Last night at 8:15 Lori walked out of the airport with Dixie after a long day of traveling. Five minutes later we were home and it was time to get Dixie used to the new surroundings. We all hung out for a couple hours before going to bed. Everyone slept through the night.

Today Ty and I and Grandma will hang out while Lori and Jag head off to work. The dogs and the rest of us were happy to see Lori. She was happy to be home too. It’s smoky in Denver but pretty nice up here. We might get a few showers up here today. Lot’s going on the next few weeks. We need to get Jag furniture for his apartment for school, Dixie needs to get settled, I need to call Ty’s school and get him registered and lots going on at work.

That’s it for now, time to get moving. More to come, God Bless.

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