The President is in re-election mode

Look out, here it comes, the election season officially kicks off tonight with what is billed as a State of the Union speech by the President. Now I don’t watch these but you can bet that it’ll be more about getting him re-elected than anything to do with the state of our country. After all, how would talking about high unemployment help him get re-elected? Trust me, it’ll be all about how he’s better than them, meaning the republicans. Boy are we in trouble, no matter what you think. We just continue to kick the can down the road. Ok, that felt good, haven’t talked politics for weeks, maybe months. I’ve been resting up for the big run between now and November.

How about the Boston Bruins MVP goalie that didn’t show at the White House yesterday with the rest of his team to protest how big government is and how they’ve trashed the constitution. Good for him, and by the way, he was protesting both parties!

Ok, I’m of to New York this morning so you’ll get the misses thoughts for the next few days. There’s a truck strike in Italy right now which is causing me a few problems. You see when they strike over there, it’s not just not showing up for work, no, they block the highways! Give me a break, hope it ends soon.

The boys had a good day at school. The youngest brought home a bunch of work that was graded 4+. This is the highest mark you can get and is equivalent to our old A+. The afternoon was spent playing games, doing some homework and then having dinner. The misses seems a bit overwhelmed with the house but I told her to just relax. You see, it’ll never get clean until we get rid of some stuff. We just have too much stuff, period.

Time to run, sorry about the short posts the last couple of days, I’m just super busy. We’re still bummed about the football games but at least I did win the fantasy football Super Bowl. I’m so far ahead, no one can catch me now. Too bad it doesn’t come with a big check! Have a great day, stay healthy and God Bless. Give the misses a call in the next few days to say hi in case she’s lonely. See you soon.


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