Coming home!

In about 14 hours Lori should walk out of the airport here in Eagle. If she’s not walking they’ll be rolling her out in a wheelchair from exhaustion. Along with her of course will be Dixie. We have a nice set up for her in my office for a week so she can get her bearings straight. I’m sure they’ll both be tired as all in all they’ll be traveling for about 10 hours from house to house.

Today Jag works while Ty and I will get a few last minute things we need for Dixie. Last night Jag noticed something wrong with Mojo’s eye. Apparently dogs have three eyelids and if they scratch one or somehow irritate an eye, the eyelid can cover their eye. It looks like a film over the eyelid. This morning it looks better than last night as Jag though his eye was going to fall out of his head!

I have my usual Monday morning conference call and then will head out to Frisco. Think I’ll grill up some chicken today for the week. It was hot yesterday, something like 92. Should be mid 80’s most of the week. It’s 6:30 now so I’m headed to the gym before the day gets started. I ate too much banana bread yesterday from the farmers market. Have a great week, stay safe, GB.

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One more day!

Not sure if tomorrow is the day or not that Lori comes home. She has her flight but you never know. Things can always change. In any case, we’ll be ready. Today we’re getting a new queen bed and I found a wooden rocking chair at the consignment store. I think both stores open around 11 am.

Sharon and Paul leave Sacramento this morning for Seattle so it’ll give Lori a day to get everything ready for her mom to travel. Once she gets here we’ll settle her in and then this week she’ll check out the nice senior living home 2 miles down the street. I think Lori and her are going to lunch there on Thursday and Friday to see if she likes it as Lori works Tuesday and Wednesday. If she doesn’t like it here we have James willing to move to Sacramento through the end of the year to take care of Dixie. The only thing we know for sure is she needs 24 hour companionship. This of course is to be expected when you’re 90 right? Anyhow we’ll see what she wants to do.

Think I’ll try to squeeze in a workout this morning before heading out for the bed and rocker. Ty went to a concert last night at Gypsum Days, the local summer celebration and fair in Gypsum. Jag is coming up this morning from Katie’s. Mojo is out back and Harley is in her bed. That’s it, we’ll see what tomorrow brings but we’re hoping it brings Lori home! God Bless.

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Alone time

Yesterday for most of the day and all of the night, it was just me and the dogs, again. I don’t mind being alone but do miss Lori. I get a lot done on my own and every now and then it’s good for the body and mind to have time to yourself. I had a huge workout with 20 sets of bench press, 20 on the ropes (cardio) and 20 sets on my arms. Today I can barley type, ha. It’ll be an all leg day today. I also tend to eat a whole lot less and healthier when it’s just me. I had some coleslaw and grilled chicken around 4 pm and that was it for the entire day. Today will be more of the same, workout, grill and basketball. Ty will be home with me so maybe we’ll have steak. I do need to make a Costco run and scout out a bed. Jag won’t be home until tomorrow.

Early this morning, I think around 5, we had a nice short blast of rain. Just enough to soak the grass which is good. The dogs have had breakfast and Harley is ready to play. Ty texted that he’s going to breakfast with his friends, he’s up early! Only two more days until Lori comes home, can’t wait. Hope Dixie can handle the altitude. We’re a little unsure even though we had an oxygen concentrator delivered yesterday. Friends in Aspen invited Lori and I to dinner tonight but I let them know she’s out of town. They asked if I wanted to come but it’s no fun without Lor. 7 am now so time to get moving, time never stops and none of us are getting any younger. Be well, stay safe and may God watch over you.

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Getting old

I know what you’re thinking, no I’m not complaining about me or anyone getting old, what I mean is it’s getting old with Lori gone. Time for her to come home. It hasn’t been a fun week for her in California as she’s been a cook, a caregiver, a housekeeper, a nurse, an accountant, a driver and just about anything else you can think of. We miss her a bunch and are looking forward to her coming home which is now on Monday. You do what you have to do, ugh.

Yesterday we had cleaners here and of course one of them chipped our kitchen counter when cleaning the grates on our stove in the sink, super. It’s not too big, about half the size of your little finger nail, but still a chip. We’ll need to get it fixed but that means replacing the entire slab of stone on our island, ugh. The cleaners will have to pay for it but what a bummer. Today we’ll look for a bed. Jag will take it to college so I’ll let him pick it out. Dixie will use it while she visits next week.

Jag and I are going to the gym at 9 this morning. Ty will probably sleep until we get home. The boys rooms are super clean. Hope they can keep it this way for at least a week, ha. Dogs are fine, need to throw the ball for Harley a bunch every day. She has so much energy and is so strong. Looks like Jag will need to get the vaccine next week so he can go back to school. We don’t want to but apparently need to. Some States have dropped requirements as students and parents have sued and won. We’ll see.

That’s it, time to go, God Bless.

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DONE, well almost

Yesterday was a work day. Remember when I said a few days ago, the way to start is to just start? Well that’s what I did. With a little help from Ty, I started on my office. An hour or so later I had it cleaned out and spruced up ready to transform it into a makeshift bedroom for Dixie. Next up was Lori’s closet, after that the mud room and then the laundry room! I was on a roll and by the end of the day, pretty much done. Today at noon I have cleaners coming but I’m not sure why as I think I cleaned everything on my own! I’ll have them do toilets (lucky ladies) and things like windows and the kitchen appliances, etc. By the end of the day the house should be cleaner than it ever has been since we moved in.

Now last night I made the mistake of letting Mojo sleep inside. That meant I was up at 2:15 and then again around 4. Big mistake. Meanwhile Lori is doing more than one person should have to do in California. Sharon, Don’s daughter who I think is older than me, recently had four stints put in her leg and had a swollen calf. Red flag! That’s a sign of a DVT so Lori rushed her and Paul over to the ER at the local hospital. Then it was back to her mom before going to get some boxes to box some things up. Later she had to pick Sharon and Paul up, (no DVT thankfully but an infection and she’s now on antibiotics) and then make them all dinner. Throw in some other errands and a bunch of cleaning, packing and organizing and you have her day. I think her biological aunt stopped by to meet her too. Maybe that was the day before, it’s all a blur this week. The latest is they’ll now be arriving Monday. We were hoping for Saturday but I don’t think they could find a flight. Too bad as the house will be a mess by then, ha.

Today Jag works and Ty and I will clean some more on the back patio and in the basement. I have a conference call at 10 and was headed to the gym first but after my sleepless night thanks to Mojo, I overslept. The sky is clearer than it’s been in a week. A lot of the smoke is gone, thankfully. Here’s last nights sunset, beautiful. God Bless.

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Up early

I woke up this morning a little after 5. Not sure why but it’s ok. We have a lot of cleaning to do today as I have a cleaning crew coming tomorrow and I think the painters are coming too. Great timing huh. Yesterday was a whirlwind. I went to the gym, then had a few errands and then the smoker was delivered around 2. I dropped Ty at the skate park and then headed to Frisco. I was back by 6 and the boys were already home.

Today it’s cleaning and cleaning and more cleaning. Lori has been super busy running from bank to bank to the post office to the doctor to the grocery store. Paul and Sharon (Don’s daughter from Michigan) arrived yesterday afternoon. They’re older but wanted to come out to see Dixie. Lori also picked up a bunch of boxes to start packing some things up. I told her to just ship stuff UPS Ground rather than try to take a bunch of stuff on the plane. Plan now I think is for them to arrive on Sunday. We’ll see though as things can change on a dime.

We have a lot to do in the next month. We need to get furniture for Jag’s apartment in Boulder, maybe Tom can handle that for us, ha, get Ty his back to school stuff, get things set up for Dixie and find some time for Lori and I to take a mini break. You do what you have to do, right? Sometimes things are a challenge but if you can just start, it’s amazing what you can get done.

Think I’ll go. Been avoiding politics as they’re unbelievable. Some “uniter” Joe is right? Give me a break. Oh well, time changes everything and this dark period of our Country will too. Just hope the damage is repairable. God Bless.

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Last night Marty, Max, Jag, Ty and I had burgers on the grill. We also threw on some corn on the cob soaked in water. I had four baked potato’s in the oven and it was a good dinner. After dinner we were hanging out talking and somehow pick up lines came up. Now get this, when Ty was in Nebraska, turns out he said to his waitress at dinner, “I’d like the 8 ounce filet and a side of your phone number”! What? Are you kidding me? And guess what, he got the 23 year old waitresses number! Ha. We spent the next hour throwing around great pick up lines, fun guy time. How about, I lost my virginity, can I have yours! And my favorite (WARNING X-RATED), Fuck me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right!

Earlier in the day I went to the grocery store after dropping Ty at the skate park. When I came home Jag was tutoring Reese, the 13 year old daughter of Barbara, the real estate broker he works for. Before that, the big news of the day was I cleaned out my closet from top to bottom. I took things off every shelf, dusted it and then went through all the crap I had laying around. Amazing how much one can accumulate in 12 months. Today it’s my office. Need to reorg things for Dixie to come out.

Lori and Dixie had a pretty good day. It’s tough being 90 but they’re working through things best they can. Dixie is lucky to have a daughter like Lori who has literally been going out to see her every month for five years. Dixie is a good girl even though she’s a democrat. I think if she understood just what the democrat party stands for these days, even she’d change her stripes. It’s not easy on either of them right now but it’s all part of life. My mom always said, you do what you have to do!

Tomorrow I need to get a queen mattress and all the trimmings. Sounds like Thanksgiving but I mean sheets and stuff. Lori is getting doctor appointments and other details squared away. Not sure when she’s coming out, maybe later this week or maybe another week or more as we’re waiting on oxygen to be delivered. We’ll keep everyone posted. Annette, if you ever need to come out, give me a months notice, ha!

Oh, today my smoker gets delivered between 12 and 2! Of course Lori never reads the blog but she read Monday’s post and called saying “you bought a smoker”? And of course I proudly said, “yes I did”! Here’s the kicker, it’s basically a wood oven that you can even cook pizza on! It’s not really just a smoker. Can’t wait!

Well that’s it. As you can see (or read), life’s in full on in your face mode up here. You know the difference between cattle and bison or buffalo? When there’s a big storm cattle will run from it while bison will turn towards the storm and face it head on. Well we’re buffalo! So bring it on, God Bless.

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A big week

Lots going on this week. Tons of stuff to do around here to get ready for Dixie to come visit. Meanwhile in California Lori and Dixie have even more to do to get ready to come. Jag has work, (he rolled in around 10:30 last night from Denver) and Ty is getting a job. On top of rearranging the house to accommodate Dix, I have a lot of work to do too. So there you have it. We all get old and it’s our duty as children to take care of our older parents, no matter what.

Yesterday I made a second round of ribs. They turned out better than the day before. I also cleaned every single baseboard on most of the main floor. I have the hallway to the garage and my office to go. I did such a good job on the floors I was dreading letting the dogs back in as I knew they’d mess it up with tons of hair. Mojo did let me sleep most of the night but did wake me at 5:44 am. He’s so skinny on his back end I don’t know how he can get up and down.

Marty and Max are coming over tonight for dinner as Max’s days changed from when he was coming back from his church trip. Think we’ll have burgers.

We also still have smoke in the air. They say it’s coming from New Mexico and Arizona and a little from up by Steamboat. Wish it’d clear out. That’s it, time to move. GB.

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Doing well

Look s like Dixie had a great day yesterday. Jeff and Debbie came over and I think they had a few other visitors too. Only problem there was it was hot, really hot. Anytime it’s over 110 that’s no fun. I don’t know if I’ve ever been in temperatures that hot. Oh well, Fall will be here soon.

I made some ribs for the boys before they took off for Amanda’s Graduation party. They stayed in Vail so once again I was alone here with the dogs. I think today I’ll vacuum the entire house. Marty is coming over for dinner as he’s all alone too. We were thinking we could hook up Marty’s dad and Dixie. Then we’d hang out on the holiday’s! They’re about the same age.

Not too hot up here, I guess high 80’s or low 90’s. We have the Baseball All Star game in town the next few days. Good for Denver, bad for traffic. Think I’ll go to the gym before I start cleaning up crap around here. Have a good Sunday, Que Dieu te bĂ©nisse!

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80 minutes

Yesterday after a phone call with Dixie and her caregiver, we decided to get Lori on a flight with only 80 minutes to take off. We found a flight out of Eagle to Denver and then to Sacramento. Dixie was a little confused as to what was going on which is understandable at 90 years old. Looks like she’ll be coming back with Lori in a week or so. We managed to get Lori packed, find a flight and jump in the car all within about 16 minutes. Pretty impressive.

So today with no wife here, I’m headed to Denver in about an hour to pick up my new pellet smoker and bbq. This thing is super cool. We’ve been using James’s for years and although I didn’t pop for one as large as his, I did find a dealer in Denver that’s assembling it for me and will have it ready to go this morning. The place that sells them and all things bbq also sells meat but I’ll stop at Edwards for a few racks of baby backs. My buddy Matt was tutoring me on the best way to prep, season, rub and cook them as well as what kind of wood pellets to get. Tomorrow Marty and I will give it a go. Lori told me not to buy a Trager which is the most popular smoker out there, (you’ve probably seen them at Costco) so I didn’t, I bought a Yoder out of Kansas City which is the next level up, ha! And by the way, they’re not that expensive. Our built in bbq was way more expensive.

Can’t wait to fire it up. The way I see it is I’m 64 years old, I don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t have a girlfriend, don’t own a boat (yet) so I figure I deserve it. What Lori doesn’t know is everything doesn’t taste smoky. You can cook all kinds of things on this. Guess she’ll think twice next time she blasts out of town leaving me alone, ha.

Jag took off last night for Denver to see Katy. Ty and Preston spent the night in Vail and will be here at 9 or 10 this morning so the dogs and I hung out together. Robert my cousin will come over and help me unload this thing this afternoon as it’s 277 pounds when put together. It’s built like a tank! Tom, you should so get one. Go to Proud Souls BBQ on 25th and Federal right by the stadium. Check out their website.

107 degrees in Grand Junction yesterday, 113 in Sacramento today and 130 in Death Valley, CA, 4 degrees from the all time World record, wow! Nice up here, mid 80’s, same in Denver. All we need on top of the increased crime, the pandemic, the economy and Biden is the weather to start messing with us right? God is sure testing us.

Just saw life expectancy in the U.S. dropped 2 years! That’s the highest in the World, wtf? Remember, live each day, reduce your stress, stay healthy and be safe, God Bless.

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