Coming home!

In about 14 hours Lori should walk out of the airport here in Eagle. If she’s not walking they’ll be rolling her out in a wheelchair from exhaustion. Along with her of course will be Dixie. We have a nice set up for her in my office for a week so she can get her bearings straight. I’m sure they’ll both be tired as all in all they’ll be traveling for about 10 hours from house to house.

Today Jag works while Ty and I will get a few last minute things we need for Dixie. Last night Jag noticed something wrong with Mojo’s eye. Apparently dogs have three eyelids and if they scratch one or somehow irritate an eye, the eyelid can cover their eye. It looks like a film over the eyelid. This morning it looks better than last night as Jag though his eye was going to fall out of his head!

I have my usual Monday morning conference call and then will head out to Frisco. Think I’ll grill up some chicken today for the week. It was hot yesterday, something like 92. Should be mid 80’s most of the week. It’s 6:30 now so I’m headed to the gym before the day gets started. I ate too much banana bread yesterday from the farmers market. Have a great week, stay safe, GB.

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