Sunny and clear

Lori has her, as she calls it, bird sanctuary, all set up. We finally found a really cool bird bath yesterday for $50! It was at a nursery, and we thought for sure, it’d be $350. We think it was just decoration as it was the only one, they had. When the girl said $50, we both said, “we’ll take it”, at the same time. It took a couple hours before the birds started using it. We have a bunch of different kinds from pigeons to blue jays, to red and orange headed finches to grosbeaks, which are really colorful. Throw is a couple dozen chipmunks and it’s pretty busy in the backyard. Oh, and I don’t want to forget the magpies!

The GoPro games are going on in Vail. Ty went to hang out yesterday but we’re staying clear of that mess. Had some wind but no rain. Looks like a warm week ahead.

Oh, my 50th high school reunion is August 3rd! That should be fun to see who is still around. Harry is driving out so at least I’ll know one person, ha.

We had a good workout yesterday and need to head out to the gym again now, so time to get moving. Have a great Sunday and God Bless.

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