Happy Birthday Ty!

Today Ty turns 14 years old! Whoo hoo! Yesterday he ended up staying home and after seeing the doctor, is in concussion protocol from a crash on the hill Monday. You probably remember from Jag’s event that they take concussions pretty seriously up here. He wants to go to school today so we’ll let him go but no gym class for him. He’s growing almost daily and is now a size 10 in shoes! Hope he has a great day.

Jag had two games yesterday and played really well even though we lost. He was a monster on the boards (rebounds) and scored a bunch too. The coach told me after the game to tell Jag on the ride home to be selfish. In other words, take the ball and look to score and don’t worry about passing it so much. He’s continuing to get better every game. At least these games were out of conference meaning they don’t count against our record a we played a much larger school. The team is now off until Friday when they have their next two games and then they have two on Saturday too.

This summer on top of everything else, both boys will be going to a basketball camp at Colorado School of Mines which is about 5 minutes from our old house and from Tom and Ali’s. It’s an overnight camp where they spend the whole week living on campus. They’re both really into basketball which is great and Ty will be getting a bunch of b ball stuff today as gifts.

Lori is at the gym with our trainer and I go at 9 after dropping Jag at school and then Ty and then Mojo at the groomer. Then I need to run to Silverthorne to Blue Moon Bakery to get Ty’s cake that I ordered a week ago. Lots going on at work and lots to do. Time to run so have a great day, GB and Happy Birthday Ty!

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Possible concussion and a technical foul

Yesterday went fast. Ty was on the mountain all day and might have a concussion from a spill while Jag and the team played two tough games in Oak Creek and won both! My buddy James (singer of Metallica) whose son plays with Jagger on the team, and I left to drive over about 3. We left 30 minutes after the bus but he has one of those 4 wheel drive Tesla’s and we managed to arrive at the same time. It’s like driving a computer, pretty wild. After the games we grabbed the boys and they rode back with us. We made it to Vail around 9:15 and ordered up some sushi to go and took it back to their house where my truck was parked. Jag and I then made it home around 10:30.

This morning Lori has to be at work at 7:15 so she’s in the shower now. I need to take off for Denver to get the car fixed as it has a burned out tail light and needs an oil change. I also need to drop some wine and pick up a few presents for Ty’s birthday tomorrow.

In the game, two kids were banging and grabbing Jag all night and finally after he was hit in the head, for about the 4th time, he turned around and pushed the kid. This resulted in a technical foul but we were all fine with it and the refs then were watching closely and the other kids started piling up fouls. Today at 2 the bus leaves for Breckenridge. They are a larger school and the game doesn’t count towards our league record but it would be a “key win” for us if we could pull it off which helps in our playoff seating if we get that far.

Both boys are still sleeping so I’d better get moving. Have a great day and Go Rangers! (that’s our school mascot) GB

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And on it goes

Today Ty is off and Jag goes in for two periods to coach up some 4th graders in basketball for MLK Day. Then at 3 the bus leaves for Oak Creek which is by Steamboat for basketball. Tomorrow we have games in Summit which is basically Breckenridge. Then the boys are off until two homes games this Friday and Saturday. After tomorrow we only have two more road games so we’re getting them all out of the way early in the season. Jag slept until at least noon yesterday as he needed to catch up on his rest. Ty hit the mountain from 10 until 4 and had a great day of boarding. I think he wants to go again today but has to get his room cleaned up first. Lori has a new hire coming in to work that needs to be trained and I have a bunch of stuff at work.

One of our employees who has been with us since the beginning, is resigning as his wife’s dad passed away and they’re inheriting some money. He wants to be a writer and move back to Portland from California. Hope it works out for them. He’s giving us a couple months notice but change is never good, at least in the beginning. Hopefully in the end we’ll end up with a stronger person in that position.

Lori did a lot of cleaning yesterday and probably 10 loads of laundry. Problem is we don’t have anywhere to put all the clean clothes! She then even made some more Rice Krispie treats for the boys to take on the bus to the game. This time she put in butterscotch chips, yum. It was all I could do to resist having one.

Time to get moving as I need to get Jag to school in 45 minutes. Both boys must have stayed up late as we came down to the lights and tv on with food out and the kitchen a mess. Wish they’d learn how to clean up after themselves. I think it’s a teenager thing. GB

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300 miles

Yesterday Jag’s team won both games again! We left around 12:30 after making it to the gym, stopping at the grocery store, dropping Ty at the mountain and Jag at school, to catch the bus. We made it to the western burbs of Grand Junction around 2:30, about 5 minutes after the buses arrived. We sent the boys off with a bunch of power bars and Gatorade’s and Lori made two giant pans of Rice Krispie treats, which they devoured and loved.

We played a Charter School that had half the town turn out. Besides Lori and I there were only three other parents from our school. The home team had the school band in the stands too. They were scrappy but no match for our height and full court press which really caused them problems. Jag again played great scoring in both games and frustrating his guy when he was on defense. He gets more playing time in JV but is one of the first guys off the bench to spell one of the two big seniors on Varsity. His coaches say “he’s getting better and better every game”, which is true. You could tell though, all the kids were tired. It’s good we have today off.

After the game Jag wanted to ride home on the bus to celebrate with his team. So around 6:45 pm Lori and I headed home. About two hours later we pulled into Minturn. Ty meanwhile was at a movie after skiing all day long. I picked him up at 9:45 and then we had to drive to school and wait about 30 minutes for Jag to arrive on the bus. In the end, Lori and I drove a little over 300 miles round trip.

Today Ty wants to hit the mountain again while I’m sure Jag will sleep in until around noon, then rest some more before hopefully cleaning his room.  We need to wash his uniforms for tomorrow and Tuesdays games. We play Sorocco tomorrow which is near Steamboat. Not sure if I’ll make it but we’ll see.

Did you hear about the false alarm of a nuclear missile attack in Hawaii, unbelievable. People thought they were going to die. They abandoned their cars on the highways, called their loved ones to tell them goodbye and more. I can’t imagine what they went through. I also can’t believe this could happen due to one guy hitting the “wrong” button, WOW. Thankfully it was a mistake. Imagine if you received news that a nuclear missile attack was inbound to your town, what would you do?

Time to head to the gym so that’s it for today. Have a great day. Today the two good football games are on which should be fun. God Bless.

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Great games!

Last night Jagger played the best basketball of his young life almost notching a triple double in the first game and playing well in the second. We played undefeated Debuque and in game one he had over 10 rebounds, I think 10 or 12 points and 8 or 9 blocks. He was such a presence that he intimidated numerous other shots forcing guys to miss. In game two he spelled the seniors being one of two big men off the bench. It was a tight game as they had a kid who was launching NBA three pointers for most of the game. He looked like Steph Curry. In the end though, we won by 12 notching our first victory of the year. It was also our home opener and the gym was packed. Today we’re taking off about noon for Grand Junction for two games at 3:30 and 5.  I told him he should be real proud of himself for the way he played. The coaches were gushing with praise for him as they know what’s to come in the next couple years from Jag.

After the game we stopped for sushi. We ordered it to go but when we arrived to pick it up they were still making it so we just sat down and ate it there. I picked Mojo up around 1 in the afternoon. I moved the back seat up so he could just walk into the car and not have to jump into the back.  He’s still sore and Lori is convinced he has a tear in his muscle but you need an MRI to see that as x-rays don’t pick up tears.

Ty came home about 2 with a bad headache and then went to the game with us. We keep telling both boys they need to drink lots of water. Lots of people up here are sick too so we also remind them to wash their hands often.

Lori and I are headed to the gym soon as we haven’t been for a couple days. No new snow outside and it finally stopped yesterday evening. I think in total we got about 6 or 8 inches. Some guys are going up for first chair this morning to get in on the powder.

Time to run. Hope we win today, take care and GB.

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A little more snow

Last night there was a little bit more snow but not much. I guess the roads to Denver are moving slow as well as the ones heading up the hill. No worry though, we’re fine with it.

I took Mojo to the vet yesterday as he was getting worse and lifting his back right leg. Once there, the vet decided he needed x-rays and that he’d need to be sedated to stretch his legs out for to get it done. She asked me to leave him and I was going to go get him at 5:30. Thirty minutes later the vet called to let me know, there is no cancer and his pelvis is not broken which were the two things she was worried about. Turns out though, he has arthritis in both hips but surprisingly his knees are fine. He’ll start on an anti inflammatory daily and needs two shots a week for three weeks. I was supposed to get him at 5:30 but when I was on the way, they called Lori and said he was sleeping peacefully and he could spend the night at no charge so they could keep an eye on him. So he spent the night and we’ll get him today.

Earlier, at 4:30, I went to Jagger’s China orientation meeting. They’re going to the Yunnan Province down south by Tibet, Laos, Burma and Viet Nam. The city they eventually land in for two days is still 7 million people. Then they’ll take an overnight train to a smaller town where they’ll spend 3 or 4 days taking day trips to Tibetan monasteries and other places. I thought there would be a bit more structure but they have some free time in various places where they can cruise around and explore in groups. It’s a small group of like 10 kids and three instructors including one who lived there for 7 years and has his adopted Chinese family that everyone is staying with. This is a hands on experience where the kids stay with family’s and are immersed into the culture. Should be quite the experience. As Lori said, thank God Jag is a leader and thinks for himself. I think there’s only two guys and eight girls. We’re a little nervous but trust him and his teacher who spent years there as well.

Today at 5 Jag has his first home basketball games. There’s two games, JV and Varsity and he’ll play in both. Tomorrow he has games by Grand Junction, two on Monday near Steamboat and two on Tuesday in Summit. Hope they win.

Lori has been fighting a cold and still is. I have a headache from having the heat too high and woke up at 3 this morning to open the window for some fresh air.

Lots of stuff going on at work and this should be an interesting year. We’ll keep you posted.

Greg’s wife Kristin is doing really well but has a long road of recovery ahead of her. She can’t even fly until the 23rd. I was headed to Denver today but with the snow, it’ll have to wait until Monday.


Also remember, Ty’s birthday is next Wednesday! Have a great day, GB.

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We have snow! Not the 10 to 20 inches the weatherman said but more like 4 or so. Around 2 in the afternoon it looked like we’d get a bunch but by 5 it had petered out. Overnight we received another couple inches and that was it. It’s better than nothing though as the mountain needed it.

We all worked hard yesterday and have more to do today. Jag’s practice was a late one going from 6 to 8. It seemed like I was driving from about 3 pm on until 8:30. I made chili for dinner and made such a big batch I had to put it out on the deck overnight.

This afternoon we have a meeting  at 4:30 about Jag’s China trip which starts 4 weeks from today. He has practice from 4:30 until 6 but will skip the first 30 minutes or so to go to the meeting with me. We’re all excited for him. He received his passport back yesterday with his Visa which he needs to get into the Country. That means in 39 days we’re off to Hawaii, whoo hoo.

Jag has a game tomorrow at home and then at Caprock near Grand Junction on Saturday. So we’ll be basketball parents for most of the next two days. Lori had her weekly meeting with Dr. Philippon last night who said Jagger is one smart kid! Jag wrote a nice thank you card and sent it along with Mom for Dr. P. It’s now 6:15 so time to get moving. Hope everyone is well, take care and God Bless.

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A long day

Yesterday was a long one with Jag and I getting home about 8:30. He played well but the team lost. Greg’s wife Kristin had successful surgery and Ty was working hard on some homework after school until we arrived home. Lori and I both had long days at work with me rushing down and up from the big city for my meeting.

I forgot my cell phone which showed just how dependent we (or I) are on being connected these days. If it was up to me, I’d love to not have a cell phone. In fact I’m going to try not to take one everywhere and stay off it on the weekends. We’ll see how that goes as yesterday I missed out on a whole lot of stuff when I was “off the grid” for about 6 hours. Man I miss the good old days of no cell phones or internet or having to be constantly connected.

Today we’re supposed to get a bunch of snow, but we’ve heard that before. This time though, they might be right. It’s supposed to hit around 2 this afternoon and continue until 7 tomorrow morning. I made a chuck roast yesterday that didn’t really turn out and need to figure out what to make tonight, probably my old standby, chili. Jag has practice from 6 to 8 so it’ll be another late night for him.

We’re trying to get the mobile vet to come out to check on Mojo and his back legs. He might have a tear. Hope not, ugh. Lots of computer work today for me and Ty has late start at 9:30. That’s it, time to get moving, have a great day people and wash your hands often and keep them away from your face. The flu this year is especially bad and you don’t want to get it! Might be a good idea to also take some extra vitamin C and eat some garlic. GB

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Denver, basketball and surgery

It’s a busy day, I have a meeting in Denver, Jag has two basketball games tonight and Greg’s wife Kristin has surgery at 12:30. After my meeting I need to rush home and book my ticket to Italy and also go get Ty before the games. Lori I think needs to be in to work early today. She’s had a headache for a few days as her neck flared up. Wish it’d go away soon.

The first day of school was busy for the boys with both having lots of homework. Jag had the worst of it as he didn’t get home until 8:30. We need to get Mojo to a vet for his legs. Hope he doesn’t need surgery.

They say snow up here tonight. Some say a foot or more but we’ll see. After my meeting I’ll head straight up the hill to try to beat any snow or trouble on the roads. Time to run, hope everyone is well. Have a great day and rest of your week, GB.

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Back to School

Today both boys are back at it with busy weeks ahead. Jag has basketball from 4:15 until 8 tonight and Ty has a bunch of work to do. Tomorrow Jag has a game which will go until 9 pm and then another on Friday and Saturday. Lori’s doc is back and I have a meeting in Denver tomorrow plus I need to build the shipment model for the Company for the entire year in the next few days. So, we all have a lot to do.

Yesterday we hit the gym and then all went out for lunch. Ty did a bunch of schoolwork and both boys cleaned out their backpacks to get ready for the new semester. A month from today Jagger leaves for China and I think we need to pay for the second half of the trip this week on top of his tuition which is due Wednesday.

Our friend Kristin who messed up her knee has surgery tomorrow if all stays on schedule. She’s been in PT for the past 2 days and will again today trying to get it calmed down. It’s warming up up here with the snow already melting. It was good to get some but the ground needs a lot more to hold off a drought this summer.

Hard to believe it’s January 8th. Before we know it, it’ll be Valentines Day and then St. Patrick’s Day and then Spring and so on. Enjoy each day and vow to live it to the fullest. Have a great week, GB.

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