Clearing up

After snow again yesterday morning, it’s all clear here this morning. It snowed until about 11am and dumped another 4 inches or so. I was thinking of running down to Denver this morning but think I’ll go Monday instead. I need to drop some sample for the hotel convention event with hotel buyers from all over. It’s happening next week.

Lori wants to go to the gym this morning. Guess I’ll go and just do the treadmill. I’m laying off weights for a while. Lori says I’m sore from all the shoveling.

The boys are well and so is Dixie. James leave tomorrow to film that movie in Calgary for a week so we’ll probably hang out today for a bit. That’s another reason to go to Denver Monday. Plus it’ll be a lot warmer.

Hope Robert is healing up well. We are going to Arizona sometime soon when Lori heals up. We’ll probably wait until Spring training is over so the prices go down and the crowds are gone. We’re all thinking of going to the Metallica show September 1st to celebrate James 60th birthday which is a few weeks before then.

Time to get moving. Make it a great day and God Bless.

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