Summer colds

Yesterday Ty had a golf lesson and then played 18 holes but is still kicking his cold. Lori has been fighting off getting it too. I’m fine so far, knock on wood.

Tommy is now a Porsche owner! Welcome to the club. They really are one of the great car brands in the history of the World. I’m sure in a few months, he too will realize it might be the best car he’s ever owned. I’d love to buy a new Panamera but they’re $130k plus. Just can’t justify it these days.

Looking like a nice weekend. A few scattered showers around the State but mostly sunny and warm. Today we’re on the hunt for four hanging baskets of flowers for the front of the house. Lori has a patient with a nursery over in Kremling, but I think we’ll try this place in New Castle on the other side of Glenwood Springs. Costco normally has them, but they haven’t come in yet this year.

Ty went through his closet yesterday and filled up a bag of clothes he doesn’t wear anymore. Jag needs to do the same. I think Jag and Ava are going to California for a few days. They can fly free on miles. Ava leaves for New York and her internship around the end of the month.

Lori and I are looking at going to Europe around the end of July for a good week. Need to get going on planning it out.

Time to get going, 7am now. Ty left for work 30 minutes ago. I’m sore from working out with Brent yesterday. Lori and I always split an hour of training with him to save money. Enjoy your Saturday and God Bless.

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