Last day of July. Here we go. Five months left in the year as we’re well into the backside of 2021. It’s 6 am as Mojo woke us early once again. Then Jag was up which then woke up Dixie. It’s like a chain reaction around here.

Yesterday was a busy day and today will be more of the same. Dixie and Lori went to lunch at Dixie’s new apartment, my buddy Matt came over and Ty went to Amanda’s going away party for a couple hours last night. Not sure where she was going but I guess somewhere. Today I need to go to the DMV which thankfully is not a big deal up here.

We need to make a Costco run today too for Dixie. I made her ribs and sauerkraut yesterday which she wanted and ate a bunch of. She can have more of that today. We had lots of lightening around us last night but nothing here. Guess that’s it, time to get moving GB.

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