And the battle goes on

Ok, first up, I’m staying home. We’re in the midst of a battle between the four of us and the flu. I thought it had caught up with me last night but this morning think I have the upper hand. The battle isn’t over yet though. Ty had a bad cough after practice so we’ll see how he’s doing this morning. He was talking to Zoe on What’s App last night in Israel as she just arrived. Lori is feeling about the same. I did see Dr. Lisles yesterday and a week from Thursday I’ll have surgery to fix my hernia. Lori is still scheduled to go see her Mom Thursday.

We have a little snow outside but not much. It’s almost 7 and the boys are still sleeping. I’ll be on the phone for most of the day with Seattle since I didn’t go. Glad I stayed home as there are all kinds of germs on planes as we all know. We need to find our new hardwood floors too as we’re running out of time. Time to get moving, hope everyone is well. God Bless.

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Still fighting

Yesterday Lori called in Tamiflu for me as a safeguard. She’s fighting the flu off and I don’t feel like I’m getting it, yet but good to have the meds just in case. Both boys seem ok. I’ll pick up my prescription this morning.

Not sure if I’m traveling tomorrow or not as I need to see the surgeon for my hernia at 11. I’m off to the gym now so more when I return. No matter as none of you are up early enough to notice the pause. Be back in an hour……ok I’m back, and it’s now 7 am.

We have a big week as if I’m gone tomorrow I’ll return Wednesday evening and then Lori leaves Thursday morning returning Sunday am. The boys have an overnight basketball trip Friday and Saturday and then the Winter Formal is Saturday night. Then of course the Super Bowl is Sunday. On top of that we all need to keep purging.

The house is coming along and making progress every day. We’re switching up floors as I said the other day and adjusting a few other things too. Last, Kobe Bryant and his daughter died yesterday along with seven others in a helicopter crash. I’m not big on helicopters and was always nervous riding in them when younger, RIP Kobe.

That’s it, time to get moving, lots to do, make it a good week and be safe and God Bless.

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Moving forward

Yesterday with Ty gone to basketball, Jag at Lexi’s (he wasn’t feeling up to a 6 hour bus ride and playing in the game), and Lori in Denver getting her hair done, I started to pack some stuff in my room for the Great Move. Fyi, that’s what I’m calling our upcoming move to the new house.

I only packed four boxes but it took a while as I went through stuff before packing them. No point in packing stuff I don’t want. I ended up with three boxes for my office and one for my closet. Lots more to do but you have to start somewhere.

Jag stayed at Zach’s as Harmon, their friend from 10th grade, is visiting from the east coast and Ty stayed with one of his friends, Mason, who is on his basketball team. Lori and I are headed to the gym and then will go down to the house to check things out. I think we’re changing the hardwood (engineered) floors after walking through Jennifer Ebner’s house yesterday which is about a month ahead of us. Our floor sample now looks kind of orange which we don’t want of course.

Another case of conorvirus was found in California and now 56 million people are quarantined. That’s a big number but as I said yesterday, if this is the big one, a pandemic like the Spanish Flu in the early 1900’s, it’s already too late. The mortality rate of this virus is already higher than the Spanish Flu. Celebrations have been cancelled across the Globe and one medic says more than 100,000 people are infected, not the 4000 as reported. I tend to believe the medic as when has any government told the truth. Can you imagine what will happen to the World’s economy if all air travel is stopped? Most governments are more concerned with their economy than some, according to them, small flu like outbreak where a few people die. This is exactly how things spread. By the way, those surgical masks do little to no good. Everyone has to decide what kind of threat this is on their own and act accordingly. I’m not to the point where we’re on lock down from travel but we could get there in a couple of weeks. I will be watching any Chinese person I see in public closer though. I’m sure I’d be considered racist by some liberals for even suggesting that, ha. I’m only mentioning this to document it in case this is “the one”. God help us if it is.

Lori has her other PA out with the flu so that’s both PA’s and both nurses. She’s busy cancelling patients for tomorrow. They switched the team to Tamiflu from Z Paks. I’m taking my Z Pak just in case. I have an appointment tomorrow at 11 am for my hernia or should I say hernias! Robi commented yesterday about when I was a kid and yes I do remember having a double hernia when I was like 2 or 3! Surprised you remember, maybe I was 5 or 6. I’m feeling ok though.

Both boys just walked in at 8 am. Time to get moving so we can get to the gym and the house. Enjoy the day and stay vigilant. Without sounding too paranoid, if you’re going to the grocery store, buy a few extra bags of rice or pasta or whatever you buy, just in case. There’s an old saying in the military which is a good mantra to live by, 2 is 1 and 1 is none. This means if you plan on having something you need whether food, spare car parts, extra dog food, toiletries, anything, always buy two! I even do this with some shoes. When I find a new pair I really like, I buy two pairs, not one. Oh well, to each their own, just a suggestion. God Bless.

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Figured it out

Well it only took me a week and a couple doctors and three girls stuck in a snow bank to figure things out. I have a hernia, maybe a double hernia, ha. Yesterday morning the aforementioned three girls were stuck in the snow so being the charming man I am, I grabbed a shovel and proceeded to dig them out. Then all it was going to take was a good push or two to get them on their way. That’s the moment when I self diagnosed my hernia. I felt a twang in my upper left groin area right below my belt and when I grabbed my stomach I could feel the bump about the size of a ping pong ball. I pushed it in and it was like a bubble going under ice or like when you’re trying to get an air bubble out of some plastic or something. Right then I was sure I had a hernia. I suspected this a week ago last Thursday when I first felt it while working out but had subsequently gone to the gym and worked out since. I called Lori right away to find the right surgeon and she asked Eric who recently had the same thing and he said to call Dr. Lisles. It took him a few hours to call me (the benefits of Lori working at the clinic!) but when we spoke and I told him what happened, he confirmed yes I have a hernia. I’ll see him at 11 Monday morning. I asked if it could be sore on both sides and he told me I probably have a double hernia which is very common. Likely I’ll have a quick out patient laparoscopy and be good to go and back to the gym in 7 to 10 days. I’m supposed to fly to Seattle Tuesday and come home Wednesday but we’ll see what Dr. Lisles says Monday. Now on top of that I do have a cold but I secured some antibiotics as a safe measure which I’m taking.

Jag was home all day and is skipping the basketball road trip today to Hotchkiss. Ty wants to go but we’ll see. Lori is off to Denver to get her hair done and look at tile and I’m not sure if I’m going along or staying home. Denver is such a mess I hate having her go alone.

Looks like the conorvirus is here in Colorado, Lakewood to be exact, nice. Of course they say (don’t believe everything “they” tell you) is that there is no risk to anyone. Funny how all officials say this even though we now have cases in multiple States. Wonder if “they” themselves would go anywhere near the hospital, hmm. In our uber connected World it doesn’t take many hours for anything to spread around the World. Too many people are flying here and there and there is no possible way to control everyone. Watch out for anyone in public who looks like they have a fever and are coughing. If on a plane, wear a mask!

It’s 7 now and I can go to the gym for cardio if I don’t engage my abdominal muscles so I’m going with Lori. I told Dr. Lisles I’m anti pain pill and will just live with the discomfort until Monday. After the gym we’re going to Jennifer Ebner’s, our friend who is also building a house and is a designer as Lori wants some help with tile. Then we’ll rush home so she can head down for her 2 pm hair appointment.

That’s it, time to get moving, and don’t push any cars out of snow banks if you have groin pain! God Bless.

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Still fighting

I slept from about 7 pm last night until 6:30 am this morning and hope to be feeling better today. I have like a half cold with a lingering headache, sore muscles and a halfway stuffed up nose. Meanwhile Jagger came home not feeling well around 1 yesterday afternoon and is staying home today. That means he’ll miss the game tonight too. Not sure if he’ll go to Hotchkiss tomorrow or not.

Ty went to Zoe’s last night as she’s off to Israel today. I’ll be taking him to school and Lori to work in 30 minutes. I think he has an early game tonight around 4:30.

Lori’s whole team is on Z-Pak’s as they have two people out. Libby is calling me one in today so I’ll try that. No snow this morning. It’s not like we got a lot it was just wet and icy and the pass was closed yesterday for most of the morning. Guess that’s about it, time to go. Hope you all are well, wash your hands! God Bless.

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The flu

Ok, no one here has the flu, as of right now anyhow. But at Lori’s work, she has two people out. Eric has a 102.7 degree fever and she sent him home yesterday and Diana is home today too with a slight fever and chills. I told Lori to wear a face mask today. I went to my cardiologist yesterday as I was still feeling punkish but I’m as fit as a 20 year old at least cardiac wise. My doctor also ran a complete blood panel and all looks good so he thinks I have or had some sort of viral infection that I was fighting off. Last night I had a brief ear ache which could have been the culprit. Lori has had a sore throat on and off but seems ok this morning. I was trying to go to Denver again to get the windows tinted on Lori’s car but with our snow and everyone moving late I’m postponing that yet again.

I think Ty and Zoe are going to dinner tonight as she’s leaving for Israel tomorrow for three months. What an experience. Not sure I’d let my kid go. They also quarantined 11 million people in China due to the conorovirus but this seems a little too late with a case in Washington State and half a dozen other countries. Looks like I’ll be wearing a mask when I go to Seattle next week.

No basketball practice today as the boys get a break before their game tomorrow. I have a lot of work to do today. The impeachment thing on tv is a joke. I haven’t watched but say what you will about Trump, there’s not anything he did that warrants impeachment. What a waste of time. Time to go shovel, be well, God Bless.

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More snow

While the Front Range, meaning Denver, has had little to no snow this year, we’ve had a good year. Yesterday we added to our total. I think some more is coming today too. That’s ok with us as we’ll always take moisture which is water.

Yesterday was a busy day which is why I forgot the blog. I noticed I even spelled “run” wrong and wrote ruin. That’s because Robin told me I missed it and I wrote it from my phone and the keys are just too small.

Ty made it home around 9 and Jag around 11:30. Both lost their games with Jag’s close and Ty’s a blow out. We’re more of a ski school than most other schools.

Lori is off to the gym and I’m letting the boys sleep as late as possible. I have a lot of computer work to do today.

The impeachment thing is going on but I’m not watching. What a joke. Then you have Bloomberg and his billions trying to buy the election. How about Virginia trying to overturn the 2nd Amendment? 22,000 people showed up to protest and the blackface Gov (remember him?) who outlawed the right to carry a gun saying gun owners would cause a massacre. The Dems were hoping for some sort of violence that they could use as an example of why they need to take ALL guns away from law abiding citizens but there was only one arrest for a woman who refused to remove a mask she was wearing. Hmm, looks like maybe law abiding gun owners are not the problem after all. It’s so sad and disappointing what’s going on and for the life of me I can’t figure out why every single democrat is voting to take away Constitutional rights from the people. The Constitution has been in place since 1776 but today’s democrat’s think somehow it’s up to them to change it, unbelievable. It’s amazing people can’t look beyond whether they like Trump or not. Sure he’s crude and says outrageous things but our economy has never been so good, unemployment is lower than ever and the U.S. is stronger than ever. The Dems have been after this guy since day one and their plan is to create a divide among the American people. They ought to be ashamed and run out of office. I’m sure others (half of the Country or so) have a different view. Oh well, all of this just hurts you and me no matter which side you’re on. The politicians are like a bunch of little kids, God help us.

Boys, I know both of you will do something to make our Country and the World a better place. We need you and others like you to turn this mess around. Your generation has a big challenge ahead of it as things cannot continue this way. You’re both smarter and more practical than many of those elected officials we’re watching now. Good luck and God Bless.

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Sorry I’m late, totally forgot. In Denver picking up tile samples then heading back up the hill. The boys play in Aspen today and will be home late. That’s it, gotta run.

God Bless

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Volunteer Day

Today is MLK Day and at school the kids will spend the day volunteering in some way. Our boys are holding a basketball clinic for young kids in elementary school. Ty has Deb,(his tutor) from 8:30 until 10:30 this morning before he and his brother head to school for their clinic. Tomorrow they have games in Aspen.

I feel fine and just needed some extra sleep yesterday. Thanks to Lori for writing yesterday. I was headed to Denver to have a clear bra and tinted windows put on Lori’s car but am not going to make it today. The 49rs’s won yesterday and will play the Chiefs in two weeks. We all need to cheer for the 49rs’s.

That’s about it. January is moving along fast. Soon it’ll be Spring. Make it a great day, God Bless.

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Good morning,

Doug isn’t feeling that hot today so he his taking it easy. Big game today…I think we might be cheering against one another.

The boys had basketball 3 hours away, the JV team lost and Varsity won. Jagger got a lot of playing time but they didn’t start him. Ty also played a reasonable amount and had a lot of fun. Both boys stayed with different friends last night and Jagger just walked in.

Jagger has his interview with the Stanford Alumni today and we are really excited for him. He has worked really hard and I hope the Interviewer finds Jagger as engaging as we do.

Ty is finishing up his social weekend and I’m sure he’s on his way to the mountain right now. We are really proud of the young men the boys have become.

I’m going to check on Doug now. Have a great day!

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