12 hours and doing well

Lori worked from 6 am to 6 pm yesterday which made for a long day. She’s still sleeping right now at 6 am. We had a meeting with Ty at school who is really doing well. He has 2 to 3 hours of homework a night and the teachers were concerned as it shouldn’t take that long. They offered up some tips on how to complete his work in a shorter amount of time but he’s really doing well. Jag too is doing well and has all next week’s work already finished.

Well the election is over, sort of. You still have a few dems trying to change the outcome by finding mysterious boxes of supposed missing ballots in States like Florida. Give me a break. And did you see the 12 Antifa (democrats) members outside a Fox News hosts house banging on their door chanting “we know where you sleep” and vandalizing their house! The poor woman at home thought it was a home invasion and was hiding in her kitchen pantry in tears. Nice move dems. Apparently Rachel Maddow the MSNBC host is organizing these protests. Once again, I challenge anyone to find a single instance where republicans harassed or used intimidation when Obama won. Let me save you some time, didn’t happen. Someone is going to get hurt here and the dems better get their crap in line. What a shit show. Once again, sore losers on the blue side, even when they won, and I’m sure this will go on for the next two years.

I hear Lori moving a bit upstairs. It’s cold outside, like the famous Christmas song, Baby It’s Cold Outside! Ty is kicking a bad cold he picked up from his brother. Hope he’s doing better today and hope I don’t get it!

Tomorrow is the annual school party or in their words, The Gala! It’ll be fun but also a chore. We’ll find a happy medium by going a little late and leaving a little early. Yesterday Lori begrudgingly wore her new wide leg tweed Polo pants I bought her the day before to work. We had a bet on the over and under of how many people would tell her how cute they are or how much they liked them. The number was 5 people with me saying more than 5 would like them and her saying less than 5. When I checked with her later in the day she laughed as she was well over 20 people that told her cute pants! Guess we know (here’s a secret, we always knew) who has the fashion sense in the family, ha. I also found her a great white blouse on sale when I was in Aspen.

She just came down so time to go. Our car goes in Monday and we’ll get it after Thanksgiving. I need to figure out how to get it down to Glenwood. Have a great day, be safe and God Bless.

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