We have a three day weekend coming up, and boy can we use it. It was so warm in Denver yesterday it felt like I was in Arizona. I think it’s going to be cooler today but then hopefully it’ll warm up again. We need some snow to melt around here. I had a good lunch with Luke and Toby yesterday and picked Ty up on the way home. Then I went to James for cigar night. We’re going to watch the Raider game tomorrow at his house.

Lori worked from home and is doing so again today. Think we’ll go to the gym this morning when we drop Ty at school as his truck is gone for a couple weeks getting fixed.

Thank God the Supreme Court stopped Biden’s vaccine mandate yesterday. On top of that two democrat Senators said they won’t vote to abolish the filibuster which is also great news. Biden’s approval numbers are now about 30% which is lower than any President in history a year into office. It’s easy to see why but it’s great the rest of the Country feels the same way. Maybe there’s hope for us all yet.

The news just said 1600 people are in the hospital with covid. The caveat is they then said 2/3’s of them were admitted for something else. Let that sink in. Over 1000 of the 1600 people went to the hospital for some issue that required hospitalization but then they tested positive for covid while there! This means that there are a lot of people walking around with covid, like people do with a cold in the winter, but that wasn’t bad enough to send them to the hospital. Yet the government wants to take away your rights and make everyone get some vaccine when most people with the vid are not sick enough to require medical care. Knowing this you have to ask, why the big push for vaccine passports? It’s all about control. The Dems have even admitted this wanting to track where you go, what you do, how you spend your money and just about everything else about your life. New York just passed a law where they can survey people they deem crime risks based on their social media posts! This is like the movie Minority Report in the 90’s. They think they can predict what you will do based on your opinions or thoughts on things like politics. You can bet with Dems in power there, any conservative or independent thinking thoughts will be considered potentially bad and they’ll be watching you. Unbelievable.

Worse than all this are the shortages in the grocery stores and then if there is something you want, the prices of those goods are almost double. Last night as we were hanging out smoking cigars, this came up and from Whole Foods to City Market, to restaurants and hardware stores, there are shortages of things everywhere. This is not hard to find unusual things either, it’s basic things like yogurt, meat, canned goods, pasta, even eggs. Dairy was particularly hard hit at Whole Foods. Throw in the labor shortages and stores are having to close early. And Biden thinks things are going well.

Strange times, stock up while you can. I hit three stores yesterday to get basic vitamins we’re running short on. They were picked over too. After two Whole Foods in Denver and our store in Frisco, I managed to get what I wanted. The three bags of groceries I did buy that should have cost about $200 ran us $394!

Get ready, make a plan and get ahead of the everyone else before this becomes more and more obvious. Good luck, God Bless.

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