Nice outside. Looks like Denver was hit pretty hard yesterday. Big time rain and hail down south of town. Sort of muggy and hazy outside right now. Not sure if it’s humidity or smoke from a fire somewhere. The Southwest part of the Country is under an excessive heat warning. Triple digit temps down in Arizona. Robi said it was 108 degrees the other day. That’s too hot, and it’s only early June.

Ty went golfing yesterday. Not sure what Jag did. We had a call with him and Ava and her parents to meet them. We might all take a trip after graduation next year. We’ll see. They seem nice and fun. Ava’s mom remarried so Andre is her stepdad.

Time to get moving. We have the Tesla concert tomorrow night at the Mission Ballroom in Denver. Lori grew up with them in Sacramento. Should be fun.

Have a great day and week, God Bless.

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