One more time

Lori and I worked most of the day and at 2 ran into Vail to see Jeri Lu, our doctor. We know just about every doctor in town but she’s our favorite. Lori is convinced that from my ear infection, I caught a secondary sinus infection that is the cause of all my problems which is still with me. She’s usually right and Jeri Lu agreed with her so I’m on a round of Augmentin which is a pretty strong antibiotic so I can finally kick this thing. Throw in some nose spray for allergies and I should be good. My dizziness is pretty much all gone too so that’s good.

Snow coming tonight but before it arrives we’re headed back to Aspen as Ty has a haircut. It’s about an hour closer than Denver and takes us about an hour to get there. The same distance as Frisco. We’ll grab some lunch and try to find some clothes on sale for Ty since he’ll be with us. Lori also wants to stop at a furniture store in Basalt.

We closed the day with a Costco trip where we bought about $500 worth of essentials including a bunch of food for Jagger that I’ll drop off Monday. Jag and I were meeting up yesterday in Frisco but decided to just wait until Monday since I have to go down then anyhow. He wants his retainer that I picked up from the orthodontist as his other one cracked.

That’s it. Hope everyone is well. Lori is off to California next Thursday to see Dixie. Hope the weather cooperates. Be well, God Bless.

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