Fun in Aspen

Lori and I headed out to Aspen a bit after 10. First up was a stop at Aspen Hatter, where Clarity had a couple hats ready for us. She’s super great and even though they sell hats for $1200 a pop and have a four month or more wait, she drops everything for us and best of all, they’re always free to us. We’ve known her and Chris, the absentee owner who’s now a budding country rock star since he signed with a record label a couple of years ago, for years. I take Clarity feathers from birds when I go hunting and she uses them all the time on hats. I’ve also referred or brought in probably 10 paying customers for hats. She also calls me for business advice as with Chris pursuing his music career I’ve been guiding her on how to take over a bit and at a minimum, get some ownership as he’d be lost without her. She’s a good little hippie girl from New York that moved out her years ago when her dad moved here. She wanted to make us these as they’re unique as she left the fur from the beaver on. Most all cowboy hats they burn or sand off the fur. When Robi and Robert get up here we’ll have to take Robert in and get him hooked up! They’re nice, especially Lori’s. Check them out!

Lori is so cute! Next up we were off to our favorite restaurant Clarks. It’s mostly fresh seafood flown in daily but they do have great burgers too. It’s great that restaurants are almost all the way open now. Then we headed over to see Chris at Ralph Lauren as they had some things on sale and Lori always needs work clothes. If you’re smart, you can really get some things at Polo cheap. She bought a nice blue sweater and a white pair of jeans. Chris brought in a leather motorcycle type jacket for me to try on as it went on sale. He’s always watching for things to go on sale for us. I didn’t need another leather jacket though so I passed. Then he said wait a minute and disappeared downstairs as they were getting ready for inventory. He came back with a beautiful chocolate brown Purple Label jacket and said this is getting marked down 70% and I had to try it on. Now Purple Label is expensive stuff and Polo’s top of the line (dad and mom used to wear it a lot) so 70% off is something to consider. I slipped it on and voila, it felt like butter and like it was custom made for me. So we looked at each other and even though I’m kind of a cowboy boot and coat whore, it went home with us.

Across the street was a boutique furniture store we stuck our head in. They had all kinds of cool unique stuff but way out of our price range. We just can’t justify $3000 end tables or a $6000 leather bench in white leather and wood. The stuff was beautiful but way too much money. I joked with Lori saying those sure are Aspen prices, we need to know what the Eagle prices are!

After a quick pit stop at Whole Foods we headed home and pulled in around 6. Ty and the dogs were waiting for us and we all had a quick bite to eat. Jag was at the gym as we talked to him on the way home.

Today Lori has some girl coming over for work and we’re headed to the gym. Ty had friends coming up but that’s off now. 7 am so time to get moving. Be well, safe and take care. Warm up here again considering. About 35 degrees.

God Bless

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