Early Release

Good morning.  Red sky at night sailors delight, red sky in the morning sailors take warning…Well….the sky was a beautiful crimson, glowing bright, outlined with golden orange that met with the still darkness.  The heavens were sparkling with a million tiny diamonds.  Sailors may need to take warning… but this morning…diamonds are a girls best friend. Stunning.

I went to P.T. for the first time since my hip locked up in November.  The woman was shocked at how tight my back and hips are…she even asked if I have arthritis in my hip.  The nerve…I still can’t believe she asked such a question.   I did laundry the rest of the day….the Physical Therapist gave strict instructions not to vacuum.  Thank you PT lady.

I picked the boys up from school and we headed off to look for the coveted “Stealth Elf” Skylander; it costs $7.99 and the oldest was going to buy it. We only went to one store and the shelves were literally cleaned out.  Empty….not one Skylander to be found.  I then called and sat on hold with three different stores, just to find out that their shelves were also empty.  The trucks get to the stores at 9 a.m. to unload the store open at 10, and the darn things are sold out in 15 minutes.  I’ll call again in the morning…10:01.

We returned home for snacks…rice cakes….turkey jerky….pirates booty….fruit and milk. A bit of homework (they saved some for later) a lot of fighting and screaming (them not me) a couple of punches a couple of kicks….more screaming and chasing each other around the house…all of which was happening while I was on a phone call…of course.  I’m sure you have all been on the listening end of the chaos of 8 and 10 year old boys.  These actions seem to happen on the first night that the Mister is away….like clockwork….hmm…maybe something to that… Whom or who is the Alfa while Dad is away?  I’ll check with my mom on the grammar…pretty sure it is “Whom”.

Everything calmed down in a matter of seconds….the food must have digested at that point…because, the kiddos were apologetic with one another and life was once again bliss. They played upstairs for about 45minutes and then we gathered together on the couch to watch one show.  Looks like “No T.V.” is out while Dad is in New York.

The Mister landed in New York and headed to his hotel.  He worked out at the Hotel gym…showered and primped for meetings and dinner out.  He called after dinner and was going to watch a movie.  He has more meetings today and Thursday and he will be home Friday.  Hurray….we miss him already.

I work this morning from 8:15 to 5.  The boys have an early release day today…out at 12:15.  The oldest is going to Jennifer’s to work on a school project…have fun…go to dinner and her Grandma will drop him here at 5p.m.  The youngest has D.I. until 2:30 and he will stay there until 4:30 when I can hopefully pick him up.  Uncle T. or Aunti B. may  be getting a frantic phone call from me if I can’t leave work early.  WF is really great about family first.

I am off to shower and primp…make breakfast and lunch for all.

Have a great day and God Bless,


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