On the way….

Jag and his classmates are on the way to China. Best guess is they’ll land in Beijing about 2 in the afternoon our time. They then have I think a 6 hour layover until they catch another flight to Kunming which is in the southern part of China. Kunming is in the Yunnan Province and has about 8 million people, a small city by China standards. Beijing on the other hand is about 22 million people, wow. So more to come. I figured it out last night that the next time Jag will wake up in his own bed, it’ll be March 1st! Also a week from Monday, or 10 days from today, we’ll all be on a plane for Maui. So you can see we’re busy busy.

Ty was home yesterday as when I was driving him to school he had a bad cough and we diverted to the doctor to make sure he didn’t have the flu. The doctor said keep him home yesterday but thankfully, no flu. The test involved a long Q-tip stuck all the way (about 2 or 3 inches) up his nose! We should keep him home again today but with his concussions, he’s missed too much school so he’ll have to suck it up.

Yesterday we left school around 2:15 for the airport yesterday and I dropped Jag and Matt about 4:15. With Denver traffic, I then made it home around 6:45. We talked to him when he was in Los Angeles around 10 pm. It’s now 7:19 am and time to get moving. Hope they’re asleep on the plane and having a good time. I think they land about 5 am. What an experience for him and his classmates. Have a great day, GB.



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Today’s the day, Jag leaves for China, we hope. Two kids out of ten are sick. One we think is not going and another that has been in bed for two days and is on Tamiflu. Jag had a sore throat and came down during the night for some Alka Seltzer. We’re waiting to see how he’s doing this morning. Of course if a kid could get sick, it’d figure it’d be right before they go on a trip! You don’t want your kid to miss the trip of a lifetime but with the flu, you can’t mess around. Lori told me last night one of the surgeons at work is also out with the flu. So far I feel ok from my trip but I wiped down literally everything I came in contact with while gone. One girl who was riding down with the girl who is sick, is now riding with us. I’m getting some masks from the hospital for the kids to wear on the plane, ugh.

I made it home by noon after landing in Denver a little after 8 am. I stopped at the dry cleaner and grocery store on the way up the hill. Today at 2 I’ll grab three kids and drive them to the airport in Denver which should put me home around 6:30 or 7 depending on traffic. This means Lori again will have to get Ty from school.

Time to run, lots to do, have a great day and GB.

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Portland, 3 am

Yesterday was a good day. Lots of work and a drive to Portland, then a meeting and a great dinner at a great French restaurant. I left Seattle around noon as I was told it’d take me 4 hours to drive to Portland with traffic. Turns out I made it in 2 1/2 hours. It was a nice drive as years ago when I lived in Seattle I drove it often and driving down, I remembered a lot. Once in Portland I met up with Kristin who has worked for us since the beginning.

We dropped my rental car and headed downtown for a meeting with our Oregon distributor. I had known this guy for years through many many phone calls but had never met him in person. It was finally good for both of us to meet face to face. After a successful two hour meeting, we went to pick up Kristin’s boyfriend Tommy. They’re having a baby in about a month and own a restaurant. We headed downtown to a French restaurant that is owned by the chef who is partners with Tommy in his restaurant. 5 minutes after arriving Antonio met us as he just made it to town earlier in the day.

The food was great. Before our main course, the chef sent over this fresh cod collar which is basically the neck of the fish, (see below). It was great and filling. By the time our main course arrived, we were stuffed. I made it to my hotel by 9:30 and was asleep by 10 which is good, as I woke up at 2:30. I have a 5:15 flight so time to get moving. I should be back in Denver by 8:30 this morning and then head up the hill. Have a great day and GB.

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Tuesday morning

Long day, long flight. I landed about 2:30 in the afternoon and was at the office an hour later. We then worked until about 10 pm before heading to our place to stay. It’s a great place with an unbelievable view of Seattle which I’ll post below.

Lori and the boys did well and are up getting ready. It’s 6 here and I’ll be at the office by 7:30 and then will leave to drive to Portland at noon. I have a meeting with my distributor and then will have dinner with Antonio. Tomorrow at 3 in the morning I’ll get up and head for my 5:15 plane. Time to go, have a great day, GB.

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Big week

I’m off to Denver to catch a plane to Seattle and the boys have school while Lori will be at work. She’ll have to leave to pick them up early and then go back to work for at least another hour. Tomorrow Jag has to be there at 7:15 so she’ll be up early again. Then on Wednesday Ty has late start and Jag has early release but I should be back in time to pick him up.

Jag’s taking a dose of Typhoid pills which can give you an upset stomach and yesterday didn’t disappoint. He has two more pills, one on Tuesday and one Thursday when he leaves. Better safe than sorry.

Good game last night as far as Super Bowls go. Lots of offense and no defense until the end and thankfully the cheater Patriots lost. The commercials were good too. Now we have about 11 weeks until the draft. This is the true off season but hey, we’re in first place!

I’d better get moving so I can get the boys moving. My flight is at 11:15 or so. Thankfully I’m flying First Class so I should have lots of room. Germs are everywhere, I’ll be wiping down my seat, tray table, arm rests and just about everything else like the seat belt trying to avoid the flu. I even take latex gloves, ha.

Have a great day and week, God Bless.

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Super Bowl

Today is the big game. It doesn’t really seem as important as ones in the past. In other words, we don’t really care about it. Take all the protests by players this year against the flag plus the fact the the Patriots are in it, again, and it’s like who cares. I’m sure we’ll watch it, sort of. We like the commercials more than anything.

Yesterday Jag headed to Grand Junction for two games while Lori and I headed to Denver. We had a nice lunch with friends after her appointment and stopping at the mall to buy a few things for Jag’s trip. Jag shot 60% from the field and his coach said he’s a great player and a great kid when he dropped him off last night. It seems one of our other guys got a technical foul and was sort of a downer on the whole team. That was Jag’s last game for the season although he might make practice a day or two before he goes to China.

I’m off to Seattle and Portland tomorrow so today we’ll need to get Jags stuff laid out and ready to pack. We’re excited for him, what an experience! Who gets to go to China anyhow, WOW!

Time to run so I can head out to the gym. By the way, have you that get a paycheck noticed your check went up under the new tax plan? Lori’s did about $4000 a year! For me, what I pay in taxes went down about $6000! That’s a big deal for us. We’re pretty happy with it as it’s the first time in our lives that taxes have ever went down! Just saying.

So, go Eagles! (We’re cheering for Philadelphia), have a great day, GB.

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A long day

Yesterday was a long one. I took Ty to the doctor for his head and picked up Jag at 11:30 and dragged him along. While seeing Dr. Feeny for Ty, I asked him to conduct the travel consult with Jag for his trip. We got him there just in time as Jag needed to start taking Typhoid pills last night and takes one every other day until Thursday as it’s a dose of four pills. He’s also supposed to drink stuff only out of bottles, not pet any dogs or animals and eat stuff only that he can peel or cook.

Basketball started at 4 and we won both games. We played Hayden which is out by Steamboat where I go hunting. They were a bit chippy and Jag of course was mauled and double teamed all night long. In the first game one kid was particularly annoying doing things like knocking the ball out of Jag’s hands on dead balls and even called him a pussy! Their big guy who was a senior, came up to Jag and apologized for his teammate which was nice, saying “sorry about him, just ignore him”. We won the first game by about 10 and the second by about 20. It was chippy though with our crowd cheering like a college gym. At one point on a pick and roll, one of our big guys dunked the ball and the crowd went crazy. We made it home and ate dinner by 10 and today Jag’s off at 9:30 for more games by Grand Junction. His coach is picking him up as Lori and I will be in Denver. I have to run to the store first as I always bring power bars and Gatorade to the games for the boys and I need to send them along. It’ll be his last game as then he’s gone even though our team will go to districts. We though will be in Hawaii.

Ty hung out with some buddies in the auxiliary gym from VMS shooting balls around which was good as he’ll be back in school with them next year. He’s grown a bunch and is so much taller than a lot of the kids.

Lori took some pictures but they’re on her phone. I need to hit the shower so I can get to the store for the teams stuff. Have a great weekend, God Bless.

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Ok, Ty’s home with a concussion on top of a concussion, Jag has two basketball games tonight and Lori and I are both dealing with incompetence at work. Ty needs to go see Dr. Feeny at noon today who is like the concussion guru up here. Jag saw him when he had his episode. Today we have games from 4 until about 8:30. Tomorrow Jag leaves at 10 for Grand Junction and should be home around 4. Lori and I will be in Denver getting Jag the last few things he needs for his trip to China. Ty will be staying home. He needs to stay off all stimulation which includes radio, tv, computers, reading or anything where he uses his brain. Yesterday he was bored and didn’t know what to do. Lori said that he needs to learn how to be bored, as all kids in today’s World do, good point, ha.

We’re supposed to get snow on Sunday and then I fly out Monday arriving back in Denver Wednesday am. Lori had a good meeting with her doc yesterday and hopefully will be backing down to 4 1/2 or 4 day work weeks. We’ll see. When she’s there 5 days a week it’s just too much as she ends up working between 50 and 60 hours a week which is not sustainable.

Have a good day and weekend, keep washing your hands and do not touch your face or eyes! God Bless.

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Here we go, March and Springtime are right around the corner! I hear there’s snow in Denver today but it’s dry up here. It’s 5:38 right now and Lori is out of the shower. She has an early morning meeting. Both boys were home yesterday but will be back in school today. Jag has the Shakespeare Festival after school from something like 4 until 7. He and everyone else has to dress up and recite lines they’ve memorized. Look for pics tomorrow!

Once again, we can’t seem to find a morning where we can sleep in. Here’s a comment from Robi from yesterday, hope everyone is well, GB

robi says:

Yep Happy Birthday mom! In her honor I have on her “uniform” and Robert is wearing his chili pepper chef pants mom gave him one year for Christmas. Going out for mex tonight cause she loved it! I sure hope she’s having a big party, but I know she’d rather be here. I was woken up by a pack of coyotes howling, Robert went out to look and there it was, big, bright and orange right in my backyard – the super moon! I thought it was too be early this morning about 2:30 and I have a real hard time sleeping so I sure wasn’t gonna wake myself up to see it. Kinda cool, the coyotes “barking at the moon”.

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is Mom’s birthday! I’ll bet there’s a big party going on up in Heaven. It’ll probably be a fun one because most of her friends are up there with her. Wish she could post pictures of the big day! We all miss you and hope you have a great day!

Last night we lost two tough games, the first by 3 points, 57 to 60 and the second by 4 points. Earlier in the day Ty was hit in the head twice in gym. First he bonked heads with another student and then the teacher and he somehow ran into each other. He went to Jags first game but his head was hurting so I ran him home between games. Jag has practice tonight and then is off tomorrow as I’m having him skip the morning practice. Then he has two games Friday and two Saturday. He had a lot of homework last night after the game so I’m letting him sleep as long as possible.

I pulled a muscle in my back day before yesterday but will try to work it out at 9 am this morning after Lori goes to the gym at 7. The kid at the front desk of the gym who is there on the weekends, asked us last weekend if we were training for something special. It seems we’re the only ones who consistently show up on the weekends. Lori told him we’re training to get old, ha.

There’s a Super Blue Moon outside right now, the first one since something like 1866. Unfortunately we can’t see it right now as it’s overcast. The next one is in 2037. Ty wanted to wake up to see it but since we can’t see it, we’re letting him sleep.

Work is going pretty well, knock on wood, for both of us. Without going into detail, January was a pivotal month for both of us. I guess hard work and persistence does pay off!

That’s it! Tomorrow is February 1st, continue to wash your hands and do not touch your face! We still have a good 4 weeks left of the flu season. Take care, be safe, have a great day and God Bless.

Here’s the moon last night on the way to basketball.

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