Blah blah blah

Today we have blah and then more blah and this afternoon some more blah and blah before blah blah blah this evening. Get it? Is that how your day seems? Are you on an endless treadmill of daily tasks that seem the same? Most of us probably are. Sure there are certain things we do each and every day like shower, feed our dogs, make our beds unless you’re a teenager, but what are you doing with the rest of your time.

Anyone read a good book lately? How about a vacation, anyone go anywhere lately? I know Robi and Robert went to Vegas for Lady Gaga, great job! How about trying something new that’s out of your comfort zone, ever think of learning a new language, or learning to play a new instrument? Sometimes we get in that funk where we think, there has to be more. Well let’s all do something. I’m open to suggestions. Maybe we should all take a trip together. It could be as simple as Yellowstone or new York or we could all go to Fiji or Thailand. Anyone got the guts? I’m sure we can all come up with reasons why not to go but let’s try to find some reasons TO go! Let’s see what we can come up with.

Today we’re making a trip to Denver for Jag’s final fitting for the Denver Fashion Show later this month. I was going to go but maybe just Jag and Lori will go. Ty went to a party last night. We’re so proud of him as just about every kid is drinking or smoking pot but not Ty or Jag. They’re at that age where everyone is experimenting. Whatever you say about our boys, they aren’t getting drunk or stoned and falling into walls. In fact Ty had Mom drive home a little girl who was drunk! Jag turned in three college applications yesterday and has CU to get in by the 15th. There’s still snow on the ground but it’s slowly melting. Lori and I are going to the gym but I’m taking it easy as my right knee is a bit swollen as I overused it a bit. So much of what I’m doing is related to balance and my core that I’m doing a lot of leg exercises. I’ve also stepped up the amount of weight I’m lifting which is putting more stress on my joints.

Ty has to study for a test Monday and both boys have theater practice tomorrow from noon until 4. I think Lori and I are going to the game unless we decide to give the tickets away. Our season is lost and our QB is done for the year. Hopefully we don’t screw things up and start winning so we get a high draft pick!

That’s it, time to learn Russian, start playing the dulcimer and planning our trip to the dark side of the moon! God Bless.

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November 1st

Here it is, turkey month, Tom will be getting his tree out and probably up by the weekend. Lot’s going on.

Here’s a comment from Robi from yesterday,

Robi says: October 31, 2019 at 4:33 pm

Yep there was a poll to see if Halloween should be scheduled for the last Saturday in the month! Are you kidding, I’m with you Doug, I remember mom dressing us up and setting us loose trudging thru the snow out till 11:00 on a school night – oh my!

So true, now how about this one? Ty dressed up as a cowboy yesterday and I took him one of my western gun belts around noon with a lasso for pictures. Outside the lunch room when I was giving it to him a kid who was probably 8 or 9 came up to us and said, “that references a gun, do you have a permit for that?”. Now I felt like saying get out of here you little shit, or something fun like wanna buy some weed but I just looked at him and said “yes I do”. He then so “oh” and walked away. What in the World are we doing to our kids? I told Tom and he said imagine things in 30 years, wow!

It’s still cold in the mornings but no more snow right now. Things are slowly melting. I made a few changes at the house like taking out a closet and adding one, moving the kitchen pantry, eliminating a window and adding a window. Tom our builder says things will be getting dried in meaning to roof is going on soon. It looks really cool, our views are spectacular.

Lori broke a tooth yesterday and has to go to the dentist today. Jag is staying home to finish his college applications. He asked if he could apply to Columbia in New York Early Decision meaning he’d be ;locked in if they accepted him to which we said no! That’s over $70K a year. Not sure who he thinks we are, ha. His teachers and the school directors are still talking about his conference which made its way through all the teachers as he was so profound and visionary. All his teachers could say after he spoke was “wow”. The Upper School Director found him yesterday and said she heard it was the conference of all conferences. He just said thank you.

Time to take Harley up the hill and warm up the car so I can drive Ty and Lori to work. Hope everyone is well, it’s crazy out there, watch your back and God Bless.

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Happy Halloween

The news just had a poll as to whether Halloween should be rescheduled due to bad weather. What the hell is wrong with this Country? How soft have we become? When I was a kid there was always bad weather on Halloween! Mom would bundle us up in homemade costumes that were layers of clothes to keep us warm as we trudged through what was usually feet of snow. I can remember Mr. Rossi serving hot chocolate and coffee in the snow while Mrs. Rossi handed out homemade candied apples. She would make cinnamon or caramel every year. She passed away probably 5 or 10 years ago now and was always a smiling face that made us cookies and candies from the time I was 10 years old until she died.

Jag is wearing some 70’s outfit and Ty is going as a cowboy (atta boy) while Lori and her team and the docs are going as a baseball team. One of the PA’s is dressing up as a hotdog. I’ll try to get pictures this morning. I’ll be working around the house and on the phone most of the day.

No new snow but cool this morning. It looks like Denver received more snow than we did up here at the house. It’s going to warm up today and things will melt even more. Tomorrow is November 1st! Then it’s a quick 60 days until 2020 with Thanksgiving and Christmas and a bunch of birthdays thrown in. Have a great day, God Bless.

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Running late

Just got back from taking Lori to work and before that the gym. The boys are off today as we have their conferences which Lori and I will go to this afternoon. It’s cold and clear with temperatures around 7 degrees. Tomorrow it’s going to warm up and be in the 40’s and 50’s for the next 10 days at least. This is good news as the builders can get the roof on.

I need to get Ty some kind of costume today as he still doesn’t have anything. Jag is doing some sort of 70’s thing. Not sure if I’m going to Denver tomorrow. I think I’m in Aspen Friday. Hard to believe that’s it’s almost November, soon it’ll be 2020.

Have a great day, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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A dusting

Not much of the white stuff outside this morning. Just enough to make me have to go out and brush off all three cars. Looks like lots of schools closed in Denver according to the news.

Yesterday I managed to completely clean off the kitchen and island counter. I also did both boys rooms and bathrooms. The counter has been a catch all for everything from papers to gloves to keys to just about anything in anyone’s hands when they walk in the door. Amazing how things you think you have to save you end up throwing out a few weeks later as they’re not that important.

After today we have one more day of cold and then about 10 days or two weeks of 40 degree or higher temperatures and sun. Our builder says he’ll have the roof all on during that period. We decided to eliminate a hallway (not sure why we had it in the first place) and open up the kitchen and living room by another 3 or 4 feet. We’ll also do a walk through on windows tomorrow or Thursday to decide where to add or eliminate windows. Windows are one of the single most expensive items there are when building a house!

For those of you that know Harry, I spoke with him a couple of times yesterday and it looks like he’s going to be ok. I guess his spleen is larger than normal for some reason, and has been for sometime and this increase some blood count. Two doctors he saw yesterday both pretty much cleared him, thank God.

I need to get the dogs water as it’s frozen in their bowl right now. They’ve both had breakfast and been out. Lori just got some ice from the freezer and that’s like a duck call for Harley. We gave her ice when she was a puppy and ever since the dog loves to eat ice! Big mistake with us living in a place where it snows all the time, ha.

Jag’s and my hair are both messed up. Mine from letting Phoebe cut it on the fly when Lori was getting hers done and Jag’s from going to some girl he’d never been to before. I think we’re both going to the 4 Seasons today at different times to try to get it fixed.

Ty has a few essays due today so time to go and get him up. Have a great day, GB.

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Ok, it’s here

Snow has arrived. Not too much and actually it’s pretty dry and fluffy but it’s here. On the news every school and business in Denver is on some sort of weather delay. That just doesn’t happen up here. Ty was going to get up and help me shovel but I’m letting him sleep. Both boys had theater and then we went to Walgreens to get flu shots. I’m not a big proponent of them but with Lori working at a hospital and being around so many germs and viruses, we get them.

We went down to the house yesterday after going to the gym. The second floor is going up and it’s looking pretty impressive. Lori thinks some rooms are too small but we are more than doubling our size. We might adjust a hallway or two or maybe a closet. We need to talk to Tom our builder.

Time to go so I can shovel and clean off the cars. Dogs have been fed and out for a quick walk. They’ll need a longer walk in 30 minutes or so. I have a routine so I need to stay on schedule. Have a great day, God Bless.

Here’s a picture of the boys rooms upstairs and two views from Ty’s room, exciting!

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Not yet

It’s 6:30 in the morning and so far, no snow, not even any drizzle or rain. Guess it’s running a little late. Now they’re saying later this afternoon. Lori and I stopped at the grocery store in Denver after our lunch with Jeff and Tina and we’d never seen it so packed. You would have thought this was the last time anyone could go to a store the way people were stocking up and just from the amount of people shopping. We quickly exited as we don’t like crowds and headed up the hill. We were home around 5 and began to unwind.

Jag took off around 4:45 for a haircut while Ty decided to stay home. I guess there was a party but some kids were doing LSD (didn’t know that was still even around) so Ty opted out. What a good kid. He even showed us videos on his phone of his buddy Will who had a little too much to drink the night before, but again Ty didn’t drink. He’s making really good choices. Lori just told me Jag made it home around 2 am. While she said she was sort of waiting up for him, I get it, he’s 17 and when we were that age, we were up and out that late too. Hell when I was his age I had already been in college for a few months.

When Lori and I were getting haircuts I told Phoebe about the David Crosby documentary and she said that was so funny as she was somehow listening to CSN&Y the other day and how great it was. Meanwhile the young girl at the counter of the salon was playing some non descript EDM (electronic dance music) that was that super annoying pound in your head gibberish. I decided to go to the counter and help her change the music. She didn’t know who CSN&Y were so I had to change it for her. Then after a few songs I asked if she knew who the Stones were and thankfully she did. Alas all hope might not be lost for the younger generation after all. Anyhow as soon as I changed the music everyone in the salon was tapping their feet or quietly signing along. The whole aura of the salon changed just from switching music.

Today it’s off to the gym, Lori is making is chili, whoo hoo, and we’ll do some laundry and cleaning. This is the first Sunday we can remember we didn’t have something going on. No conference, trips to Denver or California or school event. The boys do have theater practice from noon until 4 today. Jag went to basketball yesterday and had a great slam off a missed lay up by a team mate, should be a fun season for him. Ty is back with his trainer Tuesday and is also playing.

Bad fires in California. The Governor and environmentalists should have allowed logging as logging is good for the land. It thins out the old, sick and dying and dead trees which are the main fuel for these fires. Same thing with hunting. The funny thing is if we didn’t interfere, fires would come and go on a regular basis and keep things in check so you wouldn’t have these mega blazes. Now they say there will be rolling power outages for the next 10 years! If that’s not enough to make you move, on top of the insane taxes, the suppression of your constitutional rights in so many areas, the high crime rate and the putting of illegal immigrants ahead of U.S. citizens, I guess you’ll never leave. Sadly I understand how some people are stuck but you’d be surprised what you can do if you really want to do it. Oh well, we have our own issues here in Colorado because so many of these Californians are moving here. Guess I should keep my mouth shut, forget everything I just said and stay where you’re are.

That’s it, time to get moving. Here’s a picture of some fireworks they bring you at the new French restaurant we went to for lunch when you order champagne! Lori always looks fabulous, and loves wearing Mom’s jacket! Have a great day and God Bless.

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Here it comes

Starting late tonight, snow and cold will be moving in. Looks like winter is here. We have 3 ski areas open and more opening a week from today. It’s frosty out this morning but clear.

Jag has his third ACT test today and Ty spent the night at Will’s last night. Jag doesn’t need to take the test again but his scores go up every time he does so he thought he’d give it one more try.

Lori made it home around 5:45. I ran down to Denver for a few appointments and was back by 1:30. We’ve been leaving Harley out with Mojo and so far all is good. Let’s hope it continues.

This morning we’re headed to Denver so Lori can get her hair done and then we’re having lunch with Jeff and Tina at the new French restaurant La Biblioteque in Cherry Creek.

We watched the new David Crosby movie which is sort of a retrospective on his life. It’s called Remember My Name. He of course is from the Byrds and Crosby Still Nash and Young. It was a great film but sad in some ways. We’re all getting older every day and it’s a slap in the face of reality when you see your contemporaries or those from your generation getting old in front of you. The only conclusion you can take away from it is yes, you’re old too! Anyhow it brings back great memories of your youth and helps refocus you on just what’s important in life. Another take away is that words matter. Be careful what you say to people as sometimes words can hurt worse than any physical harm. All these artists from my generation usually have some sort of falling out as they’re essentially family. They spend decades or almost their whole life together and there’s bound to be disagreements. The trick is to not say or do anything you can’t go back from. We all know this is hard and is true for any family, right!

Oh well, give it a watch if you have the times. It’s much better than the usual crap on tv these days. If nothing else it’ll make you understand some of the songs you grew up with much better. Time to go, have a great day and God Bless.

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Really, we’re super thankful it’s Friday. Yesterday after some urging from his friends, Jag played in the last soccer game. We beat Aspen 2 to 0. I grabbed Lori at 4:30 and we made it to the game just in time for the halftime ceremony where they honored the seniors. We did find out when Jag was kicked in the head with a ball last week, he called out the coach, with an F word or two, demanding an apology when the coach brushed it off. It really doesn’t matter who you are if Jag thinks he’s right and you’re wrong. He’ll call you out. he should go to DU and be a lawyer! I picked Ty up at 3 sharp and took him to the gym where he had his first workout with a trainer. I’m sure today, or for sure tomorrow, he’ll be sore. I worked out twice yesterday and the keto thing seems to be working for me. Maybe at 62 I’ll find that elusive six pack after all.

I have a quick run to Denver this morning and hope to be back by noon. Tomorrow Lori and I are going down as she has a hair appointment and then we’re having lunch with Jeff and Tina. It warmed up yesterday but more snow is expected this Sunday. We sure could use a break for a month or so before winter is here full on.

Time to get moving. Hope everyone is well, take care and God Bless. Go Nuggets!

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This morning we have snow, and a good amount. I’ve been up for 30 minutes and have been cleaning off cars, shoveling the driveway and walking the dogs and just came in for coffee. We have two warm days coming up and then I think more snow on Sunday, ugh.

Yesterday I made it down and up before the snow hit. Lori and I had to go to the plumbing fixture place and pick out a tub and a few other things for the plumber. Lori had another massage and a facial while I was gone. Jag had a California college workshop and Ty had to meet with a teacher after school for some help on an essay.

The dogs are fine, I’m in my 4th day of strict Keto meaning no sugar and no carbs and only high fat dairy. Doesn’t sound like it makes sense but I’m losing a little weight and more importantly have zero inflammation. Always tinkering with my diet. Robi is in Vegas. Hope the show was fun. I guess they arrived at the airport and had made their flight for 8:30 pm instead of 8:30 am! They had to obviously change their flight to make the Lady Gaga concert last night. They come home Friday.

Ty is working out today at 3:30 to get in shape for basketball. He’s going to our trainer. Jag is scheduled too but not sure if he can make it. Speaking of basketball, the Nuggets won last night! It’s 7:03 am now so time to get going. Have a great day and God Bless.

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