On their own

With Jag and his car, the boys are out there, here and there, on their own. Yesterday Jag went to the lake and then I think later to Emma’s and then they along with Ty went to see the Lion King. It ended at 8:30 so they took the frontage road home to avoid the road construction in the dark. They strolled in about 9:30 like two college kids saying “what’s up”. We were a little worried as we thought the movie was out at 8:30 which it was but then the boys took Emma home. So all is well. I watched Jag drive away yesterday morning from the balcony and he did well. Everyday he’s more comfortable.

Meanwhile Lori and I were looking at tile and countertops in Denver before getting her hair done at 2. We were caught in a rain storm that was really bad in other parts of the city. There was a lot of water on the road and the rain continued until we hit Frisco. Tom texted saying it was really bad in Lakewood. As we drove over Vail Pass and saw the view Lori said just how lucky we are to live up here. No traffic, little to zero crime, no bad storms meaning hardly ever any hail and never any bad wind storms, and unsurpassed beauty. Of course all that too comes with a big price, meaning most everything is more expensive up here. Still we’re really lucky to live where we live and we love it.

Today we’re going to see Marci’s horses. She said she’d pay Ty to exercise and ride them and he’s been looking for a job. They’re very nice people we’ve known a long time. I think they might come over to Aspen for the big party next Saturday. Not sure what Jag is doing. First up Lori and I are headed to the gym and then I’m cleaning up around the house and garage. This week is going to go fast so time to get prepared. Hope everyone is well. Have a great day, God Bless.

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Dog poop

We slept in until a little after 7. When we finally fell out of bed and walked down the stairs, we were greeted by a nice pile of dog poop on the stairs and more along with pee at the bottom of the stairs, great. So for the next 20 minutes or so, Lori and I were cleaning up. Mojo is getting pretty old. He has a hard time getting up and also coughs more these days. He is over 100 in dog years though so it’s to be expected. He’s still happy and likes his walks up the mountain and cherishes any people food so that’s good.

Today Lori and I are headed to get her hair done around 2 this afternoon. I did get the drum set and Lori’s cruiser bike out of Mom’s garage. Not much left there except two 55 gallon drums I need to get for water storage.

Jag is all independent with his new car. He took Ty to the grocery store and back and then went to Emma’s. Her dad let Jag drive her and Reese (Emma’s little brother) to the park but wants to wait a few weeks before letting Jag drive them on the highway, ha. Jag did get home around 8 as there’s lots of construction on I-70 and he didn’t want to be caught out in the dark just yet. He’s going to breakfast at 8:45 this morning with a couple of friends. He’s super thankful and willing to do whatever to help as he knows how lucky he is which is nice.

We have a busy week coming up with 2 or 3 parties and 3 nights in Aspen from Thursday until Sunday. A bunch of friends from Denver are coming up for the weekend too. Ty is sleeping and Jag is getting ready to head out. Not sure if we’re going to the gym as we went last night at 5. That’s about it, can’t believe it’s almost August! Soon Fall will be here, then Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. A neighbor of ours in Eagle texted that the cement trucks are at our house so framing starts soon. I’ll get some pictures next week. Life goes fast. That’s it, have a great weekend, God Bless.

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New Car!

Yesterday after a quick morning doctor appointment, we continued our search for a good new to us (meaning used) car for Jagger. By 1 pm after a few hours of back and forth, Jag and Lori drove away in a 2015 Audi Q5. Ty and I headed back to Flatirons in our loaner car to pick up the Rover which looks brand new after a thorough detailing and oil change. Word of warning, oil changes and the first service on a Range Rover are about $700! To be fair while you change the oil on most cars at 3500 miles, you wait until 16,000 to 18,000 miles on a Land Rover! So in the end I guess it costs about the same.

Jag dropped Lori at the hospital and drove home on his own. He called me saying how independent he felt as it was his first time driving solo with no one else in the car. He’s very happy and should be as it’s a nice car, but he deserves it. We’re still nervous about him driving on his own but he just needs to do it. I remember when we were kids we got our learners permit at 15 years and 9 months and 3 months later we had our license. I think we all remember getting our first car. Mine was a mustang and Lori’s was an old, I think Oldsmobile from her grandma. By the way, Ty wants a Volkswagon Bus or a diesel truck.

Around 6 we all (with Emma) headed out for a fun dinner in Beaver Creek. By 9 we were home and tired. I think today I’ll head down to Mom’s to get the rest of our stuff out of the garage. We have a cruiser bike, a drum set and a few other small things and that’s it. Next week we’re in Aspen and then the week after is the only week before the house sells. It’ll be hot today and maybe rainy tomorrow so I might as well get it out of the way. That’s it, time to get moving. Hope all’s well, God Bless.

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Fun time

The day went fast and before we knew it we were rushing to Beaver Creek to meet our friends. We’d never been to Splendido and were really surprised at how good it was. It’s now our new favorite restaurant in Vail. After dinner we rushed over to the Vilar and of course Jerry had the best seats in the house. We’re not the biggest Michael McDonald fans (from the Doobie brothers and Steely Dan) but it was like watching the guy in your living room. The place holds 550 people and we were closer than anyone in box seats raised and to the side with comfortable chairs about 10 feet above the stage. So it was a really nice time and fun to catch up. We’re going to see them again soon as Marci has three horses she wants Ty to start riding.

This morning we’re headed out by 7:30 for a dermatologist appointment for Lori and then are going to try to get Jag a used car before we pick up the Range Rover from being serviced. It has been really nice up here and was like 90 but you wouldn’t have known it. I guess more of it is in order today.

Time to run as I need to take the dogs up the hill before taking Harley to daycare in 30 minutes. Also need to squeeze in a shower. Have a great day, GB.

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Cars and clothes

The boys and I left at 7 sharp and pulled into the Land Rover dealer right around 9. We dropped the Rover and picked up our loaner car. Before we left we continued our search for a good, fairly inexpensive car for Jagger. We saw a couple things but they were too expensive so we headed to the Audi dealer next door. There they had a dozen or so Q5’s in the $20,000 range that are certified meaning they come with warranty. We have our eye on a white one from 2016 with 47,000 miles. Now we’re not excited about buying a car but we don’t want Jag driving our cars plus he needs something to drive he and his brother to school in about a month. The Audi is super safe, doesn’t have a huge engine, is good on gas and drives great in snow and ice, so we might make a move if I can beat them down a bit.

We made it home around 2:30 after stopping at the mall and then to see Uncle Tom. His backyard is even more impressive in person. The water feature flow can be controlled with some sort of remote. It’s pretty nice. Then we headed to Mom’s. Not much left in the garage. We grabbed a few small items like Dad’s law school diploma and headed home.

Today I’m off to Aspen and then Lori and I have dinner and the concert with the Spector’s. Should be fun but we’d both rather not eat restaurant food or be out late. I’m sure we’ll enjoy it. Lori has a dentist appointment this morning at 8 so time to get moving.

Have a good day, GB.

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Headed to Mom’s

This morning we’re off to Denver to service the Range Rover and head over to Mom’s to start working through the remaining stuff still there before the house sells. Both boys are going with me. Last night we had some rain and a little hail. Lori is trying to put some medicine in Harley’s ear as she has an infection. It’s 6 am now and I hope to be (have to be) on the road in an hour.

Lori and I are working away. Tomorrow night we’re going to dinner with some people we’ve known for at least 10 years and then to see Michael McDonald from the Doobie Brothers at the Vilar. Jerry is one of those super successful guys that is in a different stratosphere from most of the World. They’re super nice though and Lori has done a lot for them.

We have so much to do between Mom’s and our house. Lori needs to decide on things from floors to fixtures to colors and everything else associated with a new house. School also starts in about a month and soccer starts August 12th. We had to pay almost $27,000 for school yesterday and that’s just a little less than half of the boys tuition. What a World.

Time to go but first, let me say, I agree with the President’s recent tweets, although I would have used other words. He basically suggested that if the four socialist or communist congresswomen don’t like America, they should go back to their home countries and fix things and then come back here and show us what they did. Now the media of course shortened this to him saying, “get out of the Country”. Of course they did. There is so much lying from politicians on both sides but far much more by the Democrats. That’s just the facts.

Here’s a picture of the storm cloud from last night. It’s so green it could be a little town in Vermont. Have a great day, God Bless.

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New career?

Yesterday morning about 11 a designer and his assistant showed up from Denver to measure Jagger for some fashion show in Denver, I think in October. The guy was nice and definitely looked like a fashion designer. He’s doing some sort of Matrix theme like from the movie with futuristic long flowing looking outfits. He gave Jag a lot of advice and said to come down for the Denver Fashion Week call too. In his words, the photographers and designers are going to “just steal him” and said he’s going to be in big demand and to be ready for it. He also gave us as parents some advice so we’ll see what happens. Jag could have a new career and be in Paris within a few months, ha.

We spent the morning cleaning before they arrived and then ran some errands in the afternoon. Today they start rock mitigation between Minturn and Vail until at least Thursday. I’m shooting in Idaho Springs today and then have to take the Rover to Denver for service tomorrow. The main highway between Boulder and Denver is also closed due to a huge crack from the heat. Throw in new construction by Idaho Springs to add an express lane and it’s a mess everywhere.

We have our big party in Aspen in 2 weeks and then I’m in Seattle for two days and then it’s August. Time flies. I’d better get moving. Not sure what Jag and Ty have going today. Lori of course has work and I too have a lot of computer work to do. GB.

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Home safe

Ty’s home, yea! Lori and I left around 8:30 and made it to Windy Peak right about 11. Thirty minutes later we were headed home. We stopped to wash the car as the last 15 miles to camp are on a dirt road, and then we grabbed some lunch in Fairplay. We made it home about 2:30.

It took a while to unpack all his gear and get it put away and start the wash. He had a great time as he always does and was with lots of kids he’s now been with for 3 years. The head of the camp raved about Ty saying how amazing he is and how every year he’s grown as a young man and is always so kind and helpful. Of course we know this but it’s always great to hear from other people.

Jag went to town with Emma until I picked him up around 6:30 when I dropped Ty off for the movies. We then picked Ty up about 9 pm.

Today two designers are headed up from Denver to measure and fit Jag for some fashion show in Denver he’s modeling for at the end of September. They show up at 11. Before then we’re headed to the gym and then will be cleaning around here. That’s it, hope all’s well. GB

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Headed out to get Ty!

We need to leave around 8:30 this morning for the 2 hour drive to go get Ty. Seems like he’s been gone a year! It’s 6:50 now and we need to pick up his room a bit and then shower and head out. We’ll leave Jag here with the pups so they’re not locked up all day.

It was a long week for all of us. Next week they’re doing rock mitigation on I-70 which is going to close down the highway every 30 minutes between 6 am and 4 pm. I know Monday and Tuesday I need to go to Denver so I’m trying to decide whether to go up and through Leadville or not. The hospital is going to be a mess too as closing a major interstate is a big deal.

Tonight Lori has a girls night out get together at a classmate of Jag’s house for her Mom. Glad I don’t have anything going on, ha. Time to get moving so have a good day, GB.

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One more day

Tomorrow we pick up Ty! Can’t wait. It’s only been two weeks but we are excited for him to get home. Lori worked late last night as she had a few VIP patients that she squeezed in so her day ran until about 7. I was in Boulder and other places and will be traveling a bit again today.

Looks like we have a deal on Mom’s house. Tommy Googled the buyers and they look like a nice family. We still have a bunch of stuff to get out of the house. I’ll undoubtedly be spending some time down there between now and August 6th. We pretty much held firm on the price as they already offered less than we thought it should go for but the house does need a lot of work.

I need to get moving so that’s it. Have a great day and GB.

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