No masks

Yesterday the mask mandate in our county was lifted. You might remember we were one of the worst counties in the Country so this is good news. It means the Omi peaked and is now going away. But don’t worry, that crook Fauci says more will be coming. The next one should be called “anothercon”.

Ty had a good birthday snowboarding with friends. He has school today, Lori works and I’m off to Denver for a meeting with a top account and our new distributor. I should be back in time to pick him up from school.

Jag is doing well. Maybe he’ll come up this weekend. Time to get moving. Hope all’s well, stay safe and God Bless.

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Happy Birthday Ty

18 today! Wow! Hard to believe Ty too is old enough to vote, join the army and make other adult decisions. Time sure goes fast. Ty has four friends that slept over and I think they’re all getting up and heading to the mountain pretty soon. It’s 6:05 am now and I think they’re getting up and at it pretty soon.

Yesterday Lori and I hung out and watched football and some did things around the house. She made Ty his favorite red velvet cake with homemade frosting topped off with white chocolate shavings. it looks tasty. Today I have some work to do to prepare for the week but will mostly take it easy and try to enjoy the last day of the three day weekend. Lori is off too but will be scheduling surgeries or doing something.

Jag was going to come up but has a lot of work to do and it’s a long drive for one day. I’m in Denver tomorrow so maybe I’ll see him.

Happy Birthday Ty! What a journey it’s been. We love you and are very proud of you.

God Bless.

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Feeding deer

Lori just finished feeding carrots and apples to her herd of deer for breakfast. She had nine of them here yesterday as they have been spreading the word about the blond lady in sweats who throws food out in the morning and evening.

Good games yesterday except the Raiders were robbed. Buffalo did what I thought they’d do, and the Nuggets crushed the Lakers by 40 points!

Ty spent the night at Sonny’s and is already in Vail getting breakfast before hitting the mountain. There are three football games today and the Nuggets play again too.

The mask mandate ends here in Eagle County as of tomorrow meaning it will probably end today. Cases are going down. Even though Lori repeatedly tests negative, I have her one a course of vitamin C, D, Zinc and Elderberry today to try to kick her cough. I’m fine, knock on wood, and so is Ty who has been kicking his cold for a while.

James, Marty, Clark and I hung out and watched the Raider game. Tomorrow is Ty’s birthday and it’s also Marcella’s, James’s youngest. She’ll be 20 so she’s 2 years ahead of Ty. James is grabbing a jet and flying to New York for the day where she lives and will be back Tuesday. He said for us to come along and we laughed saying that’s just what Marcella wants, her dad and a bunch of his old guy friends showing up, ha. I would grab Ty and take him although he has school Tuesday and I have a meeting in Denver. He’d dig a private jet rip and going to NY.

Ty wanted to have like 10 friends over tonight but with the vid almost gone, we didn’t want to push it. Hard to believe he’ll be 18 tomorrow, wow.

Time to get going. be well, God Bless.

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Wildcard Weekend

It’s a football lovers dream weekend. Probably the best weekend left of the season. Should be fun. Tom and I are excited! I’m headed to James today for the Raider game and then will head home for the second game.

Yesterday I hit Costco for some more essentials. Even they are out of some things. No cream cheese for one, hmm. Also no heavy cream. Guess Lori’s famous cheesecake is out this weekend. I worked out heavy in the morning, more than an hour. Then in the afternoon at a stop on the way to Costco, I slipped and fell on the ice. Ugh. It was one of those where I knew I was going down, sort of in slow motion. I’m fine, thankfully. Working out has a lot to do with staying limber. A little sore but that could be from working out. My left forearm is the only place I can tell that was directly impacted from the fall. Also have a few scrapes on my left hand. It’s good to fall every now and then to let yourself know you’re still in shape, ha. How’s that for glass half full!

Lori has six or seven deer out back she’s been feeding apples, broccoli, bird seed and celery. They also love strawberries. She’s doing her part to help them through the winter. Three of them are large bucks. You can watch the pecking order as the one in charge will chase the others off if they get too close to where he feeds. I see one out back this morning. He’s one of the smaller one-year old’s getting some food while he can.

Ty went to the hockey game last night but was home by 10. His birthday is Monday. I think Jagger is coming up for the day. Time to get moving. Do yourself a favor and please stock up on items you use on a regular basis now. Even if you can find them six months down the road, which is unlikely, they’ll be way more expensive.

God Bless and Go Pack!

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We have a three day weekend coming up, and boy can we use it. It was so warm in Denver yesterday it felt like I was in Arizona. I think it’s going to be cooler today but then hopefully it’ll warm up again. We need some snow to melt around here. I had a good lunch with Luke and Toby yesterday and picked Ty up on the way home. Then I went to James for cigar night. We’re going to watch the Raider game tomorrow at his house.

Lori worked from home and is doing so again today. Think we’ll go to the gym this morning when we drop Ty at school as his truck is gone for a couple weeks getting fixed.

Thank God the Supreme Court stopped Biden’s vaccine mandate yesterday. On top of that two democrat Senators said they won’t vote to abolish the filibuster which is also great news. Biden’s approval numbers are now about 30% which is lower than any President in history a year into office. It’s easy to see why but it’s great the rest of the Country feels the same way. Maybe there’s hope for us all yet.

The news just said 1600 people are in the hospital with covid. The caveat is they then said 2/3’s of them were admitted for something else. Let that sink in. Over 1000 of the 1600 people went to the hospital for some issue that required hospitalization but then they tested positive for covid while there! This means that there are a lot of people walking around with covid, like people do with a cold in the winter, but that wasn’t bad enough to send them to the hospital. Yet the government wants to take away your rights and make everyone get some vaccine when most people with the vid are not sick enough to require medical care. Knowing this you have to ask, why the big push for vaccine passports? It’s all about control. The Dems have even admitted this wanting to track where you go, what you do, how you spend your money and just about everything else about your life. New York just passed a law where they can survey people they deem crime risks based on their social media posts! This is like the movie Minority Report in the 90’s. They think they can predict what you will do based on your opinions or thoughts on things like politics. You can bet with Dems in power there, any conservative or independent thinking thoughts will be considered potentially bad and they’ll be watching you. Unbelievable.

Worse than all this are the shortages in the grocery stores and then if there is something you want, the prices of those goods are almost double. Last night as we were hanging out smoking cigars, this came up and from Whole Foods to City Market, to restaurants and hardware stores, there are shortages of things everywhere. This is not hard to find unusual things either, it’s basic things like yogurt, meat, canned goods, pasta, even eggs. Dairy was particularly hard hit at Whole Foods. Throw in the labor shortages and stores are having to close early. And Biden thinks things are going well.

Strange times, stock up while you can. I hit three stores yesterday to get basic vitamins we’re running short on. They were picked over too. After two Whole Foods in Denver and our store in Frisco, I managed to get what I wanted. The three bags of groceries I did buy that should have cost about $200 ran us $394!

Get ready, make a plan and get ahead of the everyone else before this becomes more and more obvious. Good luck, God Bless.

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Quick trip

Headed to Denver today. Getting an oil change and having lunch with Toby and Luke. Lori tested negative but I’d bet Ty has the vid for sure. We need to try to keep him home today. Lori is home so she can take care of him.

Yesterday Biden hit a new low. He directly said if you don’t agree with him, you’re a racist and not an American. He went so far to tell Americans that don’t support his radical agenda that they are basically terrorists. WOW, so much for uniting the Country. You see the Dems are losing it as they know if they don’t pass this bill that gives them unchecked control, they’ll never get it for sure. So they lie, cheat, defame and do anything else to smear anyone who doesn’t agree with them. How sad. Record numbers of Dems are retiring as they either see the writing on the wall or don’t agree with the administration and are moving on. Hard to blame them.

I think things will get worse before they get better. They’re still ramming their vaccine mandates forward even though there is overwhelming proof the vaccinated get sick at least as much as the unvaccinated. It’s also proven the the Omi variant is not fatal like the previous versions. Yet they push for control. They want vaccine passports that control where you can go and what you can do. Then they’ll want to control your money and other facts of your life. Don’t fall for it. It’s their last ditch effort to get you to do as they say by telling you they can make decisions for you better than you can for yourself and that it’s for your own good. What a joke.

Time to move on. Thankfully most of the Country has had it with their crap and sees through this scam. Essentials are still missing from shelves and prices are skyrocketing. Be smart, no useless spending as cash is king. Pay down debt if you can and get your house in order.

Sorry for the rant. I’m telling myself all of the above as much as I’m telling you, ha. Hang in there and God Bless.

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This morning Ty and I are headed to Glenwood to drop his truck to be fixed. Not sure how long they’ll have it, but it needs to get in. This afternoon the Dish TV guy comes to fix our tv’s. Lori is in Frisco and Ty has school from 12 to about 4.

I had a good two hour range session yesterday and went through probably six boxes training. It was too cold at 10 in the morning, so my buddy and I rescheduled for 2 in the afternoon. He’s off to Phoenix today for some work before heading up to Vegas for the annual Shot Show next week.

Biden is off his rocker as they say. He called Kamala President Harris again yesterday and is so mixed up it’s clear he isn’t all there. Everyone knows it yet they keep sending him out there with a script to read. Now there’s talk of Hillary running again. We’ve made politics so toxic, good people don’t want to run. God help us.

Time for coffee. Have a great day and God Bless.

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Yesterday we didn’t get above 20 degrees! Hopefully today it’ll be warmer. We need some sun to help with the melting. Ty started off staying home but then had me take him around 11 to school. I think both he and Lori have the vid but there are no tests around. One of Lori’s P.A.’s tested positive yesterday afternoon after working all day with Lori and others. Hopefully Lori is still negative.

Lori needs to get a test this morning so we’ll see. Ty goes to school at 9. I need to wake him soon and see how he’s doing. Jag thought he was getting a bug but is all better as of yesterday. Time for this crap to end already.

We had the oven clock fixed yesterday and our Dish tv tomorrow. I’m back at the range today for some training. Should be done by noon.

Lots of places pushing mandates. Don’t fall for it. These guys will have us getting endless numbers of shots. Right now most people with Omi are vaccinated according to studies released in Germany and Europe. Hard to believe anything they tell us here in the U.S. As I said yesterday, to each their own.

Time to move. Make it a great day. God Bless.

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Warming up

Looks like a warm week. At least until the weekend. This is welcome news. Hopefully I’ll get the snow cleared out before the next storm.

Last night we had a blast at James house. The food was good but the game was great. Glad the Raiders won. Ty isn’t feeling well so we’ll check his temperature this morning before we take him to school.

Hopefully this week the flu or Omi or whatever it is will peak. Hard to believe we’re almost midway through the month. We have the fridge guy coming today and on Wednesday the tv guy. Lori with her amazing ability to fix just about anything, figured out how to get the football games on tv yesterday. We might be able to just stream all our shows and save $5000 a year on cable! Unbelievable that tv costs that much these days.

Shortages of just about everything are everywhere. This includes workers which for some reason are quitting jobs everywhere. This is mostly due to all the free money the govt. is sending out. Turns out covid cases have also been overstated everywhere and now the govt. is changing their tune as it isn’t good for their narrative. Apparently they’ve been inflated by over 50%. On top of that you have a sitting Justice of the Supreme Court caught saying Omicron is as bad as Delta which everyone knows is 100% false and also inflating figures of cases in kids saying there are 100,000 kids hospitalized. Even the CDC corrected her saying there are only 3500 kids nationwide and that Omi is way less severe than the Delta variant. Wow, she was only off 96.5%! Guess she was close, not! Not sure when being a Supreme Court judge also made you a medical doctor.

You don’t know what to believe anymore these days from anyone. There is way more things on tv not true than true. It’s not even close. Strange times we live in. Time to get moving. Think we’ll keep Ty home today even though he doesn’t have a fever as he feels like crap. Lori slept upstairs last night but also doesn’t have a fever. Good news. Make it a great week, hang in there and God Bless.

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Yesterday afternoon after boarding Ty slid into a pole and crunched the whole front end of his truck, ugh. He wasn’t hurt as he was only going about 10 miles an hour. Just one of those things where he over corrected when coming around a corner. Nothing we can do except get it fixed. He will be without wheels for a couple weeks meaning we’ll need to drive him to and from school. Lori said lucky we didn’t get it fixed last week, ha.

The roads were bad in the early part of the day and in Vail most of the day. We had a few inches of snow in the morning, maybe 4 or so and then a dusting last night. I’m done with winter, double ha.

The sky is blue outside right now and if we can, we’ll take his truck to Glenwood and drop it at our collision place. Sadly they know us pretty well.

Tonight us guys are going to James’s house for the Raider Charger game. Should be fun. Lori rode home Wednesday and Thursday with her friend who she hired while at Steadman who now has covid. Lori tested negative yesterday, but we need to watch it. Funny how they are both vaccinated, have boosters and wear masks all day yet still she got the vid, hmm. Hope she didn’t bring it home to Ty and I.

Jag was a little under the weather too but doing well. They say next week cases are supposed to start dropping. Tom just texted the Bronco’s fired our coach. Thankfully we’ll have a fresh start and hopefully a new quarterback too. Nice guy but he was always in way over his head.

Time to get moving, God Bless.

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