Tax Day, ugh

Monday is tax day but last night our accountant filed our taxes electronically in Colorado, California, New York, Arizona and both our Federal return for my business and our personal return. In the end, after paying about $80,000 in taxes during the year, we owe exactly $20,200. This is $190 to Arizona and $20, 010 to the Feds. Now you’d think with that kind of tax bill we make a whole bunch of money. Well think again Sherlock, you see when you own a Company or shares of a Company, you have to pay taxes on the profits of the Company even if those profits are not distributed to you, meaning no one gives you any cash, which is exactly what happens in our case. Oh well, it’s our system and is still the greatest Country in the World, despite any faults.

I’m off to Boulder today and then Longmont. Both boys stayed late for basketball and will again tonight. Then it’s the weekend, yeah! The first ski area in Colorado opens today at 9 am. It’s now 6:15 and I need to get moving so time to run. Not much else going on. Hope everyone is doing well. GB

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Might have been a bear!

The general consensus here is that it was a bear trying to get into my truck and that’s what broke my window. I didn’t have any food in the car but that doesn’t mean that a bear wouldn’t bust in. In any case, it’s all fixed now. The drive down to Denver was like sitting next to a jet engine for almost 2 hours. I used saran wrap on the window at Lori’s suggestion and the wind at 70 miles an hour, flapping against the saran wrap, caused a loud noise that was almost deafening. At times I found myself driving with one hand and plugging my right ear with the other.

Then it was back up the hill as we had lots going on. Both boys are going to school early today and both will stay late for basketball. It’s just another day of getting up early. I don’t know why we even try to sleep in as it’s just not going to happen. I think the only way we’re going to get some extra sleep is to go to bed earlier. Now I know why old people take naps, ha!

I have a meeting with a distributor this morning at 10 am. Then I’m dropping by to see my buddy Toby who took a new job starting November 1st. Winter is coming as you can feel it in the air. We were all driving down valley last night around dusk and in a meadow about 9000 feet, we ran into a herd of about 100 elk They were grazing away on high alpine grass trying to store up as much fat as possible before the snow comes. Lori took a few pictures but I don’t have them on my computer today.

The wind is bad in Sacramento at Grandma Dixie’s house but so far, no fires. I guess there’s lots and lots of people though in make shift shelters as most of them had to leave their homes in Napa and Sonoma with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Hard to imagine that everything you own is gone in a matter of minutes. Be thankful that you have what you have and most of all that you’re safe and healthy. Not much else matters, right? Oh well, time to get moving, oh, Mojo ate some shoes yesterday, ugh, have a great day and God Bless.


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This morning I’m off to Denver as yesterday afternoon I noticed the front passenger window on my truck was shattered! The only place that can fix it today is out by the airport¬† in Denver so off I’ll go about 7 am. Should be a brisk drive down with no window in the 20 degree temps.

Jagger has his PSAT test today as it’s National Test Day where all kids across the country take the SAT tests. At his school the 10th grade gets to take it as a practice test. Of course he’s all amped up for it as he’s driven to do well on every single test he takes. I told him it’s just practice and there’s no way to study for it, but you know Jag. He was the only kid to get 100 on his Algebra II/Trig test yesterday, of course. Meanwhile Ty was doing some make-up work from being gone last week.

I need to get the boys their ski passes soon and also have to send the accountant our tax info today as they’re due next Monday, ugh. I can only imagine what we owe but it doesn’t really matter as we’ll just add it to the total and keep making our monthly payments. I don’t mind paying taxes, (well actually I do but what can you do about it, ha) if they’d just make good use of them, which sadly, the govt. can’t seem to do. Oh well, above my pay grade.

Lori is working away saving peoples lives who are debilitated with back problems. If you’ve ever had a real back problem, you know what I mean. In any case, it’s just another day at the office for her.

I almost forgot, the old man who nobody knew who stood up at the end of Mom’s service last week to speak about her and dad and than sang, called yesterday and invited Lori and I to an event this weekend for the U.S. Ski Team Hall of Fame or something like that. He’s being honored for something and wants us to join him at his table. I of course accepted as it took special effort for him to show up at Mom’s service. He’s also quite the renowned attorney which is how he knew dad, and an interesting person so we’re going. Hope it’s fun.

That’s it, have a great day, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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Almost mid-October, hold on as the rest of the year will go by in a flash. It’s 3 weeks until Halloween, then about 3 more until Thanksgiving and then a month until Christmas. Throw in a bunch of birthdays and holiday party’s and soon it will be 2018! It’s about time for Tommy to get his Christmas tree out, ha! (He’s always early and ahead of the rest of us)

Most of the snow melted up here but it did of course freeze. We’re all getting up early this morning as we all need to leave a bit earlier than usual this morning. The house is still sort of clean and I made a little headway on the garage. I wish I had more room in the storage units but they’re pretty full.

Dr. C had to cancel all surgeries yesterday as he couldn’t stand due to a herniated disc. Lori and I took him down to Edwards to the surgery center for some injections and then picked him up a few hours later and took him home. As you can see, Lori’s job doesn’t end at the office, ha.

Not quite sure what’s going on this weekend. I know we have the football game Sunday night but so far, no real plans Saturday, maybe we can finally get a day to relax. Time to run, hope everyone is well, have a great day, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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No Snow!

What? The weatherman was wrong, no, say it ain’t so. So, no one should really be surprised as they’re right only about half the time, if that. That’s ok with us as we have a big week and lots to do and are just fine waiting a few weeks before we get hit.

Well today’s a month since Mom passed. Life goes fast. it’s also my good friend Harry’s birthday as well as John Lennon’s. Hard to believe there’s a little more than 80 days left in the year. It’s also Columbus Day. I think the far left is planning on defacing a number of historical statues today, nice.

Lori had her last day of training yesterday which was no fun. After running out in the morning for groceries, I cleaned and washed clothes for most of the day until she came home around 2 in the afternoon. I also winterized the air conditioner and double checked the cars. And then of course as I said earlier, no snow, ha.

That’s it for today, time to get ready for the gym. Have a great day and may God Bless you all.


UPDATE: It started snowing at 6:10 when we left for the gym and is now coming down pretty good!

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Snow’s a comin

Tonight into tomorrow, the white stuff is supposed to arrive. Not sure how much we’ll get up here but Denver is in an uproar expecting around 6 inches. Now up here, 6 inches is a dusting but down there in the flat land, it’s a big deal!

I made it down to Denver yesterday morning and visited with Robin and Robert before taking them to the airport for their flight home. It was great to see them both. In many ways, the past 4 or 5 days have been surreal. It was sort of like a movie but at least for me, the week gave me some closure. It wasn’t just the service but the conversations with everyone about Mom and our relationships and life in general, that helped out. There’s still a lot of grieving individually, but it’s now out in the open and each of us can now deal with our feelings in our own way. I have some new pictures of Mom I found but I’m going to save those for special occasions, (wait until you see Halloween!) as we all need to move on. It doesn’t mean we’re going to forget about her or stop loving her, but does mean that all of us need to soldier on with our own lives and move forward, and trust me, this is what Mom would want.

So, last night was Homecoming for VMS. Lots of parents told us how happy everyone was that Jag was back. There’s one kid though who is not too thrilled as Jag pulls a lot of attention away from him. The kid is basically a dick who is insecure and trying to be a big shot to get attention. We all know this type of kid as there was always one in school for each of us. This too will pass but is unfortunate. I told Lori though, she and I went through a lot worse in school when we were kids, it’s just part of life.

Meanwhile Ty’s friend from grade school is up here for a soccer tournament and spent the night. First up they went swimming and Ty showed him around town.

Right now it’s 7:15 and Lori needs to get ready to go to the hospital for her second and last day of training. She was done around 2 yesterday afternoon and hopefully will get out early today as well.¬† I think I’ll try to clean up the garage a bit before football starts. The Broncos don’t play this weekend but we’re already excited and planning our trip to Denver next Sunday for a nationally televised game against the New York Giants Sunday night. Jag and his buddy Ethan and his dad and I are going. It’ll be fun but we’ll get home around midnight, ugh.

Time to get moving, guess I’ll take Mojo up the hill for a long walk as he likes his morning mountain climbs. In closing, just a quick thought. Turn off the tv news, it’s all bullshit and political and most all organizations have gone from reporting things to espousing their own views and agenda and trying to get you to believe that, “if it’s on tv, it must be true”. We can’t even stand to watch late night tv anymore as shows like Kimmel or Fallon are all just anti-Trump and are designed to further divide us as a Country. Trust me, no matter what you believe or which side of the political spectrum you’re on, you should not be getting your “facts” and advice from late night comics. Think for yourself and don’t believe something just because it’s on tv. God Bless and have a great day.

Here’s an oldy but goody at Grandma’s on the swing!

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And on it goes

Life, that is, it continues on no matter what happens. Whether a natural disaster, a mass shooting or the loss of a loved one, life goes on. So in the tradition of moving forward, we rise for yet another glorious day. Each and every day should be appreciated and cherished as with the blink of an eye, it could be gone. Petty arguments and qualities of the devil such as jealousy, ego, pride, selfishness, and more should be discarded with prejudice as they do nothing but cloud judgement and waste precious seconds each of us have, that could be spent loving one another. That’s the sermon for the day, I think I channeled Mom there for a moment. Speaking of Mom, as I was surfing through my voice mails yesterday, and I realized I have about a dozen from Mom! I was thrilled to find these and “undeleted” all of them on my phone and now have them in a safe place where I can listen to them over and over. Might be a little strange but it’s comforting to know I can listen to Moms voice from time to time, oh well, call me weird, ha.

Lori and I took the boys down to Denver with us yesterday for a quick trip. Yes they missed school but it was good for us to be together as a family. Today Lori has an all day training at the hospital on a new system and Ty and I will head back down to see Robin and Robert before they leave. I also need to see James to finalize and agreement with him to do some work around the house. Tasha should be home by now and carried a statue of a rooster the whole way on her lap! It was in the kitchen and was a reminder of Grandma for her. In a few weeks, I think Derek is coming up to take any furniture left over that is still in the house. I’m so glad it will be used and cherished. At the reception, Robins BFF from when we were young, let us know she does estate sales. I told her we’re ok but thanks anyhow as she offered to help. There’s no amount of money that would make us feel ok about having strangers go through our house and our Mom’s things. Not gonna happen!

One quick shout out from the reception. Tommy’s close friend forever, Eric, spent a lot of time with the boys. We’ve known him for years too and he’s a great guy. The boys met him at the church and Eric, who is a bit of a funny guy, took right to the boys. After the service (Eric told me this story at the reception) as he was driving by the boys in the parking lot, he yelled out his window to Jagger, “Dude, your fly is down” just to mess with him. Jagger being as smart and together as he is, looked straight at him and replied right back, without checking his fly! ” Ah dude, no it’s not”! Now you have to hear it in person to get the voice inflections but we all laughed nonstop and still laugh even today when we think about it. Here’s a 55ish year old man trying to pull one over on a 15 year old who doesn’t fall for it and throws it right back in his face, too funny. At the reception, Ty told us Eric taught them yet another valuable life lesson. He said he always carries a napkin in his pocket so when a waitress comes by, he can drop it and then say to her, “oh here I’ll hold your tray” so she can pick it up and then he can look at her ass! Now this was funny but what was even funnier was when he said, watch. The waitress walked over and Eric being Eric, dropped a napkin from his pocket with precision right in front of her so she could see it. He then with perfect timing said, “oh here let me hold your tray” and stuck his hands out and of course she handed him the tray and proceeded to bend over and expose her backside. The boys of course were trying to contain their laughter as it went just as he said it would. Another “Ericism” we’re still laughing about that made the day fun.

That’s it for the day. I have a bunch of picture books to go through to find some new ones to post. Hope everyone is doing well, it snowed yesterday but is all gone now and will be warm today and tomorrow before snow on Monday. As I said, life, and yes the weather, goes on! Take care and God Bless.


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A Really Good Day

By all accounts, I think it was a pretty good day. I was happy with the way the service turned out as I think most everyone was pleased and happy when it ended. I tried to put something together that would be worthy of Mom. At the same time, I wanted to give everyone some much needed closure and assurance that Mom was in heaven and that while it’s ok to be sad, it’s also important to move forward with their lives here on earth.

The day started out early with us arriving in Denver by about 9 to get Lori’s hair done. Both boys had a quick trim too! While this was going on I rushed up the street to buy a new shirt and a tie for both Jagger and me. Then we headed to my Moms to hang out and rest for an hour before we needed to get ready for the service.

We arrived at the church about 2 and it looked lovely. There were lots of flowers and the sun was shinning. It was a day befitting of Mom and I think she would have loved it. The service started out with me making giving a brief welcome which became even shorter as I was starting to well up inside and cut my speech short. Pastor Ed was great and I think helped give everyone a sense of peace about the day. Tasha then spoke first and gave a moving speech about how much Grandma meant to her and shared her thoughts on how to thank those in our lives who are important to us. I know it wasn’t easy for her but at the same time was something she wanted and needed to say to Grandma that in her mind, was long overdue. I was very proud of her as I think everyone was. Next up Deb Rubin gave a moving speech about how Mom too had changed her life as she had countless others, which was touching and moving. Then thankfully her husband Len came up and read a letter from 25 years ago I had found in Moms things. It was so funny, and the timing was perfect as it made everyone feel good about the day. After that was some scripture and then the video that Kristin put together with love as if it was her own Mom.

The service was about to close with Pastor Ed providing a closing prayer and coming to me to lead the family out of the chapel when a man who had to be in his 90’s stood up and said “wait”! We looked at him and at each other as we didn’t know who he was. He began to speak and told the story of who he was and how he met my Mom and Dad when he first came to town in the 50’s. This man, who came out of nowhere, was one of the most prominent attorneys (now) in the Country. He told us how that when he came to town from the Judge Advocates office when leaving the Army, the head of a prestigious law firm told him there are two people you need to know in town, and one of them was Ivan Fugate. He then spoke of Mom and Dad and how they had helped him in his career early on and then in closing said he cannot leave without giving Mom a good Irish goodbye. He then proceeded to sing a moving Irish song acapella that you’d recognize but I don’t know the name. The crowd was stunned and moved to tears at this stranger who showed up out of thin air and closed the day with a moving unscripted tribute to our Mom. It was like some angel from heaven showed up in this old mans body to provide a moving sendoff to our Mom.

Right after the service, I of course went over to him and introduced myself to find out who he was and just what was his story. It’s not important who he was but after getting home last night after 11 pm, I Googled him and learned he was one of the most respected and prominent lawyers and for that matter, people, in the history of our Country. He’s actually up here in Vail this coming weekend as he is being honored at the U.S. Ski Museum, (another story). He invited us down and we plan on going to see him. It’s hard to describe the scene and impact this man had but was something you would expect someone would do for Mom.

We all then headed down for the reception and it was a really good time. A few hours later we headed back to Moms house and all hung out until about 9:30 when we left. Tom and Ali went home as it was a long day but Shelly, Tasha, Robin, Robert, Lori, the boys and I had fun reminiscing and sharing memories about growing up for hours until it was time to drive up the hill.

This morning I’m headed back down and taking the boys and I think Lori, to see Robin and Robert and Tasha. I need to meet with James to go over some work that we’re giving him to basically help him out. So, I was happy with the day. Many people told me Mom would be proud and that’s all I could hope for. I miss her deeply and can rest a little easier knowing she had a good service and was watching from above. We all miss and love her and always will as someone of her character will never be replaced, ever. But I know she’d want us all to move on and live our lives the way she’d would, and we all need to do so and make her proud! So let’s get to work and get on with our lives remembering in everything we do, that she’s watching and try to live up to the image and person she knows each of us are. God Bless.

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of Mom!

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A Day of Celebration

Today is Mom’s service. One thing she wanted, was this to be a happy day of celebration rather than one of sadness. It’s been a long 26 days since she rose to heaven and I’m sure she’s doing well.

We’ll leave around 7 this morning as Lori needs to get her hair done and Jag and I need to buy a couple of ties. Then we’ll all go change at my Moms where Robin and Robert are staying. The service is at 3 and then we’re having a reception at 240 Union. It’s hard to tell how many people will be there as it could be 25 or 75. Most of Moms friends of course are older so it’s more difficult for them to make it. In any case, whether 10 or 100, it’ll be a nice service for Mom.

Mojo is at doggie day care as we didn’t want to leave him alone for 12 or more hours in the house. We’ll all drive up tonight, arriving home sometime around 9 or so. That’s it people, have a great day and if you remember, say a prayer around 3 pm MST, God Bless.

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Strange Days

Lots going on, needless to say. Yesterday was busy with my church meeting and getting things written, printed and boxed up for tomorrow. The weather was mixed with snow in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. Fittingly, tomorrow will be the nicest day of the week. I feel pretty good about everything although I’m sure something will come up that needs to be fixed, and then I’ll fix it.

Tonight the Rockies play their Wild Card game. Whoever wins goes on to face the Dodgers and the loser goes home. The facts are still coming out in the Vegas tragedy but it almost wasn’t even over before the Dems were going after guns. When there’s a bombing, we blame the bomber, when a drunk driver causes an accident, we blame the drunk driver but when there’s a shooting, we blame the gun. Doesn’t make much sense. Not that anti gunners pay any attention to facts but since 1994, gun ownership is up 56% and gun fatalities are down 49%. Facts are inconvenient though if they don’t further your argument. Mental health is where we need more focus. You had a CBS Executive get fired yesterday for saying she had no sympathy for the victims as they were all right wing, gun totting republicans. What is the World coming to? I have to stop now as there’s more going on in our little corner of the World.

Dixie is apparently doing better. Tasha made it to town yesterday and Robin and Robert arrive today. Len and Deb also get in tonight. When I arrived home, I snapped while looking at the mess and powered out on the downstairs and cleaned everything up. It’s a much nicer feeling when things are clean around here. I’d better get moving as Lori and I are going to the gym. Hope everyone is well and we’ll talk to you all tomorrow. God Bless.

Here’s mommy as a little girl, she sure was cute!

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