20 Days!

Christmas is 20 days away! Wow! That means somewhere between 110 and 125 days we should be moving, double wow! Time goes fast, hold on tight.

Today we have more of the same, work, school, dogs and more. It’s snowing lightly outside with big fluffy feather like flakes. Not much will stick as the ground is warm.

I had a good tasting yesterday here in town. I connected with 5 key guys or accounts that will do substantial business with me this season. I hung out from about 1 until a bit after 3 and then Lori and I went down to the house. The shower and bathroom are framed as are the new windows we wanted put in along with the front porch and more. It’s coming along fast now and Lori had to finalize all the plumbing fixtures yesterday. It’s all “dried in” meaning no weather gets in anywhere. The windows are covered in some sort of plastic.

Next week Lori and I are both traveling. After I get back from Seattle and San Francisco Lori goes to get Dixie in Sacramento. Then the fun starts. The boys will have Finals Week and then we have Jag’s 18th birthday, wow! Not sure what to get him.

We’re trying to declutter or downsize around here by slowly getting rid of stuff we don’t want or need. Last thing we want to do is haul a bunch of junk we don’t use down to the new house. It’s sort of a chance for a fresh start. In the next few weeks we should start hearing back from some colleges Jag applied to. As I said earlier, time goes fast. God Bless.

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Chicken, eggs and veggies

That’s my diet for the next 5 days, nothing but chicken, eggs and vegetables. Time to lean out before the stretch run between now and the end of the year. Robi put her tree up! Nice. It’s Mom’s old tree so that makes it special. We’ll go cut ours Saturday. Jag has a photo shoot Sunday, a basketball game Friday and I leave Monday for 56 hours. We have a ton of stuff going on. Jag had a scrimmage last night and was the high scorer. He has a nice soft touch around the basket and great court awareness. He didn’t play last year due to his hand surgery so we hadn’t seen him since he was a sophomore. The team needs to work on getting the ball to him as that’s the biggest challenge. He’ll have a good year the way he’s playing.

Lori is off today and I have a tasting from 1 to 3. I skipped Aspen yesterday as I had too much work to try to get done before I leave next week. Not much else going on to talk about, time to get Ty moving. Have a great day and God Bless.

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Aspen or not

Today I’m supposed to be in Aspen for a tasting but I think I’m going to have to skip it. I thought Vail was today and Aspen tomorrow but I had it backwards. I just have too much to do around here today to prepare for next week. Oh well, these tastings are mostly for show anyhow.

Jag has a scrimmage tonight at 5:30. Ty has a bunch of school work and I have a bunch of calls to do among other things. It’s already December 3rd which is hard to believe. It’ll be January 2020 before we know it. 20 years ago 2020 sounded like some futuristic World with flying cars and transporters. We’ve advanced in a lot of areas but not those two. Sadly many of the areas where we’ve developed are not good. More and more of our rights are being suppressed daily and it seems you can’t say or do anything these days without someone being offended. Anyone read George Orwell’s 1984? One can only imagine where we’ll be in 5, 10 or 20 years.

Time to get Ty up as he wants to go to school early. I hope you all are having a good month so far. I know Tommy has his tree up but what about the rest of you, Robi? We’ll go cut ours this weekend which reminds me, I need to go to the forest service today and buy my $10 permit. God Bless you all.

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Here we go, again

Pressure’s on. At work, school and for me to figure out how to fix Lori’s neck. Everyone is moving slow, or not moving at all if you’re a teenager. Hard to get back in the groove.

Yesterday we cleaned and cleaned until about 1:30. Around an hour later Zoe showed up and hung out with Ty until 6:30 when Jag and Ty took her home. Then they headed to Lexi’s house and Lori and I met them there for some chili. They’re super nice people and Lexi and Jag are best friends. We made it home around 10.

There’s so much each of us have going on this week it’d take too long to explain. Lori did get her reservations, three total trips in all, two go get Dixie and then get her back home. One roundtrip for Dixie. More on that in a week or so.

Time to go, have a great day. Here’s some fun pics. First one is my arm in Lori’s pants! Either her pants are really small or my arm is really big. Probably a little bit of both.

Next up is some bighorn sheep that hang out by the school licking some salt of the road.

God Bless.

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December 1st

Uh oh, it’s December 1st. We have 3 birthdays, 2 trips at least, about $1.7 Million dollars in sales to get in, 10 or so final exams, 3 basketball tournaments, a company dinner and the challenge of figuring out how to get Grandma Dixie out here and back over the holidays and probably the most difficult thing, finding her a place to stay. Oh well, you do what you have to do, right mom?

Today we need to clean up a bunch as Zoe is coming over to hang out with Ty. Tomorrow the boys start the grind. They have two weeks of school before finals week and that’s it. We have a basketball game Tuesday at Vail Christian and a tournament Friday and I think Saturday.

Yesterday Jag went to basketball practice and earlier in the day I went to the gym. I washed the car, not by choice, to get all the ice that was frozen by the tires out of the wheel wells. My knees almost froze off as I was in shorts on my way to the gym.

Harley has brought every toy she owns over to me to play this morning. She and Mojo woke me at 5 to go out and then I went back to bed until about 7:30. We’re swimming in dog toys as a company called Bark Box had been charging our AMEX and when we cancelled they sent Lori a few boxes of toys and stuff. It looks like a nursery in our front room.

It’s clear outside with bright blue skies and they say near zero but I’ve been out a few times in shorts and it doesn’t seem that bad. That’s it for now, time to get moving. I’d like to go to the gym but we have a lot of cleaning before Zoe comes over. Better get moving, go Bronco’s! Oh I almost forgot, Robi and Robert are going to the Cardinals game, have fun! God Bless.

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Strep throat

Yesterday afternoon we headed to Silverthorne only to arrive in Frisco and find I-70 closed yet again. Seems some rock slide or something happened like another accident. We got off the highway, stopped at Whole Foods and then with a few thousand of our friends, took the dam road over to get to where we needed to go. Needless to say (why do people say that and then say it anyway) it took us an extra 45 minutes or so. First stop was Bed Bath and Beyond for new bedding and a small vacuum to replace the same one we returned to Costco last week that broke. Through coupons and the Black Friday sale we ended up getting the vacuum for $200 instead of $400 which was $79 cheaper than Costco! Next up was Petco for dog food. Then we were going to hit Zumiz but the snow was coming down hard. I was worried about the pass closing and decided that we’d better just head home. Luckily we left when we did as sure enough, they closed the pass soon after we made it over.

On the way to Frisco we stopped in to the doctor as Jag still wasn’t feeling better. After a strep test, we found out he has strep throat. We picked up some amoxicillin on the way home to hopefully make him better. Meanwhile Ty stayed at Sonny’s and we’ll get him this morning.

It’s windy up here but no new snow. Jag wants to go to Denver for basketball shoes but they say the wind will be blowing as high as 80 miles an hour. I think we’ll pass today.

Yesterday was Annette’s birthday. Lori had told me but I forgot to put it in the blog so Happy Birthday Annette! Hope you had a great day and now you can make it a birthday weekend. I’m guessing you’ll go see a movie or two.

It did snow and blow until around 7 or so. We also made our turkey which turned out pretty good. Mojo loves hanging out in the snow, the colder the better.

Lori’s headache is back, not sure how it went away two days ago but we’ll try to identify what she’s doing, or not doing, that triggers it. Someday, probably after another fusion, we’ll lick this thing. That’s it, tomorrow is December 1st! Happy Holidays and God Bless.

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Game on

Here we go, 33 days until 2020. Hard t0 believe.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was great. After a busy morning where Ty’s snowboard boots were stolen (we’re hoping someone took them by mistake and will return them today), me picking up our turkey and a mini Christmas tree and Lori taking the dogs on a long hike, we headed to lunch.

We had a great meal and fun times. Caviar, champagne, lobster and dover sole were the highlights. For dessert there was some flaming crème brulee that Lori accidentally blew the flame out on too early so it was still swimming in alcohol as we all took a bite. Our waiter took it away and must have poured a bunch more alcohol on it to re-lite it. Earlier the boys wanted to taste the champagne, which was really good, so when I handed Ty a glass and told him to hurry before the waiter came back, much to all of our surprise, he took the glass and slammed it like it was a shot! We all looked at him with our mouths hanging open astonished and laughed. He looked at us three and said “what”? Too funny. By the way, no way he tasted anything!

We had a really nice family 2 hour plus lunch. For some reason Lori’s headache was almost all the way gone. Maybe it was divine intervention. As we were leaving a couple families from Texas who we were sort of talking on and off to throughout our meal looked at me and I said “bye and Happy Thanksgiving” and then one lady said “same to you, we were just admiring your wife” as they were looking at us leaving. How nice, Lori said that made her day. To be fair, this is pretty normal for us as Lori is, as we all know, very beautiful in that one of a kind beautiful way. Some people just get blessed with good looks. You get the picture and of course I’m biased, but it is true. Anyhow we had a really really nice time.

The rest of the day was spent with Jag and I watching the Buffalo Dallas game as he had a couple guys in his Fantasy Football league playing (he’s in 1st place by the way), Ty playing some video game with his friends and Lori taking a champagne nap. Poor Lori always gets a little more adult pops than usual as I don’t drink so it’s up to her to finish the bottle. Of course I have a celebratory sip for the toast, give each of the boys a taste and even give the sommelier a half glass but then it’s all up to her.

Today we’ll cook our turkey after the gym. I ate so much that I won’t eat much at all today. We were thinking of going to Denver to get Jag some basketball shoes but the news just said they’re closing I-70 near Idaho Springs to clean up a rock slide from the snow storm a few days ago. Maybe tomorrow. Ty wants to go to the mountain so we need to get moving to the gym.

Hope you all enjoyed the day and made some memories of your own. I did talk with Robin yesterday and we reminisced about growing up and Thanksgiving and she remembered every single thing I wrote yesterday. Tommy too. Good times. That’s it, time to get moving. Have a great day, take care, God Bless and Happy Holidays!

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Happy Thanksgiving

What a fun day. If any of us think back over our lives I would say next to Christmas, Thanksgiving memories stand out the most. I remember them well as when I was young we’d make the annual trip to Grandma’s. It was like a Norman Rockwell painting. There was a table so long you couldn’t count the chairs, so many side dishes from oyster stuffing to regular stuffing (Grandma always made dad oyster stuffing), all kinds of salads, potato’s, gallons of homemade gravy, lots of vegetables, sweet potato’s covered with a glaze of golden brown marshmallows, 3 bean salad which was a staple, hot steaming freshly made rolls with real butter (no margarine in those days) 4 or more homemade pies, pecan and pumpkin and sometimes mincemeat or berry, baked cinnamon apples in a red glaze or sauce that was to die for and of course the biggest turkey you’d ever seen. It was always around 30 pounds and seemed to get larger every year. You’d eat and eat even though you were full as it was so good. Coffee and pie always followed the meal with homemade whipped cream. Grandma also always used her finest silver and she had the best and a lot of it. Every place setting was the finest china from some far away place that all matched and was set perfectly as Grandma and Grandpa traveled the World. As a kid you didn’t appreciate all the work that went into the meal but as I grew older I learned from dad how she’d cook the day before and get up at 4am to make the pies as she wanted them fresh. It also took hours and hours to cook that giant bird. I don’t know how Grandma did it but the turkey was always perfect!

There were always the six of us, the Millers which were 6 and then Grandma and Grandpa Miller. From time to time other relatives were there too. In the early years Great Grandma Fugate as well. In the later years she was in a home and we’d take her food on the way home to Denver. So always we had at least 14 but Grandma often had a friend or two as well.

Football was always on. Us kids would play outside and always go to the tiny grocery store right next door with our pennies and maybe a nickel or dime from Grandma or Grandpa to get some candy which mom always said would spoil our dinner. It never did as were experts at eating candy in those days. As we grew older we’d take two cars from Denver to Colorado Springs. An annual fight ensued about what clothes we’d wear. Shelly went through her no bra phase which drove dad up a wall. I’d want to wear jeans which was also a no go. No matter what arguments or trouble we had getting it together to get to Grandma’s, once we were all around the table with that giant turkey, prayers and thanks were said and then we’d have a once a year meal with the entire family that just doesn’t seem to happen these days.

I don’t know that even if you could recreate the same setting, make all those same homemade dishes (boy could Grandma cook, I still don’t know how she did it all), and get everyone together, that it would be the same. In fact, it just wouldn’t. Times were different then. There was no talking of politics, football and life reigned supreme. Everyone dressed up and it seemed the older you were, the fancier you dressed. In life as you get older, memories are your most precious possession. Nothing else really seems to matter. Those things you had to have a few years ago are long forgotten or lost and really didn’t change or influence your life. Think about it, friends, family and memories are what’s most important. So, enjoy the day!

Today Lori is going to a Thanksgiving workout class at the gym while I run over to Whole Foods to get our Thanksgiving meal. It’s all cooked (Grandma would be shocked that you could even buy a whole meal to go) and I’ll warm it up later mostly for turkey sandwiches which is the best part of the meal, leftovers. At 1 pm we’re all going to La Tour, a great French restaurant for our dinner. They’ll have turkey but also will serve their regular menu as Lori doesn’t really like turkey, thank God Grandma doesn’t know!

Yesterday Sonny and Ty slid into a tree at about 2 miles and hour! The roads are still snow covered and icy. Sonny’s car is messed up though and when a friend tried to pull them out of the ditch he put the tow strap around the axel which of course broke the axel! No one was hurt and when I asked Sonny if anyone had hit their head, he said “no but you’d better check Ty’s neck right here” as he pointed to the right side of his neck. I looked over at Ty to find a hickey the size of a silver dollar! It seems Zoe, his girlfriend decided to mark her territory with a big ol hickey on her birthday the night before. She must have liked her presents and this was her thank you! I don’t know what’s with all the girls and hickey’s these days. Jag has had a bunch too, too funny.

Jag went to the doctor around noon as he wasn’t feeling well. The doctor said antibiotics won’t help and sent him home with nothing. He had a rough night and around 8pm spilled a milkshake Lori had made him all over his bed. I stripped the bed and started the wash and sent him up upstairs until I could make his bed. Hope he’s well enough to go to lunch.

That’s about it, here’s an exert from the Pilgrims in 1620 when they were leaving for America. A friend of mine from Scottsdale (Glen) sent me this. Take note of how important religion was to them in those days. That’s it, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and may God Bless you and your loved ones. Now go make a memory!

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Off to Denver

This morning I’m off to get our windshield fixed. I need to leave pretty quick as I have a 10 am appt. and am not sure how the roads will be. Lori is off today and is headed to the gym. Ty went to the mountain yesterday while Jag slept most of the day trying to fight off a cold. It was Zoe’s birthday last night so Ty went out with her and a bunch of friends and then spent the night at Will’s.

We’re working on our Christmas list for Tom. We’re late getting it to him as he shops early. Time to get moving so that’s it. I should be leaving when Lori does at 6:45 which is exactly 22 minutes from now and I still have to shower and get the dogs up the hill.


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Well it did snow but nothing like it did on the front range. We probably have 4 or 5 inches up here at most but the wind has been blowing hard. This causes drifts so you have places that are 12 inches deep. It looks like Denver and north of town had the most. Anyhow it’s November 26th so we’re supposed to have snow, right?

Yesterday I was on the highway and a Volkswagen passed me and kicked up a rock that broke the windshield on the Range Rover. What a bummer. The crack quickly spread to about 12 inches and I’m now scheduled to get it replaced tomorrow morning in Denver. What a waste of time.

Jag went with Lexi and her parents to see the movie Ford Ferrari last night which is supposedly really good. Ty was here at home with us after hanging out with Sonny and some friends for most of the afternoon.

Jag’s hand should heal up fine according to Randy, (Dr. Viola) who saw him yesterday. He just needs to tape it to play basketball and if it’s hurting from playing, he should shut it down meaning stop playing for the day. Randy thinks over the next few weeks it will gradually get better and hurt less. Shouldn’t have messed with the old man, me!

I had a headache most of the night due to working out and having the window shut. Finally I opened it around 4am only to have to get up and shut it and clean all the snow off the inside of the window and screen an hour later. I’ve taken the dogs out once but need to take them again now that they’ve had breakfast. Can’t wait for the new house where they have their own indoor outdoor dog run.

So that’s it, time to get moving, again. Tom keeps asking for our Christmas lists, maybe we can get that done today. The news just said I-70 is closed in both directions right where we get on the highway to go to Vail due to a fatal accident. It’s surreal how quickly ones life can change in the blink of an eye. Cherish life and be careful! God Bless.

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