Kind of a weird number on the calendar. I’m not one of those that subscribe to numbers meaning things but I’m sure the numerologists can spin today into all kinds of different meanings.

Ty has school in person today and I think Jag starts on line this coming Thursday. It was clear and sunny up here all weekend while it was snowy and gloomy in Denver. Sometimes we end up missing the front range weather. I’m here most of the week with no planned trips to Denver unless our dermatologist calls today and squeezes us in tomorrow morning.

I bought a bag of bird seed yesterday and put it out in the afternoon. Anxious to see if our birds magically show up this morning or if they all went south for the winter.

Our Country is pretty messed up right now. Biden had a chance to unite but has been saying things that couldn’t be further from doing so. Why would anyone want to keep this division going and alienate 75 million people? No matter how you look at things, almost half the Country didn’t vote for him even though half did. It’s funny as if you look at a map, the half that didn’t vote for him make up the majority of the Country with most all of it being painted red on a map and California, New York, Illinois, Washington State and a handful of others being blue. Forget if the election was somehow manipulated or as some say stolen, just look at the numbers. If I won, I would be doing everything to try to bring the 75 million people who didn’t vote for me over to my side. Instead the dems now want to try to impeach Trump again. All this will do is piss off those same 75 million people I mentioned above. No way in 9 days they can do anything anyhow. If Biden was smart, which is almost funny to imagine, he’d stop this in its tracks. Instead he says it’s not his business. Guess he’s not Commander in Chief after all. There are several things you should do to prepare in the coming week but more on that later. For now, keep your cars full of gas and make sure you have your pantry stocked and keep some cash on hand. This is nothing new as you should do this all the time anyhow. Last, say a prayer for our Country. This shit has to stop.

Time for me to get going. It’s going to be a warm week up here, can’t wait. Good football this weekend but too many games to watch. I caught a bit of each of them. Be well, stay safe and watch your top knot. God Bless.

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