Jagger’s home!

About 10:30 last night, Jag pulled in from college. It took some doing but he crammed everything in his car. We brought a couple bags in but left most all of his stuff in his car.

Ty and I had a good trip to Denver. We went to see Libby and then to the mall before the grocery store and heading up the hill. We stopped in Denver West to get Ty some Tokyo Joe’s to go and were hit hard with big time rain that almost turned to hail. By Red Rocks, it was dry.

Throw in a Nuggets win over the New York Knicks, (who Ty and I ran into in Neiman Marcus) and it was a good day. Today Lori and I are off to the gym and then I’m not sure what we’re doing. I have some work and then need to get some food as the Barnett’s are coming over for dinner at 6. Ty’s ankle is swollen and he insists he’s playing in the lacrosse game tomorrow but it doesn’t look good. We’ll know more today. It’s the same ankle he hurt snowboarding so it’s obviously aggravated. We’re hoping he just needs to lay off for a week.

That’s it, time to get moving, be well and God Bless.

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