Blue Sky

Yesterday was a trip back to Aspen to get Ty’s haircut and have some lunch and a bit of shopping. We were home by 4 and had fun. Ty had a great haircut and took off with Sonny to go to a party in Vail and then spend the night at Sonny’s. It snowed pretty good but there’s less than an inch on the ground. The way it was coming down you’d think there would be a foot.

Looks like the State has over 30 million unused covid tests as people are no longer wanting to get tested or as worried as they were a few months ago. A doctor from John Hopkins said this will all be pretty much over in April as he believes herd immunity will kick in. Hope he’s right! In Aspen the restaurants and stores were packed with no real social distancing going on. Hopefully this is all coming to an end.

We’re off to the gym this morning in a bit. We watched a really good movie last night on Amazon called Brittany. It was one of those that tackled real life uncomfortable issues. This was about an overweight girl and her life and journey to find happiness and stop being judgmental of everything and everyone around here, including herself which was the most profound thing in the movie. When they rolled the credits at the end it turned out to be a true story as they showed the real Brittany. Nice to see a movie that actually makes you think in a positive way.

Jag is doing fine. He has a bunch of fraternity’s that want him. One asked him to do something the equivalent of early decision or ED when applying to college meaning he agrees to only rush with them. I guess frats put out bids or something for prospective pledges. He is also having lunch with a prospective roommate for next year. it’s a girl he met on a Zoom call and said he already laid down the rules of any relationship telling her it has to be 100% plutonic if they’re roommates. So maybe he’ll be staying at CU after all. I’m in Boulder tomorrow and am stopping by to drop him some food and see him.

Pretty blue sky outside without a cloud to be seen. We had some lobster the other day from Costco and it was cheap and really good. Thinking about getting some more today. Harley is training with Jennifer and Lori at 2 this afternoon. I’ll be writing up some white papers on a couple new business opportunities, one for Jag with an Italian company that makes surf boards, stand up paddle boards, windsurfing boards, clothes and more, and one that makes steel planters and outdoor items with a buddy. As I always say, everyone needs a side hustle these days.

God Bless.

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