Yesterday we didn’t get above 20 degrees! Hopefully today it’ll be warmer. We need some sun to help with the melting. Ty started off staying home but then had me take him around 11 to school. I think both he and Lori have the vid but there are no tests around. One of Lori’s P.A.’s tested positive yesterday afternoon after working all day with Lori and others. Hopefully Lori is still negative.

Lori needs to get a test this morning so we’ll see. Ty goes to school at 9. I need to wake him soon and see how he’s doing. Jag thought he was getting a bug but is all better as of yesterday. Time for this crap to end already.

We had the oven clock fixed yesterday and our Dish tv tomorrow. I’m back at the range today for some training. Should be done by noon.

Lots of places pushing mandates. Don’t fall for it. These guys will have us getting endless numbers of shots. Right now most people with Omi are vaccinated according to studies released in Germany and Europe. Hard to believe anything they tell us here in the U.S. As I said yesterday, to each their own.

Time to move. Make it a great day. God Bless.

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