Here we go

Ok, today I’m off to Denver, Lori and Jag have work and we need to get Ty and MRI. After work Lori and Dixie are taking a tour of Castle Peak. Jag will go in an hour late so Ty is only alone with Dixie for an hour or so. Yesterday I drove him to Frisco and we confirmed that he’ll be on crutches for at least 6 weeks. He asked if he could go to the concert in Utah next week, (his Golden Birthday present) but the doc said no. Four of his friends are going and they all rented a house and everything. It’s a 2 day festival. We feel really bad for him.

I hope to be leaving Lakewood by 10 am this morning which should put me home by noon. Dixie is having some good moments mixed in with a few bad ones. Hard to remember just where she is and what’s going on sometimes. Harley and Dixie have now become friends! Harley still doesn’t like the walker at all though.

Lori and I had a big workout yesterday morning. I’m using 75 pound dumb bells in each arm these days for incline chest press which is a good amount of weight. I don’t think I’ve ever been this strong my entire life. Amazing what the body can do. Use it or lose it, right? Lori came with me and worked out with my trainer too who is an ex-hockey player that made her almost puke from him pushing her so hard. Think she’s switching to Brent (my guy) from Brian, our old guy. You need to switch it up all the time to keep fooling your body and hitting different muscles to keep progressing. Oh well, enough of that, time to run, 5:43 am and I need to leave by 6:30, God Bless.

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