A little snow

Up here we just have a dusting. It’s also in the 20’s while it’s below zero in Denver. Lori I think has kicked her fever from the vaccine. Lots of people getting the shot who shouldn’t be able to yet.

Jag is settled in at the dorm and we miss him already. I did some twisting exercises on Thursday, big mistake. My back is sore today, ha.

Biden and the Dems are out of control. They were caught red-handed yesterday manipulating video and tweets in the sham impeachment trial. They quickly said it was a mistake but a high school student could have called them out. Then lawyers played video clips of every dem saying things much worse that what they accuse Trump of. What a waste of time and money, our money! Vote them all out.

Today we’re taking it easy. Might get into Vail but am not sure. Was suppose to go to Aspen yesterday but had to run down the hill instead. Think I’ll just rest. Have a great day, stay warm and God Bless.

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