Up early, Ty works at 7. I’m working out at 8. Glad it’s Saturday.

Last night I met up with Shultz and his five buddies who are up for a long weekend. Tonight I’ll join them all again for dinner and cigars. Jack, who owns a huge home here, is having a chef brought in to cook and they invited me. Snow is headed our way. Could be a big one. Over a foot or more up here. Five feet or more in Tahoe. We’ll see. Lori’s back is still sore. I’m trying to get her to stay home from the gym.

The Check Engine light came on in my truck yesterday, but then mysteriously went off. My app shows all is well so there ya go. Sometimes when you wash the truck and spray water underneath, I think something gets tripped to set off the light.

Not much else going on. Trying to get rid of my sore neck from working out too. That’s why today is leg day. Have a great Saturday and GB.

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