Quick trip

Headed to Denver today. Getting an oil change and having lunch with Toby and Luke. Lori tested negative but I’d bet Ty has the vid for sure. We need to try to keep him home today. Lori is home so she can take care of him.

Yesterday Biden hit a new low. He directly said if you don’t agree with him, you’re a racist and not an American. He went so far to tell Americans that don’t support his radical agenda that they are basically terrorists. WOW, so much for uniting the Country. You see the Dems are losing it as they know if they don’t pass this bill that gives them unchecked control, they’ll never get it for sure. So they lie, cheat, defame and do anything else to smear anyone who doesn’t agree with them. How sad. Record numbers of Dems are retiring as they either see the writing on the wall or don’t agree with the administration and are moving on. Hard to blame them.

I think things will get worse before they get better. They’re still ramming their vaccine mandates forward even though there is overwhelming proof the vaccinated get sick at least as much as the unvaccinated. It’s also proven the the Omi variant is not fatal like the previous versions. Yet they push for control. They want vaccine passports that control where you can go and what you can do. Then they’ll want to control your money and other facts of your life. Don’t fall for it. It’s their last ditch effort to get you to do as they say by telling you they can make decisions for you better than you can for yourself and that it’s for your own good. What a joke.

Time to move on. Thankfully most of the Country has had it with their crap and sees through this scam. Essentials are still missing from shelves and prices are skyrocketing. Be smart, no useless spending as cash is king. Pay down debt if you can and get your house in order.

Sorry for the rant. I’m telling myself all of the above as much as I’m telling you, ha. Hang in there and God Bless.

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