Leap Year

February 29th. Doesn’t come around too often. Property taxes are due today and tomorrow March is here. Yesterday after the gym, I made my quick run to Denver. I was going today, but after talking to Toby around 11 in the morning, ran down to get it out of the way.

Ty works and I have a call at 9:45. Lori will work from home. I think the cleaners are coming at 12:30. All of us guys are back in town, so at 5, we’ll have cigar night. We haven’t had one since before the Super Bowl. I haven’t had a cigar since then either.

7am and Ty’s music is blasting. That’s how we know he’s up. Warmer up here. They say it’s 15 out, but I was just out in shorts, and it seems much warmer.

Biden had a physical yesterday but no cognitive test, ha. They say he’s in tip top shape! Let that sink in. Good God. Nothing else to say, God Bless.

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