And it was so so

Well we found a dress, only after hitting every single dress shop in Aspen. In the end we made it home at 3:45 to find Ty still sick with a 102 degree fever! We almost didn’t go to the party but after he took some Tylenol his fever came down.

The Gala was not very good. The school raised a lot of money, probably $750K-$1 Million but the venue was loud, the food was crappy and some friends who were going to be at our table couldn’t come due to some health problems. On top of that the preview where we all walk around and look at the silent auction items, was so crowded as they didn’t have enough room, that you could barely walk. We did have a new couple at our table who was the guy that won the Indy 500 in 1996 and 2000. They were nice. I know all this really doesn’t matter as it’s for the school and the kids but they could have done a better job. Oh well, that’s now in the past.

Happy Veterans Day to all the vets out there and everyone that understands what freedom is all about and it’s costs. Sadly I think a bunch of people these days don’t realize what sacrifices some make. It’s ironic that so many have paid the ultimate sacrifice so they can do all the stupid things they do, enough said.

Today it’s clear and not too cold outside. We’re going to continue to try to get Ty better, clean up and get ready to head to the islands. First up is the gym, hope all’s well and everyone is doing ok. God Bless.

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The Gala and the flu

Tonight’s the big school gala. Lori is still in search of a dress so this morning we’re headed to Aspen to a few shops to see if we can find one. We’re supposed to wear our best “Winter White”. Who throws a party in November where you’re supposed to wear white? Me, I don’t care so I’ll just wear whatever. I do have some white jeans so I might just wear those, ha.

Ty had a 101.5 fever yesterday morning but insisted on going to school as he didn’t want to fall behind. His fever came down to 100 before school so we let him go. He made it about an hour before we picked him up. Lori managed to get him a doctor appointment at 10:50 which wasn’t easy. They tested him for the flu which thankfully he does not have but he has one of those sore throats where he can’t swallow or talk. He must have had 20 cups of hot tea yesterday. This morning at 4 he came in needing more tea. Lori thought it was 5 and she bounced right out of bed like the good Mom she is to make him some. I’m showering right after I finish this and going to get him some Chloraseptic which numbs and soothes your throat. Hope he feels better today.

Jag went to Emma’s last night and they drove him home about 11. Harley has some torn pads on the bottom of her paws from the snow outside so she’s walking a little gingerly. Marisa at doggie daycare noticed it when she was cutting Harleys nails. She’ll be fine but it’ll take a few days or so to heal.

Time to get moving so we can continue the search for the infamous White Dress. Obviously we’ll have to post pictures tomorrow! Have a great day and God Bless.

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12 hours and doing well

Lori worked from 6 am to 6 pm yesterday which made for a long day. She’s still sleeping right now at 6 am. We had a meeting with Ty at school who is really doing well. He has 2 to 3 hours of homework a night and the teachers were concerned as it shouldn’t take that long. They offered up some tips on how to complete his work in a shorter amount of time but he’s really doing well. Jag too is doing well and has all next week’s work already finished.

Well the election is over, sort of. You still have a few dems trying to change the outcome by finding mysterious boxes of supposed missing ballots in States like Florida. Give me a break. And did you see the 12 Antifa (democrats) members outside a Fox News hosts house banging on their door chanting “we know where you sleep” and vandalizing their house! The poor woman at home thought it was a home invasion and was hiding in her kitchen pantry in tears. Nice move dems. Apparently Rachel Maddow the MSNBC host is organizing these protests. Once again, I challenge anyone to find a single instance where republicans harassed or used intimidation when Obama won. Let me save you some time, didn’t happen. Someone is going to get hurt here and the dems better get their crap in line. What a shit show. Once again, sore losers on the blue side, even when they won, and I’m sure this will go on for the next two years.

I hear Lori moving a bit upstairs. It’s cold outside, like the famous Christmas song, Baby It’s Cold Outside! Ty is kicking a bad cold he picked up from his brother. Hope he’s doing better today and hope I don’t get it!

Tomorrow is the annual school party or in their words, The Gala! It’ll be fun but also a chore. We’ll find a happy medium by going a little late and leaving a little early. Yesterday Lori begrudgingly wore her new wide leg tweed Polo pants I bought her the day before to work. We had a bet on the over and under of how many people would tell her how cute they are or how much they liked them. The number was 5 people with me saying more than 5 would like them and her saying less than 5. When I checked with her later in the day she laughed as she was well over 20 people that told her cute pants! Guess we know (here’s a secret, we always knew) who has the fashion sense in the family, ha. I also found her a great white blouse on sale when I was in Aspen.

She just came down so time to go. Our car goes in Monday and we’ll get it after Thanksgiving. I need to figure out how to get it down to Glenwood. Have a great day, be safe and God Bless.

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We’re up early. Lori has a 6;45 deposition and the boys need to be at school a little early plus Ty has a lot of work to turn in. I think Jag has one more test (he’s taken something like 5 in the past 3 days) as he’s working hard to get way ahead before our trip.

Yesterday after I went to Aspen, I headed straight to pick up the boys at 1:30. Ty had already taken off with Will to go to his house so Jag and I went to pick him up so we could all go get our flu shots. After that we dropped Ty back at Will’s as they were going to a 3:40 movie. They all went and saw the new Queen movie which was fantastic. I picked him up a bit after 6 and we pulled in about 15 seconds before Lori.

It’s clear but cold but not too bad. It must be in the teens but that’s ok. Aspen was nice but the one lane road to get into town is always a slow go. In all mountain towns there’s always a lot of construction in the off season and Aspen is no exception. I stopped at Ralph Lauren and picked Lori up a pair of pants on sale for work. They’re a brown tweed and look great on her but she’s not used to wide legs which they are. Luckily I’m in charge of fashion around here, ha.

Time to get moving, have a great day and God Bless.

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We’ll take it

First off, thank God the election and the endless political ads are over. The Dems won the House, which was expected, but there was no blue wave as they had predicted. The Senate, which is more important, actually had about 4 or 5 seats turn Republican! This is historic as only 4 times in the last 105 years has a sitting party gained seats in a midterm. It’s also important for the future of our Country as the Senate is where judges are appointed which is a big deal. Of the Senate seats lost by the Dems, all voted against Judge Kavanaugh while the lone Democrat that voted for him (Manchi, WV) won. Guess the people saw through that disgusting display of partisanship. Oh and by the way, turns out all the accusers are now either saying they made it up (which means lied) and you even have a guy coming out saying he was the one with Kavanaugh’s accuser some 40 years ago at the party where she was 100% positive Kavanaugh assaulted her. You don’t see much of that on the news though, hmmm.

In Colorado, sadly we’re turning into California. This comes from Denver and Boulder as the rest of the State is red. I knew the Governor’s office was staying democratic. The new guy though is even worse than Hickenlooper. Oh well, unlike what any Dem would say, elections have consequences and they won fair and square so it is what it is. You’ll never hear this from a democrat.

Today Lori is off and the boys are out at 1 pm. Ty needs to see a doctor about his head as he probably has a concussion. Both boys found out where they’re going for Intraterm in February. Jagger is going to an island off the coast of Baja Mexico to study ecology and the ocean with some international research group and Ty is headed to Costa Rica! Luckily he’s doing great in Spanish. Things are a little different than when we went to high school. A trip for us was maybe to the museum downtown, ha.

I’m in Aspen today. Not sure if Lori’s going with me or not. No snow last night. I did have to go to Boulder yesterday and traded straight across an old revolver I had for a new over and under shotgun. Pheasant hunting is in full swing and I’m going a bunch around the end of the month to fill the freezer with birds. That’s what you do after elk hunting plus pheasants taste really good.

Time to go, it’s almost 6 am and we need to get the boys up. Have a great day and hold on as now the campaigns for President will soon start. Be safe out there and God Bless.

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Lori’s home!

Yea, Lori is home. I headed to Denver around 8 am yesterday and after running all my errands, picked her up around 2 at the airport. We headed straight up the hill but did stop for a quick 5 Guys burger west of town. About then we received a call from Jag that Ty had fallen and hit his head and cut it and had blood running down the back of his neck! No one from the school called us and I’ll address that today, as he has a big bump. We need to monitor him but if he goes into concussion protocol, he’ll get way behind. So we’re hoping it’s just a bump and cut, ugh.

Today I have a meeting in Boulder this morning and then will head home. Lori is back at work and Jag has a plan to get almost everything done before we leave town. We had a light dusting of snow last night but nothing like the night before. It’s 6:34 now so time to get moving. Hope all’s well, take care and GB and don’t slip on any ice!

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It’s here, Snow! Outside we have a good 6 or 8 inches of the white stuff. It’s a wet snow which means a heavy snow. I had to shovel a walkway to take the dogs out this morning. One car is running now and I need to get back out there and clean it off. Hopefully the roads are not too bad. The boys were hoping for a snow day but those rarely happen up here in the mountains.

I need to get moving as Harley goes to daycare at 7 and then I’ll come back and hopefully the boys will be ready. Then it’s off to Big D. I think we get a break for a few days and then more snow. This is great for the mountain and the State after the drought we had last year. Bring it on.

Yesterday Jag went to lunch with Emma, Ty went to town swimming with friends and I watched another close loss for the Broncos while texting back and forth with Tom. We both hope our coach is fired today. He made some decisions that even a high school coach wouldn’t have made.

Time to get moving, hope you all are well. Lori is home around 2. Take care, be safe and God Bless. And oh, Tom’s tree is not up! He says the weekend before Thanksgiving which seems late, ha. Lucky I didn’t bet him.

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One more day

One more day until Lori gets home. We always miss here but understand she needs to go see her Mom. Too bad Dixie doesn’t live closer like in Denver or even Eagle as then she and we could see her all the time. Yesterday they went shopping and to the hair salon. Then I think they just hung out for the night. Today they’re going over to cousin Debbie’s house for a visit. Lori will have to leave early in the morning with all the California traffic to make her 10 am flight. I’m heading down to Denver after dropping the boys at school for a few meetings and then will get Lori around 2. Then it’s back home to pick up the boys and Harley.

Doggie Daycare opens tomorrow as they’ve been closed for their annual 3 week Fall vacation. I know Harley will be excited to play with all her friends again! They say big snow this afternoon and tonight here in the mountains. We say bring it on as we’re hoping for a good ski season and the reservoirs are really low. We will always take more moisture.

Did you set your clocks back? Not sure of the science behind it but we supposedly all picked up another hour of sleep. All I know is the suns up earlier and it gets darker earlier. Guess that’s it. The boys were supposed to be working on their Christmas list for Uncle Tom. I know Ty was but both had lots of school work yesterday. I’ll get on them today and make sure they get it done. Wonder if Tom is putting up his tree this weekend? If I had to bet, I’d say it’s already up, ha.

God Bless.

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In Cali

Well, Lori’s in California, hopefully having fun. Around here it’s business as usual. The boys were at school until late last night around 9 as they stayed for the school play. It was a dark one as most of the Upper School plays seem to be. Today I’m off to Carbondale for a Sprizzeri tasting from 12 until 3. Danika from Lori’s office, along with her boyfriend are pouring for me but I’m stopping by anyhow.

Here’s a comment from Robi,

Robi says:

I was kinda hoping you were going to Merriman’s to see if we just hit an off night but I’m with ya about being expensive. Again, we knew how pricey it was gonna be but it was a special occasion. Trip was great, big big waves even at Napili which I guess they consider a bay. Apparently there was a Northwestern swill and all the employees said they have never seen the water like that. Robert who thinks he is a divemaster sprained his neck! Water was real warm and way fun but the problem for me was that the waves came in and then sucked ya right back out making it difficult to get out with your suit still on – lol. Have a great time, hard not too in Hawaii. Yes, thank you we are packing and so excited to move.

Glad they had fun and hope Robert’s neck is ok. If not, he’ll need to get up here and see Lori. It’s snowing a little bit outside but nothing too bad. I still haven’t had to break out the shovel yet this season.

Both boys have school work today and hopefully they’ll get it done. Tomorrow we’re staying home and getting ready for the week. Then Monday am I’m off to Denver to get Lori. Here’s a Halloween picture. Jag was a rock star, Ty was a Russian and Lori was the Queen Bee. Her team won the office contest, whoo hoo! Have a great day and God Bless.

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Off to California

Lori’s flight leaves today around 11:20. She’s gone until Monday. The boys and I have a semi busy weekend with me in Carbondale tomorrow. The school play is tonight and both boys want to stay. I made it down and up yesterday in pretty good time despite the snowy roads. It’s spitting outside right now but not too bad.

Robi had a fun trip but from her comment yesterday but I guess Merriman’s was terrible. That’s surprising but we just cancelled our reservation as it’s too expensive to chance it. Hope the rest of the trip was fun. We’re super excited about her moving into her new house. Tommy showed us pictures, beautiful!

Hard to believe it’s November 2nd. It’ll be December before we know it. I have some Halloween pictures but will post them tomorrow as I need to take the dogs up the hill. Harley had an accident in the kitchen yesterday while I was making dinner so we had to have the carpet cleaners come. It was obviously something she ate, ugh. She’s still a puppy and eats just about anything. Oh well, the stairs (up and down) needed cleaning anyhow.

Time to go. Hope all’s well, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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