We’re up early. Lori has a 6;45 deposition and the boys need to be at school a little early plus Ty has a lot of work to turn in. I think Jag has one more test (he’s taken something like 5 in the past 3 days) as he’s working hard to get way ahead before our trip.

Yesterday after I went to Aspen, I headed straight to pick up the boys at 1:30. Ty had already taken off with Will to go to his house so Jag and I went to pick him up so we could all go get our flu shots. After that we dropped Ty back at Will’s as they were going to a 3:40 movie. They all went and saw the new Queen movie which was fantastic. I picked him up a bit after 6 and we pulled in about 15 seconds before Lori.

It’s clear but cold but not too bad. It must be in the teens but that’s ok. Aspen was nice but the one lane road to get into town is always a slow go. In all mountain towns there’s always a lot of construction in the off season and Aspen is no exception. I stopped at Ralph Lauren and picked Lori up a pair of pants on sale for work. They’re a brown tweed and look great on her but she’s not used to wide legs which they are. Luckily I’m in charge of fashion around here, ha.

Time to get moving, have a great day and God Bless.

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