Uggh, super sick

I think I have the flu. I haven’t been this sick as long as I can remember. I’m supposed to go to the game tonight with three buddies but might have to bag out. I’m trying to keep it out of my chest and lungs and have taken everything I can, traditional and homeopathic. Hope I get better soon as I have a huge week ahead of me.

It’s snowing outside now and supposed to keep snowing through Tuesday. I had to run down to Denver yesterday and on the way back up, stopped at a friends to pick up his MRI for Lori to give to the knee surgeon up here. When backing down his 100 yard driveway, wouldn’t you know it, I back into some rocks at the bottom of the road crunching Lori’s new car. I couldn’t believe it. There goes another $500 (our deductible) to have it fixed later this coming week. I was so pissed off. Here I am doing someone a favor and I crunch the left rear taillight and cowling of our car. Like my Mom said, a black cloud has been following me since Thanksgiving so you’d better stay away from me. Practicing what I preach, I told Lori, things can only get better!

I think the boys are going skiing today. We ran over to get their passes the other day and had to get Jag some new snow pants so they’re good to go. First up we’re supposed to go cut our tree but right now I don’t know if I’m going anywhere. If I don’t go to the game, I need to give my ticket to a fourth guy to go with my friends or ask Chris if he has a buddy to go. Time to run as my head and chest are pounding. Take care and God Bless.

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