Try again

Yesterday we didn’t make it down to Denver as I forgot the boys had dentist appointments at 10:30 in the morning. So today Jag and I will try it again. Ty will stay home with Mojo while Harley goes to doggie daycare. Lori had the day off and did go down and was back by 1 or so. Her neck was (and still is)  killing her so she had to take a pill and we put a lidocaine patch on her shoulder. Today she’s back at work. Hopefully it’ll be better.

The boys had basketball and tomorrow leave for camp I think at 6 am! They’re back on Sunday sometime. Camp is in Gunnison at Western State University, should be fun.

It’s cool again this morning but nice. I need to get moving as it’s 6:30 and I need to take Harley at 7:15 before coming back and getting Jagger. We have a few stops around town before going to Mom’s to move a bunch of stuff into the garage. My knee is sort of jacked up from carrying something or working out, not sure which one. Oh well, that’s why I have Jag coming, ha.

Have a great day, be safe, ignore the media and think for yourself, GB.

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The 30’s?

Yup, that’s right, the temperature this morning is somewhere in the 30’s. That’s pretty cool for June, even up here. I wouldn’t be surprised if it snowed, ha. I was in Denver yesterday and was heading out of town around 1 which was just about when the hail started. There was some small hail around me on Broadway and I-25 but I just missed the worst of it. Watching the news, they had up to 3 inch hail which caused a lot of damage in town. Hopefully there’s no more of that today.

I’ll be headed down around 9 or so and Lori is taking off for Denver at 8. They’re paving I-70 near Copper Mt. which causes backups and thus delays coming home. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad yesterday as the day before.

Last night Jag went to the movies and I picked him up a little after 10 pm. Ty has some cleaning to do in his room today and both boys have basketball at 4:30. It’s 6:11 now so time to get moving. Hope everyone is well. Have a good day, GB

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Tuesday Tuesday

It’s somewhere around the middle of June, the 19th I think, which means July will be here soon. This weekend the boys go to basketball camp from Friday until Sunday, and next week Ty goes to camp for 2 weeks while Lori goes to California to see her mom. More on these trips to come next week as we get closer.

Today I’m off to Denver and then to the lawyers again. Mom and Dad didn’t exactly have everything buttoned up with everything associated with their estates. Tom and I are still digging and searching through documents that go back 100 years. The lesson learned here is make sure your affairs are in order, easier said than done. Tom has a dentist appointment and then I’ll meet him at Mom’s house so we can hopefully get things cleaned out and finally get the house listed and sold. There’s still a whole lot of work.

The boys are going to some new movie tonight. Lori has her first full day off tomorrow and Thursday is the first day of summer. Politically there’s a lot of misinformation going around. The dems and media are circulating a picture that supposedly shows a little kid in a cage crying and blaming the republicans. Well it turns out this is a picture of a kid from ya staged protest from the outside of a cage, not in a cage. The actual pictures of kids in cages are also from the Obama presidency, hmmm. Now no matter which side you’re on, the takeaway here is the media and powers that be are trying to manipulate the public (us) to further their agenda. Do not believe everything you see and hear on tv, it’s just not true. Let me repeat myself, do not believe everything you see and hear on tv! It’s so sad we now live in a World where facts and the truth are twisted every day by slick politicians trying to sway you into subscribing into their bullshit. Don’t fall for it, question authority and think for yourself. You’ll soon find out, with not a lot of effort, things just don’t add up. Sadly most people will just continue on believing what they see and hear and do just what the elites want them to. Boy are we in trouble.

God Bless

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Home safe

After checking out of our condo, we were back in town visiting some friends and then went back to Louis Vuitton so Jeff and Tina could buy some new sunglasses. Then it was off to lunch in Basalt on the way home. We stopped in Gypsum to pick up Harley and were home by 3:30. An hour later Jag and I took off to go get Mojo. When we hit Avon, the highway was closed. We weren’t sure what was going on but it turned out that Nottingham Road and I-70 were both closed due to a mudslide! This means we couldn’t get to daycare to get Mojo as they only show up at 5 for a few minutes for weekend pick-ups. So home we went and this morning we’ll have to go get him.

We all fell asleep early, like around 7. I woke up at 9 for an hour but then went back to sleep. The boys are still sleeping as we all needed it. Lori is off to work early and I have a 9 am call and then will get Mojo. It was a fun weekend but now it’s back to work and life around here. Aspen is sort of like make believe as there’s so much money flowing everywhere. It’s always fun but it’s good to be home. Have a great week, GB.

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Father’s Day

Today of course I’m getting lots of Father’s Day wishes but it’s really a day to honor the father’s no longer with us. We have my dad, Don and Bob that are all gone who were all great men in their own right. Anyhow the boys ordered me up something which I think is at Lori’s office that they’re excited to give me. Ty has been trying to find me something in town from a Louis Vuitton key chain to a handmade knife. Thankfully he asked me first before having Lori buy it.

Yesterday after a hike up the mountain we headed to town. We stopped at a few stores including Ralph Lauren to see Chris, our friend who is the manager. We found Jag a sport coat at a deal that actually fit him really well. It’s blue and a nice wool blend and is a 38 long which was perfect so we had to get it. He also scored a blue shirt while Lori found a dress off the sale rack downstairs as Chris lets us go in the back room and check out the things they’ve taken off the floor. You know how we love a deal! Around 1:30 we met Diane for lunch at Jing. This is a restaurant owned by Frank who of course is from China and also owns Little Ollie’s in Cherry Creek and Jing in the Tech Center in Denver. We’ve known him for a number of years and he and the boys, especially Jag, speak Mandarin to each other. The boys had some Kobe beef on a hot rock that they cooked table side by themselves. Frank showed them how and kept bringing them fresh hot sizzling rocks from the kitchen to the table for them to cook their meat on, it was fun.

Next up was some more browsing and shopping (Tina bought a coat and some other things) before rushing back to change for dinner. Dinner was a prix fix meal that was good but interesting. There were almost too many flavors as each dish had something explosive going on. It was fun but you wouldn’t do it again. I know a bunch of my wines will shortly be flowing there. We could have gone to a big party at the Mine Shaft (the old mine in town) but passed. Lori and I declined earlier in the day and Tina decided she too wanted to skip it after dinner. So we headed home where a Monopoly game was still set up from the previous night to finish off the high stakes battle. I watched while Jeff and Ty had a team and then Jag was on his own and so was Lori. Tina too watched sort of as she kept throwing in her 2 cents. It was funny. Finally around 11 pm we all went to bed.

Today we’re headed back into town to see a few people and then will head down valley for lunch at El Korita, our favorite mexican restaurant in Basalt. Then it’s off to home. We’ll stop in Gypsum to pick up Harley and then get Mojo from daycare. It was a fun weekend and Jeff and Tina are pretty easy to travel with. Hope everyone is well. It’s back to working out and eating right from our three day sabbatical and expedition to gluttony. I could never be a food writer as it’s just too much food! God Bless

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40 hours

That’s as long as we’ve been in Aspen yet it seems like a week! What a day. As I said, it started off with me driving to and back from Vail, ugh, can’t believe I forgot the bottle of wine I needed. Around 10:30 in the morning we all headed into town to start the day of well, food and wine.

First up was Bodega Jimmy’s, a great fresh seafood restaurant that I’m starting to do business with. We all had various things like Jagger with fresh ceviche and grilled octopus while Lori and I had the lobster salad. We joked that only in Aspen can you get away with a $54 salad. To be fair, it was worth every penny. It was a fresh lobster that was huge! Tina had crab cakes and Jeff had a crab salad like thing. Meanwhile Ty had a hamburger which he said was the best hamburger he ever had in his life! So it was a great lunch. Next up was Prada to drop some wine and pick up a couple shirts they ordered for me and then to Kemo Sabe, the chic western store that pours our wine. We’ve known them for years. Of course they were hopping with activity and had belt makers, engravers and other craftsmen on site. They also have this old time western bar upstairs behind a velvet rope for VIP’s that’s fun.

Here’s the shocker, our friends Jeff and Tina who are with us, started looking at the handmade belts. They were made from leather, crocodile and other exotic skins and all hand tooled. I walked by as I was putting Bocelli Prosecco on ice and said to the sales girl, jokingly, “oh, she needs a Bohlin buckle to go with that” (Bohlin is a famous silversmith company from Los Angeles that’s well known, old and expensive) Not thinking twice I grabbed Lori and told Jeff and Tina I needed to walk over to the Bubbles Party as I was already late. They said they’d meet us there.

We walked a few blocks to the party and soon were inside trying (not me) craft cocktails and bubbles. I made the rounds and saw lots of people I see once a year at this event from all over the Country. I also took pictures of “the bottle” I needed to go get from Vail. 30 minutes later or so Jeff and Tina showed up. I noticed she was carrying a Kemo Sabe bag and said, “what did ya get”? She looked at me and half excited, half nervous said “a $4000 belt” I almost died! Oh my God, what a splurge. Of course I could have got this for her for at least half of what she paid, (probably 25% of what she paid) but I told her, “that’s great! It’s so beautiful and you’ll always remember this day”! Later that evening we went back after a big dinner at Nobu and Jeff almost bought some overpriced boots! I told him this morning I could get him some good Lucchese’s for about a third of what they would have charged him. This morning Tina said she was having a little buyers remorse (duh) but no way she was going back as it was a pride thing, ha! I told her you only live once, you deserve it and enjoy it, and of course, it is beautiful, but $4000??? Come on.

In between the Bubbles Party and dinner we came back to hit the pool. Dinner at Nobu was over the top and great and fun. We headed home after heading back to Kemo Sabe for a night cap, (not for me or Lori). Our friend Rob who is the Master Distiller for Stranahan’s Whisky was with us for dinner and apres dinner.

So that’s about it, we have a great dinner tonight at Chef’s Club in the St. Regis Hotel with a Michelin Star chef from San Francisco who is doing a guest residency here for the summer. My buddy Marco runs the place and invited us, should be over the top. More to come, time to shower and head back into town! God Bless.

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Almost forgot

Ok, I was up at 5:20 and on the road 10 minutes later to drive back to Vail and then back to Aspen. I needed a particular bottle for a photo shoot I forgot to pack. Because of all this, I missed the blog today. More to come tomorrow on the 16th, sorry, GB

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This morning, or I should say around noon, we’re off to Aspen. Our friends Jeff and Tina will arrive here around 12 and then we’ll all head out for Aspen. We need to stop at the Sheriff’s Dept. to have Lori’s picture taken to renew her concealed weapons permit (yes she has one) on our way. Then we’ll stop at Whole Foods in Basalt before pulling into Aspen around 2 or 2:30.

Tonight we have the Kickoff Dinner and then tomorrow a lunch and two parties along with dinner at Nobu. On Saturday we have dinner at The Chefs Club in The St. Regis Hotel at their Grand Opening featuring a guest chef from SPQR in San Francisco. It’s been a Michelin Star restaurant for about 10 years in a row so it should be a great evening. My buddy just took over and invited us yesterday. We can’t wait.

The weather will be a bit cooler but we’re ok with that. It’s 70 in Denver right now but there’s a chill in the air up here. It ended up being 86 yesterday though so we’re not worried. Both pups are going to daycare for the next few days.

We have lots to do so I’d better get moving. Lori is already in the shower. She now has every other Wednesday off which is great news! The half days just were not working. That’s it, have a good day, GB.

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Yesterday when I took the boys to basketball, the haze from smoke from the many fires around the west was so thick you could barely see a few miles. Unless you’ve been in it, it’s hard to describe. Thankfully by noon when I was headed back from Eagle, most of it had blown out of the valley. There was a new fire in Frisco above Lowes that started around noon that had people evacuating their homes. Hope they get that one under control asap.

The basketball games last night were rough. We had only 7 guys while the other two teams had close to 30 each! For the second game we had 5 as one had to leave and Ty hurt his leg. It wasn’t pretty. Both boys ended up playing ball for about 10 hours in a row when you throw in camp. Today is the last day of camp and they need to be there at 8:15. I’m sure they both are ready for a break.

Harley just busted through the gate and headed down to jump on Jagger. She sits on his head trying to get as close to him as possible. It’s pretty funny. Lori is off to workout and I’ll get the boys moving soon as we need to leave in 90 minutes.

It’s sunny and clear this morning which is nice. Have a great day, GB.

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Last night the boys sure were tired. They played basketball from about 8 until 6 yesterday. Today we have more of the same with the camp going from 9 until 3 and then they need to be back at 5:20 for a 6 pm game against Lake County which is basically kids from Leadville. After the game I told them I’d get them Nuduro for dinner which is their favorite ramen noodle place in town.

On my way back from Denver yesterday, Vail Pass was closed due to a semi that caught fire so I had to go through Leadville and then cut down Hwy. 24 to home. This added at least 40 minutes to the trip and was no fun. It’s hazy up here from the fires. It looks like a bad summer with so many fires so early in the June.

Mojo needs to be at the groomer by 8 am for a clean up. Harley will go to daycare to play with her friend Penelope for the day. Lori has a 7 am meeting and I have a 10:30 conference call. Then it’s off to the Sheriff’s Department to renew our concealed weapons permits. I’m also putting together a fundraiser for the police department to help raise extra money for gear and to support officers who have been injured in the line of duty. We did the same thing down in Denver and thought we’d do our small part to help out up here too. It should be fun.

It’s 6 am now so time to get everyone, dogs and boys, moving, as we’re off to Aspen in 2 days. I almost forgot, the Director of Operations resigned and the COO asked Lori if she wanted to apply for the job. She said no but I told her to at least get the job description and see what it pays so she has the inside info. Might as well know what the position entails. Jagger told her to take it, ha. Take care, God Bless.

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