Clean to clean

After dropping the kids at school, we headed down to drop Lori for her flight to California. We made it to DIA at 9:45 and she was at her gate 3 minutes before boarding, perfect timing!

I then hit a few stores to pick up supplies to overhaul the house. I made it home with some groceries and about 20 storage boxes which I’ll be filling up over the next 48 hours. The problem is that before I can start to clean, I have to clean! It’s such a mess that I can’t even start without first doing a high level cleaning that includes things like laundry, dishes, junk on the kids floors, under the beds, purging old clothes and more. I manged to get a little of that done last night but will hit the ground running around 9 am this morning.

It’s December 1st! December is a great month, not only for Christmas and a few of our family birthdays, but for that inner feeling most people get that they don’t seem to have the rest of the year. Hopefully everyone is a little kinder, a little more forgiving of others and a little more generous. I was in a bad mood yesterday afternoon when I arrived home due to the mess, and the stress of work and the holidays, and caught myself taking it out on the boys. Once I stepped out of myself and looked at how I was acting, I stopped and took a deep breath and apologized to them and we started over. Even us adults that are supposed to be older and wiser can go off sometimes, ugh.

Oh well, today is another day. Jag has a game tonight at 4:30, Ty has practice from 3:50 until 6 and well, you know what I’m doing. The Birds of Prey downhill (ski race) with athletes from 24 countries is here this weekend but I don’t think we’ll see any of it. Tomorrow Ty has a tournament and so does Jag. Hopefully their games will be at different times so I can drive back and forth between the two schools to watch them both.

We’re still waiting on some presents to arrive in the mail so we can wrap them up and ship them back out. Lori of course is with her Mom for the next two days. While I could use the help, it’s easier for me to just purge on my own. Looks like Dixie is coming out for Christmas. Not sure when she’ll arrive but Lori will figure that out in the next day or two.

It’s 6:15 now so I need to get the boys moving. Hope everyone is well. Enjoy the holidays and if you’re not feeling the “spirit”, get it together now!

God Bless you all.


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I picked Jag up at 11:30 last night and it’s now 5:30. I think that’s 6 hours but of course we didn’t get home until about 12:02 and then I couldn’t get to sleep until at least 12:30. That’s 5 hours! Before that I was at Ty’s game until 8:30 and before that I was at the wine tasting until 3:30. I left about 11 am so I was busy all day long.

We need to leave in exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes. Lori is waking Ty now but I think I’ll let Jag sleep until at least 6:30 as he too has to be tired.

After dropping Lori at the airport I hope to be back up by 1:30 or 2. You can barely walk in the house with the mess but I plan on purging and cleaning for the next 3 days in between basketball practice and two tournaments.

That time again, time to go. Hope all’s well, Lori should land in Sacramento around 12:30. She’s tired too as she had no sleep the night before. Until tomorrow, God Bless!

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A good long day…..

Yesterday I made it to Aspen and back, Jag was at basketball ball practice until 9, Lori and I had a dinner after work with our Chilean wine ambassador Horacio, and Ty had practice until 6. Today is more of the same with Jag leaving school at 2 for a game in Denver and arriving home about midnight. Then of course tomorrow we all need to get out the door early so I can take Lori to the airport to go to California. I have a wine event here from 1 until about 3 in Vail.

I think I’m going to skip my Dallas trip on Monday as I have an opportunity for a hard to get meeting in Aspen. Plus I think it’s going to finally snow.

Looks like Matt Lauer is the latest casualty of the sexual harassment wave sweeping the World. He was fired overnight for some bad behavior, hmmm. Guess it doesn’t matter who you are unless you’re a democratic senator (see Al Franken and John Conyers). Funny how those two creeps can actually stand up and face the camera and say I need to stay in power to continue my work to help people, including women. What an embarrassment. Wonder when this will end, lots of people probably out there freaking out wondering when news about them is going to come out. It’s funny as society has over the years gradually strayed away from morality. Wonder what’s next.

Time to get the boys moving, have a great day, God Bless.

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Not sure if we’ll make it!

Ok, it’s only Tuesday and we’re wiped out! Lori is dragging and decided to skip the clinic town meeting this morning and I feel like I have some stomach bug and am supposed to be in Aspen today. Jag was up late after getting home from basketball around 8:30 and Ty has some make up work to get done as I just woke him up and he was sleeping with his face on his computer.

Last night Jag played in both the junior varsity and varsity scrimmages. He played really well and it was against a 4A school meaning they had a lot more talent and the kids were big. We’re a 2A school and I think it’s all rated on the number of students in the school. The more students, the larger the pool of kids which in theory means they should be better. In any case, our team held its own and played really well. The governing body for high school sports doesn’t allow you to keep score in scrimmages, but it was a close game.

I sort of have the chills so I might have to skip Aspen. I have the same event tomorrow here in Vail. Then Thursday I’m skipping Crested Butte as I need to take Lori to the airport.

Looks like next year Ty will probably go back to VMS to join Jagger. He’s having a good year but we all think he’ll do better back there instead of the big public high school. On top of it all, I don’t think I could drive to both ends of the valley every morning and night. It would mean over an hour commute each morning and night. Of course this means we have to pay twice as much but you do what you have to do.

I hear Lori trying to get Jagger moving but she isn’t having much luck so I’d better run and help her out. It’s 6:20 and we need to leave in about an hour. Time sure goes fast in the morning. Tasha called yesterday and said her furniture arrived which is good news. She was happy to get some things I found that she hadn’t seen before. I guess Shelly had been looking for some of the stuff for a long time. Glad I found it and could send it along. I knew it’d mean a lot to her and think it’s important to share or spread around the historical things from our family. We’ll talk sometime down the road and try to decipher who some of the people are in the old photos.

Time to go, have a good day, GB

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Monday, ugh

Man are we tired. To make matters worse, this week we have the week from hell. All four of us are super busy from now until who knows when. We don’t have a weekend coming up as both boys are in separate basketball tournaments on Saturday and then on Sunday, I need to drive down to Denver to pick up Lori. Her doc is back from Hawaii today and she needs to let them know she’ll be gone Thursday and Friday, which probably won’t be well received.

Yesterday we headed over to Silverthorne before getting home around 3:15 to watch our beloved Broncos lose again. Not sure if we’ll win another game, ha. Both boys wanted to get up early but of course, even though we woke them, they’re still not moving. Getting teenage boys up in the morning is no easy task.

Time to run so I can try to get them moving. We’re running out of time to get things packed and shipped. For those of you out of town, we hope to ship your packages next week. We tried to get a tree yesterday but ran out of time and had to go to Summit County as we didn’t get an Eagle County permit on Friday. I think we’re going to try for next Sunday after Lori gets home.

That’s it, I need to help Jag find his basketball jersey so have a great day. It’s Cyber Monday meaning lots of deals on line. Talk to you all tomorrow, God Bless.

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A fun day

Lori and I picked Jag up from practice around 11:20 and headed straight down the hill. We arrived at Park Meadows Mall at exactly 1 in the afternoon. Pretty good time if you know the drive. First stop was Nordstrom’s where the misses tried on and bought some snow boots for work this winter. Next up was Hoops, Jag’s favorite store with all the latest basketball shoes and gear. We bought him some Nike SF Air Force 1’s in black to replace his old worn out ones. Although he knows he’s getting this, it’s still a good present for him. I did get him a Nike coat he wanted that he doesn’t know about. He then picked out a few things for Ty which was a big help.

Next up was a 15 minute drive to Cherry Creek Mall. Here we again hit Nordstrom’s before working our way down the mall. Soon we ended up at Neiman Marcus where the day before I had ordered a dress for Lori that was 60% off! I had her try on one similar just for size and then after a few changes, she found one she liked. Of course then she needed a pair of shoes to go with it for the Company holiday party coming up December 9th. She and I sort of shop this way so we get what we need and want. By now it was 5 pm and Ty was still playing at Ben’s. We were starving so we headed to our favorite restaurant in the mall, the Chop House. After a quick meal, we headed out to pick up Ty and head up the hill. About 8:15, after a stop at Chick Filet for Ty, we made it home.

Today we’re hoping the Forest Service is open so we can get a permit to cut our tree. Lori is gone next weekend to her Mom’s so we need to try and get it now. We have a busy week with both boys in basketball and then I’m in Vail and Aspen Tuesday and Wednesday for holiday tastings at work. On Thursday I’ll drive Lori to the airport to go to Sacramento. Sunday she comes home and Monday I go to Dallas for lunch meeting.

We talked with Grandma Dixie who is now sort of thinking of moving to Oklahoma. I told her make sure it’s what she wants to do but I do agree with her wanting to get the hell out of California. It’s just not a good place to live anymore as it’s changed so much in the past 30 plus years. There’s way too much crime and taxes, along with too many people and grid lock traffic everywhere. These are just a few of the reasons to get out of Dodge. We’ll see though as she has lots of family and friends in California.

Lori just came down so time to get ready for a hike up the mountain or a trip to the gym. Have a great day and get ready for the last week of November. God Bless and stay safe.

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Feels like Sunday

Yesterday I kept saying it felt like Saturday so naturally today it feels like Sunday. After practice, Ty and I picked up Jag and headed straight down to the city. On the way our brakes felt funny coming down the hill so I called the Chevy dealer who said to come right over. We showed up and they had a 2017 Tahoe for us as a loaner and kept our car to check it out. More on this later but the 2017 sure was nice.

We then headed to Ben’s to drop Ty and headed down to get Jag a haircut. Jeannie was there when we arrived and fixed him up pronto. Then we decided to head to the mall to look for some presents for some people. First up was Nordstrom’s to return some boots Lori bought a few days ago. While there, Jag and I found a bunch of stuff for ourselves! Now this wasn’t really the plan but I needed some new shirts and he found a great sweater/hoodie combo that he really wanted. After that we did manage to buy a few things for Lori and Ty. While there, the car dealer called and said they couldn’t find anything wrong with our brakes, hmm. They did change the oil and rotate the tires and washed it up though. So we headed back west to pick up our car. We decided to stop into Colorado Mills that just reopened after a bad hail storm about 6 months ago. I found a new pair of workout shoes for the gym and then we headed up the hill. Lori stayed home to clean and rest but this morning she’ll go with us at 11 to head back down to Denver to pick up Ty and do some more shopping.

It’s 7 now and Jag is up eating a good breakfast as he ran out of energy yesterday at practice from lack of nutrition. I’m sure Ty and Ben partyed all night long. After we drop Jag, Lori and I will head to the gym. Hope all’s well and that you’re all enjoying the break. Take care and have a great day, GB.

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Black Friday

Yesterday we made it to Breck by 3. Brook’s parents house, where she grew up, is just outside of town on the way to Fairplay. We were first to arrive with Ashley and her husband and son a few minutes behind us. Earlier as I said, Lori made a full blown turkey dinner here at home. I told her how great it looked and she then told me she made mashed potato’s and stuffing too. Not believing her, I said, “you made stuffing”? To which she replied, and I quote, “I don’t fuck around man!” Now you had to be here to appreciate this as this was so funny for a number of reasons, first Lori doesn’t really swear and second, the tone in which she said it along with her body expression was so mater of fact, like, hey I know what I’m doing. In any case, we both laughed for about five minutes at her comment.

We brought the wine along with a bottle of 2006 Dom Perignon champagne I ended up with from an account. This was some really good vintage champagne that would go for $1000 or more in a good restaurant. The girls enjoyed it and it was a nice treat for them on turkey day. The afternoon went quick and by 6 or so we were eating steak and crab, along with Lori’s french potato’s and green beans and more. It was a really good meal. We had two four year old’s and one 2 year old running around entertaining us the whole time. Ashley lost her phone a few minutes after they arrived and we all spent what seemed like hours looking for it. It was so weird as it was nowhere to be found. We still don’t know what happened to it. After dinner we played the card game that I think was called Cards Against Humanity. It was pretty funny and the boys played along with us. It was so funny as the boys knew some of the more “adult” words and phrasings, that some of the adults didn’t know! If you’ve ever played it, you know what I mean. At one point when Lori was reading a card, she had the word catapults to read but what she said was capoultus. We’re still not sure what this word means but it was really funny. In fairness the girls had a few glasses (or bottles) of wine but they weren’t drunk, it was just funny.

In 30 minutes Jag and I are off to practice. I’ll pick him up at 10 and then rush home so he can quickly shower before we head to Denver. As I said, we’re dropping Ty at his friend Ben’s house and then heading to get Jag a haircut. I’m sure we’ll also check a store or two to see what deals they’re offering as hopefully there’s some crazy deals. Retail stores are freaking out as Amazon is taking over Christmas sales. We’ve done most of our shopping on line too, it’s only with clothes that we like to see them in person. We should be back up the hill by dinner.

Lori’s office is closed which is rare and I work sort of all the time but my office is closed too. I’d better get moving so I can make sure Jag is up and get ready to take him to basketball. Hope everyone is well, take care and have a great day and weekend. God Bless.



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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s turkey day, whoo hoo! But we’re having surf and turf, ugh. But wait, we’re also cooking a turkey here at home for us to have left overs, whoo hoo! We’re off to Breckenridge about 1 this afternoon to spend the holiday with Brooke and Ashley and their families. They both worked for Lori at Denver Plastic Surgery and all three girls are still close. Brook’s parents have a big home in Breck but they went to their house in Florida so we’re all going there.

Both boys are still sleeping and it’s a little after 7. Tomorrow we’re headed down to Denver after Jag’s basketball practice which is from 8 to 10. We should arrive right in the middle of the Black Friday festivities. Ty is going to get dropped off at Ben’s and spend the night and then I’ll go back down on Saturday and pick him up. I promised him he could spend the night with Ben over the break so it is what it is.

Robi texted yesterday but I actually forgot what she’s doing today (I’ll have to look at my phone) and Tom and Ali I think are just staying home with their kids, Bode and Maybell. We’re smack dab in the middle of buying presents for everyone, which is actually a lot of fun! Tasha said Anika wants a doctor coat as she is a doctor these days but says she can’t really be one without the coat. Lori is on this one. We’re also shopping for some other little kids. I’m going to let Lori handle the “little girl” presents as I’m sure that’ll be fun for her. As I said earlier, it’s a lot more fun buying things for people than getting things. I guess you’re actually old when you can say that, ha!

Lori’s working on our turkey now. She doesn’t even like turkey but does it for me. She also cooks a mean bird with the skin all golden brown by using cheesecloth and lots of butter. It looks like the one on the movie The Christmas Story. Can’t wait until tonight, I’ll have to eat light today in Breck!

Mojo is staying with his friends at doggie daycare today so he’s not left all alone all day long in the house. He actually likes going there as it’s sort of a free for all on neutral ground where they all get to play. The guys there are really good with Mojo and all the dogs. We finally have blue sky today which is nice. It’s a little cool but not bad at all, unless you’re from California! Grandma Dixie is going with Debbie (Lori’s cousin) to somebody’s house. We’re glad she has so much support there.

Guess I’ll go so we can get to the gym. Have a great holiday and take a moment to think to yourself of all the things you have to be thankful for. I know each of us has lots of things as we’re all blessed in our own way. Take care, be safe and God Bless.

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Out early

It’s 5;19 and I need to be on the road by 6 so not a lot of time to waste this morning. The basketball lunch went great and Ty was dropped off by Sonny’s Mom at noon to meet us at school. While he likes his new school, he’s thinking he’d get a better education back at VMS, so it looks like we need to start saving as he’ll probably go back there next year. He said he might like to come back after winter break but I just don’t think we can swing it money wise. I guess there’s a lot more questionable characters and bad activity going on at his new school. We told him bad stuff goes on everywhere but VMS is a better environment for sure. Plus I’d love to only drive to one school each day!

I think Lori is taking off at noon today. I was going to take Jag with me this morning but he slept most of the day yesterday with a cold and I think he should sleep in today too. I managed to clean the house pretty well yesterday so it’s not so overwhelming. Not sure what you all are doing for the big day tomorrow. Hopefully staying close to home. Time for me to run, have a great day, take care and GB.

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