Yesterday afternoon after boarding Ty slid into a pole and crunched the whole front end of his truck, ugh. He wasn’t hurt as he was only going about 10 miles an hour. Just one of those things where he over corrected when coming around a corner. Nothing we can do except get it fixed. He will be without wheels for a couple weeks meaning we’ll need to drive him to and from school. Lori said lucky we didn’t get it fixed last week, ha.

The roads were bad in the early part of the day and in Vail most of the day. We had a few inches of snow in the morning, maybe 4 or so and then a dusting last night. I’m done with winter, double ha.

The sky is blue outside right now and if we can, we’ll take his truck to Glenwood and drop it at our collision place. Sadly they know us pretty well.

Tonight us guys are going to James’s house for the Raider Charger game. Should be fun. Lori rode home Wednesday and Thursday with her friend who she hired while at Steadman who now has covid. Lori tested negative yesterday, but we need to watch it. Funny how they are both vaccinated, have boosters and wear masks all day yet still she got the vid, hmm. Hope she didn’t bring it home to Ty and I.

Jag was a little under the weather too but doing well. They say next week cases are supposed to start dropping. Tom just texted the Bronco’s fired our coach. Thankfully we’ll have a fresh start and hopefully a new quarterback too. Nice guy but he was always in way over his head.

Time to get moving, God Bless.

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