Last night we had a fun time at dinner. That was despite the so so food and music that was too loud. We have a good group of people though so that made up for it. Before as I said, Lori and I went to Addie’s to hang out for an hour on the way. We made it home a little after 8.

Seems like a Saturday even though it’s Friday. Not sure what is up today other than a bunch of computer work. Might go down to Denver tomorrow for lunch, we’ll see. It’s cloudy out right now and trying to lightly snow, sort of like a mist of the white stuff. No real accumulation is forecast though, so we’ll probably get a foot or more.

Trash day so I need to roll out the trash can. The boys are well. Lori is still sleeping as she needed it. Time to go, make it a great day and God Bless.

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