Fall is here?

Well, we’re not sure, but it sure feels like Fall. It rained most of the night and is a bit cooler and Lori is not too happy about it. She of course is the one in the family that loves the heat and the sun the most. This morning the boys, if they get up, will come with me to Boulder and Longmont where I need to drop some samples. Then it’ll be a race back up the hill to get ready for the first Bronco’s game of the year against the Chicago Bears. Yea I know, it’s preseason but who cares.

So North Korea is threatening to attack us, or our air bases in Guam. Even though it’s Guam, it’s the same as attacking the mainland. Some say the President shouldn’t be calling the little man in NK out but none of the past 6 Presidents have been able to do anything with this guy while he continues to get closer to having nukes. What a World we live in. It was going to get to this point sooner or later and while I don’t think NK will be stupid enough to try to attack the most powerful empire in the history of the World (us), you never know. Just in case, keep your gas tanks full, have a little cash at home, make sure you have some bottled water and some food, and you will be better prepared than 99.9% of the people in the Country. Don’t underestimate the stupidity of man as all throughout history there’s examples of men in power making stupid decisions.

Back to us, Ty and I went to his school yesterday to pick up his schedule and get his locker. Jag went to some place called the Escape Room where you try to get out of a place within an hour and then dinner and a movie with two buddies. Lori is doing ok as far as her shoulder is as it’s better in the morning. We have to get her fixed one way or another. I’m sure in the end she’ll need surgery again which we knew was inevitable a few years ago, we just didn’t know when.

It’s 6:30 now so time to run, hope all’s well, take care, top off your supplies and God Bless.

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Keep plugging away

Yesterday Jag and I went to registration at Battle Mountain. It was quite different from his old school. One tall, cute girl and her Mom were gushing over Jag not knowing I was right behind them while he was up getting his picture taken for his school id. Turns out Jag knew her from somewhere around town. He has two AP (advanced placement) classes and two science classes, plus business law, PE, and others. We met the chemistry teacher and another who looked over his schedule and said it was a good challenging schedule. We also found his locker before leaving. He’ll be fine and of course do well but it will be a change.

This morning I’ll go with Ty to register at his new school. Lori has an appointment with our trainer to try to give her some relief on her neck and shoulder area and then a dentist appointment before heading to the hospital.

Harry took off yesterday around noon to go see Jonny in Keystone and will probably stop back by Saturday night. It rained good here last night which was nice.

Every time we turn around there’s something to do and a bill to pay. Hence the title of today’s post, keep plugging away. So, time to cowboy up and face things head on as the alternative gets you nowhere!

Take care and God Bless.

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Another Day

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Here’s Ty getting his cast on about 9:30 in the morning. His arm had been bugging him since he fell on his bike riding down the ski slopes last Thursday. Sure enough, he had a scaphoid fracture at the base of his hand. He wasn’t in much pain but is bummed he’ll be in a cast for 6 weeks. Thanks to Dr. Viola and his team for getting us right in. The Steadman Clinic is the best! Lori of course was working all day on the phone and we dropped her at the hospital on the way home as she had a few meetings and fires to put out.

After wrapping this up, ha ha, we headed out to Denver for lunch with my Mom, Robin, Robert, Tom and Ali. It started raining and was all foggy by the time we passed Idaho Springs. Lunch was nice and about 2 hours later we headed up the hill. It was a bit of a drive but Robin leaves tomorrow and we have school registration today and tomorrow so we decided to go so we could see her again.

Grandma Dixie is coming home! Tomorrow Greg will drive to Oklahoma to get her and bring her back to Denver. She’ll then be here a few days so we’ll see her on the weekend before she fly’s back to Sacramento sometime next week. She seems to be doing ok but it’s been a good, big vacation for her and it’s time to go home.

Harry arrived last night around 7:30 and is with us until tomorrow morning. Today while we’re registering Jag, he’s going to drive over to Keystone to see Jonny V. Then he’ll come back and we’ll all go to dinner. He was pretty tired from driving and so were we.

Lori has clinic today and I have to go to the gym at 7:30. She has big meetings today as usual. I told her she’s the glue or the icing on the cake at that place, not to mention being the eye candy as she dresses so nice every day. That’s what one of her nurses told her! Ty’s doing well and so is Jag, all 6’5″ of him! Both boys are eating like the World is going to run out of food tomorrow. My Mom is doing well too and it was great to get her out for lunch. We all had a nice time and I think she enjoyed getting out. I’ll be down again Thursday to see her.

They say August will be cooler across most of the Country and so far it’s true up here. The cool mornings are nice and the rain is refreshing. Harry said California has no rain whatsoever. Lori dropped a jar of vitamins yesterday and it shattered and broke all over and I just pushed the trash down in our bathroom and cut the middle finger on my left hand on the broken glass Lori put in the trash. It was covered by other trash so I didn’t see it. We put liquid bandage, a steri strip and bandaid on it. Just another day. Take care and GB.

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All together

Yesterday we made it down to Big D by about noon. Soon after Robi and Robert arrived and then Shelly. About 30 minutes later, Ali too showed up. Then we were all together with the only one missing being Dad, who was certainly there in spirit and in the stories! It was a really nice afternoon with all of us hanging out. Today we’ll have a bit more of the same as we’re driving down this morning for lunch after we get Mr. Ty an x-ray on his right forearm that is still sore from his bike crash last week.

It’s cool today, like fall, with rain and overcast skies and temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s. Mojo did well for being left alone most of the day. I think I’ll call the girls at the dog groomers in Golden today and see if they can at least do his nails. Harry arrives tonight around dinner time and will spend the night with us. Yesterday morning we had lunch with my buddy Jon, his wife Bridget and their 22 year old son Andrew in Frisco. It was great to catch up with him as I haven’t seen him in years. So between Jonny V (that’s what we called him growing up, Robi and Harry, it’s like a mini reunion.

Dixie was all checked out yesterday and is doing fine, Thank God. We’re not sure when she wants to go home to California but I think it’ll be sometime before October. We’re so glad she’s enjoying herself and spending time with all her cousins and family. That’s it, time to get moving. Have a great day and God Bless everyone.

Here’s my little sis, looking good, my hot wife, my lovely sister in law and our older sis, along with Mom, 84 and going strong!

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Lots going on

Yesterday as we were leaving for Aspen we received a call from our friends letting us know that our close friend, Peggy’s house burned to the ground about 3 am in the morning! Apparently it started in an electrical outlet near the hot tub and was gone in a matter of minutes. You might remember Peggy has the house in Belize and owns the 1934 Rolls Royce and Ferrari that I drive from time to time. Imagine everything you own, gone in a matter of minutes. Peg managed to throw a few files out the front door and got out with her dog and that was about it. So sad but at least no one was hurt. Peggy had lived in that house for almost 40 years and it was filled with great antiques and of course all her personal items and memories. It makes you realize how quickly things can change. I think I’m going to rearrange a few things around here like papers and keepsakes just in case.

We also saw our friend Kim who is an ER doctor over there. We met Kim about 5 years ago when Jag jumped off a bridge and hurt his ankle and she quickly became a good friend. It was her birthday Friday so we brought her a couple bottles of wine. Lori and her, both being doctors, reminisced about things for a bit. We hit a couple stores checking the sale racks and then headed home. We made it back to Vail by about 4:30.

This morning we’re off to Frisco for breakfast with my buddy since 6th grade, Jon Newmark. Then we’ll head down to Denver for an afternoon with Tom, Robin, Shelly, Robert, Ali and my Mom.

Both boys went to the Dark Tower which is some new movie last night. I guess it was good. School registration is this week, on Tuesday and Wednesday. We’re entering a new chapter with public school and all, but are looking forward to it. Grandma Dix is doing ok, I guess her oxygen levels were all over the place but think she’s feeling better. She’s going to the doctor today just as a precaution. Hope she’s not doing too much as she’s 86 years young you know!

Lori just informed me we’re leaving in an hour and 10 minutes so I’d better get moving. Clothes are in the dryer, kids need to get up and Mojo needs a walk. Have a good day and GB.


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This morning we’re headed to Aspen for some fun. First up, Lori and I are going to the gym. Last night after work I dropped Lori at our friend Ann’s house as she had a Rose wine get together for a bunch of ladies. Most of them had kids that go to Battle Mountain High School where Jag starts in about 12 days. It was good for her to have some girl time and make some new friends with ladies whose kids go to our new school.

Ty and I headed to Denver at 6 am for my sales meeting. After that, we went to get him a haircut and then stopped by my Moms to visit for an hour. She’s doing well but seems to do much better as the day goes on rather than first thing in the morning. I’ve been tracking how she’s doing and will go to the doctor with her next time she goes as I think he needs to adjust the timing of her medication. She is doing well though and we had a good visit. She’s looking forward to all of us kids being together tomorrow and likes reminiscing about all the things we did when we were kids. After all, our memories from growing up and days gone by are our most cherished possessions. As you get older, you realize things are just things and not all that important.

Ty and Jag played together outside and on their computers most of the day. They’re both cleaning up and doing their chores as we agreed. Must be the new allowance program their on. It’s cooler up here today which is a welcome change. Mojo’s back legs seem a little better but he didn’t eat much yesterday. Hopefully he’ll eat more today, time to go workout! GB


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Off to Denver

In about 45 minutes at 6 am, the boys and I are off to Denver for my 8:30 am sales meeting. The meeting itself will last 15 minutes and then we’ll head to Cherry Creek to get Ty a haircut. Yesterday Jag and I went to the high school to get a few last minute questions answered. The thing we’ll miss the most about our old school is the lunches and food. Apparently the food at his new school is not good at all. This is according to the staff at the school! This means we’ll need to now make a lunch for the boys every single day, ugh. Other than that, we’re all set. We do go next Tuesday to Jag’s school and Wednesday to Ty’s to get schedules, lockers, etc. So on Monday we’ll probably drive back down and maybe go to lunch with Robi or something, we’ll see.

The football game being preseason was nothing special. I really didn’t watch it but had it on in the background. I did make a great dinner which was sort of a Mexican chili made with beef and no beans. It had a hint of chocolate and the recipe even called for one dark Mexican beer. Even Lori who said all day she wouldn’t eat any, liked it!

Mojo’s back leg is a little sore from hiking up the mountain, he’s getting a little old. Lori and the boys took him for a pretty long hike after work yesterday. When we picked Lori up from work, we had Eric, one of the PA’s, give Jag a quick physical for school sports. He is now officially taller than I am, oh well, it had to happen sometime. Time to run, have a good day and a great weekend, GB.

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Football is here!

Ok, so it’s only an exhibition game and it’s the first one of the year, and most of the starters on both teams won’t play, but hey, it’s still football! tonight at 6 Dallas plays Arizona in the Hall of Fame game, should be fun.

Yesterday I cleaned the whole house including the kitchen cabinets. Normally I don’t pay attention to expiration dates on food but I had some old stuff we’d never use so out the door it went. I even took a vacuum and sucked all the crap out of the cabinets before neatly putting what I kept back in. Both boys did their part to help, mostly in their rooms.

I guess it’s cloudy and rainy down in the big city. Up here it’s nice and cool but clear. Fall is definitely headed our way. As soon as the UPS guy arrives probably Monday of next week with some ammo, we’ll head out to sight in our rifles for hunting season.

I guess G’ma Dixie is doing well, my Mom is too. I talked with Robi yesterday and we’re all excited to see her. My friend who I grew up with, Harry, arrives Monday night and our other close friend, Jon, arrives this Saturday. Jon is renting a house in Keystone for 3 or 4 days and we’ll have breakfast with him on Sunday on our way down to see Robin and Robert. Our high school should have a 3 year reunion where they get 3 years or classes together as we all knew each other anyhow. Wonder why they don’t do that more often.

Dr. C went to the Guns and Roses concert last night in Denver and is off to Hawaii this morning for 10 days. That sort of gives Lori a break but there’s still plenty of patients to see and lots to do.

I read yesterday where people at a company in Wisconsin are lining up to get microchiped by having an actual microchip implanted into their hand under their skin. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this? Good God, as the bible says, beware the mark of the beast. Trust me this is not a good idea yet young people are thinking, “great, I don’t have to wear badge to get into certain doors and I can have my credit card chip in my hand so I just wave it when buying something”. Of course the government says they won’t use it to track you or anything but if history is any indication of what the government will or will not do, or if they tell the truth or not, you’d better run as fast as you can. I’m sure sometime in the future, they will want everyone “chipped” for our “own good”. Not me people.

I don’t know if you ever read George Orwells 1984 but things are there and getting worse. Futurists predict a society where we are all tracked and managed by mega-computers that basically control our lives by controlling our health care, banking, what we can and cannot buy, where we can go and just about everything we do. This is scary people. My main mission in life is to somehow provide for my boys a safe place to live, provide for themselves and their family’s and live as best as they can. I’ll stop now and you might dismiss all this but this isn’t me predicting all this, it’s some of the smartest minds out there.

Have a great day and God Bless.

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Hump Day

It’s the middle of the week which is good news. We’re all looking forward to Robin and Robert coming this weekend. It’s been too long since the three of us kids have been together. Funny to say “kids” as we’re all getting a little older but we are all still pretty much the same. It’s supposed to rain a bit on Sunday but hopefully will clear up on Monday. We’re planning on leaving early so we can get down to spend as much time with Robi as possible.¬†We were talking yesterday and will probably get some good bbq to go so no one has to be cooking. Mom just likes to have all her kids together and listen to the old stories, which is always fun. It’s still hard to believe we’re all between 56 and 60 years old! I saw on Facebook yesterday where Harry had posted about a couple people from our class who passed away! I don’t think of us three as being at that age. It’s kind of a shock to your system when you hear about a classmate dying and puts life into perspective. Suddenly the little things in life don’t seem all that important. We need to enjoy and cherish the times that we can get together as everyone always seems to be busy with their own lives. The more I think about it, we should try to have family get together’s at least once a year. Too bad Robi doesn’t live closer so we could all hang out more often. We’ll come back down Tuesday to go to lunch or something with her before she has to go home. Harry arrives Monday night at our house and will come down Tuesday too.

Lori had a MRI yesterday and it looks like she needs about 3 more levels of her spine fused. She’ll lose all mobility but like she says, she doesn’t have much now as when she turns her head, she actually turns at the waist. She’s just one of the unlucky ones that has a real crappy neck. Not sure how soon she’ll have surgery.

Football is tomorrow, whoo hoo! I think it’s Dallas and Arizona. Both boys are semi getting ready for school. It’s getting cooler here in the mornings which is nice. I stopped and visited with my Mom yesterday and Tom happened to be there. She’s doing well and we hung out and talked about old times (when we really were kids) while James took Mabel to get groomed.

That’s about it, hope all’s well, have a good day, GB.

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Here we go, August, the end of the warm months. September is definitely fall and well, you know what comes after that! So enjoy the heat. In Europe, the entire continent takes August off. August itself signifies distinction or nobility, and it’s also the name of our Company, so enjoy. And oh yea, football starts in August, whoo hoo!

Yesterday the boys and I picked up Lori at 5:30 and went to our little Mexican restaurant on Main Street for dinner. We’re usually the only non Mexican people there. Last night was no different. I’m off to Big D today for a 9:30 meeting and then picking up a hunting rifle that was having some work done in Texas, along with a few other errands and will stop by my Mom’s before heading back up the hill. Lori has a bunch of paperwork to get done with Dr. C before he leaves tomorrow afternoon so I’ll drop her at 7:30. That’s about it as I need to hit the shower where Lori is now. Hope everyone is doing well, take care, be safe, have a great day and God Bless.

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