Looks like a warm, dry summer. Not good that it was 94 degrees in Dallas earlier this week. The panhandle fire in Texas has burned over 1 million acres! Hope it’s not a summer full of smoke. Ty’s out the door for work as he opens today meaning he needs to be at work at 7.

Last night six of us got together for cigar night. It was our first one in a few weeks. Shultz and five buddies are coming up today for a long weekend, so I’m sure I’ll see them too. Lori and I were going to run down to Denver today but decided to stay put. I’ll be going down Monday.

Lori’s back is still sort of out. Hope she gets better today.

So tired of the government and how they waste our tax money. The Founders must be watching thinking WTF. If there was ever a time we needed term limits, it’s now. We need a huge shift in the people in government. The only way things will get better is to get rid of the career politicians. What a mess.

Don’t become complacent. Continue to stock up on things you use. Keep your guard up and do what you can do to stay healthy. Public filings show Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet sold a combined 11 Billion dollars worth of stock last month! Hmm, do they know something the rest of us don’t?

Nice morning outside. Blue sky and just a few clouds. Should be nice until tomorrow night when a little snow comes in for 24 hours. Enjoy the first weekend of March! God Bless.

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