We’ll take it

First off, thank God the election and the endless political ads are over. The Dems won the House, which was expected, but there was no blue wave as they had predicted. The Senate, which is more important, actually had about 4 or 5 seats turn Republican! This is historic as only 4 times in the last 105 years has a sitting party gained seats in a midterm. It’s also important for the future of our Country as the Senate is where judges are appointed which is a big deal. Of the Senate seats lost by the Dems, all voted against Judge Kavanaugh while the lone Democrat that voted for him (Manchi, WV) won. Guess the people saw through that disgusting display of partisanship. Oh and by the way, turns out all the accusers are now either saying they made it up (which means lied) and you even have a guy coming out saying he was the one with Kavanaugh’s accuser some 40 years ago at the party where she was 100% positive Kavanaugh assaulted her. You don’t see much of that on the news though, hmmm.

In Colorado, sadly we’re turning into California. This comes from Denver and Boulder as the rest of the State is red. I knew the Governor’s office was staying democratic. The new guy though is even worse than Hickenlooper. Oh well, unlike what any Dem would say, elections have consequences and they won fair and square so it is what it is. You’ll never hear this from a democrat.

Today Lori is off and the boys are out at 1 pm. Ty needs to see a doctor about his head as he probably has a concussion. Both boys found out where they’re going for Intraterm in February. Jagger is going to an island off the coast of Baja Mexico to study ecology and the ocean with some international research group and Ty is headed to Costa Rica! Luckily he’s doing great in Spanish. Things are a little different than when we went to high school. A trip for us was maybe to the museum downtown, ha.

I’m in Aspen today. Not sure if Lori’s going with me or not. No snow last night. I did have to go to Boulder yesterday and traded straight across an old revolver I had for a new over and under shotgun. Pheasant hunting is in full swing and I’m going a bunch around the end of the month to fill the freezer with birds. That’s what you do after elk hunting plus pheasants taste really good.

Time to go, it’s almost 6 am and we need to get the boys up. Have a great day and hold on as now the campaigns for President will soon start. Be safe out there and God Bless.

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