Good morning! Yesterday is a blur as we got up at 5:15 a.m. to get out the door and on our way to Denver by 6:30 a.m. We thought it would be clear driving but the Highway Patrol closed I-70 East due to sun glare and diverted traffic to a one lane frontage road…no fun!

That first paragraph was written by the lovely Lori! A few more highlights, she lost an earring. It was a little hoop with some little diamonds on it, bummer.

Today Ty goes back to school. Tomorrow it’s his birthday! We also have a basketball game tomorrow. The game the other day I learned we lost by two points because the coaches didn’t start Jag because he was out injured. He did hit the buzzer beater to go to overtime and scored all the points in overtime but it should never have gone that far and wouldn’t if they played him earlier in the game. I don’t understand some people or coaches sometimes. I mean just what are they trying to teach or prove? Don’t get hurt, ah dud. Oh well, the whole team was more disappointed that they didn’t play Jag than he was and he was pissed as it just wasn’t logical and Jag is a very logical kid. He told Mom he’s just so over high school. I don’t blame him as he’s already in college in his head.

The joke of impeachment is going on but I and most people are not paying much attention. The Dems have turned this into such a joke. Pelosi even signed various copies with a bunch of different pens like it’s some great new law or something and then handed ceremonial pens out to various people. Trust me, history will not look kindly on any of them. Oh well, they’re in their own little World which will come crashing down as they all do. It’s just a matter of time.

Boys, great week! Jag, we’re very proud of you as always and Ty, you are amazingly kind and caring to all people. You’re like a saint in the selfless ways you’re just naturally concerned about everyone. I won’t go into details but you make choices without thinking that always put others ahead of yourself. Tomorrow is your 16th birthday and we can’t wait! Know that you two have always been admired by all the other parents and adults who knew you. You’re amazing young men that will someday somehow change the World for the better. I know it!

God Bless.

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This morning Lori and I are off to Denver. Ty stayed home sick yesterday but thankfully doesn’t have the flu. I took him to the doctor around 5 to make sure. Jag was playing basketball in Paonia and had a buzzer beater according to Ty but the other team won.

Hope Ty goes to school today but the doctor said if he isn’t feeling well to stay home. I looked at her and said “what are you doing” as if you tell him he can stay home if he isn’t feeling well, he won’t be feeling well! After all he is a teenager.

Robin and Robert bought their tickets to Aspen Food and Wine. It’ll be fun to have them here. It’s June 19th through the 21st. It’s one of our favorite events of the year.

Annette commented in response to yesterdays post, NINERS ALL THE WAY! Uh oh, looks like we might have to have a NFC Championship pool.

That’s about it. Time to run, God Bless and don’t waste your money watching the new Terminator movie, ha!

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Today in Paonia is the boys first game that counts. They are released at 11:30 as it’s at least a 3 hour drive. Ty is sort of sick and shouldn’t go but we’ll see. The main issue is they’ll get home sometime around 11 or 12 tonight. The next game is Friday, Ty’s birthday, but at least it’s at home. Then another one Saturday another 2 or 3 hours away.

Lots of snow yesterday. I-70 was closed in both directions with numerous crashes including a semi that went off one side of the highway down on to the other. It’s straddling the median right now until they can close it again and get in some big tow trucks. It does look clear today though which is good.

Lori and I both need to leave in an hour so time to get going. I watched a little of the college national championship game last night but lost interest midway through the second quarter. I don’t even know who won.

Boys, way to work hard yesterday. I know it was a long day at school with basketball practice in the morning but those kind of days and following through with commitments build character, good job. Same to Lori, she’s one hard relentless worker, even with a headache.

Make it a great day, God Bless and don’t worry Robi, I’ll be cheering for the Packers!

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Early Practice

This morning basketball practice starts at 6:30 so we’re all (or at least Lori and I) up early. If not for us the boys would sleep right through it. Tomorrow they have a game in Paonia which is almost 3 hours away!

Last night Jag received an email saying Stanford wants to send an alumni from the law school up from Denver to interview Jagger! Not sure what this means but we know they don’t send someone to interview everyone that applies. I think that happens this Saturday but will have to look at the email. Pretty exciting.

Today the boys also have call backs for theater. They’ve both been called back for parts in The Adams Family which is the Spring play. This means it’ll be a late night.

Lori still has a headache, what’s new right. Good football games this weekend. The 49r’s and Packers both won so either way one of our teams will be in the Super Bowl. We also ran down to the house yesterday and lots of windows are in. Jeff our electrician was there working away so we walked the house and decided where we wanted switches and some overhead lights. It’s moving along fast.

Now for the boys. Good morning guys! Hope you had a fun weekend, (you both did) and that you have a good week. Jag, Mom and I are super excited and proud of you for getting a “call back” from Stanford, WOW! Ty, Mom and I were talking yesterday about how proud we are of you for getting up and out on the mountain almost every time you can. It’s January 13th and I think you have 34 days on the hill already! You’re definitely a mountain man and athlete. Jag, it was great to learn over the weekend that you were the top scorer in lacrosse last year on JV in the entire State! Quite the achievement. Ty, way to go putting yourself out there and trying tele skiing on your own. You just decided you wanted to do it and you did it! By the way, we’re getting excited and ready for your 16th birthday this Friday, WOW! So again, we are super proud of you both and love you both very very much.

So that is it for the day. Robin and Tom had bets on the games and I think Robin is ahead so far. If Houston would have won she would have been way ahead as she was texting me during the game. Good games coming up. I like every team except Kansas City. God Bless.

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Almost middle of the month in the middle of winter. I wonder how people 100 or 150 years ago would deal with the day. They had no idea what the day would bring. I imagine the greatest challenge was just making sure they had enough food and water and firewood or heat to make it through the day. There was no tv or weathermen to warn of coming storms or obviously any grocery store to run down to and buy some eggs and milk. To survive people had to be tough and resilient or they wouldn’t make it. These days it’s a different ballgame but I think that same tenacity is needed now and will be needed much more in the future to make it. I’d write more on this but it won’t do much good and if you don’t see it already you probably never will.

Last night Lori, Jag, Madi, (Jag’s new girl) and I went to dinner. She’s a sweet girl who is really talented and has an audition at Julliard in Chicago next month for college. She’s been in theater for about 8 years and is really strong. Her and Jag are a cute couple. He’s happy and they get along like a couple. Dinner was fun with lots of laughter and me constantly checking the football score on my phone. To be fair I asked if anyone would mind at the start of dinner. The food was so so and the bill was $500 plus as it is every where up here. Ty went to Zoe’s and spent the night at Will’s house with Sonny. Jag spent the night at Tucker’s and just walked in as Tucker had an early training session for ski racing.

Today Lori and I will head down to the house to see the positioning of the overhead lighting and sign off on things or move some around. It’s snowing lightly and is going to continue through tomorrow, so they say. Ty is tele skiing again today and we need to go pick him up and take him to the mountain. That kid is fearless when it comes to heading out in cold weather. Lori and I would just stay home!

Ok boys, you had a fun weekend. hell, you’ve had a fun, blessed life so far. You’re good kids though and it makes us happy to do things for you. My Mom, (your grandma) always said she couldn’t wait until you were growing up as she was sure we’d spoil you. I continuously told her “no way, I’ll never do that”. Once again she was right and I was wrong. The older I get the more this seems to be true. So a word of warning, you two will do the same with your kids, but it’s ok. I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to spoil your kids as long as they stay grounded in reality which both of you pretty much are. Remember we love you!

That’s it, make it a great day and God Bless.

p.s. notice how I say “make it a great day” rather than have a great day as I realized it’s up to you to make the day what you want! Waking and having a great day depends too much on circumstance so get out there and make it what you want!

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Another Choice

Last night when the boys made it home from basketball we learned Jag was accepted to the University of Colorado Boulder School of Engineering! This is a big deal as it’s a tough school (within the school) to get accepted to. Congrats! Whoo hoo! Lori and I of course hope he chooses Boulder as the tuition is less expensive than out of State and he’d be closer to home. One of our friends is on the board of the school as he’s a former graduate there and was thrilled for Jagger too. For those of you that might not know, engineering encompasses everything from aerospace to mechanical to environmental to medical and much more. In short engineering is about solving problems we face as a society and as people. You could go there and design new sustainable housing materials that would change the World as an example. It’s also rated like number 3 in the Country as far as university’s go. Hopefully one day soon we’ll be saying Jag’s a Colorado Buffalo!

Tonight we’re going out to dinner with Madi, Jag’s new girlfriend. I guess last night she sang the National Anthem at the high school basketball game. Ty says she’s really good at theater and had an audition for Julliard. Ty stayed home as he wanted to go out but we had him rest as he had Ski Friday and then basketball and was tired and needed to clean his room from being gone on the hut trip. He wants to go rent telemark ski’s today and join the tele team at school. There goes another $2K! We also received a letter from the boys school that tuition will be $30,900 next year! As a comparison, this is $4,000 more than the University of Colorado! Unbelievable. I wish everyone in the valley would just say no but I don’t think that’ll happen. Everyone will just pay it and move on and if we leave they’ll fill our spot easy.

We did find our the unit next to us is under contract (it’s been for sale) for $703K. They’ll close February 17th so we’ll have new neighbors. This is a good price as when we move we’ll list for a bit more than that.

Around 12:30 last night we noticed Jag wasn’t home so Lori texted him to see where he was and he said he was going to stay at a friends house. We were not aware of this so told him no and to come home. Yes he’s 18 but still living at home and we require notice and to know where he is. He wasn’t thrilled but made it home.

Ok boys, it’s been a busy week in yours and our lives. Your Mom is still dealing with her concussion, I’m expanding our Company and hiring people all over the Country and you’re both back at school. Again we’re proud of you both for making good choices as kids in today’s World and Grandma even offered yesterday to help out financially with school. She’s very proud of you both and loves you two very much.

That’s it everyone, make it a great day and God Bless.

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Home safe

I was driving back from Frisco around 1:30 and passed the VMS busses on the highway coming over the pass. I knew Ty was safe and on the way home. It was a cold hike in deep snow even wearing snowshoes but he loved it. He said he needs to take an Avi course as he loves the backcountry. That is short for avalanche course. I picked him up at 3 and headed home. Jag stayed for basketball and was home a bit after 6:30.

Today is the first Ski Friday at school and Ty will go to the mountain while Jag will do something, I think snowshoe, around school. I was headed to Denver to have the Rover windows tinted but am putting it off until next week. Just too much to do and it’ll be cold and snowy a but in Denver today.

Lori worked all day yesterday and paid the price with her headache. It could take a month or more for her concussion to go away. Hopefully she’ll get out early today. She needs to rest this weekend but that probably won’t happen.

One new thing we’re going to start doing is write a few sentences to the boys every now and then, so here’s the message for today.

Boys, when you someday read this, know that I’m glad you get to sleep in while we take the dogs out every morning. I also enjoy shoveling and starting all the cars, I really do! We’re thankful you both are really good, polite, caring boys even though it’s hard to get you to clean up your room or pick up after yourself in the kitchen. We hope someday you’ll appreciate your high school years and all the fun you had living in Vail. We love you both very much.

That’s it, now go make it a great day and God Bless.

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Well well

There’s a little snow outside, Ty gets back today at 3, Jag is working away and back playing basketball at full strength, Lori is headed to work and I’m working non-stop as usual.

Yesterday in the afternoon Lori and I met Dave our cabinet maker from Evergreen down and the house and went over the final layout in the whole house. It was a busy place with electrician’s, plumbers, guys outside laying gas lines, a few carpenters and Tom, Dave, Lori and I. Things are moving fast. This weekend we need to go approve the layout of the cans (lights) throughout the house. There’s so much to consider such as how closets are designed. Where do the hanging clothes go, shoe cubbies, places for cowboy boots, built in dressers, and more. And that’s just the closets. We’re building bunk beds into the basement wall to sleep 4 to 6 extra people for when guests come. There will be two sets of bunk beds side by side with a full on top and a queen on the bottom of each set. We also have a safe room for valuables with a vault like door hidden by a rolled metal wall that is designed so no one knows that room is even there. I guess you guys now know it’s there! I do have three close buddies who want to pay me $50 a month to store a few valuables for them as they live in Denver and want to have some items safely stored out of the city. Could be a little business, hmm. Lots more going on as well. It’s exciting and coming along fast.

Two weeks from today we’re headed to Baylor so I need to get tickets today. Then a few days later I’m in Seattle for a night and then it’ll be Mom’s birthday. I’m in Denver tomorrow having Lori’s windows tinted and a clear bra put on her car.

We were talking yesterday about all the stuff we have to go through. Not only our stuff but the stuff from Mom’s too. There’s china, crystal glasses, knick knacks, thousands of photographs and more. We have tons of clothes to go through and donate. There’s so much the boys have grown out of. It’ll be good to move as it forces you to go through everything. Once in the house I’ll go through the storage units too as most of the stuff there needs to go as well. It’s an adventure. That’s it for today. Hope everyone is well. God Bless.

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Hut trip

This morning Ty is heading out on a hut trip. He’ll hike 4 or 5 miles in with his snowboard strapped to his backpack, spend the night at the hut at about 13,000 feet and then snowboard down from the top of the Continental Divide tomorrow. He’s excited as he does it every year and has a blast. Jag opted out as do most seniors.

I managed to make Lori stay low from about 7pm until 6am this morning. She did work a bit yesterday and is going in this morning again. I had a great meeting yesterday and then headed back up the hill. Both boys had a long day yesterday with basketball and their first day back at school. I dropped by a wrote a check to school for tuition.

Today Lori and I are meeting the cabinet guy at 1. I need to get Ty and all his gear to school by 7:30. It’s 6:30 now so time to get moving. Oh, Iran fired a few missiles at us in the Middle East yesterday, yawn. If we want we could pretty much end things really quick. They say they’re retaliating because we took out the number two bad guy when in fact it’s us that are retaliating against them and in particular that bad guy for killing over 600 Americans over the years. Here’s the kicker, no one, and I mean no one in the entire World is condemning the attack except our democratic politicians and some Hollywood actors. Not a single country, even China and Russia have spoke up, but leave it to Pelosi and Schumer and various so called celebrities to side with the terrorists. Oh yea, don’t forget the presidential candidates as they too are quite upset. Maybe they should move to Iran and run for office over there. Trump could be saving disabled children and the Dems would be against it, wow. Oh well, guess it’s the times we live in.

Have a great day and God Bless.

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Back to school

Today the 2nd semester begins. It’s also Jag’s last semester in high school. Things are going to start moving fast around here.

Last night Lori had a CT Scan at the hospital to make sure she didn’t have a brain bleed. As far as the local radiologist can tell, she doesn’t but a specialist in Denver will read it this morning. We were in and out of the hospital in a record 15 minutes. I couldn’t believe it.

Ty and I worked out hard yesterday. With school today so starts basketball meaning both boys will be home a bit after 6. Ty leaves tomorrow for his hut trip for 2 days. We don’t even have a list yet of what he needs yet. Not very well organized by the school. Speaking of the school, I need to call them today and go over our bill, ugh. Good news about Jag going to college is it’ll probably be cheaper than high school! Let’s hope so.

No snow outside and it’s going to be in the 50’s in Denver. I have a 10 am meeting down there and then will head back up the hill. Lori is going in for a few hours for a couple peer to peer calls. This is where doctors talk to doctors to try to get insurance authorization.

Lots going on at work too. I have a trip to Seattle at the end of the month and need to get our tickets to go to Baylor in a couple weeks too. That’s it as no time to waste, have a great day and God Bless.

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