More Wednesday Snow?

Looks like for the 4th week in a row, snow will arrive on Wednesday, March 1st. I guess Wednesday has been the snowiest day of the week since 2019. Today though it’ll be nice up here. I’m organizing the basement and garage a bit and getting some things ready to go to the dump. I’m trying to convince Lori to let go of Dixie’s furniture that arrived broken when the movers delivered it six months ago. It’s taking up half of the garage.

This week the girls are having their first shooting lesson with Steve, weather permitting. Lori and Adriana are hopefully going to go Thursday as of right now. I’m headed to Denver tomorrow to drop the samples to my buddy and then see Ty and hopefully Jagger. Lori is taking Dixie to get her haircut at 11am.

We stopped to see Dixie yesterday after hanging out with James and Addie in the afternoon. Dixie is doing fine. We convinced her to go down for dinner. She’ll ask a question or say something and then 30 seconds later ask or say the same thing. But she’s happy.

Time to get going. I’m off weights and just doing a few miles on the treadmill every day. Enjoy the last Sunday of February. Take care and God Bless.

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