in, God Bless.

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5:15, again

Be lucky you don’t have a kid in basktball with morning practices. I think this is the only one this week as the next two days are afternoon practices. Normally I don’t mind getting up this early but the past two days of practice have been hard.

Yesterday Lori and I drove down to the storage units and did our best to find 4 Christmas boxes full of stuff. Then we headed home for me to watch the second half of the Bronco game while Lori went to Beaver Creek to pick up Jag from the ski races. Then we grabbed Ty and headed out to find our tree. We had to hike up a road to get into the White National Forest to find the perfect tree. Once we spotted it the boys crawled up a steep slope to cut it down. This may be the best tree we’ve ever had. We or I should say Lori, managed to get lights on it last night but we’ll need decorate it tonight.

I’m off to Denver to go to the warehouse and then get Jag some new basketball shoes. If he gets three practices in before Thursday they have a 3 day tournament in Keensburg which is in the northeast part of the State. We’ll see. With Lori gone that’d mean it’d just be Ty and I Thursday, Friday and half of Saturday. Maybe we can hit the mountain and getn some fresh tracks in.

Time to get moving, have a great week, take care and be safe, GB.

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2 Roles!

In the upcoming school play Chicago, Ty had not one, but two parts! He’s Harry who is the husband of one of the female leads and a some sort of male dancer as Chicago is a musical. We’re really proud of him for putting himself out there on his own and going for it! Way to go!

Yesterday Lori and I battled the storm to get to Denver for Lori’s hair appointment. I ran to the mall while she was getting dolled up. Then we both went back so she could see some things I found on sale and give them the thumbs up or thumbs down. I have this cashmere cardigan sweater I love and wear a lot and surprise, they’re now on sale at 40% off! I set one aside in blue that Lori can get me for Christmas. This coming week you get triple points at Neiman Marcus and it may not seem like a lot but if you work the program right you can end up with a $500 to $1000 gift card. So we had Chris, our salesman who we’ve known for like 20 years, hold everything until this coming week so we get the points. If you look hard, even at stores like Neiman Marcus, you can find some really good deals on some really nice clothes.

Next up we hit Whole Foods in Cherry Creek as they always have the best fish and food and then headed up the hill. We made it home around 5 or so and both dogs were hungry and ready for a walk. Ty had gone to a movie and Jag, Lori and I watched a movie.

Today we’re getting our tree. We also need to get down to Eagle to the storage unit to get the tree stand and some Christmas stuff. Jag is going to the Birds of Prey World Cup downhill with Emma. The Bronco’s are on at 11 and then we need to get ready for the week. Lori just put a pork roast in the crock pot. Should be good sometime this afternoon. You need to cook it low and slow and then it’ll be really good.

That’s it, time to go, have a great day, 23 days until Christmas, God Bless.

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Up and at em….

It’s 5:20 am and I’ve had my coffee and will soon hit the shower so Lori and I can hit the road to Denver. She’s getting her hair done at 9 and I have a few stops to make while she’s getting all pretty. We had some more snow yesterday but I think we’ll be alright going down and up.

I picked Jag up at 1:45 to go to his orthodontist appointment. Looks like about 4 more months and he’s done. While leaving we stopped and bought a large bouquet of Christmas flowers at a small local shop. Then we headed back to school to pick up Ty. Jag and Emma went ice skating up at Beaver Creek and then Lori picked them up around 8. With Emma coming over, Jag was on an all out cleaning mission in his room and had me working upstairs. Apparently if you want Jag to really clean his room, all you have to do is have Emma come over! Anyhow I cleaned upstairs and then relaxed before they made it back. With our house being so small Lori and I headed upstairs so they could watch a movie and of course Ty was in his room. Harley, our guard dog, would bark everytime she would hear Emma bark so we moved her to Ty’s room for the night. Not sure when her Mom picked her up but it had to be late.

Big earthquake in Alaska, wow. Just shows you you need to be prepared for those type of things. Not sure when but there will be a really big one, probably on the west coast.

Now on to the P.C. culture we live in. A radio station just pulled the iconic Christmas song, Baby it’s Cold Outside due to the #metoo movement. Are you fucking kidding me? Excuse my language but the way things are going I probably won’t be able to say certain words in the future without facing some kind of consequence. We’ve gone crazy and all this crap will soon come to a head. Mark my words, the P.C. culture has gone too far and people will soon revolt. Personally I think the whole thing is a joke and would normally laugh it off but people are so afraid of being accused or shamed of this or that that they all bow down to any complaint by any person no matter how stupid the accusation. It reminds me of the book the Scarlet Letter from when we were kids. Wow.

Oh well, December 1st! Christmas is coming. George HW Bush passed away last night. He was a good honorable man. Hope you all have a good day, take care, be safe and GB.

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Ugh, finally Friday

Man are we all tired. Thank God it is Friday. It’s been one of those weeks that seemed like a month. Guess that’s what happens when you’ve been gone on vacation.

Ty is still sick but I think getting better. Jag is doing fine but a little stressed out over basketball. Sure wish we had a different coach. He’s so difficult that some kids quit, others decided not to play and those that did are not happy. Jag is even considering just waiting for volleyball season and he loves basketball! We’ll see.

I’m off in 20 minutes for the gym and to take Harley to daycare and Lori will take the boys. Yesterday I did make it down and I met up with a 20 year police officer for Lakewood PD who is also on the Swat Team. I had donated a bunch of stuff for Jeffco PD’s auction back in September and one of the items I secured was a pair of Metallica tickets in Vegas up front. Well this guy, who is a big fan, bought them. He wanted to meet me as he wanted to thank me and had a few gifts for James and I. I met him in the Target parking lot and he was dressed in a flannel shirt and shorts with a t-shirt in an unmarked like jeep. Turns out he also is on the Drug Task Force. Anyhow he gave me a couple sets of these cool challenge coins and some Lakewood PD patches. One coin had Metallica lyrics on one side! Now that’s a fan, guess the whole department is. He’s also an armorer (fixes firearms) and invited us to go shooting with him and the team. He also has some great property in southern Colorado on a river for fishing. We might just take him up on it. Super nice guy, I’d post a picture of us but I think he’s undercover most of the time. Anyhow he was super apprecative for what I did for him and law enforcement in general. We talked for a while about how the police some years ago, thanks to the democrats (his words) became the bad guys. They put their lives on the line everyday for you and me and yet the democrats blame them and not the criminals, that’s just really messed up.

Time to go as I need to get moving. Lori and I and maybe Ty are coming down tomorrow. I think Jag is staying up here. Ty was in a “call back” for the school play which is Chicago. I guess he stood up on stage and sang two songs on his own for tryouts, wow! Your kids amaze you every day.

Take care and God bless.

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