Warming up

Looks like a warm week. At least until the weekend. This is welcome news. Hopefully I’ll get the snow cleared out before the next storm.

Last night we had a blast at James house. The food was good but the game was great. Glad the Raiders won. Ty isn’t feeling well so we’ll check his temperature this morning before we take him to school.

Hopefully this week the flu or Omi or whatever it is will peak. Hard to believe we’re almost midway through the month. We have the fridge guy coming today and on Wednesday the tv guy. Lori with her amazing ability to fix just about anything, figured out how to get the football games on tv yesterday. We might be able to just stream all our shows and save $5000 a year on cable! Unbelievable that tv costs that much these days.

Shortages of just about everything are everywhere. This includes workers which for some reason are quitting jobs everywhere. This is mostly due to all the free money the govt. is sending out. Turns out covid cases have also been overstated everywhere and now the govt. is changing their tune as it isn’t good for their narrative. Apparently they’ve been inflated by over 50%. On top of that you have a sitting Justice of the Supreme Court caught saying Omicron is as bad as Delta which everyone knows is 100% false and also inflating figures of cases in kids saying there are 100,000 kids hospitalized. Even the CDC corrected her saying there are only 3500 kids nationwide and that Omi is way less severe than the Delta variant. Wow, she was only off 96.5%! Guess she was close, not! Not sure when being a Supreme Court judge also made you a medical doctor.

You don’t know what to believe anymore these days from anyone. There is way more things on tv not true than true. It’s not even close. Strange times we live in. Time to get moving. Think we’ll keep Ty home today even though he doesn’t have a fever as he feels like crap. Lori slept upstairs last night but also doesn’t have a fever. Good news. Make it a great week, hang in there and God Bless.

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