One more day!

Not sure if tomorrow is the day or not that Lori comes home. She has her flight but you never know. Things can always change. In any case, we’ll be ready. Today we’re getting a new queen bed and I found a wooden rocking chair at the consignment store. I think both stores open around 11 am.

Sharon and Paul leave Sacramento this morning for Seattle so it’ll give Lori a day to get everything ready for her mom to travel. Once she gets here we’ll settle her in and then this week she’ll check out the nice senior living home 2 miles down the street. I think Lori and her are going to lunch there on Thursday and Friday to see if she likes it as Lori works Tuesday and Wednesday. If she doesn’t like it here we have James willing to move to Sacramento through the end of the year to take care of Dixie. The only thing we know for sure is she needs 24 hour companionship. This of course is to be expected when you’re 90 right? Anyhow we’ll see what she wants to do.

Think I’ll try to squeeze in a workout this morning before heading out for the bed and rocker. Ty went to a concert last night at Gypsum Days, the local summer celebration and fair in Gypsum. Jag is coming up this morning from Katie’s. Mojo is out back and Harley is in her bed. That’s it, we’ll see what tomorrow brings but we’re hoping it brings Lori home! God Bless.

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