My Man Returns

Good morning, the sky is black as coal.  I was awakened by weird sounds coming from the downstairs bathroom..4:22 a.m.  Of course it was nothing to scary or disgusting…like a sewer rat. No, it was our Lab trying her darnedest to get into the trash.  We bought a can with a pop up lid solely for the purpose of keeping her out.  It worked, but she had the can scooting around the floor trying to tip it.  The boys must have put some sort of food in there and with Lacey’s blood hound nose and doggie eating disorder she just couldn’t resist.  It was a bit early, but I couldn’t go to sleep so here I am.

I brought the boys home from school yesterday along with two other kids in hopes that they would all play outside together and I could finish my projects.  No such luck…they wanted me to play this game that resembles one I played as a girl.  I stand 2o feet away and asked the kids if they have chosen their colored egg colors.  After they reply yes, I start calling out colors and when I call out theirs….they try to run past me.  It used to be easy to catch them, but they are quite fast now…or I am quite slow.  Which ever it is I didn’t get to my stuff until after dinner. Oh well, I had fun and got some exercise too. I don’t think they will remember an uncluttered house…hopefully they will remember that I played “Colored Eggs”.

After the other two kids went home the boys played a bit of “Skylanders”.  Rice noodle with soy sauce for dinner…off to bed at 8:30 (Late) and back downstairs for hot dogs and milk.  Finally, I managed to get them to bed and I finished putting the laundry away.

The Mister returns this morning with one of his partners…Lorenzo.  I am heading to the basement to make some space for them to work.  We have a conference call on the Bocelli event at 1:00.  I have some things all buttoned up, but can’t find where the final number of guests is.  I was told 71, but I can’t find that number on an email anywhere….I come up with 31 plus Andrea and his family…there can’t possibly be 40 family members…so…that will be a great way to start.  I am so excited for the event that I can hardly think of anything else.

We..the Mister, Lorenzo and I are going up the mountain to a fabulous house to conduct a wine tasting.  It’s one of my favorite houses to visit.  I’ll try to take a few pictures to post. The house is about 12,000 sq. ft. of rustic splendor with a gigantic stone fireplace that I think burns small trees instead of logs.  Wonderful.

I picked up girl scout cookies for Grandma and Aunti B.  I am putting that in this post so you two can help me remember…mom brain, busy brain, pre-menopause brain…not sure if it is one or all of the above, but if I don’t write it on the chalkboard or a post it….it’s gone.  No worries though….I have all of the useless lyrics to “80”s music imbedded in my brain.  I certainly wish I had been listening to foreign languages on tape instead of big hair bands. Darn.

Grandma’s birthday is Tuesday the 31st….Wouldn’t it be nice to be as ageless as she? Beautiful inside and out.

The dryer just sang to me, so I am off to finish one more load.  Have a wonderful day.

God Bless,



Thankfully it’s Friday.  I’ve had a headache for about 10 days and I can hopefully kick it this weekend.

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