And a little more s_ _ w!

Fill in the blanks. If you can’t, go see a doctor! Yes there’s a little more snow outside this morning but nothing like we’ve seen. I think it’s winding down but we’ll see. Today we have a lacrosse game and even though there’s a lot of snow and it’ll be cold, it’ll be game on. Here’s a pic from last Friday.

That’s Jag but notice the snow pile behind him from clearing the field. The worst thing is all the parking lots, everywhere, have lost half or more of their slots as the plows have piled snow up into them as there’s nowhere else to put it. Springtime in the Rockies!

Practice was cancelled last night as well as all other after school activities. Lori has a fever so she’s been felling pretty crappy. We met with the college counselor yesterday and need to get a list of schools Jag is interested in started. Right now Baylor is sort of standing out. The campus is beautiful and it’s fairly close. We wish he’d look at CU as it’s a great school but kids here all seem to want to go somewhere else. It’s funny as when I was in Southern California everyone I talked to told me their kids wanted to come to Colorado. The counselor said the same thing, kids from the west coast to the east all want to come to Colorado. We’ll see.

Speaking of college, how about the scandal with all the rich and famous buying their kids way in to top schools, nice. I guess the ring leader was an old coach at Lori’s school, ha. They should face prison time but since they’re all democrats, it’s unlikely. It’s kind of a shocker but not really all that surprising, right?

I guess Denver is still shut down. Flights are virtually all cancelled and schools still closed. The good thing about all this snow is we should have no water issues this summer. This should help with fires too as it won’t be so dry.

It’s almost 6 so time to get moving. I was up early to take the doggies out. Lori and I both worked out yesterday. I’m thinking of starting to ride a road bike again to burn off those few stubborn pounds that’ll only go away with intense intervals of cardio. The biggest enemy is food. It’s such a drug in itself. We should all eat pretty much just vegetables, fish and a little chicken and beef but what fun is that, ha. God Bless.

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Late and cold

Well the boys won their game and Jag had a great assist and a shot that was barely blocked. Ty played well too. The varsity team lost 6 to 5 in a heart breaker. It was cold as usual and our game ended at around 9. We made it home just before 10. Ty is up early working on some work and I need to get Jag up in a few minutes. Lori’s off to the gym and I’ll drop the kids at 7:30.

Tonight we have an event for 11th grade parents at 5:30 but need to pick the boys up from practice at 6:30. I made it down and up in good time yesterday missing the storm. Not much of a storm up here but everyone in Denver was freaking out yesterday. You would have thought they were getting feet of snow. Right now it’s raining down there.

Not sure yet if we’ll be able to go to Arizona next week, we need to decide today or we’ll get charged for our hotel. We have a few family things going on that might make us cancel. If so we’re giving our Garth Brooks tickets to Robi and Robert. Time to go, have a great day and GB.

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Up early

I rolled out of bed at 5:05 this morning as Mojo woke me and had to go out. That’s ok as I need to go to Denver meaning I need to take Harley at 7 to daycare. Both boys lacrosse helmets arrived yesterday and Lori helped them put their decals on them from school. They’re pretty bad ass looking. Tonight at 6 and 7:30 they have games in Eagle so they’ll get home late. Not sure if Lori and I will drive down valley or not.

We’re making progress daily on the house. Yesterday I had to get a Builders Risk policy for our bank and we should be finalizing a few changes with the architect and builder later this week. It’ll be really nice once it’s done. Building a house is quite the experience but something really fun to do. My brother will never probably move but he’d really enjoy the process.

More snow tomorrow here and in Denver and then we’re hoping that’s it for the season. They always say March is the snowiest month and this year they’re right. Work is busy for both of us but that’s normal.

Dixie has a big birthday coming up. Not sure what number but Lori is going out to see her right before we go to Hawaii. We’re excited to get to the beach after this winter. In hindsight we should have gone in February as we usually do as it helps break up the winter.

That’s it, time to get moving so I’m out the door on time. Have a great day, as usual, be safe and take care and God Bless.

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Mojo not feeling well

To start the week off, I think I need to take Mojo in today as he’s not eating much and has a cough. Hope it’s nothing serious but he is getting older. Meanwhile Harley has weepy eyes and an ear infection. Whoo hoo.

We overslept and it’s now 6:50 in the morning with both boys still in bed. Avalanches are still going on up here with the Pass closed again yesterday. They say we could see many more in the next few weeks. After we get past Wednesday it looks like nice weather through at least next Wednesday. That’ll be a nice change and hopefully Spring is right around the corner. Even Ty said he’s ready for warm weather and he’s our snowman of the family.

Ty went to see the new Captain America movie after theater practice and Jag did some work here at home. Practice again today and then a game tomorrow, Thursday and Saturday. It’s a busy week, GB.

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First off, lacrosse is a violent sport, maybe as much as football. You can whack guys with sticks, body them up and down the field and even knock them out head on with as vicious hit as you want as long as it’s not from behind. In our games, and there was plenty of that. In the varsity game, in a driving snowstorm, we lost 11 to 10 in triple overtime, ugh. Then in JV we got killed but that’s ok as it was many kids, including ours, first game ever. Jag and Ty both looked like monsters in their shoulder pads and helmets and other gear. Jag had a really good hit on a kid and laid him out knocking him off both feet. By the way, Jag is on creatine and amino acids and working out with a trainer and getting stronger every day. He weighs somewhere between 155 and 160 but trust me, it’s all muscle. Ty too checked a few kids, even ones much larger than him. One hit by Jag’s buddy Nick, who’s a ski racer, dislocated a kids knee or knee cap, one of the two, ouch. So all in all it was fun. We have games Tuesday and Thursday of this week as well.

Today Ty has theater practice at 11, he’s in the play Chicago coming up in a month. Harley woke me at 6 which was really 5 (due to daylight saving time) and then I went back to bed until about 8.

Not sure if it’ll snow today or not. We were blocked in yesterday morning until the plows came due to drifts from the wind. We’re getting close to breaking ground on the new house, maybe like 2 or 3 weeks, if the snow will stop. Lori and I did run to Costco yesterday and there was barely any snow down in Eagle which is one of the main reasons we’re moving 20 minutes down valley.

Lots to do around here as usual. I need to get on the garage today and would love to take a trip to the storage unit but first I need to get rid of some crap in the storage unit. That doesn’t make much sense does it.

We picked up a really cool new camera on Friday via bartering. It’s a prosumer camera meaning a cross between a professional and consumer camera. It’s super easy to use and if you want, you can manually dial up all kinds of settings on your own as the pros do. I love good cameras, in fact I love anything that is really well engineered from cars to watches to cameras to guns. The Germans and the Japanese seem to lead the pack here but when it comes to cameras or glass and lenses in general, and cars, it’s the Germans. It’s the Swiss for watches and the Japanese for computers and tech, just an fyi. Us Americans do excel at firearms along with the Germans. There’s your lesson for the day.

That’s about it, oh wait, AOC, the whacko Democrat that seems to be taking the democratic party away from Pelosi and the old timers slammed FDR (Franklin Roosevelt) and Ronald Reagan yesterday along with Capitalism. Watch out people, the millennials along with other uneducated young people are going to embrace socialism as they aren’t old or smart enough to know and understand what it really is. Many don’t even know who Joseph Stalin is. Hold on as the next few decades are going to get bumpy. God Bless.

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You guessed it, more snow

I made it to Denver by 9 am and was on the way back up by 11:45. I just made it over the pass before the snow started. It got worse as the day went on and was really bad by 5 pm. Then it started blowing sideways and is still going this morning. Highway 24 from Minturn to Leadville was closed due to an avalanche and Vail Pass was closed again too. Not sure how we’ll have lacrosse today at 3 but we’ll see. The team from Steamboat is supposed to come over. They cut practice short last night and cancelled the parent meeting too. In our driveway we have a few drifts I need to shovel through to get to the gym.

This has been the snowiest year I can ever remember and I remember most of them. Hopefully it’ll start winding down in a week or so.

Now to our politicians. Yesterday the Democrats voted to let illegal immigrants vote. So, they’ve been screaming about Russian interference in our elections for years and found no collusion and now they want to let illegal immigrants vote. Did they ever think some of these illegals could be Russians? If they (the Russians) really want to interfere in our elections, all they would need to do is send enough people to specific districts to sway specific races. They don’t have to send million and millions of people, it could be as few as a few hundred to the right districts to change the course of our democracy. Freakin Idiots. Oh and now they want to subpoena any and everyone Trump did business with BEFORE he was President as like I said before, they couldn’t find any collusion. Listen up, no one cares what he did in business! Last they refuse to condemn the Muslim congresswoman from Minnesota who is anti-semitic and anti-american, wow. If you’re a democrat, you’d better take a long hard look at what your representatives are doing. Real democrats like John Kennedy must be rolling over in their graves. Omar, the Muslim, is now even trashing Obama and the dems are silent, maybe she’s their new leader? What a fucked up Country we have right now. Time to kick them all out of office and put in term limits!

God Bless

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Closed all day

Vail Pass was closed all day until late in the night. Not sure when it opened but this morning I’m giving it a try as I have a meeting in Denver. The boys had lacrosse as they do every day and both have a game tomorrow at 4. We can’t wait to see the game as it’s a new sport for us too.

Lori worked from 8 until 6 and will be busy again today. It was warm and slushy around here all day with things melting which I guess contributed to the avalanches. Hope I make it down and up with no delays.

Talked with Tom yesterday for a bit and Lori is having Dr. C. look at Ali’s MRI today. The news is saying more snow this afternoon and tomorrow so I need to get going. Have a great day, GB.

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Another Avalanche

Yup, in the middle of the night, another pile of snow came down the mountain between Copper and Vail. It was raining when I came back up yesterday around noon. The snow outside has really high water content and is almost like a slush. Not sure when they’ll reopen the highway. I guess it’s closed right now going into Glenwood Canyon where the boys need to go to get to Aspen for their lacrosse game this afternoon at 4. We’ll see.

I made it down early and managed to get all my errands done and made it back by about 1:30. Both boys had practice until 6 and then Lori picked them up. Today I’m on the computer and tomorrow I have a sales meeting in Denver at 10:30. So just another day and here we go. That’s it, see you tomorrow, GB.

UPDATE, Aspen just called a snow day so no game today. We didn’t want them driving over there anyway so this is good news. practice from 3:30 until 5.

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Should have stayed home

I dropped the boys at 8 and and by 8:30 was about a football fields distance away from the tunnel when it all stopped. After sitting in traffic for 45 minutes and checking an app on my phone, I realized (thankfully before everyone else) that the highway would be closed for 6 hours or more. Being in the right lane, as I always give myself an out, I pulled onto the side of the road and drove up past all the cars to the tunnel. One idiot saw me coming and pulled out as if to block me like I was going 100 yards just to get in front of him. I gracefully pulled further on to the shoulder, gave him a friendly look along with a nice hand gesture and pulled into the hazardous truck parking lot at the tunnel. Without stopping I went up and over the service road that actually goes over the lanes of the highway and in two minutes was headed down I-70 back to Frisco with me being the only car on the road.

Cars were backed up for ten miles with people standing outside their vehicles not knowing what kind of wait they were in for. I did tell the young couple behind me before I decided to make my move and they followed me and were so thankful.

Once in Frisco I stopped at the pet store for dog food and then at Whole Foods. When I came out Lori called to tell me Vail Pass was closed, also due to avalanches. So now I was stuck. After assessing the situation, which wasn’t good, I headed towards Steamboat which was one of my two choices. I planned on driving past Green Mountain Reservoir and then was hoping to take a dirt road that was about 25 miles from Highway 9 over to State Bridge on the highway from Wolcott to Steamboat. A guy behind me asked me if it was open and I said I didn’t know but said he could follow me and if we get into trouble (meaning him in his economy car) I’d pull him out. Luckily only a couple other trucks, looked like local ranchers, knew of this shortcut and I made it with no problem. So finally by 2pm I was home.

Today I’ll try it all again and it’s already snowing a bit by the tunnel. I need to get down and up by 1:30 if possible. Wish me luck.

Jag went to lacrosse with limited gear but it counts as a practice as he needs five according to district rules before he can play in a game. He’ll travel with the team to Aspen tomorrow as that counts as a practice.

Not much else except I need to get everyone moving as the earlier I leave the earlier I’ll get back. I’m sure you all saw the avalanche on the news. Really not that big of a deal but you know the news, everything is sensationalized. I’m almost over my cold, at that coughing crap up stage, not fun. Oh I almost forgot, I slipped and fell on the ice the day before yesterday, nice. My hip and forearm are pretty bruised but nothings broken. Good thing I workout as much as I do as I think that helped. God Bless.

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Ugh, I’m still sick but have to go to Denver today. Lori seems to be getting it too. It’s one of those runny nose, headache type things so I guess it could be worse. I hope (need) to be back up by 1 or 2 at the latest.

Ty hit the mountain yesterday while Jag and I hung out. Lots of slush yesterday with the warm temperatures. With all the schools closed Ty said the mountain was packed.

Time to go as my head hurts and I need to be on the road by 7. Tom, I’ll call when I’m stopping by to get Al’s disc. God Bless.

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