Back at it

It’s the last week of school and the last week of May. We all have a lot to do in the next four days. I’m heading out early to drop Lori’s new car as a battery light came on yesterday. It went off but still needs to be checked out. I just saw on the news there’s a Diane Sawyer special (didn’t know she was still around, she must be like 100) called The New Reality. Again, don’t let these people brainwash you. I made the mistake a few weeks ago of referring to a few things as the new normal. As I said, this isn’t normal in any way and it doesn’t have to be our new reality. We need to get back to life and treat this whole mess like the flu or any other challenge we’ve faced as a society in the past. Is this worse than World War II? The Vietnam War? I don’t think so but watching the news and listening to the talking heads on tv, you sure would think so. If these people who are supposedly smarter than you and I are right, we’re in much more trouble than you even think now. If they’re right about the severity of this whole thing, the World could end, right? I don’t believe it. Yes people will get sick, you or I could get sick but I don’t think the entire World will get sick which is what these people would have you believe. There’s no other reason for shutting the World down.

Denver restaurants can start indoor dining starting tomorrow. Will you go? Are you afraid? If you won’t go I wonder why you believed the Governor when he said stay home but now won’t believe him when he says it’s ok to go? If you won’t go it proves my point. You believe 100% everything you’ve seen on tv. Their propaganda has you scared and you’re no longer an independent thinker. You’re letting the people on tv think for you and they’ve done such a good job of scaring you to death that even now when they say you can go out, you don’t believe them, wow. I can’t imagine not thinking for yourself. Hope none of you and the public in general have fallen for it. If you have, turn off your tv! Stop watching the news 24/7. Good God.

Time to run, enjoy the day and get back to living life! God Bless.

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The Sun Cometh

It’s sunny outside, really sunny with a bright blue sky. There’s a thin layer of frost on the ground so we have white, blue and green all standing out bright and proud. Ty and Jack spent the night at Sonny’s while Jag, Lori and I hung out here at home. Jag has been learning to drive a stick as we arranged to borrow a car for a few months from one of my buddy’s. Our floors start going in today. Then it’s appliances, the kitchen counter tops, tile and range hood, finish work around the fireplaces, toilets and sinks and then some finish work. Garage doors should arrive this week too. It seems like we have a long way to go but we’re told it’ll go pretty fast now. The last thing is a second coat of paint. I think they’re pouring the asphalt driveway soon too.

Jack’s mom is driving up from Denver today to pick him up. Jag made a lot of progress on his room. I’d like to get some work done in the garage and the spare room. We have to get the storage units cleaned out.

Looks like no one is social distancing much of anywhere all around the Country. As I said, people are fed up. Those of you that think staying home will protect you better stay home forever if you don’t want to be exposed as with all these people congregating in large crowds, more and more people you’ll run into anywhere will be carriers or have it. This is how herd immunity works. The herd gets together and everyone getting exposed. It’s just a matter of time then before all of us are exposed. Some scientists say this would pretty much be over if we all just went about our lives and were all exposed early on. I’m not saying hug a sick person, just as you wouldn’t if they had the flu, but you have to live your life! Maybe they’ll make homes like nursing homes in the future that are quarantine homes. Then if you want to stay isolated from everyone you can go live there! Might be a new business.

Lots of new businesses will emerge from this mess. Many already have and others are being born every day. In a year we’ll look back and see how things have changed. Just wait. We’re talking about planning a road trip next year with some friends where we tour somewhere in the Country as a vacation. Trying to come up with something creative to look forward to.

We should be going to Denver today as there are a lot of sales going on and we need to find some deals on some stuff. We’re going to pass though as it’s so sunny and we have lots of work to do around here. Happy Memorial Day to all those that are serving, those that did and those that died. Freedom isn’t free! That’s why it’s so important not to let politician’s take away your rights, no matter what. Many (mostly democrats but republicans too) are introducing new laws that take away your rights or freedom in the name of it being good for society. They’re using the virus to create new laws that control you more and more. Don’t be fooled. We survived 250 years through things worse than this and are still here. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR FREEDOM. You may be one of those that doesn’t care about some things like gun rights but how about when you’re told you can’t get your hair done anymore or told you can’t do something you care about. What if a law is passed that says you can’t visit anyone in a nursing home or if you’re over a certain age, you have to go to a home, or you can no longer get certain medical care! Don’t think it can happen, ha, it’s already happening. Do not be fooled. God Bless.

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A little bit of rain

It’s a bit cloudy but not really raining, just sort of humid. All’s good up here, no new cases in about a month with stores reopening and people out. Jag and some friends went to Madi’s ranch for a make shift prom, Jack is up here visiting with Ty and we’re cleaning away. As to Ali’s comment yesterday, we are following the rules. You see we’ve all been in quarantine so the only people we need to social distance from is people NOT from Vail. Also we no longer have to wear masks everywhere. This is straight from our health department. I know Denver is a different game but experts are now saying the key to beating this thing is herd immunity meaning when everyone gets exposed the population will build up a resistance. So you can either live you life or just stay at home and don’t go anywhere. I know Tom (and I think Ali) prefer to just stay at home anyhow so that might work for them. Thankfully we live up here as we just can’t do that. I talked with Robi yesterday who was headed out to brunch. I think she’s more like me too. Anyhow we hope everyone is safe. One last thing, about 1200 people have died in Colorado from the virus while last year 4600 died in Colorado from the flu. Think about that! Also no new deaths in Colorado yesterday and they just said that as of the end of June, no one will need to wear masks, including Denver, whoo hoo!

Lori went to sleep early last night so I went to Luca’s as he said he’d make us pizza’s. He has this 23 year old pizza stone and makes them like you’re in Italy. Marty and James and I hung out for a bit. I think today James is teaching Lori how to weld as she always wanted to learn and he has the whole setup in his garage and makes a bunch of cool stuff out of metal and wood.

We’re going to the gym this morning. We haven’t been since Thursday. Time to get back in the groove. Whatever you do, stay home or go out, support your local businesses as they need it. This whole shut the economy down thing should have never happened and the people are over it. So if it bothers you that people are getting together and going out without masks, get ready to really be upset as society is about through with this whole lock down thing. Still be safe and do what you do in flu season. Wash you hands, don’t touch your face, eat healthy and get good sleep and exercise and stay home if you’re sick and you should be ok! God Bless.

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Fun times

We went to Marty and Melanie’s for dinner last night as they invited us over. Funny thing was we took the meat, the salad and did all the cooking! It was like we invited them over to their house for dinner, ha. Mel is still struggling with the fallout from the virus. Her lung capacity is just not good. We told her to get to a respiratory therapist asap. Jag came along while Ty stayed home to wrap up a history assignment. They surprised Jag with $300 as a graduation gift telling him how proud they were of him. Marty threw in some advice telling Jagger to keep his children in the Kleenex, ha.

Tonight Jag is going with a bunch of kids to Madi’s ranch for a make shift prom. I think all the kids are coming home in the morning. Her parents are also going.

Looks like a hot day today with rain tomorrow and Monday. Luckily there are no big bbq plans on Memorial Day. We’ll be packing up around here. Today we’d like to find a bathroom mirror for the downstairs powder room. We’ll see what’s open.

Time to get going. here are some pics from the cap and gown pick up ceremony. First two are Jag, the Brooklyn, his kindergarten buddy as all seniors have one. She just adores him and so looks up to Jag everyday, figuratively and literally. He picks her up and raises her above his head which has her beaming with joy. She says she has the best buddy in the whole school! They have quite the friendship. Then there’s Jagger and his best friend Lexi. They have a marriage pact to get married if they’re both single at 30! We love Lexi and think they should be dating which I’m sure someday soon they will be.

We’re very proud of both boys but it’s hard to believe Jag is graduating from high school and headed to college. Wow! God Bless.

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Holiday Weekend

It’s Memorial Day Weekend! Time for friends, fun, sun and bbq. Hope you’re not considering sitting at home locked up in your house! That won’t do your head or body any good. You see it’s like growing up with a dog. Those that had a dog had stronger immunity systems than those that didn’t. You have to expose yourself to a certain amount of what’s out there or when you finally do go out, you’ll catch everything. Don’t live in a bubble.

Yesterday the drive thru cap and gown ceremony was pretty nice. Kids and family’s were lined on the parking lot including Jagger’s kindergarten buddy Brooklyn who made a huge banner for him. She’s so cute. After we went through, Jag stayed with his friends and hung out watching other kids come and go. Then we all went over to Lexi’s house and hung out with her family for a few hours. More to come, Lori has all the pictures on her phone and is still sleeping.

Today we’re going to Melanie and Marty’s for a bbq around 5. The boys are coming along. I have a quick trip to Denver first so I need to get moving. More to write but no time so it’ll have to wait. Until tomorrow, watch your top knot! God Bless.

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Cap and Gown

This afternoon at 2:45 we’re in a group of five family’s that will drive through the school parking lot to pick up Jagger’s cap and gown for graduation. They have families staged in groups of five over a 90 minute period spaced 15 minutes apart. At 2 I think we’re hooking up with other families for a parade in our cars. It’s so sad the kids cannot have a traditional graduation. The official graduation is on the 30th I think. What a cluster.

Lori’s massage helped a little bit. Not sure how she’s feeling today. We’ll hit the gym in a bit for some exercise. I was on Houseparty (an app on your phone like Zoom) with my buddy Eric in New York, Russel in London, Ron in Chicago and later Lauren in New York for a few hours last night. Russel had been up all night as it was like 4:30am when we started in London. We talked about all kinds of things including our situations in our own neighborhoods. In the end, people are people and we’re all pretty much feeling the same no matter where we live. Russel said it was a big day there as Mc Donald’s opened up! He said the cue (line) was over 3 kilometers long at the drive thru, ha. We all can’t wait to get back to normal and all agree that this too will pass. Hope we’re right.

Ty worked his ass off on schoolwork. He thought he was done and found out late last night he was missing two Spanish assignments. Our school is all over the place with this distance learning and it’s hard for the kids to keep everything straight. The Upper School Director apologized and said everyone is frustrated from teachers to students. I think he now has everything in and has one last Spanish assessment today and then I think is done.

Time to get moving. It’s 7:30 and Lori woke up before me and fed the dogs. Jag was at Lexi’s and Emile’s and came home probably around midnight. We were crashed by then. Pictures tomorrow of the mini parade and Jagger. Be well, God Bless.

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Down to D

Ok, this morning we’re driving a white Q8 down and swapping it for a white Q8. One is a loaner vehicle and the other (ours) will be ready to go by 10 am. Then I’m dropping Lori at Tina’s spa for a massage with a mask while I run up and pick a few items up in Longmont. The boys have a couple days left and then that’s it. We’re trying to figure out what summer will look like. Did you see in Washington State where they’re going door to door and covid testing? If you refuse you can’t leave your house. Wow. Talk about unconstitutional. Here more than half of the people who have passed away were over 80 years old. Then of the other half, more than half of those had other health issues leaving a few hundred that actually died from the virus who were not old or already compromised. Compare this to the flu and the numbers are close. Yet States have crushed the economy and many families savings and lives. Up here we’ve had one new case in about 2 weeks and it was in a nursing home. Then we have the masks everyone is now suppose to wear. There’s a debate as to whether or not these do any good. Now they say only wear them when you can’t social distance, like at the spa! Wonder how you’re going to go to a restaurant wearing a mask. Not many people wear them up here anymore but Denver seems to still be using them a bit more. If you go to a park though, no one is wearing them. Soon people will stop wearing them too. Crazy times right?

The house is coming along and we’re about $15K over budget out of a projected cost of $1,220,000. Not bad. Some of that extra is due to things we added like the outside bbq hood and a whole house water treatment or filter which was extra and then Lori’s concrete sink in the main floor powder room and the stone walkway up to the front door. So overall, we essentially are within budget. Pretty remarkable.

James might come up Friday night, sleep in the truck and then load up stuff from our storage unit Saturday morning. Then we’ll start moving stuff from here down to the storage unit staging it to go to the house in about a month. Then we’ll start fixing things up here to sell this place. It’d be good to keep it as a rental but that cost money and in this uncertain time, we’re just going to move it.

That is it. 6:20 now as the dogs woke me at 5:30. We’re trying to figure out how to get out to see Dixie but it’s not as easy as just jumping in the car. We’ll figure it out somehow. God Bless.

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Dropping the car

I’m off in 60 minutes for a quick turnaround to Denver to drop Lori’s car and get a loaner. Should be back around noon. Graduation is coming up on Friday it looks like. We pick up Jag’s cap and gown Thursday. When I get back we’re headed down to the house to fine tune a few more items.

Lot’s of stuff going on needless to say. While we seem to be opening businesses the real threat now is how will the economy recover. I think it’s going to take some time. You need to be prepared for a downturn and figure out how that’ll impact your life. I did get a good start on the garage and talked with James who will come up soon from Denver to get some stuff out of our storage units. I’m going to rent the truck for him and he and Larry will come haul stuff away. Some we’ll try to sell and split the money and other stuff we’ll just donate and he’ll give to people in need. I think Lori is going to continue in the house while I’m gone. The boys need to get on their rooms or else I’ll just be bagging up everything on their floors and throwing it out. Time to go so I can get out of here on time. Time to get some Spring cleaning going! Get on it people. Don’t forget to donate to our bbq fund! God Bless.

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One week to go

In five short days, school is over. I think it’s officially still in session next week but all work is due this Friday. Will be good to get this crappy year out of the way. Things are reopening everywhere. Some States like ours and others are showing no new surge in cases while a few like Texas showed a jump in cases. Once again, the people telling us what to do don’t know anymore than you or I. I did see a post yesterday that said with all the elderly people in Congress, repeatedly meeting in a closed room, it’s a little strange that not one single one of them has the virus, hmmm. That is weird right? No matter what happens, shutting down the entire World and economy I think was the wrong move. People from Europe to Asia to almost every State here aren’t taking it any more. I don’t blame them. In fact I will no longer be calling this the new normal as like someone pointed out, nothing about this is normal. Making everyone stay home is basically forced isolation. And last, as I’ve said before, this is the first time in history when healthy people have been quarantined. We need to quarantine the sick, not the healthy. Don’t believe me? Look at countries like New Zealand or Thailand that have followed this policy and managed to eradicate the virus. Wonder what we’ll find out a few months from now. Last you have Obama trashing the administration for not knowing what’s going on but of course he offered no solutions as he doesn’t know what’s going on either. That’s the point people, none of us know what’s going on, good God.

Well what else, Mojo ate the tv remote last night, Jag and Madi played Guitar Hero, Ty worked on his Spanish project and Lori made a great dinner. We did go for a nice hike and then went to Costco and the house. We’re trying to figure out how to get the hot tub and are officially accepting donations, ha.

The heat is on this week. 80’s today and tomorrow and most of the week. Hope no fires start. Lori is showering and then we’re going to the gym and then she’s going to the office to do some work for Dr. C. That’s it, hope you all are well, make it a great day and find your groove people. Don’t let this thing dictate life to you! Take charge and define your own life, God Bless.

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Mothers Day Part 2

This morning we started the day with me making Lori coffee, cleaning up the front room and feeding the dogs. She wants to go on a hike today so we’ll be going on a hike today. If she changes her mind, we’ll be doing something else, as sometimes she does.

Sonny and Ty had fun last night. Ty accidently called us around 9 so we listened in to the non stop laughing for about 10 minutes. Around 10 or 10:30 Sonny and Ty showed up and Sonny spent the night. Lori found a couple Sprizzeri cans in Ty’s room, ha. We just laughed as they’re super low alcohol and we’d rather have them drinking here if they’re going to drink.

I had a good time at James’s last night. We had rabbit braised with rosemary and olives and fresh focaccia bread, a great salad, baked beans, Italian cheese and salumi and the hit of the night, Lori’s homemade key lime pie. We all know each other and enjoy getting together every week or so. We had the MMA fights on ESPN which were pretty interesting. Talking with Luca and Marty, I found out Luca and his wife are suing VMS! One of their boys was bullied so bad he left the school a year ago which we knew but I had no idea they were suing them. I learned a bunch of other things about the school too. Not good. We’re 99% sure Ty will go somewhere else in the Fall. CU is working on how to handle things too and it looks like Jag will be going to Boulder one way or another.

That’s it, could be 80 degrees here today. Not much snow left except up high. The house is coming along. We were down yesterday afternoon meeting with Tom. We’ve had only 2 or 3 new cases in over a week and they were at a nursing home down near Eagle. We’ve basically stopped the outbreak up here. Hope that continues. God Bless.

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