Oh man,

This is getting old, the lockdowns, the weather, the economy, Biden and the Dems, my back, ugh. And you thought 2021 was suppose to be better. We’ve seen this movie before and we want our money back!

I’m off to Denver today, Lori to Edwards and Ty will be here with the pups. They too are driving us up a wall daily. We love them but dogs are overrated, ha.

Lori felt like she was having a relapse from her second shot last night. Her nose is stuffy and her throat is scratchy. Not sure if she has a fever or not.

They says cases are going way down, good. I’d prefer that before we all are forced to get shots, this just fizzles out. Not sure they can “force” you but I wouldn’t put anything past them. You know who “them” is. All the people that are suppose to be your representative’s but think they are your leaders. Hard to believe 500 something people can make the rules for 350 Million people. How’s that working out for you?

Time to hunker down, lay low and get ready for the shit show known as the new administration and their new coming laws and regulations that they’ve decided are the best for us poor little people. Good God, what a mess.

Pray, God Bless.

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