Dover sole and Lee Ann Rimes

Another busy day. It’s different having five of us here, especially with one incapacitated, meaning Ty. Around 5:30 last night we headed out to meet Marci and Gerry for dinner and the concert. We all had the Dover Sole which was good and then jumped in Gerry’s car and drove the two minutes to the Vilar. When we arrived everyone had already been in the show watching the opening act. We don’t know, or care, who it was. It took us two minutes to get our tickets and walk to our seats which were Box #1. We were as close as you could get to Le Ann. It was like she was in your living room. It was a great show with just her and her acoustic guitar player. She said it was her 4th show in a year and a half. She played about 70 minutes which was perfect. What a voice she has.

By 10:15 we were home making Ty some food. Jag had texted that Grandma stayed up and he couldn’t get her to go to bed, funny. He asked “how do I get her to go to bed? Ha.

Today Lori and I are off to the gym at 6:30 and then Greg and Jae, Dixie’s nephew and his wife from Lakewood are coming over at 10 am. They were up here this weekend in Vail. Next up is lunch at 12:30 and then that’ll do it for the days activities for her. I have my 8 am call and Lori will need to go to work this afternoon. We also have to get Ty to the doctor after lunch. Tomorrow is super busy as I have a doctor appointment at 9:10 in Denver and Lori and Jag work. We’re trying to find someone to come over for a couple hours. Time to get moving as we leave in 30 minutes. Take care, hard to believe it’s almost August! God Bless.

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