Wildcard Weekend

It’s a football lovers dream weekend. Probably the best weekend left of the season. Should be fun. Tom and I are excited! I’m headed to James today for the Raider game and then will head home for the second game.

Yesterday I hit Costco for some more essentials. Even they are out of some things. No cream cheese for one, hmm. Also no heavy cream. Guess Lori’s famous cheesecake is out this weekend. I worked out heavy in the morning, more than an hour. Then in the afternoon at a stop on the way to Costco, I slipped and fell on the ice. Ugh. It was one of those where I knew I was going down, sort of in slow motion. I’m fine, thankfully. Working out has a lot to do with staying limber. A little sore but that could be from working out. My left forearm is the only place I can tell that was directly impacted from the fall. Also have a few scrapes on my left hand. It’s good to fall every now and then to let yourself know you’re still in shape, ha. How’s that for glass half full!

Lori has six or seven deer out back she’s been feeding apples, broccoli, bird seed and celery. They also love strawberries. She’s doing her part to help them through the winter. Three of them are large bucks. You can watch the pecking order as the one in charge will chase the others off if they get too close to where he feeds. I see one out back this morning. He’s one of the smaller one-year old’s getting some food while he can.

Ty went to the hockey game last night but was home by 10. His birthday is Monday. I think Jagger is coming up for the day. Time to get moving. Do yourself a favor and please stock up on items you use on a regular basis now. Even if you can find them six months down the road, which is unlikely, they’ll be way more expensive.

God Bless and Go Pack!

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