Barking at herself

It’s 6 am and Harley just let out a big bark. Turns out she’s barking at her own shadow in the mirror, too funny. She’s barks at just about anything or anyone outside of the family. I’m ok with that. Last night Lori made it home after 8 as she had a deposition with Dr. C. I was in Ft. Collins and today will be in Lakewood. Hopefully I’ll be back early.

Ty wants to go camping this weekend but we need to meet the parents first. I’m headed to the Bronco Raider game on Sunday with Josh who is flying in from Seattle. My buddy Matt brought me a bushel of green chilis from Hatch New Mexico yesterday so I spent a few hours cleaning and freezing green chilis before giving some away to a couple neighbors. A bushel is a lot of green chilis, 22 pounds to be exact.

Hard to believe Monday is September 17th. Soon it’ll be Halloween and Tom will have his tree up! Guess I’ll get moving as Ty wants to go to school at 7. Jag is on the Junior Class overnight trip so he’ll be home this afternoon. Both boys need to clean their rooms this weekend. Here;s a picture of my elk and some of the colors which are changing. Take care and God Bless.

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And what day is it?

These days everything is a blur. The days go so fast they seem to blend into each other. I was in Colorado Springs yesterday and will be close to Ft. Collins today. Then I think tomorrow I think I have just a quick run to Denver which will seem like a short drive. It’s clinic day for Lori and Jag leaves for the Junior Class overnight trip this morning. Ty was up until 2 am doing homework and kept Lori up too. Obviously she’s tired this morning.

It’s a little after 6 now and I’m already running late. I need to drop Harley this morning at 7:15 before taking the boys to school. On my way to Ft. Collins I need to drop some wine to my buddy who is getting married next weekend. He’s having his party (the wedding is small the night before) in Loveland on the 22nd. He really wants us to come but it’s just too far to go as Lori can’t ride that long in a car.

We need to make sure Jag is packed and get him some food before he goes. Last night we all went to sushi and had a fun dinner. That’s it, time to go, watch your top knot (remember that?) and have a great day. God Bless.

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Denver and Colorado Springs

Today Lori is off to Denver and I’m off the the Springs. She’ll beat me home and Jag has a soccer game today. Ty is catching up on his work and doing well. Hard to believe it’s mid-September, winter will be here soon. I have to leave in 45 minutes and load the truck first so time to go. Have a great day and GB.

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9/11 Never Forget

Not sure if you remember where you were on the morning of 9/11/2001. For me, I remember watching it come on the tv thinking, what’s going on. As soon as the second tower was hit, it was clear this was no accident. Sadly there are still thousands of people fighting for their lives today with illnesses that stem from that day. The World we live in sure has changed, in some ways for the better but it seems in many more, for the worse. We can only hope that some day the senseless hatred between cultures and religions will heal itself.

Jag had his cast replaced yesterday after school and Ty did his best to catch up. Lori and I both worked and today we all have more of the same. I found out I have to go to Florida in late October for a meeting and a dinner. I think I’ll get down to Texas and out to California too in the next month or so. Then hopefully except for a board meeting in Seattle, I’ll be done for the year.

It’s 5;40 now and I’ve been up for about an hour as I had a headache most of the night. Sure hope I’m not getting Ty’s cold as it was a bad one. Oh, Ty saw a bear on Sunday! He watched it cross the river and go up the hill. Bears are common up here but you don’t see them all that much. Lori’s been wanting to see one forever. I’ll post pics tomorrow. Take care and God Bless.

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What a day!

Man, what a day, or for that matter, a weekend. Mom would have been, as she used to say, so tickled. Wisconsin won, CU won. the Broncos won and in dramatic fashion, her Green Bay Packers came back from 20 to nothing to win 24-23. She would have been so happy.

Lori and I left around 9 am yesterday morning and after a quick stop at a store, met our friends for brunch. We made it to the stadium just in time for the kickoff. It was a great game with highs and lows but we won 27-24. Tommy kept texting me telling me Mom sure is making us work for this one. It was finally over around 5:30 as we stayed until the end as it was that close, and were home by 7:30. It was a hot day but a fun time.

This week we all have a lot going on. We overslept and it’s 7 now so time to get going. Sorry about your Cardinals Robi, that was the only downer of the day. Have a great day and week, take care and God Bless.

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One Year

A year ago today, Mom passed away. In some ways it seems like the time went fast and in others, it seems like yesterday. One takeaway is for sure, life goes on. We all miss her dearly and I know we all wish we could have just one more day with her. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. All we can do is celebrate the memories and remember the days we spent together. I could go on for hours with stories but they’d be my stories so I’ll just leave it up to each of you to remember Mom in your own way. She would be thrilled her beloved Wisconsin Badgers won yesterday and she’d be gearing up for a big day of football today. So may God Bless a great lady, Mom, wife, and friend to so many. Live each day as if it’s your last as life is fleeting. Love those you love and tell them you love them. Be kind to others and do your small part to try to make the World a better place, that’s what Mom would want and did every day.

Yesterday Marty and I drove back up to our hunting grounds to look at some property. Lori, Jag and Ty cleaned their rooms and then last night our friends Billie and Greg from Aspen were in town so we all went to dinner at the Westin where they’re staying. They’re here for 3 or 4 days to use up their Starwood points before the end of the year. We’ll probably see them again on Monday. Today though Lori and I are off to the Bronco game with her friend and husband. We’ll leave around 9 at the latest and go to brunch before the game. We should be home by around 7.

Ty’s feeling a bit better every day and will have a lot of work to make up. With the short week I have a lot to do as a week from today we’ll already be half way through the month. Time for Tommy to get out the Christmas stuff! That’s about it, time to get moving, have a great day, Go Broncos and Green Bay (for Mom) and God Bless.

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Up all night, sleep all day…

The above describes Ty but in case you didn’t know, it’s also the title of a big song from the 80’s by Slaughter. Anyhow as I said, Ty was up all night, just about every hour coughing. Finally around 4:30 am Lori made him some hot water, lemon and honey and he’s been sleeping since. I’ll bet he’ll sleep until at least after noon. He missed the past three days of school and has a really bad cold. Lori took him to the doctor a few days ago and they said he just needs to ride it out. Hope he’s better soon.

I went to Denver yesterday for work and while there bought both boys new computers. They needed them as theirs were on their last legs. I too had a new one show up from my company yesterday. I thought we’d lost the blog as we couldn’t log in except on our phones then magically it reappeared. Next week I’m going to start the huge job of printing it all out on paper so I don’t lose it!

Jag stayed at school until about 8 last night watching the girls volleyball game, smart man, ha. Tomorrow Lori and I are headed down for the Bronco game. We’re taking her good friend Brooke who used to work for her at the Plastic Surgery office in Denver. I’m glad she can go as Lori and her really have a lot of fun together. We’ll meet at Elway’s for our traditional pre-game brunch. I need to find my gift certificate from Robin from Christmas so we can use it, thanks again Robi and Robert.

Time to get moving so I can go to the gym. I’m off at 11 with my buddy back up to our hunting grounds to look at an off the grid cabin on 35 acres that borders national forest that a bunch of us guys might go in on. It’s pretty cheap but really nice and in the middle of nowhere, we’ll see. You can never go wrong owning more land as they just aren’t making any more, ha.

Have a great day, God Bless and Go Broncos!

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Footballs back!

Tom texted me yesterday that I forgot to put in the blog that football started last night. Well, I forgot! It wasn’t much of a game, at least what I saw as I switched it off sometime after half time. Not sure who won. We were taking Ty and a friend this week but he’s too sick and behind on homework. So Lori and I will need to find someone to go with us. Shouldn’t be hard.

Jag went back to playing soccer last night. He had Lori ask Dr. Viola if he could play and he reluctantly said yes. Lori has the fireplace on this morning which is nice. Harley is laying on her bed in front of us and I think Mojo is behind the couch. The political ads have started and will run non stop until November 5th, not fun. The people that make these ads could make a serial killer look good. Don’t believe what you see on tv, just vote Republican, ha.

I missed my buddy’s dad’s funeral yesterday with Ty sick. We’d like him to go to school today but he has that deep cough and we heard it all night long. We’ll give him another 30 minutes before we wake him and see how he’s doing.

Soon it’ll be Halloween and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Just think, in 3 months it’ll be December 7th, what will you be doing then? Just a heads up, on Sunday it’ll be the one year anniversary of Mom passing. Tom and I decided it’s good it’s on a Sunday with football as Mom loved football. More to come in a couple days. God Bless.

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Ty’s sick!

Ty came home yesterday sick with a bad cough and cold. Lori had to leave work and pick him up and take him to the doctor. We all made it home just about the same time. He left a note outside his door saying he needed to stay home today but if he doesn’t have a fever, he needs to go. I’m supposed to go to a funeral at 11am in Denver but have a big conference call with Las Vegas that’s been set for a month. I’ve been trying to reschedule it but so far haven’t heard back. It’s also way down in Park Meadows so it’s a long drive. I’ll know more in an hour or so.

Tom sent pictures yesterday of a huge hail storm at his house. A mile away at 26th and Kipling the news on tv showed flooding and this morning they showed more hail 2 blocks from his house. We sure don’t miss that.

Shelly should be waking up in Augusta Georgia this morning which is her new home. Hope she enjoys it. She broke her elbow last weekend I guess tripping over a curb. Not sure if she’s having surgery or what.

Guess I’ll run, hope all’s well, have a great day and God Bless.

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Lunch with Tom and Tasha

I was in Denver yesterday and ended up having lunch with Tom and Tasha who is here to fly back with Shelly to Georgia today. It was a nice lunch where we talked about Mom and Dad, the ranch and things from when we were kids. I made it back up by about 1:30.

This morning Lori is going to workout with our trainer. I’d like to go but someone has to take the boys to school, ugh. It’s cool up here today which is nice. They say rain is in the forecast.

School is going well but Jag has lots of work every day as he signed up for three AP classes. I’m going to try to take a stab at the garage today but we’ll see as I have a lot of work. That’s about it, time to get the boys up. Have a great day and God Bless.

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