Happy Valentine’s Day

Feb. 14th, VD Day! Also halfway through the second month of the year. Close to a year we’ve been dealing with this crap also known as covid too. Snowing up here, nice and fluffy and not that cold. Looks like 10 degrees below zero in Denver right now. Cold.

Ty is at Preston’s as it was his birthday last night. Jag went out for some dinner and then back over to a fraternity that had invited him over the day before. He said it’s not like what you’d think with a bunch of drunk guys but rather pretty quiet and nice. Even if he doesn’t join he’s meeting some new guys.

Harley had some more training yesterday as the trainer came over and worked with her and Lori. Tomorrow is President’s Day but I’m still working. Ty is out of school though. Lori is almost fully recovered from her second shot. I received a notice I could schedule mine but after reading the criteria to sign up, I don’t qualify. I could probably get one by saying I’m in housekeeping or medical but I’m not going to do that. Plus I’d like to wait for an actual vaccine as the two out now even though they are called vaccines, actually are not a “vaccine” by definition. Just to be clear for any fact checkers, here’s the definition,

vaccine[vakˈsēn]NOUNa substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.

You see they have zero actual covid in them and are actually gene therapy. In other words, they do not contain the causative agent of the disease. In fact, covid cannot be defined as a disease, they can’t pin it down, which is why they can’t get any to develop a vaccine with. What they do know is it’s a bunch of different symptoms much like the flu or the common cold only more intense.

The Moderna and Pfizer creations or shots send a strand of synthetic RNA into the body which then invokes, or makes the body create the S1 spike protein, which is a pathogen.

This is not only not keeping you from getting sick, it’s making your body produce the thing that makes you sick, so technically again, it is not at all like a vaccine, since “a vaccine is supposed to trigger immunity”, see the definition.  It’s not somewhat different, it’s not the same at all. It’s a means by which your body is conscripted to make the toxin that then allegedly your body somehow gets used to dealing with, which is suppose to hopefully then trigger the immune response. Hope it works but this in general is how mRNA shots work. That’s why these are the first ones to be approved. If there wasn’t this “national emergency”, these shots would not have been approved as of now. Some have been trying to get approval for mRNA shots for 20 years. In any case, I’m hoping for the best for everyone but will wait my turn and when it comes, then see how wide spread things are and weigh the risks. Thankfully cases nationwide are way way down.

Oh well, if you don’t agree, no need to comment. I’m sure everyone can find some article to support their feelings so we each need to go with what we want to believe. For me, I haven’t seen any time in history where there has been push back like this to any vaccine from the flu shot to even HIV or for that matter, anything. Makes one think. Just saying.

Enough for today, God Bless.

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