Alone time

Yesterday for most of the day and all of the night, it was just me and the dogs, again. I don’t mind being alone but do miss Lori. I get a lot done on my own and every now and then it’s good for the body and mind to have time to yourself. I had a huge workout with 20 sets of bench press, 20 on the ropes (cardio) and 20 sets on my arms. Today I can barley type, ha. It’ll be an all leg day today. I also tend to eat a whole lot less and healthier when it’s just me. I had some coleslaw and grilled chicken around 4 pm and that was it for the entire day. Today will be more of the same, workout, grill and basketball. Ty will be home with me so maybe we’ll have steak. I do need to make a Costco run and scout out a bed. Jag won’t be home until tomorrow.

Early this morning, I think around 5, we had a nice short blast of rain. Just enough to soak the grass which is good. The dogs have had breakfast and Harley is ready to play. Ty texted that he’s going to breakfast with his friends, he’s up early! Only two more days until Lori comes home, can’t wait. Hope Dixie can handle the altitude. We’re a little unsure even though we had an oxygen concentrator delivered yesterday. Friends in Aspen invited Lori and I to dinner tonight but I let them know she’s out of town. They asked if I wanted to come but it’s no fun without Lor. 7 am now so time to get moving, time never stops and none of us are getting any younger. Be well, stay safe and may God watch over you.

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