Want a shot?

Up here, you can get a shot if you want one. Lori came home yesterday saying a drugstore within an hour is throwing out shots daily as there are not enough people coming in for them. One of her workers sister is the pharmacist and said if I want one, just show up at the end of the day. So if you want one, come on up!

Nice up here, not much recent snow. We had some down valley but no real accumulation. Driving up and down the hill yesterday seemed to tighten up my back more. Hopefully no driving today will make me better.

Lots of delays due to weather, especially with Fed Ex. Most of the Country is in a deep freeze. How’s that green energy working out for everyone? Not so well in the southern States where windmills that provide power are frozen solid. I think people will rethink a ban on fossil fuels. Of course dem politicians won’t as this didn’t affect them. I love how John Kerry told all the Keystone Pipeline workers to go get a job writing computer code, ha. He’s also pro wind farm but fought to keep one away from his vacation home in Nantucket. Typical, right?

I just finished a book called People’s Republic. Glen from Arizona sent it to me. It’s a glimpse into the future where the right and left coasts are blue (democratic and progressive) and the center of the Country is red, like most of us. Needless to say in the land of the blue with President De Blasio and President Clinton, things don’t go so well except for the very elite and eventually even the people get fed up with them. In the middle of the Country, the red States, things are pretty much how they were when I was a kid growing up. So much in this book, in the blue States, such as the new “woke culture”, gun control, free money and illegal immigration, with them getting more benefits than you or I, and no more gender distinction, (we’re now all just known as “xe”, no more male or female), food and medicine rationing, are all happening now in some form or have been proposed by some democratic politicians. Funny thing is the book was written in 2016. Wasn’t hard for the author to foresee these coming changes as it’s been right in front of our eyes for years. If you think about it, it’s really unfathomable that anyone can lose their job whether you’re an actor or a lowly factory worker for your political belief or preference yet that’s what’s happening daily. The scary thing is this happened fast, basically in a year. It’s now ok to loot businesses and destroy things if it’s in the name of social injustice. Really? WTF? This needs to stop or I fear the prophecy in the book of two America’s could come true. Right now we do have two America’s, it’s just that we still all live intermixed with each other. But make no mistake, there are two America’s. If you don’t see this you’re like the frog in boiling water and need to wake up. Glad I’m not on a coast but Colorado is governed by democrats so that needs to change. Enough said. Too depressing but needs to be said even though it’s obvious.

Lori is in Vail today, I’m home and so is Ty. Our firepit is finally being built on the back patio. Only six months behind, ha. Blame it on covid right? That’s it, be well, stay safe and God Bless.

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