This morning Ty and I are headed to Glenwood to drop his truck to be fixed. Not sure how long they’ll have it, but it needs to get in. This afternoon the Dish TV guy comes to fix our tv’s. Lori is in Frisco and Ty has school from 12 to about 4.

I had a good two hour range session yesterday and went through probably six boxes training. It was too cold at 10 in the morning, so my buddy and I rescheduled for 2 in the afternoon. He’s off to Phoenix today for some work before heading up to Vegas for the annual Shot Show next week.

Biden is off his rocker as they say. He called Kamala President Harris again yesterday and is so mixed up it’s clear he isn’t all there. Everyone knows it yet they keep sending him out there with a script to read. Now there’s talk of Hillary running again. We’ve made politics so toxic, good people don’t want to run. God help us.

Time for coffee. Have a great day and God Bless.

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