Thursday, January 26th

Good morning.  The boys and I got up at 6:30 and made our way downstairs to feed the dogs and cook breakfast.  The kiddos ate bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and toast.  They must be growing because they inhaled their food. I think the oldest’t inseam maybe the same as mine…if not I’m sure it will be by tomorrow.  The youngest is growing just as fast.  He is right on pace where his brother was at age 8.  The pants we buy…or that Aunti B and Uncle T. buy have to be 2 years more than the age of the munchkin. The 10 year old needs pants that are 4 to 6 years more, but when he was 8 he wore 10’s as well.  Obviously not so much to write about today.

I asked to leave work about 30 minutes early yesterday and WF was very accommodating, as always.  I picked up the youngest from D.I. where the Destination Imagination teacher had offered to keep him at her house until 4:45. That was quite kind especially since he didn’t want to miss building the prototype for the competition.  The oldest went with his friend Jennifer and they filmed their project for “Skinny Bones” a 4th grade assignment.  They went to dinner and talked Jenn’s Grandma into stopping at a park so they could play some more.  Jenn’s Grandma called to make sure it was okay to keep the oldest a bit longer so they could play….of course it was…but nice of her to check.

The boys did their homework…the youngest sped through his in order to go and play with the kids across the street and the oldest waited to do his reading in bed.

Today I have a fun day of….you guess it….cleaning.  I wish I could get a cleaning lady for $50.00.  I have to clean before I can clean.  The legos and a massive assortment of toys adorn the youngest’s floor. The other kiddo has one of each sock he owns and all of his covers from his bed on the floor…plus some dirty clothes.  The guest room has been a storage room for all of the clothes that the mister and I need to go through…keep or donate….and tomorrow we have a guest coming that will actually need to sleep in one of the beds.  Yea me!!!  I will feel great once I have finished…it’s the “Starting that will be tough.

Time to get the youngest in the shower.  Have a great day!!!

God Bless,


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