Off all week

Ty’s on break this week, Jag is in Boulder where it’s like 15 below, I have a couple calls and Lori is off to Vail for an admin day. Dogs are fine and it’s pretty warm up here. Yesterday while near zero on the front range it was 41 degrees up here. Same today, cold down there, coldest in 103 years, and about 30 up here.

We were going to the gym but with Lori needing to be in Vail by 8:30, we’ll need to go later today.

This week I need to get to Denver for a couple meetings, make a trip to Carbondale and Aspen and probably stop in Boulder to see Jag.

Lots of uncertainty with politics and the current Pres. For a guy that spouted all about unity, he’s been anything but. Shit’s about to get crazy and I think soon things will come to a stalemate. As I’ve said before, we need term limits. It’s hard to believe some of these people who are our representative’s but think they’re our leaders, have been there for 40 or more years. How’s that worked out for us, good God.

Time to go! Be well, stay safe and God Bless.

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