Sunny and clear

Lori has her, as she calls it, bird sanctuary, all set up. We finally found a really cool bird bath yesterday for $50! It was at a nursery, and we thought for sure, it’d be $350. We think it was just decoration as it was the only one, they had. When the girl said $50, we both said, “we’ll take it”, at the same time. It took a couple hours before the birds started using it. We have a bunch of different kinds from pigeons to blue jays, to red and orange headed finches to grosbeaks, which are really colorful. Throw is a couple dozen chipmunks and it’s pretty busy in the backyard. Oh, and I don’t want to forget the magpies!

The GoPro games are going on in Vail. Ty went to hang out yesterday but we’re staying clear of that mess. Had some wind but no rain. Looks like a warm week ahead.

Oh, my 50th high school reunion is August 3rd! That should be fun to see who is still around. Harry is driving out so at least I’ll know one person, ha.

We had a good workout yesterday and need to head out to the gym again now, so time to get moving. Have a great Sunday and God Bless.

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Wouldn’t you know it

The one morning where we managed to sleep in, we’re working out at 7! The alarm just went off at 5:45 and we were both sound asleep. Figures.

Yesterday I weeded a bunch of the front yard, made a Costco run and hung out. Lori worked from her computer and phone as usual. She sure works hard.

We were thinking of going down to Boulder today, but there’s some triathlon event that’s closing a bunch of streets, so we’re going to pass. A month from today we’ll be landing in Spain! Need to get on our Spanish. I’ve only done two lessons on the computer.

My back is a little sore from golf and weeding but I’ll be fine. Time to get moving as we need to be on the road in 20 minutes. Have a great Saturday, God Bless.

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Up early

Harley woke us up sometime around 4am. A little later, Lori got out of bed f0r the day, and I went back to sleep until 5:20. That’s pretty much normal these days. Wish I could sleep until around 7.

Ty went camping last night around 9! He and the guys decided to go around 8 last night. Oh, to be 20 years old again. I tweaked the index finger on my right hand during my golf lesson yesterday. Not sure how I did it, but it’s a little sore right now. So is my back, ha. I think that’s from the gym though.

Think we’ll take it easy today. Time to get some coffee and put the trash out. Have a great Friday and God Bless.

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6am and Lori is outside on her stool watering her hanging baskets. We have another golf lesson at 10:30 this morning. Get those clubs out Tommy! Sunny and nice up here this morning. It was pretty hot when I left Denver around 11 yesterday morning.

On the way home, I stopped for lunch with Marty where Tom, my guy from California, was hosting a wine tasting. Then Marty and I sat on his back patio at his house and smoked a cigar watching the Blue River roar by. We’re always trying to figure out what the hell is going on with the Country, and what we should do to make sure we’re set up right, especially for our kids.

Water levels in the rivers are high all over the State with the runoff from the snowpack. Sadly, lots of people are drowning this year. Most are not wearing life jackets. That’s kind of like not wearing a seat belt when driving. Not smart.

The heat is on. Looks like the southern States are already experiencing record temps. We have a busy couple of weeks coming up. The Tesla concert is next Tuesday and then two weeks from today, The Rolling Stones! Then two weeks after that is July 4th, and then it’s off to Spain! Throw in Father’s Day and Aspen Food and Wine and our schedule is full.

Today marks 80 years since the landing on the beaches of Normandy known as D-Day. There are a few guys left that were part of that historic event who are still alive and in France for the celebration. Biden is also over there, taking naps and embarrassing our Country. Hard to believe he is the best we can do in 2024. I don’t want to distract or take away from D-Day so no more politics today. Besides, everyone knows what’s going on, no need to beat the drum. It’s nice to see the Fench people still come out and thank us for liberating them almost 8 decades ago. I can’t imagine what those guys went through running on to those beaches with gunfire and artillery raining down on them.

That’s it, time to get moving so we can get to the gym before golf. Have a great day and God Bless.

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Sometimes, work is fun

Yesterday was a great workday. I normally don’t get out into the field to see accounts these days. But yesterday, I took Tom to a couple accounts and then had a fun wine tasting/dinner with my buddy Tim, his wife Deb, Marty and Tom. Poor Tom had to sit through Tim, Marty and my inside jokes, but loved it and sold 120 cases to Tim. It’s really good for Tom to get out here from California and meet the right people, meaning most important buyers, that I know. On my way back from Denver today, I’ll stop in Silverthorne and drop a bottle of Chianti that Tim wants to put on in his nine restaurants.

On the way home, I dropped Ty an order of rigatoni and sausage. I ordered the family style order for my dinner, so I’d have extra.

Lori had a PA give notice yesterday and jump to Steadman. This causes some strain at work for her, but I told her, people come and go from jobs all the time.

Biden finally signed a bill saying only 2500 illegal crossings a day are legal, WTF? This of course doesn’t count any unaccompanied minor or anyone that uses an app on their newly given I-phone. By the way, where do all these illegals get new I-phone 15’s as they cross the border illegally? This still allows 1.8 million illegal crossings a year plus those others. Talk about pandering for votes, ha. We already have 10 million running around the country and if even 5% are criminals, that’s 500,000 or 10,000 per State! Hopefully the voters are smart enough to see through this desperate attempt to try to save his job.

Time to get moving, have a great Wednesday, GB.

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It’s been nice, just a little overcast. We’ll take it! This morning, I have a few appointments, and at 5 tonight, a dinner and wine tasting in Silverthorne. Tomorrow I’m getting my haircut down in Denver and then that’s it for the week.

I think Jag is going to New York around July 5th or 6th for a couple days. Then he’ll be up here with Ty while we’re in Spain. July will come fast, so I’m already getting things together. Most important is to learn some basic Spanish. I bought some guidebooks to Madrid and the surrounding areas, and language books yesterday.

Ty needs some work clothes so I’m going to run them up valley and hit the gym for a quick workout. I’ll need to be back by 9 so I can shower and get to Avon by 10.

That’s about it, time to go. Have a great day and God Bless.

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Happy Anniversary

Today is Mom and Dad’s anniversary! They were married over off of Colorado Blvd. and then were whisked away via helicopter to the Broadmoor. Not sure what year it was, probably around 1966 or 1967, as I think I was ten years old.

A little cloudy up here this morning. Lori is taking my 9am dentist appointment as she thinks she has a cracked tooth. She’s watering her hanging baskets right now.

I think Ty has a tee time in Denver at 3 this afternoon. Hope the afternoon storms are gone for the day.

We had a nice breakfast with Lee and Margaret yesterday morning. Good to see them again. Not much family left around, especially on my biological dad’s side. Lee and Tommy’s mannerisms are very similar. They’re coming back in September for a CU Baylor football game and want to stop by and see Tom then.

Tomorrow, I have a few wine appointments up here with one of my guys who is flying in from California today for the week. Then we’ll have a dinner at 5 in Silverthorne with a buddy of mine who owns nine restaurants and pours a lot of our wine.

That’s all for today. Hope everyone is doing well. Stay safe and God Bless.

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June 2nd

June came so fast. Hard to believe we’re almost halfway through the year. 90 days until Labor Day, what? 90 days after that and we’ll be about 3 weeks from Christmas, unbelievable.

5:50am right now. We slept in, ha. As I said yesterday, our trip is all set. We managed to get a suite with a balcony and a terrace at the hotel. Think it’s one of seven suites on the top floor. Gotta love having a ton of points. Right now, our First-Class airfare and suite have cost us a total of $111 and around 1,100,000 points between the airline and hotel. We’re super excited and are already mapping out which restaurants to go to and what to do.

Lori and I made it to Costco yesterday and she had her nails done in the afternoon. We’ll go to the gym this morning before meeting up with Cousin Lee and his family at Hovey for breakfast.

Ty dinged up his knee playing basketball, so it’s a little swollen. Nate, (Dr. Cafferky), our neighbor, took a look at it and told him just to ice it. Nice up here but strong storms down in the eastern part of the State. Lots of tornados and flooding. That’s May and early June in Colorado.

Guess I’ll get moving. Have a nice Sunday. We need to start working on our Spanish. God Bless.

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We’re booked! $160 and 620,000 miles for First Class. Can’t wait, we’ll be gone nine days.

Yesterday Lori worked, and in the afternoon, Lee and Margaret came over with their youngest son, Walker. We all visited for a couple hours. Good to see them. They love North Carolina. They sold their small house here for $2 million, bought new construction there for $1.1 million, and then put in a $250K pool and backyard.

We’re waiting for the plumber but just texted him saying to show up at 10, so we need to run to get to the gym. Have a great Saturday, more to come, God Bless.

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Last night, the deer ate one and a half of Lori’s flower baskets in the back. Needless to say, it’s not a good morning around here right now. The two baskets in the back sit in large blue pots that are easy for them to get to. She has bars of soap in each basket which are supposed to keep them away. That’s been working in the front, but I guess they didn’t get the memo on the ones in the back.

Warming up around here. Five of us had cigars last night. Fun time. We were texting back and forth with James meaning he was still up at 2 am in Italy. He is a late-night guy, ha.

Lori and I had a golf lesson yesterday. Get those clubs out Tom! We hit the ball really well. Looks like laying off for a few weeks did us some good. We’ll probably go hit some more balls today. Lori sure looks good in her little golf skirt and top! That’s good news as half of golf is making sure you look good, ha. Our coach is getting Lori a set of clubs today for her to use. My clubs should be ready in another week or so. I tried a bunch of different grips last week to get the right fit and weight for my clubs. You have to have the balance right. Can’t wait!

24 more hours and our miles are all pooled. Then we can finalize our tickets for our trip. We’re excited as it’ll be fun to go to a new place and hang out with James and Addy. The band has about a week layover there and it’s the end of the tour, so it’ll be fun.

Cousin Lee and Margaret are in town, so we’ll see them today or tomorrow. They moved to North Carolina to be near their kids and grandkids about a year ago.

That’s it, time to get moving and head out to the gym. Make it a great day, and you know, God Bless!

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