The Draft

Today’s the day, the NFL Draft. Starts at 6 pm MST, whoo hoo. Yesterday we traded for a QB to add some drama to tonight’s festivities. Lori will get Ty from lacrosse at 7 so I don’t miss anything.

First up is the gym and then I have a call at 10. Lori is home today and Ty has school. Jag is starting finals and wraps up early next week. CU yesterday announced that all students must get vaccinated for next year. We’re weighing our options as we don’t think kids necessarily need them. More on this later but it’s unbelievable that a college can mandate an unproven vaccine for students. I’m sure they’ll be some law suits coming on this one.

Sunny and warm outside. Going to be nice the next few days. Hopefully we’re all done with snow for the year but you never know. 80 degrees up here Saturday.

That’s it, no need to ruin draft day with any mention of our idiot President. How did this guy ever get elected, good God, God Bless.

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