Power of prayer

We sure need the power of prayer right now. Lots going on that I won’t get into as there’s too much that I wouldn’t even know where to start, but we can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. I remember pretty much feeling I was responsible for something since I was about 10 years old. Either myself, my brother or sister or sometimes even my Mom, whether I was or not, it just always felt that way. Well fast forward 40 or 45 years and decades of pretty much the same thing and now we’re looking forward to taking a deep breath. We just need some divine intervention to get through our challenges during the next few months. Work, the misses health issues, finances, it’s all coming to a point where it looks like we can change or fix em all but we still need help so say a prayer.

By the way, here’s a comment from my little sis, she’s pretty smart in her own way,

robi says:

Now Mister do not go there and give up hope! Things can still change! First, we ALL need to vote to get the jackass out of office! We the people need to ban together and not let congress dictate our every move! If we give up we are giving in!

That’s all for me, here’s the misses.

Okay, the entire State of Colorado needs everyone’s prayers.  A neighborhood caught fire and the pictures depict a scene out of a movie…343 homes destroyed…it looks as if a bomb went off.  It’s devastating for the families and staggering for those of us viewing the photos.  The Rockies baseball team shot off fireworks at the beginning of their game the other night…I find that unbelievable when we have a fireworks ban in the State.  As previously mentioned please, please pray for Colorado.

The oldest had a great time hiking up to St. Mary’s Glacier and then sliding down on a slippery, giant trash bag.  He looked a bit weary when he walked through the door.  We are skipping the swim meet today to give the boys a break…maybe to give their parents a break.  Both kiddos are still fast asleep…which is really unusual for the youngest.  The youngest is like my own personal alarm clock…up a 6:00a.m…..it’s already 7:30 and no sign of movement upstairs.

The yellow dog helped herself to the trash last night….she opened the cabinet, pulled the can out, had a little snack and left the rest all over the floor for the Mister to pick up.  Lucky guy!!

We went over to the neighbor’s for a bit last night and the 5 boys were telling “Yo Mamma” jokes.  The jokes were actually quite funny, in fact so funny that they brought tears to the neighbor lady’s eyes.  It was a full 30 minutes of each boy taking a turn at the audience…I wish I had a video camera or at least my phone to capture the moment.  Next time I’ll be prepared.

I think we are going up to Red Rocks for some exercise once the munchkins get up.  I was so sore last time and all I did was walk down the stairs and then lunge up the seats, back down the stairs and then up.  It didn’t take too much time, but my heart was working and my legs were burning.  The Mister seems to be in better shape…he was not sore at all.  Of course our young guy leaped and bounded all the way up and down with no apparent fatigue…..ah, to be 8 years old!

Time to get the day started….God Bless, here’s a great van!


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