Back at it

Well it’s week 2 of the new normal in full swing. As you know, life doesn’t stop. School, work and daily chores are still required. The dogs only know that we’re all home more and yes all our bills keep coming. Jag came by yesterday to get some fresh clothes and supplies and we had him keep his distance from Mom and us just in case. Madi’s mom has the sniffles but I told Jag he could come home if he wants. We’ll see how everyone is doing in a few days. He’s enjoying being with Madi though and I’m ok with that if that’s what makes him happy.

Ty and his friends were on Meadow Mountain snowboarding and keeping 6 feet apart and being monitored by Will’s parents. They built a giant igloo on the mountain too. Lori is so so and definitely has the virus. They called yesterday saying still no results but with her symptoms to self isolate, duh. We did go to the gym in full masks and gloves.

I’m off to Whole Foods in 30 minutes and still need to shower. As I said yesterday (didn’t make it then), I’m using my seniority status and getting in an hour before anyone under 60.

Funny how some ads on tv are acting like everything’s the same. Guess they were booked a while ago. Two days until our 19th or 20th anniversary! Need to figure that out today, ha.

I read an encouraging report from a Nobel Laureate in Biochemistry from Stanford that says things are not as bad as the media is making us believe. He see’s things leveling off soon and there’s even signs of this in Italy already. Deaths Sunday were lower than Saturday. So there is hope. Let’s hope he’s right. He did predict, almost exactly, the number of cases and deaths in China. His Nobel prize was for his data analysis of various things so there’s a reason to take a second look at him. If anyone wants to have me email them the report, let me know.

Time to run, be well, and God Bless.

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Snowy Sunday

It’s snowing again? Thought it was going to warm up, hmm. Maybe later today. There’s not much, just an inch or so of wet snow. I was on the couch again last night, think it’s like day 10. Pretty sure I’m sleeping in my own bed tonight as it’s been 10 days since Lori first came down with a fever. Jag is doing well at Madi’s. I haven’t talked with him but Lori has. Ty is well too, spending most of his time on a game with his friends.

We had a guy pass away in Vail yesterday. He was a local entertainer who played guitar at a lot of the hotels. Not sure how or when he was infected. He was in his 60’s and did have underlying health conditions. Lori is getting better every day. We took two cars and went down to the house yesterday. We’re tweaking a few things but it’s super cool.

They say 112 more cases in Colorado since yesterday. We’re sort of a hot spot but nothing compared to New York or California. I read some encouraging reports out of Silicon Valley based on data across the World that in short says this is a lot more hype than fact. Still it’s the unknown that we’re all afraid of. If we knew exactly how and when you can get infected and how long it lasts and other metrics, we could all deal with it easier. There is a lot of misleading info out there. The news just showed how some people are comparing Italy to the U.S. saying we’re on the same trajectory. Well Italy is the size of Arizona, the population is much older, 99% of deaths had other conditions, we have 5 1/2 times the amount of people and they all live much closer together. So as you can see it’s not fair or correct to compare our numbers as its just not apples to apples. In any case, wash your hands every time you think about it.

I was going to go to Whole Foods this morning to take advantage of being over 60 for the first time in my life. Grocery stores here are letting senior citizens (which I surely am not), meaning anyone over 60, in an hour before the general public or as I like to say, before all the inexperienced, less wise, younger people, ha. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow.

Lori and I are going to the gym this morning. We’ll take one car as I’m pretty sure she’s way past the contagious stage if she had it at all. I’d bet she did just due to the shortness of breath but we still don’t know for sure. Maybe today. Vail PD says (not sure how they’d know?) after you’re fever free for 72 hours you can go back to work. Her clinic won’t let her go back until she tests negative. I don’t think she’s going back anytime soon no matter what. The venture capital company that bought a controlling interest in the clinic wants them to cut staff by 50%. Lori’s looking at who to furlough if she needs to. She’s still not sure if she’ll need to lay anyone off or not. Personally I think in a month we’ll have some sort of way to slow or stop this thing. Warm weather appears to help as all countries in the southern hemisphere have markedly less cases than those in the north. At least it’s not October.

Time to get moving. Dogs are fed and been out once. Be smart, be safe and wash your hands and please don’t go anywhere that there are crowds. God Bless us all.

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Another day

No results again yesterday so maybe today. We’ve sort of stopped expecting them. This should be a warning as to how together the govt. is and a let you know for sure, you’re basically on your own. I mean if they can’t even test people and then provide results within 8 days, how do you expect them to take care of you. What if you needed help in 5 minutes due to a home break in? Hope you have a gun. This isn’t so much a slam on them as how would you expect any small group of people to take care of 330 million people in a timely basis. it’s just not possible.

Lori seems better and better every day. Ty went snowboarding at Meadow Mountain down the street by himself late yesterday afternoon. He hiked up the hill and boarded down for about an hour. Jag, after Lori spoke with Madi’s mom, went over there for a few days. So it’s Ty, Lori and I for now. Madi’s family has been in isolation too. I heard the son of Dixie’s former housekeeper just showed up at her house yesterday so they (her and Michelle the caretaker) took him somewhere he needed to go. This is not social distancing! You may think me cold hearted but if you don’t know where someone has been for at least 7 days (and none of us do) and they are not healthy, do not let them in! Especially if you’re 88 years old. Hope they’re ok. I told Lori if her mom gets sick there’s no way for her to be able to get there. So please stay home and do not let anyone in unless you’re able to isolate them from you while they’re there. These are different times and changes and sacrifices to our lives need to made to get past this thing, at least for the next few weeks.

We’ve heard of a few people up here we know feeling ill. One of the teachers from the school when she heard about Lori offered to bring dinner tonight but I told her that’s not necessary but thanks. Sometimes things like this bring out the best in people.

We’re analyzing and adapting to the new normal, at least for now, as things come. I did have to go to the hospital for some prescriptions. I waited until 6 pm right before they were due to close, wore gloves and a mask and took a Ziploc bag to drop the scripts in to get them home so I could wipe them down with Clorox wipes. I went in not touching anything, paid cash with the exact amount ($20) and left without touching anything. The pharmacy workers said, “wow, you have the good mask”. Upon leaving I carefully removed the gloves and threw them away before I got in the car careful to take them off inside out so nothing touched my skin and put the mask in a Ziploc on the floor in the backseat careful not to touch the front of it. When I got home I wiped down the Ziploc bags before taking them in. I put the coat I was wearing in the garage for 2 days, took my shoes off outside and then wiped down the actual pill bottles too. The mask will hang in the garage for 3 days to kill any potential germs on it. Last I wiped my hair down to get any surface germs that could have fallen on me by chance, off. I also wiped down the car inside and out as a precaution. That’s it. All just to walk into a pharmacy where I was for less than 4 minutes. Yes I timed it. I came into contact with no one except the three pharmacists behind their counter who were wearing masks and at least 6 feet from me. I did take them each a bottle of wine and they looked at each other and one girl said “can we take this” and another said, “new rules, yes”. They were thrilled. That’s social distancing.

Have a good weekend, be safe, and God Bless.

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Still no results

Been one week and no results. They say Monday or Tuesday but we’re hoping every day we hear. Lori still thinks she doesn’t have it which is now a running joke. Lori and I know instinctively not to touch our face, wipe down everything we touch and practice social distancing. The kids are staying home without objection and have accepted the fact they can’t go anywhere with anyone but are pretty much just being normal. I think even though I have a key I’ll skip the gym today.

We have plenty of food and supplies. If anything I could use more paper towel but we’ll be good for a month or so. Food is good for longer. Been sharing wine with some people as we have that too.

When Lori’s results come back she says no matter what they are, she’s tele-commuting. Her team is the only one left at the clinic. Dr. C has four surgeries Monday after skipping this week. I think by next week with all going on, her team will work from home too. Problem is some patients need follow up visits from surgeries a couple weeks ago. One of her nurses husband is a Vail Policeman. Last night Craig came down with a 101 degree fever and a cough. I said “Diana is staying home right” and Lori said of course. Eagle county has the most cases in the State. It’s from all the travelers that come here plus the Burton U.S. Open in early February I guess was a breeding ground. Of course Ty was in the thick of that. I think he drinks too much sugar to have anything grow in him.

California is on a total 100% lockdown. The whole country should be too. If everyone would just stay home for 2 weeks we could get a handle on this thing. There are promising signs like certain antivirals that are showing good things plus companies with vaccines in the works. We will get through this.

Both boys started distance learning. Jag has it down but Ty does better in a structured classroom. We’ll get through it though. I texted with Deb Rubin who’s doing well. Only 2 cases so far down where she is. Also texted with a friend who is an ER doc in Aspen. She’s scared, rightfully so, but working away. Feel so bad for the healthcare workers. In times like these you see what people are made of. You can have a surgeon who’s afraid to go to work but a nurse who steps up and attacks this on the front line not even thinking about herself.

Light snow last night and a warm up is coming. Home life isn’t too bad except for the couch. I’m getting used to it though. Work is crazy. We’re adapting to the new normal and finding creative ways to sell wine. I told my whole staff that everyone is going through the same thing and as I said yesterday, we’re at war. Overall they’re doing really well in this new reality.

Been looking at real estate in Wyoming. Lots of nice inexpensive cabins or houses. No State income tax! Might be a good move for a small vacation pad. Know that this isn’t the last pandemic or thing of this type we’ll see. Sadly more will come.

Time to run, not sure where, ha. Guess I’ll take the dogs for a hike and watch the sun come up. Take care, be safe and God Bless.

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Last night I saw a program that talked about the town of Vo in Italy where they had the first death. It’s also where my Bocelli Prosecco is made so I am well aware of the town. Anyhow they tested most everyone, took the 90 people that tested positive and separated them from the other 3200 and within 2 weeks, all was good. That’s what we need to do here on a macro or nationwide level. If we do, we’ll win this war. Make no mistake, we are at was, humanity vs. the virus and we all need to do our part. Right now the big worry is the young people who are ignoring all warnings and advice. The beaches in Florida are packed with Spring Breakers and they’re partying like nothing’s going on. They need to shut those beaches down now.

Robi asked about Lori’s symptoms and timeline. I’ll try to lay it out best I can. I was hunting with James last Thursday and when we wrapped up around noon I called her to check in. Ty was home sick and when we spoke she told me she was home too. She immediately said she was sent home as a precaution for the virus as she had a fever. So first sign was a fever. Next up was the dry cough I think later that day and then I think the next day was the shortness of breath. So in about a 24 hour period she had it. Of course we hope to get the “official” results today but from everything I’ve read, she has it. After about 3 days her fever was getting better and her cough was subsiding. The shortness of breath and general feeling of weakness is still here but not as bad as it was, from what I gather. When she walked the dogs up the hill a few days ago she was abnormally tired compared to normal. They say you can have permanent lung damage if you have it really bad but most people get back to normal over time through cardio exercise whether it be walking or working out. We hope she will fully recover but there’s so many unknowns. She is feeling better every day so we think/hope the worst has passed. As far as where did she get it, that’s a mystery. No patient or person directly coughed on her so we have to assume it was just from normal contact with an infected person. They say surfaces hold it but I’m not too worried about that as I’ve been out a bunch and am sure I’ve touched something Lori’s touched like a railing on the stairs or something. We still use the same shower and bathroom just at different times. We do have two sinks in our master bath. The best way to avoid getting it I think, is to stay away from people meaning at least 6 feet. I was driving back from the house yesterday and the sun was coming straight through the windshield and when I was talking on the phone I could see droplets of moisture coming from my mouth. So that’s why the six foot rule.

Some good news is supposedly China had no new cases today. South Korea and specific towns in Italy have seemed to stop it too. Vaccines are being tested but again, people need to stay home and stay away from each other. Also people 20 to 50 years old are making up a large percentage of all new cases so it’s not just an old people’s problem. And by the way, this is the Wuhan Virus. It started there, came from there and wouldn’t be so bad if they (China) told us about it in December. Last week their propaganda machine even tried to blame the U.S. military. Of course some Dems are calling the President racist. Wonder if they did the same with the Spanish Flu?

I was down at the house and lots of guys were working away. Stone masons, dry wall guys, and other workers all going strong. A few pictures are below. We had insulation sprayed in and then bat insulation put on top of that for a super efficient house that will cost less to heat and keep cool. Exciting!

Little to no snow up here right now. Maybe a quarter of an inch. I think more’s coming or so they say. Ty has a history test here at home today over the internet for school and Jag has some kind of midterm. They’re both handling this isolation well. Jag went for a four mile run yesterday afternoon to get some exercise and Ty went skateboarding in front of the house. Lori also went up the hill again and was stronger than the day before.

Here in Vail or Eagle County, we’re hit hard. Next to Denver we have the most cases in the State. They say there are 400 people waiting for test results and possibly hundreds or even thousands of people are walking around (or hopefully staying home) with the virus. The mainstream news is trying to play gotcha with Trump trying to blame him for everything from a shortage of tests to the whole thing. Let’s be clear, the World has never seen anything like this, no one is prepared. The previous administrations, not just Obama but those before him too, didn’t prepare for anything like this. I think, from what I see, the President is doing a good job. He’s enlisted every law and agency we have to help. Everyone needs to come together here as like they say, the virus doesn’t care if you’re a democrat or republican, rich or poor, or black or white, so just stop.

That’s it, hope everyone is well. Assume everyone you run into is infected. I don’t think I am but that doesn’t mean I’d stop by and see Tom and Ali when in town. Plus Tommy’s smart enough to probably not let me in anyhow, ha.

Boys, you’re both handling this never before seen situation like troopers. It’s not normal to go from hanging out with your friends to all of a sudden not going anywhere. We’re really proud of you both for doing your part to kick this thing in the ass. We love you.

God Bless you all and here’s some pictures of the house showing the stone and siding and insulation in the bedroom and a couple of Ty from another time.

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You holding up?

It’s only been day 2 or 3 for most of us sheltering in place. So the question is, how are you doing? I did make it to Denver but kept my distance from everyone. I hit the dry cleaner, the grocery store, the meat market and the book store. I also had to stop at the bank. I took hand sanitizer with me everywhere and kept my distance from everyone.

When I made it home I headed to the gym to workout. As I think I mentioned they gave me a key so I could go in alone and have the entire place to myself! This is a really big deal if you know me as no way I can go two months or whatever it is without working out. The best part is that I can sing as loud as I want and no one hears!

We still don’t have Lori’s test results back but I now know she has the virus. She walked up the hill and was winded pretty quick and decreased lung capacity is one of the major tells. Good news is they say your lungs will come back from cardio. Her temperature is gone and they also say that when it’s gone for 72 hours she’s past the contagious stage. Of course all of this is so new that you just don’t know what to believe. Good news is she can breathe and never reached the point where she needed to go to the hospital. Praying that the worst of it is over. I told her that when they call and say “you have it” you can hopefully say, “no I had it”. There are multiple strains though so you don’t want to catch a different strain after you have had it.

The boys start Distance Learning today. Jag stayed home all day while Ty went for a bike ride by himself. Here’s one important thing, get outside! Your immune system needs sun. Up here and in Denver we’re supposed to get snow tomorrow and Friday. It’ll be a quick storm but it is snow. I think Denver is getting hit much harder than we will up here.

So anyone planning on reading a book? I bought a new one. Maybe we should start a virtual book club. Anyone in? That’s it, stay home, stay safe and God Bless.

Me alone at the gym!

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Today I’m off to Denver to get some work done on the car. I hope to leave there by 9 or 10 and head home. When I drop the car I’ll head across the street to Whole Foods and see what’s going on. We still don’t have Lori’s test back but I’m sure she has the virus. Praying none of us get it. Guess we’re 6 or 7 times more likely too with a positive case in the house, super. I’ll stay at least six feet away from everyone.

I spent my 5th night on the couch. In the morning I did drop off 5 masks to Lori’s nurses at the hospital. How’s that for irony, we’re supplying the hospital with N100 masks. Ty was outside at the skate park for most of the day. Lori called his two friends mom’s to let them know she was tested before we let him go. I guess Zoe arrived home from Israel last night. Ty is pissed off as we didn’t let him go over to her house. He doesn’t really understand the whole quarantine thing. Thankfully Jag does.

I need to sneak into my room to shower and get going while staying at least 6 feet away from you know who. Hope everyone is holding up ok. This is just the beginning. Things are going to get a lot more uncomfortable before they get better. Pace yourself and dig out some good books. The Govt. wants everyone to stay home for 15 days. If we can all do this it’ll go a long way to stopping this thing. After making my bank run and getting the car fixed we’ll go into total lockdown. San Francisco as of midnight last night ordered all residents to stay in their houses until April 7th. That’s basically Marshall Law. If we don’t stay away from each other I think this will happen nationwide.

Boys, we’re living through history. They’ll write about this in books someday. We’ll get through this. Sorry you have to go through this. It shouldn’t be happening in this day and age. Again, know we love you both, God Bless.

P.s. as a bonus, if you look back to yesterday I pulled a bunch of pictures of Jag so he could use them in his senior picture for graduation!

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Jag pics for graduation

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Changing times

Here we go, as Bob Dylan said, the times they are a changing. Yesterday I had a brief talk with the boys. Things have been moving so fast we really haven’t stopped to address the elephant in the room. Life has changed. It probably will be different for some time to come. So as a family, I said some things that needed to be said. I’m sure we all know what’s going on but I thought it important to not only stress the seriousness of the situation but also let them know we’ve never seen anything like this in our lives and it’s all new to us too. As I thought, they get it. The tough part is not going anywhere and basically self isolating ourselves from everyone.

Eagle County where we live has been hit pretty hard. So have 3 other counties that have ski areas. This of course is because so many people travel here from everywhere. In any case, it’s bad everywhere and is clearly a pandemic and worldwide problem. Our plan is to keep Lori away from the rest of us until we get her results which hopefully come today. I think she has it but even if true, we think she’s over the worst of it and getting better. Her fever seems to have almost gone away and her cough is mostly gone too. Of course we’re not sure as there’s no history with this so no one really know. That of course means I slept on the couch for the 4th night in a row. Hope it’s not 10 more nights!

As far as work, two surgeons in the clinic have shut down for 2 weeks and I think Lori’s will too. She moved all surgeries this week yesterday. In my Company, in a few hours we’re having a Company wide conference call where I’m installing a travel ban for everyone. Many States, rightly so, are shutting down all restaurants and bars as well as movie theaters, bowling alley’s, gym’s, and just about anything else you can think of. Our three cars are gassed up and shelves stocked. I might make a quick run to the grocery store for some cooking oil, coffee creamer and any meat I can get. I have plenty to last months but would prefer to keep using food from the store before we have to rely on our stores. I will wear a mask for the first time.

As part of my talk I told the boys every company in the Country or World is figuring out how to deal with this and how to stay in business. This is true for us too and we have no choice but to have a 20% pay cut for everyone. We are keeping everyone and continuing to provide health insurance. The smarter move would have been to lay a few people off and cut more expenses but that’s not the human thing to do. I also pointed out there are families trying to figure out how to get food every day as many don’t have the funds to go out and buy a bunch to have on hand. Luckily as you know if you’ve been reading this daily, I’ve been buying seriously for over a month.

So there you have it, life has changed. Lori says her mom is bored as I know the boys and most of us are. Say a prayer as prayer helps! Also practice social distancing.

Update, the stock market opened and immediately closed within 5 minutes as it dropped 10% which triggers a shutdown. Wow.

Boys, strange times these days. You’re both handling the way I would expect, with maturity, strength and understanding. No matter what happens, know we love you and this will pass. Keep faith in God always and you’ll be ok. Love mom and dad.

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So now what?

Alright, we’re all stocked up, everything is cancelled, we’re not supposed to congregate in even small groups, so what do we do? There’s no where to go, it’s risky to go to a friends house, as you don’t know where they’ve been, and I’m sure the gym will soon be closed. Guess we’ll have a lot of time to purge around the house and get in some good movies and books. At least we don’t have toddlers. Can you imagine trying to occupy a bunch of little kids?

Lori is still living upstairs alone. I see her maybe 2 or 3 times a day when she comes down for food or coffee. I make sure to stay a good 6 feet or more away from her. She’s still convinced she doesn’t have it, I’m convinced she does. So we have a stalemate. No matter who’s right, better to error on my side, right?

Ty’s girlfriend Zoe is coming home from Israel, I think today. We had a big company conference call yesterday and will put in a travel ban tomorrow and be cutting everyone’s salary between 15 and 20% on April 1st. Our thinking is to keep everyone employed and continue to provide medical insurance but with less money coming in, less needs to go out. I could just cut 2 or 3 people and leave everyone else alone but that’s not the right thing to do. I do have one girl I was letting go on Friday but unbeknownst to her, the virus saved her job!

Antonio was at a dinner on Thursday with a rep in Seattle who came down with the virus Friday morning. Not from him but the place he stays has now told him he needs to get his own place as the guy has older parents. Jody in Florida just returned two days ago from being on the road for 2 weeks. His wife wants him to go get a hotel and quarantine himself even though he has no symptoms as she’s diabetic. She even took the kids and went to a friends house until he could get some stuff. He found a VRBO for $800 for 12 days. Funny thing is I don’t think we’ll know a whole lot more in 12 days than we do now. So people are all freaking out. maybe I should be more but I’m taking it one day or one hour at a time.

The news just said people who were tested Wednesday are still waiting for results. Lori of course was tested Friday so that probably means a few more nights on the couch. It’s getting old and it’s only been 3 nights.

I did workout yesterday but think I’ll skip the gym today. Might run down to the house. If Lori wants to go we’ll be taking two cars. My neighbor said he’s thinking of going to Fiji for two months. I told him good luck getting there and if by chance he does, the virus will beat him there. Think I’ll work on the basement room full of stuff from Mom’s house. Oh yea, all the ski areas closed down too. Not sure what is actually still open. Hopefully gas stations and grocery stores. I will top of the gas tanks of both cars today.

That’s about it, be well, be smart and be safe. God Bless.

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