Ski Friday

Today is the first Ski Friday of the year. This is where the entire school goes skiing. Jag has opted out as he can’t ski yet with his hand. I’ll pick him up around 11:30.

Lori made it to California and she and her mom went out to dinner at this really nice restaurant where we’d all gone before. We had some snow overnight but not too much, only 3 inches or so. The pups are on their beds hanging out and I need to go start the truck and brush off the snow.

Not much else going on. I need to clean up a bit around here. On Monday I need to get up early and leave at 5 am for my 8 am flight. Wish I didn’t have to go but probably should. It’s a quick 24 hour turnaround. I just have so much to do here and am now in San Francisco on the 24th and 25th.

That’s it. The Barrett Jackson Car Auction of fantastic old restored cars starts tomorrow in Phoenix. I told Tommy to buy a car and he’d like to but just hasn’t found the right one. If I were him, I’d be all over this as they have all the cool cars. Like he said though, where would he drive it. Oh well, he’ll find something someday. I told him I’d go to Phoenix with him next year to go to the auction.

Have a great day, great football tomorrow. Anyone have any new plans for the new year? Did you start to learn a new language? Are you planning a trip to some exotic location or maybe even someplace close like New York or Mt. Rushmore or Yellowstone? Anyone taken up a new hobby, knitting??? Ha, anyhow the point is to get out of your comfort zone and just do something, anything new or different. Come on people, give it a try! God Bless.

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Going to California

Here we go, Lori’s off to see her Mom. Wish she could come here but I think the altitude is too high for her heart. Hope she’s doing well. Jag has an orthodontist appointment today and Ty needs to stay until 4:30. I have a lot of computer work to do before I leave for Dallas on Monday.

It was warm yesterday and supposed to be warmer today. I went down to the bank yesterday for a board meeting and it was good to see all the guys I hadn’t seen for a long time. Dr. Langley was there and he’s about Mom and Dad’s age but doing very well. He seemed like he was 50 even though he has to be in his 80’s. It was a brief meeting but good to experience. Tom works hard there for the whole family.

Lori drove the truck yesterday and does not like it! She’d rather have two Land Rovers, ha. I have to admit the Range Rover is probably the best car I’ve ever had and as you know, I’ve had a lot of cars. I wish I had a garage right now as I’d have some kind of sports car. Hopefully in about 10 months we will.

Time to get moving so that’s it. Lori’s flight is around 11 so we’ll drop the boys at 7:45 and head out. Have a great day, take care, be safe and God Bless you all.

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Up early

I’m off to a meeting at 7 so Lori has to take Harley, get the boys moving, stop to get them both breakfast stuff for each of their classes and drop them for school. That rght there is a whole days worth of work. Tomorrow she’s off to California if the TSA goes to work. Lots of flights have been cancelled with TSA workers calling in sick because they didn’t get paid.

It’s warming up today with no snow which is nice. I hate it when the roads are messy. I’d rather have snow. Well the California people did it, enough of them moved here so that our State government is now blue. It’s not enough to screw up their own State, no they had to leave and come here to screw ours up too. We’ll see what happens.

It’s 6:15 and Lori is already out of the shower so I need to get moving. None of us can ever seem to get enough sleep. I told Lori that there needs to be two extra hours between 10pm and 6am. Maybe that’d help. Have a great day, GB.

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Seems like Spring is on the way

Even though it’s January 8th and snow is on the ground, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Spring will be here in about 8 weeks. The seasons come and go pretty fast up here and for that matter, at our age, so do the years. School was good and so was work. I was literally on the phone from about 9 am until 3 pm. Today I’m off to the warehouse after a 6:30 am call with Luisa which should last about 30 minutes. Lori has clinic so lots going on.

I’m staying away from politics but don’t understand why the dems are so opposed to border security. Oh wait, even though they all voted for a wall years ago they’re now against it because of Trump. What a shit show in D.C. on both sides. How do you like the muslim congresswoman saying impeach the mother fucker? Nice. Get your shit together people. I say kick them all out.

Harley had fun at daycare. Her boyfriend Moose (the Hetfields dog) and her wait by the door for each other to show up and are inseprabale all day. They’ve been close friends since they were both puppies. Time to get moving, lots to do and my 6:30 call is only about 15 minutes away and I still need to shower. Have a great day, take care and may God Bless you.

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1st day of school

Here we go, school starts today. Also it’s my first conference call of the year and just like here with the boys, there’s some big changes coming for the “kids” at work!

Yesterday was a snowy cold day. It’s supposed to start warming up tomorrow and be nice for the week. We’re leaving at 7:45 for school and right now it’s 5:56. I need to go shovel and get the car warmed up and take Harley before the kids so lots to do.

Lori is still sleeping as she hasn’t been sleeping well with her neck. Thursday she’s off to her moms in California. Not much else, glad I didn’t go to Phoenix as the roads probably are not good. That’s it, have a good day, be safe and God bless.

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Off to the gym

7 am and time to get moving. It’s nice outside and clear from what I can tell. Both boys are sleeping and Lori is half awake next to me. Her neck has ben bad for a few months now so next step is to try some steroids. Hope they work.

Tomorrow school starts and along with it comes a new way of living around here. We’ve already started and things are going pretty well. The boys are making their beds every morning and slowly starting to do more around here. Of course that comes with laundry getting mixed up and some things getting put in the dryer that shouldn’t. Oh well, it takes time to learn new skills. Ty has some new study habits he’s imlimenting and both boys need to start preparing for their trips. At the first of February Ty goes to Costa Rica and Jag to an island off Baja Mexico. There’s an Upper School hut trip this Wednesday and Thursday but we’re not sure if the boys are going. Jag has opted out and Ty wants to go but we’re leaning towards him staying home and getting off to a fresh start with the new semester. We’ll see.

Emma’s dad had to take an ambulance to Denver yesterday for a pinched nerve in his neck and she leaves Tuesday for a week of skiing in Purgatory down by Durango. Not sure if they’re getting together today, probably so as they usually are .

Time to get moving, we drove Lori’s new car up yesterday and that tax thing works! Instead of $35,000 we would owe on the 15th, our quarterly bill dropped to $15,000! WOW. Pics tomorrow, have a great day and GB.

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Wild Card Weekend

There are good football games this weekend if you like football. Two today and two tomorrow.

First up Lori and I are off to Denver. Last night we all went to dinner at the Four Seasons which has a restaurant called Flame. It’s our new go to favorite place! The food was great and atmosphere good too. Then Jag and Emma went to a movie and Ty went to a hockey game in town.

Turns out I’m not going to Phoenix Monday and will just spend about 5 hours on the phone with one of my partners. It’s suppose to snow Sunday night so that’s probably a good thing.

Time to get moving so have a good weekend and do something fun. Ignore politics and the news and enjoy the day and your life. Be safe, be nice and God bless.

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Back to the doctor

This afternoon Jag goes in to hopefully have the stitches taken out of his hand. He’s still out of basketball and will probably miss the season. Yesterday on my way to Denver I dropped him at Emma’s race. He’s going again to support her today. Ty hung out and Lori was at work.

Tomorrow Lori and I are off to Denver and then will rush back up to catch the football games. We’re headed to the gym in 15 minutes so I’d better get moving. Your body is an amazing thing as with two days of strict eating I’m down to 200.3 pounds. I’m planning on being in fighting shape by the end of the month. Wish me luck, ha!

Monday I’m off to Phoenix for 6 hours. I’ll land around 10:15 and be back on a plane by 5. Then I’m home until the following Monday when I’m off to Dallas for 24 hours. Lori heads out to Sacramento on the 10th returning on the 13th. So you can see, we’re busy. Looking ahead I think I’m in Portland on the 22nd.

It’s warming up and should be nice the next few days. Hope you all are well, take care and God bless.

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Busy busy

It’s only Jaunary 3rd and we’re already super busy. This morning I’m off to the dermatologist in Denver and dropping Jag at Loveland Ski Area for Emma’s ski race. The race is from about 7 am until noon. It’ll be cold so he had better dress warm.

Lori has clinic and Ty needs to clean up a bit and get organized. I’m trying to map out my travel schedule for the next few weeks and work around Lori as she needs to go to California again. I need to leave in 37 minutes and have to shower so time to go. Hope everyone is in 2019 mode. Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since 1999!

Have a great day and God Bless.

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January 2nd 2019

Good morning. Yesterday, we made great forward progress identifying and loading up clothes to be donated. Ok, that first sentence was courtesy of Lori!

It’s cold, they say 22 below in Kremmling so it has to be 10 below or more up here. It is supposed to warm up tomorrow and be in the 50’s and 60’s in Denver for the next week. That means 40’s and 50’s up here. I forgot to thank you all for my birthday wishes and presents, I appreciate it.

Jag made it home about 9:30 last night from his fun trip to Steamboat. Emma’s mom thanked us for letting him come and couldn’t stop praising him. He and Ty are both really good kids.

Lori and I are headed to the gym and then to Denver. Jag might come and Ty is heading to the mountain. It’s 6:25 now and we need to be there at 7 so time to go get the truck warmed up. Hope everyone is well, it’s the first “official” day of 2019 meaning the first work day as yesterday doesn’t really count. Hope everyone is pumped up and ready to seize the day and year, God Bless.

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