DONE, well almost

Yesterday was a work day. Remember when I said a few days ago, the way to start is to just start? Well that’s what I did. With a little help from Ty, I started on my office. An hour or so later I had it cleaned out and spruced up ready to transform it into a makeshift bedroom for Dixie. Next up was Lori’s closet, after that the mud room and then the laundry room! I was on a roll and by the end of the day, pretty much done. Today at noon I have cleaners coming but I’m not sure why as I think I cleaned everything on my own! I’ll have them do toilets (lucky ladies) and things like windows and the kitchen appliances, etc. By the end of the day the house should be cleaner than it ever has been since we moved in.

Now last night I made the mistake of letting Mojo sleep inside. That meant I was up at 2:15 and then again around 4. Big mistake. Meanwhile Lori is doing more than one person should have to do in California. Sharon, Don’s daughter who I think is older than me, recently had four stints put in her leg and had a swollen calf. Red flag! That’s a sign of a DVT so Lori rushed her and Paul over to the ER at the local hospital. Then it was back to her mom before going to get some boxes to box some things up. Later she had to pick Sharon and Paul up, (no DVT thankfully but an infection and she’s now on antibiotics) and then make them all dinner. Throw in some other errands and a bunch of cleaning, packing and organizing and you have her day. I think her biological aunt stopped by to meet her too. Maybe that was the day before, it’s all a blur this week. The latest is they’ll now be arriving Monday. We were hoping for Saturday but I don’t think they could find a flight. Too bad as the house will be a mess by then, ha.

Today Jag works and Ty and I will clean some more on the back patio and in the basement. I have a conference call at 10 and was headed to the gym first but after my sleepless night thanks to Mojo, I overslept. The sky is clearer than it’s been in a week. A lot of the smoke is gone, thankfully. Here’s last nights sunset, beautiful. God Bless.

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