I picked Lori up after a bumpy trip home around 12:45. She needed to get to work so we headed straight up the mountain. By 3 she was in her office working. After dropping groceries I picked the boys up at 4 and then headed back to get Lori at 5. Then it was off to get Harley and some Mexican food and we were home by 6.

The house was still clean and Ty was working on his homework. He has a much busier week than Jag as like I said before, Jag is halfway done with his exams. Lori will play catch up at work as missing two days at her job is a big deal.

I’m going to try to get a jump on the garage today. I have a lot of work too so we’ll see. Time to run and get the dogs up the hill, GB.

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Coming home

Yea, Lori’s coming home! She should land around noon and then we’ll head up the mountain. First up I need to go pick up 27 boxes of wine at the distributor. By the time I get down to Denver and load it up, I should just about be at the airport on time. I spent the day cleaning the house and running Ty here and there. I also took both dogs up the mountain twice and will do it again this morning. Hopefully Mojo will get everything out of his system.

We have a busy week with lots of studying for Ty. He has a bunch of finals next week and needs to do well. At least Jag’s are spread out over two weeks. 70 or 80 degrees here all week long. Should be nice.

That’s it, hope all you Mother’s had a good day. We’ll celebrate tonight with Lori. Have a good week, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Well today is one of those days when I miss Mom more than the other days. We used to either buy her geraniums or some kind of flowers for the season. Hard to believe she’s been gone almost a couple years. But today is also a day to celebrate all Mom’s. I’ve always said when it comes to parenting that there’s no book or manual and you just sort of learn on the job. In our family, Lori must have had some training somewhere as she’s about the best Mom I know. No matter what needs to be done, she’s always there, especially for the boys. She always puts them, and me first and we can always count on her no matter what the issue. Whether the boys ask for food late at night, need help with their homework, need a ride some place, have some last minute laundry or just need someone to talk to, she’s always there. All this with no training! She never judges or accuses and is always willing to listen in a calm manner to their issues. Hard to see how she could be any better of a Mom. Happy Mother’s Day Lori!

Yesterday Jag, Emma, Ty and I went to Denver. We started out meeting one of my sales reps from Boulder in Lakewood to drop off some supplies. Then it was off to the mall. We headed first to Nordstroms’ to pick up Ty’s suit which looks great on him. While there we managed to find Jag a great looking suit too and also some summer shirts. We then walked over to Neiman’s to pick up Ty’s shirt and my buddy who works there had some cool boots he ordered for me. I tried them on and was swimming in them as he ordered me a size 13! Jag saw me try them on and said, “wow those are cool” and before you know it my buddy had them off my feet and on his. So Jag ended up with a cool new pair of suede boots! I’m happy for him but man did I want those boots. Ty meanwhile was down at the Vans store getting a new deck (skateboard) built up as he sold a couple of old ones to some friends. Not to be left out Emma found a few tops at a store too.

After shopping we headed downtown to 18th and Wazee to the Milk Market for lunch. This is a cool inside food court like place with a dozen or more restaurants. We all had different things and had a good lunch before heading home. Upon arriving home we walked into Mojo’s mess in the house. This is two days in a row so I started giving him some of Harley”s medicine. Hopefully he’ll be better soon.

Jag and Emma hung out and watched movies until about 9 when we took her home. Ty went to town to the Lionshead parking lot where the skate park is to meet his crew (about 10 fellow boarders) to hang out and skate. I picked him up at 8:30 before taking Emma home.

So that was our day. Lori comes home tomorrow, yea! Hope she has a great day. Happy Mother’s Day to Annette and Dixie too. Time to take the dogs up the hill God Bless. I love this picture!

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6:02 AM

Dogs are fed, I’ve had coffee and and as soon as I finish this I’ll take both dogs up the hill. Then it’s off to the gym for a few minutes and then I’ll pick up Emma to bring her back to the house. After a quick change we’ll all head out to Denver for Prom clothes for Jag. Ty’s suit is ready so he’ll try it on when we pick it up to make sure it’ll fit. Hopefully by 1 or so we’ll head up the hill as Harley will be in her crate all day. We need to leave by 8:45 as I need to meet a sales rep from Boulder at Colorado Mills at 10 am to drop some stuff for a tasting. Busy morning.

Lori made it to her Mom’s and they stayed home for dinner. We miss her already but she’ll be home before we know it. I guess it’s 80 degrees there. Speaking of 80, that’s what we have coming next week, yea!

The school shooting is all over our local news. It”s not getting much national coverage as the shooter is an anti-Christian, pro-Obama, anti-Trump, democrat loser that doesn’t fit the mainstream medias narrative so they’re pretty quiet about it. Now if the shooter was a pro-Trump guy, whoa, look out. I’m sure it’d be non-stop coverage and all republicans would be being blamed. I’m not a big Facebook guy but the stupid people that post things suck you in. Man is there a lot of stupidity out there. I’ve decided I’m quitting Facebook as it’s part of the problem and if I’m not part of the solution, then shame on me too.

Blue skies outside, finally maybe summer is coming. I think we skipped Spring this year. I was texting with Tom last night as he was thinking of putting a water feature in his yard. I guess that won’t work so we started talking about hot tubs! I said get one! Better yet do a salt water hot tub! He thinks he’d use it a bit and then it’d sit plus it’d be a pain to clean. I told him he’d use it more than he thinks and just hire a company to come clean and service it monthly like people in California. We can’t wait for ours once our house is built.

That’s it, time to get those dogs up the hill. Have a great day and God Bless.

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Ok, snow here

So we did get snow, but nothing much on the road, that stuck anyhow. This morning Jag is off to his AP tests at the college, Ty to school, Harley to daycare and Lori to the airport in Denver. Mojo will stay home and guard the house. Harley had been in the vet with some bug until last night when I picked her up. She seems to be getting better. She had bad diarrhea and a fever so good thing she was at the vet.

Ty went to the lacrosse banquet last night and I went with him. Both boys received certificates and we were home by 7:30. I love it that our school doesn’t give a trophy or award to everyone.

It’s 6:19 and we need to leave at 7:10 so time to get moving. May 10th, wow, time flies. Have a great day and weekend. We’re celebrating Mother’s Day when Lori gets back as we didn’t want to just stick a card or two in her suitcase. That’s all, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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No snow here

Looks like snow in Denver but none up here. Not sure when it’s going to warm up down there. If it goes another day, Lori won’t be going anywhere tomorrow as flights are delayed big time.

Today there’s a lacrosse banquet after practice at 6. Jag is skipping it as he has two more AP tests tomorrow am but Ty is going. I think I’m going with him. He does have a couple of hours after school of work before practice.

The shooting suspects from yesterdays tragedy turned out to be registered democrats and huge Obama supporters and bashed Trump repeatedly on social media. One is 18 and the other a transgender 16 year old who is a girl who wants to be a boy. Imagine if they were Trump supporters, the democrats would be screaming how this is Trump’s fault. I’m sure they’ll somehow try to spin this as his fault anyhow. Two of our democrat politicians showed up to speak at the vigil at the high school for the brave kid who passed away after charging the shooter. They started talking about gun control and to the credit of the high school students, they all walked out saying stop turning this into political theater. You see even these kids knew this wasn’t about guns but about screwed up kids and society as a whole. God Bless the poor child who passed away and the kids who wouldn’t let two self serving politicians turn the celebration of life for this hero into a shameless political rally.

Of course The Today Show is here this morning broadcasting from the school, anything for ratings. Glad it’s cold and snowy for them. Never miss and opportunity to exploit a tragedy for ratings. Funny thing is I think most people don’t want them here.

As we know, Lori is headed out tomorrow, weather permitting. I have a lot to do but will drive her down. Saturday we’re heading down to get Jag’s outfit for prom. We’ll also pick up Ty’s suit and he’ll try that on. Should be a fun day getting both boys all spiffed up for prom. We’ll take pictures for Lori. That’s it, time to go, have a great day, GB.

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Go Nuggets

I was talking with Tommy and it seems every night we’re both up late watching either hockey or basketball. Thankfully last night the Nuggets routed the Blazers in game 5 of 7 and there was no overtime. Tonight the Avalanche (our hockey team) plays in game 7 and then tomorrow more basketball. All these games seem to start at 8:30 here meaning they’re over after 11 at the earliest.

I’m off to the distributor this morning. Lori is off today and the boys need to be at school by 7:30. Mojo peed in the house last night, nice, even though we took him out before bed. So that’s what’s going on here.

In Denver the news is 24/7 covering a school shooting. I get that it’s news but they just can’t let it go. They resort to showing still pictures of empty parking lots and telling us the same thing over and over as if no one heard about it. I say get rid of cell phones and social media for anyone under 21 and shootings will drop dramatically if not all together. Watching your phone 24/7, which all kids do including ours, has to lead to issues including trying to live up to a false narrative about how perfect your life should be. It’s medically proven it screws up the frontal lobe of your brain. Yet I’m sure politicians, especially Democrats will blame guns. How come they never blame cars when a drunk driver kills someone?

Oh well, time to go. Lori leaves in a couple days. Not good timing but we understand. I’m sure her Mom appreciates her coming out monthly. It’s just sometimes hard with her gone, especially right now with finals and prom and the school year wrapping up in 2 weeks. Oh well, as Mom always said, you do what you have to do. God Bless.

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Denver shootings

Gotta love the big city. Shootings have become so common we usually don’t talk about them. Yesterday another teenager was shot in Denver near an elementary school over some argument. Sad that kids value life so little that they could even contemplate shooting another person. Things sure have changed since we were kids. I’m sure the Dems will blame guns, ha.

Yesterday I had some work done on the truck and had a meeting in Boulder. Jag said there wasn’t one thing he didn’t know on his AP test and Ty thinks he did pretty well on his history test. On Saturday the boys and I and Emma are headed to Denver to try to find Jag his outfit for Prom. Lori of course will be gone to see her Mom.

Today it seems a little humid out but no rain so far. I guess in Denver they’re going to get rain this afternoon. Time to get everyone up and moving so have a good day.

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Moving fast

We’re busy around here. I’m off to Boulder, Jag and Ty both have important tests, Lori has lots of work and there’s a townhome meeting at 9 am. I’ll need to call in for that from the road.

Yesterday was busy too. Lots of running here and there and work around the house. The other day on Lori’s birthday I was talking about how good she looks. Well yesterday as she was cleaning, she locked herself out on the deck as the sliding glass door locks by itself when you shut it. Luckily I just made it home from dropping one of the boys. Anyhow since she was locked out, I took the opportunity to take a picture! How’s this for 55 years old! Pretty darn good, God Bless.

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A long day

Wow, what a day. We left around 9 in the morning and were home around 10:30 pm. We shopped, had Lori’s hair done, had some lunch, stopped by and saw Tom and Ali and even went to see the new Avengers movie. All this added up to one long freakin day.

Jag too had one arriving home about 30 minutes after we did. He thinks his SAT went pretty well. We’ll know in a few weeks. Ty found a blue suit and some shoes for Prom while Lori found a few work shirts, a cute little blue sweater and a super cute pink dress. I bought a pair of reading glasses so I could read all the bills, ha.

Today Jag has a study session at school for Environmental Science before his AP test tomorrow and Ty has a test for a couple hours at 11:30. Our neighbor had the moving van here yesterday as she found a new job in Salt Lake City. Good news is we’ll now get to park in front of her house, ha.

Getting close to breaking ground as I said a few days ago. Lori is going to California this coming weekend. It’s the second Mother’s Day in two years that she’ll be gone. I guess I’ll take the boys to Denver to try to get Jag’s prom outfit handled. She’s gone Friday until Monday. That’s it, time to go, it’s also Cinco de Mayo so enjoy some Mexican Food, God Bless.

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