Friday, thank God

Ok, the week is almost over, thank God! I’m not going down to Denver today as I’ve been down every day this week and we’re going down tomorrow. Tom and Ali have a lunch then but I have some errands to do anyhow. Slow and steady is our mantra, and things are getting there. We still have things like Waterford Crystal glasses that have no home. I’m going to try to find a good home for them. I’m excited for Shelly to someday go through the  four or five large boxes we put together for her as there’s tons of pictures of her and Tasha when she was little. I also put in a lot of the grandma and grandpa’s pictures as well as a bunch of Dad when he was young and momento’s from her childhood.

Here’s some big news, we’ve settled on a lot to buy where we hope to build our dream house. You might not know it but we bought a lot 2 or 3 years ago and then sold it last year as we had someone build next to us that obstructed our view and the timing wasn’t right. Thankfully we made money on it. I think we have it figured out this time, ha. It’s actually the same as just buying an existing house finance wise but with a whole lot more work! More to come here too but if all goes well we’ll be in by maybe September, but October for sure. It’s in Eagle Ranch which sits high above Eagle looking at the Sawatch Range. Eagle is also like 1500 feet lower than Vail in elevation meaning less snow and warmer. Over the past 5 years, we’ve literally been through every single house for sale in Eagle Ranch and just couldn’t find anything that was a good fit for us. We’ll keep you posted.

There’s a little snow here but I guess the brunt of the storm is in eastern Colorado. That’s good news as like I said earlier, we’re in Denver tomorrow. Time to get moving so I can get Jag to basketball. Have a great weekend and God Bless.

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On and on and on and on we go……

5:30 am, another day and another trip to Denver. It’s like that movie Groundhog Day where the same thing happens over and over. Sure there are a few tweaks here and there but it’s basically the same. We’re making good progress though. Mom always said you do a little at a time to get where you want to go. It’s the old tortoise and the hare thing. Slow and steady usually wins out.

Jag has a big math test today and then science tomorrow. Then he’s off for a week. Lori has clinic and a deposition tonight after work and Ty has track. Snow tonight and tomorrow so they say. We’ll see how much.

I found lots of fun pictures yesterday and a bunch of momento’s for Shelly. We have probably four big boxes of stuff for her. We have James taking the remaining trash out of the attic and basement and will soon start on the clothes left in the house. Both realtors gave us proposals with about the same price recommendation. One thinks someone will keep the house while the other thinks it’ll be torn down. I think we’re leaning towards the local guy.

Here’s a math problem, see if you can understand it. This is Jag’s. I’m totally lost and couldn’t figure this out if my life depended on it. Let me know if you get it! God Bless.

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And again

I’m off early this morning as I have meetings in Denver at 9:45, 10:30 and 11. Then I’ll head over to Mom’s for another round of cleaning. I need to be back up here by 4 so no time to waste.

Lori is off to the gym while I get the boys moving. I’ll be going down again tomorrow too (ugh) and then on Saturday, weather permitting. Lucky you all, (except for Tom and I) don’t live here or you’d have to come over and help us. This is a huge job and we probably should have hired someone but it would have cost thousands of dollars plus they wouldn’t know what to keep and what to throw out. James told me yesterday after the “girls” took what designer clothes of Mom’s they wanted, he thought he could have the rest. I don’t know where or how he got that idea and I’m still pretty pissed off about it but what can I do. I did make it crystal clear he’s not to take anything, even an empty box, without specific approval from Tom or myself. It really pisses me off that Viviene (his sort of girlfriend) is walking around wearing Mom’s stuff. Oh well, I need to get over it.

It’ll be 80 in Denver today before snow returns tomorrow night. Hopefully this is the last round but you never know. Most ski areas are shut down or shut down this weekend. Ty has track after school and Jag has his math tutor. He scored 90% on his math which is a big deal.

Robi commented yesterday on her pcitures, here it is,

robi says:

HA, I really haven’t changed much except more wrinkles, and another chin lol, so very sad!

Now that’s just not true, you look good! We’re all pretty lucky as we have good genes and look good for our age if I do say so myself. She does look the same though, even the way she poses, ha. Have a great day and GB.

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Slow but sure

Well, Tom and I made more progress yesterday. We had James come over for some boxes for the Denver Junior League and a bunch of trash. I found 4 BB Guns in a downstairs closet. Man they made them a lot more powerful 40 years ago. Today we’ll try to get a lot of the basement cleaned out. It’s a big job but someone needs to do it. While I was driving down Tom was at the emissions place getting Mom’s car approved so he could sell it. He did a really great job on the car and I think he got top dollar for it.

Jag wants to go to school early today. He’s skipping the volleyball game in Denver tonight as he’d get home at midnight and he has a math test Thursday. Ty came home an hour early yesterday and slept from about 4 until, well, he’s still sleeping. Jag went to the clinic and met the CEO and had a tour. He’ll be working there for 6 or 8 weeks this summer. I didn’t know it but they have lots of really advanced stuff going on. They’re one of a handful of places in the Country with this robot to test human joints for strength and movement. They put cadavers (dead people) in this thing and test how far a joint can be pushed or pulled in some case until it fails. They also have a lab where they practice surgery on knees, ankles, spines, etc. using all the same gear as in the OR. Next week Jag is in the OR with Dr. C. watching a back surgery, wow! He’s pretty lucky as people from universities all over the World apply to come intern here and Lori slipped Jag right in. They’re already talking about what to do this summer and then what to do that’s more specific next summer once he decides what his interests are. There’s a lot more going on than I knew about, it’s really amazing and once you see it you understand why it’s one of the top orthopedic clinics in the World.

Lori has clinic today and us boys should all get home around 4:30 with Lori probably running an hour or so behind us. We all had a stomach ache yesterday from the fish. Lori and I had the worst of it as the boys really didn’t eat much fish if any. Here’s some fun pictures of Robi I found in the attic! I remember that long dress, what fun. Have a great day, GB.

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Dueling Spring Breaks

Here we go, another week. Last night we discovered that we have Spring Break for both boys on different weeks, what? Jag’s is next week and Ty’s the week after. Not sure how we are supposed to go anywhere when the kids breaks are on separate weeks. Nice. Maybe we’ll just have our Spring Break the first week of June. There’s only something like 24 days of school left as it is.

I’m heading down to help Tom at Mom’s again today. I’ll probably do this almost every day this week. It snowed a little again last night and while it’s supposed to warm up this week, Thursday night again we’re supposed to get some more.

Lori and I decided were going to stop drinking so much coffee. Usually we have a cup of decaf around dinner but we both think there’s caffeine in our decaf! Now before you all comment (like that’ll happen) we know there’s caffeine in decaf but apparently didn’t know how much. I personally drink 5 or 6 cups a day which is probably too much. We’ll see how this goes!

Last night we made fish tacos and none of us really liked them. We think the fish was funky. Lori said we should never buy fish on a Friday or a Saturday. Guess she’s right. Jag was going to go to an early shoot around at school for basketball so I got up at 5:30 only to have him tell me he decided not to go and he was going to sleep for another hour, ugh.

That means I won’t be at Mom’s by 8:30 but probably more like 9:30. (I told Tommy 8:30)

Now to volleyball, check out this article on the boys below. They’re hilarious and it seems sometimes like it’s a Will Ferrel movie. They’re now 6 and 3 as I said yesterday, what fun and what a fun picture they posed for. Check out the headbands on all the boys. Jag’s in the middle.



April 2, 2018- Some of them come from backgrounds in competitive skiing. Others are soccer and basketball players. There’s a go-kart racer, the captain of the VMS golf team, and even a handful of students who hail from high schools that normally play against VMS. They are a mixed bag, the VMS boys volleyball club; a team as motley as they are bent on dominating the ball court. A task they’re undertaking with tenacious lightheartedness.

The club, which is currently classified as a pilot program by the Colorado High School Acativities Association (CHSAA), burst out of a volleyball void in Colorado – not a single high school boys volleyball team existed, not just in Eagle County, but in the entirety of the Western Slope. It was a niche Whitney Armistead noticed during the volleyball season last year.

“We had a very strong following of boys that kept coming to the girls volleyball games,” explained Armistead, coach of the VMS girls volleyball team, and new boys volleyball club. “They would stay after and play and hang out… So, I took all of these boys and got them into a club program last spring.”

That club, in its infancy, was just a chance for the boys who participated to get PE credit, says Lisa Isom, the athletic director at VMS. But, she said, the response was so strong, and the players, so motivated, that it quickly became apparent: there was a serious need for boys volleyball in the Vail Valley, that wasn’t being fulfilled.

So, VMS stepped up to the proverbial service line, and put together a team that’s giving the game some fresh pizzazz.

“They are the most fun people I have ever worked with,” Armistead admitted, with a chuckle. “They don’t take themselves too seriously, they work really hard, but they really enjoy everything that they do.”

Their cheers are unique, their style is quirky, and their carefree eccentricity bleeds into all that they do. They’ll sometimes play ball in outrageous volleyball shorts, or show up on game day clad head to toe in white, which inspired the team photo above.

“It just kind of lightens the mood since they are learning this sport basically from scratch,” notes Armistead. “It’s helping them maintain the fun, while they’re working hard to accomplish this goal.”

That goal, goes beyond their next tournament on April 7th, and even beyond this Spring season. The team is aiming to achieve their full-fledged CHSAA status by next year, says Isom. They want to establish themselves as the first legitimate boys volleyball team, this side of the Continental Divide. And there’s nothing stopping them. Their path gets clearer with every passing game, and success seems more like a matter of when than if.

That’s about it, time to get moving. Have a good week, be safe and enjoy the day and God Bless.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Grandma!

Happy 87th birthday mom! We wish we were there to celebrate the day with you. We are sure you are having fun with Kristin, Paul, Sharon and Gracie Fay!


Yesterday Lori and I dropped Jag at 6:30 and then made it to Mom’s a bit after 8. Soon after we arrived Tommy made it over and we began the purge. We worked until sometime between 1 and 2 and accomplished a lot. The attic is pretty much cleaned out which was a huge job. There’s still a few boxes of pictures and some papers to be shredded but it’s mostly all cleaned out. I also had Lori look through the few pieces of furniture in the living room I thought she’d want but we passed on it all. I think Tom will take most of it which is a secretary desk, the black chinese desk that was in Mom’s room and two velvet chairs. We have so much stuff as it is you just have to stop at some point. James probably took 20 or more trash bags out. Lori saw him carrying out some of Mom’s clothes out and asked him what he was doing and told him to put them back. He did take all Mom’s jeans and some white shirts and other clothes sometime over the past week that we did not tell him he could have and gave them to his girlfriend and her sister. I confronted him about this as I was not happy about this at all. He thought it was ok and in the end I don’t know what we’d’ do with them but it’s the principal. Anyhow we headed up the hill and will try to finish this week.

We also met up with the realtor and will list the house in about a week. They think someone will want to buy it as is and renovate it rather than tear it down. We’ll see, we just hope it sells quickly.

Meanwhile Jag was across town playing volleyball where they won all 3 of their games. The team is now 6 and 3 which is pretty good for their first year. They also had a Big Dog Contest where they used a radar gun to measure the speed of the boys hits and Jag came in 2nd with a serve of 37 miles an hour! The team made it home around 7 and I met him in the school parking lot and then he changed in the car and I dropped him in town to go see a movie with Ethan. I think it was called Ready Player. He made it home around 10:30. Ty was spending the night with Tegan from school and his Mom and brother who were house sitting somewhere in Edwards.

Today we’ll clean up around here after the gym. Hopefully we’ll make a trip to the storage unit too as I have about 20 boxes in the garage to move out. So it’ll be another busy day. It rained most of yesterday and it turned into an inch or so of slushy snow during the night. Hope it warms up a bit today. It’s supposed to be in the 80’s in Denver this week.

That’s it, time to get moving and head out to the gym. Have a great day and week. God Bless.

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Up early

It rained most of the night which means it snowed on the pass. I looked at the Cdot cameras and it’s pretty icy and sloppy up there but nothing that should prevent us or Jag from getting to Denver. Springtime in the Rockies!

We need to leave in about 45 minutes so not a lot of time to mess around. Lori made it home around 4 or 4:30 yesterday and soon after Ty went to a school dance. I picked him up at 8. He’s staying home with Mojo and sleeping in, lucky guy.

We hope to make a lot of progress today at Mom’s. Not sure how long Jag’s games go but we should all make it home sometime around 5 or 6. Time to run, hope all’s well, take care and GB.

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Ugh, it’s 5:45 am and neither of us slept very well. Jag has basketball this morning at 7 too. Last night he received an email from the President of the Eagles Basketball Club here in the valley and he was offered one of the three open spots on the top summer league team! Whoo hoo! This is a big deal as the boys play tournaments and even play one in Las Vegas this July. We’re super proud of him, especially since he didn’t practice or play much at all between when his season ended in early February and the tryouts on March 31st.

Today thankfully I am not going to Denver! Tomorrow Lori and I will head down early to get a jump on Mom’s house. We’ll be there before 9, probably more like 8. Tom will be spending the whole day with us as the three of us try to knock most of it out. We’ll need to get more large trash bags. I did spend about 2 hours yesterday in the attic. There’s lots to go through up there and you have to open every envelope so it takes time. I filled about 6 trash bags and made 4 piles of things to save, one for Robin, one for Tom, one for Shelly and one for me. I found a lot of things from when each of us were kids like report cards and pictures from school and stuff when we were young. Shelly’s pictures from Westernaires are priceless! Also there were tons of letters from Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, Aunt’s and Uncle’s on both sides of the family. I split these up among us but there’s still hundreds to go through and read. Also tons of old pictures from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Not sure if anyone wants these but I’m separating them anyhow.

We’re supposed to get some rain and snow today but it’ll move out tomorrow. Next week it’ll be in the 80’s in Denver and warm up here. We’re looking forward to that for sure! Time to get moving so I can get Jagger out of bed and to basketball. Have a great day and a great weekend. God Bless.

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Things you value

We all value things, for some of us it’s our car or jewelry, for others it’s old photos and memorabilia from when we were kids. But as we get older, which we all are, things don’t seem quite as important. Your health, happiness, free time, and opportunity to spend time with those you love rise to the top. A few years ago Lori and I decided to stop buying “things” and instead build or buy memories. Think back to stuff you had to have 10 or 20 years ago and how important those things are now. I suspect, if you can even remember or find those things “you had to have”, that they’re not very important now. On the other hand, think back to the good times you had as no one can take those away from you and you’ll have them forever. A few examples are trips to the Ranch fishing with Mom, Dad, Tom and Ali, when Lori and I first met. I can still see Mom holding up her fish in her cowboy boots and jeans with a scarf on her head covering her black beehive hair and cooking them in Archie Hess’s cabin where we all stayed. Or how about our family trip to Italy, that was a great time with some really fun experiences like Tommy taking pictures of a car in front of the Israeli Embassy from his hotel room and having armed Mossad agents show up at his hotel room door with the hotel manager within minutes wondering why he was taking pictures of the Embassy? Or all of us driving our rental cars through the insane traffic in Rome with hundreds of scooters swarming around our cars and ignoring traffic laws as we tried to navigate our way through the crowded streets. Or the endless flow of Christmas presents Mom and Dad would shower us with each year. It was funny as every year Mom would say, “we’re scaling back this year and just getting a few nice things instead of spending a lot on tons of presents like other years”. We all knew this wasn’t true and that she’d still go overboard on all of us. I could go on and on but those are just a small sample of the great times we’ll remember for all our life. Sadly the trip to Italy was Dad’s last trip before the Alzheimer’s really kicked in. I’m so glad we all went.

As we continue to go through the remaining stuff in the house I’m finding old pictures and things like dad’s dad’s book from the memorial service when he passed away in 1953. I’m boxing all this stuff up in plastic storage containers I bought to keep it seperate. After we get everything cleaned out, we’ll hopefully get through all this and I’ll send stuff to everyone. These are the things that I value, family history and things from our past that helps tell the story of who we are.

Yesterday I was down and up the hill and today I’ll make the trip again. It’s not a bad drive. In fact it’s no worse than driving from Long Island into the city in New York or driving from Santa Monica into downtown L.A. It’s actually better as there’s less traffic and it’s much prettier.

Jag was off early from school and took a bus in to town and went to the Four Seasons for a haircut and then walked over to Lori’s office for a ride home. She left at 3 even though yesterday was her first day of “half day Wednesdays”. That didn’t work out too well, ha.

Tomorrow I’m not going down but Saturday Lori and I are leaving around 6 am as we need to drop Jag at school to go to a all day volleyball tournament in Denver by 6:15. We’ll then head straight down to Mom’s and try to clean most of the remaining stuff out of the house in one day. Tom and I met some realtors there two days ago and today or tomorrow should have proposals from two realtors so we can decide who’s the best fit. The second realtor who does a lot in Lakewood thinks someone will want to keep the house and fix it up. The other thinks someone will tear it down and build a mansion on the property. We’d all love to keep it but that’s not that practical. Either way I’m ok and just want to sell it for as much as we can. More to come.

Time to get moving as Jag wants to go to school at 7:15 this morning to study for something. Ty’s up too and Lori is getting in the shower. Hope everyone is doing well, take care and God Bless.

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Man are we tired. We woke up at 5;30 this morning and neither of us can stop yawning. Lori is going to workout at 7 and Jag wants to be at school by 7:15. Not sure why we’re so tired as we weren’t up that late, just a build up of too much work and not enough sleep.

I’m off to Denver again and Lori gets off at 1 today. Starting this week she is taking Wednesday afternoons off. I should be back up by 2 or so but Lori will get Jag as he gets off at noon today as the teachers have a planning day.

I need to get moving so we can leave on time so have a great day, GB.

p.s. Robi says it’ll be in the 90’s in Arizona this weekend, we’re so jealous!

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