Doing ok

News of the day is it’s all good news from the doctors for Serena, yea! I think she was out of surgery around 5 pm PST last night. Hoping for a quick full recovery. She probably needs some mountain fresh air out here in Colorado. Maybe we should bring her out.

Lots of new info coming out about the Disaster at the Capital! That’s what the news is calling it this morning. Never let a crisis go to waste. Apparently there’s a few key participants from leftist organizations that have been arrested now. I do think the majority of the people were far right Trump supporters but these stupid people were definitely egged on by a few in the crowd that wanted this to happen. Mob mentality is a scary thing. People get caught up in the fever and do things they wouldn’t normally do. Again though, no excuse. They all need to be locked up. Come down hard on them and make an example of them. We’re not headed down the right path as a Country right now. Hoping for a non-violent reset.

Lori got the vaccine yesterday afternoon! She feels ok but last night was super itchy and this morning her arm hurts a bit. I was at James last night and a buddy of his who I know had his arm swell up 2 days ago when he got the shot and it’s still swollen. I’ll be waiting and watching as I’m not able to get it right now anyhow. The news just said 1 in 3 in L.A. have covid? That can’t be right can it? If so, why aren’t they sending all the vaccines to L.A. or California? There’s so much misinformation out there you don’t know who or what to believe anymore. Take Vitamin D, Zinc, and C daily to keep your immune system strong. I’ll be watching Lori to see how she does over the coming weeks.

I might run down to Denver today. I’m waiting to see if some supplies are ready for pickup before I go. Snow tomorrow and Ty’s birthday Sunday. He’s having 3 or 4 buddies over for the weekend. It is a long weekend so there will probably be more traffic than normal but maybe many will just stay home which we’d prefer. When our cases jump, it’s directly tied to tourists coming to town.

Still sort of surreal that Minturn has sold. It happened so fast that we haven’t had time to comprehend it. The news said this morning they want to revive the train service over Tennessee Pass which would run right below the townhome. Thank God we’re out before trains start whizzing by day and night, right?

Time to get moving, 7:20 am. Enjoy the day and weekend and be thankful for what you have in your life. Don’t dwell on the negative and turn off the news. You’ll be much much happier. Stay safe and God Bless.

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Yesterday morning we closed on Minturn. Quite the adventure to get there but God was certainly watching over us. As you remember last September our buyer backed out with hours to go and left us high and dry holding the townhome. Well on January 8th we received a really low ball offer that we pretty much ignored but did counter to with a phone call from our broker to theirs. Surprisingly the buyer came back and pretty much gave us a full offer after you factor in the roof assessment. The best part which seemed too good to be true was she (the buyer) said she could close in 15 days! This is pretty much unheard of but possible if the deal is all cash and there are no banks involved. Turns out we managed to close yesterday, 8 days after we received the initial offer. We didn’t say anything until it was done as last time it fell through and we didn’t want to jinx ourselves. There’s no other way to look at this except as a miracle. These days you can’t even get an inspection for about 2 months (our buyer somehow did it) and it even takes longer to refi! Even though we signed at 9am yesterday and learned the buyer e-signed, I still didn’t believe until the funds were transferred to our account. By 11am, it was all done. What a relief as this was costing us about $3400 a month meaning we had to make about $5000 a month (pre-tax) to pay for it sitting empty. So we’re down to one house, yea! Thank you God!

After our closing Lori headed to Frisco for work and I was off to Denver. I made it home by 4 and Lori was home at 6. Today Jag starts school and I think Lori saw on the news that CU is going back to in person classes February 15th. Ty is at school today too. I stopped to see my buddy Randy who owns Mile High Shooting which is the top law enforcement dealer in the Country for a bunch of high end gear. We’ve known each other for over 10 years and I dropped them him some elk. We were discussing the crazy times and he told me about a real wealthy client who recently sold his house and took his family down to Florida and bought a huge boat to now live on! People are nervous and scarred. Randy is a Purple Heart recipient from the Viet Nam war who lost a leg and has seen it all, or so he thought, up until now. We’re about the same age and he’s a really great guy.

Today Lori’s sister Serena has her surgery for breast cancer. Please say a prayer for her. We’ve been praying for months!

Quarterly taxes are due today, it just never stops. But it is what it is. The Country is still divided. Turn off your tv and you’ll be much happier. The Dems are going to go too far too fast. The left is all in on cancelling anyone who was or is a Trump supporter. Big companies led by Big Tech are leading the way by censoring any conservative person or group. Sort of like Germany before WWII. We’ve seen this before as countries throughout history went trough the same thing before major confrontations or wars broke out. You now almost have to keep your thoughts to yourself if you don’t go along with the cancel culture. It’s already beyond ridiculous and trust me, there are a lot of silent people out there not happy with the crap going on. These times will definitely be in the history books, unless of course the left cancels history too. Not hard to imagine them trying as they’ve been going back trying their best to erase our past for sometime now with the removal of statues and removing books like Gone With The Wind from schools. No matter how hard they try though, no one can erase history. Oh well, be ready and be strong and stay true to yourself.

Time to get Ty moving. No snow but a little windy outside. Nothing like the front range though. 15 to 20 degrees outside right now which is about 20 degrees warmer than it’s been. Today I’ll stock up on a few more supplies such as dry goods and cleaning supplies. We’re pretty much set but always good to top things off. That’s it, great feeling to have Minturn gone. Still can’t believe it all went down in 8 days, truly a miracle! God Bless.

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2 weeks in

Well we’re almost 2 weeks in to 2021 and I don’t know about you but it seems like 2 months to me! Lots happening in just 13 days. Let’s hope things settle down a bit.

Lori had a long day. Mojo jumped on the door to get in the garage and I think hurt himself as his back legs are so weak. He’s also so skinny but still young in his mind. We feel so bad for him. His hearing is pretty much gone too. He still romps around the yard though so it’s clear he’s still enjoying life.

Lori and I have an appointment in Avon at 9 so time to get going. Jag starts school tomorrow. He took some new classes this semester like economics and statistics. Both sound above my pay grade.

That is it people! Be well and stay safe and God Bless.

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How’s it going?

Here we are 12 days into the year. So far it’s pretty crazy giving 2020 a run for the money. Who would have thought now we’d have the government in disarray on top of the pandemic and everything else we had to deal with last year. Free speech is under attack, people are pissed off and Biden is stirring the pot. Maybe everybody needs to smoke some pot, ha! No telling what’s going to happen but it doesn’t take a lot of people to be stupid and cause Country wide problems. The kids and I were driving home and I told them an off color joke and they both said that if anyone said that in public they’d get cancelled. Talking about this, we all agreed that many people have lost their minds but to my surprise, both boys said a lot of people and a lot of their friends don’t agree with the whole cancel culture thing. That was good to hear. Maybe there is some hope for us after all.

The root of the problem is social media. It’s created this platform where one voice can seem like millions. Couple that with people searching for change and not thinking for themselves and it’s easy to see how the mob mentality takes hold. Without these platforms we wouldn’t have any of this. Independent thought would flourish and individualism would be revered. Today though most younger people join up with any movement that challenges the status quo. In the case of the election, the disenfranchised are doing the same. 20 years ago it would have been unthinkable to imagine crowds anywhere in America protesting to the degree they do today. It just never happened. It’s a different World and it needs to stop. Big tech needs to be broken up and smaller companies and start ups need to be able to compete. Right now the stranglehold or monopoly the big guys like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon have on us is not only not fair but dangerous. I’ll stop now but need to get this here so when the kids read it 20 or 30 years from now they’ll understand what happened. 2020 and so far 2021 are years for the history books! Unless of course the cancel culture cancels history too, ha.

Lori is working in Edwards today and I have two ABR’s (annual business reviews), one with Michigan and the other with Oregon. Jag and I went to Minturn yesterday to get Robi’s old dresser out of the garage and then we picked Ty up from school on the way home. This morning I’ll pick up a hand truck and a large picture of Mom that looks like a pencil drawing. It’s a little bit creepy as her eyes look like they follow you when you’re looking at it. Still though, I can’t bring myself to throw it away. Then everything will be out of Minturn.

Ty’s birthday is Sunday! 17 years old! He’s off Monday as it’s Martin Luther King day. I think he has two buddies coming up from Denver for the weekend. It’s his golden birthday meaning he turns 17 on the 17th. We have a tradition that on your golden birthday you get one ounce of gold! Jag’s has been in the safe since he turned 17 and I have one for Ty too.

6:48 and time for me to get going. Be well, stay safe, fill your car with gas and get some extra food. Just trust me on this one. You need to be prepared for anything between now and the 20th. Forever the Boy Scout, ha. God Bless.

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Kind of a weird number on the calendar. I’m not one of those that subscribe to numbers meaning things but I’m sure the numerologists can spin today into all kinds of different meanings.

Ty has school in person today and I think Jag starts on line this coming Thursday. It was clear and sunny up here all weekend while it was snowy and gloomy in Denver. Sometimes we end up missing the front range weather. I’m here most of the week with no planned trips to Denver unless our dermatologist calls today and squeezes us in tomorrow morning.

I bought a bag of bird seed yesterday and put it out in the afternoon. Anxious to see if our birds magically show up this morning or if they all went south for the winter.

Our Country is pretty messed up right now. Biden had a chance to unite but has been saying things that couldn’t be further from doing so. Why would anyone want to keep this division going and alienate 75 million people? No matter how you look at things, almost half the Country didn’t vote for him even though half did. It’s funny as if you look at a map, the half that didn’t vote for him make up the majority of the Country with most all of it being painted red on a map and California, New York, Illinois, Washington State and a handful of others being blue. Forget if the election was somehow manipulated or as some say stolen, just look at the numbers. If I won, I would be doing everything to try to bring the 75 million people who didn’t vote for me over to my side. Instead the dems now want to try to impeach Trump again. All this will do is piss off those same 75 million people I mentioned above. No way in 9 days they can do anything anyhow. If Biden was smart, which is almost funny to imagine, he’d stop this in its tracks. Instead he says it’s not his business. Guess he’s not Commander in Chief after all. There are several things you should do to prepare in the coming week but more on that later. For now, keep your cars full of gas and make sure you have your pantry stocked and keep some cash on hand. This is nothing new as you should do this all the time anyhow. Last, say a prayer for our Country. This shit has to stop.

Time for me to get going. It’s going to be a warm week up here, can’t wait. Good football this weekend but too many games to watch. I caught a bit of each of them. Be well, stay safe and watch your top knot. God Bless.

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Well well well…..

First off, no snow up here. It’s clear and cool, I think they just said zero degrees, but it doesn’t feel that cold. Mojo slept outside last night as he wouldn’t come in. Jag had four girls over, Rachel, Lexi, Katy and Hannah. They stayed until around midnight. Man are girls loud! Anyhow they had fun. Meanwhile Ty spent the night at Preston’s. We’ll get him at 9 am.

Yesterday I was in Denver for a quick trip. While I was driving home Lori called and asked what I was taking $100 a day out of the bank for. I had no idea what she was talking about. She said she had been receiving alerts on her phone (which I get too) of deposits and withdrawals. My first reaction, knowing I hadn’t been taking $100 a day out of the bank, was that we had been hacked. A month or so ago she used her debit card on line with some questionable company buying the boys some Christmas gift that never arrived. After 30 seconds of questioning her I figured out she was actually seeing the account alerts I have set up from Key Bank that send a daily text for any transaction over $100, ha. Breathing a sigh of relief that we were not hacked we both laughed. Now the real funny part is later that evening when we were talking I asked Lori how long she thought I had been taking $100 a day out of the bank. To my surprise, she said “oh about 8 months!” What? 8 months? And she’s just now saying something? Wow. Wish I had, that would have meant I had about $24,000 laying around. No such luck.

Today we’re off to the gym in two separate cars as Lori has a nail appointment at 10. Looks like some in person school is coming back in Denver. No such luck up here. Three more football games on today. Good games yesterday. Lots of work stuff this coming week. I need to finalize the financial model for the Company for the year.

That’s about it, time to get moving. Hope everyone is well. As an fyi, I’m done posting on social media. Time to get off that platform. Have a great day, God Bless.

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Up early

Robi and I were texting yesterday wondering just what happened to the World. She mentioned how she was glad Dad wouldn’t be here to see what’s going on in our Country. He was a man of few words but we both agreed he wouldn’t have been happy. Likely he would have been just really disappointed. Easy to see why.

This morning I’m off early for a trip to Longmont and then quickly back home before the snow arrives. It’s not supposed to be much but it’ll be cold and we will have some. Also there are three football games on today. I should be home by noon.

Still on the fence on the vaccine. Think we’re going to wait a bit and see how things play out. The boys are fine. Jag is working out with Bryan our trainer again today and Lori might go with him. It’s going to be much warmer after this weekend.

Looks like lots of tips coming in identifying people who stormed the Capital. Good. Lock them up. Shut this crap down now. As I said yesterday, you don’t know who or what to believe any more. Good God.

Be well, stay safe and God Bless.

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Fun dinner

Last night we went to Ed and Amy Venerable’s house for dinner. They’re the parents of Ty’s friend Preston. Jag showed up just in time for dinner. Ed is a contractor who went to CU and just started out doing fix and flips on his own 20 years ago. It was good for Jag to get a chance to talk to him as Jag loves to absorb advice from successful people. They have a beautiful house right on Forest Road above the town of Vail. Before that I was in Denver and Jag went to Aspen to get his ring he ordered from Christmas. I took elk and Ed cooked it perfect. They’re super fun people.

Moving on, today we have some stuff to do around the house, work and personal. Be well, God Bless.

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Hold on

Yesterday was pretty normal around here with work and cleaning and dogs. However back east, in D.C., things were a little bit different. After a pro Trump rally, apparently the crowd stormed the Capital where they were counting the votes. Now it doesn’t matter who did this or why, it was wrong. Just as the rioters all summer long burned down Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland and countless other cities, this too is wrong. It’s not hard to see why though as half the Country is frustrated. That however is no excuse. Anyone they can find needs to be prosecuted. All this does is give those in power the excuse to take away more of our rights. The Washington Post even has an article saying facial recognition shows some rioters were Antifa members mixed in among the crowd. Who knows if true, we never will. Nice. One thing is for sure, the news will inflame tensions and use this for days to blame all republicans. I say throw them all in jail. This isn’t some third World country, this is America. As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, right?

Today I’m off to Denver for a quick turn then tonight we’re going to the Venerable’s for dinner. Lori had a long day at work. Ty has in person school and Jag is working out at 8 am. Lori gets to work from home. Nice day here yesterday.

Hope you all are well, don’t get caught up in the crap going on on your tv. It’s not real America. 99.99% of American’s are just like you and me. We want a good life, are kind, caring and willing to help others. Someone standing next to you could be close to falling apart. Show a little kindness and as Mom used to say, make your mother proud! Don’t all into the trap and be divided. Enough already. God Bless!

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4 hours

Today from 10 to 2 I’m on a planning call. I hate long calls but would rather knock it out in one day instead of two. Lori is in Vail today and the boys are home with me. Ty’s first day back to school is tomorrow and Jag’s is the 14th I think.

Lori has a chance to get the vaccine but I think is going to pass. She’s on the fence. I have to wait as I don’t have a choice this early in the game. Personally I would probably not get it right now as nationwide over 1000 people have been sent to the ER with complications. To be fair, about 4 million people have had it but still, what’s the hurry if you’re healthy. If I had some illness that put me more at risk I’d probably get it.

Both democrats could win the runoff in Georgia. This is not good but Obama also had the House and the Senate for two years and we survived. Socialism will run rampant though. Taxes will go up, medical care will suffer and more of your rights will be taken away. Prepare now.

For us, we’re riding things out here close to home. No travel for the near future and pretty much staying away from large gatherings and Denver. Of course we have been doing this for some time anyhow so not much has changed. We’re most worried about finances due to new regulation and taxes going up. But we will all survive. Life will go on. Sad that all these career politicians can’t seem to work together.

Time to get moving, hope everyone is doing well, mentally and physically. Our elk mounts are done and being shipped to us in a few days! Can’t wait to get mine here, God Bless.

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