Getting old

I know what you’re thinking, no I’m not complaining about me or anyone getting old, what I mean is it’s getting old with Lori gone. Time for her to come home. It hasn’t been a fun week for her in California as she’s been a cook, a caregiver, a housekeeper, a nurse, an accountant, a driver and just about anything else you can think of. We miss her a bunch and are looking forward to her coming home which is now on Monday. You do what you have to do, ugh.

Yesterday we had cleaners here and of course one of them chipped our kitchen counter when cleaning the grates on our stove in the sink, super. It’s not too big, about half the size of your little finger nail, but still a chip. We’ll need to get it fixed but that means replacing the entire slab of stone on our island, ugh. The cleaners will have to pay for it but what a bummer. Today we’ll look for a bed. Jag will take it to college so I’ll let him pick it out. Dixie will use it while she visits next week.

Jag and I are going to the gym at 9 this morning. Ty will probably sleep until we get home. The boys rooms are super clean. Hope they can keep it this way for at least a week, ha. Dogs are fine, need to throw the ball for Harley a bunch every day. She has so much energy and is so strong. Looks like Jag will need to get the vaccine next week so he can go back to school. We don’t want to but apparently need to. Some States have dropped requirements as students and parents have sued and won. We’ll see.

That’s it, time to go, God Bless.

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