5 am

Lori and I are up early and will be out the door by 6. Her flight boards at 9 so we need to be at the airport by 8. Today in Southern California they had a 6.4 earthquake. I always hate for Lori to go to California for a number of reasons and now we can add earthquakes to the list. I get that the weather is pretty mild all year long but what a screwed up State. Personally I prefer 4 distinct seasons. She’s only there for about 66 hours thank God.

After dropping her at the airport I’m headed to the gun range with my buddy Alan who is a World Class shooter and a U.S.P.S.A. Champion to train. We’re going through some defensive and competition drills for about 3 hours as he’s off to a match about noon. Then I’ll head home to see what Jag is doing. At night Emma is in some theater thing at school where she’s helping out for a bunch of actors that came up from Denver. Jag will go and I might go with him unless I’m too tired.

Ty’s doing well at camp. They send us updates and I guess he was mountain biking and did some more rock climbing today. The best thing about camp is no cell phones and computers for two whole weeks! We’d love for this to continue but the kids get sucked right back in the minute they’re home.

That’s it, hope everyone had a good 4th. We went to the gym and pool and Lori burned her little stomach a bit in the hot sun. Have a good day, be safe and don’t listen to all the crap on tv! God Bless.

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July 4th

First up, not sure why yesterday’s post didn’t show up so today you get to read two! If you don’t know how to see yesterdays, look at the top of the page on the left or right and click on “Driver’s License”.

Happy Independence Day! Today we celebrate our freedom. Just a couple reminders of why we’re free. Funny because they’re so true!



Here’s one more for ya,

So what’s up today? Yesterday we had a long day with Jag and I going back to Frisco after going to Gypsum to take one more test to get his drivers license. We had to go to Gypsum which is 30 miles in the other direction to pay $50 so he could take the driving portion of his test from a driving school. Once he passed, yea!, we headed back 60 miles to Frisco to turn in all his paperwork and get his official license. It’s a big day in a kids life as I think we all remember the day we got our license.

By the time we made it home it was 2 or so as I had a call in between from 11 to 12. After getting his license we hit the grocery store before heading home. We picked up some ribs, hamburgers and shrimp to cook today.

Around 5 Jag and I picked up Emma from theater at school and I dropped them both in town. Then on a whim, Lori and I headed to Denver to replace her rings that go on each side of her wedding ring as we had to return the two she had as the stones kept falling out. Lori had ruby guard rings but decided to switch to blue meaning sapphires. They had one in stock and the other one will arrive in a week or so. We all know how a girl loves her jewelry.

Today we’re headed to the gym and then hopefully to the pool at the Westin when it warms up. We joined for the summer so we had a pool to go to. It’s a salt water pool and the gym is great. Hoping for a hot day.

We have to get up really early tomorrow like 5 am to leave for the airport for Lori’s flight to Sacramento. She’s gone from tomorrow morning until Monday morning. Lots going on at work but that’s for another day.

Today remember how and why you’re free. Our ancestors fought and gave their lives to free us from oppression from an over bearing government that tried to control every aspect of our lives. Sound familiar? It should. Funny how history repeats itself yet most of us are so wrapped up in what’s on tv, or our social media accounts or trying to impress others for some unknown reason that we forget what’s important. We’d better get our shit together as the way things are going we’re going to end up in another civil war or something. I wish people would think and take responsibility for themselves. The government is not going to solve all your problems and owes you nothing no matter how much you think it does or will. So have a great day and God Bless you all and God Bless America.

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Drivers license

This morning Jag and I are going to Gypsum so he can take the driving portion of his drivers license test. There’s like a month wait with the DMV so we’re paying a private company $50 to get it done today. We’ll see if he passes as the roundabouts and other roads up here are pretty confusing. He’s been driving a lot but he could use more practice.

Ty is having fun according to the pictures Lori received. She’s sending me some to post. We miss him and it’s only been 3 days. We’re sending him a care package today with some snacks and his pillow which we forget to take every year. We’re going to run to the gym quickly so time to get going. Go out and exercise your freedom today! Do something, anything that you can that others in less fortunate countries can’t do. We take so much for granted. And to all of you that want more restrictions on your life supposedly for the good of the people (that’s what the Dems say), remember it’s easy to lose your rights but virtually impossible to get them back! Happy 4th! Be safe as there will be a lot of drunk people out for sure, God Bless.

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Big day

Today I have a pretty important call with Germany this morning and then I think I’m taking Jag to get his license. Tonight at 6 we have a bbq benefit at the Ritz for the Salvation Army. Our good friends Anne and Bart are running it and have been begging us to come as we always miss it. We’ve known them for over 15 years and it should be fun.

I need to get a care package sent to Ty with his pillow and some snacks. I think he’s on the 5 day backpacking portion of camp right now. They should be sending an update soon. Lori has clinic so right now she’s taking the dogs up the hill for some exercise for all three of them.

Jag had some minor dental surgery yesterday. He had to have the muscle and tissue between his front two teeth cut away. They do this with a laser and I guess it’s common. The orthodontist needs this done so the gap between his front two teeth can close. On the 22nd he gets his braces off and he will just have a retainer. His mouth is obviously sore from the procedure.

To get his mind off the pain I took him down to Eagle and we went to look at the house. The water and sewer lines and other utilities are in and buried. The surveyor had just finished up and now they’ll start digging the foundation, pretty exciting.

It’s official as our name is on a sign! Things will start moving fast now. Concrete comes right after they dig the basement and then the foundation is poured and then floors and walls will start to go up. Stand by for more updates and make your plans to come visit next year but hurry as we’re getting booked up already! The pictures don’t do the views justice as it’s beautiful down there.

Have a good day and God Bless.

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July 1st

Today we start the back half of the year. Time flies.

Yesterday I drove Ty to camp. Lori and Jag stayed here and worked on the house. Lucky for her as it was a good 4 1/2 to 5 hours of driving. Ty was excited and the camp consolers were glad to see him. He’s gone until the 13th which is 13 days.

We have a busy week with the 4th and then Lori goes to her Mom’s for the weekend. Today Jag has a little minor surgery on his gums as there’s a muscle between his front two teeth that needs to be cut or lasered or something. It’s sort of weird around here without Ty.

I have a few calls today. They start at 9 and then at noon, 1 and 2. It’ll be a short week work wise but there’s a lot of critical stuff to get done in that limited time. Here’s a couple pictures of Ty and I, love this kid! God Bless

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Off to camp

Last night we found out we drop Ty around 3 this afternoon. This seems late but we think it’s because he’s in the older group. Still we’ll get home sometime after 6 tonight.

Last night we went to dinner, just the four of us, at The Left Bank which is a good French restaurant here in town. It’s probably the top restaurant here and is pretty good although Lori sent her steak back. Ty was out skate boarding earlier but had Mom come get him as his buddies were smoking pot and drinking a bit and he wasn’t interested, good for him. Jag and Emma were at the Westin at the pool while I was on a call from 2 until probably 4:30.

Lori needs to get her nails done today so we’re off to the gym. It’s nice up here and looks like a good day. Dogs are fed and have been out. Mojo is not feeling too well as he didn’t eat much. The people that want to buy Mom’s house had the sewer scoped yesterday and according to Tom, were there most of the afternoon. One can only wonder what they found in 50 year old sewer pipes. I’m sure they’ll be coming back wanting some money or something as that’s how it works. Then we need to decide what to do. Hopefully it’s not too bad. Time to go as we slept in and it’s about 8:30. Have a good day, GB.

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Getting ready

Tomorrow Ty goes to camp. He’ll be gone for 2 weeks! He’s going to the same camp he’s gone to for the past few years. All his friends are excited to see him. We hadn’t decided whether or not he was going until I think Tuesday of this week. Funny as he stays in touch with most of the kids throughout the year. That’s social media for you.

Jag completed his week long research study at the clinic. It’s no surprise that he was the top kid there. Yesterday was sort of a celebration day from 11 until about 1:30. Then at 5 he went to hang out with Emma until I picked him up around 10 pm. He wants to go get his drivers license today but he’ll probably have to wait until Wednesday as we’re busy. Ty and I made a trip to REI to grab about $1000 worth of last minute gear like new hiking boots and other items he’s grown out of. Then we picked up some bbq before heading home. He then went skate boarding with Sonny until about 5.

Lori wrapped her week without Dr. C as he’s been in Hawaii. He’ll be back on Monday. The potential purchasers of Mom’s house are having a sewer scope today. Hope that goes well as they already want to buy it too cheap. The issue there is the house is so dated and needs so much work. Cross your fingers.

I have to run down to Denver this morning and hopefully will be back up by 2 to go to the pool. It was 85 yesterday with more of the same today. The sewer and water lines at the house are in and the excavation is under way. I’ll run down and take some pictures soon. Have a great day, hope all’s well with everyone, God Bless.

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Ugh, what a long day. I was home by 6 and settled straight into the couch. Lots going on around here. I’m supposed to go to Denver today but will try to rearrange my schedule. Ty has lots of stuff to do to get ready for camp Sunday and Jag has to be at the hospital at 9:30 and is done at 1:30 today.

Lori looks as good or better as when I left Monday. She has a headache this morning, hoping it’s allergies.

We’re going through a lot of back and forth with some investors in our Company over the merger. As I always say, money makes people funny. I’m sure we’ll work something out but what a pain. People make everything in life so hard when it usually never needs to be.

I did run into my lawyer from 20 years ago who was also at our wedding. Paul always had the Midas touch and still does. He wants me to fly back up as he’s head deep in the cannabis industry. Not the ‘get high” part but the life science side of the business. We always liked each other and it was good to catch up.

Lori and I are going to try to get to the gym this morning so time to go. Have a good day, God Bless.

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Headed home

Good trip, short but good. I’m catching the 11:10 am flight home instead of the 12:40 which puts me in around 2:30 and hopefully home between 5 and 6 with traffic.

Yesterday was long but productive. We still have things to do but it’s mostly preparing our counter in writing and then we have a call with Germany tomorrow am. Hopefully things go well.

Not a lot else to say. Lori and the boys are doing well. Weather’s been good, here and there. Tomorrow I’m back in Denver finalizing Ty’s gear for camp and then it’s the weekend. Hope everyone is doing well, take care and God Bless.

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Although I used to live here, I’m glad I left. Colorado is a much better place to be. I arrived around 11:30 and was at the office about 45 minutes later. Just took a shower and it’s about 6:30 here. Had a good day with pretty much just my business partner Kay as Brian’s plane was late. Our other partner Josh was also on a plane back from New York.

We’re working on a pretty large merger with a German company so lots to do today. I’d like to get out to town this afternoon but it’ll probably be tomorrow when I’m scheduled. Ty is going to camp Sunday so lots to do at home. Jag is having a great time at the institute, good for him. Lori of course is working away and holding down the fort. Time to go, have a great day, GB.

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