The Gala and the flu

Tonight’s the big school gala. Lori is still in search of a dress so this morning we’re headed to Aspen to a few shops to see if we can find one. We’re supposed to wear our best “Winter White”. Who throws a party in November where you’re supposed to wear white? Me, I don’t care so I’ll just wear whatever. I do have some white jeans so I might just wear those, ha.

Ty had a 101.5 fever yesterday morning but insisted on going to school as he didn’t want to fall behind. His fever came down to 100 before school so we let him go. He made it about an hour before we picked him up. Lori managed to get him a doctor appointment at 10:50 which wasn’t easy. They tested him for the flu which thankfully he does not have but he has one of those sore throats where he can’t swallow or talk. He must have had 20 cups of hot tea yesterday. This morning at 4 he came in needing more tea. Lori thought it was 5 and she bounced right out of bed like the good Mom she is to make him some. I’m showering right after I finish this and going to get him some Chloraseptic which numbs and soothes your throat. Hope he feels better today.

Jag went to Emma’s last night and they drove him home about 11. Harley has some torn pads on the bottom of her paws from the snow outside so she’s walking a little gingerly. Marisa at doggie daycare noticed it when she was cutting Harleys nails. She’ll be fine but it’ll take a few days or so to heal.

Time to get moving so we can continue the search for the infamous White Dress. Obviously we’ll have to post pictures tomorrow! Have a great day and God Bless.

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