Off to Denver

Tonight we’re off to the concert. We have an extra ticket and Jag was going to go, but he has too much work. So, Tina is going with us in his place. We’ll stay at their house after the show and then I’ll drop Lori at work in Frisco tomorrow morning. Should be fun. We’ll need to leave here by 3:30 this afternoon at the latest.

Nice up here, no storms like in Denver. Hopefully there will be none tonight. Looks like if there are any, they’ll be down south. Super green up here with everything growing. Lori has tons of birds, almost too many.

Biden has lost it, it’s in full view every day on tv. Almost like it’s normal now to see him screw up. Really crazy that this guy is even a figure head as the President. I think Trump is going to win in a landslide. The sham trial seems to have helped him. What a time in history.

That’s it, time to get moving, have a great Tuesday and God Bless.

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